St Germaine: You are the Truth



Saint Germain: You are the Truth

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Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings beloved brothers and sisters, I am St Germain. I come forth with love, respect, and truth.

It is an honour to come forth to you and to share an activation. It is not an activation instigated by myself nor those upon the inner planes, it is more of a reminder of who you are and what you are capable of.

As I bring forth information and a remembrance, so the activation will automatically take place within your being. It may require your focus and your attention as you draw the energy and the truth from your being into your awareness, into your reality and your experience.

I, St Germain say to you, you are the truth, you are the truth in embodiment in this moment. You are the truth that exists on the 352 dimensions of the Creator’s Universe. You exist on all these multiple dimensions in different forms and expressions. With this in mind I, invite you to ask yourself:

Who am I?

 What is my truth?

 You are in existence on the Earth, you are in existence on all 352 dimensions of the Creator’s Universe, and yet in each dimension and upon the Earth you have a different form.

Within your existence on the Earth there are multiple dimensions. You are not only physical, not only emotional, and only mind, thinking, thoughts, awareness, and consciousness, you are so much more.

This means your truth is constantly shifting, and who you are is constantly changing. Your truth is an expression, an expression of the Creator that flows throughout all dimensions and throughout your being on the Earth. Everything you are holds the vibration of your truth.

If you ask within your being for one word that describes your truth throughout all the dimensions and your physical existence. What would that word be?

 Understanding that word allows you to grasp an understanding of your truth, your truth on all dimensions and in every existence. While this one word may be limiting in its expression of your truth, it aligns you, focusing your mind and your awareness, allowing the truth within you to activate.

Accessing this truth is like accessing a very pure aspect of your being, an aspect that is beyond the ego, even beyond thoughts, and form. This truth is beyond your soul’s contract for this existence and yet it is an integral aspect of your existence on the Earth.

You might say it is the foundation that creates everything. It is the foundation that manifests fulfillment for you on the Earth and all other dimensions. This word that you discover is like an activation, it is like a key that opens the door to your truth and who you truly are on all levels.

The other activation, I, Saint Germain, wish to share with you is a simple awareness and remembrance.

If your truth exists upon so many levels, dimensions and within your being, it is the same on all those dimensions and yet it evolves and blossoms.

This means that within every aspect of your Incarnation upon the Earth there is the vibration of truth, it is for you to explore this vibration of truth in a physical form and a physical way. A deeper understanding is that this vibration of truth exists within your cells, the cells of your physical body.

It has been there since your birth and remains within every single cell. To activate your truth into physical manifestation, physical awareness, and experience there is a need to activate the truth held within your cells.

In doing so your body and all energy bodies will transform, as if singing the vibration of your truth.

As your thoughts shift, your emotions shift, aspects of your physical body heal and transform. You will come to know yourself more fully with greater understanding, allowing your intuition to guide you further into fulfillment and expression of the Creator, therefore you gain a deeper understanding of the Creator, realizing the presence of the Creator is all around you, most prominently within you.

How does it change your perspective if you acknowledge that your cells hold the truth of your being, who you really are, the truth of the Creator, and that they are ready to be expressed and experienced?

You may notice your mind, and your thoughts begin to transform. Maybe you look at illness, death, healing, or your experiences on the Earth in a different way. Maybe you allow yourself to realize your inner power and the impact you have upon your own being, reality, and your ascension process. As you allow your thoughts and your perspective to shift and alter, the activation will take place.

I, St. Germain encourage you to take time in meditation, repeating the affirmation:

I am the truth of the Creator; I activate the truth from every cell of my being.

Imagine, sense, acknowledge, and contemplate your cells activating, releasing, holding, and emanating the vibration of truth. Imagine this for a few moments, imagine it daily, as you encourage yourself to acknowledge your truth, to activate your truth, and to experience your truth on the Earth. In doing so you will awaken all you are, and all that is the fulfillment and the Creator vibrations within your being.

Why do we need to recognize that the cells hold the truth?

 Often, we are impacted by outside influences, outside suggestions, opinions judgments, scenarios, experiences, and this impact the cells of your being.

What you put into your body, food, drink, other aspects that your body absorbs impacts your cells, impact even who you are.

As you allow yourself to acknowledge that your cells hold the truth, and this truth can be radiated, this understanding will overpower any outside influences or anything that you accept into your body, whether believing it as helpful or not.

The truth will transform you on so many levels of your being especially physically, reminding you of your health, well-being, healing abilities, and power which remains with you always, and yet sometimes is not recognized.

