Shelley Young: Archangel Gabriel, Leading with the Sacred Heart

The Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Leading with the Sacred Heart

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January 16, 2021,

Dear Ones, your main focus at this time is empowerment. What this means is you will be focusing more on staying in your alignment, presence, and conscious awareness. It is a state of authenticity and self responsibility.

When you are dependant upon others acting a certain way for your comfort, you are giving your power away. When you are dependant upon circumstances looking or feeling a certain way, you are giving your power away. Right now you are shifting into your empowerment by recognizing you are ultimately responsible for your own healing and satisfaction. Your happiness and comfort is an inside job that is supported by your surrender, faith, flow, trust, acceptance, and allowing. These elements open the door to your patience and peace and take you out of the old cycle of codependency.

You are all familiar with the expression, “The meek shall inherit the earth.” Do not mistake the word meek for weak. This refers to those who are in their embodiment process, who are leading by their sacred hearts and beingness, and lovingly anchor the energies of peace on your planet. Settling into those traits now will allow you to connect with others in far more meaningful and empowering ways as you continue to move forward in the great shift on your planet that you are both driving and participating in so beautifully.


Linda Dillon: El Moyra Implores us to Align with the ‘Will to do Good’

Linda Dillon: El Morya implores Us to Align with the ‘Will To Do Good’

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I come this day, my beloved friends, to give you my scepter, my flame of truth. It lights your way, declares your divine authority, and it is a symbol of your sovereignty…


Greetings, I AM El Morya, Keeper of the Scepter, Defender of the Faith. And I do not speak of this or that faith, I speak of faith, I speak of alignment of one’s essential, authentic, playful, joyful, child-like, adult-like, crone-like, sage, to align your will with Divine Will.

I have come again to speak to you about the will to do good. Now, note that I say… I do not say ‘think’ good, I do not say ‘hope’ good, I invite you, I plead with you, align with the will to ‘do’ good. The Mother has issued her clarion call several times. She does not do this simply to hear herself think. She does so to beckon you, to beckon this collective, and yes, beloveds, you are the pathfinders, you are the wayshowers… but you do not do this alone. That is why I come… no, not in form, we will leave that to Yeshua, and St. Germaine, and Djwhal Khul… but, let me make my presence felt, and very clear. You step forward as the shepherds, as the servants, as the wayshowers. That is the essence of leadership.

Yes, it is to attempt and often take the hero’s journey… to lead others away from pain, from destruction, from disaster. No, I am not being prophetic about Armageddon or any of these ridiculous notions. I am talking to you, my friends, about the creation of Nova Earth… not as some distant horizon, not even as some promised land, because the promised land is Gaia, it is this planet of grace. Her essence is the ability to shift, to change, to grow… she is the quintessential shapeshifter. And she has invited you, the Mother has invited you, to be part of this adventure, this adventure of rebirth, and might I say, reconsecration, recommitment. And you say to me, “Lord, I don’t know if I have the energy to reconsecrate or recommit.” And yet, my beloveds, I gaze at you, I know you, and I know as wayshowers, as pathfinders, you go forward. You always have.

Now, there is discussion, and the Mother has confirmed, of course… she creates, has already birthed, what you think of as a new species of human. And some of you have wondered… well, am I the prototype? The answer is no. The prototype has been in development for a very long time. Yes, we, Yeshua and St. Germaine, Lao Tzu, so many of us have worked and anchored this energy. You are the perfected model. You are the beings with the wisdom, and the courage and stubborn determination, fortitude, and the lightness of hope, of joy, of trust, to step forward, yes, in what is a massive undertaking. It is a rebirthing of humanity.

And what does that mean? It means much of the old that you have thought of as indestructible goes by the wayside, and it only goes by the wayside because it no longer serves. And what does serve, even if it needs renovation, reconstruction, it stays, it remains, as a pillar of light, as a lighthouse, guiding, directing, many who are seeking exactly that.

When you will to do good, when you are in alignment with your sacred self, your divine, universal self, and the Mother/Father/One, you radiate this out. None of us have ever asked, requested, or encouraged you to get on a soapbox anywhere. One of the qualities of leadership is to be meek, is to be humble, is to see and to bring forth the brilliant light in others. It does not include any form of ego or self-aggrandizement… that is apparent to everybody. Yeshua did not say, ‘lead, follow’… he simply talked, shared, loved. And this is what you do.

