19 Feb 2021Mike Quinsey’s HS Message



Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, Feb. 19, 2021

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19th February 2021. Mike Quinsey.

You seem to be at a midway point with no idea where you go from here, yet with the numbers of people catching the virus noticeably becoming less, it would seem that the time has arrived for a final program to be introduced. One that will quickly restore life to as normal as possible, so that the effects of lockdowns can be dealt with in such a way as to restore freedom to lead a normal life.

Habits have changed due to the length of time people had to accommodate a new way of life, and most likely some changes will become permanent. It was always going to cause people to look at ways of improving their experience and give them a realistic opportunity to accept that there would be inevitable changes.

On a wider scale, humanity has taken a new approach to uplift their expectations, knowing that if progress was to be made it had to be looked at as a major change as to how you viewed the coming years. Using the technologies for advancement to a more acceptable way of living that removes the drudgery and boredom of daily life already exists.

Now you have the opportunity to decide what you want for your future and when it is seen that you seriously desire to better yourselves and create more time for personal development it must be provided. Automation has gone some way to helping in that respect, but there must be more opportunities to follow your desires.

You live in the most exciting times even if it is not yet apparent to you, and as soon as it is safe to land upon Earth, your friends from Space will feel free to visit you and help with your Ascension. The vibrations are continuing to rise and will do so until the end of this period and you will benefit by moving into levels that are too high for those of a negative persuasion to follow and exist. So slowly but surely the dark Ones will lose their ability to interfere with your progress. They will have served their purpose as a balance between the positive and negative energies.

In the meantime they continue to try to hold you back and use everything they can to do so. However, they have already been weakened by losing some of their key personnel, but it only requires a small number to make a nuisance of themselves as you have found out.

However the Forces of Light are superior but unlike the dark Ones operate to the rules and because of their sheer numbers are winning the battle. You are not normally aware of their actions as it is not wise to advertise your intentions beforehand.

Your future is very exciting and there is much to lift you up to new levels that you are currently heading for but changes will come very quickly, as you have missed so much having been held back by the actions of the Illuminati. They have not only prevented you from having free energy, but stopped many inventions that would have improved your quality of life.

The main one is free energy that is all around you in an endless supply and already used by them. However, you will soon have it and with it will come immense changes in your way of life. There is so much that has been kept back from you, but you will learn of them in due course and it will change your lives forever.

You are beginning to realise that previously you simply did not have adequate time for yourselves and the Covid 19 problem has made that quite clear. Fortunately you are already in a higher vibration as you must of necessity move with the times. The ideas are there with the “know how” but up to now you have been deliberately held back, but that is to change. The help is there and as the effects of Covid 19 slowly disappear you will find yourselves in a better position than previously and able to develop your ideas.

You have had glimpses of the future and you are for example already making a major change by going over to electric cars that at a stroke help lessen the pollution caused by petrol driven cars. They are a major source of pollution and ill health and you are noticing already the benefits of fewer of them on your roads.

The change to electric cars has arrived although it will clearly be some time before you feel the full benefit. It is a step in the right direction and along with free energy that is in a limitless supply all around you would completely overcome the heavy pollution of your atmosphere, and the resultant effect on people’s health [resulting in] clean air and more healthy people without the problems caused inhaling fumes from petrol driven vehicles.

But you are already aware of it and the problem has been considered almost too big to handle. However, you have started to deal with it and must progress. Even so, big companies at risk of changes will try to delay progress. Mother Earth has commenced her cleaning and changes are already very apparent and will continue, all in aid of the coming “New Earth.”

Those of you on the Path of Light are being given what is virtually a one-off opportunity to go all the way to Ascension. Take it with both hands because as we have often informed you, such a big opportunity will not come around again for a long time.

There is so much going on around you but do not be distracted, as your path will lift you up out of the lower vibrations. Do not worry about the fate of family and friends as all souls will find themselves exactly in the right level that will carry them forward.

