The 9D Arcturian Council: Do this to Release Yourself from Oppression



The 9D Arcturian Council: Do This to Release Yourself from Oppression

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by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very interested in seeing what humanity will do when you have freed yourselves from the limiting beliefs that we can feel weighing humankind down in these times you are living in right now.

We know that life is not easy there on Earth, and we don’t wish to make it seem as though we feel that it would be very simple for you to just let go of those limiting beliefs we are referring to right now.

But the truth is that we do feel so many humans are anchored at this time to the belief that they are more oppressed than they are empowered.

So many on your planet feel more victimized than they do empowered by the truth that they are Source Energy Beings.

And we invite those of you who are truly awake, who absolutely know that you are Source Energy Beings, to lead humanity into this new golden age, an age where everyone will know who they really are, and everyone will also know who all of their fellow humans are.

That will be the time when we can see what you are truly capable of creating, being, and doing there on Earth, and that’s exciting to us.

But in the meantime, we will encourage those of you who understand who you really are to demonstrate what is possible to your fellow humans by sitting in your power, activating your Divinity, and living a life of freedom, a life of joy, a life of unconditional love.

Many on your world at this time believe that knowledge is power.

So many have put their faith in a story, a narrative that has been cooked up by one or more other humans, and we want to tell you that even if all the stories presented right now on the Internet were true, your power would still lie in your ability to love unconditionally all the villains, all the people wearing the black hats, all of the enemies of the people.

They are your assignments.

You are there to love them back into alignment, and no, they will not all choose to come back into the light, and that’s okay too.

That is their free will, but we are always going to recommend that you use your free will to demonstrate to yourselves and others how powerful you are, and to tell the world that your power comes from your heart and not your mind.

Your power comes from your ability to vibrate on purpose, not your ability to march or protest.

You have the ability to bring about the massive changes that you see promised by the same individuals who will continue to point fingers at the causes of the problem without offering the only solution.

Those massive changes will come because the awakened collective will choose love time and time again.

That is your assignment, and we know that you are up to it, because when we see you, we only see who you really are.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Meditation Class 20th Jan 2021

In the morning I received this message
Lotus Heart
OM Mantra, Reconnect, Meditate, Peace.

Following viewing of Peace in Every step, we did some chanting

  1. This chant has been given from Higher realms specifically at this time to invoke higher forces of Light channelled by White Cloud

‘I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Truth, I Am’

  1. OM chant
  1. ‘Om mani padme hum’

Buddhist chant The jewel in the heart of the Lotus

  1. OM Shanti, Shanti

Peace chant

  1. Gayatri Mantra

This chant has been chanted for over 2,000 years in India

  1. kadoish kadoish, Kadoish

This chant is said to be the one the angels chant to God.


Metatron: The Time of Peace and Prosperity has Come.



Archangel Metatron: The Time of Peace & Prosperity Has Come

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Through Dancing Dolphin

Yes, dear one, I AM here and I AM your Metatron. I AM here today to give you a message for Lightworkers–all those in body and out of body who are working towards the Ascension, working towards the RV, the Golden Age of Gaia, Peace on Earth, the Golden Age, whatever you may call it. The time of Peace and Prosperity has come! It is finally here on Gaia.

Eons and eons we have waited for this, dear Ones. We have worked and waited and worked and waited—all of us! Each together ONE. Search your hearts, for you know this is true. You have helped, served and sacrificed all these eons in Service to the One. It was a gigantic mission that we all took on, we couldn’t have done it without each other and especially without Gaia. But we have persevered, we have held fast as we are steadfast in our righteous dedication to the One. Many, many, many, many (more than you can count) Souls have participated in this grand experiment, mission or project as you may term it. I am honored to be included and to have participated myself.

You Lightworkers, boots on the ground, in the skies, on the ships, in Inner Earth, you are located in many, many places! Your missions are varied to suit your special skills. I applaud you now with graciousness and gratitude for your dedication as this project has been very long and arduous for all of us. I know you have been feeling the exhaustion and feeling drained, overworked and underpaid (laughs). This lifetime has been one of the toughest because of the extreme measures that have been take–at the last minute I may add, to thwart our Ascension, to throw us off balance and to delay the glory and celebrations that we will have when it is finished. I am here to tell you today dear Ones that IT IS FINISHED! It is finished and the Golden Age of Gaia can begin!

