A request to Remain Calm and Out of Fear



A Request to Us to Remain Calm and Out of Fear

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Roof damage in Erbil after a rocket attack last week. The attack killed a civilian contractor with the American-led military coalition and wounded six others. Credit: Azad Lashkari/Reuters


U.S. forces have apparently bombed an Iranian militia camp, according to mainstream news.

According to CNN, although I have no idea whether the news coverage is to be trusted:

“The US military on Thursday struck a site in Syria used by two Iranian-backed militia groups in response to rocket attacks on American forces in the region in the past two weeks.

“‘Up to a handful’ of militants were killed in the strikes, a US official told CNN. …

“Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the strikes took place ‘at President Biden’s direction’ and were authorized not just to respond to the recent attacks against American and coalition forces but also to deal with ‘ongoing threats to those personnel.’” (1)

I feel somewhat sceptical about the Pentagon reporting a military action that “President Biden” ordered when (A) President Biden was not even allowed to enter the Pentagon and (B) Biden was being conciliatory towards Iran. This action seems contradictory.

Why is this relatively-small exchange of general interest?

It is for us because a psychic sensitive known to us who wants to remain anonymous was visited by an ensemble of ten ascended masters.

They wanted her to communicate generally that they wanted us to remain calm and stay out of fear and – I would add – stay out of retaliation or vengefulness also, which is what underlies so much military action in the Middle East. (2)

I’m not sure why the heavenly ensemble would want a general message put out to all lightworkers to stay calm and remain out of fear as a result of such a minor incident.

Could it be that more will arise from this incident? I can only imagine that the masters know something we don’t.

We know to expect more local skirmishes but no outbreak of war. Here’s Mike Quinsey on the matter:

“A world war is totally out of the question and only minor scraps will be allowed, and in time even these will cease. …  Stop your petty squabbles … and as you do so peace will soon settle upon Earth.” (3)

Moreover, we’re either on the verge or already in the phase in which the Alliance is directly confronting and arresting the dark forces on the planet. It may test our patience, courage, and compassion.  But to assist in dealing with events like this is part of what we came to do.

So please buckle up and stay in the remembrance that this too will pass (and anything that arises out of it will also pass) and the dark forces will be obliged to retreat from the scene. This is all part of the cleansing/purification of Planet Earth.


(1) Barbara Starr, Oren Liebermann and Nicole Gaouette, “US carries out air strikes in Syria targeting Iranian backed militias,” CNN, Feb. 25, 2021.

(2) The CNN article acknowledges the revenge motive:

“The military last struck Kata’ib Hezbollah sites in March 2020, after a rocket attack blamed on the Iranian-backed militia killed two US service members and a British medic and injured 14 others. The attack targeted Camp Taji, an Iraqi base that hosts coalition forces engaged in the fight against ISIS.

“In response to the deadly rocket attack, the US struck five sites belonging to Kata’ib Hezbollah that were used for storing advanced weaponry provided by Iran, the commander of Central Command, Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, said at the time.”

This then becomes reason for Iran to strike back and then the U.S. retaliates. The paradigm does not work.

(3) Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, Jan. 29, 2021.


Trump is winning Election Lawsuits, in case you haven’t heard

Trump is Winning Election Lawsuits, in Case You Haven’t Heard

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by Steven Mosher, February 4, 2021, lifesitenews.com


Trump has won two-thirds of the cases that have been adjudicated by the courts.

Of late, I’ve felt more and more like I am back in Communist China. A place where every day, no matter what channel you turn on, what radio broadcast you listen to, or what online news service you subscribe to (except LifeSiteNews and a couple of others), the same dreary party line spews out.

The oligarchy is so confident that they can manipulate our very thoughts – after all, they control the search engines, the Twitter feeds, and the trending news – that they no longer even bother to hide what they do. Deleting President Trump’s account made it clear to the world what devious little Jack Dorsey spends his days doing: maniacally deleting accounts that deviate from his “truths.” And who doesn’t know by now that Mark Zuckerberg specializes in devising algorithms that are the hi-tech version of the mushroom treatment – keeping us in the dark and feeding us horse manure.

