Determined Resistance with Love



Determined Resistance with Love

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Giacomond. Is this not what is being asked of us? Create a new tightrope (paradigm) as we go? Credit: Quint Buchholz

Over and over the Company of Heaven have told us that they sent the strongest of the strong.


White Cloud through Tazjima: “You will be honored for what you do and what you are – the bravest of the brave, the strongest of the strong.” (2)

Universal Logos Sanat Kumara: “You are the servants of the Mother, the strongest of the strong, masters, how many times  do we need to say this? You came to Earth in your mastery and you say to me, ‘Well, SK, I sure don’t feel it.’ Well, nevertheless this is the truth, the stand alone truth: You are the masters.” (3)

And I could go on.  Well, if we are, what better time to get moving, to show our strength, to unwind the power that resides in the people, in the collective consciousness than right now, two days after Jan. 20, the accession of an illegitimate administration.

America might soon be under martial law.  I hope not, but the military has already denied President Biden access to information and buildings.

The celestials and galactics may intervene if conflict looms. Let me offer as much clarity as I can on what I see the Company of Heaven asking of us in a time of possible conflict.

I’ve discussed elsewhere the fact that the Company of Heaven will not allow nuclear weapons to be exploded in space, they will not allow another general or major war, and none of the armies of the world want to fight one anyways. (4)

But to get at what I want to say, I have to discuss strategy.

We’re not in a war of course. But the lessons learned in war apply in a situation of rising conflict and possible martial law.

Most wars were fought initially on the basis of the war before them.

In thinking about how to face into the predicted downfall of the cabal, which seems to be coming to a head, we’re being asked to be Gaicomonds (see graphic), to create the new paradigm as we go, to create our tightrope as we walk it.

The old paradigm was attack/revenge, attack/revenge. It plagued Europe, the Middle East, warring religions, land-hungry nation-states, Planet Earth.

Hatred is handed down from generation to generation. The old paradigm’s prime characteristic is that conflict never stops. The world is full of feuding Hatfields and McCoys.

This generation is being challenged – the strongest of the strong – to make it stop.

We’re ending that paradigm at the same time that we’re obliging the cabal to step down.

The new paradigm that we’re being guided towards, if I’m correct, is determined resistance with love.  We’re creating this new paradigm on the fly.

I’m speaking of lightworkers here and not of the brave folks of the military and National Guard. They are on the firing line. Nothing I say here is meant to apply to them.

We lightworkers are not fighting the cabal. But we are opposing them. And what makes this paradigm new is that we’re being asked to oppose them, to say “no” to their depredations, but without rancor and hostility; instead, with love.

This way of fighting is not new. Gandhi first described it as far as I know in his works on satyagraha or truth-force.  Martin Luther King used it. It is opposing oppression with determination but with love. (5)

So no to attack/revenge. No to prolonging conflict through generations. No to human-rights abuses, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

But also no to shaming and blaming. No to make-wrong and belittling. And yes to welcoming any who have a genuine and lasting change of heart.

We must break the mold this time around. We must not fight this battle along the lines we fought the last one. Our way is not attack/revenge; ours is determined resistance with love.


(1) Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, Feb. 5, 2013.

(2) “White Cloud & the Light Collective,” channeled through Tazjima, September 13, 2013 at

(3) Sanat Kumara in “Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Sanat Kumara on Abundance, Aired July 29, 2014,” at

(4) “Repost: No War for the World,.” December 28, 2020, at

(5) St. Francis would ask us what the big deal is. How long did it take us to come to this realization?


Sanat Kumara: Invoking the Universal Law of Change



Sanat Kumara and Invoking the Universal Law of Change

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In this post, Universal Law is Not the Jail Cell, but the Releasing Key, Sanat Kumara has this to say:

I come so that these Laws may be applied, utilized in the very life that you are creating in the co-creation of Nova Beings, Nova Earth, Terra Gaia: in the new way of community with each other, with your star family, with all beings above and below, within and without.

But, the reason I have asked to step forward is that so much of what I share with you, what I eagerly share with you, is not being integrated or implemented in the fullness of what is possible.

There are some of you who have chosen and selected certain Laws that attract you, and that is a good thing, and you are utilizing these principles.

But, in many ways, we — and when I say we, I mean the entire Council of Love, I mean the entire Company of Heaven and your brothers and sisters from far and wide — are somewhat surprised that this wisdom and knowledge, the depth of understanding, has not been more deeply embraced.

