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Since I’ve been writing continuously about Ascension since 2012, I thought a selection of Posts for ‘awakening ones’ might be useful. Firstly what is ascension Basically it is raising our frequency from 3rd dimension to 5th dimension and upwards.

The Gradual Aspect of Ascension

The Sudden Aspect of  Ascension

Two Accounts of our Ascension Journey

Is a sick body a barrier to Ascension?

Trust in Ascension

Ascension Steps

Interdimensional Experience

Choices after Ascension


The Future and Ascension of Earth


Uluru by Arunda

Uluru by Arunda


ISBN 978-1-4709-0948-2
Christine A Deacon
Deacon is a writer photographer and editor who has written about Australia’s underwater world. In this her third book she looks at Australia from the perspective of the Dreamtime, an expanded state of consciousness Dolphin energies form a group consciousness which was well known to the first Australians, the Aboriginal people. This is explored through trance channels. This latest frontier of the mind is expanding our viewpoint as inhabitants of Earth, the Blue Planet, Urantia. Is this the way to an ecologically sustainable future?

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My Near Death Experience (NDE)

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I’ve decided to write about my near-death-experience because I’ve been reading ‘Transformed by the Light” by Cherie Sutherland, which is about her research into Australian Near Death Experiences and the aftereffects they have on people who experience them. I found much in common with my own experience and I believe it is informative in understanding my work.

I had the NDE in 2000 after the Sydney Olympics. At that time I was already on a spiritual path. I already believed in reincarnation after an experience at the Alhambra in Spain in 1984. I experienced a past life in Yustaf I University in Granada.

I had a heart attack in the ocean at Palm Beach, Sydney. I was snorkelling with my friend Gail R. and we went into the water at the beach and swam out to the point I was dolphin kicking and it was a bit dirty with a small swell. Gail had taken a photo and we were swimming fairly close. I felt hot even though the water was cold. I decided to get out I seem to have come in at the pool onto the rocks and raised my arm to wave to her that I was OK, when I keeled over face first into the water.

There were a lot of people around on shore who saw me including a young girl, Grace B. who noticed I didn’t blow the water out of my snorkle and alerted lifesavers. Anthony G. says he was at the beach with his wife and child having never gone to the beach with a migraine head ache and arrived only 5 mins before. He’s a former policeman, now lawyer working for legal aid. Five other adults including surfing identity Bart B. got me out of the water and Anthony and Bart B. did CPR and rescusitation. When I spoke to Anthony later he said it was frightening how no-one knew what to do. He also said he’d brought his mother back and she didn’t thank him! This was because it was beautiful where she’d been and she didn’t want to come back. I thanked him and said I was brought back for a reason and it has something to do with planetary karma.

I was unconscious for 18 hours and they transferred me by helicopter to Prince of Wales Hospital. I didn’t need a stint because I recovered quickly and was out of hospital in 10 days. I remember the light and tunnel coming back I remember waking up with the knowledge I’d agreed to come back because I had work to do. I remember I was off with the dolphins and experienced the light and was with guides, including the one who brought me back but the details have escaped me. I seem to have been very busy with the Olympic events and then the Paralympics which were after. I was trying to sell the vehicle which I’d driven around Australia at the time, with some reservations. I was certainly asking how the universe arranged itself to save me from death. There were too many coincidences.

My friend Gail, who had been diving with me wondered what all the commotion was around the pool and was looking for me, when she saw me being taken by the paramedics. She said later I looked dead, was blue in the face and unconscious. She changed her career from a Law Librarian to a Psychologist, a rippling out effect of my NDE I believe.

Like most of the other respondents in the group surveyed, I was no longer interested in formal religions, I knew It was just so much different to what I’d learned as a baby RC. I no longer fitted that box.I had been doing some earth healing work in Homebush Bay for the Olympics and was to continue for the Paralympics, so had to recover quickly and get out of the city. I improved when I was able to move into my own space in the bus.

Despite my curiosity about why this had happened, I was not to explore using hypnosis, which I didn’t. I had Trager and acupuncture and reiki of course. When I went to heart specialist up in Qld, he told me I’d probably have another within 6 years, cheerful fellow. Well I didn’t and despite having a scare earlier this year, which has meant I now have a pace maker having got the message, I was to get an upgrade. Well not quite my idea of an upgrade, but I’m still here and I believe I’m protected for a reason that has to do with my greater Higher Self role, which I came here to do.