The party line with regard to the 2020 presidential election, aggressively promoted by America’s corporate media and Big Tech, is this: There was no election fraud because the courts have said so.

Both claims are false. Not just questionable, but dead wrong.

By now, most people know that America’s corporate media and Big Tech have aggressively and punitively suppressed an open discussion of possible election irregularities.

But have you noticed that – to prop up their version of reality – they’ve simply stopped reporting on the dozens of ongoing lawsuits that are slowly wending their way through the court system? At most, they will simply make a blanket statement along the lines of “Trump has lost all the lawsuits that have come before the courts.”

Sometimes they will go further, and suggest that our justice system has thoroughly and impartially examined the claims of election fraud made in those suits, and have ruled that they are completely unfounded.

Nothing could be further from the truth, as Physicist John Droz has discovered. Droz assembled a team of his fellow scientists and engineers – all volunteers – to take a close look at the lawsuits that have been filed, all of which are a matter of public record, and to summarize the results. This is no easy task, since there have been 80 lawsuits filed in connection with the 2020 presidential election by Trump or on his behalf, and each of these lawsuits consists of dozens of pages of filing and decisions.

The summary report, called “2020 Presidential Election Lawsuits Related to Election Integrity,” strips the excess verbiage of which lawyers are so fond, leaving the bare essentials of the lawsuits: What issues were at stake, how each case was treated by the courts, what evidence was objectively analyzed and, finally and most importantly, who won and who lost.

So what did Droz and his team find?

First, of the 80 total lawsuits, 34 have either been withdrawn, consolidated with other suits, or dismissed due to legal technicalities such as lack of standing, timing, or jurisdiction. Those judges who dismissed suits never heard the actual evidence of election irregularities and/or fraud, since they did not allow it to be presented in their courtrooms. Such cases cannot be counted as a loss for Trump. If anything, they are evidence of a failure of our judicial system to – at a moment of national crisis – actually address election fraud.

Of the 46 remaining lawsuits, 25 cases are still ongoing, so that the winner and loser of these cases is yet to be determined, while 21 have been completely adjudicated. These are cases where the court heard arguments, considered any relevant evidence, and then issued a formal ruling on the merits.

You may be surprised to learn that, of these 21 cases, Trump has won 14 and lost 7.

In other words, Trump has won two-thirds of the cases to date that have been adjudicated by the courts.

Don’t expect to hear this on the evening news.

John Droz notes separately that, despite the widespread allegations of massive voter fraud:

“… only three (3) of these lawsuits materially dealt with voter illegalities (citizens voting twice, votes from deceased persons, etc.). Interestingly, all three of these cases are still open.”

“Further, just three (3) lawsuits addressed voting machine inaccuracies (purposeful or accidental). One of these was dismissed (due to jurisdiction), one was ruled against (although no discovery was granted), and one is still open (discovery was granted).”

“The likely explanation for so few cases in these two areas is that legally proving fraud or voting machine manipulations are very time-consuming processes, that require substantial investigative work and documentation. There simply wasn’t enough time to do this prior to key points in the process (like the Electoral College).”

Kudos to John Droz and his team for helping to educate the public about the ongoing legal efforts in ensure election integrity.

I think everyone understands that, if we can be defrauded of our vote, we no longer live in a democracy.


The Word From Behind the ScenesPart1/2

The Word from Behind the Scenes – Part 1/2

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Let’s review what we know from our channeled sources about where we’re at in the external world in a time of political upheaval and pandemic.

Matthew Ward told us at the beginning of the year:

“Everything that has happened since the end of 2012, when Earth left the last wisps of third density energy, has been the groundwork, you could say, for revelations to come forth this year. …

“Some publicly known developments and judicious actions behind the curtain of the world stage are heralding the end of an ages-old dark reign.

