Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Trust Your Soul’s Efficiency

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Trust Your Soul’s Efficiency

September 22, 2021 by 

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September 21, 2021,

Dear Ones, have you noticed how certain themes loop around into your consciousness throughout your life expression? You realize that you can’t slow those things down or speed them up, they come around in their own timing, seemingly of their own volition.

If you have this awareness, you must see how it would be impossible for you to miss anything you need for your growth and expansion. Your soul is incredibly efficient at creating the exact opportunities and intersections you need to support your evolutionary success.

When you stop being on high alert for what is wrong, or what you might be missing, you settle into the now moment. You move out of resistance and perpetual trouble-shooting mode. This creates a far more peaceful flow and a greater experience of your faith and trust, acceptance and allowing.

This new space of ease supports healing and beingness. And from that state, if or when those same issues loop back around again, you can approach them in a brand new, more empowered way as opportunities to see how far you’ve come. It is safe for you to trust the journey.


Jenny Schiltz ~ Message from Merlin on the Changes taking Place

Jenny Schiltz ~ Message from Merlin on the Changes taking Place

September 22, 2021 by 

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September 20, 2021,

I was with Merlin today as he was walking in fields, harvesting wild plants. I was talking to him about what was going on in our world. He gave me a message that I felt was important to share. He said to me:

”You are familiar with Avalon, how, due to the lowering frequency of the world and the encroachment of belief systems; magic and particularly female empowered worship were seen as evil. This created a need for a veil, a separation of worlds.

Throughout history, there have been groups that have pulled away from the lowered vibration, and for their safety went vibrationally beyond their current reality. You may see this as a seamless process. I can assure you that it was not. It took considerable time. Many could not believe what was happening, they thought that reason would return, and therefore stood in resistance and were washed away by the changing tides.

Now that the Earth is raising her vibration, the veil that was put in place is lifting. We are on a new cycle, a new wheel, a return to a reality filled with more wonder and magic. The change is in front of every person. The opportunity to reclaim within themselves all that was lost behind the veil is present. Yet, here again, many are still holding on to what was, while etherically dreaming of a future. I ask you, who will physically create the new?

Each person must ask themselves if they want to expend their energy watching the collapse of the old or in building the new.”

I questioned this and was told ~

“Your world is changing drastically. Your medical system, for example, can no longer adequately support the needs of the ascending human. You can either watch the collapse or you can create structures for the people to move into when the time comes. Change is coming.  There will be chaos, but much can be mitigated by the creation of new structures or systems for them to access.

If one system fails and there is nothing to take its place, chaos will reign longer. In that space, it’ll be harder to create the new as it would be created in reaction instead of passion.

Many of you have ideas, passions, and visions. Yet so much of your energy is taken by focusing on the collapse. We urge you now, build the new. Follow your dreams, follow your passion, follow the urgings, and create!

Being present and not in resistance allows for the flow of information and ideas to come through, now is the time to plan, to organize, to visualize your garden for the spring. Why lament over the dying crops when there is a whole new garden to plan?

I thanked Merlin for the message and went about my way.

Thank you to all that support and share this work. It really means the world.



The 9D Arcturian Council: Doing the Work of Shifting Your Consciousness

The 9D Arcturian Council: Doing the Work of Shifting Your Consciousness

September 22, 2021 by 

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by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have an appropriate level of contact with all of you.

We are not overstepping any bounds to deliver to you what we can and do. We work with your guides and your higher selves to ensure that we are not taking you from your own natural process of evolution.

We want you to know that the other benevolent extra-terrestrials, councils, collectives, federations, and other e.t. groups are following these same guidelines. We are cautious in what we give to you so as not to interfere with that development that will be something that you feel very proud of when you reach the fifth-dimensional frequency range.

You will appreciate the assists, but you will also recognize that you did the work yourselves, and we honor you by recognizing that you have the ability to do this work that you have already been doing and will continue to do.

Now, what is ‘the work’ that we are talking about here? What is it that you are doing to make the shift in consciousness to the fifth dimension easier and more joyous?

Well, it does involve a lot of awareness of what’s going on inside of you. It involves more than just following a set of rules or commandments. It is about feelings, ultimately.

Doing the work means being willing to feel those feelings that you become aware of once you get grounded, heart-centered, and you put down the drugs, alcohol and other distractions that have kept you from feeling them.

You purge when you dive deep into a feeling that is uncomfortable, unwanted, and that no one else in your family has ever been able to acknowledge exists.

You are doing work for your genetic line.

You are doing work for your past life selves.

You are doing work for other beings in other parts of the galaxy who don’t have the emotional intelligence that you all do.

This shift is not a mind game and it’s not an action game. It’s not about defeating anyone or anything. This is about feeling who you really are as Source Energy Beings, as pure, unconditional love, and it’s about letting that flow through you without being embarrassed or afraid of what someone else might think or do in response to you fully embracing who you really are.

When you can do that, you know that you have done the work.

But you have to go through the anxiety, fear, depression, sadness, anger, and sometimes even rage to get there.

The tricky part is recognizing that both exist inside of you, and just because you feel one doesn’t mean the other is now extinct or negated.

You just came to choose the light, over and over again and to encourage others to do so as well.

And that’s how we see our role in all of this. We are holding the light and shining it, but not too much, and inviting you to it, over and over again.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, Sept. 22, 2021

The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, Sept. 22, 2021

September 22, 2021 by 

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Hello, oh bringers of Light and Hope. Let’s hope you are to do just that today, for it seems the people of our Planet are very much in need. The plot has clearly been lost and is nowhere to be found.