He said we could just use the Law of Change:

SK: Right now your planet is going through such change.

If you ignored all the Laws, and said,

“I am working with the Law of Change; just help me to change into Who I Am, to change what doesn’t work and to bring in what does.”

That’s all the Law of Change is:

It’s realizing that everything, every breath in, every breath out, is change.

It is simple as the seasons, as the sun coming up and going down, as the moon coming up and the moon going down.

He asked us to see the beauty and simplicity of Universal Law — that it is the Pattern of the Mother — that it is already within us.

I’m seeing lots of applications for this Law, within and without 🙂

Please join in, invoking Sanat Kumara and the Law of Change, and expect change!

I invoke Sanat Kumara
the Universal Law of Change
to help me to change into Who I Am,
to change what doesn’t work & to bring in what does.




Sanat Kumara: Universal Law is the New Normal

Linda Dillon: Sanat Kumara Says that Universal Law is the New Normal

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Universal Law did not go by the wayside. It is the new normal. It is the realm to which you ascend. It is our code of conduct.


Greetings, I AM Sanat Kumara, beloved brother, yes, Keeper of Universal Law. And it is about this that I come this day to address this circle and far beyond, to address this universe about the Universal Laws of love. Did you forget, beloved? The universe, the multiverse, the omniverse, all creation of the Mother/Father/One is in alignment with Universal Law, with the Universal Laws of love.

Universal Law, as you know, is not merely a code, a codification to sit in a library. It is not the purview of old men and rigid beings in gowns to dictate to anybody. Universal Law… that is why I remind you, Universal Laws of love… Universal Law is a code of behavior. It is not merely the tools that you have to create, it is not even the tools to create Nova Earth. Yes, they are the standard upon which everything is measured, and everything is built. But it is also the expression of behavior of heart, of heart listening, heart speaking, heart engagement. It is how communities, communities of all, and communities of one come together to operate… to work, to play, to pray, to build, to restore.

Yes, I have moved on… by going nowhere… to Universal Logos. But beloved, did you really think that I left my role as Planetary Logos? No. I have not because my promise, my promise to you, to your heart, to your mind, to your very spirit, my promise to the Mother/Father/One is that I will be ever-present until the shift of humanity, the ascension of humanity is complete. You well know it is not complete. Yes, it is well underway, further along than you know or anticipate in your conscious busy minds… but you know this in your heart.

And what does this mean? That I am with you. I am assisting you, I am guiding you, and heaven and earth know I am helping you to live according to the law. So often in this human realm, when you speak of law you think of right and wrong, good and bad, or heaven forbid, good and evil, us/them. That is of judgment, that is of blame, that is of guilt, that is of selfishness and greed. It is not inclusive, it is not inviting, and it most certainly is not of love. Universal Law is discerning, and it is expansive. It welcomes diversity, it welcomes unique differentiation, it welcomes lively discussion and a wide variety of behaviors. That is the nature, not only of the Mother’s creation but of existence.

You would not want a planet entirely consisting of artists or accountants. But you also do not want to deny the artistic nature, the creative nature of the accountant, or the practical nature of the artist who understands the language of numbers. It is the balance, and that is what I speak to you of this day is the balance. Yes, what we have termed the big L… above and below, within and without.

We do not have discussion in what you think of as the unseen realm. We do not have discussion on Venus about who is right or who is wrong, who is more powerful, who can assert power over another. That is not of love. It is the freedom to proceed within your sacred self, and in your community, in your country, in your culture, in your society, and on beautiful Gaia. It cannot be an either/or beloveds. The balance… yes, part of the delight of balance is there is this spectrum, and you can travel, and you most certainly have, to the various ends of the spectrum. But always you come back because behaving, living, believing, judging on either end of the spectrum does not allow you to remain in the centeredness of your heart, of your essence, of your soul. It does not allow that alignment of above and below.

We have been speaking to you… and we will again… not merely about holding the vision, but being the vision; of not getting caught, trapped, in the quagmire of distractions and controversy. You, sweet angels of light, you are the pathfinders, the wayshowers, the bringers, the anchors, of the new. It is a new way of being, and it is inclusive and expansive. And it welcomes, not merely the angelics, not merely our realm, not merely your star family, it welcomes everybody. And if they are not prepared as yet to be sitting next to you… for a number of reasons… that does not mean that you do not hold the seat wide open. You are allowing for the approach. You are allowing for the redirection. You are the one creating entrainment. You are the hope, and you are the balance. And that is why you are here as transmitters, as beamers, as anchors, as truth-seekers, and as brilliant angels in form.

