More Volcanic Activity

by The Extinction Protocol

December 2015 – PHILIPPINES – The Kanlaon Volcano in Negros Oriental province spewed ash on Saturday afternoon, state seismologists said. In an advisory, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) said “a low-energy ash eruption” was recorded from 1:01 p.m. to 1:10 p.m. Kanlaon also spewed ashes on Saturday morning starting from 11:40 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.
Last November 25, Kanlaon exploded for 30 minutes which prompted the Phivolcs to raise the alert level over the volcano. Phivolcs said Alert Level 1 meant that Kanlaon Volcano was at an abnormal condition and had entered a period of unrest. Phivolcs has earlier reminded local governments of Negros Oriental and the public not to enter the 4-kilometer radius permanent danger zone due to the further possibilities of sudden and hazardous eruptions. Kanlaon Volcano, which has an elevation 2,435 meters, has erupted 26 times, making it one of the most active volcanoes in the Central Philippines. –Inquirer

71: Ash emissions and growing unrest at East Java volcano in Indonesia
by The Extinction Protocol

December 2015 – EAST JAVA, Indonesia – Activity at the volcano has increased during the past two weeks. Ash emissions of fluctuating intensity began early December and have been near-continuous. On 7 December, a narrow plume extended 150 km south from the volcano. The past few days, the ash emissions have been weaker and mainly drifted westwards, causing Malang’s airport in only 30 km distance to close down temporarily. –Volcano Discovery

December 2015 – GUATEMALA – The activity at Fuego might be picking up towards a new paroxysm (eruptive phase with strongly increased effusion rate, resulting in lava fountaining and lava flows). We camped on the SW side of the volcano last night, and observed mild to strong strombolian explosions that occurred at intervals between 1 and 10 minutes. The strongest explosions sent incandescent material to heights of up to approx. 500 m and similar distances. One particularly intense explosion was accompanied by a very strong shock wave.
Although not seen directly from our location, a pyroclastic flow occurred around 10:15 (local time): we observed the co-ignimbrite ash plume rising from what was likely a collapse of a new lava flow on the southern slope. According to staff at the Panimache volcano observatory, who confirmed our observation, the pyroclastic flow could have reached a length of 7 km and seems to herald the start of the 14th paroxysm of Fuego in 2015… Following the initial sighting of the brownish ash plume, it gradually spread around the whole southern slopes and caused fine ash fall in the area lasting about 2 hours, graying all vegetation. –Volcano Discovery

January 2016 – GEOLOGY – A magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck in the South Pacific Ocean about 650 miles (1,045 kilometers) south of the Australian island state of Tasmania, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The temblor, which struck at about 1 p.m. Sydney time at a depth of 8 kilometers, was detected by more than 50 stations on the Australian mainland, Geoscience Australia said. No tsunami warning was issued. -Bloomberg

New Zealand: An earthquake measuring 5.4 on the Richter scale jolted 122 km south of Raoul Island, New Zealand at 21:29 GMT on Thursday, the US Geological Survey said. The epicenter, with a depth of 17.96 km, was initially determined to be at 30.3739 degrees south latitude and 177.9706 degrees west longitude. –Manila Times

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In August, the next sets are to commence flowing into this orb. We are regulating these energies and the transformations they are to cause. They are, in fact, a type of tonal pattern needed to move you to your next stage of growth. The dark has become aware of what is happening and we are assuring Heaven that our protection extends throughout this surface world. Meanwhile the dark is as well discovering that its plans to prevent these transformations are badly failing. The Light is drawing closer each day to a most blessed victory!

The blessed song of Heaven is reverberating throughout this realm. We ask that you remain positive and use your mostly untapped inner powers to see that this timely change happens as planned. Each of you is in reality a jewel of Heaven. Use your collective abilities to permit these brilliant inner jewels to shine. If you look around you, you can then see this grand energy in action. Visualize this and in so doing allow your brethren to shine with a brilliance so great that it ends the power of the dark and lets the Light of Heaven in. Let this be the time of a great end to those who in the dark’s name kept all of you doubting who you are and what you were capable of. The time comes to let this realm know that your merciful guardian energies are preparing to emerge and create a new realm filled with peace, cooperation and joy. Hallelujah! A new time of freedom and prosperity is nearly here.