“The darkness that was killing Earth less than a century ago is being completely replaced by light, the same powerful energy as love; and, during your year 2021, you will see changes that have long been needed so the civilization can advance and flourish.” (1)

He warns us that change will be characterized as political partisanship and resisted.

“Change will not come without resistance, perhaps especially in the United States, where the Illuminati are certain to motivate those who are uninformed or misinformed to denounce developments as political partisanship. They are not. Action in the weeks and months ahead will end control by that secret society, which ensconced itself in the government soon after it was established by the nascent nation’s founders.” (2)

John F. Kennedy through Losha informs us that America has not had a clean election in many years and now must fight its own government to win its freedom again.

“Even though we had won our sovereignty once early on, it did not last very long, unfortunately. Subsequently, here we are again … valiantly fighting to regain our independence and sovereignty…only this time we are attempting to take it back from our very own ‘government.’ …

“It has been many, many years since the United States (and many other countries) have had a true, authentic election, without some form of cheating being utilized by the infamous cabal.” (3)

Meanwhile, Blossom Goodchild’s Higher Self, White Cloud, warns us that “your world is to get far more topsy-turvy than what took place in your last year.”

“So it begins, my friends, the unrest … is taking place not only in the country where there is much unrest this day, yet the ripple effect it has [will go] all over the world and the fact that everything you hear on your news is there to bring down, to suppress, and to confuse.” (4)

He reminds us that, regardless of how things look, there is a Divine Plan taking place.

“You must know, dearest souls, that there is a Divine Plan which is taking place. And within this topsy-turviness that is causing so much disturbance of mind, of soul, of heart there is a place for you to hold your swords of light to the skies. “

And he exhorts us not to waver at this time. Our steadfastness is a valued contribution.

“You came here to do this, my friends. Let it not be now that you waver, that your thoughts go under, that your heart lies low. No, instead let it be now that those swords of light are raised up and charged with the energy of love that is filtering down to your beings from the Divine Source.” (5)

The Federation of Light through Blossom predicted a huge announcement, rioting, and upheaval.


Blossom Goodchild: That’s very bold!

FoL: These are bold times, Blossom.


YOU ARE READY to console and comfort those who are overwhelmed with news of WHAT IS … and WHAT HAS BEEN.

For a ‘time’, everything shall be so Topsy Turvy and it shall continue to be so. There shall be rioting and upheaval everywhere. For that which is about to be revealed will shock and abhor.

All this that we are saying is of a ‘repeated nature’ as you are aware, and yet, we say to you NOW, that THIS IS THE TIME WHEN YOU WILL SAY ‘This is what the Federation of Light spoke of’ … And we know this will give you comfort and strength. …


We would state quite categorically, that the waiting is over. (6)

They tell us that a great deal of planning has gone into the upcoming events and our safety has been their paramount concern:




(Concluded in Part 2, below.)


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(7) Loc. cit.


Losha: JFK – Your Light is needed Right Now!


JFK via Losha: Your Light is Needed, Right Now!

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JFK: Your Light is Needed, Right Now!

January 20, 2021

Message from John F. Kennedy

Whoa, whoa, whoa, my dear Patriots!  Please don’t go over the “rails” after witnessing today’s “faux affair”…there is still much more to happen, and as you are finding out the hard way, it is not always as soon as you would like it to be.  Well, let me help to take your mind off of those dour thoughts, my beautiful ones!

I would like to talk a little bit about “time lines”…yes, time lines!  Some of you may not be very aware of how many different, and yet similar, time lines are occurring in each moment…however, this becomes important with regard to what is happening right now in the U.S…and the world.

At first, it is difficult to determine when a time line is shifting…but, as you become more aware of how your environment “feels” around you, it becomes more apparent.  My muse taking this message is just now learning about this, too!

