Linda Dillon: Gandhi and St. Francis – The Cycle of Life

Linda Dillon: Gandhi and St. Francis – The Cycle of Life

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Channeling – Gandhiji

I AM Gandhiji. Yes, it will be age before beauty! And I welcome you, my friends, fellow travelers, and planetary observers. There is a theme in everything we say to you which is to walk and to keep walking. And there will be times my friends when you will feel that you are walking a solitary path and that there are very few who choose to join you. And then there will be times when there are so many that the highways, and the streets, and the squares are completely crowded and that there is a unity of heart, and a unity of soul, and a unity of purpose. And it matters not whether you live in Mumbai or Calcutta, or anywhere on this planet because there is only one planet.

So, this is not a time when I am coming to speak to you about division, of the separation and the migrations of pain that results from this illusion of separation, that one is Hindu, or one is Muslim, or one is a Democrat, or one is Socialist, it matters not one iota. Because there is only the human pathway and there is only love. And yes, it is true there are times when this channel becomes impatient and she says, “Do you not talk of anything but love?” And I would suggest to her that there is nothing to talk about but love.

But I will talk to you this day about fortitude and humility because the path of service can only be the path of One. There can be no puffery. There can be no expression or belief that one is better, or finer, or higher than another. You know, it is curious because the idea of caste systems was supposed to be abolished long ago. And yet, what has transpired far too often… and I am not just talking about Mother India, I am talking about your planet… that far too often these subtle caste systems have not only been maintained but reinforced and have been the basis of terrible abuse of power. This cannot be the way.

But no, it does not come from beating up your opponents; for violence is never the answer. It comes from the peaceful way, even when it is difficult, even when you feel that you are starving… (Linda’s puppy barking) and she has opinions as well, and all opinions must be honored and welcomed. Know this. Do not fall into this trap that you are right and someone else is wrong because when you do that you create a division and separation, and it erects walls, and it harms, and it creates hurt feelings, and it creates stridency and stubbornness, which is very different than fortitude.

When someone has a differing opinion to you, what you do is you engage, not in their belief but with the heart and the person, to examine and explore because you are saying, “I may not agree with you but you are worthy. You are my fellow brother, sister, Gaian, and you are worthy. And you are worthy of the love and the attention and the acceptance that I give you.” So, know this.

Now, to be humble, to practice piety, you must also carry fortitude. You must build your stamina, not as a wall but as a way of being physical as well. And you must build your endurance. And you must practice and build such patience, because otherwise, you cannot embrace in fellowship, in love, those who differ from you.

The gifts of this planet are the differences. You do not witness the stream being commanded by the ocean to change. You do not see the oak tree demanding that the blade of grass become an oak. You do not see the air demanding a cloud to dissolve, for the vapors and moisture to disappear. It is in balance, and it is the balance within you and the strength to truly know and embrace your path, your truth, your being. And to embrace it so strongly that you do not waiver and that you do not need to prove yourself. That does not mean you do not express… whether it is opinion or belief. Politics is a lively discussion and it is only when hatred is introduced, or control, or bitterness that it becomes dangerous.

The politics of Earth transform with Nova Gaians. Your systems and it does not matter what you call your nation-state, your systems of governance change… they evolve, they grow, they mature. But this can only happen with your fortitude and your humility.

I am but a simple man. I did not change the world, or India, or Pakistan. I followed my heart and what I believed to be true, that the control, the false use of authority, yes, of the empire of British… it has no place. Anarchy is not the path of freedom either. So, it is finding the balance and that is only achieved, my brothers and sisters, through the balance of your heart.

So, I come in this time of rebirth, and yes, my birth, to celebrate with you and to say, “Now is the time of new beginnings.” So, let us walk… and you know if you are including Jesus, and Kuthumi, and Raj, and Maitreya, we are very powerful allies and we offer you our assistance. You are the leaders/gatherers, this is your time… but walk with us. Goodbye.

Channeling – St. Francis

I AM Francis, and you can call me Frank! And I also come to celebrate with you the cycle of life… of birth, and death, and rebirth… because that is what is occurring upon your beautiful planet. You think of the seasons, and for some of you it is fall, and for some of you it is spring, and they are simply the ends of the same spectrum. I have left, when I walked the planet, I walked away, yes, from a family and a life of luxury and plenty. And let me be very clear, I loved my family dearly… but it was not my path. It was not my path to live in that level, not only of luxury but of obsequiousness.

