Pleiadian Message: The Big Shift



Pleiadian Message: The Big Shift

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by Christine Day

Beloved ones we greet you,  At this juncture on your Earth there is an energetic diversity building between the play out of illusion and Truth.

The 3rd dimensional illusion, this drama is explosive. Simultaneously the Light is expanding, growing daily.

Your planet is undergoing a rapid rebirth, and you are moving into a complete metamorphic shift within your physical, energetic and emotional bodies.

This time heralds in ‘the big shift’ as you approach the end of your calendar year.

Waves of light are being set in motion throughout the earth plane creating new energetic forms being made manifest on your planet. These higher vibrational forms are being established in order to support the birthing and then the stabilization of a higher order of multidimensional Grids. These Grids hold the sacred design for this time.

You are being made energetically ready to play an essential role within your Heart in forming an alliance to these Grids. You, your Heart, are actually to play a transformed role by becoming a natural energetic extension of the multidimensional frequency Network.

Your natural heritage is one of being electric in nature. As you become a link within the Network vibration you are being returned, recalibrated back into your natural state of being multidimensional.

All of your systems, which include your Pineal, Brain synapses, Spinal fluid, Sacrum and physical cells within your body is being upgraded electrically. Your energetic field is undergoing a magnetic upgrade; you are being made ready for this monumental shift that will become fully manifest by your New Year timeline.

You are requiring balance within your life to support this rapid change. This stability through balance can only be achieved through a conscious choice process of building a deeper link within your Heart.

Only you can achieve this ongoing building of reconnection within your Heart through conscious choice. Your conscious action of ‘choosing’ is incredibly powerful and is an essential component to your awakening process.

The Heart is your central access point to the Universal God consciousness. You hold a unique design sacred imprint within your Heart, and you are received and recognized through this imprint.

The Magnetic Core within your planet will shift its role in the last few weeks of the calendar year. The Magnetic Core will act as a centerpiece, transmitting a higher vibrational form of illumination outwards across the planet.

The Magnetic Core will radiate outwards this higher order of light, which is destined to bathe the Earth, and infuse through all life force energy existing on the planet.

The Magnetic Core can be likened to being like a central wheel with spokes. Shards of light will radiate outwards. These spirals of light will be drawn into the individual frequency of the divine presence of your Heart. You will be part of the creation energy of Earth through this reconnection.

Through the multidimensional reconnection of your Heart’s sacred chamber you become an initiator to establish a telepathic communion between yourself and others.  This is a design for forming communities of light to hold this mirror of light steady on Earth. This is your purpose, an essential aspect of your mission at this juncture.

Be still and let go within your Heart.

Love and blessings,

the Pleiadians


The 9D Arcturian Council:Continue to Practice Using Your Abilities



The 9D Arcturian Council: Continue to Practice Using Your Abilities

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by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have begun to explore some of the abilities that you will have once you are fully fifth dimensional, and you will get better at utilizing these abilities with practice.

You cannot expect to master one of these abilities right away. They are no different than your musical instruments, or speaking a foreign language, or playing a sport.

You get better with practice at all of those things, and your abilities are no exception. What we see many of you doing is giving up. You think it should be easier, and so you stop practicing.

Now let us be clear about which abilities we are speaking about.

The easiest one for you to tap in to at this time is telepathy, but you don’t want to think of telepathy as you sending a thought to another person. You want to practice using telepathy by being of the same vibration as another person, and then you both know what the other one knows in that moment. Or you both receive the same download or inspired idea.

Telekinesis will be another fifth dimensional ability that you will have once you complete your shift, and some of you are finding that you are successful in being able to mentally move a spoon, for example.

This is a skill that has been demonstrated on many different occasions. But we recommend that you start with something less solid. Start with energy. Send energy to a different part of the room where you are, and then go to that part of the room and see if you can pick up on it.

Teleportation and time travel are abilities that are very far off from where you are now, and so even attempting to engage in them can be quite discouraging.

Now, you will all be healers and channels as fifth dimensional beings.

These are other areas where it is easy to give up because you don’t feel something right away or because you don’t speak for the beings that you want to connect with right away.

But playing with the ability to move energy through you is one of the more satisfying experiences that you can have in the fourth dimension, and it is a very good way for you to create change in your world.

As we have recently said, change will happen within you first.

You will feel the energetic shifts before you see the shifts in the physical realm, the physical realm being slower than the energetic one.

It will also benefit you greatly having patience at this time, as we know many of you are ready for full e.t. contact and ready for the shift to be completed.

But instead, you wait. You wait for your fellow humans to catch up, and while you are waiting, you might as well do something with all that time you have on your hands.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”