Completing our Vasanas

Completing Vasanas, Shifting Paradigms

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Our personal purification, which is our way of preparing for Ascension and service, has many sides to it. I’d like to talk about two, in a general way.

One side is to let go of all the residue from objectionable memories of earlier traumatic events in our lives. I call this residue “vasanas.” Linda calls them “core issues.”

They’re what explode periodically and ruin our relationships.

To get rid of them, what we need to do is be with and observe them until they lift, rather than project them onto others. This is how we deal with vasanas. (1)

The more times we can simply “be with” our upsets and outbursts, the weaker becomes their influence.

Another side is to break through the cognitive dissonance in our lives.

Cognitive dissonance is an event in knowledge, where our ideas of reality prove confining for us. It isn’t necessarily related to traumatic events in the past (although it often is). (2)

We can either break through the existing paradigm to a new one (the noisy way) or release our resistance to it (the quiet way). If the paradigmatic breakthrough is lasting, we call it a paradigm shift.

Whether we’re completing our vasanas or shifting our paradigms, we’re (A) inviting change and (B) purifying our hearts and minds.

Again, this is all preparatory.  We’re in boot camp until the Reval is released, getting into shape. This is like doing our push-ups or running a mile.


(1) A full treatment of which can be found here:

(2) Having my request to study enlightenment turned down was traumatic and it also revealed that the university’s paradigm was too confining for me.

(3) Paradigmatic Breakthrough:Essays in New-Age Philosophy at