So, I come, and I ask of thee, I engage you… practice the law, be the law. Remember and be your sacred purpose. Remember and be your intent. And where there is dross or debris, use Transmutation, Transmission, Elimination… never in judgment, always with me, to transform what is not of love into the purity of being, into the clarity of being.

So, turn to me, my beloveds, as I turn this day, and every day, to you. Universal Law did not go by the wayside. It is the new normal. It is the realm of existence to which you ascend. It is our code of conduct. So, I invite you, again, to join me, to join all of us, in this restoration.

Go with my love, and go, sweet angel, in peace… in peace. Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted. [Full terms of copyright at


Sanat Kumara: Activation


The Universal Law of Instantaneous Transmission and Transformation

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The Universal Law of Instantaneous Transmission and Transformation is our activation, by conscious choice, of what we choose to experience and what we choose to bring forth, the transformation of our sacred self.

We are turning on, in conjunction with the Mother, the perfection of our soul design, the expression of greater Love.

Sanat Kumara, the Keeper of Universal Law, through Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love, explains that our transformation has a “ripple effect” for the entire planet and far beyond.

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Heavenly Blessings ~ The Universal Law of Instantaneous Transmission and Transformation with Sanat Kumara

Meditation: 15:38 – 33:18

Each of us, regardless of how aware we are, have desires with regards to the expansion of our sacred self.

There is an entire list from perfect health to balance in all realms — mental, emotional, spiritual, physical — all of these are at our fingertips.

There are many activations of Love being sent, given, gifted to us directly from the Heart of the Mother which allows for even greater expansion of the activations of Love we are individually bringing forth.

Our well-being, perfect health, serenity are all part of our soul design, our birthright, and part of the collective DNA as well.

We are ready to create, in tandem with the higher realms, capable and able, in accordance with the Divine Plan and with Universal Law.

Many of us have allowed our physical form certain disabilities to assist us in the break down of false paradigms and illusions of the old third dimension, but now that we understand those false grids, restrictions, shackles of the old third dimension no longer exist, we are free to activate the perfection of Who We Are.

Knowing we are beings of the higher dimensions, we can declare our freedom, that we are individual creators.

Our participation in this

and the application of this Law is key.


There are collective activations that have taken place and will continue to take place, but with this Law, we are personally activating what has been present always, but not turned on.

We are “throwing the switch”, as Sanat Kumara says, and not only are we capable of doing this, we are encouraged and invited to do this, especially by the Divine Mother, who wishes to see us in the fullness of our design.

With Sanat Kumara we can invoke not only the Law, but the permission of instantaneous transmission:

I invoke Sanat Kumara, our Planetary Logos,
and the Universal Law of Instantaneous
Transmission and Transformation
for permission
to activate
the perfection
of my soul design
in perfect Divine Time.

Sanat Kumara, says we can ask, in meditation to look, perceive, understand — with our heart, mind, and emotional being — our soul design as a holograph like a snowflake, a spider web, a light-body, or a dream catcher.

When we were birthed from the Heart of the Mother/Father One

there was no such thing as imperfection.


Our soul design represents

the perfection

of our being.


It is within us.


Below is a meditation where we can think or feel something in our life, in our physical situation, that we would like to activate, such as to be thinner, have fuller hair, greater stamina, the healing of organs, elimination of a disease or a condition, like depression, anxiety, addiction, alcoholism, tobacco.

To do the activation, call on Sanat Kumara, with the invocation above, and do the meditation below:

We are to see ourself sitting down — it is best to sit rather than lie — then to see ourself standing back towards ourself, facing our back and our central column.

We are to see our central column as if it is a cylinder around our spine, an etheric golden cylinder, from our tail bone up to our crown.

In this cylinder is all our information, all our design, the many DNA markers that pertain to our physicality, our emotional health, our spiritual abilities, and activation of our capacities and talents.

We are to imagine these DNA markers in this golden column like little mailbox flags, and looking — eyes opened or closed — and scanning the spine with one of our hands, either one, to feel where the points of activation are.