An increase in psychic phenomena is one of the outcomes of NDEs 71% experience clairvoyance or most kinds of precognitive flashes (86%) which they seem to take in their stride. While 49% who experience OBEs was harder to ignore. The desire to help others, included changes in life direction, and being more compassionate. There was an increased need for solitude, a higher self esteem and a decrease in concern for what others think of them. There was a strong sense of purpose in most of the people sampled. There were changes in relationships following the NDE, as the changes were often difficult for a partner to understand. Material success was less important. There was a greater interest in alternative therapies and a decrease in use of doctors. There was a change of interest towards spiritual seeking. There was a diminished interest in politics and a corresponding increased interest in social issues, something I experienced. Choices of lifestyle, such as drinking, smoking, alcohol, eating and prescription drugs, reflected greater respect for their bodies. The integration of the NDE takes time and some experience it faster than others. It helps if they can find a sympathetic ear to listen, particularly in the early stages. Inner spiritual work needs to be done in integrate the experience.

`Experiencers who follow a confirmatory trajectory are already accepting of psychic phenomena and death. For these people the NDE confirms already strongly held beliefs based on personal experience and intellectual exploration.”
This is the trajectory I believe I was on and it helped speed up the process.

A number of friends reported a change in me after the NDE. This is something, I don’t believe has been explored. Some thought it was a higher aspect of me, some thought it may have been a `walk-in’. I believe it was an expansion of my auric body into my Higher Self. There was some loss of memory about the past, things I hadn’t spoken of in years, I had forgotten, the gains far exceeded the losses.

Six months later I was diagnosed with Diabetes. Some said the NDE was the trigger. Since my father and both brothers have it also, I think it was inevitable, but I’m still living with it.

Update on a walk-ins channelled by Twe ka Wo from the Arcturians

Many of you want to know more about walk-ins.Sometimes the body will want to make contact with aspects of itself, in other parts of its existence, to opt out of the experience it is having (as an OBE). Another expression may enter the body. Each resonance has its own expression, so it is different. Many may feel lost, in crisis – identity or ego wants to explore other expressions and may fight against it. Filling a contract with other parts of itself. It’s not really leaving the body. It’s experiencing a different version of yourself. There are many aspects of your higher source self. It creates a lack of sense, you’re afraid of attached versions, lose control.

Many would be ecstatic, inspired, you are so free, powerful. You can create your own characters. Children do it. Your dream realities are aspects of yourself, so no one is going crazy. Imagination is considered, playing around, not true. 100% of you are going through walk-in experiences all of the time.

You are that Free, that you can experience other multidimensional experiences. Everybody is just changing. Walk-ins are happening all over the planet. All of ETaspects are coming in and we experience all of their power. A stargate has opened (July 2018).Allow the Elohim to be  a working factor of yourself. You are the children of God. You deserve all of yourself. All ideas of what you should be, are being dropped. Release all expectations of what the past should mean to you. Let go of everything,, then you will flow. Change your vibration to experience the new sources and ways of being. The Essessani beings have opened a new portal, a pillar of high enlighted state.

Kakadu Dreaming
Kakadu Dreaming
By Christine A Deacon
Photo book

Negative ETs

Some of the earlier contacts with ETs, were of lower vibratory energy ETs from 4th dimension, which is only just higher than we are. They still had advanced technology and deals were made with them by parties unspecified. They also had agendas which were not in our best interests. They included beings known as Greys and Zeta Reticulli and reptilians. Most of these have now been removed, but its important to practice `discernment’ in dealing with any beings. For example one can ask for beings of Christ consciousness or higher energy.

The higher energy beings are 5th dimension and higher and are here to assist us in our shift to 5th dimension. They are beings of energy bodies vibrating at a higher frequency and need to bring their energy down and for us to raise our energy up, in order to meet with them. They may choose to appear to us, as physical beings, or in symbolic form, or as beings of light. We have the right to ask, who they are and if they are working with the light. Most are members of the Galactic Federation and will identify themselves as such. They exude incredible love and compassion. They are beings we humans have called angels, ascended masters, guides, Gods, Saints ETs, aliens etc.

