Polarity – The Dance of Life

I am the polarity letter-symbol of the Cosmic Alphabet.

I forever dance between the directive-creative energies of the male polarity and the creating-nurturing energies of the feminine polarity.

I am a metaphor for all you have experienced so far in your dimension and in all others where you are having many an experience, each one and all, simultaneously. Throughout the cosmos the dance of life takes on the raiment of either a positive or a negative polarity, feminine or masculine, the one completing and complementing the other always, holding each other along for they know they are one, but making their experience separately, as two parts of one.

In all your human, and any creative-life relationships this dance is ever present. You can call me the Dance of Life, for that is my more poetic name in this third dimensional language. I have come to bring you balance and teach you reverence for both parts of your being–the creator and the nurturer, the giver and the taker, the positive and the negative, the male and the female, the seeder and the seeded, the god and the goddess. If you look closer at my movement you can actually see that the secret behind the dance is to keep a step in between both polarities so that they keep dancing otherwise they would merge–purely and simply–for such is their deepest desire and destiny.

I could be also called the letter-symbol of lovers–ever longing for each other till they merge, only to go apart again and experience the bliss of the longing again and again, all over again.

Knowing this will make your life-dance more harmonious for it then becomes conscious-not self-conscious, but aware. For when you know that you are “dancing” through life, it then becomes much easier to allow yourself to get guided and carried away in the flow of Life. No dance is possible without allowing yourself to be carried by the flow of the music, the flow of the steps of your partner, the natural rhythm and flow of your own body–you, your dancing partner and the flow become one–and only then you can say and feel that you really can dance. Otherwise it is not just painful to watch but even paralysing to the senses and you simply cannot even move. This same trust of the flow applies to all levels of the dance of intimacy, till you fly together as one into the sacred, orgasmic energy all true lovers share effortlessly, be them insect, animal, plant or human….

Draw me over your earthly bodies and over the bodies of those whom you love deeply and know that in so doing, you shall trigger in each other the codes and memories that, all you experience, is just alternate steps in the eternal dance of life.

Polarity has nothing to do with sexual orientation whatsoever. You can have a prevailing feminine polarity in a male form-body as much as you can have a prevailing masculine polarity in a female form-body. Let go of any need to pass any kind of judgement on this question. As you evolve fully you will finally be able to embrace both polarities within your very own form whatever it is you feel most comfortable with, much like a piece of clothing. Many lifetimes you have chosen one or the other, and accordingly you will have developed particular preferences as a result of the accumulated memories through the various experiences, over the

Some of you like them equally-very much like some cross dressers, loving all the types of clothing-and therefore choose to have a polarity in an opposite body form, meaning you are often in a female form but with a male polarity and vice-versa. Such souls amongst you are thus bravely being the precursors to the merging of the two polarities, for ultimately the destiny of all humanity is to become again like angels, androgynous and free from the dance of polarity.experiences, over the many lifetimes lived in one or the other of the two polarities.

To create this sacred polarity and balance, it is recommended to imagine this letter from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet as an overlay of light with this particular pattern. The best is to ask your own Divine Presence to assist you in “downloading”, so to speak, this light code into your physical vessel and to direct it to wherever it needs to go.

It is also important to draw this letter over both feet, the very same feet with which we all walk this sacred earth. In my countless love interactions with Jeshua over the years, He has taught me personally a lot about the importance of the feet, for they carry us here, both figuratively and literally. That is why he “washed” his disciples’ feet. In fact, washing was an excuse–who needs to wash the feet in the desert only to walk again in the sand? He was honouring them for walking here, and giving them healing love in the process, of course. It is really much like a reminder of what this life is about–a dance, a short dance indeed, for life in this dimension is truly a wink of an eye when compared to the infinity of Life that we all ARE!

From: The Cosmic Alphabet:An Introduction to the Language of Light

Pope Francis from Spiritual Heirarchy

Is Pope Francis a Human-Rights Abuser? – Part 2/2

Pope Francis kissing the feet of a young offender during a mass at the church of the Casal del Marmo youth prison on the outskirts of Rome in 2013. Credit: AFP

(Concluded from Part 1, yesterday.)

