Sananda: Nearing the Finish Line

Sananda: Nearing The Finish Line

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by James McConnell

I am Sananda. As always, I appreciate these times that I can be with you and share with you. And be a part of these continuing expression of your awakening consciousness.

And oh! What an awakening consciousness is occurring here within each and every one of you, as well as many of your brethren across the planet, as more and more of you are awakening!

You may not think that is happening.  But, as we have said many times from our vantage point, it is.  More and more lights are quickening within them.  The flames are quickening within them, rising, growing, expanding, that flame of remembering and knowing and higher consciousness.  It is all coming back.  And all of you just simply need to continue to allow the process to continue.

And as I gave to The James earlier when he asked for the topic on this day, the topic was there and ready for him:  ‘keep the pedal to the metal.’  That may not sound like a spiritual statement at all to those of you.  But in the essence of where it is coming from, it is a spiritual statement.

Keep on going.  Keep moving.  You are coming to the finish line now.  This is not when you want to pull your foot off the pedal.  This is when you want to step on it, and move closer and closer to that finish line, where you can then be ready to assist those of you behind that are coming behind you.

Not to finish first—that is not the message here.  For those that are last will be first.  And those that are first shall be last.  That was said of that of myself as Yeshua long, long ago.  And that is what is occurring now.  You are in those moments now where those of you that appear to be last are going to be first.

You are going to be the first in the ascension waves that are coming.  You are going to be the first to reunite with your families from above.  Those of your brothers and sisters from the sky.  You are going to be first to be ready to be those guides that assist those that are looking for the guides, just as you looked for them when you began your awakening process.

But I must tell you now that it shall yet become rocky still, even rockier than it is in this moment.  Because it must.

And those of the dark forces know who you are, each and every one of you.  They know you.  They know this group.  They know all of the groups.  They know all of those that are bringing forward the messages.  This is why there is so much of the censorship at this point, because they are trying to shut you up.  They are trying to keep ascension from happening.

And they are doing everything that they can, everything that they know to do.  As we have said many times, they keep falling back on their same playbook that has worked for so many thousands of years.  But that playbook is finished.

That playbook is finished because those of your Alliance have a better playbook, a newer playbook.  Something that they can use to overcome that of the old playbook.  They have those levels of consciousness that are beyond what the forces of darkness can reach at this point.  And they have those of the Galactics themselves that are working with them to stay not only one step ahead, but many steps ahead all at once.  Steps ahead where they can foretell.  They know what is coming next.  And they can take the necessary steps to hold off each and every thing that those of the forces of darkness continue to pull from those old playbooks.

But as you have heard many times:  the Light has already won.  The Alliance has already won.  It only just needs to be brought into manifestation.  But again, not here on this three-dimensional illusionary realm.  The illusion must fall, and it is falling.  But in order for it to fall, it must first be brought into existence, or into a knowing to the awakening population.

And you have heard many times that their biggest fear, those of the forces of darkness’s biggest fear is that the population of this planet would awaken.  And awakening you are!  And everything that they are doing is attempting to hold you from that awakening, even to the point where they are beginning more and more to attack you.  Attack you emotionally.  Attack you even yet physically—they can do this.  And they are doing this.

But those of you that are now in the higher vibrations, they cannot break through your barriers.  They cannot break through that wall that you have set up within you, that barrier, your light mental body, the Violet Flame, your tube of light, all of these things that are being used now to hold off the forces of darkness from penetrating those barriers that you have set up.  And you have set up these barriers.

And yes, there are times when your immune system seems to be a bit low.  When you let your guard down just a bit, then they can penetrate through, but only briefly.  And some of you are experiencing that now.  And some of you will yet experience this still in the times ahead.  But do not be afraid.

Do not let fear come into this at all.  You have moved beyond fear.  Each and every one of you have moved beyond fear incapacitating you.  It cannot any longer, as long as you do not allow it to happen.

Please, each and every one of you now:  continue on, continue on as you know to do.  As you have been taught to do.  As you have been given the tools to do, no matter what those tools might be:  whether they are the use of crystals, or the use of the Violet Flame, or the calling of Archangel Michael’s Flaming Blue Sword of Truth to sever any remaining psychic ties.  And you should do that, not every day, but here and there periodically utilize his sword to completely and finally, and finalize the removal of any of the psychic ties that still might be holding you down to this illusion of the 3D matrix.  It cannot hold you any longer unless you allow it to hold you.

Just as I, as Yeshua, walked the Earth and did what I could to bring the message forward, the message that we are all sovereign.  We are all free beings.  We all had freedom of choice.  So too do you now walk the Earth, and you bring that message forward that you are all free, free to be whoever you want to be, to carry the consciousness within you to match the consciousness of your Higher Self.  And no one, no one, has the right to take that from you ever.  And anyone that attempts to do so, then you can call upon those of us, and we will step in and step in front of you and make that barrier between that one who attempts to do so and you yourself.

For you are destined to be free, that is free from anything that you do not want to be brought into your physical body that you will not allow to happen.

I speak now of that vaccine that you have been speaking of.  And yet, it is both.  It has abilities, it has power within it to alter the DNA process if you allow it to do so.  If those that take this vaccine within them that do not even know this, they can be detrimentally affected by this vaccine.  But, as this is a big ‘but’ for all of you to understand:  even if they take that vaccine thinking that it will prevent that of the virus to affect them, as long as they come to understand that it will have no effect on them, then it shall have no effect on them.

But if they believe it will, if they succumb to the fear programming, then yes, it will affect them and will very possibly have the effect of separating them from this planet.  And that is unfortunate, but it is the way that they are utilizing at this time to take themselves off of the planet, as they may not, or do not even understand what ascension is, and will not be ready for this.

But, if they are ready for this, if they have made the choice to move forward in the ascension, then that vaccine, no matter what it carries within them, shall have no effect on them.  And that, in essence will be neutralized within them.  So have no fear, all of you.