Why has knowledge of this been kept from us? There are negative forces at work to hide and keep it from us. They include many within governments, media and churches, but not for much longer will this be so. We need to be prepared for this and ready to stand as `beacons of light’, lightworkers. We are about to go through a paradigm shift. The analogy is when ice changes to water, or water changes to air. Everything is suddenly different. At the moment things are transition, which is why things are not working as they did. Be patient, the best is yet to come.

Some more about the negative ETs. The `Greys’ have no soul, they have no emotion they want our DNA to breed hybrid children because they are going extinct. There are many reports of Alien abductions and they have continued over many years, so there are reports of parents seeing their hybrid children. One of the best accounts is the book by Whitley Strieber, Communion. Because the accounts of those who have been abducted is what we have as a basis for our theories.The questions is debated to this day as to why the Grey Aliens would abduct humans and clone them into hybrids. Simply said, it is a necessity for them to do so in light of their dying race and it would seem that we are a perfect race that can fit the Grey’s Agenda.

In terms of technology we are pretty primitive and the Greys have the leverage to exchange technology for humans. It is a perfect answer to the explosion of technology here on Earth (Some say Hitler was aided by Grey Aliens during WWII and since then many have come forth to talk about their top secret alliance) and the secrecy our Government takes when UFOs or Aliens are mentioned. What Are These Human Grey Alien Hybrids: A completely human featured body and appearance with some small anomalies like a pale white/grey skin and a somewhat larger and rounder head with big and bright( human) eyes. Communication Method is by Telepathy. Human/Grey Alien Hybrids are the result of Grey genetic experiments which have been performed during abductions. The Hybrid foetus is grown in the human female abductee for about three months and then removed and raised by the Greys. It is believed that the first phase of growing and developing of the foetus has to take part during a normal pregnancy.

Contacts between the hybrids and humans: Some abductees are given the opportunity to bond emotionally with there hybrid child. Most of the time these contacts occur during abductions or dreams where the meeting is arranged and supervised by Greys. Some abductees are given the chance to name their child and to experience some physical contact.we will keep an opened mind and a watchful eye on developing news and stories. The truth today is that the race of Grey Aliens have continued to abduct and perform experiments on human beings, and evidence (Hopi Indians, Mayan Accounts, and Egyptian Hieroglyphics) has also shown that this has gone on for thousands of years.

Some people who have been abducted have said that they were experimented on near or around their reproductive organs. In one case, a woman claimed that her unborn baby was (fetus stage) taken from her to create a Human/Grey Alien Hybrid. She was shown the child after the experimentation process was complete. Astonished at the human-like appearance she stated that many could be walking amongst us and we wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.To this day the estimated number of abductions (claimed) throughout the world is a little over 4 million people.

For support services contact:

The Zeta reticulli are a group from Draco cluster. There is only one case of known contact with extra-terrestrial visitors, who have specifically said they came from Reticulum, and that one began in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1978, with the first face-to-face contact and dialogue with them on 18 March 1979, over three years after the date of this contact note of Eduard Meier’s in Switzerland. The only previous connection with Reticulum was in the Betty and Barney Hill case, which happened in 1961. And in that case the ET’s themselves did not tell Betty where they were from, commenting that if she did not know where her own sun was on their star chart, what good would it be for her to know where they were from.

It was not until years later that astronomer Marjorie Fish found a match for the star chart shown Betty Hill, and that match included the constellation Reticulum, and specifically stars Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 of that constellation. This was little publicised at that time, until it was printed in Astronomy magazine in 1976, a year after this Meier contact note was dated and witnessed. It is unlikely that Meier could have known of Fish’s work before that time. See our UFO CONTACT FROM RETICULUM, initial report, and a second update volume recently published. This is the first public release of the fact that male sperm was taken from Barney Hill during that abduction in 1961. This, however, is confirmed by the subsequent actions by Barney immediately after the incident, in view of data from other abductions since that time, and by the physical marks left on his body at the time.