Be assured that you are being helped on your way, and your Guides will always give a helping hand when it is needed. They guide you along your chosen path but will not interfere with your choice should you deviate from it.

For some of you there are “out of the body” meetings usually while your body rests and it is possible that they will be remembered upon awakening. In actual fact most souls go out of the body while asleep and might meet up with their Guides, family or friends. You may have a feeling that something has happened like that but be unable to bring back the memories with you.

Keep your eyes on your goal and with determination you will certainly reach it. You should already know if you are ready to ascend and if you can absolutely say that you are not distracted by any outer happenings, you are certainly well on your way to completion, and you will know it yourself. If you are such a soul we say “well done” and rewards are due to you for such an achievement.

In other words you create your own pathway through your actions and deeds, and all of the time you are positive in all you do you attract good karma to yourself. Conversely, if you are negative you attract similar situations. It is a process of living and learning by your actions and deeds so do your best at all times and treat all others as you would be treated yourself.

This message comes through my Higher Self, my Godself that all of you also have as Beings of Light.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Archangel Gabriel: Sleep Disturbances

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Sleep Disturbances

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December 17, 2020, trinityesoterics.com


Sleep disturbances are a common experience due to the transformational times you are participating in. This can occur for a few different reasons.

Some energetic shifts require you to be awake but still in order to receive them. This is not unlike some brain surgeries you see where the patient needs to be awake during the procedure. It is designed for you to receive and assimilate the changes in ways that best support your health and wellness.

Some planetary alignments and shifts can have a stimulating effect on you energetically, making it difficult to sleep or stay asleep. If you find yourself awake in the middle of the night, it can be very helpful to use that time to meditate. This will help you relax, as well as having the added benefit of the meditation having a similar effect on the body as sleep.

Sometimes your soul wakes you up at night if you have not been making enough time for deeper contemplation or spiritual connection. This can be rectified by prioritizing your prayer or meditation practices during the day.

Another thing we wish for you to be aware of is if you are feeling tired from a lack of sleep, you can simply ask your guides and helpers to infuse you with energy so you can be functional during the day.

Your dream time may also be very active right now when you do sleep, bringing up issues you have struggled with in past, resulting in a less than restful sleep. Many of you are wrapping up old themes and unresolved relationships in your dreams. This allows you to be far more efficient because you are in a non-resistant state while you sleep. It also allows you to take care of old issues in your sleep state. Most of you find this to be far more preferable than having to face them again in real life.

And sometimes you are working while you sleep, assisting the collective on service missions you do not have a conscious awareness of. You can also be connecting to higher realms to gain new knowledge and insights to assist you on your journey. We affectionately refer to this as night school.

We understand there is so much going on all at once it can feel overwhelming, especially if your sleep is being disturbed. Please understand it all has great purpose for you and is serving you in your evolutionary journey. Prioritize good self care and remember you can always ask for our assistance if you need some extra support.


Jenny Schiltz: Breaking the Hypnotic Spell of Sleep

Jenny Schiltz ~ Breaking the Hypnotic Spell of Sleep

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October 4, 2020, jennyschiltz.com


We’ve been hearing for a while that October promises to be a jam-packed month not only energetically, but out on the world stage. We can already feel the truth of this and the month has only begun!

I was journeying the other day and found myself in a very large meeting of spirit guides, guardians, and higher aspects. Everyone was being coached on what to expect with this upcoming phase and how to support their incarnate.

Pay attention to any nudging’s you feel, creative ideas, or thoughts that come in. Your spirit team is working to help you receive all you can from this incoming energy. It is a great time to focus on how You receive communication from the spirit realm and begin to trust and act on it.

It was explained that the influxes of light on the Earth plane right now are different than they’ve been before. What was shown was an energy coming to the Earth that is very slight…gentle even in its approach, but the effects are huge.

This will awaken and enliven all beings as it helps to break the spell of sleep. It will crack open the heart space revealing what needs to be healed while simultaneously introducing us to all that we are. This energy is a wake-up call, a shake that is designed to shift all of us from whatever level of sleep we still find ourselves, regardless of perceived consciousness.