Patience is fortitude. When I walked away I did not know where, or how, or how long but I did know that I could, I must, and that I would, because this was the demands of my heart and soul. Too often, beloveds, you put the demands, the desires, the dreams of your being on the back burner, or say it is not practical, I cannot do that. And I would say to you, “Why not? Why would you ever feel that you are not important enough to follow your dreams? Why would you ever believe that you are not strong enough and that you are not worthy enough to fulfill your dreams? And why would you not know that your dreams are in accordance with All?”

I do not come to talk about being martyrs or living in pomposity for when the heart is full, when you are surrounded by nothing, and by family of love, you have it all. So yes, patience is important because you are building a new planet. But don’t be too patient with yourself and your dreams… step forward. The Mother has issued, several times, her clarion call. So, I would say to you, “What are you waiting for?”

I will join with my brothers of the east, and I will join with you, and we will walk together. And I will finish for our beloved Lee.

You are so loved, you are treasured, and you are honored, and you are supported in more ways than you can possibly imagine. Go in peace. Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

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Mahatma: Multifaceted Forms of the Creator

Multifaceted Forms of the Creator by Mahatma

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by Natalie Glasson

Multifaceted Forms of the Creator by Mahatma

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings divine beings of light, I am Mahatma, I am the consciousness and source of Mahatma, an expression of the Creator in existence within the 352 dimensions of the Creator’s universe and in existence within your own being. I am expressing my energy from the cosmic level. I am the overseer of the cosmic level of the Creator. I bring forth high vibrations, pure communication, and connection as well as clarity into your being and into your awareness. The vibrations and frequencies of the cosmic level exist within your being, these can be activated and accessed through your intention by simply asking for your cosmic vibrations, frequencies and connections to be activated from within your being to be grounded, embodied, and expressed through you. In doing so you will recognise a pure energy unfolding. I, Mahatma, invite you to contemplate and take time to be with this energy, reconnecting once more with your cosmic self.

I exist as the overseer of the cosmic level; this means I can recognise and acknowledge the multifaceted forms of the Creator. For me, this means that an energy or an expression or intention when manifested does not only have one form, in fact, it has many forms. The Creator cannot be just one form, aspect, or thing. The Creator is multi-dimensional, multifaceted and appears in limitless and eternal form and yet these limitless and eternal forms are one. They are united and connected from the same source. At a physical level this can translate into many aspects of mastery. The first would be to recognise that often things are not as you believe they should be, in fact when energy manifests as situations, forms, experiences and even beings it can takes on many forms, so there cannot be any limitations, boundaries or restrictions. I, Mahatma am sharing that often in the earthly existence you create expectations of how things should be, this channel of thought creates limitations. If you allow yourself to observe how you react in your reality, every part of your morning routine or your daily reality, you access the expectations you have created. Expectation can form because you have achieved them multiple times or they always appear the same.

Realise your expectation are created by you, they are a belief of how things should be or how things are for your entire reality? This includes everything around you from the chair you sit on to the cup you hold. You have a preconceived idea about everything. You have a preconceived idea of how you should react and act in certain situations, how others act and react around you and you are living a reality that is filled with your expectations and preconceived ideas.

The Multifaceted Forms of Nature

To release your expectations and preconceived ideas, I, Lord Mahatma, invite you to recognise that everything has multiple forms. Everything in your reality whether energy, light, physical, emotional, or thought is multifaceted. The easiest place to begin to observe the multifaceted aspects of the Creator is to spend time in nature.
Observe and contemplate a tree or a plant.

Connect deep within your being into your soul and awareness, activating your cosmic vibration and connection.
Allow yourself to contemplate the tree, plant, or any aspect of nature. A tree isn’t simply physical, there is so much going on inside its trunk, underground in the roots, in the leaves and the branches. The trees have auric fields, spirit as well as a connection with the Creator, the Elemental Kingdom and all the energy lines and networks of Mother Earth. A tree is a wonderful example of recognising things as how they appear rather than opening your mind and your awareness to recognise that everything is multifaceted and has multiple forms.

The Multifaceted Forms of Objects

When you find you are able to recognise the multi-faceted aspects of nature then I, Mahatma, encourage you to move on to something more physical and mundane like a cup, a piece of paper, a cushion, tissue, or a garment.
Contemplate and sit with the object.