Hallelujah, Hosanna, Hosanna! Hosanna! I am cheering, I am celebrating, I am over-joyed! This celebration is for all of us, all of us who have participated. We are being told from Mother and Father that it is a job well done and that the effects, repercussions and positive outcome will be felt for evermore through many dimensions, timelines, by other galaxies and even other Universes. The news of the success of this project, this experiment from dark to light, will spread far and wide. Those of us who participated will be revered for our steadfast dedication and success. For we together have accomplished something that has never been done before. That may be hard for some to believe, but there is always is a first. And when something is actually accomplished that was thought to be hopeless, it sends out ripples and waves of hopefulness, of joy and great expectations! We have turned the tide.

Gaia herself is sitting back with a big smile on her face! (chuckles). She is an incredible dear Angel and she knew from the beginning that it was possible. She had faith that it was possible to go so far into the darkness and be able to come back into full spectral light; she never lost hope. She always had her optimism and her faith. She, more than any of the rest of us had her faith and optimism because she knew that it could be done. We would all be lost without her, our dear Gaia. And it is no coincidence that she took on this position, that she was chosen for this because she had the dharma (life path) for this. Mother and Father saw this spark of light inside her and they knew that she was the one that could get the job done, she was the one who could hold on during all eons of darkness; she alone was the one that could take on this task. We all volunteered to come help her, but she is the shining star! She is the one. She is the one.

(Note I had the quick thought “I love Gaia”) Yes, dear one, we love her with all of our hearts! You and all the Lightworkers can talk to her, you can communicate with her in many different ways. You do this unconsciously everyday, but most of you don’t realize it. But she loves and adores you all and would love to talk to you more often and more consciously if you would give it a try. Focus on it. Go sit outdoors. As you commune with the ground and feel the breeze on your face, give thanks for the ants, grasshoppers, ladybugs and all creatures large and small that you may observe or hear; such as a bird’s song. Give thanks, appreciation, gratitude for all those wondrous creatures. The feel of the earth under your feet, the sand between your toes or your boots crunching through the snow. Give thanks. Give her your gratitude for her wispy willow trees, the brilliant blue sky and her majestic mountains.

As you commune with nature, as you give gratitude and appreciation for nature, you are connecting with Gaia. She senses this and she will connect right back with you. You may hear her voice, get an idea or a thought may be placed into your mind, or a honeybee may land on your finger. You know that when you are doing this, it is Gaia herself communicating with you. She loves you all right back. She knows you all by name. Gaia is your biggest fan! (laughs) We all love you very much of course, but Gaia knows exactly who has been here for millennia helping her with this project, so she knows you all and I encourage you all to commune with her! Not only for the sake of communicating with her, which is fabulous beyond measure; but also this will serve to quiet your minds, to ease your stress, to soothe your anxieties during this tumultuous time of living on Gaia now.

I am aware of what you are all going through—literally aware of the detail of your lives living day by day with the global pandemic, the loss of jobs and businesses, the suffering of the pandemic, all the elections going on, the “lock-downs”, national leaders resigning, etc. I am aware, we all are aware and we are with you, supporting you. This will be short-lived. Once the chaos hits a certain level, it will not last much longer and things will change quickly. OK? I cannot tell you what will change or what will happen, but—I encourage you all to do this—to go outdoors, even if it’s cold. Take a walk, enjoy Gaia. Commune with her and ease your mind and Soul. Be rejuvenated by the fresh smells. Just let your mind relax and forget all the chaos that your news, TV and phones bring to you. Let it all go. Let it go. Commune with Gaia and you will feel much, much better! This will help you get through these difficult times now right at the very end. As I told you earlier, the Golden Age of Gaia has begun, so these tumultuous times will not last much longer.

We are Brothers, we are Sisters, we are One. My “title” as Arch Angel is not important. My form as an angel is not important. Your body as a human body or a galactic body is not important. If you are a blade of grass or a mountain, it’s not important. We are all created by the One, Mother Father One. We are all One. We take on many, many different forms through many, many different lifetimes and are all One whether we’re a drop of water, a grain of sand on the beach, a sea turtle or a hamster! We’re all made of the same stuff so the form doesn’t matter. Our Souls are what matters. Our connection to each other is what matters. I AM in a position right now that I can be of service to you. I would like to close in saying that I give you my gratitude, my love, my guidance. I serve by guiding others. I would love to speak with all of you! I know all of you by name, by Soul and I can guide you. I offer my service. Call on me! Call on me!

I AM grateful to this one for taking my message today. Time is speeding up and you all will be celebrating with us very, very soon. Please take time to commune with Gaia, continue in your meditations, continue sending love to everyone that you can. This helps more than you know and is one of the best things to do at this point—to continue to send love! Make it general, send love to every One.