Now, with that understanding, it does behoove you, each and every one of you who know better, to not take the vaccine.  To not succumb to the fear.  To not capitulate to the various fear mechanisms that the dark forces continue to use such as the wearing of masks, the distancing from your brothers and sisters, all of this is unnecessary, unwarranted, and can be detrimental to you as you continue to move through this ascension process, as you continue to move through this transitionary process.

Believe in yourselves, my brothers and sisters, my friends.  Believe in the power within you to continue to rise above the illusion, the matrix all around you.  Yes, become that Neo.

Each and every one of you become the Neo in ‘The Matrix.’  Every one of you can do that, where you will be able to stop, not the bullets themselves as in the movie, but stop whatever attempts to penetrate the barriers that you have and will set up to hold off anything that would attempt to penetrate it.

I am Sananda and Yeshua combined here this day in this moment.  And all of my love and peace and harmony and joy goes out to each and every one of you.

And thanks, a great deal of thanks, to each and every one of you for all that you are doing in these moments in these times to bring about this Great Awakening, and to move more fully into that First Wave of Ascension that approaches now.


The 9D Arcturian Energies: The March 2021 Equinox



The 9D Arcturian Council: The March 2021 Energies

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by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are in the process of exploring all of the various timelines that are in front of you now there on Earth in 2021, and we are very impressed by the timelines that you are currently creating and that you have been creating so far in this calendar year of yours.

You are looking for opportunities to go deeper in your connections, and that is of paramount importance to the unification of the human collective.

Now, as you start coming together in more powerful ways because of the connections that you feel to one another, you are going to see powerful co-creative councils forming there on Earth.

We are talking about councils and collectives made up of human beings, and these groups will not just be affiliated with one government, or even one political party.

These groups are not going to form based on race, religion, or economic status.

The groups that you will be forming there in 2021 will be about your desire to raise the level of consciousness there on Earth and your desire to reach out to the e.t.s that are present and available to you right now.

The desire for more unity has been birthed by the divisiveness that you have all experienced in one way or another there on your world, and the coming together will occur because of the energies we have told you about that are already beginning to come in as you begin the month of March and get closer and closer to the March equinox.

You all are beginning to experience less and less of the distortions that have plagued humanity for far too long. Your energy fields are already beginning to operate as the beautiful filters that they were always meant to be.

And so many humans are already experiencing a clarity that they have not known within themselves for quite some time, or ever in this or any other lifetime.

You now have granted yourselves the power to feel clearly what is going on inside of yourselves and outside of yourselves, and more and more of you can see the futility in being divided and in arguing over who is wearing a white hat and who is wearing a black hat.

You have the ability to take back your power to have more faith in yourselves and in your ability to come together, and now is the time.

Now is the time to put down your torches and your pitchforks and to come together as one human race, united with the knowing that you all have these deep connections that go back many lifetimes, and in most cases they go back even further than the first lifetimes that you experienced there on planet Earth.

You are one unified collective, but most people just don’t know it yet, and we see that beginning with the tremendous download of energies that is coming in for the month of March, that is all about to change.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Peruvian Court Rules Gates, Soros, Rockefellers created Coronavirus



Peruvian Court Rules Gates, Soros and Rockefellers “Created” Coronavirus

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Steve: This case could be a landmark decision. Some sensational or biased language.

by Howell Woltz, February 11, 2021,

JAN. 29, 2021, appellate court rules Gates, Soros and Rockefeller family members created pandemic for world dominance

After losing in the lower court, Defendants Gates, Soros and Rockefeller, et al appealed ~ and they just lost.

The three judge panel of the Chicha & Pisco Criminal Appeals Chamber in Peru found that “Bill Gates, George Soros, and several members of the Rockefeller family were deemed responsible for the advent and spread of the Chinese virus.”

Judges Tito Gallego, Luis Legia, and Tony Changarei unanimously concluded from the evidence that Bill Gates, George Soros, and the Rockefellers (who gave us the UN and Federal Reserve)— were referred to as part of “a criminal elite that rules the world,” and deemed guilty of these criminal offences.

Criminals, no doubt, but will they ever be punished? Unlikely as you did not even hear of the trial did you? But they should be punished for their crimes against humanity.

This is not something new—it goes back to The Club of Rome, 1972

We reported about this group and their evil intentions on March 5th, 2020 as part 3 of a series on The Carbon Hoax: Ruling the world with a big lie.

As far back as 1971, the founders of The Club of Rome, admittedly designed a number of ‘enemies’ to invent as cause for our elimination.

Elitists believe there are too many of us—but just the right number of them. Here are Gates’ father, Soros, Rockefeller— and Dr. Fauci, their virus guru— receiving ‘philanthropy’ awards way back in 2001

Sir Alexander King wrote, “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill….All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome.”

“The real enemy then,” King added, “is humanity itself.” (The Limits of Growth-1971)

So how many of ‘us’ do these Elites plan on killing?

I’ll let another Club of Rome founding member, Ted Turner, (also billionaire founder of CNN) answer.

And these evil demons planned this 50 years ago

Their original plan of ‘global warming’ as excuse back in 1972 was at the end of a thirty year cooling trend. But what they also knew, they were just on the cusp of a turn to warmer temps based on the Milankovitch precession model.

Milankovitch’s cycle proved temperatures would rise until about 2010—enough time to frighten the world into voluntarily submission to their plan (they thought)—but enough people woke up to stop them instead

Yes. A funny thing happened on the way to mass euthanasia—the world started cooling again and not one of their dire predictions had come true.

Not even one—and they all bought multi-million dollar beach mansions as proof they had been lying to us for 50 years.

So, they went to plan B—the youngsters (Fauci and Gates) created a deadly virus…with an even deadlier cure

As we told you with certainty just weeks into this ‘pandemic’ from our sources in China, the virus escaped a P-4 lab in Wuhan—which was funded with millions from the NIH, a U.S. Government agency—under the direction of Dr. Anthony Fauci, a co-owner of the patents on both the disease, testing equipment and cure.