Let us take a rather clear example, such as when you are doing something that you are passionate about…something creative, or all-consuming.  You are familiar with the saying that you “lost all track of time”, are you not?  This is one basic way to understand that time lines are shifting.

So, let us take the current geopolitical scene, right now…that is not a situation where someone is doing something they are passionate about; however, some of the tasks being performed by the Alliance right now, are most definitely time-consuming!

So, every time there has been a “pivotal” moment in our current environment, there is also an imperceptible “shift” in the Universal time line.  Now, that may sound too grandiose to imply that when one of the Alliance’s tasks is being achieved, it can cause a shift in the time line of the whole Universe…however, it is quite true, I promise you!

As a point in fact, that is where the concept of “All are One” comes from, too…everything each one of you beautiful Patriots does affects the “whole”…the Universe…and you thought you were rather insignificant, didn’t you?  Well, as you can see, that is farthest from the Truth!

So, we have these imperceptible time lines shifting all the time, involving each one of us…what does it mean then?  How do we use it to help us in this moment of extreme angst and depression?

I would offer you this…that when you are feeling such angst and such depression, that you find something to do about which you are passionate…something just for yourself.  Thus, when you do that passionate something, it will cause a wonderful feeling of energy all around you (and through you!), and that energy, based upon the “All are One” principal, will then be extended outward, to envelope the person next to you; then your neighbor next door; then in the nearest city; then in the state, and, then, all the way around the world!

Now, I know this is difficult to comprehend for some; however, I say what is wrong with just doing something you are passionate about anyway, no matter what the energy does afterward, am I correct, dear one?  You can just leave it to the Universe to send the beautiful energy wherever it needs to go!

As for how all this matters in today’s geopolitical scene, well, it matters, because YOU matter.  You matter to the Universe, and to our President Trump, and to our Alliance, and to all of our international brothers and sisters, and to all of our Patriots, who are trying just as hard as you are, to help bring about a positive outcome to our current situation.

However, I tell you this…as simple as my statement is that you focus on doing things that you truly enjoy, right now…that is also how *important* that very action is, because it actually helps all others here on Earth, besides yourself!  Now, that is a lot of bang for your buck, is it not? (smile)

I know this message has not been what you might have expected from me at this critical time in our history; however, if you have been reading my other messages through this one recently, it has become my “calling card” to try and help you to understand that we truly are…ALL of us…in this “together”…whether we like it or not…so, why don’t we try to make the best of it, and go ahead and help ourselves by doing what makes us joyful, while also knowing that our joyful actions are spreading Love throughout the entire Universe!

There are no insignificant souls here!  Every one of you are so very critical to the shifting of the time lines right now, so we can continue our path towards Freedom, Sovereignty, and Unity…our united states of America! (the “capital” letters on united states was used by the cabal).  We are no longer under their regime…it will just be a few more “moments in time” until it is seen by all!

Please continue to have faith in each other, Patriots…and to have faith in your “true” leaders.  I know without a doubt that you are ready to climb back into the boat, dry yourself off, and continue to trust in our worthy goals of Life, Liberty, and Justice for All.

I am with you always…

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

Channeled by Losha



Mr T News

Did President Trump Just Go Nuclear?

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Editor’s note ~ If you’re offended by political posts, please do pass on this one.  It’s not as politically correct as we usually publish, but these times surely do call for some passionate reporting on the attempted communist takeover of the United States.  Jusy sayin’.

by Howell Woltz, December 5, 2020, richardsonpost.com


And is that why the Marxist media refused to air his 46-minute presentation yesterday?

Remember the Obama gang and CNN Bobbleheads running on about ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ for four years, starting back in 2016?

Well there was a reason – they actually believed Hillary’s hoax, of course, but that’s not all – they needed ‘evidence’ of foreign interference on Trump’s behalf to destroy him, and not just politically.