The light body is the radiance of your soul that awakens once you have made peace with life’s divine plan and relaxed into the emptiness of being.

Once emptiness is no longer confused with sadness, grief, guilt, insecurity, or depression, but a gateway into liberated existence, the emptiness of being awakens the light of the Universe within you.

Once the light body is fully activated, each person, place, or thing can be welcomed, transmuted and returned to its original form, at the rate in which everything is breathed into your core and breathed back out as blessings for all.

As a way of assisting in the transformation of your journey, I have been given two light body activations for you to repeat out loud, as a way of anchoring fifth dimensional consciousness. For the first time ever, just by repeating the following words that I have been divinely guided to share, you can allow your light body activation to accelerate with peace, ease, grace, and joy.

I invite you to repeat out loud each activation – one at a time. First start by taking 3-5 slow deep breaths to ground your energy field, then repeat activation #1 out loud as naturally and gently as possible. After activation #1 has been spoken, take 3-5 deep breaths to integrate this activation:

Light Body Activation #1: “I allow the nervous system to recalibrate and transform into pure crystalline light as I am now.”

To move onto activation #2, start by taking 3-5 slow deep breaths. Repeat activation #2 out loud as naturally and gently as possible. After activation #2 has been spoken, take 3-5 deep breaths for further integration.To move onto activation #2, start by taking 3-5 slow deep breaths. Repeat activation #2 out loud as naturally and gently as possible. After activation #2 has been spoken, take 3-5 deep breaths for further integration.

Light Body Activation #2: “I welcome the light body, I trust the light body, I am the light body, the light body I am.”

You can repeat this process throughout the day, while knowing it isn’t a matter of how many times you say it, but how often you provide the necessary amount of space to allow what you activate through your words to be revealed within you.

Many will repeat these activations and feel instantaneous shifts, while some may not feel anything at all. It all depends on how sensitive you are to sensing subtle energy, which is much like noticing the most gentle breeze on a warm summer day

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Liberation Larder


Byron Bay has always been a focus of the counter culture and still is, in spite of its latest yuppie image. During a very brief visit, I found the inspiration of the Liberation Larder, a community focus of growing food on the road verges  to share with those less fortunate in the community. The vegies grow right alongside the trucks and cars in the centre of town and are used to provide soup kitchen style food to the community. What an innovative idea!

Started in May 2009 and  launched at the Byron Bay Community Centre, the Larder provides hot lunches, bags of fresh produce and emergency frozen meals to those in need in Byron Bay, Australia. The Larder Kitchen is open on Mondays and Thursdays at 12.30pm.

As a result of its success in Byron Bay, Liberation Larder was recently given a grant from the Northern Rivers Community Foundation to expand the service into Brunswick Heads.
“We had been talking to people at Brunswick and they explained to us that there was a need,” Ms Hamilton said.
Every Friday from 9.30am until 12.30pm, beginning January 30, Liberation Larder will operate from the Brunswick Heads Community Centre on a two-month trial.

Volunteer Carol Gray, who has been with Liberation Larder since it began, urged others to sign-up once it expanded across the shire.
“Whether it’s about a loaf of bread or asking ‘how are you going?’ It’s about nurturing community and connecting,” she said.


For more information:

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12:12 Gateway energies


Archangel Israfel
B112 – Turquoise/Mid-Tone Royal Blue
Born 12:12pm GMT on December 14th, 2014
First Thoughts

Within B112 we can see a deep connection with the Dolphin bottle (B33), with the Turquoise and Royal Blue colour association. In a sense we can see (1 + 1 + 2 = 4) 4 Dolphin bottles within this B112. By multiplying 33 by 4 we get 132 which is the number of this bottle plus the Star Child (B20) (112 + 20 = 132).This resonates somewhere as a Dolphin swimming the opposite way with the support of the StarChild. This bottle is also about those who are seeking their true purpose – why they are here and how to get in touch with what is asked of them.