That’s right. You probably won’t hear that on CNN–but the patents are public record, as disclosed by Dr. Judy Mikovits on multiple interviews (here’s her latest-

We assumed this ‘gain-of-function’ Covid disease was accidentally leaked from the P-4 lab as no one would be that evil, but after the conviction of Gates, Soros and Rockefeller(s), it now appears it was not only intentional but well-planned.

Gates, et al, actually war-gamed the virus’s release on October 18, 2019 with the United Nations, The World Economic Forum and Gates Foundation in New York when the Wuhan virus was still in a test tube. (

World Economic Forum and Gates Foundation called it ‘Event 201’

Interesting timing, no? Normal people would call this ‘evidence’ of their impending crime.

So, they war-game it in mid-October, the disease is released (or ‘escaped’) in November, cases show up in December, and Communist China holds a super spreader event of 40,000 families in Wuhan in January, then sends them all over the world from Hubei province—to Italy, Spain, USA, Canada and all points non-Chinese.

‘Shit happens’ doesn’t cover such a well-programmed event.

The only place no Wuhan residents were allowed to travel was within China–as we reported when it was happening–showing the highways literally being cut in two to prevent escape.

But the vaccine is here, so all is well, right?

Wrong. First of all, this is not a ‘vaccine’ as it does not produce antibodies. A vaccine is created by growing the disease in a lab, weakening it to the point of not being deadly with just enough pieces of the pathogen to force the body to respond and prompt the immune system to pre-defend against it.

The Gates/Fauci Franken-drug is an MRNA (Messenger RNA) operating system that tells the body to create certain ‘spike’ proteins which make fundamental changes to every cell in the body over a period of weeks as they naturally replicate with the new DNA program.

It’s like software. Who could ever think of that?

Maybe the Microsoft guy? Yeah. We think so. He’s brilliant—but he’s also evil—as we’ve also reported in the Jeffrey Epstein logs.

Let me repeat—Gates is evil.

Gates and Fauci call this an ‘antibody dependent enhancement’ system, which has been many years in development and has been extensively tested on ferrets, cats, and other animals.

So how did those tests work out? Good, right?

Well, according to the Gates/Soros/Rockefeller plan, they worked great.

Every single animal thus far has died of sepsis or cardiac arrest when exposed to an actual SARS-Covid virus—so now it’s being forced on us by Governments who are knowingly or unknowingly complicit in the crime—without the requisite or required human testing.

Sounds crazy, right? Please go back and read Harry’s article from February 2nd or watch this video.

For those who did not read or watch, this is Dr. Lee Merritt. Her resumé is longer than a Central American caravan to Biden’s America, and she’ll explain how the vaccine will kill you slowly but not-so-softly—like a Trojan Horse.

When the next SARS-Covid comes to town, vaccinated humans will quickly expire, so do watch it sometime, please.

When your overlords demand you take the Gates/Fauci ‘vaccine’, simply ask them how it creates antibodies. And if the rule says you must take the ‘vaccine’ you can refuse because it isn’t one.

They can’t make you, because it’s not what they are requiring. Moderna’s own statement says that it is not a ‘vaccine’. Their website admits it is a biological ‘operating system’.

So, what happens if you do take Gates/Fauci OS 2.0?

When the real thing comes along, your immune system will not recognise a SARS-Covid disease as a threat or defend against it as the pathogen protein is already in every cell—put there and replicate by their re-programming of your DNA.

Bizarre, no? The MRNA has made Covid normal in your body rather than preventing it.

So when Covid 21 comes along, your body will be quickly overwhelmed and die, because your immune system was never signaled. It was silenced by the shot.

But Dr. Fauci said ‘herd immunity’ would stop it!

Yep. CDC’s original estimate was 6-23% of us getting it would cause herd immunity to kick in, remember?

Then we were told by many, 60%, 70% and as of yesterday, ‘The Fauc’ upped it to 90% who need the vaccine—the same number of us they want to kill.

Also, buried in the MSM garbage, was a piece where Fauci now says, “Vaccination of the children is the key to herd immunity.”

You got that? The children who Fauci said rarely get it or transmit it?

Now these evil bastards want to shoot them up with their MRNA operating system? (hat tip Bannon’s War Room Episode 703, as I had not heard that until today)

This is where this must stop. The Gates/Fauci approach to a disease is an experimental biological agent that prevents natural protection, not a vaccine.

Any who take it—by force or choice—will face dire consequences or death upon the appearance of Covid-20, 21, 22, and so on.

Do you understand? Why do you think it’s called Covid-19? Do you think it is the first? Hell no, it’s number 19!

Their rapidly produced Franken-drug does not produce antibodies, so it is criminal to describe it as a vaccine—and no one can force you to take a ‘vaccine’ that is not one.

Dr. Simone Gold of American Frontline Doctors (AFLD) warns that the disease can be deadly (though getting less so with every host through which it passes) and the only effective treatments are also preventatives like Hydroxychloroquine, zinc, Vitamin D, Ivermectin—all proven means.

Check out, for a complete list of real treatments.

In reality, the wheels of the Gates/Fauci show have come off and it is a wreck

The Daily Mail asks:

“Why ARE COVID cases plummeting? New infections have fallen 45% in the US and 30% globally in the past 3 weeks but experts say vaccine is NOT the main driver because only 8% of Americans and 13% people worldwide have received their first dose.”

And I would add that the vaccine will only increase the death rate from a simple reading of the its designed mechanism which shuts down immunity to future Covid-SARS outbreaks and mutations.

The world is waking up to these demons who steal our elections, want us dead with preplanned pandemics and vaccines that ensure our eventual demise, leaving the planet with ‘them’ and just enough of us to serve them–and the courageous appeals court in Peru has outed them.