Dearest Blossom, dearest bringers of Light and Hope. For all that you imagine ‘us’ to Be is exactly what we KNOW yourselves to Be.

YOU are the bringers of Light and Hope to a world that seems to be sinking into the mire. Yet …


I am sure most of us are trying our best to keep the ‘home fires burning’ as the saying goes. Yet, the madness of the powers that ‘appear’ to be, continues to grow.

And with that comes the strength from within to KNOW that ALL THE KNOWING that assists you to march onwards in your Truth continues to grow, also.

I guess the question on everyone’s tongue is ‘When is it all going to stop?’

This we cannot predict … for you know that we … cannot/do not/will not … give dates. For it is the general overall Energy of Change that has to come from those upon your Planet, that will shift the Divine Plan into the next phase.

A question that has just popped into my head is one I am loathed to ask, yet, I must. Are we even in Phase Two yet?


Shoot me now! So, to clarify, over a year ago, if I recall correctly, you said Phase Two would be a worldwide lockdown, and to be honest, I cannot remember the bells and whistles that went with that. I think you said there would be 5 phases?

That is correct. Yet, recall also that we stated this did not mean that each phase was to become worse than the one before.

So, you are saying there is to be a Global lockdown, where everyone, I assume, is to remain locked down at the same time?

This is still The Plan.

Is it the plan of the Divine or of the greedy?

Blossom, it has to be both … for they are intertwined to get to the end result.

Well, both the black and the white hats are going to have to pull something big out of their hats to get that happening, are they not?


You are not being very forthcoming, if I may say!

We desire to bring Hope. So, we would continue by saying that all that is showing you madness is leading towards what will appear to be more madness, and yet, there is purpose to this. Therefore, may we suggest that you continue to KNOW that the change … will come/is coming. 

Yep. I think those of us on board know this. Again, it is the ‘when’ … which you cannot say. So that leaves us where?

On the front line. Although many of you feel exasperated and despondent at certain times. You may question everything. You may wonder if all you thought ‘what is’ … is perhaps ‘not’. You may wonder if the very core of your Being has got it all wrong. There is such a time of the ‘Not knowing what is’. 

Yet we beseech you to keep on going within and connecting with the YOU that you KNOW is YOU. The YOU that cannot deny the KNOWING of what is right. It circulates through your very veins and no matter what … that will not change.


Right in the knowing that WHO YOU ARE IS LIGHT.

Right in the knowing that WHO YOU ARE IS LOVE.

Right in the knowing that WHO YOU ARE IS TRUTH.

This KNOWINGNESS flows through you and shall bring such Joy to your Planet, when all is said and done.

We understand that you desire to know the next phase and when it shall be and what it shall entail. Yet, nothing can be set in stone … for Energies and strategies can change at any given moment.

We ask that you look deeply into your Truth when coming across many things that are ‘put there’ to confuse. ‘Put there’ to think that certain policies are in place when in actual fact, they are not.

No one knows what is Truth and what is not anymore. We are being set upon everywhere we turn.

This is precisely why we ask you to remain in your KNOWING. To say the Mantra over and over … for this aligns you with YOUR KNOWING.

Yet, not with knowing what the dickens is going on and when it will all end.

Perhaps not … yet, perhaps it is helping you to continue on in Light.

Oh indeed, it is doing that. It is my ‘go to’ so many times a day.

And what happens when you go to it, Blossom?

I feel better and get on with my day … somehow. It doesn’t change what is going on out there, yet, it changes my will to survive!!!

We would like to correct you. IT DOES CHANGE what is going on ‘out there’. By continuing to say this magic Coding … you are changing the Vibration of what is going on ‘out there’. 

By doing what makes you happy and content, instead of pondering and indulging in what is going on ‘out there’, you are changing what is going on ‘out there’. Whatever you feed, whatever you focus on, whatever you give Energy to, is that which expands.

Be aware of this. Feed, focus and give Energy to that which heightens your Joy.

I get this and know this. Yet, there are many, I feel, whose role it is to actively do something about all this, other than sitting home painting, gardening, knitting, singing, whatever! And please know I mean that with the greatest respect TO ALL parties.

Indeed, Blossom. There are many called to do so. Inside each one there is a calling to act in a particular way. In this instance, we are not talking about whether or not one chooses to be vaccinated etc … we are talking about one’s role in bringing the Light into the Planet and anchoring it in.

Each one must follow their own path and feelings. 

Each one is guided by this calling to follow their heart and act upon it.

Yet, you are not talking about the ‘envelopes’ here, are you?

No. We are not. That is to come.

I know I am veering all over the place today yet, that reminds me of all the monolith talk. There was such hype and enthusiasm there for a time and with respect, like everything else, once again, what happened to all that? What happened to the Announcement? What happened to all things that got us excited?

Nothing ‘happened’ to them, Blossom. Nothing has changed about these matters, Blossom. They are still in place. We were letting you know of such things for that very reason. To excite and bring Hope. We did not make up such tales to string you along. We told you what is TRUTH.

And ONE DAY … as we have said you will KNOW such things as TRUTH … for they will be/will have taken place.

Remember. Remember. Remember … 




Do not lose Hope when you are so close.

These ‘closing days’ are when you must gather more and more strength, ready for what is to come.

Yet, you have said that a worldwide lockdown is to come. Whoop dee do!

Yes indeed, and then the fireworks … so to speak, will be prepared.

Not sure what that means exactly, yet, get the gist. The thing is, you said about this Phase Two over a year ago.

‘When’ we said it, Blossom, is not the issue. Just because in your time, much time has gone by, does not mean that it is not to take place.

