Ivo of Vega: Why you are not Calm and why you should be Meditating

Ivo of Vega: Why You are Not Calm, and Why You Should be Meditating.

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by Sharon Stewart


Sharon:  Could you explain why we should be meditating. Ivo?

Ivo: Thank you, my love. You are doing fine. This will abate for you shortly. There may be another dip at New Year’s as this is another favorite satanic holiday.

Me: True.

Ivo: As for those who are living in fear, there is a way out of this. And it is easier now to procure than it ever was before. As positive energies arise, you are taking in more and more positive energy. So, when you magnify this intake while meditating, you are aligning more and more with your higher self.

The positive energies coming in are relieving you of your negative frame of mind. All that you have learned in the Matrix is being challenged by these higher energies and your guidance team.

However, you still go to work in the Matrix; you still engage with your families as in the Matrix; you watch television, Netflix and more.

All of the body’s chakras align with a gland of the endocrine system. The endocrine system has been targeted by your Frankenfood systems (adrenals, pancreas), refined sugars (pancreas and adrenal glands), chemicals (pineal, pituitary gland, thyroid gland).

You will note that the sacral chakra, which aligns with your emotional body, corresponds to the adrenal glands. This is why you can have adrenalin bursts when you experience emotions such as fear, terror, horror, and excitement. This is also the sexual chakra, and sexual excitement corresponds to the adrenals as well.

What you may already understand about the chakras, is that when they are out of balance, so is your expression of life.

There are two nervous systems within your body: one is energizing, giving you energy for fight, flight, or fleeing, and the other is calming: this helps to maintain your serenity when you may be experiencing situations that would normally upset you, such as trolls, or aggressive people, or war situations.

The first is called the Sympathetic Nervous System, and the calming aspect is called the Parasympathetic Nervous System.

Most people on earth have out of balance adrenals or sacral chakras, which indicate they have too much energy or hyper energy controlling their nervous system. You call this “stress.” When stressed your adrenals are producing too much energy and your second (sacral) chakra is not balanced or calm. If you study your extraterrestrial friends, or the masters upon earth such as Adama or St Germain, you will see they are always calm. That is the true alignment for a powerful human, not hyperactivity or stress.

The parasympathetic nervous system is aligned with the intuition. The sympathetic nervous system is aligned with the intellect. Your brain is largely divided and this has been through deliberate intervention, so that you experience predominantly your sympathetic nervous system.

Westerners learn to live life through the intellect because that is what is encouraged and what is taught to you. Your Matrix is created and set up to favour the intellect and to disregard the calming parasympathetic nervous system and intuition.

This is an off-balance life. Of course you require the use of the intellect and this is in order to do your soul’s work. Your soul has the intellect of the spiritual (Light), which is intuition to you, and this is channeled down to your mind so that your intellect can take appropriate action.

For example, Sharon was warned today as she went through the drive through that the server would mess up her order and that she was to remain calm. Despite her aggravated third-dimensional state, she complied, and remained calm when the server added items and disregarded other items.

Me: I stayed calm. I figure there’s something wrong with her headset or she’s nervous or something.

Ivo: But this information was relayed to you and you were warned to stay calm and you did.

Me: I suppose if I ever want to jump back to higher timelines, the faster way to get there is to stay calm.

Ivo: You are taught what you need to know to get to higher timelines, and when you drop back again to do transmutation work, it is best to simply use what you have learned, of course. That way you master yourself, rather than becoming a victim to the energies you are still transmuting.

Me: True.

Ivo: The intellect is supposed to be used to do the work of the higher mind in the physical. In your western world, you use the intellect alone and therefore, you end up in stress and many have adrenal burnout problems. Your endocrine glands are under attack by the dark forces because they keep the corresponding chakras out of balance, particularly the lower 4 glands: the thymus (heart), pancreas (solar plexus), adrenals (sacral) and the sex organs (root chaka).

Your entire society is created to entice you to indulge in excesses, which imbalance your chakras and produce stress in your sympathetic nervous system. On top of ignoring your calming parasympathetic nervous system, this makes for much illness and stress, where it is not necessary.

The solution is to engage your parasympathetic nervous system and to strengthen it as well. Shift your focus from stressful thinking to calming the mind. Perhaps long hot baths, other types of non-active relaxation, painting, or pleasant strolls, and most of all – meditation. Meditation strengthens the parasympathetic nervous system and the calming response.

There are many types of meditation and there are many people offering their guidance for free on your social media.

Me: Like Youtube videos.

Ivo: Yes. When your parasympathetic nervous system is activated and strong, it helps to combat the stress response that you predominate to. It helps you to stay calm during times that normally would be stressful.

It helps to strengthen your endocrine system.

When you combine meditation with a diet free of white sugar, carbohydrate, caffeine, alcohol and chemicals, your sympathetic nervous system, and the corresponding chakras get some relief from stress.

Currently there are doctors who are aware of this overactive stress response and the damage it causes to the endocrine system. They are aware of the causes of this as well. If you are interested, research “Metabolic Syndrome” and follow any advice given.

This will help to calm you during the coming year and beyond.

Me: Thank you, Ivo.

Ivo: My love, the body is intuitive, intelligent and self-healing. However it must be used appropriately to be allowed to heal. Your western society throws the body out of balance, and of course this is in order for you to create loosh. Relaxation is possible, even during trying times.


(edited for content by permission)