The Andromedans: Awakening Your Divine Plan

The Andromedans: Awakening Your Divine Plan

May 20, 2022 by 

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Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, we emanate light, the light of the Andromedans to you. We come forth as the Andromedan’s civilization to be of service to you in this major ascension movement that you are journeying through upon the Earth.

We wish for you to know we are present to support and serve you in every moment of your ascension. It is our purpose and our divine plan, to assist each soul incarnate upon the Earth in achieving their ascension.

To begin this awakening of your divine plan, we the Andromedans first wish to encourage you to spend a number of days, contemplating what your divine plan is. We invite you to ask yourself as you go about your daily reality and also in meditation.

Let go of any seriousness that may come up. Think of this activity as play, you are playing with the idea of your divine plan. Ask within:

What is my divine plan? What do I imagine my divine plan to be?

Let the answers come to you . They will come to you from your mind, from expectations, from the programming of others within your being, from fears, from your personality and from your ego. Each time you recognise a new answer of what your divine plan is or could be, we the Andromedans,  invite you to say, ‘Wonderful, I accept and release.’

You are celebrating the answer, but also, you are not allowing yourself to attach to it. Therefore, you are opening up the space, it is like decluttering. After a number of days of questioning yourself often, you may have numerous answers, some may seem unusual, some may seem inappropriate, some may seem amazing.

What we invite you to acknowledge is that all of these answers are not your divine plan although they might hold the vibration of your divine plan. Through this practice you will allow yourself to enter into a space. A space that is free from clutter or distraction within your being. A space where you can awaken your divine plan.

You will find yourself settling into this space of peace and contentment, maybe without instruction and automatically because you have completed your searching, you have completed your questioning; you have received so many answers but there is a surrendering. A surrendering into the peace and contentment of your being.

We the Andromedans, then invite you in the few days after this, to only focus upon sitting in or remaining in that space of peace and contentment, even if you do have to instruct your mind and your being to focus upon peace and contentment within your being. We invite you to cultivate this peace and contentment so that it almost feels like a room that you enter into and that surrounds you expansively.

This energy of peace and contentment exists within your being. When you feel that you have activated and awoken the energy of peace and contentment, this is where you call forth your soul, your guides, your soul group and your direct connection with the Creator. Ask within, ‘what is my divine plan?’

You may wish to state that you awaken your divine plan. It is in that space, that expansive energy of peace and contentment that the seed of your divine plan will be planted, will grow, will be nurtured, and nourished. The understanding of your divine plan, the embodiment of your divine plan will grow from within you, blossoming into embodiment.

You may gain insights; you may gain understanding, or you may simply gain a sensation of knowingness of your divine plan. Your divine plan is guided by your soul. It is that which your soul wishes to experience upon the Earth and that which your soul wishes to embody or activate.

Many believe their own divine plan has to be so large, so impactful that they miss and cannot see the truth of their divine plan.

A divine plan can be as simple as sharing love with another being or learning how to connect with other people in a simple and truthful way. It may be tending to nature or supporting animals. It could be as simple as living a balanced life, allowing yourself to be happy, or promoting your own health.

It could be letting go of judgment or healing a wound with a relation that has been long-standing spans through lifetimes. Whatever flows to you as an understanding, except it, play with it as if someone has thrown you a ball. Play with it, hold it, feel its texture, throw it up in the air, feel how light it is or how heavy, can it roll, or does it bounce?

This is what you can do with any answer that you receive in that space of contentment and peace concerning your divine plan.

Try it out and you may find that it does not feel appropriate, if so ask again, going deeper.

You may find that your heart sings with joy. Remember that the divine plan for your own reality, can be immensely simple and it can even be easy to achieve.

We believe that many of you now are more than capable of accessing your divine plan in this current moment of the Earth’s reality, successfully experiencing and embodying it.

We are present to support you.

We thank you,

We are the Andromedans


The Vaccine Death Report: Evidence of Millions of Deaths and Serious Adverse Events Resulting from the Experimental COVID-19 Injections

The Vaccine Death Report: Evidence of Millions of Deaths and Serious Adverse Events Resulting from the Experimental COVID-19 Injections

May 19, 2022 by 

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Detailed. Long. 

The Vaccine Death Report: Evidence of Millions of Deaths and Serious Adverse Events Resulting from the Experimental COVID-19 Injections

By David John Sorensen and Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

Global Research, May 07, 2022



The purpose of this report is to document how all over the world millions of people have died, and hundreds of millions of serious adverse events have occurred, after injections with the experimental mRNA gene therapy. We also reveal the real risk of an unprecedented genocide.


We aim to only present scientific facts and stay away from unfounded claims. The data is clear and verifiable. Over one hundred references can be found for all presented information, which is provided as a starting point for further investigation.


The data suggests that we may currently be witnessing the greatest organized mass murder in the history of our world. The severity of this situation compels us to ask this critical question: will we rise to the defense of billions of innocent people? Or will we permit personal profit over justice, and be complicit? Networks of lawyers all over the world are preparing class-action lawsuits to prosecute all who are serving this criminal agenda. To all who have been complicit so far, we say: There is still time to turn and choose the side of truth. Please make the right choice.


Although this report focuses on the situation in the United States, it also applies to the rest of the world, as the same type of experimental injections with similar death rates – and comparable systems of corruption to hide these numbers – are used worldwide. Therefore we encourage everyone around the world to share this report. May it be a wake-up call for all of humanity.

At least 5 times more deaths, CDC whistleblower signs sworn affidavit

VAERS data from the American CDC shows that as of September 17, 2021, already 726,963 people suffered adverse events, including stroke, heart failure, blood clots, brain disorders, convulsions, seizures, inflammations of brain & spinal cord, life-threatening allergic reactions, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, miscarriage, infertility, rapid-onset muscle weakness, deafness, blindness, narcolepsy, and cataplexy. 

Besides the astronomical number of severe side effects, the CDC reports that 15,386 people died as a result of receiving the experimental injections.

However, a CDC healthcare fraud detection expert named Jane Doe investigated this and came to the shocking discovery that the number of deaths is at least five times higher than what the CDC is admitting. In fact, in her initial communications to professor in medicine Dr. Peter McCullough, this whistleblower said that the number of deaths is ten times higher. The CDC health fraud detection expert signed an affidavit, in which she stated her findings. She carefully chose the wordings ‘…under-reported by a conservative factor of at least five’, but as she revealed initially, the factor could also be ten. Here is an excerpt of the affidavit: 1

‘I have, over the last 25 years, developed over 100 distinct healthcare fraud detection algorithms. … When the COVID-19 vaccine clearly became associated with patient death and harm, I was inclined to investigate the matter. It is my professional estimate that VAERS (the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) database, while extremely useful, is under-reported by a conservative factor of at least 5. … and have assessed that the deaths occurring within 3 days of vaccination are higher than those reported in VAERS by a factor of at least 5.’

