Arrest of Julian Assange

The Arrest of Julian Assange

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A Wizard is never late, nor is he early. he arrives precisely when he means to!

There’s great disappointment among Lightworkers over the Wikileaks founder being in custody. As soon as it happened, the QResearch board (QRV) was buzzing with speculation about it.

The video of the arrest shows him being carried out by several men in a kind of Superman position. His face and hands were visible, and in one hand he was carrying a book.

If someone has to be manhandled out of a building by a bunch of guys, wouldn’t you expect his clothing to be disheveled and perhaps a shoe or two missing? Do British cops handcuff perps in front of their bodies and let them bring reading material for the trip to the station?

It appears to be a rather staged arrest.

And the book he was reading?  History of the National Security State by Gore Vidal.

There wasn’t due process in the revocation of asylum, according to his lawyer, yet Theresa May said the arrest was in response to a U.S. Request for Extradition.

Julian expected arrest because he was aware of the pressure being applied on the government of Ecuador to withdraw their support.

Former president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, alleges that Assange and Wikileaks had dirt on current president Lenin Moreno, and that the revocation of asylum was an act of revenge.

The former foreign minister of Ecuador, Ricardo Patino, condemned the  ‘handover’ of Assange to the UK .

In my perfect world, this evolved with Donald Trump putting pressure on the government of Ecuador to revoke their protections just before the statute of limitations ran out on the U.S. charges against Assange.

The UK government is now quite invested in the declassification of FISA documents never taking place because of their participation in the spy campaign, so Trump may have the leverage to actually bring Julian here.

So now the US has two months to provide the UK with reasons for extradition.  The charge, however, amounts only to conspiracy to hack, and not espionage.  The maximum penalty for that is 5 years in prison.

The man has already been confined for 7 years, so if he’s actually convicted of anything, perhaps his debt to society will be considered ‘Paid.’

I reckon that Trump and the Q Team want Julian Assange here in the US to keep him safe, as an ally and resource against the deep state.  It’s troubling to me that the Clintons and Obama are in the UK now, too, but Q says “we have the source.”

This may not refer to JA (Julian Assange) himself and could instead refer to possession of a thumb drive or three with all the dirt.

Let’s just pray for the guy.

Bottom line is that right now, speculation abounds as to what becomes of Julian and how this all evolved into its current state.

I’m keeping the Faith and feeling encouraged.  Assange may well play a key role in what’s going down over the next few weeks.  Alignment for me translates into trusting the Plan and knowing that “Patriots are in control.”

I could be completely off-base, but worry serves no one.  I do know that my positive thoughts about this or any situation can only help the outcome be a good one ~ in the name of the Light and for the highest good of all concerned.