Reptilians on the other hand are here in numbers. The Reptilians are the creation of the Carians, their parent race. They evolved on a planet in the Alpha Draconi star system of the Orion Constellation. The royal line of Reptilians are the Draconians, the winged dragons. The Reptilians represent the Dark in the Polarity Integration Game while the Humans represent the Light. Through this game, of the highest order, all souls in this universe have the opportunity to spiritually evolve and rejoin the creative god source. Reptilian – serpent – snake iconography is found throughout the planet in art work and petroglyphs, referring to the spiral of consciousness creation and human DNA. It is laced with metaphors about human origins and destiny. From the ouroboros to ancient myths, serpent references define our journey. Typically, Reptilians are described as 6 to 8 feet tall, bipedal, having scaly green skin, have a bad odor, have large eyes usually yellow or gold with a vertical pupil. They are sometimes linked to myths about ancient astronauts who allegedly came to Earth to seed the planet and promised to return one day. These are the group that deals were made with in exchange for technology such as the stealth bomber and military advances in UFO technology. They are said to be in positions of power throughout the world.

The Reptilians or Reptoids alien race (which is a word mixed from reptilians and humanoids and are the same creature) are human looking lizard creatures that can shape shift. They are also known as dinosauroids, lizardfolk, lizardmen Saurians alpha draconians, and Sauroids. Reptilians are a very dangerous alien species that are bent on the domination of Earth. They are very intelligent, known as evil, have telekinetic powers and have a warlike mentality that has driven them to secretly incorporate themselves into our society for their cause. Some conspiracy theories suspect that many important leaders are actually Reptilians acting as humans in order to help them with their agenda (From as George W. Bush to members of the British royal family).

Out of all the different types of aliens visiting Earth the Reptilians are by far the most dangerous to our very existence as humans. They have very little respect for us and want the Earth for themselves. Some say that the greys have been working against the Reptilians in order to help the human race but it is unclear why. They may have a similar agenda and just don’t want the reptilians to acquire the Earth before them.

According to Sheldon Niddle, at the end of the Galactic Wars,some reptilian groups have joined the Galactic Federation to promote peace through the universe and have changed their societies to that end. For more information see ‘Your Galactic Neighbours’ 2005 PublishedBlue Lodge Press‎

