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What do you write on a home page?
Something of the many facets of you.

I was born in Sydney and grew up there with a love of the sea and sailing. My father had a yacht and I sailed with him in coastal races to Port Macquarie. He was a founding member of Middle Harbour Yacht Club. I went to a Catholic school and just celebrated 50 years since my graduation from Monte Sant Angelo College. Taught by the Mercy nuns who were early feminists in my opinion they instilled a thirst for scientific knowledge, I graduated with First Class Honours in Biology. I didn’t go to university then. My father thought it would be wasted on a girl, he had two boys born after me. Such was the thinking at the time (1960’s).

I married Kevin Deacon and we opened a Dive Shop and had two children. My son died and then I had a daughter. We were married for 10 years and parted when she was 6 months old. After a series of dreams in which I saw myself as a schoolgirl in hat and gloves, I decided to go back to university, made possible by Mr Whitlam’s decision to offer FREE university places. I am eternally grateful to him. I graduated in Science in 1981, the first year a Science degree was awarded at Macquarie University.

Although I was working in Science at the Australian Museum and at Alginates Australia, before obtaining my degree, when I graduated I worked as Science Editor on the 4th edition of The Australian Encyclopaedia. I went overseas travelling Europe by campervan and wanted to write a book about it. That didn’t happen but I was offered the chance to write a book with my ex-husband, which I decided to do. He was to supply the photos and I to do the text. I was naive enough to think it would work.

I went back to the Museum and worked in Community Relations on the proposed Mineral Gallery and considered doing a book on Minerals, which didn’t get off the ground. Publishing was already going through Technological change and many publishing houses closed or were taken over by overseas publishers. Australia Down Under was published in 1987.
I was then asked to do a children’s reader by Pascal Press and Pandas came out in 1989. It is still in print.

I worked at TAFE, teaching for 5 years, still continuing to write, working on a film script about Thunderbolt the bushranger and his Aboriginal wife Mary Ann. This began my interest in Aboriginal culture and I went to several Renewing the Dreaming camps run by Guboo Ted Thomas and a Museum conference on the same topic. I did a course at the Australian Film and Television School on Scriptwriting. My connections at TAFE included Bruce Beresford who agreed to read the script, but it never got off the ground. Its available if anyone wants to read it.

In 1991 after a prediction by Guboo that I would be going walkabout, I was offered a job in Jabiru, in Kakadu National Park. While there I joined a Poetry Writing Group and wrote the poems which were published in 2012 as Kakadu Dreaming published by XLibris and available as my first ebook. It is also available in soft cover.

In 1996, I went around Australia in a motorhome which I drove accompanied by my dog Ramden. I settled in Mount Tamborine behind the Gold Coast.

I continue to write, now choosing blogging as my platform using WordPress. I have over 1200 blog posts which include material from books such as gemstones, killer Whales and published and unpublished material from pre-internet work.o

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