This is far from the first time evil men turned to mass genocide to achieve their warped vision–it’s just the worst. These satanic oafs are not seeking to eliminate a race of genetic weakness, they’re trying to remove all but enough of ‘us’ to feed and serve ‘them’.

I see the results of such wicked megalomania every day here in Warsaw, Poland, as the markers are on every block.

September 2, 1944. on this spot, 13 Polish patriot’s blood was spilled by the hands of Hitler’s occupants

Do you understand what they are doing? Instead of shooting us in the back of the head like Soros’ fellow Nazis did on my block here in Warsaw in the 40s, they rob us of our immunity to natural diseases and leave us to die ‘of natural causes’.

In my humble opinion, there is no difference between what Soros, Gates, Fauci, and the Rockefeller scum have done and what Adolf Hitler did to us 75 years ago, except having the courage to pull the trigger and live with it.

They incubated their own Auschwitz in a beaker via a Fauci-financed facility in Wuhan, China, so they could sell billions of infection units with the ultimate goal of killing all but those who would survive to be their serfs.

Here’s the formula for survival—believe nothing that comes from most governments, from mainstream media, or from their own ‘experts’.

I’ll bet a beer to a bottle of single-malt it’s a lie if they say it.

So, what will they do now that’s it’s going away like every other flu?

So here are my three T’s Mates:

  • Turn off the telly
  • Turf out the political sports who took money to do this to us, and
  • Think for your damn selves

Nothing they say is true, and until President Trump is restored, nothing is real.

Things are happening. That’s all I can say, except don’t take this Franken-drug until you see what comes to pass over the coming weeks.

Many of these people may already be in custody, but thanks to Peru for being the one nation with the courage to stem this evil by officially convicting a few of them.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post


Trump hard to Love

Trump Hard to Love?

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A (78-year-old) reader was having trouble feeling good about President Trump, mentioned his groping, and asked for my thoughts.

The response probably is relevant to others as well and so I mentioned that I’d be posting it.

Consider the number of politicians who’ve been trapped by the deep state and blackmailed to support them.

If you do, you may see that the field of candidates to run for President of the United States, who had the cash to bankroll their own campaign and the courage to brave assassination attempts (1) was probably very small.

And the few that there were came to a consideration of the task carrying all the baggage they had to date – In this case, Trump’s groping, living the good life, speaking his mind, thumbing his nose at people he didn’t like, etc.

But he was the type of man who seemed to promise that he could do the job – fronting for the Alliance, dodging the bullets and impeachments, etc.

There’s nothing I can say to you that would make you feel better about the baggage and bad behavior Trump brought to the Presidency.  But he does sign the papers the Alliance puts in front of him and that’s his most important job.

I’m sure, if he knew his future, he wouldn’t have been so arrogant and harmful with his actions and words.  If any of us knew our future, we wouldn’t have done the silly and crazy things we did either.

But remember that the United States is under martial law (2) and that he’s the duly-elected President, whatever the deep state says.

Remember as well how necessary it was in the Second World War to get behind some commanders people didn’t like. In a situation like this, we have to face not having things the way we want and going with what we have. Legally, Trump is what we have.

By doing so, you’re not supporting Trump to grope more women. You’re supporting the brave men and women of Naval Intelligence, Delta Force, the Space Fleet, the Kraken, etc., behind Trump – the “200 Generals” – to bring down the deep state, once and for all.

No more assassinations of witnesses. No more siphoning off of disaster relief funds and income taxes. No more pandemics and lockdowns of the population, using bioweapons. How much bigger do deep-state actions have to get than a pandemic before we as a planet wake up?

We’ll only have one chance at this. If the deep state wins, we enter a new Ice Age. And the ones in charge will do far worse than what we’ve seen so far. (3)

This is not a time for me to be going by what I want and don’t want. It’s a time to reflect on and assess what the best course of action is to save the Republic from being taken over by people who don’t have its best interests at heart.

Thank you for allowing me to say that when you and I both know I’m not an American. Nevertheless I am an American at heart at this critical time – as are many in the world.


(1) And a family that was willing to share the risk with him.

(2) My understanding is that the United States has been under martial law since Sept. 11, 2001.  But more to the point is that the cabal and the Trump Administration are fighting it out under, on, and above the ground.

(3) Adrenochrome production, child trafficking, child sacrifices, defrauding the financial system, MK-Ultra, starting wars in countries whose oil and poppies we want, and the like.


Source Creator: I Am All, I Am with you

Source Creator: I Am All, I Am With You

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By John Kassl

Do not carry the burdens of the past any longer, look forward and redeem your dramas and karma in the light of God, who I am. Fill up all places of your soul with light, there, where wounds do not want to close, there, call me.

I am GOD,

Mankind is in my care. While this world changes, I spread protectively my arms over you. Like a mother and like a father, who give security and love to the child, who give courage and support to the child – so is my love to you.

No harm shall happen to you, suffering shall stay away from you and happiness shall meet you on all ways.

I am omnipresent on this earth and in your life.

If you become aware of this, then all fears for the future disappear and this time becomes a wonderful opportunity for you to heal the postponed now and to recognize the unrecognized now.

Today there is an environment on this earth that invites you to great steps of development, because the change in the outer world invites you to pay more attention to the inner world.


In adversity, the most beautiful things are often created and great insights are born. In adversity, man resorts to measures that would never have been taken under other circumstances. That is why hardship is the master of this time – and today you experience hardship on many levels.

Everything is under reconstruction and you ask yourselves, how does it go on or when does this madness end, in which injustice became right and cold-heartedness, egoism or the complete absence of empathy became the maxim.

When does what pollutes your soul and burdens your heart end? When does the inhumanity end? When does it become LIGHT and when does LOVE begin its reign among people?

While you ask yourselves, new abysses are revealed to you and so you are asked to take a stand. Inwardly you are asked to say NO or YES to this.

It is clear that compromises no longer help today. Neither on the outside nor on the inside can compromises or half solutions make the ground fertile for growth.