They intended to ruin him financially, down to taking crisps from the bins of cupboards in his lavish Trump Towers home, leaving him destitute.

You see, Obama snuck in some harsh Executive Orders (13694 & amended as 13757) on his way out the door giving government agencies special powers to go after Trump if they could find any evidence he was involved in ‘foreign election interference’.

Unknown to media dupes and other assorted marxists, trump just invoked executive order 134848 – and they’re not going to like it in the least when they figure it out.

But $40 million wasted on the Russia hoax, followed by a fake impeachment and nothing but proven frauds fabricated by Democrats, they came up empty-handed. Nothing!

Obama’s Executive Order was intended to weaponise any hint of Trump’s involvement with foreign election interference – which they assumed they could find (or create as they did with the fake ‘dossier’) – and cause him to lose everything he owned.

No more Trump Towers or signature golf courses. The Democrats even planned to take the golden toilet alleged to be in his private loo and melt it down for tooth fillings.

So, the 3D chess master took note and added his own ‘Executive Order’

And he just invoked the order and authority to involve the military in stopping the election fraud and breaking the fraudsters

On top of Barry’s attempts to use the Russia Hoax to destroy him, the President created one that could take out all the rats at one time.

If you’re going to take a wrecking ball to someone or something, do it ‘bigly’ the president might say.

Editor’s note ~ The President’s words were actually “Big League”, and the press misinterpreted that (as they love to do) as ‘Bigly’, and it stuck.

Trump’s Executive Order 13848 has the power to bring down China’s economy, breakup the Fake News Media, seize assets of the Social Media Marxists, and imprison every individual who took part in the conspiracy to rig the election – including the entire leadership of the Democrat Party.

Now that’s ‘bigly.’

This newer Order makes it clear that he’s simply building on Obama’s work by stating, “Executive Order 13694 of April 1, 2015, as amended by Executive Order 13757 of December 28, 2016, remains in effect.”

Then, out comes the flamethrower.

The Lame Stream Media called his speech ‘rambling’ and ‘false’ – not having a clue what was happening.

Here’s a version that won’t be taken down in case YT censors the President ~ https://files.catbox.moe/hm0uju.mp4

In case you didn’t listen to the whole thing – here are the takeaways:

  • Trump actually read from a script crafted by White House attorneys – which is a first – and there’s a reason he did that.
  • He was invoking Executive Order 13848 by naming China as the foreign power attempting to influence the 2020 election – as required.
  • The President also specifically cited the Democrat Party’s participation and intent to “encourage, enable, solicit or carry out fraud” – which is the precise wording in his Order, so that is also not by accident.
  • What the President’s order added that Barry’s did not have is an extension of sanctions, §2(a)(2), which puts them all in jeopardy – especially Obama and Soros along with Tech Tyrants and Media Moguls who were the architects of the election fraud.

Here’s the entire Executive Order: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2018/09/14/2018-20203/imposing-certain-sanctions-in-the-event-of-foreign-interference-in-a-united-states-election

Zuck learned Mandarin from his Chi-Com bride and they’re raising their own little Marxist now, getting ready to be info Czar and Czarina after The Great reset perhaps, Comrades?

For those who don’t want to spend their weekend delving through these three orders, here’s the nugget – the forfeiture clause – which applies to any individual, business or government assisting in any way in the election interference and it says “all property and interests” not just some:

Sec. 2. (a) All property and interests in property that are in the United States, that hereafter come within the United States, or that are or hereafter come within the possession or control of any United States person of the following persons are blocked and may not be transferred, paid, exported, withdrawn, or otherwise dealt in: any foreign person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, and the Secretary of Homeland Security:

(i) to have directly or indirectly engaged in, sponsored, concealed, or otherwise been complicit in foreign interference in a United States election;

(ii) to have materially assisted, sponsored, or provided financial, material, or technological support for, or goods or services to or in support of, any activity described in subsection (a)(i) of this section or any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order; or

(iii) to be owned or controlled by, or to have acted or purported to act for or on behalf of, directly or indirectly, any person whose property or interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order.