To be honest, so much is going on, that I had forgotten all about it. Many all over the world are in lockdown, yet, not everyone at the same time.

Yet, this will be so … and when it is so … know the ball will be rolling once again … new wheels set in motion, would we say.

Can’t wait! The expectancy of this and that, that never fails not to happen … has left everyone feeling so despondent.

Yet, you know so much is happening … inside you can feel this, can you not?

Nope! Gotta be honest. Nope! I just feel it is all going down the toilet and any day now, someone is going to pull the chain!

Wait and see, Blossom Goodchild … wait and see.

What else can we do!

We are aware that you are feeling this communication has not been beneficial.

I’m not saying that. I just wonder what else can be said … by you or anyone. Because until something major takes place to shake us up in a good way, you have said all there is to say about what to do to hang on in there. You can’t spill the beans it seems and I get that. Oh, I don’t know! On we go, I guess. I’m not having a go at you, by any means. Not at all. It’s just the way it is right now.

Indeed, Blossom and All. It is just the way it is.

And I give Gratitude to you for coming through at all. Truly I do. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

Update on my husband Goody. He has picked up from three weeks ago. Your Love and Healing are helping more than you know. Please do not stop! We are both so honoured and grateful to you. Thank you so very much.


Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel ~ Giving Yourself Time to Receive

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel ~ Giving Yourself Time to Receive

September 21, 2021 by 

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September 19, 2021,

A full relationship with your Higher Self is possible when you give yourself time to receive Love from the deepest sources of your Being.

Dear One,

One of the most powerful and important relationships you have in this life is with your Higher Self. This is the part of you which is in full communion with God because it is the voice of your Soul. Guidance and intuitive insight come from this place. There are a number of ways you can develop and strengthen this relationship between your personality awareness and your Higher Self, and all of them require patience, persistence and practice.

One way is to learn to act on your intuition. How many times have you thought about doing something, ignored the thought, and then a situation arose when you said, “I knew I should have done that?” The more you listen to your inner voice and act on your intuition, the stronger this connection will become.

Another way to strengthen your connection to your Higher Self is through meditation. Meditation is a way of expanding your conscious awareness of states beyond your physical body.

The physical world is the grossest level of manifestation and there are many planes of consciousness beyond it. Meditation is the key to reaching a deeper level of being, that still place within, where you are one with God.

Meditation is not difficult, but it does require practice and persistence to attain a calm and focused mind. It may be frustrating at first, because the mind never seems to stop. Emotions and thoughts come up that clamor for attention.

This is just the way thoughts work, so be patient with yourself and gently refocus your mind on your breath as the object of your attention. It may be helpful to take the time to write out your feelings and thoughts before you meditate so that you can clear your mind more easily. Whatever you do to calm and clear yourself will be very helpful.


Sit quietly, breathe balanced breaths, and as you begin to feel more peaceful and centered, imagine a beautiful golden, healing light flowing around and through you. There is incredible love within you, waiting only for your conscious permission to flood your entire being. 

Focus your attention on receiving the love of God. You can ask your Higher Self to facilitate this connection. As you do, you will create a solid, conscious connection. Imagine that Divine Love is flowing through you in the flow of warm golden light. Allow yourself to bask in this love and let it permeate every cell of your being.

Create a beautiful place in your mind where you can go to sit in the silence that exists within you. Call on your angelic teachers for guidance and we will assist you in this process. The Angels are messengers of God, here to help you find peace, love and joy in your life. 

We can also assist your meditation process so you will find the love you need within yourself. Picture the Angels surrounding you in wings of pure light, and we will be there. We love you and believe that you deserve to receive all that is good.

When you take a little time every day to make your spiritual connection to God stronger, you will be amazed how your life will change. You will find guidance and wisdom available to you in a greater way than you ever imagined was possible. It takes only the willingness to give yourself time to breathe, focus and receive God’s love.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel


The 9D Arcturian Council: You Matter

The 9D Arcturian Council: You Matter

September 21, 2021 by 

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by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are the ones in your lives who bring you the most, in terms of how much energy and information that we provide to you, and yet we still want you all to be listening to your own hearts. We still desire for you to be more independent and to get more from within you.

This is a co-creative effort. We do our part, but we also want you all to recognize that you are the ones creating your reality, and you are also the ones who determine whether what we give you resonates or not. You get to decide whether you receive our energetic transmissions, and you get to decide whether you tune in to any of these transmissions.

You are in the driver’s seat, and we will continue to give, and give, and give some more, regardless of whether anyone receives us there on Earth.

You see, we understand that we affect your collective consciousness, because you are a part of a universal consciousness, as well as the human collective consciousness.

You are also a part of the galactic collective consciousness, and so are we. So we will continue to give and to watch over you, because we know that we have an impact on you, even when you’re not paying any attention to us.

We invite you to do the same in regards to the rest of your fellow humans there on Earth.

Even if you write a book and no one ever reads it besides you, that energy has been put down now on paper or is sitting in a computer, and it has an impact on the human collective consciousness.

It has an impact on the universal consciousness.

You must begin to see yourselves in this way, because otherwise you will stop contributing.

If your book doesn’t get published by a major publisher, or any publisher, then you might stop writing, but if you recognize that you are still making an impact and reaching the entire human collective, then you will quite possibly continue writing.

It does not matter how many views your video gets. It matters that you make it. It matters because you have an impact on the human collective, the galactic collective, and the universal collective with everything that you put out.

Every word you speak, every thought you think, and every intention you hold impacts the whole.

That’s what we are seeking to do here with these transmissions, and we invite you to join us and become a part of this co-creative dance.