With outside influences impacting your being in so many different ways it is time to step into your power.

When you activate your cells as carriers of truth, you physically feel the presence of your truth.

You can act and react from this truth, creating truth in your reality.

As more and more people achieve this, so the reality of truth, the reality of the Creator will dawn and manifest present for all to experience.

I, St Germain, am present to assist and support you, my love is with you eternally.

I thank you,

I am St Germain

I am the truth of the Creator.



Linda Dillon: Jesus Sananda on Truth and Love

Linda Dillon: Jesus Sananda on Truth and Love

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Master Jesus

Jesus Sananda speaks of what is truth and encourages us to speak the words of truth which “must” be heard through the emotion and actions of Love during this time of the shift.

I am Jesus. I am Jesus Sananda. I am Jeshua, brother of your heart and brother of your soul. And, yes, I come forth this day simply to hold you, to walk and to be with you, to encourage you.

The words of truth must be heard. Now very seldom either in or out of form will you hear us use that word “must.” I use it this day to indicate to you that rapidity of the changes that are taking place, the benchmarks and the catalysts. And the catalysts, dear friend, for the completion of this shift are the words of truth and the emotion and actions of Love. What else is there?

When I have walked the Earth as Jeshua, and you have walked with me, I dare say that my words were not always popular. And they certainly weren’t always politically correct. And there were times when either my Mother or The Magdalena, my beloved one, would say to me “Can’t you just keep your mouth shut?” And sometimes I would even say it to myself, but I couldn’t because that was why I walked the Earth. It was to talk about the truth. And the truth wasn’t about war or money or greed or lust, political hierarchies or biblical hierarchies – it was about Love. It was about healing through Love. It was about sharing with Love. It was about tearing down the old and allowing the new to emerge. And, my beloved ones, that is exactly what you are doing. And how you do that is through the speaking of truth.

Now truth is always, always tempered with compassion. I have observed some people on your human plane, and they say, “Well it’s only the truth;” and it is so cruel. That is not what truth is. Truth is a reaching out. It is looking at the divinity. It is looking at the mirror in the person who is so unlike you and looking at that mirror until you see clearly that you are looking at me, you are looking at you, and you are looking at All. This shift is not about who is right and who is wrong. It is not about who has the best information. It is about Love. It has never changed.

So what I ask of you, my brothers and sisters, I ask for you to join with me and to let me join with you – during this time together in Love – to let all the self-criticisms go, to let all the judgment go, and to allow yourself to be who you are because I know you. And I know what you are capable of, and I know what you are capable of creating. Often you will underestimate yourself, but I never underestimate you. You have held the center for so long, you will not give up now. So I welcome you, and I ask of you: Let the truth flow. Let go of your mind and your ego, and let the truth flow.

Go in peace. Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted. [Full terms of copyright at


Jesus:Releasing your Emotioal Stuff

Jesus Through John: Releasing Your Emotional “Stuff”

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Master JesusJanuary 6, 2021 by John Smallman

You live inseparably in the Presence of the One, loved and cherished beyond your ability to fully understand.

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Emotional STUFF is arising for everyone everywhere that is unsettling, disturbing, even frightening for many.

Too many distractions – COVID-19, US Presidential election, Brexit, among other things – are pulling you, and many, many others, away from your inner work.

That work is essential, and it is to be loving whatever arises either in your personal lives or as reported in the world news.  Distraction from that work must not be allowed to prevent you from going within when you awaken in the morning, whenever you have a free moment during the day, and before sleeping at night, to relax in the peace and Love of your holy inner sanctuaries.

Yes, of course you have to attend to your daily human lives, however, do not let those daily chores and duties cause you to forget to do that inner work.  You incarnated to be here now doing this work to assist in humanity’s awakening.  You chose to be here at this time because you fully understood how important the work you would be doing was going to be.  That sense of knowing, of purpose has been diluted or is less than clearly apparent to many of you because of the limitations that being human imposes on you, veiling off much of your awareness both of your earthly task, and of your heavenly nature.

Many people have an ingrained sense that they are not good enough, that they are not worthy, that they are unlovable, but this is completely invalid.

Yes, as humans in form you could live your lives more lovingly and compassionately, and many of you have set and reset the intent to do this, but then you tend to judge yourselves very harshly and negatively when you see yourselves as having made an error, or failed.  As humans you have chosen to learn the lesson that you are Love incarnate, and opportunities to learn this are frequently presented to you, and sometimes you do not realize this at the time, or even shortly afterwards.