So let’s take a test case, where Chi-Com Priscilla and ‘Marx’ Zuckerberg spent $400 million to fix the election on behalf of the Democrat Party and foreign interests – spending $350 million in just six Swing States and centres of Democrat Marxist power.

Under this clause, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook stock, mansions, fancy cars and even his $59 million lakefront property on Lake Tahoe in California and Priscilla’s diamond ring – gone – instead of Trump’s golden toilet.

And you can bet Zuckerberg and the boys are smelling the coffee

According to journalist, David Canellis, “Facebook‘s chief exec Mark Zuckerberg has sold nearly $280 million worth of company stock in the past month – his first sales of the year.

Zuck & Prissy’s $102 billion could put a dent in the national deficit, no, President Trump?

“Zuckerberg began offloading shares on November 9, and he’s now generating nearly $12.10 million every day on average by selling his Facebook stock.”

Sounds like Zuck knows what’s coming. I think it’s called The Trump Train – and he’s squirrelling away a few hundred million for hard times.

So that seizure order can also include regular media companies who played the fool for the CCP’s candidate?

It certainly reads that way to me. I’ll make the case and you decide.

When FOX News called Arizona for Biden on Election Day, for example, and there was still dew on the desert cactus – that put the whole election in a spin, and I believe we’ll learn that it was an intentional part of a plan agreed upon between the co-conspirators before the first vote was ever cast.

The same state, Arizona, is now finding fake, forgotten and forged ballots faster than Boris Johnson can change positions – and all the votes in question help Trump.

Today Trump’s attorneys announced they will win in that state on recount once the fake and illegal ballots are taken out of the mix.

Let’s take another example.

When CNN had meetings every morning at 9 a.m. – as has now been exposed – to decide how to rig the news for China Joe and decimate President Trump – that’s playing a part, a very big one – and we now have the proof


CNN is on tape admitting their direction is one sided – to destroy Trump and promote Biden which is not news – it’s election interference for the CCP.

Project Veritas was given the access codes to call in by a courageous inside whistleblower and taped the meetings – for the past two months!


When Google’s Sudar Pichai sets his search algorithms to switch a minimum of 6 million votes to Biden, per Democrat expert, Dr. Robert Epstein as we’ve reported, that’s election fraud in aid to the CCP – the government behind Joe Biden and his candidacy.

So under this order, when the Democrat Party leaders, Social Media oligarchs, ultra-rich Marxists like Soros, Steyer and Yang to name a few; and media owner billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Murdoch, Carlos Slim – and the vast ownership by the CCP in all of them – is locked down, it’s a real ‘reset’ – a good one.

When over 60% of America’s theatres are no longer under CCP ownership and Hollywood does not have Beijing oversight on what it can produce – the culture will migrate from Marxist madness back to American values perhaps.

Imagine what the world would be like in just one day if all the Tech Tyrant Censors, Media Moguls controlling 92% of America’s news and information, Democrat Marxists, and Wall Street CCP money-raising lackeys were put in foreclosure and perhaps prison for their part in this massive election fraud?

What if every local Marxist poll worker and ‘fixer’ intentionally defrauding the vote was banned from any public work, funds, or benefits for life?

Who would volunteer to pack the ballot boxes and be part of switching votes if it meant they were cut off from any public support or benefits – for life?

What would our world be like if all these corrupt entities were broken into thousands of smaller non-monopolistic companies and auctioned off to the highest domestic bidder?

Trillions and trillions would flow into the coffers of the United States to rebuild its failing infrastructure, and evil would be suppressed for at least a generation if this were done.

And it would be a long, long time before another Marxist plot to steal a U.S. election was tried.

Expect to hear the squeals from all of these parties once they realise what just happened to them.