The points of activation may look like a flag, a button, or a key. We can know they are there because we will feel a slight tingling mostly in the centre of our palm, but our fingers may feel it as well.

We are to run our hand down this golden column around our spine, and feel where those points of activation are. There will be several.

First we scan, then from the top (not bottom up) — simply turn up the flag, push the button, turn the key — as we go down. There will be about three or four activations.

If we are working, for example, on the elimination of a dis-ease, there may be many flags, and we could do this consecutively for several days. As we keep at it, we will know when it is done.

In the activation of our soul design — abilities contained within our DNA, such as to breathe clearly, to maintain joy without anxiety, self worth, the ability to be in community — by starting at the top of our spine, looking down and then up, we see where those markers are located.

For talents and abilities, same as above, we lift the markers as if we are putting up a signal that there’s mail to be picked up, little flags.

We lift them up, and there could be several, because this is complex.

We may not feel it in that very moment, but the flags, the DNA — the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical DNA — have been activated for that perfection, not merely for the healing, but for the perfection, in Divine Timing.

Back in our heart, come to stillpoint and gratitude, leaving those markers up to allow the activation.

Thank you, Mother.
Thank you, Sanat Kumara.


Now with this Law there is a caveat:

As we begin this undertaking — experiencing and understanding the Law of Instantaneous Transmission and Transformation — we are asked not turn on everything at once, so we do not overload our circuits.

One at time.
One a day.
One a week.

With each activation there is a simultaneous triggering of other activations.

As we “turn on one switch” — one aspect — there is a domino effect.

We begin to feel better, look better, create more clearly, have greater clarity in our expanded mental body.

When we invoke Sanat Kumara and this Law, what are we are doing is turning on, in conjunction with the Mother’s latest blessing, not only the capacities that we have come with, but the expression of greater Love for our sacred self.


All of this is of One.

Unification is the deep understanding
that all things, everywhere,
are unified as One.

We are One.


The Mother’s activations and the Laws are individuated for easier understanding, but the Laws and our soul design are the unified grid.

As we journey, we do so through the interconnectedness, not only to the Heart and Essence of One, but to everything.

Never do we travel alone. We are united with everything.

We are on our journey with everything.
There is only One Grid.
That is the Law.

The Universal Law of Instantaneous Transmission and Transformation is the conscious activation of what we choose to experience and bring forth, the transformation of our sacred self in conjunction with One, with everything.

An Invocation
for the Universal Law of Instantaneous
Transmission and Transformation

I invoke Sanat Kumara, our Planetary Logos,

and the Universal Law of Instantaneous

Transmission and Transformation

for permission to activate my soul design

in perfect Divine Time.



“Heavenly Blessings: The Universal Law of Instantaneous Transmission and Transformation with Sanat Kumara,” October 19, 2013,

“Sanat Kumara: You’re Ready to Build Societies in Adherence with the Law,” April 23, 2013,



Pope Francis from Spiritual Heirarchy

Is Pope Francis a Human-Rights Abuser? – Part 2/2

Pope Francis kissing the feet of a young offender during a mass at the church of the Casal del Marmo youth prison on the outskirts of Rome in 2013. Credit: AFP

(Concluded from Part 1, yesterday.)

In the second part of this article I’d like to cite a portion of Sanat Kumara’s 2013 interview on An Hour with an Angel, in which he gave the Company of Heaven’s estimation of the then-new Pope Francis.

Sanat Kumara is the planetary logos, who, from the point of view of Gaia and her Ascension is the person in charge.

Said he of Pope Francis: “I am telling you that this individual has not been responsible for human atrocities.”

Steve Beckow: One reader writes in that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is accused of … numerous human-rights abuses and acts of corruption, of representing an order, the Jesuits, that has historically oppressed people and committed crimes against humanity, which this reader says makes the new Pope liable for immediate arrest and sentencing under international law.

Now, of course, everyone is innocent until proven guilty of anything, so I’m certainly not trying to invest the reader’s words with some sort of finality, but would you address the reader’s concerns? And after that we’ll have other questions for you about the Pope.

Sanat Kumara: What I am asking of you, of your hearts and of your beings, is first and foremost to look at the purity of this individual. And it is seldom that we would use these words. Now, has this one been positioned in a country and in a nation, and yes, even in an order where there have been numerous human rights offenses? Yes.