Together, we can bring about a peaceful, joyous, easy transition for all of the consciousness in the entire universe. We can do that because we are all creating our realities, and if that is the reality you want to experience, then join us in what we are doing here.

We are spreading light and love. We are spreading positivity and hope, and we know that you can do the same.

We know that if you resonate with us and our agenda, then in all likelihood you are doing the same, and we are grateful for your contributions because we like having a ground crew there in the physical realm.

But even if we didn’t, we would still do what we do.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Archangel Michael: A Glorious Vista Shall Open Before You

Archangel Michael: A Glorious Vista Shall Open Before You

September 21, 2021 by 

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by James McConnell

I am Archangel Michael, and it is my pleasure to be with you here in this time, in these moments.

These moments that are gathering more and more momentum. Momentum that is taking you further and further, deeper and deeper within yourself, when you allow it to be.

Yes, of course, you can get wrapped up into the third-dimensional illusion. It is very easy to do so. It is more difficult though to let go of that and feel the connection, feel the oneness, feel the consciousness of The One. For you are that consciousness of The One. You have always been; you’ve just forgot.

But now it is time to remember. Remember who you are and what you came here to to. All of you came here for a purpose. And yes, your purpose changes as you move along your journey.

But the greater purpose, the one that you all came here to do, is to be those System-Busters to bring the change and the Change-over that is necessary here.

The Change-over that all of us, all of the Galactics, all of the Archangels and the Angels, and all of the Devic evolution, the Faeries and Gnomes, the Sprites, all that you can no longer see but are here anyway, we are all here, and we are all ready for the time when you will open your eyes.

Your third eye that will connect, and is connected to your physical eyes. And you will open them for the first time in this lifetime, or even in many lifetimes, and you will see. You will see beyond the illusion once and for all. You will see the beauty that surrounds you, that is imbued within you and all around you all the time. You will see it with those eyes, finally.

And it will be a glorious vista that will open up in front of you. Beauty that you have never imagined in this lifetime or, again, in many previous lifetimes. Although many of you have had certain lifetimes here on the planet where you did open up to this vista. You were open up to the magic that was available to you.

But, of course, purposefully you forgot of this. You forgot it so that you could have the full remembrance when the time comes, when the frequency rises enough that you could have this full remembrance come back to you and remember fully who you are.

And that you are the ones, the guiding guardian ones, that came here from systems far, far away, many galaxies beyond this galaxy. And you came here to bring the Light. To first anchor the Light here, and then to spread it far and wide. Spread it in any way that you can, whether through voice, or thought, or whatever is needed, through the printed word, through your videos. Whatever it is, it brings Light forward to the many. For it is ONE in the many, and the many in the ONE.

You always have to remember that now, as your remembrances are beginning more and more to trickle down where you have a vision, you have a dream, or simply a thought. And that thought, or that vision, or that dream, carries with it the emotion behind it. And you know and feel it could be accurate. You know and feel it could be the truth because it resonates within you.

All of you now are moving forward, further, further and further, deeper and deeper into the Light. The Light that surrounds you all the time, if you but become aware of it. It is always there. It is always within you.

It is the ego self, the lower ego self that tends to hold you in the unknowingness. But it is only doing that to protect you. For it does what it was meant to do. But at some point during the Change-over or just prior to it, the lower ego shall fall away.

And the higher ego self with in you will take form and carry sway over your entire being. And all of your multi-dimensional selves will become aware to you, to the conscious knowing you. Imagine, [an image in], what that will be like!

Continue to have faith, my friends. Continue to trust. Trust in the knowing that each of you have, and that each of you are. For the Light is gaining more and more force across the planet, and the darkness is fading away more and more, even though it does not appear to be so.

But you, that have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, know better. You know that the illusion is falling away. And this is the only way that it can happen. For all of the 3-D realm, the 3-D paradigm, must come crashing down. All must fall within the third-dimensional illusionary paradigm, for the new paradigm to rise from those ashes.

You are at the cusp. You are at the crescendo. You are at the ending of the new beginning that is coming fast. Trust in that always. And that trust will lead you directly into the first wave of ascension.

I am Archangel Michael, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you BE the ONE. Always know that you are the ONE. You are connected to the oneness of all. And the all is connected to you.


The Full Picture

The Full Picture on the Covid Vaccine

September 20, 2021 by 

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Thanks to Brian.

The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right; It IS a “Poison-Death Shot”

Mike Whitney, The Unz Review, September 18, 2021


“I’ll do one more mind experiment with you: If everyone on the planet were to get Covid and not get treated, the death-rate globally would be less than half a percent. I’m not advocating for that, because 35 million people would die. However, if we follow the advice of some of the global leaders– like Bill Gates who said last year said “7 billion people need to be vaccinated”– then the death-rate will be over 2 billion people! SO, WAKE UP! THIS IS WORLD WAR 3! We are seeing a level of malevolence that we haven’t seen in the history of humanity!” Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, Author of The Zelenko “Early Treatment” Protocol that saved thousands of Covid-19 patients. (“Zelenko schools the Rabbinic Court”, Rumble; start at 11:45 minutes)

Did the regulators at the FDA know that all previous coronavirus vaccines had failed in animal trials and that the vaccinated animals became either severely ill or died?

Yes, they did.

Did they know that previous coronavirus vaccines had a tendency to “enhance the infection” and “make the disease worse”?


Did Dr Anthony Fauci know that coronavirus vaccines had repeatedly failed and increased the severity of the infection?

Yes, he did. (See here: Fauci on ADE)

Did the drug companies conduct any animal trials prior to the FDA’s approval that would have convinced a reasonable person that the vaccines were safe to use on humans?

