Andromeda Rex

“The gathering of our Ground Commanders for these secret council meetings will begin a new way of doing things by the Confederation. Hitherto, we have had to be coy and careful and subdued in our activities. But now we are prepared to be more outward in Manifestation and bolder in our efforts to win the hearts of Mankind to our cause and purpose, which is really their own. This is why those who are taken up to these seven secret gatherings will be permitted to bring back with them so much evidential material. We will allow our participants to be interviewed and quizzed by the curious, because only in this way can we be heard and vindicated. This is a brave thing we ask of all of you. We are aware of the temptations involved to vaunt the self for such widespread attention. Yet we have chosen you well, and we believe none shall be spoiled by any of these developments but shall hold steady in the consecration previously made. All of you have been thoroughly scrutinized and monitored, down to the most minute detail of your inner being and personality traits. This was done before our final choices were made, to carry on and complete this program which began over one hundred years ago.

Soon, now, with much joy in our hearts, we will once again send back down into Earth those whom we have, by their own election, chosen to prepare the planet for its initiation into a new field of expression with the rest of the Solar System. In the annointing that is to be given at the inaugural ceremony, signs and wonders will be bestowed for convincing the world, each receiving in accordance with the mission, whatever is needed to complete it. We have designated certain areas of the ships where your cameras will operate successfully. Your tape recorders will also operate normally with batteries only. Primarily there will be many items of interest which can be brought back with you as evidences. These Councils, or gatherings, as you have begun to call them, are primarily for this purpose of sending back to Earth the concrete evidence which Earth has so long clamoured for. You will also have photographs to return with you which will show the views of Earth taken from our ships, taken upon our highly evolved technical equipment – photos which cannot be denied.

All of those who are summoned to these briefings will in some manner all be linked together to assist each other in the overall project of evidential presentation. Thus, there will be those from media, from commerce, from messenger work, and from church groups. Each will be a coordinated group, who will be made known to each other for coordinating your efforts toward convincing unbelievers of our existence and our good intentions. This program is designed for the purpose of convincing Mankind, as well as the training of those who attend. Thus, with the books that will be written and the efforts of higher echelons to protect those books and those writers, this will be an all-out onslaught against ignorance and bigotry as it pertains to us, our presence, and our mission.

The ranks of the officers will be revealed, specific missions will be assigned as this last phase of the transition period will be underway and soon to be completed. This legion of special volunteers will be the most active on inner levels to initiate the preparedness for our coming into Earth’s atmosphere. Commander Ashtar and Many others will address the groups and explain the mission of each one present so that all can hear and know the direction that each individual will take. This program is a crucial step in our gearing down. All details for each personal life and its related problems or complications will be clearly discussed and dealt with in private council. Some of our guests will need much calming, for many will be lifted up rather suddenly from the midst of their affairs, creating some internal anxiety. It will be the work of all of you and us to calm such as these.

We are naturally tremendously thrilled over this coming fellowship, as well as our new policy and program. Our last effort of fifty years ago and later, did not succeed as we had hoped. It was to have culminated with our full and open appearance in your skies. This should have occurred in the sixties had our past programs proceeded as planned, but the hindrances and hostility of the governments of Earth totally thwarted our original plans.

We do not desire to force our presence upon you, and thereby feed the negative nature of those who would oppose us. This would gain us nothing toward Interplanetary Fellowship. We CANNOT, we WILL NOT make our appearance (in normal times) unless it is accepted by the Military and higher branches of your Governments. Therefore, this new policy of inner penetration into Human hearts will hopefully achieve that necessary change in the policies of Mankind which will build us a platform of goodwill upon which we may make our approach to uplift your way of life.

It must be done peacefully and lovingly, while it CAN be done in that manner. If circumstances develop danger to the Elect and danger to the Solar System before these negotiations are completed, then we will be forced circumstantially to intrude ourselves into Earth’s forcefield for evacuation and intervention in the name of the Intergalactic Council governing the Universal Peace agreement.

I am Andromeda Rex, and I speak this message on behalf of the entire Space Confederation and the Council of Universal Masters who serve the Divine Government.”