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Ascension – AAMichael

At the Time of Ascension and After
S: Does Ascension require effort?
AAM: Each of you, every human being, hybrid, Starseed upon the planet is being penetrated by the essence and the love of One. You are lifting up naturally, buoyantly. It is not something you need to try to do. It is something that you allow. (1)
S: Will the experience of Ascension be the same for everyone?
AAM: Each individual is having, and will have, a different experience of Ascension. Now I am going to describe, in general terms, what this Ascension looks, feels like and what that experience is like. But it does not mean, even though you come as a collective, it does not mean that each of you perceives and experiences this sacred union, the rising up through a higher-dimensional realm, in the same way. (2)
The process, or the elongation, the period of time that this process takes can be slightly different for different people. (3)
S: What should we remember to do during this time of transition?
AAM: Take time during this period of the glorious transition to simply allow the energies that are penetrating each of you, for this is true of all of you, take time to allow yourself to absorb, to bathe in the love and in the shift, the openings that are taking place within thee.
So it is not a time of rushing about, of feeling that you must accomplish or bring to completion so much. It is a time of allowing the energetic changes to truly take place. That does not mean action does not take place. Quite the contrary. But it takes place with a different perspective, with a different speed of action. This is the time to relax. Yes, we know that this is a foreign word to many of you and so we will teach it to you. It is to relax, to be, to simply be. (4)
You will be going through a feeling of euphoria. You will be going through a feeling that perhaps you are not fully anchored. You will be going through even some feelings of disassociation, of not knowing or really caring about what is going on around you. But that will not be a permanent state of being. Already you are feeling more deeply within your body. So, it is simply a period of adjustment. It’ll take about a month.
Allow it to take place. As we say, it is not something you can really physically, emotionally or mentally – or spiritually, for that matter – fight. It is something that you have invited in to begin to allow to…this process of engagement, as it were. So, when you are exhausted, rest; when you are blissful, enjoy it; when you are feeling full of energy to do, then do. But this adjustment will not be difficult, it will just be different than what you have experienced to date.
[You’ll have] the feeling that you wake up not only rested, but blissful; that the, what you have thought of as challenges, as troubles – it is not that they disappear, but they do not weigh you down; that you have the energy to take on whatever tasks at hand you choose, but that you do not feel burdened, that you simply feel that you are doing almost without doing. It does not feel like a sense of disengagement, but rather higher engagement.
A sense of vision, of the ability to see into and through a situation, a person, a problem – greater clarity will simply be there. So it is waking up and knowing that you are in this state of being. You are ready for the day, and more interestingly, the day is ready for you. It is the sense that you are shaping the day rather than being shaped by the demands around you. (5)
S: What will it be like in the last days before Ascension?
AAM: As I have said to you there will be many at the last minute rushing through the door, and that will not be as smooth a journey as someone who has done their preparation adequately. And soulfully. (6)
S: Just generally, not specifically, so as not to break your agreement with the channel, when will the ignition happen for the mass of the population?
AAM: It will be before the Fall [2014].
S: How much longer after that before the mass of light workers are restored to their native powers?
AAM: It will basically happen pretty much simultaneously. It is a rather much like a domino effect. So it is not that everyone turns on at once, but it is very rapid ignition. (7)
S: And, after Ascension, what then?
AAM: Once you have done your Ascension, are you free to move about? Of course you are. But the building and the creation of Nova Earth ― and we are talking about the human piece of Nova Earth, the human co-creation of Nova Earth, because the kingdoms and Gaia are already creating Nova Earth, and they are already participating in the higher dimensional reality ― if you have your mission and purpose to assist, or desire to assist in the anchoring of what you, my friend, and I have called the Golden Age of Gaia, then you are primarily going to anchor in the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh dimension. (8)
S: And final question, Lord: At some future date will there be a further Ascension?
AAM: Yes, [Gaia] is already inching up, as it were. And that will occur. And yes, there will be some who, once they have completed their commitment, shall we say, to the Mother, of Ascension in form and the ripple effect throughout the multiverse, the anchoring, the full anchoring of the love, then they may say, “Well, I think now I am going to primarily go back to my comfort zone,” or my home zone of an alternate dimension.” That is fine.
But the fulfillment of the promise of this phase of the Mother’s plan is for the humans to accompany Gaia and all into the higher dimensional reality, and particularly into the love.

