Jennifer Crockaert: Xiaera: Structures and Systems are Crumbling

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Xiaera: Structures and Systems are Crumbling

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September 22, 2020,

J: Hello Xiaera! This channel has been a few days in the making, so I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

X: Blessings of love to all with whom these words resonate, and to all beyond. We are very pleased to be back in communication after your consolidation period.

J: Yes, I was wondering where everyone went! Communication just dried up!

X: We did not go anywhere! You, however, like many on Earth at present, are consolidating enormous amounts of light, rapidly changing DNA structures and pineal gland decalcification; that needed time to become embedded.

J: I don’t feel any different!

X: It will emerge! What happens on higher planes takes time to trickle into physical sight: but that does not mean it is not there.

J: Which links very elegantly to what I know you wish to discuss today!

X: Indeed! It will not come as news to anyone reading these channels and others like them, that the structures and systems on the planet are changing. Rapidly. We wish to convey that although you may not see obvious, massive cracks within the political realms or within the banking and finance sector, that does not mean that they are intact.

The opposite is true; for those who seek to control you, the walls are crumbling.

They feel that everything is about to fall in on them and there is no escape: being stuck on a sinking submarine would be a good analogy. You can imagine the claustrophobia and desperation this would induce. It creates such an internal pressure cooker that many are having internal ‘splits’, psychotic breaks, which are resulting in desperate acts to regain their position.

But the cracks are there; soon these systems and structures, which you may describe as hierarchical, are about to crumble. This does not mean chaos and devastation. Those who are of the light have worked tirelessly to make this transition as seamless as possible and, with the ever higher vibration on Earth, several more challenging potential timelines no longer exist for you, you have evolved beyond them spiritually.

This process will be rather ‘stop:start’. There will be some big announcements which result in great changes, these will have some time to embed, and then there will be more changes.

This is a process.

It is not a ‘one night wonder’, where you wake up tomorrow and the golden times are upon you.

This is a process.

You grow and expand your compassion and forgiveness with each new revelation and each new leap. You reconceptualise the structures of power – whether they are politics, finance, religion, ethnicity, education – because everything, everything, will be changing over the next decade.

Some changes will swoop in unexpectedly and create some degree of psychic shock among those who are still sleeping, in order to assist in their awakening. Much of it will be more gradual.

Gradual does not mean slow.

Re-organising the structures of your planet in such a short time frame will be an enormous undertaking and an exceptionally satisfying one for you, as you begin to remember why you came and how you wanted to share your gifts.

I do not converse with you because I am paid to do so. Nor do you accept these conversations because you are paid for them. We create them in mutual joy, in the immense satisfaction that comes from sharing our talents and fulfilling our soul destinies.

Fulfilling our souls destiny is the reward, the purpose and the path.

J: Yes, that’s a really good thought! We are both doing this because of the sheer joy that comes from connecting and sharing.

So, what new structures and systems will come into place?

X: There will be much flatter organisational principles in operation moving forward. There will still be some macro-structures, but they will be almost fractal-like, reflecting the needs and beliefs of those they serve, born of their conscious consciousness, created to liberate and expand, not to diminish or depreciate.

The days of hierarchy are almost past. Flat not tall, giving back not taking, local not remote, flowing not rigid, cooperative and collaborative not coercive, nourishing not depleting … these are directions your new structures and systems will move towards. As generosity and compassion increase, you will evolve new ways to organise together for the purpose of mutual benefit and upliftment.

There are already positive templates in place, structures and systems that can be grafted into the old structures, to support various aspects of life during the immediate transition, then more organic, reflective means of organisation can evolve.

J: I’m not sure if you said it or if I thought it, I don’t want to read back while we are in the flow, but I’m getting the idea that a decade is the amount of time this process will take.

X: Yes, the most probable timeline is a decade of rebuilding. In that time, you will also open up to contact with us and our assistance with some of the more challenging aspects of your ‘clean up’ process, such as radioactive waste, for example.

J: But you’re helping, not doing it.

X: Yes. That is it precisely. We are here to assist. You have all chosen to incarnate now so that you could do it. That is the reason you are here. You created the energetic surge to bring this ascension process into being; now you are remodeling all that you have rightfully reclaimed.

J: That’s great. Thank you. Any final words?

X: It is all within you. It will become increasingly clear as you embed your upgrades and the energy increases; soon you will remember what you wished to bring forth in this time.

In the meantime, follow your hunches, continue to know that love – in its infinite variations – is the building block of New Earth.

J: Wonderful. Thank you so much.

X: It is always our pleasure to collaborate with all of you of the light.


Many Thanks and a New Year-end Wishing Upon a Star

Many Thanks, and a Year-end Wishing Upon a Star…

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Here we are, rapidly approaching the end of a decade that’s been absolutely packed full with more collective Human expansion than maybe ever’s been seen before.

Do you feel different than you did at the close of 2009?  It’s astonishing to consider that we’re 20 years into the twenty-first century already.  Remember the speculation about the end of the world at midnight back then?  Party like it’s 1999, Baby!

We’ve seen a lot of changes over the last ten years, not the least of which are the internal ones that have allowed us (among many other things) to overcome disappointment…over anything.  If we can get over our disappointment about 2012 being the singular moment of the Shift of the Ages, we can navigate anything and hang in there for as long as we need to.

I can just hear the responses to that statement.  Nobody wants to wait another minute.  I get it.  But we’ll do what we came to do, and with smiles on our faces as well.  We understand now that our own high frequency helps Light up the World, so our Mastery Challenge this time around is to keep our personal vibe high while all this ugliness gets exposed around us.

For some, that may mean choosing to keep awareness of such revelations at a minimum.  Goodness knows I would be wrecked if I were to make myself witness anything like the slaughter of dolphins at The Cove in Taiji, Japan.  We each are tasked with knowing our own limitations in terms of how deeply to dive down any number of rabbit holes.  I personally like to know what’s going on, and I can stop myself from exploring at all into disturbing details while still keeping abreast of our political evolution.

And so, at the close of this amazing year of 2019, please join with Us in setting the  intention that 2020 will be one for the books to bring our beautiful Gaia and All the Life she supports into Cosmic and Divine Alignment where we all thrive, where we meet joyfully with our Galactic brothers and sisters, where we all understand and embrace our connection to One Another and to All That Is.  Hiyaya!  Make it so.

We offer our sincere Thanks for your loving support all throughout the evolution of this blog.

A very Happy New Year to All!