B112 is also the St Germain (B56) doubled (56 + 56 = 112). (5 + 6 = 11, 5 + 6 = 11) St Germain has a strong message of transmutation and synchronicity which we can also see in the notes on Israfel below. The 5 and 6 making an 11 show a gate, so two 11’s show a double gate.

This numerology is important to begin the notes.

Traditionally, Israfel is known as a very energetically strong Archangel who embodies the creative aspect of the Logos, the male/female God/Goddess and the creativity they express through communication of the heart in song, and celebration through dance.

We are all often touched by what is communicated through music and song. By opening our hearts with sound Israfel facilitates this sense of the musical communication of the soul.

The transformational aspect of this bottle is essential in the understanding of what this Archangel has to offer. When we are moved to dance because a particular rhythm, a particular musical combination touches us, we enter into the movement, the celebration which is some of the inspiration of Israfel.

Israfel is a trumpet blower and in the same sense as with Archangel Gabriel, we are awakened to what lies at the deeper levels of the star within us. Here we can see a connection in the colours, the complementary opposite of Royal Blue is Gold; we have the Royal Blue in Israfel and the Gold in Gabriel (B95).

When we see the Royal Blue in any of the bottles we might think of the implications of the Royal Blue and the Gold connection where the Gold connects us to all of the energy centres of ourselves. So it is with Israfel. Within the upper fraction as we consciously touch that Turquoise process of individuation, the process which is the creative communication of our hearts, we are also in a position to be able to touch what is within our Golden star; the true self communicating through us so that we become the Way as the Logos within ourselves is re-activated within us.

This moment in time is critical for change, some of these changes might present worthy challenges and some may bring the potential for things to come together within a new order. Israfel requests that we ask the Angels to support us at this transitional time. Israfel helps to call with our true voice, the voice of our heart, through the star, to reach whichever Angel is there to work with us to greet the beloved.

Israfel has been called a Seraphim, to call her name is said to open the fifth gate and this reminds me of a connection with the fifth level of letting go. The energy that comes about through the B65 Violet/Red bottle (the heaven on earth potential, where the head is in heaven and the feet are on earth) is present at the fifth gate. The fifth gate is also to do with the throat (5th Chakra) and the energy that moves through there, as supported with the Turquoise of Israfel.

B112 can be thought of as aiding in the removal of ignorance, the removal of what stands in our way, obscuring what is before us. Sometimes this concept of an obstacle that needs to be overcome has an association with the dragon; we can think of Israfel as dispelling the negative association of the dragon energy and herein feel a deep connection with Archangel Michael. Israfel has been referred to as one of the newer Angels in the archangelic host.

Israfel supports the possibility for us to draw our true nature, our true self, our transcendent reality into being; here we can see that transmutation we discussed with the double B56. There is a sense of being re-born with Israfel, this re-birth having been initiated by Archangel Gabriel.

There is also a connection with Islam and the Prophet Mohammed. Israfel was an Archangel who came to Mohammed to empower him on his way as a prophet.

There are four angels regarded as most sacred in the Sufi tradition: Gabriel, Michael, Azreal and Israfel. The only one of these four Archangels who returned to the source and was said to be unsuccessful was Azreal.

Israfel is able to manifest simultaneously and synchronously in many places at the same time. He is the awakening Archangel for the new time, to be available for those who have been sleeping, to awaken to the reality of what is asked of them, what they agreed to before they came into this incarnation. It is this aspect that can help us be released from the narcosis of conditioning and can support us with awakening to the moment to moment potential for celebration.

A useful point about Archangel Israfel is the help we receive to reveal the talents we have and to be fully in the being that we are. It is time for us to see the magnificence of the gifts that we have asked for and that we have been given, to particularly use our creativity in whichever way it manifests to us so that there is a creative flow in and through what we do or what is asked of us, a sense of the awakening to the I Am.

In Islam the literal meaning of Israfel is ‘The Burning One’, there is a connection with Jerusalem and Israfel is also very strongly linked to Moses. A deep connection with Raphael is clear angelically in Judeo-Christian literature. In the Aura-Soma system, Raphael is Royal Blue/Royal Blue, B96. The Royal Blue does not appear so often in the base fraction and this emphasises the importance of Israfel’s deep sense of clarity lying within the depths of that Royal Blue. B112 could therefore be very useful in relation to our sorrows and sufferings to do with loss and to enable us to do more work with letting go.