No, they didn’t.

Did they complete long-term clinical trials to establish whether the vaccines were safe?

No, there were no long-term clinical trials.

Did they conduct any biodistribution studies that showed where the substance in the injection goes in the body?

They did, but the data was not made available to the public.

Do the contents of the vaccine largely collect in various organs and in the lining of the vascular system?

Yes, they do.

Do large amounts of the substance accumulate in the ovaries?


Will this effect female fertility and a woman’s ability to safely bring a baby to term?

The drug companies are currently researching this. The results are unknown.

Does the vaccine enter the bloodstream and collect in the lining of the blood vessels forcing the cells to produce the spike protein?


Is the spike protein a “biologically active” pathogen?

It is.

Does the spike protein cause blood clots and leaky blood vessels in a large percentage of the people that are vaccinated?

It does, although the blood clots are mostly microscopic and appear in the capillaries. Only a small percentage of vaccinees get strokes or suffer cardiac arrest.

Should people be made aware of these possible bad outcomes before they agree to get vaccinated? (“Informed consent”)


Did the FDA know that Pfizer had “identified vaccine-associated enhanced disease, including vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease, as an important potential risk”?

Yes, they did, but they did not demand that Pfizer fix the problem. Here’s more:

“The FDA noted that Pfizer, “identified vaccine-associated enhanced disease, including vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease, as an important potential risk”. The EMA similarly acknowledged that “vaccine associated enhanced respiratory disease” was “an important potential risk… that may be specific to vaccination for COVID- 19”.

Why neither regulator sought to exclude such dangers prior to emergency use authorization is an open
question that all doctors and patients are entitled to ask. Why medical regulators failed to investigate the
finding that large vaccine particles cross blood vessel walls, entering the bloodstream and posing risks of blood clotting and leaky vessels is yet another open question again.” (“Open Letter to the EMA and European Parliament”, Doctors for Covid Ethics)

Did the drug companies vaccinate the people in the placebo group after the clinical trials in order to conceal the difference in the long-term health outcomes between the two groups?

That is the conclusion a rational person would make.

So, they nuked the trials?


Did the FDA largely shrug-off its regulatory duties and abandon its normal standards and protocols because

a– It wanted to rush the Covid vaccines into service as rapidly as possible?
b– It knew the Covid-19 vaccine would never meet long-term safety standards?

We don’t know yet, but the adverse events report strongly suggests that the Covid-19 vaccine is hands-down the most dangerous vaccine in history.

Is the FDA rushing the “boosters” without proper testing?.

Yes, it is. Here’s a clip from author Alex Berenson’s latest at Substack:

“Pfizer basically hasn’t bothered to test the booster AT ALL in the people actually at risk – it conducted a single “Phase 1” trial that covered 12 people over 65. The main Phase 2/3 booster trial (beware efforts to cover multiple “phases” of drug research at once, you want it bad you get it bad) included no one over 55.

No one.

As in NONE.” (“Are you kidding me, Pfizer, volume 1 gazillion”, Alex Berenson, Substack)

Have the boosters been modified or improved to meet the changes in Delta variant?


Is there any additional risk in taking a booster-shot after already taking two experimental gene-based vaccines in less than a year?

Considerable risk. Here’s more from the Doctors for Covid Ethics:

“Given that booster shots repeatedly boost the immune response to the spike protein, they will progressively boost self-to-self immune attack, including boosting complement-mediated damage to vessel walls.

Clinically speaking, the greater the vessel leakage and clotting that subsequently occurs, the more likely that organs supplied by the affected blood flow will sustain damage. From stroke to heart attack to brain vein thrombosis, the symptoms can range from death to headaches, nausea and vomiting, all of which heavily populate adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines.

As well as damage from leakage and clotting alone, it is additionally possible that the vaccine itself may leak into surrounding organs and tissues. Should this take place, the cells of those organs will themselves begin to produce spike protein, and will come under attack in the same way as the vessel walls. Damage to major organs such as the lungs, ovaries, placenta and heart can be expected ensue, with increasing severity and frequency as booster shots are rolled out.” (“Open Letter to the EMA and European Parliament“, Doctors for Covid Ethics)

So, it’s the double-whammy. On the one hand, the booster will perform largely like the original vaccine, penetrating cells and forcing them to produce spike protein which, in turn, generates blood clots and leaky blood vessels. And, on the other, the newly-produced S proteins trigger a damaging immune response in which the complement system attacks and destroys the cells that line the inside of the blood vessels. Every additional booster will intensify this process weakening the vascular system and increasing the clotting. If the Doctors are correct in their analysis, then we could see a sharp uptick in all-cause mortality in the heavily-vaccinated countries in less than a year. Cardiac arrests are already rising.

Here’s another question that’s worth mulling over: Was there any reason for the regulators at the FDA to think that these problems would not arise following the launching of the vaccine campaign?

