Photo for Monday, 26th May

From now until May 14 – finish integrating April Gateway energies. Rest. In-breath daily for at least some portion of your day and record or contemplate those inner travels/communion. Begin to be thinking about the upcoming May 14 full moon expression phase and in the initiation of new projects, new forms of communication, communion, or co-creation centered around freedom, reclamation and authenticity for self and for the collective. What directions, ideas, or forms of expression seem inspiring to you? Follow your heart and your gut.

From May 16 to May 27 – express your full self! Speak or express your truth in ways that can be heard. Follow your heart, stand in your center and co-create with your fellow Light Warriors in your own part of the world. New projects, forms of communication and expression, new ways of Being/Imbuing, relating, problem-solving, coming together, speaking truth in ways that can be heard, etc…

From May 28 to June 13 – Time to in-breath again. Go within, sit in your center, align from center with heart and COMMUNE with your multidimensional aspects of Self, your Soul/Star family, and/or Creation at large (third-eye or other senses). As this information tickles your various inner senses, find yourself lightening, expanding yet again – seeing all so very clearly – what needs to be done – how love and necessity will unite – how focused “wills” will collide to propel all forward. See how past/present/future merge into the Now. Great potential here for individual transfiguration/ascension wave.

June 13 – 19 – Time for another collective out-breath period in preparation for the solstice induction or in-breath. This out-breath will consist of a deepening, heightened intensity, and refinement in expression of the overall description above (May 16-27).

June 13 – June 21-24 – a time of potential monumental outward catalytic shifts, including more extreme Earth/Gaia changes. May be the re/appearance of the first wavers and/or soul/star family – contact or The Event. Another great induction portal/gateway, considerably larger than the April Gateway. More to come later.

There are many other celestial influences and factors at play as well, but the moon is representative of the co-creative respiratory process here. This is meant to depict the ebb/flow of energetics at this time and is meant to be taken generally. For instance catalytic Earth shifts, revelations, etc…may surface into your experience at any time, as so great is the movement across the entire Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life.

You are doing fabulously well my dear, even though I know it doesn’t necessarily feel like that to you. And that’s because you are engaged in this process on so many different levels and expressions of being that all that movement is very tiring, but I tell you that soon much of it will become effortless. For there is a great reward waiting in the culmination of such effort/service, love and devotion.
Photo for Monday, 26th May