In Islam it is also said that Israfel was sent with the other three Archangels, Gabriel, Michael, and Azreal to the four corners of the Earth to collect the dust and from this dust Adam Kadmon was born (referred to in the Kabbalah as the ‘original man’). The whole connection with the four corners is known in other traditions in reference to Israfel, who, with his wings, is able to touch each of the pillars that support the foundations of Existence. Israfel also has a deep connection with Thoth (God of the mind – of intelligence, thinking, reason, and logic) and Anubis (Lord of the Sacred Land) in the Egyptian tradition.

We also know that Israfel is something to do with the core of the Aura-Soma system, the core which is to do with the building of the light body and the alchemy of the Gold within us, the preparedness to look at what is asked of us is not always the easy way.

A final point of note is in regards to Astrology and timing of this birth: between June 24, 2012 and March 16, 2015, Uranus and Pluto square each other seven times and each square has a piece to contribute to bring on the Aquarian Age. The sixth of these squares takes place on December 14—15, with some astrologers viewing the theme for this square as ‘Gaining a Vision’, this is synchronous with Israfel’s message for us to wake up to our true self. Additionally, within the Aura-Soma astrological attributions, Uranus relates to the Turquoise bottles, (43, 62, 45 and 75) whilst the theme of vision relates to Royal Blue. During these squares between Uranus and Pluto it is said that we are being summoned to build a new world based on truth as supported by Israfel, as aforementioned he allows the potential for a transformation into a new order of things.

With Love, as ever from Aura Soma

Moving Forward

Footsteps01The Time to Begin is Always Now

Accept that the time is always now to begin this process. The present moment is always your true point of power. Taking even small steps in your present moment will bring about major energetic shifts that, over time, will transport you to timelines where you access the frequencies of the new time.

Manifesting the ‘You’ Capable of Existing along Fifth-Dimensional Timelines

Open to receive a vision aligned with your highest potentials. When we come into resonance with a new potential, we begin to receive perceptual glimmers or visions of this potential. These glimmers offer insight into how this reality would look, how it would feel, and the types of potentials and opportunities we might encounter along that reality thread.

This glimmer on the horizon sparks inspiration and your imagination catches fire. Captivated and enthused about this vision, you begin the quest to learn more about it. Set an intention to observe it. Each time you turn your attention to this intended creation, you energize it and the energetic field of the creation expands.

Once you receive a vision and choose to align with it, next begin the process of cultivating and strengthening the aspect of your consciousness most closely aligned with your vision. This is the aspect capable of bringing your creation into being.

The fact that you are reading this says that you’re interested in existing along high-vibrational, fifth-dimensional timelines, and have set your intentions to manifest the ‘you’ capable of helping you step more fully into the new time.

This ‘you’ represents your highest potentials. When we become the version of ourselves that is able to take us in the direction of our highest potentials, this self will always find a way to access higher frequencies within each moment.

First, Simply Allow a Vision to Exist in Consciousness

Allow your new vision to simply exist in consciousness. Do not concern yourself in this early stage with how you will bring this vision into your physical reality. It is a misunderstanding to think that we can only carry out those visions we are skilled and experienced in carrying out.

Allow a New Vision to Grow and Expand

Nurture and allow this new vision to grow in your consciousness. Day by day and moment by moment, observe this vision as it exists within your energetic field. Ask questions about it and get to know it.

Each time we bring our focus to it, our potential gathers energy and expands. The critical mass for its arrival into physical reality is reached when the potential gains sufficient energetic resonance with the part of our consciousness that is able to nurture its arrival into physical reality.

Release Aspects Trapped in Past Traumas

As a new potential gathers strength in its energetic field, you may become aware of pockets of resistance that exist within you. These aspects are holding energy to ‘bookmark’ this moment in time so a future, more masterful ‘you’ can return to heal and release them.  As we free energy being held around past traumas, we’re able to refocus this energy toward new potentials we wish to activate.

