Living within a 5D Bubble of Light

Living within a 5D Bubble of Light – Part 2/2

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(Concluded from Part 1, yesterday. I haven’t found Part 1 yet (ed) will post when available)

Benefits of your 5D Bubble of Light

Your 5D Bubble of Light can particularly serve you in certain ways, such as:

Functioning Comfortably in the Outer World: If you remember your 5D Bubble when you go out in the world, encountering anything negative out there will be much less disturbing. For instance, when you see everyone wearing masks, standing apart, looking fearful, lonely or despairing – the negative vibrations will not penetrate your 5D Bubble so easily. They will be met by the joy, love and peace you’ve created in it, which will soften the blow. You will still feel deep compassion for all you see and perhaps feel moved to interact with people in a kind and friendly manner, but any negativity you encounter will not impact you as much.

It will be as if you’re living in your own personal “New Earth” world wherever you go. You’ll see people still living in the “Old Earth” world, and they may begin to look somewhat alien or strange to you, as if they’re on a completely different planet – a sensation that may startle you at first. But with your 5D Bubble around you, you will navigate the Old Earth world with greater ease. And you’ll know that your own 5D vibration is serving to shift the frequency around you, wherever you go.

Healing Yourself: What may be more challenging is when negative emotions and memories surface from within your own consciousness. This is happening more and more these days for everyone, as the Earth gradually shifts toward the Fifth Dimension. Anything you have in your unconscious that is of a low vibration – any unresolved trauma, wounding or karma – is going to arise within you, because it cannot go with you into the Fifth Dimension. It must be seen, healed and released.

Remembering to visualize and feel the 5D Bubble’s light within and around you will greatly enhance your efforts to deal with these uncomfortable and sometimes frightening feelings that may be surfacing. The energy of the Bubble will provide a more gentle and supportive environment for your attempts to heal the wounding through fully meeting the traumatic emotions with compassion for yourself – and eventually releasing them into the light.

Trusting in Source: These are times in which trust in Source/God is essential. In many ways, there is no other choice, as all the usual ways to provide for yourself and keep yourself safe seem to be disappearing. Especially if your financial situation looks dire or your health challenges have increased, you may feel yourself in a state of fear about survival; and this can be terrifying if you haven’t learned to trust that you will be taken care of, one way or another – just as you always have been.

Yet, in living within your 5D Bubble, you will feel more comfortable and confident about moving into trust and have the courage to act on it. With this, you’ll see how magic can begin to happen. You’ll find answers to problems you’ve never seen before, and begin to relax in ways that are surprising to you.

Keeping Aware of What you Are Creating: As challenging as it can be at times, responding to all situations in as high a vibration as possible is easier within a field of 5D consciousness: you remember you have a choice to respond with love, understanding, kindness, and compassion – and, if possible, with joy, gratitude and peace. It’s easier to keep aware of your thoughts and emotions. And to remember that the Quantum Field records everything you’re thinking and feeling and responds by giving you back what you are spending time thinking about and feeling strong emotions about.

Staying in Your Heart: Staying aware of your 5D Bubble helps you to remember that the Fifth Dimension is essentially about love. It reminds you to stay loving, no matter what occurs. Your focus is on your Heart where the love of Source for all of creation naturally resides. And perhaps most importantly, it is easier to focus on loving yourself unconditionally, no matter what you do or say or feel.

Staying in the Moment: You have probably discovered that any time your attention shifts to the future – which is not only shaky and uncertain, but seemingly dire at times – fear appears and your vibration drops. Within your Bubble, there’s a feeling of safety. You can certainly make plans for future events or things you will do, but you are able to stay flexible and fluid with them.

You become aware that the only safe and sane place to be is in present time – and actually, in the very moment you’re living. You experience how the present moment is what is real; and that it is where you create your future. You see that, if you keep yourself happy and positive in the moment, you are creating this experience for the next moment and the next and the next.

Keeping Yourself Healthy: During these times, it is especially important to keep your physical body healthy and to do what you can to boost your immune system, to exercise, and to eat healthy foods. The energy in your Bubble will encourage these things. It will also help keep you grounded.

In sum, you can transform your entire life by creating this 5D field of light around you that uniquely supports and lifts you in every situation. It just takes some intention and awareness of what is present once you’ve created it.

Should you forget about it at times, no problem. Once you’ve spent time to create and strengthen it, it’s there. It just gets stronger, the more you pay attention to it. You can maybe initially post sticky notes around in different rooms of your home to remind you of it. And ask your guides to remind you about it. When you do remember it, you can quickly renew its strength with positive thoughts and emotions and feel once again how it supports you.

Focus on the Bigger Picture

If there are still times in which you get sucked into fear or despair about the world, there is something more you can do. And that is to step back, out of the morass of the volatile political picture, out of all the reports about disasters that you cannot even really know for sure exist – and begin watching the “show” from a greater distance.

Remember, we are in the “transitional times”, the “end times”, the “in-between times” before the Event and the eventual ascension of the Earth into the Fifth Dimension. Another way to see it is that we are witnessing the final days of the Kali Yuga, before the Sattva Yuga can be birthed. We are living in the times that have been predicted for thousands of years by indigenous Elders and by prophets in many different spiritual texts across the globe. And no one said it was going to be easy.

