What’s Going on?

Report on the Rebirth

The Divine Mother asked us some time before Christmas if we’d like to be reborn.

From Boxing Day to Jan. 2, I slept practically the whole time. And so did some others.

Still others felt like staring at the wall. And some even had to slow down because they had accidents.

I asked Archangel Michael in my last reading what my tiredness had to do with and he pointed to the rebirth we’re experiencing as a planet.

Will this prove to be a factor in our increase in vibrations regarding the Reval?

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 4, 2019.

Steve Beckow: I was tired from Boxing Day to Jan. 2. Other people complained about being tired as well. Other people were sick. Did something happen that I was wasn’t aware of?

Archangel Michael: This is the time of rebirth. This is part of the gift that the Mother has extended to many. And so when you are being reborn, think of it – there are aspects that have not been fully explored. One is there is what you might think of as a transition.

Is the remarkable recent solar activity related to the rebirth? (Thanks to Len.)

And of course it is not the gift of the Mother that you would think you’re going to die. It is the feeling that you are going into the cocoon. And so tiredness and sleep are parts of this process.

And yes, the channel has been sleeping as well. So the feeling is as if you are literally swimming within the amniotic fluid, that you are suspended and that you are between worlds.

And so to feel sleepy and tired – as you are tired of the old and letting the old pass away – yes, that is exactly what has been going on.

Steve: So I had it pegged wrong. The Divine Mother said would you like to be reborn by this Xmas and I said, OK, by Dec. 25, I am going to be reborn in an “event.” And you’re saying, no, no, no, it’s a process.

AAM: That is correct. …

Steve: Is being reborn the same as the planetary heart opening?

AAM: They are occurring simultaneously.

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Climate change: and the new Al Gore film

I’ve just been to see the new film: ‘An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power’. Ten years after the first film, ‘An Inconvenient truth’ it exposes the effects of climate change on the melting of the Greenland glaciers, the effects of increasingly severe storms in the Philippines, increasing rain causing flooding, increasing solar energy causing drought – the list goes on.

It documents the negotiations of the Paris Climate Agreement to get India on board (India contributes 65% of the world’s carbon emissions). It made it very clear to me why we in Australia should not be selling coal to India.

It documents the move to train youth in reducing carbon emissions. I think this is an important film to be seen by students and all concerned individuals. Its on at the Gold Coast Arts Centre and other cinemas.

The decreasing cost of solar cells has meant many towns in the USA have switched to 100% solar power to fulfil all their power needs. Other countries are following them.

The climate change skeptics are becoming increasingly isolated as the evidence accumulates. President Trump in not ratifying the Paris agreement, is out of step with his people and likely to see further unrest in the USA, as social protest builds.