Meet Future Potentials in Your Inner Temple

Create an inner temple and spend time there daily. One way you can strengthen the connection with a new potential is to meet with it in consciousness each day. An inner temple is the perfect place to meet and work with future potentials. This temple can take any form you wish. It can be a cottage by the ocean, a cabin in the mountains, a tree house in a tropical rainforest, or a tent in the desert.

Higher-vibrational frequencies will always heal and entrain lower-vibrational frequencies. Entering a high feeling state daily even for short periods will naturally clear obstacles to healing and help manifest your visions.

Resist the Urge to Micro-Manage How Realities Manifest

Allow the universe to bring new realities to you in whatever way it can. It is a mistake to place contingencies on how realities arrive. Some believe they must first manifest a sum of money in order to realize their higher visions. This is a misunderstanding. Placing contingencies and prerequisites on our creations only serves to bottleneck and slow their arrival in physical reality.

When you set an intention and remain awake and aware to clues and information in your daily life, you will find the bread crumb trail that leads to your desired creation.

Remain Alert to Thought Viruses that Sabotage Your Efforts

Remain alert to the voices in your head that tell you that your dreams are impossible and unrealistic. These are the voices of thought viruses you were indoctrinated to in childhood and through collective consciousness. Don’t allow yourself to be hamstrung by thought viruses that say you’re not ready or good enough, or empowered enough, or enlightened enough to live your visions.

Align with Desired Realities at Subtle Levels

Release over investment in physical reality. Hold in awareness that the reality you see around you in your present moment represents past creations and is fluid and changeable. Don’t be fooled by the solid, concrete appearance of ‘reality’.

When we look at these seemingly solid and immovable structures of our present moment, we may feel powerless to change them. It’s true we cannot change an existing timeline. But we can shift to a new timeline.

In order to change our reality and the timeline we exist along, we must go within to align our visions and intentions with subtle energy. Creating is not a matter of moving concrete around, but of aligning ourselves with the reality we wish to experience at the subtle level where raw energy is shaped by intention, and allowing ourselves to be transported energetically to the timeline where that reality already exists.

Adopting a Focus Self Aligned with Your Desired Reality

Align with the identity of one who is living the reality you wish to create. When you receive a vision of a new potential, there’s always an aspect of your consciousness that is able to nurture this vision into physical reality and transport you to the timeline where this new potential exists.

As you energize and nurture a new potential, it will teach you who you need to become in order to carry it out to the world. As your focus self learns to act in service to the highest good of all, it will step aside when the time comes to allow a new facet of your consciousness to become the focus identity self capable of transporting you to timelines where new potentials exist.

Accept That Everything Has Happened with Divine Perfection

Refrain from judging yourself as moments from your past come before you to be released. Everything you created/activated in the past was designed to help you learn to grow and become the wise and empowered ‘you’ that exists within your present moment.

©2010-2014 DL Zeta, Celestial Vision, All Rights Reserved

To view this message at its original source click here: DL Zeta’s Celestial Vision: Aligning with the Version of ‘You’ That Can Transport You into the New Time

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Flower Remedies

Flower Rem02

Each flower vibrates at its own frequency & has its own energetic signature, which enhances our well being by aligning with our energetic fields. This helps us recognize, resolve, &/or release old patterns to bring vital energy in. Flower essences help bring a shift in consciousness for healing on deep levels. Flower essences are made by floating the flower in water in the sunlight, which helps the water molecules absorb the energy/essence of the flower. They are taken as drops or sprays. Flower essences work on the emotional body.
Bach flower remedies were developed by a doctor, Dr Edward Bach after a serious illness led him to give up work as a surgeon and with only 3 months to live, to develop his research work at London Homeopathic Hospital where he developed the theory of `less is more’ in other words that the smallest possible amount of the remedy could be more effective and avoid the unpleasant side effects often associated with conventional medicine. During the following 19 years, he developed 38 remedies covering every mental and emotional state, and cured himself, evidence of the power of emotional states over physical symptoms.

Often in choosing a remedy I get a picture of the flower in my third eye, or alternatively use a pendulum to check what is the correct remedy at this time.

I suggest that Centuary to help those who want to end a violent relationship and Vine for the perpetrators. This may be help for one of the major issues of our time – domestic violence.