So, I come this day, my beloved friends, so many of you who have walked with me before, I come to give you my scepter, my flame of truth. Yes, it is exactly the same as Michaels, but you can never have too many reminders. It lights your way. It declares your divine authority. It is a symbol of your sovereignty and your ability to act within that sovereignty to bring forth truth and justice which is kind and compassionate and never seeks to overrule.

I am with you in this journey of light, in this journey of love. So, the true question is… Are you with me? I will help you… not as overbearing master, but as one who has learned and chosen to do good.

Go with my love, and go, sweet angels, in reconsecration of your sacred self, of each other, of your journey, and of this planet’s collective. Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted. [Full terms of copyright at


Archangel Gabriel: Transforming into the New

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Transforming into the New

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November 8, 2020,

You are shifting profoundly right now and will continue to shift throughout the remainder of the year in preparation to step into the new energies of 2021. Allow your shifting to ebb and flow, trusting the rhythm of the universe to serve you.

Energies will leave, new energies will come in. There is divine intelligence to it all, so if you move with whatever the flow is supporting in any now moment you will navigate these waters with efficiency and far greater grace and ease than you might have thought possible.

You are moving through the energies of profound transformation, and the way to do that is with beautiful self care, presence, and unshakeable trust in both the process and your complete capability to love your way forward into the new.


Shelly Long: Archangel Gabriel – Holding Space

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Holding Space

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November 2, 2020,

Dear Ones, there is great power in holding the space. It may feel like you aren’t doing anything but please don’t dismiss it as not having value because it has a stabilizing effect that is awesome to behold.

So we urge you to centre yourself so you can remember what you know. Connect to your innate wisdom. Find your balance. Trust. Anchor the energy of peace and potential, and know that sometimes the most simple acts are the most profound. This is a major aspect of your contribution to the whole and it helps more than you know.


Monica Esgueva: We have Come to Create Change

Mónica Esgueva ~ We Have Come to Create Change

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October 26, 2020,

Lightworkers have felt different throughout their lives. We experience our feelings more intensely and tend to react with more strength when we see injustice and suffering. We usually need to retreat from the world in order to get back in touch with ourselves and to revitalize.

We’ve not felt very welcomed on this Earth and have often felt rejected by society and alienated within groups. It’s been challenging to feel free to walk on our own path.

Despite all the hardship, we came here to bring Light and awareness where fear, power, manipulation and harmful beliefs obscured the natural joyfulness of All That Is.

We’ve come to lift the veil and to create change and awareness on this planet. We’re departing from traditional ways of thinking that have been part of the collective Human mind for way too long.

The inner knowledge that we carry within is now becoming an asset instead of a burden.  As we gather the courage to live according to this knowledge, we’ll be able to increasingly connect with like-minded people. When that happens, we’ll bring our depth and love into a society that sorely needs it.

When we start connecting with others from the heart and without expectations, a rush of inspiration surges in that triggers great creativity. If we’re aligned with our higher self, we’ll attract situations on our path that will support us in our efforts to manifest all that creativity. We’ll be guided by a flow of inspiration that’s bigger than our personality’s desires.

Wherever two or more people gather their energies with the intention of serving and expanding, things happen easily and effortlessly. Synchronicity shows up, a sense of flow becomes the new normal, and more and more pieces of the puzzle fall into place at the right time and place.

This is the way of the future, this is the way of the soul.

Now is not the time to withdraw from the world. The way things are evolving, this world is becoming ready for our contribution.

These times call for integrated spirituality: a type of spirituality where Heaven and Earth come together and complement each other. The days when spirituality was dominated by organized religions are over. We have arrived at an evolutionary stage when it’s possible for us to express our inner spirituality in the world. It’s no longer necessary to withdraw from society in order to live our deepest truth.

Even though we still experience society as harsh and materialistic, changes are underway. More and more people are searching for that which we have already. We are the dreamers and pioneers of the new Earth, our gifts will soon be welcomed as never before.

We still feel different and have a non-conforming attitude, but it’s no longer necessary to join a separatist group of like-minded people to form a buffer against society and turn our back on the world out of resentment and frustration.