Share your kindness. Continue doing that. Many, many, many of you are doing that and many of you have done that always. But now, especially now it is needed more than ever. Many people are frightened. When they see your confident, loving smile they feel better instantly. They know it will be OK, that all is well and you have given them that with just a smile. I appreciate YOU, all of YOU! I will go now.

I AM your Metatron, I love YOU always.


Limiting Shoulder Pain Created from old beliefs in Separation

Limiting Shoulder Pain Created from Old Beliefs in Separation & Control – Jealousy and Hatred

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In September, 2020, I pulled muscles in my back around my shoulder blade.

Carrying a heavy bag with my left arm, one day I twisted slightly as I was doing something else, and I felt the muscle pull. . . I can’t say there weren’t any warning signs this was going to happen. There were, but I was ignoring them.

When it happened my body cringed. So, what to do? I soldiered on (as I tend to do) not realizing it would be months before I felt better.

At first the pain wasn’t too bad, but as time went by, it got worse. It gave me a good sense of how excruciating daily pain can be, how difficult everyday tasks become; not having had this kind of pain before, it was very educational.

Over the course of the four months, I tried various therapies: acupuncture, shiatsu, a chiropractor and registered massage therapist. The massage therapist was gentle, kind, a conscious healer, and I felt the best after her treatment.

But what I felt helped the most was talking to the pain, asking it how it was connected to the past. It was fascinating to see, in meditation, that the pain in my left shoulder was connected to many past incarnations, from Egypt to Indigenous lifetimes.

Sitting still and asking questions, images came, and as I would see a lifetime and get the message I would feel a layer of energy release.

I began to see physical pain as entangled issues from the past.

Then an altercation at one of the centres I work at got me asking about masculine/feminine interactions I witnessed as a child, family patterns of hatred and jealousy.

Subconsciously taken on long ago — I did not realize I was still carrying this to the extent I was — that belief in separation, the old energy of taking sides became very apparent.

Seeing the mental/emotional/physical components
of my intense shoulder pain creation was enlightening.

When I clearly saw this — a family pattern of control – jealousy and hatred, and limitation – the entrenched belief in separation that creates anxiety, resting in and around my left shoulder — my awareness of it was enough for all the pain to dissipate.

It was gone in an instant.

I felt it bubble away. . . lift off. . .

awareness set me free.

I Am Forgiveness of the past
I Am Peace

I Am Compassion,
of the past
I Am Love

I Am Gratitude for the experience
so I can share the insights
so it is not recreated
I Am Joy!

Tangled up old energies from the past helped create excruciating pain in my back and shoulder.

Icing it, using heat packs and trauma cream everyday eased it slightly, but it was the conscious awareness of my deep past and the masculine/feminine, mother/father imbalance taken on in childhood, that finally set me free.

Is it a process for pain I can recommend,
understanding the mental/emotional/physical components?


Pain is not pleasant, but I sure am blessing that pain now.

The understandings that came, especially for when I do readings, where I can pass along this information is priceless.

Thank you pain.




Ashtar: The Key to Entering your Heart

Ashtar: The Key To Entering Your Heart

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by Davey

Greetings dear ones of the earth plane. This is commander Ashtar, or simply Ashtar, if you will. I command great fleets, but not in the way that you think of command. You see, the flow of light, the flow of love has a very different definition of what the word command means.

When you are in your heart centre, you see, dear ones, you have complete command over your reality. This is not the same as control. For control is the grip of fear. Control is something that your minds apply through the energy of fear. This is something very important to understand dear ones. For flow is the movement of love light. As you see change from the miracle of love light, that change is the culmination of the flow of love light.

Many things are happening now as you approach your 21st of December 2020… Oh what a great day that will be dear ones. We do not wish you to have expectations on this date, or other important waves as they come through. For we wish you to let go of control, and move into flow – do you see the difference dear ones?

When you are in flow, there is NO mental grip, there is no gripping and holding your reality, or anything in it. You simply flow, you move freely with the freedom of your hearts. Everything falls into place magically, it aligns, it synchronizes perfectly, to completely match your heart space. This is what we do in the higher planes dear ones. And this is what we wish for you.

It is so important, moving into the times coming, that you understand this concept.