As we think together of a vast army of volunteers to Earth for this crucial time, our understanding is penetrated by these words of Cosmic Being, Lytton, which came to spiritual messenger “Lyara”:

“Each of you who is attuned to this material has a Mission of Service to Mankind. Each of you, as Sparks of God, is a Divine and unique ray of the Father. Cosmic family members have already achieved mastery and forms of advancement in other dimensions, realms and/or realities and are reawakening this dormant knowledge. You each agreed, in coming here, to be veiled, that you could adjust and understand the people of this planet to better serve them. Some of you have been here several times – very few more than that. All of you have awakened, or will, to the realization that the home you are most clearly attuned to is not resemblant of Earth. Planets where you have spent the most time and call home are higher vibrating and have all-pervading auras of Christ Love. All of you belong to the Intergalactic Fleet. At debriefing time before embarking on this mission, you realized only to some degree the hazards that you would experience on this planet. The most serious was not preparing yourself to wake up, by getting involved and caught up with Earth’s activities and pleasures and forgetting your identity. Many brothers and sisters have not yet awakened sufficiently to fulfill their missions in the remaining time allotted. It has made for many adjustments in plans, and many others of you will be asked to assume greater responsibilities than originally contracted for. We realize it will cause some hardships and extra burdens, but by staying attuned to your guidance, these new assignments which are being asked of you in the Father’s name can still be expressions of joy. Allow your spirits to soar while your feet are on the ground for planetary functioning.”

It is my understanding that these veils are to be lifted at the ‘gatherings’. Mary Hardy, well known for her family’s research on pyramidology, made this interesting statement recently in an article appearing in the New Atlantean Journal: ‘When an individual is taken up into a ship, the electromagnetic field (aura) around the body is accelerated. In this field there is no time. An individual can learn of the future or the past. Space craft are designed to accelerate the particles that make up the atom. These particles can travel up to 27 times faster than the known speed of light.

This change of frequency is why ships become invisible. The individual inside the ship can travel time and can look into the future or the past. At the end of the trip these individuals are DE-accelerated, or decelerated. They are placed in a chair or on a light-emitting table and brought back to a stable frequency attuned to the Earth.’

Chapter 2: The Summons to the Secret Councils

During January of 1982 I received a message from Andromeda Rex which clearly shows the groundwork being initiated in preparation for these meetings, stressing the need and importance of ‘networking’ between the factions of Light on Earth:

“The Commands are sending forth an extra power to those whose vibrations can handle the higher frequencies. We will now be stepping up all of those who are capable, to their highest capacity. The trembling of body you are presently experiencing is an incidental aspect of this accelerated frequency. We are all alerted and geared up for a massive sweep of power to accentuate all Light frequencies upon the planet. A tremendous input of Light through beam radiation is now being undertaken for purposes of quickening the Light bodies of all who can receive it. This action tends to be one of preparation for that which is to come later.

There is also underway a great spiritual urgency toward the integration of Light souls toward each other. We are attempting through these higher frequencies to draw Light Workers closer together in feeling and purpose. The networking objective is going on successfully. We are attempting to create a conscious Network of Light Beings in embodiment, that will be consciously entered into and consciously cooperated with for purposes that will come later. This conscious linking of souls is most important to our objective in preparing for mass intervention if events warrant this action.

The Network, consciously accepted, becomes a great force for the ongoing of our program toward the rescue of, and assistance to, the planet. Even in New Age circles there must be a falling away of technical differences and an emphasis upon things on which there is agreement. Regardless of the particular slant or emphasis of truth, there must be a conscious desire to become a link in the great chain of ground forces rather than to stand alone. It is this conscious desire to be a conscious operating portion of the whole, that will create the proper atmosphere for the uplifting of frequencies I have described.

Therefore, let all of those who serve with us strive toward this holy attitude of oneness with each other, that we might all function together as one great beam of Light upon the Earth. This effort toward united purpose is the present focus of our interaction with our brothers and sisters of Light now in Human embodiment. In this Great Cosmic Light, I salute you all. I am Andromeda Rex.”