According to this CDC health fraud detection expert the number of vaccine deaths in the U.S. is not 15,386 but somewhere between 80,000 and 160,000.

The CDC is also vastly underreporting other adverse events, like severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis). The Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) reported that a study showed how the actual number of anaphylaxis is 50 to 120 times higher than claimed by the CDC.2, 3 On top of that, a private researcher took a close look at the VAERS database, and tried looking up specific case-ID’s. He found countless examples where the original death records were deleted, and in some cases, the numbers have been switched for milder reactions. He says:

‘What the analysis of all the case numbers is telling us right now is that there’s approximately 150,000 cases that are missing, that were there, that are no longer there. The question is, are they all deaths?’ 4

How criminal the CDC is, was also revealed a few years ago, when researchers investigated the link between vaccines and autism. They found that there indeed is a direct connection. So what did the CDC do? All the researchers came together and a large dustbin was placed in the middle of the room. In it they threw all the documents that showed the link between autism and vaccinations. Thus, the evidence was destroyed. Subsequently, a so-called ‘scientific’ article was published in Pediatric, stating that vaccinations do not cause autism. However, a leading scientist within the CDC, William Thompson, exposed this crime. He publicly admitted:

‘I was involved in misleading millions of people about the possible negative side effects of vaccines. We lied about the scientific findings.’ 5

The worst example of criminal methodology used to hide vaccine deaths is the fact that the CDC doesn’t consider a person vaccinated until two weeks after their second injection. This means that anyone who dies during the weeks before or the two weeks after the second injection, are considered unvaccinated deaths, and are therefore not counted as vaccine deaths. By doing this, they can ignore the vast majority of deaths following the injection. This is the nr 1 method used in nations worldwide to hide the countless numbers of vaccine deaths. 6,7

300,000 adverse events, Moderna hides hundreds of thousands of reports

A whistleblower from Moderna made a screenshot of an internal company notice labelled “Confidential – For internal distribution only”, showing there were 300,000 adverse events reported in only three months:

‘This enabled the team to effectively manage approximately 300,000 adverse event reports and 30,000 medical information requests in a three month span to support the global launch of their COVID-19 vaccine.’ 8

50,000 Medicare vaccinated died, US death rate probably near 250, 000

Attorney Thomas Renz received information from a whistleblower inside the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service (CMS), which reveals how 48,465 people died shortly after receiving their injections. He emphasized that these death numbers are from only 18% of the U.S. population.9 If we apply this to the entire U.S. population, that would mean a death rate of ± 250,000. Other factors also play a role of course, such as the age of the Medicare patients, and the younger members of the American people, so we can’t simply extrapolate this to the entire U.S. population. But we do see that something extremely serious is going on.

Less than 1% is reported, the actual number is 100x higher

All this information already shows us that the number of adverse events and deaths is a multitude of what is being told to the public. The situation is however still far worse than most of us can even imagine. The famous Lazarus report from Harvard Pilgrim Health Care inc. in 2009 revealed that in general only 1% of adverse events from vaccines is being reported: 10

‘Adverse events from drugs and vaccines are common, but underreported. Although 25% of ambulatory patients experience an adverse drug event, less than 0.3% of all adverse drug events and 1-13% of serious events are reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Likewise, fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported.’

According to this study, numbers of adverse events and deaths should be multiplied with a factor of 100, in order to understand the true prevalence of serous vaccine injuries.

Reasons for underreporting, the population is misinformed

The reason that less than 1% of adverse events is reported, is first of all because the majority of the population is not aware of the existence of reporting systems for vaccine injuries. Secondly, the pharmaceutical industry has been waging an unrelenting media war over the past decades against all medical experts, who attempted to inform the public about the dangers of vaccines. One deployed strategy is name-calling, and the negative label ‘anti-vaxxer’ was chosen to shame and blame all scientists, physicians, and nurses who speak out about the devastation caused by vaccinations.

Because of this criminal campaign of aggressive suppression of adverse events data, the majority of the population is clueless that vaccines can cause any harm at all.

The widespread propaganda by the vaccine companies, who use government agencies as their main carousel, simply told humanity for decades that adverse events are a very rare occurrence. When vaccinated people, therefore, suffer from serious adverse events, it doesn’t even occur to them that this could be from previous injections, and naturally don’t report it as such.

During the current world crisis the attacks on medical experts who are warning about vaccines, have gone to an even higher level. Medical experts are now being completely de-platformed from all social media, their websites are deranked by Google, entire YouTube channels are deleted, many have lost their jobs, and in some countries, medical experts have been arrested in an attempt to suppress the truth about the experimental covid injections.

Several countries are now labeling scientists who speak out against vaccines ‘domestic terrorists’.It is clear that all means have to be deployed by the criminal vaccine cartel to suppress what is going on with these injections.

As a result, countless medical professionals are afraid to report adverse events, which further contributes to the underreporting of these side effects.

Additionally, the amount of scientific information warning for these dangerous biological agents, and the number of medical experts warning humanity, is so overwhelming and almost omnipresent – despite the aggressive attempts to silence them – that it is virtually impossible for any medical professional to not be at least somewhat aware of the risk they are taking, by administering an untested DNA altering injection, without even informing their patients of what is being injected into their body. If they then see their patients die or become disabled for life, they are naturally afraid of being held accountable, and therefore have yet another motivation for not reporting the adverse events.

Lastly: many medical professionals receive financial incentives to promote the vaccines. In the United Kingdom for example nurses get ₤10 per needle they put into a child. That again is a reason for them to not report adverse events.

250,000 vaccine comments, Facebook reveals tsunami of adverse events

A local ABC News Station posted a request on Facebook for people to share their stories of unvaccinated loved ones that died. They wanted to make a news story on this. What happened was totally unexpected. In five days time over 250,000 people posted comments, but not about unvaccinated loved ones. All the comments talk about vaccinated loved ones that died shortly after being injected, or that are disabled for life. The 250,000 comments reveal a shocking death wave among the population, and the heart wrenching suffering these injections are causing. The post was already shared 200,000 times, and counting… 11

Notice in the last comment how the lady says that everybody in the hospital is afraid to report this as a vaccine reaction, and another person says ‘the doctors can’t report it’.