This one has had to learn the difficulties of these distinctions, these contrasts, if you will, and so have many of you, we see this, dear ones. We love you, we are there for you. We bring these messages through for you, to console, to uplift, to en-light-en. To help highlight the way. To help you do the most important thing, which is to connect to your heart centre. Be the love of your heart centre. That is where your higher self truly resides. That is where your access to this universe, this omniverse, all of creation resides. Dear ones, that is the gateway. Yes… this has been spoken of before. We wish to remind you again, and again, and again… As gently, or as powerfully as you need it to be dear ones.

For this is where the filth dimension resides. You access it through your heart dear ones, for it is already there, every dimension you could ever wish to access is right there dear ones.

But here is an important lesson, and it involves the idea of flow versus control. Surrender and flow versus grip and control. These two things are not against each other, but we simply wish to contrast them for you. For we see many of you are still finding it most difficult to LET GO AND RELEASE YOURSELVES from the grip of SELF CONTROL, SELF GRIP. Relax dear ones!!! Oh dear ones relax, feel your entire body going loose, flowing, soft, gentle, filled with love light. Know that anytime you are in grip, you are in fear dear ones.

Let that be your signal, to know that you have fear to release…

When you are soft, when you are gentle, and you are flowing, that is the stuff of your heart centre, dear ones. It is the stuff of the divine. It is your truth, your magnificent beautiful truth, that is switching on most rapidly now. Surrender to it dear ones.

We wish to highlight a program that many of you have. And that is you fear that if you surrender, that if you let go, you will be vulnerable to attack. Nothing could be further from the truth dear ones. For this is an illusionary false program instilled into you. When you are relaxed, when you let go, when you flow, you are your most powerful, you are your most protected you can ever be. This is an important concept to understand dear ones, and we so wish for you to ‘get this’.

You see, this is what it is to be in command of your reality, when you are in that beautiful soft flow, that love light, that surrender, that gentleness that peace… That is when you have full command, NOT CONTROL… command of your reality.


For there is no grip there. Control is a fear.

Command is the instant mirroring of your reality, that dances with you, as you glide and flow in the beautiful love light of your heart centre, it is a partnership dear ones, if you will. Where your outer reality instantly mimics, instantly morphs, instantly arranges itself to your hearts wishes, loves and desires.

That is what we mean by command dear ones.

And that is how things work in the higher realms. It is not control dear ones…

We ask you to ponder this. And we leave you now, with this pondering, if you will. It is so important to live and understand this dear one’s. For it will make it far easier for you to move into your hearts.

And we will finish on this last key point… Many of you, we see, have asked the question and find it difficult to move into your heart centres, ‘how do we do this Ashtar?’ we hear you say, ‘how do we do we do this angelics?’ we hear you say. It is simple dear ones, here is the key:


You cannot think or control yourself into your heart centre, YOU MUST LET GO. It is like a doorway, that will seemingly not allow you through, while you are in the energy of fear, or grip, or control. You see, those energies don’t belong, they don’t exist in your heart centre. So in truth, if you use those, and are trying to GET into your heart centre, with those energies, like two opposites, you will push away and will find it most difficult to be in your heart centre.

We ask you to do this, if you wish, to go into your heart centres – Go into meditation, go into peace, go into flow, relax… LET GO. When there, feel the magnificent light of your higher self beckoning, calling you in, and allow yourselves to surrender, COMPLETELY SURRENDER, let go of grip, let go of control, let go of the fear, let go of the tension dear ones, and allow yourselves to be DRAWN IN to your hearts.

Do you see dear ones, do you see the point of the contrast?

You cannot make or force yourself into your heart centre, you have to let your heart centre absorb you in…

That is the key dear ones!

Do you see, do you feel this? Practice, play with this dear ones, you will find it oh so much easier to glide into your heart centres, to be in your heart centres. Enough of the struggle, enough of the pain, enough of the fear dear ones… SURENDER, you are safe, you are ABSOLUTELY SAFE.

Your most magnificent and powerful heart centre is there waiting to absorb you in. Let it absorb you, but to do so, again, the key is to SURENDER, SURRENDER, SURRENDER, LET GO, LET GO, LET GO, RELEASE, RELEASE, RELEASE…

Play with this dear ones…

We leave you now in our love, our light, our soft love light, our prayers for you to be in your heart centre, our wishes for you…

We love you all so much, be at peace dear beloveds… We love you more than you can know, feel this in your hearts, we love you…

Goodbye for now



Creating New Earth

Creating New Earth

This is the beginning of a New collection of posts on New Earth and how we are creating New Earth with our thought and actions. We begin with an other world perspective. As it is being created in the NOW moment, new posts will be added as it develops and updated automatically. So just follow the links.