Cities of Light 2

City of Light Update: God’s City of Light (Giving Credit Where Credit is Due), as received by Genii Townsend: June 26, 2014 –
The light, streaming out from the City entrance, is quite bright, as I approach thru inner meditation sighting.
Also, people are in large crowds heading for the same entrance and, knowing that at three more entrances the same thing is taking place, it is not unlike a future scene – as the City of Light appears on ground level here in the Sedona, Arizona area. (Note: I am advised that people will come by the thousands to see what has taken place under strange circumstances.)
Feeling like there is an invisible pull which makes my way a bit quicker, I weave my way thru the people. Ah!. finally, at the Gate, I see my guide La-Luke who, with his own inner light, seems to part the sea of onlookers. Almost on the run, we zip thru the cozy park and onto the funny trolley heading for the Embassy. “Golly, how many times have we done this scene?”
We are whisked to the stage door of this amphitheater, thru the back curtains and onto the inner stage where Ooo-lon awaits us patiently. A couple of fancy throne-like chairs are set in place as I see the hundreds of universal beings that are also in attendance.
Genii note: ” Anyone who says that Extraterrestrials are to be feared has only to walk into this place and feel – really feel – the love that comes forth. Such nonsense! God bless them every one, for helping to put together what I am experiencing on this stage, which is love. Pure love, that we have yet to experience in a higher intensity than what we feel here on earth now. This is the true love I am experiencing. Wow!”
G: “Good Lord, somebody open the Heavens and invite them in… NOW!!!!.. Ahhhh!”
O: “Welcome back, lady of much inner travel”
G: “Thank you. This almost feels like my second home after all these visits.”
O: “It will be! You have been called back as there needs to be a message title clearing. This City has been called by many names. So as this City of Light, Love, and Healing comes into your 3/d world with so much progress being pre-made, we need to give credit where credit is primarily due, so all can recognize the producer from the beginning thought.
Under any banner, in God’s City of Light, God is the true creator – call it by any name you choose it still remains the same – the Primal Source spoken of in any language, religious or not. It matters not!
Those interested in the Holy Christ, the Buddha, and assorted master teachers (of which there are many) all know what the source of all is and thus, taking the teachings to where people can understand on any level. All is correct. No one is left out!
The word ‘God’ means love in any language, and on some level of thinking all have prayed to such a deity. It is a Universal Love setup and all will understand, in with lots of room to experience the love.
‘God’s City of Light’ and with love and healing. What a great idea! Does not your planet need this? Aren’t the cries of people calling for peace? And what do you see and hear daily? People going crazy with ammunition and substances that alters the mind, when under all this is the cry for peace and love.
Well, guess what? Peace and love are on the way, and wars of any kind will be no more. Ever! Ever! No one wins…Ever! God’s City of Light and Healing! GOD pretty well says it all, and Genii, as you say, it is God and “I can spell it!”. Imagine that !
O: Are you understanding this message to report?”
G: “Yes, I think so. It is for everyone and leaves no one out. It is inclusive, holy and gives credit to the creator in whatever way someone thinks, because it is obvious when seeing this City, we did not build it. It is beyond our capabilities to create such an edifice. It is God’s love for us all.”
O: “Of course, be it religious, spiritual, or any kind of positive thinking, not necessarily religious, whatever? It takes in all on this planet from the Borneo jungles to the high buildings in some locations, and I might add all the animals that come into your planet filled with love to help balance out where love is not.
It is God’s love for us all including everyone here sitting in this audience, and those who desire the Divine knowledge teachers of all kinds give in service. Remember, the way opens for healing and healing you will receive. In God’s love, darkness cannot dwell in any shape or form and people can be healed from anything that has been a problem, including changing the mental that has brought it into appearance.
God is the problem solver and always has been, and always will be. Even the Christ can tell you that God is all and can do anything! In your teaching sessions of the 4 Keys to Light, have you not elevated those to be ‘Light Linked’ to serve others, as well as understanding this City of God? Of course.
So then, take this message as God makes ‘Real Magic’ as the teacher Wayne Dyer speaks of in his book you love as the City of Light appears (now on the ground, just not seen at the moment) with 13 more duplicate God Cities around the planet to serve mankind.
Belief in a God of love, somewhere in the ethers making real magic appear is emotionally balancing, but a way of thinking fun thoughts as well. Speaking of your teachers you know of the Pastor Joel Osteen, who understands very well of this and sends his God messages out telling all who will hear that God can do anything.
That, Dear One, is fun thinking. Understand? So why not have a City of Light that can heal with this advanced technology?
G: “Mr. D (Walt Disney) told me on the green bench on Main Street at Disneyland a couple of months ago that it is fun to do the impossible, and he should know.”
O: “Indeed, he will enjoy this really big God Show coming about. Go back now to your home, away from this home, and know all is divinely well, set in place, and bless all those who hold the City vision of God’s City of love linked with light.
God is the problem-solver and always has been. Keep doing your sharing as this is the way for God’s real magic to appear. You have been lovingly patient as this massive fantastic City comes into view thru the power of God’s word.”
G: “Thank you, and I thank God as well, as we await the birth and hold the tone of love.”
O:”KNOW, IT IS ALREADY DONE!. We bless all who tune in as God sends love to all.”
Note: This vision ended and I am back home ready to spend my day loving my God puppy, Light Spirit, and those people I love on ground level.
And so Light It be !
Thanks for tuning in..

Aboriginal Art Collection 2

Wandjinas from the Kimberleys

These are creation beings said to have created features of the earth in the Dreamtime.
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Aboriginal Art Collection


I began collecting Aboriginal art on my travels around Australia in 1996. Travelling though the outback after my time spent `Renewing the Dreaming’ with Aboriginal elder Guboo Ted Thomas, I appreciated the artistic perspective of some of the Aboriginal artists. The first piece I brought was Douglas Abbott’s. I met his sister at a community on the way to Hermansburg and she told me the story of the Seven Sisters or Pleiades, a star system which occurs throughout Aboriginal Australia, and one which I believe has been in contact with people on earth for many generations.