The use of flowers for healing was an Aboriginal pleasurable rite. The essence in the form of dew made potent by the sun, was consumed as the whole flower and often the plant as well. If the flower was inedible they sat on a clump of flowers and absorbed the healing vibration. They knew of many flowers that could be used for specific emotional imbalances.

Ian White, seen in the uTube clip above, talking about the waratah has further developed the Australian Bush Flower essences into an expanded healing modality. He was guided along the way to find which plants and where to make up the flower essences. The Essences, all 50 and now probably more, are powerful catalysts for helping people heal themselves. Illness disease and emotional problems and imbalances are an indication that we have strayed off our individual path. The Essences, as well as helping us return to that path, can assist in helping us work through our problems and imbalances. You can make your own flower essences.

Waratah is chosen for addictions, dark night of the soul, an inability to respond to crises. With the earth changes expected, many people will benefit from waratah, it will give them the power and strength to move on. Its also useful in AIDS treatment.

Illawarra Flame Tree, that splash of red in the rainforest, if they were the sole survivors of a cataclysm, they would feel rejected because everyone was taken but them. This will give them the strength to carry on. They know what they want to do, but feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of doing it.

Grey Spider Flower a common shrub in Sydney And the Blue Mountains and its for Primordial Fear, extreme terror, paralysed by fear. It works quickly bringing about calmness and courage.

Flower essences will play a major role in the times to come as we go into a new Golden Age.
White, I, (1991), Australian Bush Flower Essences. Bantam Books
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Aura Soma

I’ve really come to appreciate the gift that Vicky Wall brought to the world with Aura Soma. The colours are based on the frequencies of light and contain herbs, gemstone and flower essences blended together in a way guided by spirit, to enhance your own signature vibration which we choose intuitively.

The balance bottles have correspondences with the Tarot, I Ching and with the Kabala. They are shaken to release the energies, the lower half is the colour of your true aura, the upper half shows the circumstances into which you were born. It embodies the personality ray on which you came into this life. Both fractions make up your soul ray. which points to what you want to accomplish in this life.

The second, third and forth bottles are looked at both factions together. The second bottle is therapeutic and should be used first to balance personality aspects that could be worked on.

The third bottle shows how far you have come in this life and the fourth reveals the future. Your choice of third and fourth bottle will change over time as you work with Aura Soma.

I particularly like the Pomanders which are used which are spread through the aura with the hands. Place 3 drops in your left hand. Rub in the substance and with both hands stroke your body from a distance of a few centimeters, from head to toe. Hold your cupped hands in front of your nose and take 3 deep breaths. Visualise taking the 49 herbs and its colour into your body with the intention of supporting the balance oil, or to cleanse and protect yourself or to cleanse the area around you.

The Quintessences relate to a different subtle body, the astral body. The oils represent the Ascended Masters and attune you to their vibration. They are finer and more effective than the Pomanders. They are used in a similar way to the Pomanders. They are used in meditation to attune your energies to a higher vibration.

What is even more amazing is that Vicky Wall was blind, gifted with `second sight’ and guided to produce these mesmerizing colours, shimmering in every rainbow hue to restore balance and harmony to your body, mind and spirit.

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This works!!