No. They should have known there would be problems as soon as they saw that the vaccine did not stay in the shoulder as it was supposed to. The vaccine wasn’t supposed to enter the bloodstream and spread across the body leaving billions of spike proteins in its wake. (The spike protein is a cytotoxin, a cell killer. It is not an appropriate antigen for stimulating an immune response. It is a potentially-lethal pathogen that poses a threat to one’s health even if it is separated from the virus.) Nor was the vaccine supposed to trigger Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE) which is the condition we hinted at above when referring to “vaccine-associated enhanced disease”. Here’s a brief explanation:

“ADE has proven to be a serious challenge with coronavirus vaccines, and this is the primary reason many have failed in early in-vitro or animal trials. For example, rhesus macaques who were vaccinated with the Spike protein of the SARS-CoV virus demonstrated severe acute lung injury when challenged with SARS-CoV, while monkeys who were not vaccinated did not. Similarly, mice who were immunized with one of four different SARS-CoV vaccines showed histopathological changes in the lungs with eosinophil infiltration after being challenged with SARS-CoV virus. This did not occur in the controls that had not been vaccinated. A similar problem occurred in the development of a vaccine for FIPV, which is a feline coronavirus.” (“Is the Coronavirus Vaccine a Ticking-Time Bomb?”, Science with Dr. Doug)

Is this what we are seeing right now? In all the countries that launched mass-vaccination campaigns early (Israel, Iceland, Scotland, Gibraltar and UK) cases, hospitalizations and deaths are rising faster in the vaccinated portion of the population than the unvaccinated. Why?

Are they really experiencing a fourth or fifth wave or have the vaccines generated “inactivity-enhancing” antibodies that make the disease worse? This 2-minute video helps to clarify what’s going on:

Vaccines are made to a specific variant. And when that variant mutates, the vaccine no longer recognizes it. It’s like you are seeing a completely new virus. And, because that is so, you actually get more severe symptoms when you are vaccinated against one variant and it mutates and then your body sees the other variant. The science shows, that if you get vaccinated in multiple years (for the flu), you are more likely to get severe disease, you are more likely to get viral replication, and you are more likely to be hospitalized…. We are seeing the same thing in Covid with the Delta variant. So we are actually mandating that people get a vaccine when they can actually get more sick when they are exposed to the virus...In fact, this week, a paper came out that showed that–with the Delta variant– when you are vaccinated your body is supposed to make antibodies that neutralize the virus, but they were supposed to neutralize the old variant. When they see this new variant, the antibodies take the virus and help it infect the cells.” (“Expert testimony on mandatory vaccinations”, Dr Christina Parks PhD., Rumble, start at minute 5:05)

Repeat: “If you get vaccinated in multiple years, you are more likely to get severe disease, you are more likely to get viral replication, and you are more likely to be hospitalized…. With the Delta variant– when you are vaccinated …. the antibodies take the virus and help it infect the cells.”

This is ADE, and this is probably why hospitalizations and deaths are rising among the vaccinated in Israel, UK and the rest. True, the Delta variant is less lethal than the Wuhan virus but, unfortunately, that rule does not apply to those who have been vaccinated and whose antibodies promote the uptake of the virus into their cells. This increases the viral replication function that increases the severity of the disease. In short, people are getting sicker because they were vaccinated. Here’s another short video that helps to explain:

“…The vaccine-induced antibodies will stand up against the virus. and once a virus is under pressure; it changes, it becomes a variant, and the variant cannot be stopped by vaccine-induced antibodies. Vaccine-induced antibodies. also shut down your innate immune system… so variants can come straight through and infect those that are vaccinated. That is viral immune escape, and that means that the vaccinated are defenseless against variants. This is no longer a pandemic of Covid-19. It is a pandemic of variants…

And there is something called recombination, and recombination means a vaccinated host can be infected by more than one variant at a time. …If a vaccinated host is co-infected by more than one variant, the variants will mix DNA, and change and camouflage and produce a super variant. And if a super variants are produced, nothing can stop them. And already they are saying that the latest variant to come out is vaccine resistant. And this is just the beginning. Dr Geert Vanden Bosche warns that if we do not immediately stop mass vaccination campaigns around the world, the world will experience an international catastrophe of mass mortality. I didn’t say that, he did. The vaccinated are a threat to us all.” (“Viral Immune Escape Explained”, Dr. Michael McDowell, Rumble)

It’s not the variant that intensifies the disease, it’s the fact that the vaccine targets one narrow endpoint, the spike protein, that gradually adapts to survive. As the virus progressively learns to avoid the vaccine, vaccine-induced immunity wanes. Natural immunity produces broad, robust immunity to the whole virus not merely one part of it. It is strong and enduring.

So how will the vaccinated fight new forms of the virus, after all, the vaccine is not a medicine that overpowers a particular pathogen. It is a subtle (genetic) reprogramming of the immune system that forces one’s cells to produce a particular version of the spike protein. Boosters that stimulate production of the same protein will have only modest impact. In short, boosters are still fighting the last war.

Also, as we mentioned above, coronavirus vaccines tend to create antibodies that “enhance infectivity” when they encounter adapted forms of the virus. That means that millions of inoculated people will now face forms of the virus for which they have almost no protection and for which their compromised immune systems can only provide limited help. Here’s more from the article above:

“Right now, the fatality rate of the virus is estimated to be approximately 0.26%, and this number seems to be dropping as the virus is naturally attenuating itself through the population. It would be a great shame to vaccinate the entire population against a virus with this low of a fatality rate, especially considering the considerable risk presented by ADE. I believe t his risk of developing ADE in a vaccinated individual will be much greater than 0.26%, and, therefore, the vaccine stands to make the problem worse, not better. It would be the biggest blunder of the century to see the fatality rate of this virus increase in the years to come because of our sloppy, haphazard, rushed efforts to develop a vaccine with such a low threshold of safety testing and the prospect of ADE lurking in the shadows.” (“Is the Coronavirus Vaccine a Ticking-Time Bomb?”, Science with Dr. Doug)

“Blunder”, he says?