In times past, in our progressive enlightenment and spiritual perception, we have seen only a part, ‘as through a glass darkly;’ but now, as the networking expands and the veils are being lifted, we ‘know, even as we are known.’ The joyful quickening as one soul recognizes another, warmed by the Christ Presence within the other –that quickening is now manifesting even ‘face to face’ as well as between this and the highest dimensions of reality. There is an unconscious network between us all on the inner level Universe, but Andromeda would have us pull this reality through our Human consciousness, having used the word eight different times to make his point. He describes these things further: “These gatherings represent a highly momentous occasion. There has never yet been anything like this in the history of Mankind’s sojourn upon the planet. Similar incidents have fragmentarily taken place in isolated cases far between, in the past and last generation, but nothing on so large a scale, so thoroughly organized as this venture. Neither were the former results that far-reaching, yet there has been a tremendous secret penetration in the past forty years. But following these secret council meetings and the return of the Elect to their octave, there will be an immediate saturation of all the news media and worldwide recognition of those who have thus been honored by this encounter. This will be one of the greatest news stories ever written.

The program will be a very detailed briefing of coming events which will set up and coordinate our ground forces in a very specific manner while outlining levels of authority and responsibilities. Our key Commanders, now incarnate, will be introduced to each other and the fellowship will be a precious experience. The marshalling of all of our forces for this undertaking which is so important to the Hierarchal Program, has been a tremendous challenge and one in which thousands have beautifully cooperated.”

I was visiting in Utah for a week in June. On the day of the June 21st eclipse, it was announced to me that this book was to begin immediately. A typewriter was borrowed and for the four remaining days there, the dictations came at a pace of four a day. Commander Ashtar spoke forcefully on the day of the eclipse:

“We desire to speak to our people. We desire to speak to the Elect of God who have chosen and been chosen to come as volunteers from out of our midst to walk the Earth, to endure the darkness and the challenges and the problems, yea, the temptations; yet to stand and be ready when our call comes to them. As Commander, it is my desire to speak to all of these throughout this hemisphere, as messengers, as teachers, as guidance counselors, as channels of Light and beams of the Love of God to the planet. We have need now to lift you into our presence for a brief moment of time for purposes of special training and many other matters which cannot be handled in any other way. These gatherings shall not be simultaneous throughout the globe, but shall take place in seven various sectors, one at a time. We cannot dispense our forces efficiently by having all of you at once. Therefore, we shall undertake this program in units, by areas, as we have organized other programs in the past.

We are attempting to streamline our program so that the time can be shortened. We have prepared our facilities with great care and outlined our agenda very carefully so that the utmost efficiency in all of these things may be applied.

One of the most important elements within all of this activity is that you would become personally acquainted with each other in a network of sharing the knowledge of the mission of each member. One might call you a ‘Secret Army,’ so to speak, for you are an army in spiritual warfare, and in most cases, your activity will be in secret. Nevertheless, a vast portion of the program will not be in secret, but rather, deliberately publicized as a part of our strategy, and details concerning that strategy have already been delivered to this messenger to be incorporated into the text of this material.

I am assured by the officers under my Command who represent the various units and areas of this hemisphere for which I am responsible; I am assured by these that almost all of the Earth representatives are now ready in their awareness to be taken into our presence without undue adjustments or misalignments or misunderstanding, and that we may now carryon with our plans to fulfill this enormous project. I am Ashtar, of the star ship upon which our Beloved Commander, Sananda, travels and calls His home away from home, although of course, this great Avatar is capable of being anywhere and everywhere simultaneously.

Within the network of our Commands and the Galactic Confederation, we have an interlocking communications system through which every individual craft may at any given moment receive a certain transmission simultaneously. In many cases when one of you is in an act of service or some victory for the Light is occurring, reports of these are instantaneously sent throughout the hemisphere and the entire Spiritual Hierarchy. It is impossible for you to conceive the speed with which our communications go forth throughout the entire Universe.

