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We Are the Holy Grail: 13 Posts to Valentine’s 2019 for Peace on Gaia


On February 2, 2015, Archangel Michael, through Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love, gave us a meditation called, Plea for Peace Now.

In it he asked us to co-create with him Peace on Earth, saying we can do this, all of us, together by Valentine’s Day.

He didn’t say which Valentine’s Day but the invitation stands:

Valentine’s Day Peace on Gaia 


Last January, 2018, I did a series of posts called 21 Days of Forgiveness for World Peace.

This year I’ll be sharing something I wrote a few months ago, We Are the Holy Grail, Remembering Who We Truly Are, 13 short articles focused on forgiveness, compassion, and gratitude, posting them daily to Valentine’s Day.


Recently I was sitting around a table with three other people discussing our experiences with finances; namely, lack of money.

We shared how money was either stolen from us by fraud, or, in my case I’ve given away everything and more, in the name of building Nova Earth. I’m over $11,000 in debt.

Each of us has debt/lack issues.

Upon deep contemplation of this lack (thank you, Divine Guidance, for putting me at that table) my understanding expanded and I anchored in the knowing (again, thank you, Divine Guidance) of how important forgiveness is:

Not understanding and knowing to forgive my earliest trauma,
I unwittingly attracted experiences of lack,
more trauma throughout my life.

Like attracts like.

Not forgiving my self attracts similar experiences
until I do forgive my self for everything
beginning with earliest trauma.


Last year Archangel Michael explained we are forgiving our self for “not expressing and experiencing yourself as Divine Perfection”: (1)

“Your inclination may be, ‘I forgive myself for not being perfect,’ but that would be erroneous.

“What you are forgiving is your not expressing and experiencing yourself as Divine Perfection, of allowing yourself that scenic detour to be less than, and you look at that, and you let it go. You forgive it.

“Forgiveness has the ability of elimination: more organic change, the dissolving of what may have felt like a huge boulder, which you have experienced, and allowing it to dissolve.

“Then you take that, and in that you can begin to forgive externally, in the without as well.” [My emphasis.]


In the same channeling, Archangel Michael said that forgiveness is about being the Love, forgiving injury to self.

It is not permission for others to beat us up:

“Forgiveness is not about liking everybody. It is about being the Love.

“Now, let us go back. Do you think that when we or the Mother observe some heinous behaviour that she likes it? No. That she likes the person acting that way? No. But the Love for the Divine Expression is always there.

“So, … it is almost, might I suggest today, insignificant whether you like or dislike an individual or a group of people. That is you. That is your personality, and, when I say you, I mean all of you who are listening this night.

“That is your personal preferences based on … your many life experiences, your culture, your acclimatization to society or to institution. It is simply personal choice. Love overrides that.

“Let me repeat: Forgiveness is not permission.

“So, when you forgive yourself or, let us be very particular, when you are forgiving someone you dislike, you are not saying, ‘Let’s have dinner together.’

“You are not saying, ‘I have a spare room in my house, come and live with me.’ You are not saying, ‘Be my best friend.’

“The gift of forgiveness is to yourself because carrying around a burden of what you feel is injury, because that is really what it is about, is injury to your sacred self.

“So, that is why I suggest to you, I tell you, the forgiveness begins with yourself, and then you can move out to the outer realm, as it were, but it has nothing to do with liking or disliking. And I am not suggesting to you — this is a good topic — that forgiveness eradicates boundaries.”

Archangel Michael told us “boundaries are more important than ever”:

“Now, more than ever in this time of new beginning, in this process of creating, and co-creating Nova Earth, in this time of a unified grid, boundaries are more important than ever because as you are progressing what you are saying — passively, actively, silently, or in heart speaking — you are saying, ‘This is acceptable and this is not acceptable. And invading my values, my heart, my love, my sacred being is not acceptable.’

“As Yeshua has often said, and I will repeat, ‘Turn the other cheek,’ which is forgiveness, does not mean that you will allow that individual, or that group, or that energy to beat you up.

“That is not acceptable. And that is why we say, ‘Forgiveness is never permission.’

“It is simply lightening your load, your burden.

“So, when you dig deeper, beloved, when you say, ‘I really am having trouble forgiving this or that person, and what will happen if I do extend an apology?’ And the apology does not always need to be in person, or even spoken, but what will happen?”

He asked us, “What are we afraid of?” and recommended we ask for help:

“I ask of you, all of you, ‘What are you afraid of?’

“It comes back to where we have started this conversation and it is that those that are reluctant and recalcitrant are in fear.

“Now I have this new mechanism that I would like to suggest to each and every one of you who may be caught in this tricky recalcitrant position. And I will share it with you.

“Ask for help.

“Yes, my friends. If you feel stuck, this is not about you always demonstrating Herculean strength, determination, fortitude. This is not about flexing your Divine Muscles. Ask for help.

“We are Legion. When you say to us, when you say to the Mother, when you say to Gabrielle, or Raphael, or Uriel, ‘I am stuck. It is too much. I am giving this to you. Help me,’ it will be over in an instant.

“If it takes a little time, it is because there is an understanding – not lesson, understanding, a comprehension inside that situation that you need deeper insight into. But when you ask for help, my beloveds, it is a guarantee. We’re there.”


In March 2013, the Council of Love through channel Linda Dillon, taught us truth is knowing we are worthy of Love, of every expression, especially forgiveness, and that we are never alone (2).

Separation from the Divine is impossible.
We are always connected.

Here’s Archangel Michael explaining the relationship of Love and truth:

“Think of them as a double helix, as so intricately intertwined that they cannot be separated; it is not a hierarchy.

“I have said that truth is Love and Love is truth.

“The ending point and the beginning point is truth and how do you know truth? It is through Love. The beginning and the ending point is Love.

“And how do you know Love? It is through the Divine Knowing of truth.

“Truth is the Divine Knowing, what you may think of as supreme intelligence, wisdom, substance, inspiration, ideas, and Love is the expression and how that is experienced.

“If you wished to make a deeper separation you could think of truth as Divine Masculine and Love as Divine Feminine, but as you know, they are united as One.

“Love is the fuel. Love is the substance. Love is the movement, and so, very often when you are working and being in the Love, you feel the certainty of being able to operate, shall we say, within the Universe that you are occupying. Whether it is this Universe or another, it matters not.

“When you are in certainty of truth it is more akin to the stillpoint. So, both are necessary.”


Forgiving, letting go our sorrow, shame, anger and fear, and the belief systems of bigotry, hatred, judgement, limitation, separation, anxiety, control, guilt, and being compassion, non-judgement, and gratitude for all our experiences is our Ascension process.

From that place of balance — as within, so without — we build community in Divine Alignment where all are included, especially our most disenfranchised brothers and sisters.

Understanding and knowing how things work in the higher realms brings peace, Love, and joy to Gaia and all upon her.

Peace is understanding forgiving our self for everything, Loving our Divine Expression as the Mother Loves us, and knowingthe truth of forgiveness for peace, the Love of the Father.

All there is is Love and peace.

As within so without
Valentine’s Day



(1) “Archangel Michael: Forgiveness is Never Permission,” channeled by Linda Dillon for the Council of Love, Feb. 12, 2108,

(2) “Archangels Michael, Gabrielle, and Uriel Discuss the Divine Quality — Truth — and our Infinite Potential.” March 12, 2013, channeled by Linda Dillon for the Council of Love, http://counciloflove.com/2013/03/archangels-michael-gabrielle-and-uriel-discuss-the-divine-quality-truth-and-our-infinite-potential/


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