We’re being called to participate, to show a new way of being in the world and become sources of inspiration to others.


Linda Dillon: Gandhi and St. Francis – The Cycle of Life

Linda Dillon: Gandhi and St. Francis – The Cycle of Life

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Channeling – Gandhiji

I AM Gandhiji. Yes, it will be age before beauty! And I welcome you, my friends, fellow travelers, and planetary observers. There is a theme in everything we say to you which is to walk and to keep walking. And there will be times my friends when you will feel that you are walking a solitary path and that there are very few who choose to join you. And then there will be times when there are so many that the highways, and the streets, and the squares are completely crowded and that there is a unity of heart, and a unity of soul, and a unity of purpose. And it matters not whether you live in Mumbai or Calcutta, or anywhere on this planet because there is only one planet.

So, this is not a time when I am coming to speak to you about division, of the separation and the migrations of pain that results from this illusion of separation, that one is Hindu, or one is Muslim, or one is a Democrat, or one is Socialist, it matters not one iota. Because there is only the human pathway and there is only love. And yes, it is true there are times when this channel becomes impatient and she says, “Do you not talk of anything but love?” And I would suggest to her that there is nothing to talk about but love.

But I will talk to you this day about fortitude and humility because the path of service can only be the path of One. There can be no puffery. There can be no expression or belief that one is better, or finer, or higher than another. You know, it is curious because the idea of caste systems was supposed to be abolished long ago. And yet, what has transpired far too often… and I am not just talking about Mother India, I am talking about your planet… that far too often these subtle caste systems have not only been maintained but reinforced and have been the basis of terrible abuse of power. This cannot be the way.

But no, it does not come from beating up your opponents; for violence is never the answer. It comes from the peaceful way, even when it is difficult, even when you feel that you are starving… (Linda’s puppy barking) and she has opinions as well, and all opinions must be honored and welcomed. Know this. Do not fall into this trap that you are right and someone else is wrong because when you do that you create a division and separation, and it erects walls, and it harms, and it creates hurt feelings, and it creates stridency and stubbornness, which is very different than fortitude.

When someone has a differing opinion to you, what you do is you engage, not in their belief but with the heart and the person, to examine and explore because you are saying, “I may not agree with you but you are worthy. You are my fellow brother, sister, Gaian, and you are worthy. And you are worthy of the love and the attention and the acceptance that I give you.” So, know this.

Now, to be humble, to practice piety, you must also carry fortitude. You must build your stamina, not as a wall but as a way of being physical as well. And you must build your endurance. And you must practice and build such patience, because otherwise, you cannot embrace in fellowship, in love, those who differ from you.

The gifts of this planet are the differences. You do not witness the stream being commanded by the ocean to change. You do not see the oak tree demanding that the blade of grass become an oak. You do not see the air demanding a cloud to dissolve, for the vapors and moisture to disappear. It is in balance, and it is the balance within you and the strength to truly know and embrace your path, your truth, your being. And to embrace it so strongly that you do not waiver and that you do not need to prove yourself. That does not mean you do not express… whether it is opinion or belief. Politics is a lively discussion and it is only when hatred is introduced, or control, or bitterness that it becomes dangerous.

The politics of Earth transform with Nova Gaians. Your systems and it does not matter what you call your nation-state, your systems of governance change… they evolve, they grow, they mature. But this can only happen with your fortitude and your humility.

I am but a simple man. I did not change the world, or India, or Pakistan. I followed my heart and what I believed to be true, that the control, the false use of authority, yes, of the empire of British… it has no place. Anarchy is not the path of freedom either. So, it is finding the balance and that is only achieved, my brothers and sisters, through the balance of your heart.

So, I come in this time of rebirth, and yes, my birth, to celebrate with you and to say, “Now is the time of new beginnings.” So, let us walk… and you know if you are including Jesus, and Kuthumi, and Raj, and Maitreya, we are very powerful allies and we offer you our assistance. You are the leaders/gatherers, this is your time… but walk with us. Goodbye.