Those connected with the Earth will feel this shift more deeply than those who are not. It is beneficial for us to make a concerted effort to spend time outside and remove ourselves from electronics as much as possible over the next few months.

The subtle energy coming in can absolutely be disrupted and/or masked by our technology. I was shown a vicious loop. Some will receive the frequency and begin to awaken only to then become wrapped up again in the hypnotic sleep program.

Awareness of the hypnosis and a declaration of empowerment such as ~ “I do not consent to hypnosis technology or any artificially induced states.” will absolutely assist. It is about us taking charge of what we do and do not allow into our subtle bodies.

I asked one of my team for further clarification and was told:

“Those that are able to utilize this frequency, this gift, will find that they are quite held by the energies. They may begin to perceive greater consciousness in everything around them: the animals, plants, people, and yes even what is called inanimate objects. This is a heart-opening frequency that will assist one in honing their discernment and finding the path to truth, to Source. In the ever-increasing noise of your reality, this is more important than ever.

This may look like the unveiling of what was hidden. One may be able to see deeper into their patterns, their beliefs, the deep inner knowing and knowledge accumulated through countless lifetimes. This energy is not the same one that is received as the Schumann Resonance rises. While it may look the same it is of a different octave, a different frequency. This is one that has not been experienced within your current lifetime.”

The most important thing that they shared was how this energy will begin to break down the barriers of reality and expose what has been hidden. This can be larger things in our reality but what is most important is that it helps to expose our limiting patterns, beliefs and programming.

Looking at where we have attached ourselves to an identity is crucial. Where have we put ourselves or others in a box based on our own belief systems? The attachment to a particular belief or understanding can lead us to have expectations of self or others and this leaves us open to great disappointment as our assumptions are not met.

Each belief we hold is a distinct frequency that we are wrapping ourselves in, like a cloak. It is time to pay attention to what we are wearing.

It is time that we question everything. It is our job to step in to Divine neutral observation of self. In this space the ego is not able to be triggered. We can observe our thoughts, reactions, idiosyncrasies, and even question where a belief originated without getting stuck in emotions that may cause us to double down on a belief system.

It is through Divine neutral observation of self that we can find our truth. When we observe ourselves without neutrality we may get lost in emotions such as shame, anger, or blame that can cause us to shut down our exploration of our layered existence.

This energy that is coming into our world will help us with uncovering and discovering our true self if we allow it to do its work. We can assist ourselves by staying present, lessening the distractions and dropping into neutral observation of self.

Physically we may find ourselves feeling wired/tired. As we open up and purge what is no longer needed from our belief systems, we may experience intense emotions and a detox on every level. For those that hear distinct tones, you may have noticed a different quality to the tones lately. I am finding that they alternate ears and sometimes cause a brief earache.

Many will feel energetically overloaded with all that is taking place. I am noticing that my grandbabies are not sleeping and are appearing overstimulated when they are not. Grass time has become essential. Pay attention to how you feel when engaging with technology. If you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed, visualize a warm gold wave coming over/into your form and clearing out any distortions in your field and then flowing into the Earth for purification.

This morning, I was working on this blog and felt a call to hop onto Instagram. The very first post I see made me hoot for joy! The dogs were quite alarmed at my excitement. It was the confirmation I was asking for.

Duncan Alexander (www.ascensionseer.com) posted a picture of the Schumann Resonance. He highlighted and enlarged the graphs from October 2nd and 3rd and flipped it vertically. When he did he saw how it resembled written light language. I have shared this image with his full permission.

We are absolutely being communicated with, assisted and guided on our Ascension Journey. It is such an amazing time. One that we have prepared lifetimes for.

I hope that this blog finds you well and in full awe of the changes taking place. Thank you so much to all who share and support this blog. Social media is blocking information like this more and more. I appreciate all of you. Sending you all lots of love.

Jenny Schiltz