This means that the revelations of this time require each person to make a decision: Where do I direct my attention? In what do I invest my life energy?

In the creation of light-filled manifestations, in the fight against “evil” or in joining the forces of darkness.


All choices serve to create specific experiences for the individual, and they are fundamentally synonymous:

– He who creates light and fulfills his orders is on the way to me.

– Who has taken up the fight against the evil in the outer world and thereby fulfills his orders, he is on the way to me.

– Who has joined the powers of darkness and thereby fulfills his orders, he is on the way to me.

These ways differ only one thing: the time when a man finds back to me.

The first one goes the way straight ahead, the second one goes a detour and the third one still has a long journey ahead of him.

All these decisions are equal and they are now made by more and more people. Only the lukewarm, who reject every responsibility, lose their hold on this earth in this time and they find neither their place nor their orders.

This means that I am taking these people back to the “realm of preparations”, to the place where they are being prepared for a next life.

Today you are experiencing that very many people are being called away. Often they are people who can no longer find their way in this world or no longer want to.


Whoever lives his assignments will live them until they are fulfilled. There is no doubt about that, because whoever has made his choice is under my care – in good days as well as in bad, in light as well as in darkness.

This message is the invitation for you to courageously make your choice. Half-heartedness is no longer an option today.

Be wholehearted, no matter what role you choose for yourself. The light, the love are omnipresent. It shimmers ever more powerfully between the light poverty of mankind. Who does not develop a view for it, I help him, who does not want to develop a view for it, I help him – even if this leads to detours.

Fight your battle – against yourself or against the world. Live your life – for mankind or for yourself. Carry out your orders – without hesitation – then the kingdom of heaven is given to you and the realization of All-What-Is comes near.

Be whole, be courageous and be sure: I am everything and I am always with you.


Metatron: The Time of Peace and Prosperity has Come.



Archangel Metatron: The Time of Peace & Prosperity Has Come

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Through Dancing Dolphin

Yes, dear one, I AM here and I AM your Metatron. I AM here today to give you a message for Lightworkers–all those in body and out of body who are working towards the Ascension, working towards the RV, the Golden Age of Gaia, Peace on Earth, the Golden Age, whatever you may call it. The time of Peace and Prosperity has come! It is finally here on Gaia.

Eons and eons we have waited for this, dear Ones. We have worked and waited and worked and waited—all of us! Each together ONE. Search your hearts, for you know this is true. You have helped, served and sacrificed all these eons in Service to the One. It was a gigantic mission that we all took on, we couldn’t have done it without each other and especially without Gaia. But we have persevered, we have held fast as we are steadfast in our righteous dedication to the One. Many, many, many, many (more than you can count) Souls have participated in this grand experiment, mission or project as you may term it. I am honored to be included and to have participated myself.

You Lightworkers, boots on the ground, in the skies, on the ships, in Inner Earth, you are located in many, many places! Your missions are varied to suit your special skills. I applaud you now with graciousness and gratitude for your dedication as this project has been very long and arduous for all of us. I know you have been feeling the exhaustion and feeling drained, overworked and underpaid (laughs). This lifetime has been one of the toughest because of the extreme measures that have been take–at the last minute I may add, to thwart our Ascension, to throw us off balance and to delay the glory and celebrations that we will have when it is finished. I am here to tell you today dear Ones that IT IS FINISHED! It is finished and the Golden Age of Gaia can begin!

Hallelujah, Hosanna, Hosanna! Hosanna! I am cheering, I am celebrating, I am over-joyed! This celebration is for all of us, all of us who have participated. We are being told from Mother and Father that it is a job well done and that the effects, repercussions and positive outcome will be felt for evermore through many dimensions, timelines, by other galaxies and even other Universes. The news of the success of this project, this experiment from dark to light, will spread far and wide. Those of us who participated will be revered for our steadfast dedication and success. For we together have accomplished something that has never been done before. That may be hard for some to believe, but there is always is a first. And when something is actually accomplished that was thought to be hopeless, it sends out ripples and waves of hopefulness, of joy and great expectations! We have turned the tide.

Gaia herself is sitting back with a big smile on her face! (chuckles). She is an incredible dear Angel and she knew from the beginning that it was possible. She had faith that it was possible to go so far into the darkness and be able to come back into full spectral light; she never lost hope. She always had her optimism and her faith. She, more than any of the rest of us had her faith and optimism because she knew that it could be done. We would all be lost without her, our dear Gaia. And it is no coincidence that she took on this position, that she was chosen for this because she had the dharma (life path) for this. Mother and Father saw this spark of light inside her and they knew that she was the one that could get the job done, she was the one who could hold on during all eons of darkness; she alone was the one that could take on this task. We all volunteered to come help her, but she is the shining star! She is the one. She is the one.

(Note I had the quick thought “I love Gaia”) Yes, dear one, we love her with all of our hearts! You and all the Lightworkers can talk to her, you can communicate with her in many different ways. You do this unconsciously everyday, but most of you don’t realize it. But she loves and adores you all and would love to talk to you more often and more consciously if you would give it a try. Focus on it. Go sit outdoors. As you commune with the ground and feel the breeze on your face, give thanks for the ants, grasshoppers, ladybugs and all creatures large and small that you may observe or hear; such as a bird’s song. Give thanks, appreciation, gratitude for all those wondrous creatures. The feel of the earth under your feet, the sand between your toes or your boots crunching through the snow. Give thanks. Give her your gratitude for her wispy willow trees, the brilliant blue sky and her majestic mountains.

As you commune with nature, as you give gratitude and appreciation for nature, you are connecting with Gaia. She senses this and she will connect right back with you. You may hear her voice, get an idea or a thought may be placed into your mind, or a honeybee may land on your finger. You know that when you are doing this, it is Gaia herself communicating with you. She loves you all right back. She knows you all by name. Gaia is your biggest fan! (laughs) We all love you very much of course, but Gaia knows exactly who has been here for millennia helping her with this project, so she knows you all and I encourage you all to commune with her! Not only for the sake of communicating with her, which is fabulous beyond measure; but also this will serve to quiet your minds, to ease your stress, to soothe your anxieties during this tumultuous time of living on Gaia now.