Channeling – St. Francis

I AM Francis, and you can call me Frank! And I also come to celebrate with you the cycle of life… of birth, and death, and rebirth… because that is what is occurring upon your beautiful planet. You think of the seasons, and for some of you it is fall, and for some of you it is spring, and they are simply the ends of the same spectrum. I have left, when I walked the planet, I walked away, yes, from a family and a life of luxury and plenty. And let me be very clear, I loved my family dearly… but it was not my path. It was not my path to live in that level, not only of luxury but of obsequiousness.

Patience is fortitude. When I walked away I did not know where, or how, or how long but I did know that I could, I must, and that I would, because this was the demands of my heart and soul. Too often, beloveds, you put the demands, the desires, the dreams of your being on the back burner, or say it is not practical, I cannot do that. And I would say to you, “Why not? Why would you ever feel that you are not important enough to follow your dreams? Why would you ever believe that you are not strong enough and that you are not worthy enough to fulfill your dreams? And why would you not know that your dreams are in accordance with All?”

I do not come to talk about being martyrs or living in pomposity for when the heart is full, when you are surrounded by nothing, and by family of love, you have it all. So yes, patience is important because you are building a new planet. But don’t be too patient with yourself and your dreams… step forward. The Mother has issued, several times, her clarion call. So, I would say to you, “What are you waiting for?”

I will join with my brothers of the east, and I will join with you, and we will walk together. And I will finish for our beloved Lee.

You are so loved, you are treasured, and you are honored, and you are supported in more ways than you can possibly imagine. Go in peace. Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted. [Full terms of copyright at


Out with Predatory Capitalism, In with a ‘Life’Economy



Out With Predatory Capitalism, In With a “Life Economy”

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Green office building in financial district

Out With Predatory Capitalism, In With a “Life Economy”

John Perkins, Yes! Magazine, Sept. 16, 2020


The long march of hierarchical and colonial history has led us to this moment of awareness. We are learning that the melting glaciers, coronavirus pandemic, species extinctions, racial and income inequality, political turmoil, and other heart-wrenching events are symptoms of a global social-governmental-economic system that is consuming itself into extinction.

This is what I call the Death Economy that defines success as the maximization of short-term profits for corporations and short-term accumulation of material things for individuals, regardless of the environmental and social costs.

If enough of us confront our fear of change, this Death Economy could be transformed into one that cleans up pollution, regenerates destroyed environments, and creates technologies that do not ravage the environment—a living economy, a Life Economy. We will either change our ideas, values, and actions and accept new ways of relating to other people, resources, countries, governments, and cultures, or we will propel ourselves into extinction—or something unimaginably close to extinction.
Capitalism versus Predatory Capitalism

There is a major difference between capitalism and what many economists refer to as “predatory capitalism,” a deviant that has little in common with the original. According to Merriam-Webster, capitalism is “An economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market.”

The Oxford Dictionary defines it as “An economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.”

Death Economy versus Life Economy

Today’s Death Economy is a far cry from either of these definitions. It is characterized by businesses that destroy or absorb their competition and oppose free market policies. Not only does the state not own businesses; businesses and their billionaire shareholders control the state. It is a predatory aberrant that actually should not be considered capitalism. I am personally familiar with the workings of the Death Economy because I was one of the people who helped develop it.

The Death Economy is driven by the goal that was promoted by a group of economists in the 1970s and 1980s, including Nobel Prize winners Friedrich von Hayek (1974) and Milton Friedman (1976), and can be summarized as “the only responsibility of business is to maximize short-term owner profits, regardless of the social and environmental costs.”

The stories that accompany this perception give corporate executives the right—even the mandate—to do whatever they think it will take to maximize profits, including buying public officials through campaign financing and promises of lucrative post-government consulting or lobbying jobs; exploiting workers; annihilating or buying out their competitors; destroying environments; reducing taxes and wages; lobbying against pro-worker, pro-consumer, and pro-ecology regulations; promising (as well as threatening) to affect economies by locating their facilities in (or removing them from) cities and countries; and depleting the very resources upon which the long-term survival of their businesses depends. These stories promote top-down, authoritarian chains of command and autocratic management styles—in government as well as business.