It is a monumental leap in consciousness humanity has to make. And before this leap can take place, there is great darkness that has to surface, in order for it to be seen, dealt with, and resolved. All systems that have operated through corruption, hatred, lies, manipulation, or greed have to come down. Chaos has to reign for a while, as everything gets sorted out and made ready to be rebuilt again with greater care.

So do your best to stand back and just witness all of it, with compassion and with hope, remembering what is being birthed at this time: an entirely new age for planet Earth and all of humanity. What amazing times to be alive in! Feel the excitement of all this.

These are the times you chose to be part of. You can actually enjoy them, if you’re living within your 5D Bubble of Light!


Jenny Schiltz: Pulse from Source Heading Our Way

Jenny Schiltz ~ Pulse from Source Heading Our Way

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July 3, 2020,

I was woken in the middle of the night with a very direct communication. I felt someone tap on my shoulder, small taps to waken me without too much alarm. I then felt the weight of someone sitting on the edge of bed. I rolled over to see a being I had seen in council meetings but had never interacted with before.

He asked me to come to a briefing. It seems that he had been working on getting my attention during the waking hours but I wasn’t paying attention. That very evening when I went to close the bedroom door it reopened 3 times until I finally said “Stop it!” without inquiring who or why. I was just so tired! I guess the decision was made to let me have a few hours sleep before poking the bear again.

In the briefing I was shown that there will be a signal sent from Source out to the entire Galaxy. This happening in alignment with the lunar eclipse. They explained that a signal such as this had been sent before, but not during my lifetime. It is a clarion call of sorts. (as I heard this it brought to mind Gabriel’s trumpet)

This blast or pulse from Source happens when the lowest density planet in the universe (Earth) has reached a new level of sustained higher frequency in the majority of the population. This blast of codes, light and energy comes forth from Source and touches everything that has been created. There is no space left untouched by this signal.

(The vision I was shown looked like a sound or energy wave so big that it continued on into infinity.) It was explained that it is a time of great joy when this happens. This energy is very beneficial as it helps to “call all home within themselves”.

However while the energy is beneficial, it can bring great dis-ease, confusion, apathy and even aggression to those that find the signal to be at great odds within their form. It may appear to some as if Humanity is spinning out of control or going mad. Some will see the behaviors as us going backwards as a collective, but this is not the case.

They clarified that if one disconnects from all that is taking place around them in the outer world they will find peace. It will become essential to ground within yourself and not be drawn into the turmoil of the collective.

It is important to understand even with the chaos, there is a path that is created from the signal that is sent from Source. The Signal is a homing beacon that “assists us all in our journey of returning home from once we came.” (What is being referred to is every civilization that exists is also working their way back home, just as we are.)

“This burst of energy will assist one in uncovering more of the obsolete programming running within. Programs that are held deep within the cellular structure.”

Removal of such programs often requires sleep as the body goes into a still point within so that much can be removed. It reminds me of when you delete a program off of your computer, you must shut it down and then restart to make sure all the files are gone. Besides exhaustion, people may experience body pains, anxiety, sensitivity and irritability. Giving yourself and others the space and grace to utilize this blast from Source will help tremendously.

Some may find tremendous upheaval in the next few weeks as their body and subsequent reality adjust to the signal. It was shown that the more we are able to look within to find the cause of discomfort and unease rather than looking to another person, place, thing or event as the reason for our pain, the faster we will assimilate the higher energies.

This pulse of code from Source will serve as an activation of sorts as it will simultaneously help us to unburden ourselves from false programming, while helping to activate the divine blueprint that is available yet dormant in most of humanity. It is through this blueprint that we will be able to heal ourselves in ways we have only dreamed about.

The unburdening & activation begins immediately once the pulse has been sent and received. The more we are able to clear what is not in alignment with Source, the more we are able to access and utilize our pure divine blueprint.

“Within the blueprint is a homing beacon that will lead you back to Source. Understand that it is not Source out there (he pointed up) but the one in here (pointing to the heart). Once one has activated and empowered the Source within themselves it becomes a path that has the potential to shift not only your reality but the reality of the whole.”

I was shown this path as very much like Moses parting the red sea. It would be clear and it felt protected. I asked what it meant to fully activate Source within ourselves and was told that “One that is activated will be in complete congruence in all that they are, in words, thoughts, and deeds.”

This is a really exciting time and while it feels like it is going to get really turbulent, we as a whole are still making progress. This signal from Source is here to help us undo all programming that is not in our highest good and to come home within ourselves, to the place where Source resides WITHIN.

This pulse will bring up within us all that is not in alignment with Source and for us to work to change it. Our job is to also not get caught up in all that is collapsing and to look within ourselves instead of “out there” when we experience the dissonance between density we may hold and the frequency being sent. Not an easy task, but understanding what is happening really does help. This pulse from Source feels as if it really gives us a big push on our journey home.

Thank you to all who support and share this work. It really means the world. Sending you all lots of love.