That is proof of what I explained earlier: Most medical professionals are either too terrified to report adverse events, or they are simply corrupt. This causes the true prevalence of vaccine injuries to remain hidden from the world, which is powerful real life evidence fot what the Lazarus report revealed: only 1% of vaccine injuries are reported to the authorities. The 250,000+ comments show that once people find a place to report suffering caused by the injections, we see a tsunami…

Vaccine deaths summary, it is far worse than we think

  • VAERS published 726,963 adverse events, including 15,386 deaths as of September 17, 2021
  • CDC fraud expert says that number of deaths is at least five times, and possibly ten times higher
  • A whistleblower from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service (CMS) revealed how almost 50,000 people died from the injections. They represent only 20% of the U.S. population, meaning
  • that if this data is applied to the entire population 250,000 have died 150,000 reports have been rejected or scrubbed by the VAERS system
  • The actual number of anaphylaxis is 50 to 120 times higher than claimed by the CDC
  • Everyone who dies before two weeks after the second injection, is not considered a vaccine death, which causes the majority of early vaccine deaths to be ignored
  • Moderna received over 300,000 reports of adverse events in only three months-time
    The Lazarus Report shows that only 1% of adverse events is being reported by the public The majority of the population is not aware of the existence of systems where they can report vaccine adverse events
  • Aggressive censorship and propaganda told the public that adverse events are rare, causing people to not understand how their health problems stem from past injections
  • The shaming and blaming of medical professionals who say anything against the vaccines, cause many in the medical community to avoid reporting adverse events
  • The fear of being held accountable after administering an injection that killed or disabled patients, further prevents medical personnel from reporting it
  • Having accepted financial incentives to promote, and administer the covid vaccines, also stops medical personnel from reporting adverse events
  • Profit driven vaccine manufacturers have every reason not to report the destruction their untested experimental products are causing
  • 250,000+ Facebook users comment about vaccine deaths and serious injuries

World experts warn humanity, leading scientists issue grave warnings

This alarming data leads world experts, like the Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine, Dr. Luc Montagnier, to issue a grave warning that we are currently facing the greatest risk of worldwide genocide, in the history of humanity.12 Even the inventor of the mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone, warns against these injections that are using his technology.13,14 The situation is so severe that former Pfizer vice president and chief scientist Dr. Mike Yeadon came forward to warn humanity for these extremely dangerous injections. One of his best known videos is titled ‘A Final Warning’.15 Another world renown scientist, Geert Vanden Bossche, former Head of Vaccine Development Office in Germany, and Chief Scientific Officer at Univac, also risks his name and career, by bravely speaking out against administration of the covid shots. The vaccine developer warns that the injections can compromise the immunity of the vaccinated, making them vulnerable for every new variant.16, 17 World War II holocaust survivors wrote to the European Medicines Agency demanding the injections to be stopped, which they consider to be a new holocaust. 18

Vaccine deaths worldwide, the same goes for nations around the world

The situation we described in the United States illustrates the destruction caused by these injections. We will briefly touch upon some other countries, to prove that the situation in America is not unique.

European Union

In the European Union (which consists of only 27 of the 50 European countries) the official reports of EudraVigilance officially admit as of August 18th 2021 that approx. 22,000 people died and 2 million suffered side effects, of which 50% are serious. 19, 20 What are serious injuries?

‘It be classified as ‘serious’ if it corresponds to a medical occurrence that results in death, is life- threatening, requires inpatient hospitalisation, results in another medically important condition, or prolongation of existing hospitalisation, results in persistent or significant disability or incapacity, or is a congenital anomaly/birth defect.’

In The Netherlands, one of the smallest nations in the European Union, an extra parliamentary research committee set up a platform for citizens to report vaccine adverse events. This is no initiative from the government and has received no attention in the media. The majority of the Dutch population is therefore unaware of its existence. Yet, despite its limited influence, this private initiative has already received reports of 1,600 deaths and 1,200 health damages, often permanently disabling the people.21

United Kingdom

Shortly before the national vaccination campaign started, the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare

Products Regulatory Agency) published the following request:

‘The MHRA urgently seeks an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software tool to process the expected high volume of COVID-19 vaccine Adverse Drug Reaction (ADRs) and ensure that no details from the ADRs’ reaction text are missed.’ 22

The British government published a report of the first series of adverse events, including blindness, strokes, miscarriages, heart failure, paralysis, autoimmune disease, and more. Shortly after the first wave of immunization over 100,000 adverse events were reported, including 1260 cases of loss of eyesight (including total blindness). The first part of the report praises the vaccines to be the best way to protect people from COVID-19, and then continues to show the incredible destruction these vaccines are causing. The hypocrisy is mindboggling.23, 24

Also in the U.K. miscarriages increased by 366% in only six weeks, for vaccinated mothers.25 Furthermore the British Office for National Statistics inadvertently revealed that 30,305 people have died within 21 days of having the injection, during the first 6 months of 2021.26 And a British scientist with 35 years of experience did an in depth analysis of the British Yellow Card reporting system and found it to be unreliable.27

‘We can conclude that the Yellow Card reporting scheme can provide some limited information that may be useful for alerting the UK public to possible adverse effects of the COVID-19 vaccines. However, the initial conception of the scheme as a purely descriptive rather than as an experimental undertaking means that it cannot address the real issues that are of crucial importance to the UK public. These issues are whether there are causal relationships between vaccination with the PF and AZ vaccines and serious adverse effects such as death, and if so, what are the size of these effects.’


The Israeli Peoples Committee is a team of doctors, attorneys, criminologists, epidemiologists and academic researchers, determined to perform an investigation, inquiry, and exposure for the benefit of the public. Although they are a relatively unknown group, they still received 3754 reports, including 480+ deaths, as of August 5th, 2021.28 The IPC states that these numbers represent only 2- 3% of the true prevalence in the population, which means that the number of deaths in Israel is around 48,000 and adverse events around 375,400.

Also in Israel, statistics from shows a massive spike in deaths when the vaccinations started. Before the immunizations began, there were hardly any daily covid deaths in Israel. Once the vaccinations began, the daily death toll rose from 1-3 to 75-100 deaths a day!

Another Israeli website reporting vaccine injuries is where one can see a rapidly growing number of testimonials of people who suffered greatly from the

shot. In the U.S. a similar website called shows an ever increasing amount of videos from people who died or had severe reactions to the covid shots. Also the website called shows the personal stories of a large number of people who died from the shots. We must understand that nothing like this has ever happened before in history, where thousands of people come forward to share their suffering following an immunization. The reason people do this now, is because their adverse reactions are not at all, like the criminal ‘health’ agencies say ‘headaches, dizziness and flu like symptoms.’ The reactions are extremely severe, often disabling people for life. The injuries are in fact so severe, that people around the world are stepping forward to warn humanity.