When, finally, you do realize, you often berate yourselves for not being aware in the moment that they happened.  When you dwell on these kinds of self-judgments, wondering how it was possible that you could have allowed yourselves to say or do what you said or did, you drain your energy and intensify the sense of not being good enough.  And doing that is depressing, is draining you of energy, because it is a shutting out of Love.

Remember, you are perfect divine beings, it is just that the Truth of that is hidden from you because of the limitations of being in human form.  And in remembering, also remember that you were created perfect by God Who Loves you utterly and completely without for even a moment judging you.

In that knowing forgive yourselves, stop clinging to and revisiting your mistakes and failings, which are, in any case, over and finished with, and move forward in the knowledge you are always and eternally loved as you live inseparably in the Presence of the One, loved and cherished beyond your ability to fully understand while you are still in form.

It is your destiny to awaken, because the awakening process was established in the precise moment in which you chose to experience separation – just a moment ago.

The environment of separation that you collectively established is extremely convincing in its presentation of unreality to you as Real. What is Real is utterly beautiful, peaceful, joyful, accepting, loving and honoring of you, in every moment of your eternal existence. Reality is where you are in every moment – there is nowhere else!  

This is confusing for you because you all want only to be loved, and yet everywhere you look you can see the opposite – fear, anger, hatred, bitterness, and despair – thus life can seem hopeless.  It is not!  You are all making enormous progress along your individual, and most beautifully designed and unique paths Home.

Very frequently this is not at all apparent as you experience stuff, situations, and relationship difficulties that seem totally removed from any evolutionary or spiritual purpose.  The experience of human life for each individual is individual.  That was the intention with which the collective encounter with separation was designed.  You each experience life in your own unique way; your experience is different from that of everyone else.

You cannot know what another’s path is, and therefore it is not helpful to try and put someone on the ‘right path,’ because there is no way you can know what or where it is, or where it may lead them.

What you can do is to support someone who is in trouble, in pain, or suffering by being present with them and seeing them, loving them, and listening to them.  As you all know, when someone focuses their attention on you – obviously ‘sees’ you, and listens to you – you feel much better in yourself, you feel that you ‘matter’ to that person, you feel accepted.  Everyone wishes to be accepted, and Love is acceptance, It always accepts unconditionally because that is what Love is, It never sets conditions because there are none.

Over the last year people have become more disconnected, more separated from others than had come to be accepted as normal, and this has been extremely unsettling and disturbing for them.

Therefore, those of you who are reading or listening to this or to other loving messages need to intensify your intent to be only loving whatever arises.  You are all undoubtedly finding that much more is arising for you yourselves, as well as for the human collective, and the reasons that this is so are quite clear, as you deal with your own stuff intensifying as it arises to be acknowledged, thanked – you pre-established it all as part of your individual life paths to nudge or shove you toward awakening – and released.

As you release it instead of reacting to it, focus on giving thanks for what it has taught you, because, in doing so, you will find within yourselves the strength and an intensified desire to interact only lovingly with all others.  And that is why you are presently incarnate in human form.

Your individual task is to be loving.  This does not mean that you surrender your sovereignty or agree with opinions or beliefs that are unloving, instead you just behave and speak in ways that are in alignment with Love, while not engaging in judgment of others.  Every human has experienced more than enough judgment and shaming as they have lived their human lives, and, as you can see very clearly, this is extremely divisive –SEPARATING!

All are One, so to awaken is to cease engaging in divisiveness.

Allow others their different opinions without feeling a need either to correct them or agree with them.  Disagreement can be very inspiring if you can fully listen to the other’s position or perception, because it can peacefully and lovingly show you any flaws that may exist in your own.  Disagreement is normal – I like cookies, you like cake – and does not have to be divisive, instead honor those with whom you disagree, and you will find very often that they will honor you.

This will allow you both to move forward freely and happily, accepting each other’s individuality, instead of judging their disagreement with you as wrong, and then bearing resentments or grudges against each other, which, of course, just drains your energy, leaving you feeling tired, angry, and depressed – DRAINED!

When you feel like this, it is because you have chosen to be upset by the other person’s beliefs, attitudes, or behaviors, and then dwell on how unfair or unreasonable they are.

But why would you focus on ‘stuff’ that drains you?

It makes absolutely no sense.

If you need others to agree with you, it means that you are not accepting yourselves.

And why don’t you?

God accepts you completely and utterly just as you are, so honor Her by accepting yourselves.

