Frequency splits into Timelines, Timelines are Splitting apart

Frequency Splits into Timelines; Timelines are Splitting Apart

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I’m producing a book on the fate of the dark, which will be published in parts.

Can you explain timelines to me please?

Ivo: Everything is energy and frequency. There is no other law. Everything in consciousness vibrates and that is because it is alive. Everything has a measurable frequency. This frequency can be changed in the human and other species of life because that is the nature of life: learning and evolving. (1)

Ivo: Frequency will always split into timelines. Disparate frequencies cannot co-exist. They will always split out. More and more realities will emerge from this point in time, thankfully more positive ones than negative. (2)

Ivo: The timelines are splitting out and they are qualified in terms of truth versus lies. You get to choose which you wish to invest your energy in. In other words you are voting now, but with your energy. And you are investing in the future you wish your children to have. (3)

Ivo: The timelines are splitting apart and will continue to do so according to the frequency of members of the collective. Similar frequencies will collect in new timelines. It is important what you believe and who you allow to influence you now, very important. (4)

How do timelines enter the picture?

St. Germain: There are many timelines that will take you out of this cycle, and you are creating them all of the time. (5)

Ashtar: There are those amongst you who have decided not to take part in this jump. They have chosen an alternative journey and a different timeline to follow. Honour their free will and their decision. (6)

Diane of Sirius: Everyone stands at the crossroads of evolution and either you choose to go forward and move to a new timeline or remain in your present dimension.

You cannot fail to be touched by the higher energies, but if you cannot assimilate them into your being you will eventually leave the new Earth that is emerging. (7)

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: It would not be in the interests of those whose vibrations have not been lifted to try and find a place in Ascension as, even if they could somehow do so, it would be a very uncomfortable experience. Their timeline will continue to progress in a new cycle in another direction that will eventually offer them a further opportunity to achieve Ascension. A soul’s evolution is ongoing and planned to eventually ensure success. (8)

What determines our experience on the different timelines?

Divine Mother: Although multiple timelines do exist and intermingle, it is still up to the collective of the timeline in which you find your major focus that will determine what you experience. We encourage you to leave the structures of the old energy to fall into decay on their own. Placing your focus upon them or resisting them in any way gives these structures power, at least for a short time. Focus instead on your own inner journey.  (9)

Will people on different timelines disappear from each other?

It will not happen on… any … date that you will be standing beside two others and before your very eyes, they will disappear into their own “timelines.” (10)

What can we expect from the timelines of the future after the separation has occurred?

Archangel Michael: The timelines of the future lead to higher, more stable ground, away from the broad spectrum of duality and the illusion of separation. (11)


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The 9D Arcturian Council: New Energies and Timelines to End2020 on a High Note


The 9D Arcturian Council: New Energies & Timelines to End 2020 on a High Note

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by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been exploring all of the many possible timelines that you have in front of you, now that you have gotten this far into the year of 2020, and we have noticed that there are some new trends in what it is you are collectively creating for yourselves.

The possibilities have been multiplied for you because of the fact that you are all shining your light more brightly and wanting to be seen and heard. You have shown that you have a unique perspective, and you are recruiting others to bask in your light.

We are, of course, speaking to those of you who have been maintaining a high vibration throughout the year.

We know that you will have moments of sadness, fear, and so many other lower-vibrational emotions that will come up, but that was all by design.

You wanted to release them. You wanted to get to this point where you are now.

You wanted to be ready for what would come next, and so those of you who are in touch with your feelings have been processing, purging, releasing. You’ve been doing a wonderful job of cleansing yourselves out, making yourselves ready for the energies that are coming in now to help you finish off the year of 2020 on a high note.

You have an opportunity to create a version of reality that is much different from the one that you were living in prior to the beginning of this calendar year. And you have that unique opportunity because of all that this year of 2020 has brought up for you.

It has been an inspiring year in that you now know more than ever what you need to function harmoniously as a society. You know now more than ever that sometimes you have to help each other out because in some situations, you cannot rely upon your governments to swoop in and take care of everything.