In Brazil the official vaccine death count is 32,000 during a 5 month period. The report was published on, which reportedly has about the same number of pageviews as, according to data from SimilarWeb. Despite these high amounts of deaths following vaccination, the report states: ‘Vaccination is still the best way to control the disease.’ 29

Science proves vaccine damage, strokes, heart attacks, cancer,… 

A study by the University of San Francisco, or Salk Institute, shows that the vaccines turn the human body into a spike protein factory, making trillions of spikes that cause blood clots, which cause strokes and heart attacks. 30 Another study confirms how the vaccines can cause deadly blood clots, that in turn cause heart attacks and strokes.31,32 The New England Journal of Medicine shows how the jabs cause heart inflammation,33 and the same journal published a study about the dramatic increase of miscarriages.34 Several studies prove the reality of antibody dependent enhancement. 35,36,37 Also the occurrence of infertility and reduced sperm count is confirmed.38,39 Lastly a study showed that the injections cause cancer.40 And these are just a few examples…

Exempt from liability, no vaccine manufacturer takes responsibility

In the past decades, several official government agreements were signed, in nations across the world, that provide every vaccine manufacturer with 100% protection from all liability. It doesn’t matter how much destruction their products cause, nobody has any recourse. On top of that, no health insurance will ever cover the costs resulting from vaccine damage. They simply do not reimburse the vaccinated, when they get into trouble. Yet… the same governments that refuse to protect you from possible destruction of your health, life, and beloved ones, mandate these deadly injections and require them for shopping, travel, gatherings, and even banking services.

Do the injections even work? Health officials say they are not effective

World-renowned vaccine developer Geert Vanden Bossche MVD, PhD warns that these injections destroy the body’s immune system, making the vaccinated vulnerable for every new variant of the disease.41 He also says:

‘Mass vaccination campaigns during a pandemic of highly infectious variants fail to control viral transmission. Instead of contributing to building herd immunity, they dramatically delay natural establishment of herd immunity. This is why the ongoing universal vaccination campaigns are absolutely detrimental to public and global health.’ 42

The Nobel prize winner in medicine Dr. Luc Montagnier sounds the alarm that these vaccines are creating dangerous new variants.43 And in Israel the statistics show clearly a dramatic increase in covid deaths once immunizations started (see earlier in this report). The Israeli prime minister Naftali Bennet even says that the people who are most at risk now, are those who received two doses of the vaccine.. 44

In the island nation Seychelles there were hardly any covid deaths, but once they started vaccinating the population, the deaths increased a hundred fold.

In Australia, a young couple was refused access to their newborn baby for eight days, even though they were fully vaccinated. The chief health officer from Australia, Dr. Jeannette Young, gave the following revealing explanation for this inhumane situation: 45

‘Just because you are vaccinated, doesn’t mean that you won’t get infected. That’s why we could not allow that family to go and visit their baby.’

Anthony Fauci also made it crystal clear: the CDC is considering mask mandates for the vaccinated’,46 ‘the vaccinated increasingly test positive for covid, therefore they will need to keep wearing masks’,47 ‘the vaccinated still need to avoid eating in restaurants’,48 and ‘the vaccinated carry the Delta variant as much as the unvaccinated’.49 So according to Fauci the vaccines do nothing. Yet he insists on mandating these useless injections for travel.50 The same was publicly stated by the UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who said: 51

‘Can I now meet my friends and family members indoors if they are vaccinated? There I am afraid the answer is no, because we’re not yet at that stage, we’re still very much in the world where you can meet friends and family outdoors, under the rule of six, or two households. And even if your friends and family members may be vaccinated, the vaccines are not giving 100% protection and that’s why we need to be cautious.’

A research article published in ‘Trends in Internal Medicine’ by Dr. J. Bar Classen MD, is titled: 52
‘US COVID-19 Vaccines Proven to Cause More Harm than Good Based on Pivotal Clinical Trial Data

Analyzed Using the Proper Scientific Endpoint, “All Cause Severe Morbidity”’

Even the CDC admitted that the injections offer no protection against the Delta variants, and coming variants, and all covid measures, therefore, need to stay in place.53 Yet they keep insisting that everybody must be vaccinated. The chief health officer of New South Wales, Australia said we have to prepare to live with a constant cycle of ongoing covid booster injections for the foreseeable future.54 Moderna’s chief medical officer, Dr. Tal Zaks, said that the vaccines do not bring life back to normal.55 This was confirmed by the director of the World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom, who said: 56

‘A vaccine on its own will not end the pandemic. Surveillance will need to continue, people will still need to be tested, isolated and cared for. Contacts will still need to be traced and quarantined, communities will still need to be engaged.’

A study by The Lancet showed that the Delta variant is freely transmitted among the vaccinated.57 This was confirmed by a study that showed how a in July 2021, following multiple large public events in a Barnstable County, Massachusetts, town, 469 COVID-19 cases were identified among Massachusetts residents who had travelled to the town during July 3–17; 346 (74%) occurred in fully vaccinated persons.58

Click here to read the full report.


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COVID Vaccine Deaths and Injuries Are Secretly Buried

The original source of this article is The Vaccine Death Report

Copyright © David John Sorensen and Dr. Vladimir ZelenkoThe Vaccine Death Report, 2022


Accessing the Akashic Records

Accessing the Akashic Records

May 19, 2022 by 

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Where are our personal Akashic Records to be found?  And who can access them? We conclude our look at the Akashic Records.

It’s my understanding that residents of the Astral Planes don’t have access to them, but residents of higher dimensions do.

Where are Our Akashic Records Contained?

Benevolent System of Angels and Guides: The merkabah contains much about you, since it is the bridge with your “innate” [the smart part of your body]. It carries your divinity, your blueprint of life force, and even your akash. Since your akashic record is in your DNA, it is also part of the merkabah.

Therefore, you might say that you are always broadcasting your past through the field of your merkabah. This, dear ones, is the reason many can read your past lives. The template of all you are is in the sacred patterns of your merkabah. (1)

Who has Access to Them?

Matthew Ward: We have access to the Akashic records, the mass consciousness of the universe and the collective consciousness of Earth, and we know what is in Earth’s energy field of potential. It is in that field where possibilities become probabilities and probabilities become certainties, depending upon the amount of energy your collective thoughts, feelings and actions put into a particular potential happening. (2)

Diane of Sirius: As a member of the Galactic Federation I have access to the Akashic records and can tell you that every deed and thought is recorded but is not used against you, and is there to ensure the truth is indisputable. (3)

Mike Swain from Fifth Dimension or higher: I hadn’t been here long before I wished I had studied the Master Jesus more closely while I was on earth and right there and then I was allowed to view his life in the akashic records exactly as he lived it. (4)

Mike Swain: We are particularly favored in this sphere because the akashic records are available to us. Your every thought, deed and action while you are on earth is permanently recorded on the rarified vibrations of our etheric world. These records can never be obliterated. Whenever one of the Great Masters needs to measure the development of a particular soul, he merely tunes into that particular wave-length and the Akashic records reveal his innermost thoughts. It is like watching a three-dimensional color T.V. You see everything exactly as it happened, as though you were there in the flesh. (5)

Unnamed spiritual teacher to Betty Bethards: Not until you’ve reached a certain point of evolution would you be allowed [to consult the akashic records]. You can request this, but, at the same time, you must be ready to use it constructively or there would be no point in giving this to you. It is only shown to you as you earn it, the same as when you are in the body. (6)

Unnamed spiritual teacher to Betty Bethards: No one on the astral plane is allowed to look into another’s akashic record at any time. A person in the body is allowed to review someone’s akashic record only if the person whose records are being looked into has requested this. This protects the entity.
If a person asks a psychic a question about his life, he will be given what the psychic is able to tap into through his or her guidance. Psychics are not given anything more than selective information. (7)

Unnamed spiritual teacher to Betty Bethards: [Knowledge of this past life] is shown to you by a group of people. There is no term for this group that you would understand fully. Let us say a loving board of directors. They include your guidance and those who have walked with you and worked with you during this incarnation from the other side. In other words, people who were out of the body during your life, walking through the experiences with you, are the only ones who would be allowed to see some of your akashic record. (8)

Edgar Cayce: I could not get into the Akashic records by myself. The material that came through me was brought by a being who was initiated into the Akashic records and who lived on the invisible side of things. My own inner being could not have gone into the Akashic records. I go into them now, yes, but it’s a different situation as you know.

