Simon Parkes: There’s an Awful Lot Going On

Simon Parkes: “There’s an Awful Lot Going on”

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Why did Jeff Bezos step down?

Simon Parkes suggests:

“You saw the top boss at Amazon step down – Jeff Bezos – and that’s because he was told there was a charge coming for him. He was due to be arrested in about three months time and it would be very good and in his interests if he stepped down.” (1)

We simply will not learn this from the mainstream media. Not yet, anyways.

We get some of what’s happening backstage from Simon, but he delivers it in such a mild and respectful manner that I’m attracted like a moth to a lantern.

This is what I mean by civil discourse. Simon models it very well, in my eyes.

Why do people like Simon report on what “the good guys” are doing?

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Simon began to explain:

“This is about a fight so that a country – America – is a worthy place for “The People” to live in. And if there’s a massive disconnect, not just between the [deep state] and the people but the good guys … if the people of America feel that they’re not connecting with the good guys….”

… and he didn’t complete the sentence. If the people don’t feel that they’re connecting with the good guys… what? Because that’s why people like Simon report.

If I don’t feel I’m connecting with people of the Light, I begin to search around to find where they are. And I stumble on (i.e., am guided to) people like Simon.

He then finished that exchange with:  “Until those announcements I don’t think people will believe it’s really happening.”

Remember in The Day the Earth Stood Still when John Lithgow saved Earth 1984 from destruction by pointing out to Keanu Reeves, who was about to let it be destroyed, that the world does not move until it’s at the brink?  Is that the same for Earth 2021? Do we have to be at the brink?

And, if it must be so – for now – should we not be learning how to navigate “at the brink”?

Not brinkmanship, because that’s self-serving manipulation. But staying calm when all about us are losing their heads, as Rudyard Kipling encouraged us?

Hey, I have to acknowledge that as a goal out there ahead of me. I’m not there yet.  But isn’t that the skill in the next few months and perhaps even years that will prove decisive?

(Has it not always been so?)


(1)  Doug Billings, “Our Latest Interview with Simon Parkes,” Feb. 5, 2021, at