Shelley Young:Archangel Gabriel, Presence and Flow

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Presence and Flow

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October 7, 2020,

It is very difficult to plan during times of accelerated change. The reason for that is what feels like an energetic match to you now may not be a match at all by the time it arrives for the energies may very well have shifted by then. You are in a time of flux. Do not allow this to frustrate you, but rather see it as proof positive of the time of profound change you are experiencing.

For now, until the energies reach a greater predictability, we encourage you to stay as present as you can. Make your decisions one right now moment at a time. Try to make your plans as close to the actual event as you can to minimize shifting out of the alignment with them. Keep embracing flow and expansion, and allow things the space and freedom to unfold rather than trying to constrain and control.

The unpredictability you are experiencing right now, while it can feel uncomfortable, is honing your skills of presence and flow. Do you see? Even the things that frustrate you have deeper meaning and purpose in your lives, and will serve you well for both your todays and your tomorrows.