Edgar Cayce: Generally speaking, physical people do not have direct access to the Akashic records. Of course, they can go into their own records – that is, the records of their own past lifetimes. But it’s sometimes more difficult for them to do even that, depending on how psychic they are. (9)

Arthur Ford: The fact of the matter is that there aren’t many spirit guides coming through mediums who are Akashic readers. So, many spirit guides may not know much about reincarnation. Fletcher, for example, is not an Akashic reader. We did a little bit of this kind of reading, but we had to ask for help. (10)


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(6) Unnamed spiritual teacher to Betty Bethards, medium, There is No Death. Novato, CA: Inner Light Foundation, 1976; c1975, 12.

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(8) Ibid., 12-3.

(9) Edgar Cayce in Aldous Huxley, The Perennial Philosophy. New York, etc.: Harper and Row, 1970; c1944, 43. [Hereafter PP.]

(10) Arthur Ford, PP, 132.


Dr Schavi ~ Very High-Powered Energy, May 18, 2022

Dr Schavi ~ Very High-Powered Energy, May 18, 2022

May 19, 2022 by 

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by Dr. Schavi M. Ali,

In the past 24 hours sunspot numbered “AR3014” has doubled in size and has a beta gamma magnetic field for very strong “M-Class” solar flares which could become almost “X-Class” in strength if not actually being “X-Class” upon arrival.

At 0824 Universal Time (3:24 AM Eastern Daylight Time), only a “C.2” flare occurred, but stronger flares are building as indicated.

Solar winds are chaotically moving at over 500 km/s.

“Energy Fluxes” (continual shifts up and down and back and forth of first slow then fast then slow then fast again wind streams carrying densely pressuring plasma particles all around our planet) are loudly announcing themselves as our planetary magnetosphere is affected and activated.

Large earthquakes, tornadoes, or thunder storms are a possibility today and in coming days.

The energies, frequencies, and vibrations throughout our solar system indicate that from now and for several days ahead, there will be a build-up of cosmic forces around our planet Earth/Gaia which seem to be announcing an enormous and dramatically potent event in the near “Now.”

It could be a very strong long-duration high-numbered “X-Class” flash or a blast of LIGHT beyond solar flaring directly surging from the Great Central Sun or a shaking of our planet as it receives all of the cosmic forces just mentioned.

Some Spiritual Scientists refer to these major build-ups as “The Event Corridor”.

This is because a corridor is a hallway or a portal between certain “rooms” or “storage areas” which hold particular necessary important objects which will need to be retrieved at a later point.

In this case, “The Event Corridor” has a major power of its own, but it has yet to release even more power from the metaphorical “rooms” or “storage areas” within it.

We continue to be given HEAT and LIGHT from the Pleiades system and from the Photon Belt as well.

Plus, all that has been discussed previously relative to the eclipse energetics and planetary retrogrades is still a part of this cosmic build-up.

Physiological, emotional, and mental symptoms will naturally arise in greater magnification because our planet is itself being greatly magnified.

Think of the symptoms being multiplied many times.

Just to mention a few of them, a mild headache could now seem like a migraine.

A bit of fatigue will feel like total exhaustion and lethargy.

Sinus issues may seem like an actual cold. Anxiety may be more pronounced.

Heat surges with sweating can be more intense.

There may be inability to sleep at night due to feeling “wired” or “restless”.

All of this is to get humanity’s attention to slow down, self-nurture, and connect with SOURCE FREQUENCY because many still endeavor to perform “business as usual” amongst cosmic currents of energy that demand that we relax more and allow the LIGHT to bathe each newly forming DNA strand in each of our cells.

Daily activities such as work responsibilities, family obligations, and community services can be done without pushing against the energetics.

After all, with Mercury Retrograde, we need to slow down anyway (as some of us seem to constantly remind our students and friends to do).

We are being assisted by spiritual atomic frequencies (angelic vibrational currents) which many times show themselves as double and triple numbers on clocks and in other places.

The numbers being seen most often in this “Now” are “222”, “333”, “444”, and “555”.

Many people are awakening at these exact times in the early hours or are noticing the numbers on their vehicle clocks while driving or they notice them on the license plates of the vehicles in front of them, etc.

The numbers show themselves in many ways.

Some people attempt to interpret the numbers from a Pythagorean Numerological perspective or from Kabbalah, and indeed, these can be very helpful to us in a general sense.

I have often written articles about certain numbers as they relate to Kabbalah.

The numbers can help us to focus on various Divine principles. However, the numbers are actually calibrations that only the ethereal realm truly knows, and sometimes it is best to stop trying to intellectualize everything from a specific vantage point.

For instance, because the number “555” adds to “15” and then down to “6”, this is sometimes interpreted to indicate a need for “balance in family and community obligations” and also it has been said to be indicative of “Divine Love” and “beauty”—-all from a Pythagorean analysis.

As an old saying goes: “If the shoe fits…”

One of the reasons not to become so immersed in the specific meanings of the numbers is because as just stated, only the ethereal realm knows how they are being used for our planetary good.

The “workings” of the solar and planetary cosmic forces is a much more telling study anyway.

When we come to understand them, we can elevate to HIGHER TRUTH.

As a lesson in the EMERALD TABLET states: “God’s Divine works are God’s Divine aspects.”

Further it states: “God is LIGHT, and all things come from LIGHT.”

Thus, with all that is occurring in the cosmos, it is all LIGHT—SOURCE LIGHT. It is increasing.

In order for Earth/Gaia to be more activated, “She” must receive more doses of LIGHT, and indeed this is happening.

Prepare to “ride the waves” with our planet. They are rising higher and higher.

Each “wave” carries a greater vibrational frequency.

The Moon has moved into Tropical Capricorn today where it will be until approximately 8:53 AM (EDT) on Friday, and Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn.

Pluto’s transformative qualities in earth element Capricorn are like a metaphor I have given before: Think of a person pulling back on a bow and arrow.

The more that he or she pulls back, when the arrow is finally flung off, it soars with powerful strength to its target.