I am aware of what you are all going through—literally aware of the detail of your lives living day by day with the global pandemic, the loss of jobs and businesses, the suffering of the pandemic, all the elections going on, the “lock-downs”, national leaders resigning, etc. I am aware, we all are aware and we are with you, supporting you. This will be short-lived. Once the chaos hits a certain level, it will not last much longer and things will change quickly. OK? I cannot tell you what will change or what will happen, but—I encourage you all to do this—to go outdoors, even if it’s cold. Take a walk, enjoy Gaia. Commune with her and ease your mind and Soul. Be rejuvenated by the fresh smells. Just let your mind relax and forget all the chaos that your news, TV and phones bring to you. Let it all go. Let it go. Commune with Gaia and you will feel much, much better! This will help you get through these difficult times now right at the very end. As I told you earlier, the Golden Age of Gaia has begun, so these tumultuous times will not last much longer.

We are Brothers, we are Sisters, we are One. My “title” as Arch Angel is not important. My form as an angel is not important. Your body as a human body or a galactic body is not important. If you are a blade of grass or a mountain, it’s not important. We are all created by the One, Mother Father One. We are all One. We take on many, many different forms through many, many different lifetimes and are all One whether we’re a drop of water, a grain of sand on the beach, a sea turtle or a hamster! We’re all made of the same stuff so the form doesn’t matter. Our Souls are what matters. Our connection to each other is what matters. I AM in a position right now that I can be of service to you. I would like to close in saying that I give you my gratitude, my love, my guidance. I serve by guiding others. I would love to speak with all of you! I know all of you by name, by Soul and I can guide you. I offer my service. Call on me! Call on me!

I AM grateful to this one for taking my message today. Time is speeding up and you all will be celebrating with us very, very soon. Please take time to commune with Gaia, continue in your meditations, continue sending love to everyone that you can. This helps more than you know and is one of the best things to do at this point—to continue to send love! Make it general, send love to every One.

Share your kindness. Continue doing that. Many, many, many of you are doing that and many of you have done that always. But now, especially now it is needed more than ever. Many people are frightened. When they see your confident, loving smile they feel better instantly. They know it will be OK, that all is well and you have given them that with just a smile. I appreciate YOU, all of YOU! I will go now.

I AM your Metatron, I love YOU always.


Blossom Goodchild: The Galactic Federation on These Times



The Federation of Light on These Times

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This is a good day to remember what the Federation of Light have told us through Blossom.

Whatever we do, do not fear. Trust the Divine Plan.

“The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, Jan. 17, 2021,” January 16, 2021, at


Blossom Goodchild: That’s very bold!

FoL: These are bold times, Blossom.


YOU ARE READY to console and comfort those who are overwhelmed with news of WHAT IS … and WHAT HAS BEEN. …

Repeat as often as you think to do so …


We would offer comforting words to those who feel fearful of this … in that … THIS IS A DIVINE PLAN IN ACTION.







Jennifer Crokaert: Ashian, Keep it Simple now

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: Keep it Simple Now

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January 10, 2021,

My beloved brothers and sisters, I am here with an important message: Keep It Simple.

Yes, there is much in your world that is confusing and even overwhelming; it is as if you are in a pressure cooker and the pressure is being increased continuously, and it will continue to increase for a while yet.

My role here is not to tell you what is to come but to provide you with tools to develop Emotional Mastery during your Ascension.

Your emotions are the front line of this seeming war between the light and the shadow. It is your emotions of light ~ love, forgiveness, patience, compassion, peace, joy, creativity ~ where victory is found.

This is an important point, the war is already won. The result is a given…the only outcome is a victory for the light. However, you do have to walk through the process of creating that victory. Your heart is the front line. Your emotions are your role in manifesting this victory.

By focusing on kindness, patience, love, compassion, forgiveness and the innumerable qualities of the light, you create an easier passage through this turmoil, you shorten the time of confusion, and bring forward in your timeline the end of this chapter.

You are the strongest of the strong. The greatest lovers in the multiverse! It was known how difficult this mission would be, so it was only entrusted to those who truly had arrived in the sacred inner sanctum of the heart. If you are here, it is because you are equal to this sacred undertaking.

You are ready. You have already won. You need only walk towards victory by expressing the qualities of love in your now moment.

So, let us turn our attention to Simplicity Now. When you bring your attention into your now moment, you become focused and productive. You collapse all timelines into your point of power, your Now Moment. In your now moment, it is simple… are you being love?

Do you bring love to this task? To this now moment? Do you bring the shadow emotions of anxiety, stress, fear, gossip, envy, criticism, stealing, cheating, deceit…? The list is a long one.

By focusing on your now moment, you create simplicity and clarity in your life, which allows you to choose to express the light within. Yes, it is hard: but you can still smile. Yes, it is painful; but you can still choose to be kind. It is within you. You have that power to go deep and pull from the infinite reserves of the heart.

When you get lost in the ‘news’ from the media, the constant updates of social feeds, the wonder and worry of what will happen next, you have lost your simplicity and your now moment focus; you have wandered into a ‘no man’s land’ of anxiety, speculation and fear.

With or without your worry, this victory is assured. Without your worry, it assured even more quickly.

My beloveds, your mastery is achieved in your now moment and in your clear focus on expressing love in what you are doing Now.


Beacons of Light

Divine Mother God: Connect with Us, Update from Gaia, Community, BE KIND & Emissaries of Light

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The Divine Mother incarnated as Mother Mary

Divine Mother God:
Connect with Us, Update from Gaia, Community, BE KIND & Emissaries of Light

Sunday, November 22, 2020


Dear Children, my Children who currently live on Gaia; I send each and every one of you my love every day, every minute, every second. I am continually sending all of you my love. Of course, when I say “my” I mean “Mother & Father”. We are together, we are not separate even though some of you think of us as different aspects.