You are recognizing yourselves as a collective more every single day because of the way that the pandemic has affected all of you.

It has made you think about people living in other parts of the world that you don’t normally think about.

It has opened you up to the healing energies that have been coming in from the Pleiadian star system and elsewhere.

It has gotten you to focus, and when you are focused as a collective, you are so extremely powerful.

We do not see humanity headed for a dystopian future. We do not see you giving more of your power away as a result of the pandemic. We see the opposite occurring.

We have seen the timelines that you have created as a result of all that you have lived in the year 2020, and we are very encouraged because these new timelines have you operating as a collective, as a global community.

And the attempts to divide you are not working. They really aren’t. They work on a small segment of the population, and that segment of the population just happens to be very loud, and they happen to be getting a lot of media attention.

But you are not more divided now. Do not believe anyone that tells you that is the case, because we can see the broad perspective, the bigger picture, and we know you are coming together.

And we know that you are stronger in your unity. We know that it is the compassion within you that has been sparked by the loss and the suffering of others. And we know that you are ready to start building a bridge between now and the very powerful year that you have to come.

The year of 2021 will be the year of unity.

All that have awakened, and all that will awaken, in this calendar year are going to be building some bridges, bringing people together and accessing the power of the human collective consciousness.

We are very excited to see what you do when you bring all of that together and you begin to create as a conscious collective of awakened souls.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Beacons of Light – Timeline Merge

Beacons of Light ~ Timeline Merge Message From July 2019

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by Steve Rother, June 26, 2019,

This is a message from June but relevant to Now.  Thanks to Sitara for the find.

Greetings, dear ones.

I am eM. I join you today in such a beautiful energy. Humanity is evolving at an incredible pace. Today we share with you what is coming and your position in it. So much is taking place right now.

Over periods of time, the physical body will begin to lose density and your spirit will start to emerge. It happens very naturally, very comfortably. This is a natural stage of evolution, not something you must do. It is simply your willingness to go forward and step into those next energies.

We have also recently opened the Esayoto, which is a safe space to begin stretching out as a spirit. It is a place where you can step up from planet Earth and stretch out as a spirit.

Learn to revitalize your spirit first and strengthen the process of connecting to Home while you are walking on the Earth. These processes are getting more important as you step into this next level.

Although right now there are just few that are preparing the Esayoto and stretching out into it, creating it. That is open for everyone to do, so start using it in new ways and we will share more as you go forward.

Timeline Merge

We want to talk about the timeline merge which is coming up. Humanity has been experiencing the illusion of time in a linear fashion. Yes, it’s very simple. Everything on your side of the veil is finite, it has a beginning and an end. Yet everything on our side of the veil is infinite.

Now the two don’t match very well and it is rather difficult to understand the whole concept. But understand this, as you have been working with time in a linear fashion you create what is called a timeline.

There are other timelines that exist right next to yours. Multiple dimensions also create similar situations of timelines that run in all sorts of directions. They all don’t go in the same direction, for some of them cross each other from time to time. This happened rarely on Earth until recently.

When a timeline crosses, it leaves permanent imprints in the collective of both timelines. Many of the stories repeated in your cultures are the result of two or more timeline crossings. This particular one is coming up later this year in November, but it is difficult to name the specific date that this will take place.

It is not a direct timeline-cross, instead more of a gradual merge that will remain together far longer than a direct 90=degree cross. The merge will be at its peak on November 23, 2019, so we encourage you to celebrate this date as your heart connections draw the time lines closer.

A New Balance

This timeline merge brings the opportunity to reset the energetic balance of your game. The stories about King Arthur, Camelot, and Merlin were in another dimension of time space that crossed yours, leaving behind a story that has retold for generations.

They were in a timeline running right next to yours, a harmonic of your dimensional timeline. Now what takes place is that sometimes you have bleed over between those two. However, what took place was that those timelines actually crossed and they left permanent imprints going forward. This is not the only timeline cross that has changed your world.

Many of the great events throughout all of your history were actually timeline crosses where a unique, beautiful energy was about to emerge. These crossed the timelines, leaving huge imprints and new directions, energies and opportunities for all of humanity going forward.