Pluto removes what is unnecessary in order to make room for what is vital.

Many believe that it has more power when it is retrograde than when it is direct because when it does go direct, its power cannot be harnessed.

It goes straight to its target without delay.

This is all the more reason to self-reflect on what we need to voluntarily release so that we can work with Pluto—not against it, and Pluto is just one of many cosmic forces that we need to work with and not against.

We do not worship the stars and planets.

We worship the SOURCE that created them.

We do not hide out in a cave in fear just because certain forces are happening.

We respect the forces because we respect GOD!

SOURCE/GOD/INFINITE PRESENCE/GREAT SPIRIT/ALLAH/AHURA MAZDA/DIVINE MOTHER—-the vast watery womb of all creation is “birthing” anew.

Continue to journal about your experiences.

The pages will serve as a “corridor” to the future beyond just the month of May.


The 9D Arcturian Council: You Hold the Master Key to This

The 9D Arcturian Council: You Hold the Master Key to This

May 19, 2022 by 

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by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are so very pleased to have so many of you there on Earth in human form responding to us and our messages in a positive way. 

We know that it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of your day-to-day lives there on Earth, and we also know how much you all know you benefit from remembering that you have helpers in the nonphysical like ourselves. 

We also remind you of all of the other nonphysical helpers that are around you, supporting you, giving you everything that you need, and reminding you that you are loved.

With all of this love pouring down upon you from the heavens it then becomes easier for you to remember who and what you really are. You are beings of pure, unconditional love. You come from Source, and you still are Source, even though you forget sometimes who and what you really are, and Source is Love. 

Now, our transmissions to you are all about reminding you of who you really are so that you can go out into the world and be who you really are.

Nothing feels as good as loving, and when you love another, whether that other is a person, an animal, a plant, or some other aspect of Source, you are in that moment being your true self. 

You are being true to yourself as love, and therefore, by receiving the love that you get from us and from the other nonphysical consciousness that is constantly sending it to you, you then have more to give. 

You have the love that you are activated within you, and from that place of being activated, the love that you are pours from you into the world effortlessly. You don’t have to try to love others when you are being love, when the love within you is so active that nothing can switch it off.

And only you can switch that love flow off that comes from within you. You have the master key. 

If you decide not to be love in any given moment, that’s you using your free will. 

That’s you making a decision that gives you a feeling once again of separation from who and what you really are, and that allows you to play in this game a little bit longer, the game of the third and fourth-dimensional Earth experience. 

As you remember who you are throughout the course of your day, you are more likely to spread love all around you and create a universe of love for you to experience.

Now, as you go about your day, being the love that you truly are, you are then the ones activating love in others. So there is a domino effect with whatever it is you are spreading there on Earth. 

Spread what you want to see activated in others, and they will show you that reflection, and you will enjoy each other’s company, because what is most important about each of you will be at the forefront. 

You will have to let go of that which is not who you really are along the way, but that’s going to happen one way or another. 

Do it consciously and deliberately, and you will enjoy the rest of the ride that you have there on this fourth-dimensional version of Earth. 

And so much awaits you in the fifth dimension, so much more of who you are, and we are just excited to witness that journey with you, and we are so happy to be a part of it. 

That’s what brings us the most joy in delivering to you these transmissions.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Global Economic Security and Reformation Act

Global Economic Security and Reformation Act

May 18, 2022 by 

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This was the article that Sharon Stewart was pointing at yesterday (1)

Global Economic Security and Reformation Act


NESARA GESARA law:1.Cancels all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities. Many refer to this as a “jubilee” or complete forgiveness of debt.2.Abolishes income tax.3.Abolishes the IRS, with employees of the IRS will be transferred into the US Treasury national sales tax area.4.Creates a 17% flat rate non-essential new items only sales tax revenue for the government. In other words, food and medicine will not be taxed; nor will used items such as old homes.5.Increases benefits to senior citizens.6.Returns Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters.7.Reinstates the original Title of Nobility amendment.8.Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days of GESARA’s announcement. The interim government will cancel all National Emergencies and return us back to constitutional law.9.Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups.10.Creates a new U.S. Treasury rainbow currency backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals, ending the bankruptcy of the United States initiated by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.11.Forbids the sale of American birth certificate records as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation.12.Initiates new U.S. Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law.13.Eliminates the Federal Reserve System. During the transition period the Federal Reserve will be allowed to operate side by side of the U.S. treasury for one year in order to remove all Federal Reserve notes from the money supply.14.Restores financial privacy.15.Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law.16.Ceases all aggressive, U.S. government military actions worldwide.17.Establishes peace throughout the world.18.Releases unprecedented prosperity with enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes.19.Enables the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the public under the guise of national security, including free energy devices, anti-gravity, and sonic healing machines.20.Quantum Financial System – QFS, Quantum Voting System – QVS, Global Currency Reset – GCR, Revaluation of Currencies – RV


(1) See “Adama of Telos: Earth’s Secret Government,” May 17, 2022, at


The 9D Arcturian Council: The Awakened Collective – Answer the Call

The 9D Arcturian Council: The Awakened Collective – Answer the Call

May 18, 2022 by 

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by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been looking for a way to address the idea of separation that you have there on Earth, and what we have decided is that now is the perfect time to be sharing with you our perspective. 

Separation from Source was a necessity in order for people to truly believe in their mortality and the mortality of their loved ones. When you awaken to the truth that separation from Source is and always has been an illusion, then you can start to recognize that all other concepts, all other notions of separation are also illusions. 

They are illusions that you play with to give yourselves an opportunity to come together.

You come apart, and you come back together, and the coming back together is so much sweeter because of the time that you spent apart. Now, the issues that you have there on Earth that involve a sense of duality, polarity, and the idea of us versus them, are all a part of that big picture strategy that you all had for moving apart so that you could come back together. 

When you recognize that everyone and everything is Source Energy, then you can let go of your judgments, because you will know that no matter what that person is doing or saying, they are really just Source playing a role, a role for you to experience, and for all of humanity.

Rising above the separation and us-versus-them mentalities is necessary at this time on your world. 

It is necessary in times of crisis, and the ideas that people have in their heads about who is to blame get magnified. They are amplified in their speech, in their writing, and even in their actions. 

Whenever you are facing a problem there on Earth, it is always an issue for the consciousness of humanity. You are always being given an opportunity to raise the consciousness, and when we address you as the awakened collective, we are implying that it is you who are raising the level of consciousness, and we are inviting you to do even more.

Let yourselves feel into the vibration of the level of consciousness that is needed on Earth at this time to bring people together, people who are seemingly enemies. 

You as awakened ones must hold the level of consciousness within you to project onto those individuals the truth that you are all one, separation is an illusion, and that the biggest common denominator that you all have is that you are Source Energy Beings. 

Those of you who know that and embody it can help to raise the level of consciousness on your world by going beyond pointing fingers, blaming, and politicizing tragedy and trauma.