Douglas Abbott
Douglas Kwarlpe Abbott born in 1954 and raised in Alice Springs by his parents Gordon and Joyleen Abbott. As a young boy, Douglas used to watch Albert Namatjira, Clem Abbott and the original Hermannsburg watercolour artists paint. Clem advised Douglas to find his own style and try to develop it, which he has done with great success. Douglas has been painting for many years, his paintings are found in many businesses in Alice Springs. He mostly paints watercolours on paper, but the one I brought in Alice Springs is acrylic on canvas and a completely different style to the work I’ve seen on the internet.

The next one I brought was a Lily Karadada Wandjina on bark. The wandjina occur as rock art all over the Kimberley and I was fascinated by these spirit beings which couldn’t talk but communicated telepathically. I believe we can communicate with other dimensional beings and people are doing so through channelling and healing and the Aboriginal people have been doing so because they were more developed psychically than we are, having focussed on internal development rather than external development as we have.

Lily Karadada, Wandjina on bark
Lily Karadada (also spelt Karedada) was born in the Prince Regent River area on the Mitchell Plateau, on the north west area of the Kimberley coast of Western Australia. Her parents were Wunumbal language group, and Lily’s birthplace was Wumbango Wangurr in her Father’s country, where images of the Wandjina and Bradshaw figures are found at significant sites and rock shelters. Lily was born in the bush next to a spring, and so her father named her Mindindel, which means ‘bubbles’ Lily Karadada specializes in painting the Wandjina spirit with various totems including rain storm (dotting depicting rain generated by the Wandjina), lightning, turtle, owl nightjar and cave springwater. A dotted ground is also characteristic of Lily’s depictions of totemic species and the natural features of her country. Lily Karadada has lived all her life at Kalumburu with her large extended family, who are amongst the most consistent and longest practising Aboriginal artists from this region.

I’m unsure about the next painting. It was purchased in Jabiru while I was living there with my then partner Ron Ivey who brought it from the artist in the local club for me. Its a Mimi spirit and I believe I saw them in Jabiru. They are mischevious spirits.

Trevor Nganjmirra, Mimi Spirit, 1996
Natural ochres on Arches paper,
The artist has painted a Billabong scene with mimi hunting Namarnkol or Barramundi. Mimis feature in many paintings by Kunwinjku people and are believed to be the original beings who taught humans how to hunt, collect food, dance and sing. Mimis still live in the rocks and caves of the stone country although they are rarely seen. In one of his painting Mimis are hunting Namarnkol or Barramundi, the renowned game fish of the `Top End’ of Australia. They grow to extraordinary sizes and are excellent eating. The namarnkol can be found in saltwater as well as freshwater billabongs and rivers. In the background are freshwater lilies which are edible for humans and fish. The male namarnkol has its guts outlined with black. These fish have significance as food and as totems and are most easily caught after the end of the monsoon (March -April) until the humid build-up season (October).

The next painting I brought in Alice Springs after being out to Oodnadatta and the `Pink Roadhouse’ advertised for miles along the way. Its called Milky Way Dreaming and again refers to the Pleiades star system.

Janet Forrester, Milky Way Dreaming, Oodnadatta 1996
Most of the stars in the heavens have stories associated with their origins. It is believed that the stars and planets were once people and animals in the Dreamtime. This is a painting of the story of the seven sisters, which were the mythological sisters of the Tjukurrpa. The seven sisters are being pursued by a Jakamarra man, the morning star in Orion’s belt. In a final attempt to escape Jakamarra, the women turn into fire at Kurlunyalimpa and ascend to the heavens to become stars. Today they can still be seen wandering the skies as the seven stars in the constellation Taurus (Pleiades).

On my recent trip to Sydney I purchased two more paintings to add to my collection. I felt intuitively drawn to an Art Auction and to this painting which I successfully bid on, from Gloria Petyarra, exactly why I have yet to find out. Its interesting that she painted bush medicine leaves and I am an intuitive healer. I feel its an important painting for me, perhaps a connection with the Kurrajong tree or the artist, or a past life in the area
Gloria Petyarra, Bush Medicine Leaves
Gloria Petyarre, sometimes referred to as Gloria Pitjara, is arguably the most famous and significant of all female Australian Aboriginal Artists living and working today. She is internationally acclaimed for her ‘Bush Medicine Leaf’ paintings.