In the second part of this article I’d like to cite a portion of Sanat Kumara’s 2013 interview on An Hour with an Angel, in which he gave the Company of Heaven’s estimation of the then-new Pope Francis.

Sanat Kumara is the planetary logos, who, from the point of view of Gaia and her Ascension is the person in charge.

Said he of Pope Francis: “I am telling you that this individual has not been responsible for human atrocities.”

Steve Beckow: One reader writes in that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is accused of … numerous human-rights abuses and acts of corruption, of representing an order, the Jesuits, that has historically oppressed people and committed crimes against humanity, which this reader says makes the new Pope liable for immediate arrest and sentencing under international law.

Now, of course, everyone is innocent until proven guilty of anything, so I’m certainly not trying to invest the reader’s words with some sort of finality, but would you address the reader’s concerns? And after that we’ll have other questions for you about the Pope.

Sanat Kumara: What I am asking of you, of your hearts and of your beings, is first and foremost to look at the purity of this individual. And it is seldom that we would use these words. Now, has this one been positioned in a country and in a nation, and yes, even in an order where there have been numerous human rights offenses? Yes.

But when you are also looking and wanting to seek out and try and discern and discredit an individual who has been chosen – is chosen – and I’m not talking about chosen by a college of cardinals, I’m talking about chosen in a much larger sense – and your beginning point is to discredit and pull down this individual – then what you are also doing is, first, you are staying stuck in the old reality of the Third Dimension and you are looking for reasons to anchor there and to anchor him there when that is not where any of you belong.

There is a point to what I say. And perhaps it has been said more eloquently before. There are very few human beings upon the planet who have never done anything that is harmful, cruel, unjust, unkind, unloving and out of alignment with the truth of who they are.

And you say to me, “Oh, Raj, this is ridiculous, what you are saying. This is a matter of degree. We are not talking about someone speaking an unkind word. We are talking about human atrocities.”

And I am telling you that this individual has not been responsible for human atrocities. Has he been affiliated, and in a position where he has been holding the light and shifting the energies? Yes. Has he been in a position where he has been humiliated, where he has humbled himself to serve? Yes.

This is one of the primary lessons – it is a good place for you to start, Steve – it is one of the primary lessons that Earth and human beings are learning at this juncture. And it is the lessons and the quality, not just the lip service, but the quality of forgiveness.

Not of being blind, not of overlooking what needs to be corrected. I would be the last one to suggest that. But where is the clemency in your heart? Where is your desire to start afresh in a very different reality, where in fact those qualities of atrocity, of abuse, do not exist?

So what you are saying – inherent in the question – is the same division that has hampered the forward movement of the collective. It is the choice that some can come and some can’t. And that is neither loving nor kind, but it is also the antithesis of what the human collective on a soul level has decided.

So your real question is, does this individual, Francis, have the bona fides to assume this position of trust of the papacy, to be the leader of many? And whether you agree with this institution of the Catholic Church and the history of the Catholic Church, and many of the wrongdoings that have been committed in the name of Christ and God and the Holy Mother, or whether you do not, it is a new day.

And so what I say to you is that this individual, this man, is a very humble, but meaningful individual, has chosen and been chosen to step forward in this role during a time of very important transition. It is always interesting that so many are eager to point out the shortcomings of a figure, whether it is a family member or someone in a position of public notoriety.

But if they are going to do that, then it is also necessary to point to the fullness of the picture of the individual, what they have done right. And your question does not speak to that.

So I say to you, I say to you as one not interfering with human will but certainly guiding it, if I am permitted to do that, that this man – because that is what he is; throw away the concept of saint or sinner, please; it serves none – this man steps forward with a true desire to serve and to transform an institution that is in dire need of transformation.

SB: All right. Thank you. That’s probably going to be very helpful to a lot of people. There’s a second rumor going around that he’s a walk-in. Is that rumor true?