Now, will you be able to convince anyone with your words or your writing? Perhaps not. But as you hold a vibration and you send love and compassion everywhere it is needed right now on planet Earth, then you demonstrate that truth. 

You put that truth into action, and that goes beyond the mind of the person who could argue with you and dig their heels in to further their agenda, their beliefs about how everyone should think.

You are there to move beyond thought and belief. 

You are there to move into a heart-based experience of reality and to spread compassion and love wherever you can. 

Now is the perfect time to do just that, because it is needed, and you are the ones to answer the call.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


A Hathor Planetary Message: The Cave of Altruin

A Hathor Planetary Message: The Cave of Altruin

May 18, 2022 by 

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by Tom Kenyon

You and your Earth are undergoing massive transformations along with all of its sentient beings.

You have clearly entered the Sixth Mass Extinction. And the relative stability of the Holocene era has given way to the Anthropocene (i.e., human-induced changes to the ecosystem).

Increasing instability of the ecosystem will continue to generate abnormal weather patterns. And increased global warming will put undue stress on all biological life. Indeed, the very underpinnings of life itself, the vast complex networks of botanical lifeforms are being and will continue to be stressed to their breaking point. This will obviously have ominous effects on agriculture. But botanical stress includes not just plant forms you eat or feed to your beasts, but also includes other land-based and aquatic plants that are indispensable for the survival of most animal species.

Extinction events have happened to lifeforms on your planet before, but in this instance, it has been harbingered by human activity.

To be clear here, by Mass Extinction we do not mean the eradication of all lifeforms. Rather we are referring to the high probability that all species will be detrimentally affected and many of these (but not all of them) will become extinct.

Viewing the probable timeline of your planet from our perspective, we predict that as a whole, humanity will survive but a massive loss of human life will be unavoidable (unless a miracle of international cooperation arises in a quick and effective manner).

From the standpoint of higher dimensions and certainly from our bias as light beings, the purpose of human life is not biological survival. Rather human life offers a unique niche within the Multiverse to rapidly evolve spiritually by experiencing the crosshairs of time and space whereby one directly perceives the dynamic flux of the cosmos. This hyper state of constant change within the cosmos is nothing less than the eternal transformations of energy-into-light-into-matter and then back again like an infinite Mobius strip that turns back upon itself like a serpent swallowing its tail.

From a distance, this dance of existence is marvelous to behold. But if you are in the middle of it, it can be something altogether—quite distressing actually, unless you have learned how to reside in a state of consciousness that transcends all phenomena.

The pressures upon an embodied being (especially now) are immense. And while this metaphor borders on being cliché, it is nonetheless valid. A human being is much like a lump of coal. And like coal, when pressure is exerted upon the psyche of a human, he or she will either shatter or be transformed into a diamond.

As you move deeper into the 21st Century with all of its attendant technological advances, you are at the same time confronted by growing evidence of the Sixth Mass Extinction.

How odd and ironic!

It is certainly possible (and even probable) that highly creative individuals and groups of thought-tribes (a collection of persons who share similar perspectives and passions) will create new technologies that will help to mitigate many of the devastating effects of the Sixth Mass Extinction. From a practical standpoint, this is what is needed. And we see this unfolding in surprising ways as humanity wakes up to its existential dilemma.

This time in human history, while fraught with dire difficulties, need not spell the end of human history, rather, it can usher in a new renaissance of creativity and cooperation as humanity rises to the occasion and meets the challenges head-on. Indeed, despite itself, humanity has a tremendous reserve of creativity and adaptability under stress.

One key to flourishing under duress is the art of increasing both your outer awareness (what is actually going on around you) and your inner awareness (what you are holding in consciousness— i.e., your thought-creation-patterns, the emotional patterns that you are creating in yourself and how you project these into your “external environments”). We put the words external environment in quotes because from our perspective there is no real inner versus outer. Your perceived outer reality is actually a projection and a magical display of energy-light-matter that originates from the deepest levels of your own consciousness.


There are innumerable ways to enhance awareness. And with increased awareness (both outer awareness and inner awareness) you can accomplish great things.

We have, in the past, offered various means to attain many types of internal awareness. And we would refer you to the Archives to read about them, many of which include the use of sound—for we are Sound Crafters who use sound and vibration for the purpose of affecting positive outcomes.

In this message, we are sharing a new sound meditation for attaining increased inner awareness, while providing you with energetic restoration through the flow of subtle light energies.  We call this sound meditation The Cave of Altruin, which is a kind of pun as in All-True-In.

The sound field is only 11 minutes in length, but in this short time it can profoundly alter your consciousness and open to you a vast world of magical transformations.

There are a few elements to consider when engaging The Cave of Altruin.

The sound field is a rotating acoustic vortex that will alter your consciousness if you focus your relaxed attention on the sounds themselves. When your mind wanders simply and gently, bring your focus back to the constantly changing architecture of the sound patterns.

A deeper level of healing and transformation is available to you if you listen to the sounds while resting in The Cave of Altruin, which you create in the imaginal realms of your mind.

Imagine and feel that you are in a beautiful spacious cave. The walls are lapis lazuli, a deep dark blue. And embedded throughout the walls, ceiling, and floor of the cave are innumerable precious jewels, semi-precious stones, and Wish-Fulfilling Gems. These types of Wish-Fulfilling Gems are nowhere to be found in your 3D reality rather they reside in the subtle realms of light. By the term Wish-Fulfilling Gems, we are not implying that they grant your mundane wishes. Rather, their emanations bring forward your higher attributes and qualities. It is these higher aspects of your nature that need to be brought forward for your own good and for the good of all beings, including the great being—the Goddess Gaia—who now needs your help as much as you need her help to survive and thrive.

All of these jewels, semi-precious stones, and gems are from another timeline than yours. They are from a far distant future Earth that has passed through The Great Turmoil, and her ecology has been healed and restored with new vibrational realities in the mineral kingdom.

When you conjoin your focus of attention on the sounds and relax into a self-created sensory experience of the Cave, you will enter a potent transformational field of subtle energy. The minerals embedded within the lapis lazuli walls of the Cave will then spontaneously, without any effort on your part, project to you their extraordinary healing and transformational potencies.

Release yourself from the malaise of striving and grasping. Don’t try to make anything happen. Don’t try to direct the subtle energies that flow to you from the light realms. Let them come into you of their own accord. Surrender to the child-like innocence of relaxed curiosity.

The Cave of Altruin is a multidimensional oasis for restoration and a sanctuary for receiving high vibrational energies. The energies that emanate from the Cave can enliven you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Rest in the Cave whenever you feel the need for deep restoration and magical transformation.

From the deepest space within our collective hearts and minds, we send to you—our currently Earth-bound brothers and sisters—a multifaceted gemstone of clear-white luminous light. This gemstone is nothing less than the innate clear awareness, that although often hidden by grasping and striving, is always present in the heart/minds of all beings throughout the Multiverse.