It wasn’t a blunder. It was deliberate. The Covid-19 vaccine was supposed to fail like all the coronavirus vaccines before it. That’s the point. That’s why the drug companies skipped the animal testing and long-term safety trials. That’s why the FDA rushed it through the regulatory process and suppressed the other life-saving medications, and silenced all critics of the policy, and pushed for universal vaccination regardless of the risks of blood clotting, cardiac arrest, stroke and death. And that’s why the world is on the threshold of an “international catastrophe of mass mortality.” It’s because that’s how the strategy was planned from the very beginning.

The vaccine isn’t supposed to work, it’s supposed to make things worse. And it has! It’s increased the susceptibility of millions of people to severe illness and death. That’s what it’s done. It’s a stealth weapon in an entirely new kind of war; a war aimed at restructuring the global order and establishing absolute social control. Those are the real objectives. It has nothing to do pandemics or viral contagion. It’s about power and politics. That’s all.

Reprinted with permission from The Unz Review.


The 9D Arcturian Council: A Beautiful Transition into the 5th Dimension

The 9D Arcturian Council: A Beautiful Transition into the 5th Dimension

September 20, 2021 by 

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by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are looking for the best possible avenues to traverse ourselves, as we know that we are moving into our own ascension experience, and we look to go with the flow of that ascension, just as you are looking for the best possible avenues for your personal development, your personal ascension. 

You will have your own unique experience of the ascension of humanity and Mother Earth. No matter what happens, yours will still be uniquely yours. Even when you hear about the various predictions that are being put out there about ascension, everyone who experiences that prediction experiences something unique to them.

Remember that you are deciding how you experience everything, and you are also deciding what you experience with your vibration. 

The best way for you to feel into what you are creating in the future is to notice what you are vibrating in the present. 

And if there is something you don’t like about that vibration, then breathe into it until it dissipates, and then activate something that feels better within you. 

You are not destined to repeat your past or the history of your genetic line, because you are awake, and one of the things that you are awake to is that your vibration matters and that you can do something about it.

This is true when you think about all aspects of life on Earth for you and everyone else right now. Everyone is having a different experience of life on Earth right now, and it is time for everyone to look within themselves for how they are responding to reality, because you do have a choice.

This is a free will universe, and that means you always have a choice. 

Always choose to look within first, before arguing with someone, before taking an action from a place of anxiety or fear. Always look within first, and feel for what that vibration is, because it will dictate what happens.

And you can be a major player in what happens for all of humanity if you are choosing the path to ascension that feels good for you and that will be as good a feeling experience for everyone else as it can be. 

Certainly, the more you have prepared yourself for the experience, the better. 

You can hold space for your fellow humans so that they too have their awakening experiences, start looking within, and shifting their internal vibrations. We know that you all can have a beautiful experience, and it can still be unique to each and every one of you.

And what’s important for you to know now is that you don’t all have to agree on what will happen in the future, but hopefully you can agree that you all can impact the future from the now. 

Most people believe that they will impact the future by what they do, and that is of course accurate to a certain extent. But hopefully, that person will have taken the action based on the higher vibration that they have attained within themselves through the conscious work that is necessary to bring you into that state where you are taking inspired action.

And for those of you who don’t know what to do, we want to reassure you that sitting, breathing, focusing, and activating a higher-frequency vibration is enough, and if everyone on the planet were doing that right now, you would be assuring yourselves of a beautiful, calm, peaceful transition into the fifth dimension.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


TheCollective: How to do this!

The Collective: How You Do This

September 20, 2021 by 

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by Caroline Oceana Ryan

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective.

This week’s Message is a response to a question from a Light Bringer, who asks:

Over time, various things have been said in regard to this “Returning to the Peace of the One” transition time into Sat Yuga, the Golden Age of Peace.

Captain Ashtar has said we live on an antiquated planet. We’re old-fashioned here on Earth.

He went on to say, there are other planets which have been around for as long as Earth has, and yet they are much further ahead, technology-wise.

Another High Dimensional Being has said that releasing these 60,000 patents of [currently suppressed] technology is a priority, and will level the playing field for Earth, moving us immediately out of survival mode.

My question is, How Do We Do This? I have been making up chants and mantras, yet how do we do this, working for the benefit of the whole, and inviting others to help. Since we are told by many, “Don’t look for a savior to come in for the rescue,” and “We need to do the work, and remember that we are [the ones] who we’ve been waiting for.”

I agree. Again, all on the Light’s terms. So what is the process, and HOW DO WE DO THIS?

THE COLLECTIVE: Greetings, friends! Most assuredly, this is one of the great questions of your current moment. And so, we are very pleased to have this time to speak with you regarding your part in this powerful, Creational moment on Earth’s new, higher timeline.

For one, understand that the process of getting things done — accomplishing things to ensure that one step follows the other to a happy conclusion — has changed drastically on this planet.

It is so that your outer action is still a powerful and very positive part of your experience.

Yet you will note that even 35 or so years ago, it was already becoming common to hear people speak of “positive affirmations” and before that, many had begun chanting mantras to align their vibration and consciousness with a particular frequency.

Many took this on so as to change their outer situation, moving the level of their experience to an improved feeling and outcome.

They desired to shift their physical health, their financial income, or their home, job, or relationship, and so on.

And this is fine, but it has not been the full outcome of that movement.

The larger outcome is something that only a few people grasped at the time.

And that is, that in raising the vibration they carried within them on any issue, for any reason, they were raising the vibration of humanity as a whole.

They were changing life on Earth.

It is impossible that you would shift your own frequency without affecting all else within the great unified field that is the flow of energetic interconnection. This is the far greater “web” that far outreaches the physical one you know as the internet. It is the energetic fabric that all Life belongs to, in which the lines between one person and one other also affects all other persons, and their connections to all others.

