War of Technologies as we speak

Certainly explains some of the issues I’ve been having!
War of Technologies Happening as We Speak
May 7, 2020 by Steve Beckow

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Readers have been telling us that, when they access the site, a message comes up asking if they want to download “bigfile.webm.”

Apparently it takes a few clicks on the “X” to get rid of the message.

I think it’s safe to say that someone is doing all they can to “fight back” against the posting of such videos as those from Janet Ossebaard, Judy Mikovits, David Icke, etc.

We’ve tracked down the file that is attached to these error messages. Since we’re sure by now everyone has viewed it and since it exists on numerous other sites, we’re taking that post down for now.

But, as we get deeper and deeper into the deep state’s crimes of child trafficking, child sacrifice, adrenochrome production, and the like, it’s probable we can expect all manner of interference against getting the news out.

I encourage people to get a hold of such apps as MacX Youtube Downloader and download videos you think will be censored on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

It appears that the deep state is doing all it can to prevent the truth coming out about Covid-19, the toxic/microchipped vaccine that they hope to produce, pedophilia, child torture and killing, and all the other hideous crimes against humanity that are being perpetrated as we speak.

You can help by archiving copies of pertinent videos, which lightworkers like Judy, Janet, David and others are producing so that they’re not lost to humanity. I anticipate that soon new services like Hooktube will protect us against censorship and deplatforming. (1)

Please don’t put yourself in jeopardy if you feel that’s where things are headed. In a relatively short time, we expect arrests to have been made and things will settle down.

But right now, we face a determined cabal, losing power rapidly, and we ask your support in remaining strong and steadfast while the war of technologies plays itself out.

As our Internet angel said, we are the people of the Internet and together we are shaping the future of humankind.

We – all of us – will prevail in the end, not by fighting and defeating but by persevering in getting the news out and by remaining loving, which, we’re told, is the quickest way to bring the cabal’s intentions to nought.

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(1) If you replace the “you” in your YouTube URL with “hook,” the video will be automatically saved to Hooktube.