It is time to wake up and embrace the extraordinary opportunities that exist upon your planet as the Great Goddess Gaia shifts into new vibrational realities. And may The Cave of Altruin be a true sanctuary for you.

The Hathors
May 15, 2022
Orcas Island


This sound meditation came about in a most unexpected way. I was told by my Hathor mentors, around midnight, that they wished me to go into the studio and record The Cave of Altruin sound codes.

At the time we were in the midst of a large geomagnetic storm precipitated by a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) from the sun. I set up the recording system and quipped that we were in the midst of a solar storm and there might be technical challenges. They quipped right back that there would be no technical issues and to not be wary of solar flares, CMEs, or geomagnetic storms. They went on to say, “the only reason to be frightened of such cosmic events is if one is attempting to resist radical expansions of consciousness.”

Surprisingly, there were no technical issues with the recording in spite of the ongoing solar storm.

Since receiving this sound mediation, Judi and I have worked with it multiple times and under multiple conditions (meaning our own emotional storms). And I have a few suggestions.

There are three primary elements that make this meditation work.

The first element is the sound codes themselves, which create a spinning acoustic vortex. This, in and of itself, alters consciousness, and you could certainly just listen to the sounds and travel inter-dimensionally. Indeed, I have found this tonal matrix to be highly conducive to psycho-navigation…exceptionally so.

The second element that makes this meditation work is the creation of a luminous cave in the imaginal realm of your own consciousness.

The Hathors are very clear regarding the attributes of this cave. It needs to be spacious according to your personal preference. The walls of this cave are lapis lazuli, a deep blue…similar to the edge of the stratosphere, past where our atmosphere meets deep space. The walls of the cave are embedded with scintillating jewels and gemstones that emanate light and sound. These gemstones and jewels are from a different timeline than that of our present Earth. They are from a far distant future where Earth has finally passed through its current upheavals and the ecosystem has been healed. In this new vibrational reality, Earth’s mineral kingdom has been revitalized and new jewels and gemstones have appeared on our planet. These possess remarkable healing and restorative abilities. And all of this is made available to you when you enter and rest in the Cave.

Due to the fact that the Cave of Altruin is in the imaginal world, you can choose to make it as comfortable as you wish. If it is too small, make it more spacious. If it is too large for you, make it smaller. And if the floor of the cave is too rough make it softer or even imagine yourself floating above it.

Having worked with this meditation many times now, I think one of the Hathors’ comments is especially significant.

“Release yourself from the malaise of striving and grasping. Don’t try to make anything happen. Don’t try to direct the subtle energies that flow to you from the light realms. Let them come into you of their own accord. Surrender to the child-like innocence of relaxed curiosity.”

It really does help if we can just relax inside the cave and not try to make things happen. In other words, don’t fiddle with the streams of light or try to direct them into your body where you think they should go…or affect them in any way. Just let them be and be curious.

The Hathors also used the term Wish-Fulfilling Gems, an idea that may be new to some readers. It refers to certain types of gemstones that are highly metaphysical in nature and cannot be found in the earth-plane of existence. Rather they reside in the most subtle realms of light and are expressions of pure consciousness. They do not grant your mundane wishes. Rather, they enliven elevated aspects of your own nature and help to bring your positive attributes into expression for both your own benefit and for the benefit of other beings. There is nothing to do, per se, with emanations from the Wish-Fulfilling Gems. They flow into your body and mind just like all the beneficial emanations that will be streaming to you from the lapis lazuli cave.

The third and final element that makes this meditation truly effective is listening to the sound codes with your body, not just your ears. This simply means to let yourself feel the energy emanations coming from the Cave as they enfold and penetrate your body. When your mind wanders, simply bring your attention back to your body and relax into your exhales. If you are like me, your mind will wander a lot. This isn’t a problem, so long as you gently bring your attention back to the task at hand—relaxing into the vibrational energies of the sound codes and allowing them to enfold and enter your body and mind.

All three elements are required if you choose to use the meditation for the primary reason the Hathors created it—to assist you to vibrationally step up to what is being demanded of you as Earth writhes through its ongoing transformation. I chose that metaphor of writhing because that is how snakes shed their skin. And that is what Earth seems to be doing from many vantage points. The problem is if we identify with the old realities (the old skin) then we will be under a lot more stress and strain than if we identify with the new vibrational realities (the new skin) …although quite frankly it is not yet clear to many of us just what these new vibrational realities will be.

Jesus spoke to this issue of new vibrational energies in one of his parables when he said you cannot pour new wine into old skins.

The old skins (the physical realities of our bodies) are not equipped to deal with the intense influx of new cosmic energies flooding our planet. Many of us are cracking under the duress of too much too fast.

This meditation is, quite frankly, a means for you to bring to yourself a host of benevolent and life-enhancing energies from the higher light realms of consciousness.  It is a type of vibrational oasis that you can come to again and again when you feel the need for deep restoration.

Those familiar with my other recordings may recognize the foundation track for The Cave of Altruin from The Aethos CD. The Athos is the collective name given to the Hathors’ spiritual teachers, and they emanate non-dual sound codes. While the drone sound may remind you of a synthesizer, it was actually created by layering multiple tracks of the A ethos sound vibrations that I channeled several years ago. Thus, there were no electronic instruments used to create The Cave of Altruin.

It is strongly suggested that you use stereo headphones or earbuds when listening to this sound meditation. Computer and cell phone speakers are simply not up to the task. The sound codes for the emanations of light have been placed in different spatial locations. This stereo separation will greatly facilitate your experience inside the Cave. And the only way to hear this separation is to listen to the recording with full stereo separation. This is why I strongly suggest only using stereo headphones or earbuds.

Also, very importantly, do not listen to this sound meditation in situations requiring alertness such as driving a car. This is not said lightly. Depending on your level of receptivity, a perceptual Einstein-Rosen Bridge (i.e., wormhole) could appear and you could find yourself in another perceptual world…not a good thing if you are driving!

If you decide you like the sound meditation enough to use it often, we ask that you download it onto your device and not rely on our server.

You are certainly not limited to the 11-minute duration of the recorded sound meditation. If you wish to work with it for longer periods of time, just hit the repeat button. Personally, I prefer longer durations for exploration so I created an extended version, which you can read about below. But you really can just hit repeat.


The Celestial Sangha is a non-localized experiment in consciousness through which you can send coherent life-affirming energies to Earth. For those who feel the desire to protect Earth and its sentient life, this is a unique opportunity to engage in planetary service. For more information about this undertaking and how you can participate, go to The Celestial Sangha on the homepage at or click here.

Click here to listen to and/or download The Cave of Altruin Sound Meditation. Note: The link will take you to the Listening Section. After you agree to the Listening Agreement, you will have full access to a cornucopia of sound meditations, lectures, videos and musical compositions. All of this content is available to you free of charge.