Dalai Lama talks about Galactics

Finally someone is talking about it. Reported in the Golden Age of Gaia.(www.goldenageofgaia)
Portland, Oregon, USA on May 9, 2013.

Reader Jenni writes:
I attended the talk given by HH Dalai Lama in Portland, Oregon and was delighted that he mentioned the Galactics.  Yes, he really did.
It was in the context of remembering at our core that we are all One, that we each share a spark of the divine within us, and how feeling “different from” each other creates fear/distance.
He used visitors from beyond Earth as an example of how we might fear beings perceived as “different” from us.  He mentioned he would greet them as “same”, that he would shake their hand (if they had hands).
You can find the Dalai Lama talking about “visitors from other galaxies” at the 36-37 minute mark:

While he didn’t say that the Galactics are here, he did make a point to leave the clear impression that they are our brothers and sisters.  That when we cultivate our compassion and commit to remembering that each of us are related through our divine spark, we will eliminate fear.  Eliminating fear means eliminating the use of aggression, bullying, exploitation, and desire to harm others (others meaning all beings).
While it may not be the grand disclosure that so many of us would like to see, it was an amazing experience to hear such a beautiful soul openly include cultivating compassion for visitors beyond Earth in his talk.
This is the kind of seed that HH Dalai Lama can plant easily given his large platform to hasten the change in Earth human attitudes regarding the Galactics.
I am honored to have witnessed this talk and to have recognized the seed-planting as it happened.

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