Feminine Balance

So, what exactly does this timeline merge bring? We tell you, dear ones, there’s a new paradigm for all humans. It’s coming at a very critical time because the rays of the feminine energies are about to achieve a new balance.

With your help and focus this balance can imprint your timeline as well as theirs, because the door is opening with this merge. If humanity can ground this energy and the feminine steps forward, the door will remain open and a new balance will prevail.

With all the changes that have the opportunity of landing on your planet right now, you’re actually in a very good position to take this to the next level. We been preparing you for this. Does it mean you’re going to exit Earth or step out of this body consciously? No, it doesn’t, for it is a gradual process that has already started.

A Time of Mastery

Until then there are opportunities to master everything that you encounter in your lives, which is incredible. It means that everything you have mastered, not just as an individual but as a collective of all humans, are problems that you won’t have to deal with on the next level of incarnation.

You will also see people walking around in daily life with eyes a little bit brighter. That’s the spirit starting to shine through the dense physical body in a different way, with all new capabilities. You’re going to see new opportunities to connect and to make these harmonic connections.

But probably the most important thing is that when you come across this timeline merge, you’ll feel a shift in energy. It is common for humans to feel these shifts of energy and go into fear. If that happens, or if humans fail to anchor and adopt the new balance of energy, this door will close. As usual, the status quo resists change and therefore there will be substantial resistance.

Fear is the opposite of love and humans are often controlled by fear. Remain calm and re-member that you’re here at this time for a very specific reason. Because of that atunement you can’t see everything that’s occurring, but your spirit has a much larger view that your humanity cannot yet see and it will guide you.

A Magical Space

We’ve also told you there is a place being created, which is so magical and it will help in becoming comfortable with the new balance and carrying more of your spirit. Even in the interactions that you have right now on a daily basis, these are not a place to hide but rather an opportunity to practice carrying more light.

As you return to your reality, you actually carry more light and become part of the change. The feminine will find power and achieve a new balance going forward. As you have witnessed the division between the sexes is diminishing anyway, which is all part of stepping out of duality.

We tell you, we are so incredibly proud of what you have done. If you look at your news and where you measured vibration or success before, it may not seem to be heading in that direction because there is so much separation and demonization of enemies.

It’s much bigger than that, dear ones, so don’t buy into any of it because that is the illusion of being a finite human. We will take you into the possibilities, then return you to the infinite existence that you’ve always had as a spirit.

When timelines cross not only are imprints made that go forward, but you actually become more comfortable with the illusion of the timeline. Now that you’ve stepped into the fifth dimension the entire process of linear time is degrading very rapidly, so it’s perfect.

It’s with the greatest of honor that we greet you in these ways to bring your little reminders from Home. I ask you to treat each other with the greatest of respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity and play this game well together.

I am eM and I love you dearly.


The group


Timeline Split and August Eclipse Gateway

Sandra Walter: Timeline Split and the August Eclipse Gateway with Video
July 1, 2017 by Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe

The strong entry to the August eclipse Gateway during the Solstice prompted me to complete a video about preparations, Gridwork and the current unfoldments with timelines. The intention is to reach the Lightworkers who prefer YouTube to reading articles, so that everyone may unify in this Divine Service.

While the intel on what the eclipse symbolizes was mentioned in recent interviews, I will save that topic for next week’s article. Remember that New Earth grid system preparation, especially along the eclipse pathway, is a focus through July. The dates for the August gateway, the path of totality, and the timeline bifurcation are mentioned in the video.

July 1-7 is the traditional (etheric) conclave of the Ascended Masters at Mount Shasta. We will focus on owning our Mastery during the Unity Meditations on SUNday.

Tuesday, July 4 is Independence Day here in the USA; a wonderful day for Gridwork and grounding the highest intentions for the August Gateway. Enjoy the video!

In Love, Light and Service,

“Timeline Split and the August Eclipse Gateway: Video,” by Sandra Walter, June 29, 2017, at

Source link: Sandra Walter Creative Evolution

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