But when you are also looking and wanting to seek out and try and discern and discredit an individual who has been chosen – is chosen – and I’m not talking about chosen by a college of cardinals, I’m talking about chosen in a much larger sense – and your beginning point is to discredit and pull down this individual – then what you are also doing is, first, you are staying stuck in the old reality of the Third Dimension and you are looking for reasons to anchor there and to anchor him there when that is not where any of you belong.

There is a point to what I say. And perhaps it has been said more eloquently before. There are very few human beings upon the planet who have never done anything that is harmful, cruel, unjust, unkind, unloving and out of alignment with the truth of who they are.

And you say to me, “Oh, Raj, this is ridiculous, what you are saying. This is a matter of degree. We are not talking about someone speaking an unkind word. We are talking about human atrocities.”

And I am telling you that this individual has not been responsible for human atrocities. Has he been affiliated, and in a position where he has been holding the light and shifting the energies? Yes. Has he been in a position where he has been humiliated, where he has humbled himself to serve? Yes.

This is one of the primary lessons – it is a good place for you to start, Steve – it is one of the primary lessons that Earth and human beings are learning at this juncture. And it is the lessons and the quality, not just the lip service, but the quality of forgiveness.

Not of being blind, not of overlooking what needs to be corrected. I would be the last one to suggest that. But where is the clemency in your heart? Where is your desire to start afresh in a very different reality, where in fact those qualities of atrocity, of abuse, do not exist?

So what you are saying – inherent in the question – is the same division that has hampered the forward movement of the collective. It is the choice that some can come and some can’t. And that is neither loving nor kind, but it is also the antithesis of what the human collective on a soul level has decided.

So your real question is, does this individual, Francis, have the bona fides to assume this position of trust of the papacy, to be the leader of many? And whether you agree with this institution of the Catholic Church and the history of the Catholic Church, and many of the wrongdoings that have been committed in the name of Christ and God and the Holy Mother, or whether you do not, it is a new day.

And so what I say to you is that this individual, this man, is a very humble, but meaningful individual, has chosen and been chosen to step forward in this role during a time of very important transition. It is always interesting that so many are eager to point out the shortcomings of a figure, whether it is a family member or someone in a position of public notoriety.

But if they are going to do that, then it is also necessary to point to the fullness of the picture of the individual, what they have done right. And your question does not speak to that.

So I say to you, I say to you as one not interfering with human will but certainly guiding it, if I am permitted to do that, that this man – because that is what he is; throw away the concept of saint or sinner, please; it serves none – this man steps forward with a true desire to serve and to transform an institution that is in dire need of transformation.

SB: All right. Thank you. That’s probably going to be very helpful to a lot of people. There’s a second rumor going around that he’s a walk-in. Is that rumor true?

SK: There is a difference between what you think of as a walk-in and someone who has been overlighted. And I know your readers are well aware of these differences, but just in case, I will just briefly review. A walk-in is when the soul has reached exit points, or through prayer and pleading, a direct plea for divine intervention, completely vacates the body and thereby leaves and allows another to take up residency, usually for purposes of that soul to complete their journeys and the mission and purpose that they wish to complete upon the planet.

This one has known for a long time of the pathway that he was guided to. And he has committed his entire life to devotion to and service of the Divine Mother. He is much like you, my dear friend. And he is much like Yeshua, knowing of his path, knowing of the journey that lay ahead, and in some ways just wishing that it was more pedestrian and that he was left alone to live his life quietly with his family.

But that is not the path of this one. So let me be clear: Is he a walk-in? No. But having said that, he has been overlighted directly, not only by the Divine Mother, because that has been in place for a long time, but also by what you think of as St. Francis. Hence his name.

Now, what does overlighting mean? The overlighting means that our beloved brother Francis adds his energy, his focus and his concentration, his delight, to the energy of this Pope called Francis. So you may think of it in some ways as cohabitation.

It is not that Francis, St. Francis, has assumed form, but energetically he has overlit the new Pope. Hence the query and the wondering, because the light is so strong with the combination of these two souls.

The agreement between these two is what is has always been, because they both knew this day would come. Or it was projected, shall we say, it would come. And that is to transform this outmoded institution and to bring it back to the Jesuit, to the Franciscan qualities. And if you go back to original purpose of humility, of poverty, of sharing, of service, of meekness, these are the things that you will see.