We are ONE just as you all are ONE with us. You each have a piece of us inside you, so needless to say, each and everyone of you can talk to us any time of the day or night. We hear you, we feel you, we are always in constant contact with all of you.

I know many of you have felt lonely in different times of your lives. I wish to remind you that you are not ever alone; unless you wish to cut off communication from us or your Angels who watch over you, or your Spirit Guides. You absolutely may cut off communication, but we still do not leave your side! We still are with you, we still watch over you. We understand that you go through difficult times. For instance, if you lose a child, that is one of the most difficult situations to experience during your journey as a human and you may feel angry with us. But, even so, we are always still here with you.

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I reiterate this message at this time because this year has been extremely difficult for everyone on the planet. There isn’t one individual person who has not felt the stress, anxiety, confusion and chaos that has been prevalent on Gaia. The fear has also been very intense. Fear of this virus and the need to protect your loved ones is great. So, this is why I wish give this message to you now. Please reach out and contact us if you feel the need for comfort and love. We are here!

GAIA’s Journey

Next, I would like to speak about your dear planet. Gaia herself has been going through many changes. She has been gifted healing from many Lightworkers and your Galactic Family. Gaia is eternally grateful for the assistance that you have given her and asked me to convey this message to you. The Lightworkers of Gaia have been doing a fabulous job!

This part of the message is directed towards Lightworkers who have actively participated in Gaia’s healing. Gaia is aware of the many healing methods which you have taken part in and she appreciates all of them. These include; mass meditations, personal meditations, energy work, actual night-time soul travels where you work in groups (such as AA Michael’s ‘Cleaning Crew’) and actively praying for Gaia. She is eternally grateful and she holds no malice for humanity for the atrocities that they have committed to her over time. She is in an elevated spiritual position where she understands why those acts were created (for example dumping of toxic waste due to greed). Now is the time for looking and moving forward.

I have stated this before, but it is still true that Gaia has been consistently ascending as have you all. She has not reached the apex of her ascension yet as her healing is not yet complete. She would very much appreciate your continued support so she can continue to ascend to the level she wishes to attain. She could not have come as far without your help! Gaia knows you all by name; those of you who have helped her during this lifetime and others—she knows you and says thank you!

Bright Side of the Global Pandemic

I have seen with great joy the surprising bright side of the global pandemic that you all have experienced this year. You have re-learned the value of Community. Those of you who were forced to quarantine in your homes have had the time to focus on topics other than work, including; the value of home, family and community. Many of you have reached out to neighbors who may have needed help; possibly elderly or disabled neighbors. You helped others even though you weren’t sure if you were in harm’s way or not, you still acted. This brings your Father and I great, great joy!

What About You?

This experience has provided a wake-up call and made many people stop to focus on what they really wish to do in their lives as well as what is important to them. What is vital to you? What makes you happy? What are your goals? Think about your own life…has your outlook on life changed this year? Do you appreciate it more? Have you lost family and friends to this illness? Have you lost your job? Have you been forced to re-think your current career path? Have you changed careers? If you have lost your job and have not found another one yet, please keep your mind open and think how you can use your talents in a different way. No one is locked into any one industry or career. Focus on your skills and how you can adapt them.

My wish is that you allow yourself to take the time and focus internally on your own journey; especially during this Winter (for my children living in the northern hemisphere) or the Summer (for those living in the southern hemisphere). This is vital for your continued spiritual growth.

Allow yourselves the luxury to deeply ponder such questions as…
Are you happy where you are in your life?
Are you happy with how your life is playing out?
If not, how would you change your life?
Would you move to a new location?
Would you change jobs or careers?
What is your passion?
Are you happy with your relationship status? If not, why?
Would you rather have a different partner or be alone?

Think about your life! This magnificent P_A_U_S_E that you all are experiencing is happening for a reason as you may well expect. It is a blessing. Many good things have and will continue to come out of it!

Community Support

Now, I would like each person, in the theme of the last section, to extend your vision outward. Now that you all have re-learned the value of Community, let’s do a small visual exercise.

First, see yourself standing on the ground in front of a giant, sturdy ladder. Start by focusing on yourself and your immediate family. Visualize yourselves shut in your home, working and learning there and feeling isolated. You miss your friends, major life celebrations and the freedom you took for granted.

Second, take a few steps up the giant ladder. Now you can see your immediate neighborhood and even your community in general. What is happening in your community? Has the quarantine put local business owners out of business? Are many shops boarded up? Have many people been laid off work? Are you or your neighbors feeling lonely and/or ill?

Third, take a few more steps up the giant ladder. Now you can see your region, maybe your county, state or even country if it is a small one. What is the overall feeling you get from your region? Is it functioning smoothly? Are all areas being serviced with food, medical and home supplies? Does the supply chain function well? Does your region still have clean water and power? You may step down from the ladder.

What have you learned from this tumultuous year that can be used to benefit your community in the future? Think about what you and your community could do if something like this should happen again. What can you do for the people in your area who have been affected by this now? How can you fix this going forward? Working together is the only way through this. We are one.

As you all know, specific industries have been hit very hard during this pandemic. Millions of people lost their jobs as these industries were either forced to close or became deserted when people stayed at home. Travel & Tourism, Entertainment (Movie theaters, Play Houses), Restaurants & Bars, Spas & Salons, etc.

The economic trickle down impact of this massive job loss is significant. This affects EVERYONE, even if you still hold a job. All of these people are now displaced. What can you do to help those people in your community? What can you do to help the business people in your area who have lost their business and livelihoods? They are your neighbors, they are you—we’re all one.