So that eventually, one ripple in the pond reaches every molecule in every drop of water present.

What is interesting, is that human beings have at least some idea of this phenomenon, thanks to a few pioneering minds that refused to be “trained” into submission over the past 150 years or so, and certain spiritual teachings that have been shared over the millennia. And there is the magic of the power of Earth’s soul vibration, which also profoundly influences human life at every moment.

Yet for most on your planet, the idea of revolution a still a matter of charging over the enemy’s battlements and physically shifting outer circumstances.

They image an obvious group action that dismantles the outer construct of their controllers, with hopes to therefore dismantle the presumed supremacy and dominance the controllers have held for so long.

We can tell you, no such thing is needed now. That day is well over.

The true journey now is what some have called “Revolution from within,” which always begins with the revolution occurring within a single person’s consciousness.

It is impossible, as a self-propelling presence in this Universe and on this planet, that you would make any change in your vibration that would not eventually be felt round the world.

Particularly you who have come in at this time for that very purpose — we call you Light Bearers, Light Bringers, or Lightworkers, because you carry the Light of higher consciousness within your very being!

So much so, that just your presence on the Earth at this time adds a higher ringing tone to the vibration of your Earth and all who walk upon Her.

This affects all of life — weather, political and economic shifts, living conditions, mass thoughtforms — far more fully than you might assume.

It is not so that you need to form new groups and movements, new organizations and jobs, in order to shake loose the foundations of the old order, to break through the old barriers.

All groups needed for the job have already been formed, and their are intergalactic and inter dimensional in nature. Though you may wish to form more Earth-based groups over time to implement new forms of living, you will do that holding the vibration of a people not who are determined never to be vanquished, but of a people who have already won.

This marks a great departure from humanity’s previous history.

You have indeed made great strides by working outwardly to create higher forms of your current governments — strides taken to end colonialism and its tyranny of enslavement, and devaluation of human life.

Yet you will soon abolish the word “government,” given that it’s meaning is to “govern” (control), “-ment” (the mind) of the masses.

Those new chapters have indeed already been written.

Many of you have traveled forward in time to ensure that, just as some beings have traveled back in time to ensure it. Your New Earth concepts borrow much from your ET friends and family members, and even now are revolutionizing human life. And these too start from within.

Those breakthroughs have occurred because just enough of humanity have been willing to vibrationally hold higher forms of thought, coupled with the realization of the Creational energy of focused thought and images.

Enough of you have been realizing that these, combined with new higher Earth systems (and discoveries of pre-ancient ones) that include an almost symbiotic, intuitive technology, can and do exist, and that humanity ought to be benefitting from them.

You have seen how just a few people went against the norm—who were laughed at, derided, only tentatively trusted to produce their vision at first—and how the outpicturing of their vision turned into a kind of revolution in terms of how people now live their lives. Telephones, computers, and internet being only part of the equation here, because what was actually happening, is that your galactic family members were finding a way to say, “We are here, and we are in constant communication with you!” The old power structure was loathe allow you these new developments, yet they did so, assuming that they could turn your use of these inventions to their advantage.

And perhaps on some level, it does appear that way.

Yet what they forgot, is that as these breakthrough geniuses connected with extraterrestrial technology, a whole higher path in human consciousness was being created that can never be erased.

Perhaps in times past, when the powerful Light codes flowing to the Earth now had not yet begun to shine forward, the old power schemes would have worked more easily, and more potently.

Now they fall by the wayside, out of step with the outcomes of the increasing vibration of humanity’s connection to the All That Is, as that awareness shines ever more powerfully in human heart-minds and etheric reality.

So that as you are asking how to bring forth NESARA, and how to bring forth the higher forms of technology that are currently still held back from release to humanity, you are asking in essence how to move up in vibration.

And the great beauty of this moment, is that you are all of you instinctively leaning into that capability in the most natural of ways.

We are heartened by the increasing numbers of people willing to meditate each day, even if only for 10 or 20 minutes.

Another powerfully encouraging sign are those willing to look to the skies to spot the ships that are increasingly seen there, with some performing meditations that connect groups and individuals to their ET families and soul groups.

Many now also include these beings in their descriptions of the Universe in which you live.

We also see many learning that rather than complain or feel defeated that NESARA has not yet fully dawned, it is far more empowering to actively call forth that event, with their joyful expectation, imaging, and the declarative command, “This is happening Now!” They are likewise calling forth the presence and assistance of Archangel Michael and his legions of Angels to enter the halls of every form of government, military, and intelligence hierarchy on the planet to let them know, “Your day is done.”

All must be made ready for that moment, yet we can tell you, the paving of the way is finished, and the final stages now begin.

And so we would say, concentrate on raising your vibration in the sense of meditating on and experiencing the frequency and reality of Divine Love, as it connects all consciousness everywhere in your Universe.

Free yourself—not only your mind and its known constructs, but all your spirit’s depth of experience—from the old ploys and traps of the dark days you have climbed through, and concentrate on moving to that place each day that is one of relaxed allowing of the higher good, for yourself and for all beings.

Focus on that which you can control, which has nothing to do with the date on the calendar, or the hour of the day, though Time is far more malleable than you might assume.

And that is your own inner Light, and how powerfully it connects with, draws in, and encourages into a giant flame of empowerment, all of the Light within every other person seeking Ascension on this planet.

There is your miracle—to focus on feeling Joyful, at Peace—yes, even now—as you both expect and command forth this great shift of the ages. Here is your Day, waiting for you to claim it as fully as you have claimed your dreams and visions. Now is your moment! Yes.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, always.