Key Characteristics of the Death Economy

• Its goal is to maximize short-term profits for a relative few.
• It uses fear and debt to gain market share and political control.
• It promotes the idea that for someone to win, another must lose.
• It is predatory, encouraging businesses to prey on each other, people, and the environment.
• It destroys resources needed for its own long-term survival.
• It values goods and services that are “extractive” and materialistic above those that enhance quality of life (e.g., child-rearing, the arts).
• It is heavily influenced by nonproductive financial deals (stock manipulation, financialization, “gambling”).
• It ignores externalities, such as environmental destruction and exploitation of workers, when measuring profits, GDP, and other metrics.
• It invests heavily in militarization—in killing, or threatening to kill, people and other life forms and destroying infrastructure.
• It causes pollution, environmental collapse, and drastic income and social inequality and may lead to political instability.
• It vilifies taxes, rather than defining them as investments (in social services, infrastructure, the military, etc.).
• It is undemocratic, encouraging the growth of large corporations controlled by a few individuals whose money has a strong influence on politics (monopolies that lead to oligarchies).
• It is based on top-down, authoritarian chains of command that support autocratic management styles in business and government.
• It places higher values on nonproductive jobs (venture capitalists, investment bankers) than productive ones (laborers, factory workers) and those that enrich life (teachers, musicians, artists).
• It keeps billions of people in poverty.
• It classifies plants, animals, and the entire natural world as depletable resources; fails to respect and protect nature; and causes massive extinctions and other irreversible problems.
• It has become the predominant advocate of what it calls “capitalism” around the world.

The future lies in transforming the Death Economy into a Life Economy that cleans up pollution, regenerates devastated ecosystems, recycles, and develops technologies that restore resources and that benefit, rather than ravage, the environment. Businesses that pay returns to investors who invest in an economy that is itself a renewable resource become the success stories.

The Life Economy is driven by the goal of maximizing long-term benefits for all life and the environment.

Key Characteristics of the Life Economy

• Its goal is to serve a public interest (maximize long-term benefits for people and nature).
• Its laws support level playing fields that encourage healthy non-monopolistic competition, innovative ideas, and sustainable products.
• It embraces a sense of cooperation, the idea that we all can win when we set our goals for long-term benefits for all.
• It values quality of life and spiritually enhancing activities above those based solely on materialism and extraction.
• It is based on beneficially productive activities, such as recycling, education, health care, and the arts, rather than the nonproductive, such as stock manipulation, financialization, and “gambling.”
• It cleans up pollution.
• It regenerates devastated environments.
• It is driven by compassion and debt avoidance.
• It helps hungry people feed themselves.
• It includes externalities in its financial and economic measurements.
• It innovates—develops and embraces new, regenerative, sustainable technologies.
• It recycles.
• It defines taxes as investments. (Should your tax monies be invested in health care or militarization?)
• It is democratic, encouraging locally based commerce and employee- or community-owned businesses that benefit many (e.g., cooperatives, B Corporations, etc.).
• It reinforces democratic decision-making processes and management styles—in business and government.
• It places a high value on jobs that enrich life (musicians, social and medical workers, parents).
• It is based on a foundational knowledge that humans are in a symbiotic relationship with our planet, that we must respect, honor, and protect the natural world.
• It rewards investors who support all the previous characteristics.
• It was the predominant form of economic evolution for much of the 200,000 years of human history.

Transforming the Death to the Life Economy

The transition from a failed to a successful system happens through changes in the perceptions that drive values and actions and the stories we tell around them. “Maximize short-term profits for a few, regardless of the social and environmental costs” becomes “maximize long-term benefits for all people and nature.” When groups of consumers, workers, and investors accept these values and take actions to support businesses that promote them and pressure governments to codify them into laws, the change we want and need happens.

There are many indicators that we have the ability to change powerful institutions. Political initiatives such as the Green New Deal; movements such as conscious capitalism; innovative approaches to business that include B Corporations, benefit corporations, cooperatives, and local banks; alternative energy technologies and organic farming; programs like Drawdown; and the creation of the Long-Term Stock Exchange are just a few examples.

The August 2019 Business Roundtable meeting was a highly significant signal of impending change; CEOs from 192 of the world’s largest corporations promised to “abandon the idea that companies must maximize profits for shareholders above all else” and instead “commit to balancing the need of shareholders with customers, employees, suppliers, and local communities.” Although this promise, like the other indicators, was a confirmation that concepts in business are changing, it is up to each of us to use social media and whatever other means are available to us to demand that these corporations, as well as the governments that support them, take actions to honor their commitments.