The primary focus of this Pope, yes, of course will be to clean up the atrocities, particularly the sexual abuses that have been and continue to occur, and the hiding of those abuses, but it will also be to build and to rebuild the sense of community, and not in ways that build the coffers of Rome, but to share the wealth of Rome.

It is a time of magnificent change. So often you have said to me and to the Company of Heaven, to the Divine Mother herself, and to our beloved friend Michael, “Show me a sign.” Well, dear heart, this is one of the biggest signs of institutional change that you can witness. So pay attention. Pay attention in the coming months. We are not saying that this is going to be a process that he is going to stretch out.

Oh, will there be a lot of kicking and screaming by the power mongers? Yes. What you see in Francis is a humble, tolerant man with a will of steel who will simply dismiss what is not of love. He will not tolerate dragging of feet or subterfuge.

So what can you do other than simply observe this one? Send him your love and support, because as you know, as change occurs in one area, the ripples go out all over the pond, all over the planet. This is a catalyst for massive change. It is good news! (“It Is a New Day: Sanat Kumara on Pope Francis, the Process of Ascension, the Earth’s Place in Ascension, Etc.,” March 13, 2013, at

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Ascended Master Sanat Kumara


Allow your hearts to show you the way and then follow that inspiration to step into this phase of creation. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Good morning dearest friends and family! I am Sanat Kumara, I am Raj, (also The Ancient of Days) holder of the planetary Logos, your friend and companion in this new phase of your earthly adventure, and I am always with you.

And yes, we can talk about the Universal Laws and we can talk about more practical issues that you do want to manifest in your realities, for you want to see some tangible results for your years of work and effort. And I can touch on the subject of Universal Laws briefly and say to thee that you are using them always, even if somehow unconsciously, or else you would not be alive and functioning in this or any other reality. But just as you are breathing, or blinking your eyelashes without much of a thought while going about your life and days, in a similar fashion you are using the Universal Laws without having to place your attention on them or invoke any particular one.

And there will be a time to go more deeply into reviewing and refining the Laws – those which you already know and are using only automatically at this time – which have only a tiny percentage of effectiveness, for the results that you are getting by doing so show clearly that you are barely surviving. But you are here to change all this limited type of living experience and to empower yourselves and the entire human collective by showing them the effortless ways of creation.

Before we get a little deeper into this process I am here to assist you in the preparation of this next chapter of your mission.

Now, I am here to talk to you about attention and focus, about having constant awareness of all of who you are, your wholeness and presence, and the details of every part of yourselves. You cannot neglect any part of who you are, you cannot not tend to them and not acknowledge them, because this would be an easy and fast way to become drained of energy, ending up with you being distracted and less productive while engaged in this process of creation, a process that requires sustained focus until the result desired becomes a palpable reality.

You might say to me that you are not yet sure where the magnitude of who you are, where all your multidimensional self resides, but I say to thee that you know more than you believe you do. You just have to pay attention to the thoughts and ideas that pop into your mind, to that intuition that always knows how to take you to the tiniest portion of you that is calling for your attention.

You would not forget about glancing at your face from time to time, or arranging your hair, or to look into that part of you connected to your children, to your lover and spouse. However, it may take some time to check your toenails, or to respond to an email from a distant relative, or to look at your Facebook work account that you might believe is not in need of your immediate attention.

And yet those are parts of you that you intended to create and that you brought into form at one point in time. These more distant parts of thee may have a plan to enrich your lives, or are being placed strategically to speak to and tell others who you are.

Nevertheless even these small and apparently faraway spots of your being are places that need nurturing and acknowledgment.

Sometimes you find these forgotten places to be new avenues of expansion and growth, and sometimes there is only a need to close and terminate a budding idea that you decide not to pursue in this lifetime.

More often than that though you will find out that these distant parts of thee are pivotal junctures, or exits planted early on, so that you can step now into the fullness of the New You in ways that you would have never anticipated possible before.

And so I am here to encourage you to open your hearts and minds, to look far and wide, and then to pay close attention to whatever is calling on you at this time.

Allow your hearts to show you the way and to speak to thee. Listen attentively and then follow that inspiration to step courageously and firmly into this phase of creation, into the freedom of expression, and into the wonder of who you are.

I am here with you, as I always have been, encouraging thee and cheering you along on your way.

Until next time. Farewell.

By Permission

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.