Our Galactic Neighbours – Nibiru

Nibiru was originally a planet that was thrown out of orbit with the implosion/explosion of Sirius B. It wound up in the Pleiades and therefore is known to some as a Pleiadian planet.

Nibiru became a star ship when it was converted from a near lifeless form, hollowed out and turned into a ship. You could liken it in some ways to the space station on the TV show called Deep Space Nine. The only difference is that Nibiru travels the galaxy. That is why the people live inside of it instead of on the surface. Another reason is that it was created for deep space travel where there would be no sun for many years. In a way, you could say that it is an artificial planet. Only the shell is original.

Among the many responsibilities of Nibiru is that of training, support and guidance for Walk-ins and Starseeds. For Walk-ins, Nibiru provides mission plans, and assigns support staff to watch over and protect the soul being sent to earth. For starseeds, they are given guidance on which templates are to be created to assist their home worlds in their spiritual evolution to the next step.

There is much more to this but suffice it to say that the beautiful settings with moving sidewalks, the slender Grecian-like columns and the singing, telepathic dolphins (some of which walk upright) is the setting on Nibiru where the walk-ins and starseeds are trained. Many report being in classrooms during the dream state. Though this is common among Grey and Zeta abductees and the ships are different, Nibiru also has classrooms. The difference I have come to understand is most often the setting. This is a very serene setting with music, and other worldly colors. Very peaceful. When I go there in the dream state, I don’t want to come back.

There are many races and civilizations represented in the population aboard Nibiru. Some are more predominant than others. Some are hominoid, some reptilian, some insectillian, some android, etc. Some are even like hairy apes. There are literally hundreds of races and hybrid varieties represented in the population of Nibiru. Once again I reference Deep Space Nine and also Star Trek.

Each group of beings have living areas that simulate their natural environment. For example the dolphin representatives live in an aquatic environment while the reptilians live an a hot and humid environment. The humans live in an environment much like ours on earth. The octopus like beings live in tanks made especially for them and so on. Since Nibiru is almost 4 times the size of earth, there is plenty of room to move. Some groups have developed into entire civilizations as a result and don’t return to their home worlds as often as the others.

Nibiru remains our trigger for awakening. Once it gets close enough to us, uncloaks and shows itself, it will bring about a universal shift in consciousness. Mankind will then wake up to the fact that they are not alone in the universe and will begin to search for the reason and purpose behind this great planet/ship. It is then that the ancient knowledge suppressed by the religions and governments of earth in order to control the people, will come to light. Mankind’s true identity will be made known to them and they will have the opportunity to embrace it on a global scale.

Nibiru’s effects are already being felt. Due to its massive size, Nibiru is already affecting our weather, our planetary frequency and our sun. Nibiru is affecting our sun because of the pressure being exerted by its mass moving closer to us. This pressure is like squeezing a tomato until it begins to rupture. These ruptures are the solar flares and emissions from the sun. The sun is changing and emitting more light. Much like going from a 75 watt bulb to a 150 watt bulb. This changes our DNA and activates the dormant codes within it to begin the transmutation of our bodies from carbon-based to crystalline-based.

Though uncomfortable, this transmutation is necessary to move into a higher dimension, 5D. As we evolve, we create new realities such as our current Information Age. With each new age or reality, a consciousness grid is formed to support it. As this consciousness grid is strengthened and expands by more and more people believing in it, it becomes a new dimension. This is how we are creating a 4D and 5D dimension while still in 3D. The more that people accept the reality of 4D and 5D, the more those realities/dimensions are strengthened.

The fact that we are just now seeing Nibiru instead of several years ago tells us that we have shifted because the higher we shift dimensionally the further away Nibiru will appear. If we had not shifted, Nibiru would appear to be closer. Like a radio, the further away you move the dial from a station the fuzzier it gets until it is gone. This brings me to another point that needs explanation.

This explanation relates to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. First a moving object appears to contract in its direction of motion and becomes shorter, as its velocity increases until, at the speed of light, it disappears altogether.

In movies when people disappear there is a short period of time where they fade out. If you speed up the film it appears that they disappear instantly. But if you slow down the film, you will see them fade out and then disappear. This is what happens when a planet shifts dimensionally. So, in regards to Nibiru, as we shift dimensionally Nibiru will appear to be further and further away until, if we continue to shift high enough we won’t see its 3D version at all. Why? Because we will no longer be in 3D!

As more information is revealed to me, my understanding of Nibiru and its relevance to us has changed. Only by viewing all events multidimensionally can one begin to understand the events of our time, much less life in the universe. The foundation of multidimensional thinking is ALL TIME IS NOW. When we really understand what that statement means, we have the key to resolving all the discrepancies about Nibiru as well as other events taking place on and off our world. To do so we must stretch our minds and our beliefs and move out of the fishbowl of our 3D reality and linear thinking. ALL TIME IS NOW means that we exist in a sea of coexisting simultaneous timelines.

If you were to stand at a chalkboard and draw horizontal lines across it, one below the next, starting at the top of the board and working down to the bottom, you would have a good visual example of ALL TIME IS NOW. Each of those lines represents a timeline and each timeline exists in a dimension or dimensional overtone.

Many of the ET races visiting us now take the concept of interdimensional time travel for granted. I would venture to say that several of those races used time travel to arrive on earth in this day and time. It is my understanding that the ability to use time travel is encoded in our DNA, in fact, that is how some of us got to earth at this time. If you are a starseed or walk-in, in most cases you came from the future into the past to be here today. That means you came from one timeline in the future into a past timeline, now, to be here. Some of you even left your body in stasis and projected your consciousness into a body here. That technology, consciousness projection, also exists and we have seen examples of it in the movies, “The Matrix” and “Existenz.” In both films, the characters used technology to project their consciousness into another place and time. So consciousness projection is another form of time travel.

To get an update on the physics, I’ve been reading Gary Zukav, `The Dancing Wu Li Masters’


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