It is up to all of us to encourage it to happen faster.




Agnihotra is an ancient science given in Sanskrit language at the time of creation. Sanskrit was never anyone’s mother tongue; it is a language of vibration. We can make changes in the atmosphere with Sanskrit mantras and fire prepared with specific organic substances, timed to the sunrise/sunset biorhythm. The fire is prepared in a small copper pyramid of specific size and shape. Brown rice, dried cowdung (manure) and ghee (clarified unsalted butter) are the substances burned. Exactly at sunrise or sunset the mantras are spoken and a small amount of rice and ghee is given to the fire. There is not just energy from the fire; subtle energies are created by the rhythms and mantras. These energies are generated or thrust into the atmosphere by fire. This, in addition to the qualities of the materials burned, produces the full effect of this healing HOMA (healing fire). Much healing energy emanates from the Agnihotra pyramid.

Tremendous amounts of energy are gathered around the Agnihotra copper pyramid just at Agnihotra time. A magnetic-type field is created, which neutralizes negative energies and reinforces positive energies. Therefore, a positive pattern is created by one who does Agnihotra merely by his/her performance. Agnihotra purifies the atmosphere of pollutants and neutralizes harmful radiation. The resultant atmosphere gives nourishment to plant life.

Agnihotra and Plants: The ghee is thrust into the atmosphere and attaches itself to the molecular structure of the soil, allowing the soil to retain more moisture. Plants grown in Agnihotra atmosphere are better able to withstand droughts. Agnihotra causes a change in the cellular structure of the plant which sends more nutrients to the fruit of the plant and less to the leaves, stem and roots. Many people have found that the size, taste, texture and yield of fruits and vegetables grown in Agnihotra atmosphere are superior. Performance of Agnihotra in the garden reduces pest problems and organic gardening and farming are made easier by using Homa (healing fire) techniques.

Medicinal properties of Agnihotra: Agnihotra renews the brain cells, revitalizes the skin and purifies the blood. It is the holistic approach to life. Many people who are normally allergic to smoke experience a healing effect by sitting in Agnihotra atmosphere. The healing effects of Agnihotra are locked in the resultant ash. Thousands of people in different parts of the world have experienced wonderful healings of all types of ailments by using Agnihotra ash.

I have done Agnihotra at Tamborine a long while ago and recently have been asked to start again. Although I’ve moved to a more urban environment, I’ve seen the benefits. The morning after I began, three flowers had bloomed overnight. I have been working with the energy at Boykambil, on the water and after starting Agnihotra got news and pics of dolphins coming in among the boats moored in the harbour – a very unusual sighting.
So I know it’s important to spread the news that Agnihotra done spiritually  can improve the atmosphere and health of the people around you. If you feel drawn to do Agnihotra, supplies and instructions can be found at:

A quote from Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies

Agnihotra Yajna: A Prototype of South Asian Traditional Medical Knowledge

Under a Creative Commons license
open access


This study conceptualizes the principle of agnihotra yajna. The perusal of ancient and modern literature reveals that the functioning of the human body is impossible without maintaining an energetic continuum driven by sunlight. The seven major chakras existing over the spinal cord help to maintain this energetic continuum. Agnihotra yajna is proposed to balance the chakra system as a whole by minimizing entropy. Offerings of natural elements to fire lit in a copper pyramid during agnihotra liberate various volatile compounds having potent pharmacological actions. Attempts were made to enhance the efficacy of fumes by incorporating two to three pieces of coconut endospermand “navadhanya” (nine grains) to the conventional fire oblations. This investigation clearly demonstrates that the purpose behind the practice of agnihotra yajna is “letting incessant flow of energy (LIFE)” through our meridian lines and acupuncture points. The volatile organic compounds in smoke were analyzed using the gas chromatography–mass spectrometry method, and the results are discussed.


Healing with Homa Therapy

Elizabeth Mena
Madrid, Spain
I want to tell you about my experience with the coronavirus. Here in Madrid, the situation is quite severe. Many are infected and my roommate also got infected. My boyfriend and I spent more than a week living with him (not knowing he was infected). We didn’t hug, but we did eat at the same table and we were using the same things. He did the test and we waited 5 or 6 days to do the test. That’s what they say–you have to wait for the analysis to be correct.