Self-judgment is not in alignment with Love, so let it go, it is invalid, and enjoy the peace that then replaces it.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


Magenta Pixie: Action plus Intention equals Cohesion

Magenta Pixie ~ Action Plus Intention Equals Cohesion

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by Petra Pixie McGuire on Facebook , October 25, 2020

Action taken does not necessarily create an energetic match to that action. Action combined with intention in heart and mind is what creates the energetic match.

Two people tearing plastic and pulling barriers off goods they need to purchase that have been deemed ‘non essential’ and banned from sale.

One pulls the barrier off as an act of sovereignty, empowerment and to make a stand for freedom but is composed and balanced in thought whilst doing so. This person creates a match in their reality to sovereignty, empowerment and freedom.

Another pulls the barrier off in resistance to control holding anger, deep sadness, confusion and with feelings of revenge and retribution in mind. This person holds validity as much as the other yet creates a match in their reality to anger, sadness, confusion and revenge.

A crude example maybe but the point is intention and action must be combined. Heart, head and deed aligned. This is what it means to be cohesive.

Some watch these individuals and sees them as heroes whilst others see them as criminals. One cannot find true empathy, understanding or solidarity with another without understanding perspective and intention.

The one who sees neither hero nor criminal but understands both the examples of mindsets given above, is the one who holds cohesion of mind/body and is free from judgement yet holds the knowing and the ability to act with true justice.

These are universal and cosmic opportunities being given to us all, as a planetary nation now, in order to further our own growth, awareness and enlightenment. Gratitude shall ground these opportunities into your fields as epiphanies and downloads for gratitude creates receptivity to higher awareness and deeper thinking.

Blessings, Magenta Pixie 🙏

Blossom Goodchild: The Federation of Light

The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, Sept. 13, 2020

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Once again, here we are. Although things are appearing to be worse, I am actually feeling more hopeful.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and at the end of the day, my heart tells me that although there are still many bumpy bits to come, the road we are walking, indeed, is taking us into a far, far better place. Good morning!

Welcome to you, Blossom. Welcome to Each One. Indeed, a positive beginning, that of course shall lead to a positive outcome.

Makes a change! I have, like many been so confused in my thinking and indeed my Truths. However, the KNOWING that all will be well is becoming stronger for me and we just have to batten down the hatches and get on with it and get through it, shining our Light as Brightly as we are able to do, at any one given moment.

We are wondering if you need us at all today, Blossom?

Funny! Yet, best we clarify that we don’t ‘need you’ … in the nicest possible way. To need is a feeling of lack in some way. Yet, we do so appreciate all that you have to offer from your level of KNOWING. It gives HOPE to so many.

Although we jest with you … let us look at how far one has travelled. How much deeper the KNOWING OF SELF has entered in, throughout all that has been taken place to confuse and disrupt yet, at the same time … bring Strength and Truth into a world that has been riddled with lies for eons of time.

Yes, things that have been brought to my attention regarding Truth or lies have taken my understanding of corruption to a whole new level. Some things sit well; others don’t.

Dearest souls, within this ‘receiving’ time, we suggest that you allow matters to filter through you … not reside within you.

Receiving time?

Indeed. For not only are many receiving information that is new to them, KNOW that one is also receiving and accepting gifts of great renewal within their individual systems.

You are putting a question mark in your mind, Blossom.

By this, we mean that although you may feel downcast and confused and all manner of disturbances within the self, due to all that is taking place … we ask that you take on board the knowledge that you are being upgraded … as a Human Being.


We are not saying that the worst is over … not by a long shot. Yet we ARE saying that YOUR TRUST … IN YOUR TRUTH … SHALL EXPAND EXPONENTIALLY … the more you feel deep within your Being, of this TRUTH.

The Truth I am beginning to understand is not that of ‘any particular matter’, yet, the silence within me! That feeling of … Me/Divinity/Nothingness … allows me to feel stronger than ever before and it seems that no matter what comes to my attention … by returning to this ‘place’ within me … I KNOW I AM DOING EVERYTHING I CAN by doing nothing other than returning to that KNOWING.

We are smiling greatly from a place of pleasurable Energetics.

What, at me? Look at me go! Perhaps I’ve had a walk-in!

No, Blossom, you have simply walked further down the road!

As Each and Every One are doing.

Yes, there is still a long way to go. Yet, by transferring thoughts over to the positive, within all that is going on, the Vibratory Frequency of each thought allows the NEW WORLD to draw ever closer.


We understand the predicament of many upon your Planet. We understand that there is much that is taking place that is to be of a reveal that will take your Planet into turmoil, in one way or another. We are not denying this that is to come.