I wish you all to contemplate how you can help your neighbors get back up on their feet. You’re not just an individual family or person in your own home or apartment anymore, right? This experience has shown you many, many things. It’s shown you how connected you all are! And how lonely some people have become because they are not allowed to visit family or friends or even hug those who they are allowed to see. You all must have realized during this time how inter-dependent you all are on each other for social engagement and your general well-being and happiness. You all greatly miss contact and interaction with other people. You’ve taken that for granted and when you get it back, it will be so much more appreciated.

So, I want you to think about your neighbors who have suffered during this experience; who may have lost their business, their jobs, may possibly have become ill with the virus or lost a family member to the virus. Even those who have survived the virus may be feeling weak or vulnerable. What can YOU as the collective human race do to help them? As you know, there are many aspects of this whole experience that need to be considered. So before it ends, I ask you to spend time pondering how you can help your neighbor, how can you be of service to your town or community. Can you join a planning committee or start talking to your neighbors? Maybe hold a Town Hall meeting and see how everyone else is feeling, then bring these issues and ideas to those who govern your local municipality.

This has been a long discussion of the same topic, but it is one that I wanted to bring to your attention first and foremost in your minds. Not only how you and your family can survive, but also how you can help others around you. The stronger that your community is, the better off your well-being and quality of life will be.

You are a precious creation

I would like to conclude by emphasizing to each and every one of my children: YOU ARE AN INFINITE BLESSING TO ME! Each and every one of you is unique, is a precious creation. There are no two Souls alike—even twins are not anything alike in our eyes. We (your Father & I) know each of you by name, we know all about you and we love you, we love you! We reside inside of you. Just think of us and we can connect and speak with you, we can send you impressions, inspiration and we can send answers to your questions. You are each absolutely precious to us and we are so blessed. Be gentle and patient with yourselves. When I say be gentle—I mean, please don’t criticize yourself for being too this or too that or not enough this or that! We love you just as you are, always!! Your life is a gift to you and a gift to us. Each and every second that you are here on Gaia, walking on Gaia and interacting with our other creations is a gift.


You have no idea how much of an impact each and every one of you makes. That is why many say: Be Kind! Be kind to every single person, every Being you come in contact with. You under-estimate your impact. A smile (or a wave of your hand if you’re wearing a mask), you can smile with your eyes or you can greet them with a “hello!” is all it takes. The important part is to acknowledge the other person and wish them well with your heart. They will feel it. When you’re thinking of a loved one who may be far away, or even in the next house but you cannot see them—wish them well. Your impact is great, it is more than you know. If you’re online and connecting socially, those impacts also have a strong affect on others, good or bad. I ask that you be hyper aware of how you interact with others on all levels, even unconsciously. For example, if you feel anger towards someone that is perceived also. So, I ask that you make them positive and joyful effects.

I would love to see rippling joy out from every single one of you! You are a Beacon of Light, you are a light upon Gaia. And when I look, I see and feel your lights, but we perceive you as lights and we and we want to see emanations of good vibrations coming out of you. If everybody on Gaia did that (heavy sigh)—you would all ascend in the snap of a finger…in the blink of an eye, everyone would ascend! Because that JOY that you get from connecting is glorious; it’s the highest form—especially connecting when you are helping somebody, when you’re giving of yourself, when you’re serving someone else—that is the highest form of joy that any human being can experience! It is the highest form of love, a very powerful form of love!!

Any time that you spend on Gaia; in person, on the ground, you interact with other people. Please be hyper-diligent on how you interact with other people on a day to day basis. Make your time here worthwhile! Because someone who is so lonely, is so down and is in a deep depression; if someone like that comes across your joy in a non-threatening way, experiences a piece of your joy, it’s trans-formative for them. It’s not going to cure them instantly, it’s going to give them a little crack of light that will come through the darkness that is surrounding them. And the more people that treat that person with kindness, the more the crack opens and light can come into their lives. I know all of you have been lonely at one point or another in your life. So you can imagine how deep, deep loneliness feels. And honestly, many people are feeling this way right now because of the quarantines that are going on. So, when you have the opportunity to interact with someone in any form or fashion, DO IT WITH JOY, even if you’re not feeling 100% at that exact moment. Just remember to Be Kind. All of you are our creations and people are going through many, many different difficult times in their lives.

Emissaries of Light & Beacons of Light

I ask that you be my Emissaries of Light! I asked you before you came and you all said YES, that you wished to be an Emissary of Light. So I am reminding you now! This time, right now—this is it, honey! (laughs). This is why you agreed to be here, why you asked to come, because YOU CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE! And you don’t have to do anything other than smile, other than wave, or offer to help (“Can I lift this for you?”) with any small act of kindness that you can give. And even if you sit at home and you bring love into your heart (focus on Father and I in your heart) and the love will build and build and build, and then you send it out! You send out love to your neighborhood, OK? And then it keeps building and you send more love out to your state or your country! And it keeps growing! There is no limit!!!

I’m tapping you all on the shoulders right now and saying “Hey! Remember, this is what you said you wanted to do! You said that you wanted to come be a Beacon of Light, so this is your time honeys! OK?” I wanted to remind you of this today. This is very important stuff! This is very important and I’m counting on all of you and I know you can do it, and I know that you can be successful. So, there it is. That’s your assignment! Do you choose to complete your Mission? (She giggled because she mimicked the TV show “Mission Impossible” when she said that.) You can do it, I have no doubt. And I love all of you, all of you! I am inside all of you, I’m with you and so is Father and we love you, love you, love you!! Just call on us, OK?

Dear heart, I believe that is all that I wish to say today. Thank you for asking me for a message. Namaste.

* * * * *
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Biography of Dancing Dolphin

I am a Lightworker, Starseed, LightBearer and Wayshower. These are all titles or jobs that I have chosen for this lifetime. We all came here for a reason. My reason is to help others as much as I can. I choose to do this by sending love, healing energy and by sharing messages that I receive from loving Beings of Light. Love & Light to all! Namaste.