Take your focus inwards to connect into your own energy then radiating your light outwards.
Hold the intention of connecting with the cosmic vibrations within your being.
Hold the intention of connecting with your soul and soul group.

Request that you view the multifaceted aspects of the object.

This practice may take time and practice due to your brain and mind shifting and rewiring as you contemplate.
The Multifaceted Forms of a Person
Once you have mastered this practice allow yourself to move to recognising the multifaceted forms of people, a friend, loved one or an animal.

Contemplate and sit with the person.

Take your focus inwards to connect into your own energy then radiating your light outwards.
Hold the intention of connecting with the cosmic vibrations within your being.

Hold the intention of connecting with your soul and soul group.

Request that you view the multifaceted aspects of the person.

The Multifaceted Forms of a Situation

Contemplate and sit with the situation.

Take your focus inwards to connect into your own energy then radiating your light outwards.

Hold the intention of connecting with the cosmic vibrations within your being.

Hold the intention of connecting with your soul and soul group.

Request that you view the multifaceted aspects of the situation.

You will begin to acknowledge beyond one dimension, you will recognise multiple dimensions and forms. Gradually with practice you will notice how it becomes easier to recognise the multifaceted aspects of all forms as your entire being becomes rewired. With situations and experiences, you may recognise the situation, then the truth and the multiple opportunities of the situation. Thus, you are viewing through the eyes of the Creator, you are viewing the expansion and the multifaceted aspects of the Creator. This is your natural existence and ability.

Why is this important now in your world? Recognising the multifaceted forms of all aspects of the Creator is an ascension shift that is moving through the dimensions of the Creator’s Universe. This is why I, Mahatma, wished to explain how the ascension shift will influence your physical reality, and will aid your own mastery of ascension. It is important at this time to acknowledge that things are not only black and white, they are not only one thing, they can be many with multiple opportunities. Thus, encouraging you to create the truth on the Earth, expand your mind to recognise more than is present, meaning more than your beliefs, expectations, and preconceived ideas. This is essential for this time upon the Earth. I also wish to mention that with the New Earth Ascension Blueprint that is anchoring now is to create multiple opportunities that have never been available to you before. Opportunities that are magnificent and akin to dreams come true. In order to work in harmony with the New Earth Ascension Blueprint and to recognise these opportunities, there is a need to reprogram your mind, perspectives and being to recognise the multifaceted forms of the Creator.

Everything I share with you is essential for this current stage of ascension. I hope you will receive it in your heart. Take time to contemplate my words, allowing yourself to experience all that is appropriate and guided for you.

I, Mahatma, wish to thank you for your service on the Earth and ascension. Please know I am always present to support you, please simply call my name or repeat it as a mantra and you will be aligned with my energy.

Thank you,

I am Mahatma

Editor’s Note:

I experienced this energy in the Innot Hot Springs in Qld on my Round Australia travels.  This is the first time I’ve seen this embodied and channelled. I wrote this about it at the time, I had not previously heard the term. This is from String of Pearls, my early book on Links to my books:

Innot Hot Springs is on the energy line. While sitting on the step in the hot indoor pool I was watching the sunlight on the water, when I went into an altered state. I saw in my Third Eye the double DNA helix with Mahatma above it. There were two figures dancing in the light and the message was the mystical union between man and woman or Christ and His Church. As I watched the two figures became one. There were Chinese characters dancing in the light. That was the dross burning off. It was orange and gold and the figures were red. Mahatma was white.
I was reminded of Shirley MacLaine’s experience in `Dancing in the Light” and that she had the vision in a hot spring. I realized I’d been in the hot spring for 25 mins and the recommended time is 10 minutes.
Later I found out more about the Mahatma energy. It is the Avatar of Synthesis, Mahatma who is facilitating the integration of the Creator(God) and the Co-creator (us). Ascension is the integration of matter, soul, monad, Mahatma and God. The anchoring of the Mahatma energy into Earth helps to facilitate this and accelerates one’s personal ascension process.
You can call on this energy. It’s a combination of 12 rays and much more. It can help to break up fixed patterns locked in the physical, emotional and mental bodies and raise these bodies to the frequency of light. The calling forth of the Mahatma energy can greatly assist this process of ascension. This energy is golden white in colour and has been available on the physical level since 1988.
More information on the Mahatma energy is available in Joshua Stone’s `The Complete Ascension Manual: How to achieve ascension in this lifetime