Her career took off with gusto when she won the most coveted Australian annual ‘Wynne Prize for Landscape’ at the New South Wales Gallery in 1999, for what was a most extraordinary painting for its time: A huge, gold and green abstract work, made up of swirling leaf shaped brush strokes, close together on a black background and yet imparting to the canvas the energy and flow of leaves being scattered by a fitful wind, seaweed swirling in a change of tide, or grass billowing in the wind.

The leaves in the winning painting, based on those of the Kurrajong tree which is used for bush medicine, were meticulously painted and yet their apparent freedom of movement gave a lightness and looseness to the creation. So much did this artwork fascinate the essentially nature-loving people of this country, that it was to become one of the most popular styles in Aboriginal art, and in fact became a style that brought many a devotee to the genre because of its resonance with the viewer.

And with her win came a triumph for Aboriginal art: Gloria Petyarre became the first Indigenous Australian artist ever to win a major art prize at the Gallery of New South Wales.

Years later, Gloria still paints her medicine leaf paintings, and is now followed in doing so by several generations of her family members. However, Gloria was and is credited with being the creator of this popular style, is regarded as the most collectible of its proponents, and has had a strong foundation on which to build her career.
Doreen Nungala, Bush Flowers 2014
?Yinarupa paints her traditional land where the women gather to conduct ceremonial business. The sacred designs she paints have an intuitive sense of space and rhythm and are associated with the rockhole site of Mukula. These places are also sites with much food, and the women gather the seeds of the native Acacia. They collect the seeds and grind it into flour and eventually bake bread from this. Her paintings also commonly show rockholes which are important water sources in the desert. During ancestral times a large group of women came from the west and stopped at this site to perform the ceremonies associated with the area.

I also like Barbara Weir’s work, Looking after country, which I think was passed in at auction.
This works!!

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New awakenings



There a lot of new information on the missing flight MH370.

Perhaps some of this may awaken people to the greater reality of what’s going on. Conspiracy theories abound, but more information on the company whose 20 biotech staff were on the plane, suggests something is going on which we are not being told about.

There’s a report of someone who can product out of body experiences at will and a scientific study that shows what areas of the brain are activated.

‘I feel myself moving, or, more accurately, can make myself feel as if I am moving,’ the student told the researchers, who documented her report in their study.
‘I know perfectly well that I am not actually moving. There is no duality of body and mind when this happens, not really.
‘In fact, I am hyper-sensitive to my body at that point, because I am concentrating so hard on the sensation of moving.
‘I am the one moving – me – my body. For example, if I “spin” for long enough, I get dizzy.
‘I do not see myself above my body. Rather, my whole body has moved up. I feel it as being above where I know it actually is.
‘I usually also picture myself as moving up in my mind’s eye, but the mind is not substantive. It does not move unless the body does,’ she said.
Andra Smith and Claude Messier used a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scanner to examine the student’s brain and believe she is the first person studied to have an ECE on demand without any brain abnormalities.
They discovered that the ECE involved a ‘strong deactivation of the visual cortex’.
But it also ‘activated the left side of several areas associated with kinesthetic imagery’ in the brain, which the scientists think is what cause mental representations of bodily movement.
While the researchers have acknowledged the rarity of finding someone to study who can have ECEs on demand, they believe that outer-body-experiences could be more common than thought.
This idea is based on the fact that the student thought that being able to float outside her body was not unusual.
According to the study: ‘The participant described her experience as one she began performing as a child when bored with “sleep time” at preschool.
She discovered she could elicit the experience of moving above her body and used this as a distraction during the time kids were asked to nap. She continued to perform this experience as she grew up assuming as mentioned, that “everyone could do it.”’

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UFO sightings in Canada are the second highest for 25 years in 2013. There were 1,180 UFO sightings reported in 2013, or about three each day, according to the Canadian UFO Survey, an annual survey released Tuesday by Winnipeg-based UFOlogy Research of Manitoba.

It is the second-highest number recorded in Canada in the past 25 years. The peak year was 2012, when almost 2,000 reports were recorded.