SK: There is a difference between what you think of as a walk-in and someone who has been overlighted. And I know your readers are well aware of these differences, but just in case, I will just briefly review. A walk-in is when the soul has reached exit points, or through prayer and pleading, a direct plea for divine intervention, completely vacates the body and thereby leaves and allows another to take up residency, usually for purposes of that soul to complete their journeys and the mission and purpose that they wish to complete upon the planet.

This one has known for a long time of the pathway that he was guided to. And he has committed his entire life to devotion to and service of the Divine Mother. He is much like you, my dear friend. And he is much like Yeshua, knowing of his path, knowing of the journey that lay ahead, and in some ways just wishing that it was more pedestrian and that he was left alone to live his life quietly with his family.

But that is not the path of this one. So let me be clear: Is he a walk-in? No. But having said that, he has been overlighted directly, not only by the Divine Mother, because that has been in place for a long time, but also by what you think of as St. Francis. Hence his name.

Now, what does overlighting mean? The overlighting means that our beloved brother Francis adds his energy, his focus and his concentration, his delight, to the energy of this Pope called Francis. So you may think of it in some ways as cohabitation.

It is not that Francis, St. Francis, has assumed form, but energetically he has overlit the new Pope. Hence the query and the wondering, because the light is so strong with the combination of these two souls.

The agreement between these two is what is has always been, because they both knew this day would come. Or it was projected, shall we say, it would come. And that is to transform this outmoded institution and to bring it back to the Jesuit, to the Franciscan qualities. And if you go back to original purpose of humility, of poverty, of sharing, of service, of meekness, these are the things that you will see.

The primary focus of this Pope, yes, of course will be to clean up the atrocities, particularly the sexual abuses that have been and continue to occur, and the hiding of those abuses, but it will also be to build and to rebuild the sense of community, and not in ways that build the coffers of Rome, but to share the wealth of Rome.

It is a time of magnificent change. So often you have said to me and to the Company of Heaven, to the Divine Mother herself, and to our beloved friend Michael, “Show me a sign.” Well, dear heart, this is one of the biggest signs of institutional change that you can witness. So pay attention. Pay attention in the coming months. We are not saying that this is going to be a process that he is going to stretch out.

Oh, will there be a lot of kicking and screaming by the power mongers? Yes. What you see in Francis is a humble, tolerant man with a will of steel who will simply dismiss what is not of love. He will not tolerate dragging of feet or subterfuge.

So what can you do other than simply observe this one? Send him your love and support, because as you know, as change occurs in one area, the ripples go out all over the pond, all over the planet. This is a catalyst for massive change. It is good news! (“It Is a New Day: Sanat Kumara on Pope Francis, the Process of Ascension, the Earth’s Place in Ascension, Etc.,” March 13, 2013, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/03/it-is-a-new-day-sanat-kumara-on-pope-francis-the-process-of-ascension-the-earths-place-in-ascension-etc/.)

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Light Language Posts

May we suggest that when you are feeling particularly at peace or in a state of optimism, that you make a list of all of the things you can think of that you find to be peaceful, enjoyable, and inspiring thoughts. It could be different sounds, your favorite song, a walk in nature, going for a run. The activity or thought makes no difference as long as it is something that makes you feel better.

The reason we suggest this activity when you are feeling at peace is so that you access to the thoughts that resonate with the vibrational ‘channel’ you are choosing to focus upon. This summons more thoughts to you that also perpetuate the current feeling you have at any moment.

You literally are changing the channel of your life and therefore you become a new vibrational match to entirely different circumstances. Many of you know this to be The Law of Attraction and it is always at play every waking moment of your life.

Our intention for this message is to offer those of you who are feeling particularly discouraged, frustrated and in a state of worry to relax into the process of allowing the Universe to do the only thing it can do, reflect back to you what you are in resonance with. A shift into a new state of mind will make all the difference in the world for you. As always we are always eager to assist you in every way that we can, all you must do is ask and allow.

We hope that we have served you in some way.

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