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Ascension: Hilarion

hilarion2The way forward is to go within as much as possible during the next few weeks. There is a lot of activity taking place on the energetic levels, on both the surface of the Earth, within the Earth, and on the higher etheric levels.
It is a time of great changes and this is becoming more evident with each passing day. Staying centered and aligned to your higher truth will help you move through this period with greater ease and grace.
It is also very helpful to connect with the natural world around you by spending more time outdoors, as this helps to keep you grounded and connected with the Earth energies. Immersing yourselves in water frequently can be very soothing, cleansing, and healing to your well being.
By keeping your exposure to the daily news at a minimum, you will fare well. There is much that is being kept hidden during these times, but that cannot last for too much longer.
Those who have held power behind the scenes in every country of the world will not be able to keep their secret activities from being exposed to the world at large. The new energy influxes demand transparency in all interactions between all parties on the global scene and also amongst all people in general. The time for secrets is over.
Every cell in every inhabitant upon the Earth is being transmuted, purified, and transformed. There is soon to come a time when any darkness or shadow will be clearly seen within each person’s auric field, and this revelation will assist everyone to walk in their light and live in truth and integrity.
The veils between the worlds are fast dissolving, and those at the forefront who have blazed a trail through contact with the higher dimensions will now find it much easier to bring through greater knowledge and wisdom to be shared with all who are searching for answers.
Forgive yourselves, Dear Ones, for being human, for you are creating a new and magnificent form that will far exceed previous ones on many levels. It is your very humanness that is most appreciated by the legions of higher dimensional beings who observe the growth and expansion taking place within you.
Each of you is viewed as a true and courageous pioneer on a new and wondrous frontier as you learn to use your abilities and align these to the greater good of all, even though you must go through the same experiences as the rest of humanity. It has not been an easy path for any of you in this lifetime, but keep in mind that this is THE lifetime where you emerge victorious in the light of your true magnificence!
It is the soul qualities that you express and that you earn through the school of life on a physical planet that makes you such a powerful and unique being throughout the cosmos. These experiences are what are taken into the higher dimensions of life in the universe.
The things of the lower dimensions must be transmuted into a higher light in order to stay with you. This is why there has been so much that needed to be released and let go. This process is still in effect and will continue to be in operation until every vestige of lower vibrational imprint is purified within every person’s body and energy field. The more of humanity who can bring in their full light body presence, the quicker the acceleration into ascension can take place.
These times call for transmutation through the use of the violet fire decree, and this powerful spiritual tool is available to all. Daily use is very helpful, not only for personal use, but also for transmuting the energies that surround the Earth at this time. Use this mighty alchemical process with a light heart and the feeling of joy within your hearts. The light at the end of the tunnel draws near.
Until next week…
I AM Hilarion
Channelled by Marlene Swetlishoff

Update on Golden Age

Yes, it is likely there will be considerable commotion when ships land, but every effort will be made beforehand by some of your leaders and the ETs who have been living among you to prevent “mass hysteria.” You can help to prepare family and friends by telling them that the multitude of spacecraft sightings over the years indicate that these people from other civilizations are peaceful—if they were not, they would have invaded long ago.
1. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light, coming from the Galactic Central Sun, descending and encompassing your body and continuing down to the center of the Earth.

2. Visualize a mirror at the outer edge of the pillar of Light, circularly embracing you and reflecting all negativity outwards away from you, back to where it came from, and it gets annihilated there.

Victory of the Light is near! The fact of not reading articles and messages about Ascension does not mean that one is unaware of it, dear friends. Every individual’s subconscious is very aware of the coming changes. Ascension only requires your vibrations to resonate with love. This is all that is required dear friends. It is a very direct and simple process. Children are very much in line with the love vibrations, so are animals and plant life. So there is no need whatsoever to feel anxiety about Ascension dear ones.

Please remember to express gratitude for everything you are being given, that creates the vortex that brings more blessings in.

Being the Conscious Channel – Tuning Out Ego Self and Turning On Higher Self

To assist you in centering your self, to Channel with greater intention into the Great Circle, first we begin by noticing and assessing your Ego Self vs. your Higher Self. As you learn to recognize your ego self, it becomes more and more easy and even natural to tune this ‘distracting’ channel out, and turn on the channel of Higher Self.

You may notice that when I write ‘your’ ‘self’ I divide these two areas, for who you are eternally, ‘Highest Self’ is unique to who you have become momentarily, for this lifetime. Although, there is a relationship between the two and a contract that exists and connects this lifetime with all lifetimes, past, present and future.

To help you quickly access whether you are channeling Ego or Higher Self, simply refer to the chart below. You may add to this chart as you see fit, or simplify it to its basic question:

“Do you feel good? Are you serving your self and others? OR Do you feel bad? Are you serving onlyyour self or only someone else?”

For although it is good to be in service, you must be in service in a way which is balanced, and serves fairly and equally. Otherwise, the ‘channel’ of energy will be disrupted and you will lose energy whenever there is not an equal and fair exchange.

