Meditation Class Note 5

Meditation The Dragon’s Garden



The Dragon’s Garden

Behold! I am the amethyst dragon of the amethyst ray. Together with my beloved sisters, mothers and daughters, we create the rainbow, for we are the dragons of Krysta. Living only in the sky, I cannot land upon the ground to unite with my love who is bound as the rocks on the Earth. My home is a castle in the clouds, yet I long for the day I can fly with my beloved, the ruby dragon.

Viewing the landscape of Krysta, in majestic flight as Aquasha, queen of dragons, I see the trees, the forests, the lush green grass and the vibrant flowers. There is a building, the geometric icosidodecahedron crystal palace with the stained glass windows of rainbow colour within each wall. Powerful crystal palace of Krysta, you are the golden gate I have been searching for. You are the internal silver star of my reality that is the Emerald City. When you find your crystal palace, then the clarity you seek will be yours as the dragon’s egg hatches and you respond to the ancient symbolism of the language of light. Inside the crystal palace is the sacred space that is your favourite room.

Upon the crystal wall is the large mirror within the frame of a golden dragon. The mirror is, in itself, a window into other realms, other worlds. Look through this mirror now and see what you see. Yes, behold, the dragon’s garden! The flower to tell a thousand tales, is it the violet, the daisy, the orchid or the poppy? No, tenders of the dragon’s garden, it is none of these, beauty though they hold. It is the rose.

The beautiful, perfect rose. Who is that dreamwalker as she steps through her watery path? Once a mermaid, tail replaced by human legs. She steps through the path of turquoise blue water surrounded not by sea, but by clouds. Pink-tinged clouds, for she is mermaid of the skies. Her golden hair cascades down her long tanned shoulders and she walks with grace. Where is she going? Why is she walking in the dragon’s garden? She finds the rose, the beautiful rose, drawn to its vibrant pink ray, rose ray as the clouds of her home world. She is like me. Amethyst dragon, mermaid rose. We are but the same, from the clouds above.

She knows not to pick the roses but to let them grow, so they may bloom with the stories of ancient times. Each rose, a thousand stories. Yes, indeed the dragon’s garden is a story garden and every story ever told is to be found here. Will you add your story to the dragon’s garden? What do you see when you look below as you ride upon my amethyst back?

Do you see a clearing? A circle of trees? A fire? What do you see within the flames? As the flames die down and burn to ash, you see several crystals in a pile by the place where the fire used to be. Look closer, seeker of the moon. Are they really crystals? They are eggs, can you not see? They are dragon eggs!

We must alert the ruby dragon so he may take the eggs into the garden. I cannot go down amongst the roses yet, but I can nurture the unhatched dragon’s eggs from here, from my amethyst castle in the sky. I am their mother, they will hear me and know me even though they are on the ground and I fly high above them. Mortal dreamwalker who used to be mermaid, will you nurture my dragon eggs for me until my beloved is unbound from the land?

Without you to tend the roses in the dragon’s garden, will the lands not suffer? Will the crops not die? Then how will my eggs hatch then? I cannot fly down to the roses, have you seen how big I am? How wide? I am queen of the dragons and I fill the skies. Look, see the dragon’s eggs within the ash pile of the once burning fire. They must be taken to the safety of the rose garden so I may send them my healing dragon’s breath, which holds the unconditional love of the mother. They are my eggs and I love them all. So within the bound rocky landscape, my beloved twin flame, the ruby dragon, he takes my eggs and gives them to the mortal girl who once swam with dolphins.

King Neptune is her father and he is so proud of his daughter as she agrees to care for my eggs! I do not know this mermaid’s name but I shall call her Aurora, divine princess, daughter of a king. She shall be blessed and protected by dragons, we the rainbow dragons of Krysta, as she watches over my dragon’s eggs. Now keep them secret, little Aurora mermaid. Don’t let anyone know they are there, not unless they find the dragon’s garden. They will only find the dragon’s garden if they are pure of heart, as you are, divine princess. You will know them when they come.

They will be seekers of the sun, moon and stars and will wear the emblem of the pink rose. They are thus worthy to enter the dragon’s garden and may thus be gifted a dragon’s egg. No one else, little mermaid princess, no one else save those who wear the emblem of the rose, for they are the ones that will ride us, they are our dragonriders and we pair together as night pairs with day. Look after my eggs in the meantime, princess Aurora. Tell no one of them save those who are of the rose, the ones who sparkle as gemstones, diamonds and crystals, the shining ones who wear the pure heart as a cloak of love for all to see. Until you meet the living daughters and sons of rose ray, then keep secret the whereabouts of my eggs, dear mermaid turned mortal. Just as you left your watery home that you call Atlantis in order that you may be made flesh and walk on the land until you find true love, so shall I, one day, come down from the clouds and reunite with the ruby dragon, my twin flame beloved.

Until then, I fly the skies and I beam down the love of the mother to my dragon’s eggs, upon the safe, healing amethyst ray. Together with my beloved sisters, mothers and daughters, we create the rainbow, for we are the dragons of Krysta. Behold! I am the amethyst dragon of the amethyst ray.