I can absolutely assure you that your reception of our message when the alert has come, will be received. We are capable of entering the thought patterns of any individual upon the planet and implanting there our impressions in keeping with Universal Law, clearly and decisively. Each and everyone of you who is on Earth assignment to be a part of this program will receive clear signals and a message that cannot be mistaken nor misunderstood.

Whatever your past experiences in telepathic communication have been, or your progress in conscious awareness of these revelations, you will receive our message loud and clear. You will be personally approached either by one of us, or be told by one who represents us. Do not make any moves or changes or hesitate when this is received. By the same token, do not take any action along these lines if these or one of these is not received. Do not be concerned nor unduly upset if you do not participate in this first temporary lift-up of souls who serve with us. This merely means that your action in the plan is elsewhere, and you will be taken for your instructions or will receive them in some other manner. Do not take any personal affront if you are not alerted or are not a participant in this first phase of our plan. Your time will come later, and these instructions are not necessary for you at this time.

We are bringing together those of high leadership status whose responsibilities are far-reaching, and of such a nature that special instructions and training must be given if they are to fulfill their portion of the mission. These have long been in accord with us on inner levels and have spent much time in coordinating necessary discussions relating to their missions while out of body in their night visits with our councils. All of these have sat in on our council meetings while their bodies have slept. Each of you who are to be lifted up in this special gathering have all participated in intergalactic and interplanetary council meetings and listened to preparedness programs. This meeting, in our presence, will take place upon a conscious level. You will retain your full consciousness at every moment and at all times. On this visit you will take with you when you return to Earth situations, a full recall of all that has transpired, along with many evidences of where you have been. Each one of you will be able to prove your sojourn with us, for each will receive undeniable proof to combine with the testimony of many others throughout the globe, presenting accounts consistent with your own. You will be given two objects – one to wear, and one to hold – that will anchor you to that moment for the rest of this embodiment.

You will return to your earthly situations with a quiet spiritual authority that will never be taken from you and will never forsake you. You will be annointed with spiritual credentials and spiritual abilities representing your badge of initiation and mission. At first, your words will be scoffed at and your reports will bring laughter to the multitudes. But allover the world you will stand together, united in your story, consistent in your report, agreeing in your details, and you will cause them to remove the smiles from their countenances when your credentials are activated. You are the representatives of the Highest Celestial Government and the Highest Council of this Solar System, as well as the Highest Tribunal of the Interplanetary Councils.

All of us will reinforce each and everyone of you, and you will be convinced of this before you leave our midst to return.

There are so many of you presently to be lifted, trained and prepared. It is a project of such magnitude that words can scarcely describe not only the effort thus far invested into it over many centuries, but also, the great labor and the millions of volunteers that make it possible.

Therefore, my closing words to my beloved brothers and sisters of Light in this message is a salute to you in the sign of the Solar Cross. I hold forth my right hand of blessing upon each of you. You know who you are. You know where you stand in your places and your inner guidance. Unfortunately, our words and messages will confuse many, but those who must hear will hear; and those who must see will see. To him that hath ears to hear, let him hear; to him that hath eyes to see, let him see. So be ready, my brethren. Be alert. Be listening, for your call shall come. I am Ashtar, one who commands millions of men in this hemisphere for our Beloved Commander in Chief, Jesus the Christ and the World Saviour.”

On my return to New Mexico, the pressure continued to mount to get into the book, even to a grand upheaval in my personal affairs within a matter of days. When I ‘came up for breath’ from a greatly accelerated and disturbing chain of events, I grumbled to one of my venerable Brothers, “You guys play kind of rough!” Ignoring my vernacular, his counter comment is memorable:

“You have given us permission to act and to create for and with you in the events of your life. It is correct that we do not involve ourselves in the smaller details in the life of an Earthly volunteer, knowing full well that they have the discernment and the ability to arrange their lives and their affairs for the best. But it is also true that all of the details of Earth-based Commanders’ lives touch their mission, as they touch their lives. So consider these things within the framework of permission previously given for intervention. You see, Tuella, many aeons ago, you gave us that permission to direct the circumstances of your life in that manner which would best facilitate the mission for which you have come.”

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