Ego (Lower Self) vs. Angel (Higher Self)

Chaos vs. Balance (Root Chakra ~ Red Jasper)
Profanity vs. Bliss (Sacral Chakra ~ Orange Carnelian)
Victimization vs. Leadership (Solar Chakra ~ Yellow Citrine)
Selfishness vs. Love (Heart Chakra ~ Green Jade)
Ignorance vs. Clarity (Throat Chakra ~ Blue Turquoise)
Distraction vs. Inspiration (Third Eye ~ Purple Amethyst)
Suffering vs. Peace (Crown ~ Gold Pyrite)
Loneliness vs. Oneness (Spirit ~ White Selenite)
Ego vs. God-Space (Great Creator ~ Rainbow Moonstone)
To help you ‘Channel‘ your Higher Self, decide to reflect on what type of ‘Channel‘ you are allowing your self to be throughout your day.

Gently monitor and pay attention to your ‘thoughts‘, ‘actions,’ ‘emotions’ and ‘consciousness.’

Walk your self through your chakras to check in and see where you are ‘channeling‘ information and what type of ‘vibrations‘ you are allowing.

If there are certain ‘stations’ that are particularly difficult, for example, you notice that you are often finding your self unconsciously ‘channeling’ distraction instead of inspiration, you’re welcome to work with the colours and/or crystals recommended above to help you restore balance within these energy centres; strengthening your ability to work with the right ‘channels’ and vibrations in these places. (You may use multiple colour visualizations or crystals, when necessary. Feel free to ‘intuitively’ discover which ones work best for you).

When you work in Higher Self, every part of your Divine Hologram – body, mind, emotion, and soul, feels good and every action gives to all of you and all of another, instantaneously. This can be seen from the simplest of examples to the most complex. For instance, when you nourish your body with truly healthy nutrients your body is instantaneously given the ability to build new, healthy cells, your emotions become lighter and more peaceful, your actions become more graceful, and your divine insight becomes more available.

And since you are doing so well, you are able to do so much more for those you love. You have the ‘right‘ energy to give to your loved ones and your work, which in turn helps them to receive your ‘channel‘ of divine energy and continue its flow in their own way. For yes, even the ‘food’ you receive is a ‘channel’ of energy that is either of a higher or lower vibration.

And of course, when you eat food that is of a lower density, and ‘channel’ this into your body, your body gets sluggish as it rejects what is wrong with this ‘vibration,’ your mind becomes foggy or distracted, your emotions can get lethargic and depressing, and your actions in turn can be off the track of flow and unto the track of ego. And from this place, the energy you ‘channel‘ unto others has a tendency to become more ‘selfish,’ which thereby discourages the promotion of positive energy flow and encourages the flow of negativity.

As you become a more conscious ‘Channel,’ you begin to enjoy the ‘stations’ that your mind broadcasts, that your emotions fill with, and that your actions create. You find yourself naturally healing, not only you but those around you, and you being to smoothly attract that which you’ve been unconsciously denying yourself before.

Remember, you are Divine, your are God/Goddess, Creator/Creating, and every Channel you wish to be, you already are.

All the Information you wish to acquire, is already within you.

This works!!

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Tamborine Tree Vandals 3

What to do now?
I thought about selling up. That’s one option. I don’t think I’ll give them the satisfaction of driving me out. I’d rather stick it to them.

I’ve decided to go away for a while to Bundaberg to visit a friend who was flooded out and lost everything last year in ex-tropical cyclone Oswald. That’s an option, I’m definitely taking.

I’ve brought some Tiger Grass, a quick growing screening plant with an Asian look and some bamboo style screening, that’s another option I’m definitely taking. I’ve put up some Prayer Flags as protection.

Nothing compares with what was there. There is nothing that I can plant to replace 10 fully mature trees as landing sites for birds, cockatoos, catbirds and kookaburras. I have a few small pines in a pot, maybe I’ll plant them, a mix of native pines and other pines is another option.

I’ve thought about starting a campaign to make it compulsory to get permission before chopping down any trees over 30 cm diameter. I thought this was already so. If so, why did the Councillor Nadia O’Carroll say there was nothing I can do.

I’m being told by my guidance, these mature trees being chopped down has got to change. Whether they’re native trees or introduced, they are valuable as carbon transmuters and must be protected.