Yet, we ask that you diligently focus on the ‘OUTCOME’. Keep your thoughts Jubilant regarding matters that shall lead you into a BRIGHTER, LIGHTER UNION.

We have, for so long, spoken of days of wonder … and we categorically state that you are moving into these times. So, when everything around you is looking more chaotic than you can imagine, not only shall you feel strong enough to walk your talk … you will discover a ‘you’ that you would very much like to Be, yet, felt those ‘positions’ were only for the ‘very …

I feel you want to say ‘saintly’ … is that right? It seems an odd word.

Is this not because of what has been revealed to you regarding ‘certain saints’ not being anything like they have been portrayed?

Probably. Not that I went along with sainthood anyway, to be honest. Shall we just put it down to a figure of speech then?

As was originally intended, Blossom.

Please … Continue forth …

The ‘You’ that you shall discover as you recognize more and more of yourself will bring you into a different feeling of yourself. A Joy, a Feeling of content … because of YOUR KNOWING OF SELF.

We are very much aware how we ‘harp on,’ as one would say, regarding this matter … yet, it is of such importance.


For within that KNOWING lies all that is necessary. It is as if a ‘filing cabinet’ has been unlocked within you and every file has been read and understood … and yet, at the same time … the pages are blank!

Eh? Elaborate to those of us that desire you to, please? (Even though, on some wordless level I know what you mean!)


Within the ‘human mind,’ there is a need to KNOW everything and yet, within the soul-self there is not the need because everything is KNOWN.

Even though we don’t know it!?

Even though you ‘think’ you don’t know it.

So, if we are ready to accept that this is so, how do we find out? How do we know that we know everything?

By allowing the KNOWING to tell you that there is nothing to KNOW!

Because we already know it?

Because Everything is KNOWN by Everyone/Everything … because Everyone /Everything IS EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING.

Ridiculously enough, I am following you. Shall we get back to the more practical assignments? Assignments? What made me say that?

We did! The Plan right now, for each of you who read these words and also, for those who are informed through other means … is …



When you consider this, Blossom, and what it actually represents … can you say there is anything more profound that you could do … even on a practical level?

For, Dearest souls, do you see? Being your Light covers All and Everything in ways of wanting to assist. In ways of fulfilling your purpose down here at this time.

In doing so … everything you say, everything you choose to do … will be coming from the HIGHEST PLACE OF WHO YOU ARE.


No more superior place that you can resonate from. And when you are resonating from this Higher KNOWING place of yourself … there is nothing other than the Greatest Good that will come from every thought, every action, every word, that is uttered.

WHEN YOU LIVE IN YOUR TRUTH … and we mean that as literally as possible, in a sense … when your TRUTH is where you reside at all times … there is ONLY LOVE that can come from you. In this, we mean LOVE from the Highest aspect that can emanate from you.

We are speaking this way today, in the KNOWING that as many read these words, there is an ACTIVATION taking place. The heart is stirring … for it is connecting with these codes and recognizing them as coming from ‘HOME’.

Will this not happen for everyone? Because you say ‘for many’?

No, and yes!

Helpful answer.

In that, for those who are ‘not feeling it’ and may even find they have an adverse effect than that which we are stating … it is not to say that the words are not waiting outside the door and will wait patiently for the time when it is opened to let them in.

Each soul walks along the pathway at their own pace. Each soul has the right to stop at different ‘pitstops’ and remain there for as long as they choose.


Just because one behaves/responds to a matter very differently from you, does not mean they are any better or any worse than you. Of course, this is not the case. It simply means they have matters to attend to along the way, that shall bring them into alignment with themselves in a way that benefits.

How many different roads or means of transport are there to any one given place, dear friends? One way may suit YOU perfectly, yet to another, it may appear to be the most boring. Another way may appear suitable to some and yet, there were no ‘tickets’ available and so another way was chosen and it was found to be the most DIVINE, even though one had not expected it to be part of their plan.


I think that has to be the statement of the year, Guys. I can really understand why we need to be exposed to some of the stuff that is out there ‘now’, so that we can absorb /accept and transform our initial feelings about it, in order to then be strong enough to assist others when certain information is brought to Light and those who have remained naïve, crumble to their knees.


Perhaps I better order a fleet of minibusses. I’m sure I’d get a discount!

No need, Dearest Blossom … for the wings of angels will be there to assist.

Oh, how beautiful! My heart opened up and tears came. For me, that always means ‘TRUTH’.

In so much Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.