Min on Sun, Moon and Stars


We are always with you. You are never alone.
Detach from your mind. Feeling is truth, thinking is illusion. Drop down into Divine Intelligence of your heart.

Everything has a consciousness, everything is here to serve you, the human being because you are consciousness that has an awareness of God. Other beings birds trees etc do not have the consciousness of One. They do not need God, they have group consciousness. Everything is in service to you to remind you, you are God.
The sun brings life to this planet. The ancients honoured and revered it. They didn’t know, it would come up again or about cycles. The sun has been considered male but it was originally Great Mother. It is a combination of the two.

Skin Cancer
The sun is not bad for you.It is your subconscious fear that is bad.The ancients knew to bathe in the sun in the morning. It is the homeopathic remedy for skin cancer. It is the light before physical light. Light is consciousness, the 5th element.
The sun is the homeopathic remedy for any cancer, not just skin cancer.Sit in the sun and fill the chakra system with its force. Sun is a powerful transformation, a radioactive treatment for cancer. The heart, solar plexus and Divine Will are the Sun Temple.

Temples to the Sun, the Moon and the Stars

The ancients were in communion with beings from other planets. They knew they were bathed in the consciousness of Light. Within each of you is a temple of the Sun, the Moon and the Stars so you can wake yourselves up. You think you are separate, but you are not.If someone has lost a child, so all have lost a child. If you are sitting beside someone on a bus, Divine Intelligence brings you together for a reason.

The Moon does not give you light, it comes from the sun. Moonlight is mystical, it pulls the great oceans of the world. Females are aligned with the Moon in cycles. The Moon purifies the emotional body and lymphatic system.When you bloat up, it is a lack of release of the emotional body. Moon triggers the emotional body for release, which allows the lymphatic system to release, including shock and terror. Your Temple of the Moon, is your earth star, base star and sacral. Give the Moon permission to trigger the emotional body. Infuse water with the moonlight to clear the lymphatic system. Full moon and black moon are powerful cycles.

The Moon reflects illusion, repressed emotional charge, the shadow. Because man doesn’t want to go within, he externalises. When you understand that, you can communicate directly with those bodies.
Emotions are powerful. The mind makes you in and out of love, It’s only from the heart that there can be love between souls.
Do not think, FEEL!
Humans and trees have almost the same DNA, but trees don’t move. They both receive light from the sun, moon and stars. They are channels of radiant light, the 5th element. There is consciousness in every cell.

The Stars
Divine intelligence from the Source. Intention and feel to connect with Supreme Source and it’s Light. God is not complete without its recognition in you. You call out to God from your mind, or worse, hand over to God, but God is not a takeover but a conscious partnership God decides from the Divine Intelligence of your heart. We are one as a collective and receive Divine Intelligence as inspiration. Every star in the sky has Intelligence and shines to get your attention.

Is late afternoon the same benefit as morning sun?
Dawn is new beginnings. Fill the 3rd eye with Golden Light and ask it to fill the pituitary for physical and the pineal for psychic energy. See them fill with Golden Light and strengthen the base chakra. Consciousness allows you to transform with the 5th element.
Do you love yourself enough to stop the story. Grief is a gift. The journey through grief leads to love, opens the heart to the truth. It is the way home.

When you go to Egypt, many will feel exquisite grief, realising the stars in the sky was what you once had. Everyone here has had a past in Egypt. A lot has been destroyed or is underground. It had to be a collaboration. This tour has been organised for 35,000 years. We are going back to original temples. You are all closely connected. Connect with the DivineIntelligence of your heart – it’s all here Now.. That is what we’re going to be teaching in Egypt. We are telling Jennifer what timelines we are on. We are setting up a grid which you can connect with us in Egypt.

Feel the moon under your feet. Feel her drawing on your emotional body, you lymphatic system. Start to travel through the chakras of your feet. Feel the silvery light
Any fear in the base chakra, feel the fear be filled with the light of the moon and transform it to FAITH. You are safe on a physical level. Release the fear from the hips and abdomen. Feel the release of lymph.
Bring the sun into a ball. See The Central Sun radiating Golden Light moving towards you. Immerse in it, let your entire chest bathe in it. It is Christ consciousness. Draw it through the body’s immune system. Breathe it into the heart centre. Allow it to transform any malignancy. Call upon the stars to make their presence felt. See one star above clearing the neural pathways and nodes in the brain.
The Moon’s silvery Light, the Sun’s Golden Light and your star connection and God is present in these 3levels. Feel God in all its form and ask and know you may have a miracle transformation now – consciousness of Supreme Source is alive within you. When you become conscious of it, it must expand. Feel yourself completely in your body. It is ou honour to be with you. You are each a universal blessing. Om Maat.