The Storm is Part of the Ascension Process

You are responsible for Creating the Massive Changes Coming

Call to Action

You have Created an Energetic Net

A World that Works for Everyone

Creative Seed for a New Reality

Rainbow Currency

New Gifts that Await

Regenerative Farming

Giving Nature Human Rights, The Law of the Land


How to know who to Trust

Future won’t Need Money

Transitioning out of Money

Your Lightbodies are coming

Germany starts trial of Universal Basic Income

Out with ‘Predatory Capitalism, In with ‘Life Economy’

Mahatma: Multifaceted Aspect of the Creator

Nothing Can Penetrate

New Energy  Portals are open



With Tibetan bowls

Peace, Calm, Mindfulness

Starts Friday Oct 9th at 7pm
Harbourside UNIT 216
66 Sickle Ave, HOPE ISLAND
Or Facebook : christinedeacon3

Bookings CHristine 0427453776

Creating New Earth

Creating New Earth

This is the beginning of a New collection of posts on New Earth and how we are creating New Earth with our thought and actions. We begin with an other world perspective. As it is being created in the NOW moment, new posts will be added as it develops and updated automatically. So just follow the links.

The Storm is Part of the Ascension Process

You are responsible for Creating the Massive Changes Coming

Call to Action

You have Created an Energetic Net

A World that Works for Everyone

Creative Seed for a New Reality

Rainbow Currency

New Gifts that Await


How to know who to Trust

Future won’t Need Money

Transitioning out of Money

Your Lightbodies are coming

Germany starts trial of Universal Basic Income

Out with ‘Predatory Capitalism, In with ‘Life Economy’

Mahatma: Multifaceted Aspect of the Creator

Nothing Can Penetrate

New Energy  Portals are open

What’s Happening – Deconstruction Phase

Youth, Joy, painting on silk by Christine Deacon


I’m moving out of my comfort zone, out of my safe house on top of a mountain, downsizing into an apartment by the water. This next phase of ascension has certainly challenged me. After being shown sea level changes which I’ve been  expecting since the 1990s I’m being challenged to move into a manifestation phase of creating my reality on a bigger scale.

So first I see that depending on government to provide for me in my ‘olld age’ is no longer an option. it’s a control method of 3rd Dimension. it too must pass. The drop in income and loss of income by inheriting my mother’s estate means I have decided to look for an investment property.  with my brother’s help, I found an area I liked, on the coast and began negotiations on an apartment in an apartment block, a community. It took two weeks to find.The first one I looked at, I liked but I didn’t bid on it. The next one was furnished and on the ground floor and I liked it even better, so I put in an offer.

The owner wouldn’t budge from his listed price. I then found it had been on the market for 2years. I heard about an auction which had a lower reserve and I went to inspect it and liked what I saw, so began negotiations pre auction. I placed a bid just above the reserve, which was rejected. I placed a second and final bid $6,000 Higher. Another had sold at auction that day on the reserve price. The second bid was accepted by the bank mortgagee on a basis of 3 week settlement.

So now I’m feeling, I need to move to my new apartment and rent my house as an investment property. What is remarkable about turn this is, how things have changed. In 1968 when I brought my first house with my husband, I couldn’t get a loan. Ten years later when he left, I still couldn’t get a loan as a woman. Through a long period of struggle as a single mother, I have been able to turn this around and buy a home without a mortgage from the bank. In fact the home I’m living in, I also brought mortgage free, by moving when guided to.

All messages I’m getting are that this is a very good move for me. So girls take back your power and move forward. I now have to downsize. I’m really reluctant to do this. I have decided to rent it and keep ownership as I may want to return. It is my choice now to do this.

Government wants to be in control and all over the world people are resisting.They no longer see government as a ‘father’ figure. Even in democracies, the rise of the ‘Divine Feminine’ is finally bringing change.

We have to keep moving forward, so that means releasing the old energy and ideas and baggage from the past. When we do this physically, we make way for the new to come in. It can be a brutal process. Ask for a way to do so with ease and grace and move forward confidently ‘one step at a time’.

If you feel ‘I must be crazy’, here are some tips:

Let go of ego, understand that the old must go to bring in the new

Keep your new identity flowing, freely, with no attachment to a definition of yourself

Let go of other people’s opinions and projections, you are here as a game changer.

Connect with your guides and Source and give them permissions to help

Be in nature, meditate, say and chant affirmations, keep your spiritual energy high by avoiding people, situations, and lower energies.

Have fun, laugh out loud, sing Dance and be happy!