The 5th Dimensional State

The 5th Dimensional State

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by Judith Kusel

The 5th Dimensional State is all about forgiveness of self and others and the transmutation of fear and negativity. One is receptive the Divine Love, Wisdom and Power, and the Unity consciousness arises as one finally understands that in truth, that one is ONE with all and everything, and the DIVINE, the rest of the cosmos, and in truth cannot ever not be part and particle of the ONE SINGLE WHOLE. Indeed, one lives this. One cannot see or act out separation.

The 7th dimensional State is the frequency humans rise to when they fully have activated their higher Light body, their highest transmitter channels and now truly can tap into their Higher Soul Selves, the Soul Groups, and the Cosmic Hierarchy. Before this many soul then ascended, meaning they left their physical forms completely. However, now a lot of these soul who have already reached this state, have chosen in the highest possible service to the Divine to stay in their physical form and assist the rest of humanity to raise their consciousness levels – as it takes one Ascended Master Being, to raise the frequency bands of thousands, if not millions. This is also known as the 7th Heaven, where the higher Ascended Masters and the Masters of Shamballa reside, as well as the Ancient Ones. It is also where most of the angels reside in and become integrated within oneself.

One cannot access the 6th to 7th dimensional states, without truly mastering the Negative Ego. In that ego is neutral, if imbalanced, it will be destructive, on either side of the scales.

The Sun gate to Sirius and the opening of the Fires of Illumination from the 7th Central Sun, is now allowing the Ancient Sun-discs to emerge, but also then the ancient keys and codes of SUN- meaning ILLUMINATION.

An illumined Being, is fully conscious, in full mastery of himself or herself, thus the lower ego, and therefore then fully empowered by the threefold fires, of Love, Power and Wisdom.

Power without wisdom and Love is brutal. It forces, it destructs.

Yet, power when wisely used, with great unconditional love, brings about the highest possible service and always aligns to the Divine Will and Purpose, which is greater than the sum of Self. It therefore creates balance and harmony, for it can do or be no other, for the inner SOUL SELF is in harmony, and balance, equilibrium with itself!

This time, then is essentially the PATH OF THE SOUL, towards remembering its ONENESS with all that is. More than this, it is the inner empowerment, the inner soul activation and full activation of the higher transmitters, with the state of pure, unconditional love, steeped in wisdom, and then the powers rise, to fully live a Soul Empowered life. Once one is Soul Empowered, one can do or be no other than to fully serve one’s soul purpose and mission, with great love and devotion.

In truth, the soul has incarnated for one purpose only – to serve in the highest and best way the greater good of All, through utilizing it soul genius, and therefore serving the Divine with all that it is! By doing this fully, and with great love and wisdom, and empowered, the soul is not only raising its own consciousness, and dimensional frequency band, but that of the collective as well!



Soul Contract

Soul Contract

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by Judith Kusel

As this is a time of awakening for you, and many other souls your soul memory banks are busy triggering and this reading will trigger some more as keys and codes within you are awakened.

Before you were born, you sat with your higher guides and the intergalactic counsel and those how oversee the incarnations of souls onto this planet, and you drew up a soul contract.

Within this contract, there is a masterplan incorporated. For you came in to serve first and foremost, and you came in to work through certain negative karmic patterns you created with other souls during other lifetimes on planet earth.

Note planet earth.

However, some souls work cosmically together, and galactically, and they will often incarnate together, to do SPECIFIC work. In your case, this is true. The souls will then agree to meet at certain times during the lifetime, and there will be a sense of familiarity, indeed, recognition, when they meet.

They know each other via the EYES, which are the windows to the soul. Sometimes there will be a sense of déjà vu – we have been here before, or we were working on this before or we loved before, or we were together before.

That is natural. Such souls will meet – there is not way, that they not meet. It is all ordained. Some call it destiny. Whatever, if they are meant to meet and work together, they will always be pulled back together, even if one is unawake and the other awake. They will normally trigger something in the other and help them to remember.

The planet earth in truth is an EXPERIMENT and the souls coming here asked that they will experience free will and choice.

In the beginning they remembered who and what they were, at soul level and why they came in, but when Atlantis willfully destroyed itself, and humankind fell into the Seas of Forgetfulness and the Veils of Amnesia came down, they forgot all of this. Even now many souls never wake up, even though repeated wake up calls will be sounded through such a lifetime.

When souls who are contracted to meet, meet, the free will choice, and the way they chose to live their lives, will determine the outcome.

Some will choose not to be together, some will choose to ignore this.

Sometimes they got themselves involved with other soul they were not contracted to meet and get into relationships because of the animal nature and not their higher mind and souls. This often leads to them getting married to souls who are not ordained to be with them.

Yet all serves in the end. If two souls are truly meant to be together, as said before, they will always be pulled back together.

Remember the soul is not attached to the physical form.

Souls can merge without needing the physical body. Indeed, the sexual energy is not attached to the physical form either. It is human beings who have forgotten the truth.

You can choose to be with someone.
Or can choose not to.

The Divine Laws however are exact. You sow what you reap. Whatever you choose to do or not do, has repercussions. In comes the Law of Responsibility – taking responsibility for the choices you make, knowing that every choice has a ripple effect.