Well, everyone told us that we would also be infected because it is a super-contagious virus. And the truth is that my boyfriend and I turned out to be negative.

And the truth is that the doctors could not explain this.

And I suppose this was also due to a very strong immune system, for we have an anti-inflammatory diet, and especially, I think, due to the protection of Agnihotra.

So, I am sending this message of hope to all the Agnihotris – that “We are Protected.”
Om Shree!

Daniela, with Dr. Jorge Torres in the background.

Daniela Carolina Calderón
EsSalud Paul Nogier Primary Care Center
Complementary Medicine Service
Carabayllo, North Lima, Peru, South America
I’m 14. I came to Dr. Torres due to some problems I had at school. There I was referred to a psychologist. I was in 3 or 4 therapies with him, when the doctor invited us to Homa Therapy, because that was going to help us. So, with my mom we started to come.

I was too shy to speak in front of people. I’m not the one who likes to do presentations and science exhibitions in front of the classroom or at school. I was super quiet in the classroom. I screamed a lot and got mad very quickly. I am emotionally too sensitive. For two years, I had been crying a lot about anything. Anything made me explode.

After I started drinking the water with Agnihotra ash, I was able to talk to more people. I can deal with more people and I improved in my studies a lot. My grades started to go up, from 12 to 15 on an average. And I started to focus a little better and to memorize better.

Before, I did not communicate with my family. I only spoke with my friends. Now I talk more with my mom, with my cousin. I can express myself better because I have more confidence and I feel more secure.

Her mother, Mercedes Calderon, confirms:
My daughter is more communicative, more confident, and her mood has changed. Before, she was sad and had sudden mood changes. Now, she is happier. She is calmer. She is at ease, and she is more responsible.

A spiritual perspective:

This is what it does according to a message received by Parvati Rosen-Bizerg,of Poland:
`Oh yes, Divinely inspired. The certification of Homa Therapy teachers of Homa Therapist if you will, will lend an air of authenticity to a highly scientific, quite profoundly effective technique which has the great capacity to heal the planet from the roots up. Healing earth, air, fire, and water through such a simple method. Indeed, this is the way of the ancients and the tool for the present.

‘One can see movement in leaves at the time of sunrise and sunset in the presence of Agnihotra fire. However, it is quite profound the effect of the unheard SOUND which actually emanates from the pyramid at the time of the offering into the flame. It is the resonance of the Mantras, yes, but something more occurs. On a higher level,there is a greater, subtler SOUND that causes the leaves of plants to quiver and all of nature to resound with the vibration. Yes, indeed, this is beyond science. It is tapping into the very breath of nature. It is a reflection of Nature, and a vehicle to lift Nature into the next dimension. This is sacred science. We bow before this Divine, blessed fire. OM TAT SAT.’

Leadership and Answers to Questions

The 9D Arcturian Council: The Leadership and Answers You’ve been Asking for.

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by Daniel Scranton


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun to process all of the data that has been coming in from the human collective consciousness in the past several weeks.

There has been an increase in the number of prayers.

You have all been reaching out in a variety of ways, and it does not matter who or what a human being is praying to. We respond to cries for help.

We live to be of service, to assist. What we have determined through our analysis of your prayers, your requests, is that you are looking for something, or someone, to make sense of what is happening in the world right now.

You are looking for leadership, and you also want to know that what you are experiencing there on Earth at this time is not just suffering for the sake of suffering.

We want you to know that leadership will emerge from all of this, leadership that will be all about bringing you together as a collective.

And we want to help you all to make sense of what is happening on the world stage right now by letting you know that when you are ready to make a leap forward in your consciousness evolution, everything that is of a lower vibration that has been existing within the consciousness must come up.

You have to look at who you have been as individuals and as a society. You have to make peace with all of the ugliness that you see, all of the hate speech that you hear.

You have to make peace with it first, and then you can take the next step.

We are not saying that you have to make peace with it because it is going to be with you forever. What we are saying is that if you see something right now that you do not like, in a human, in a group, in a government, in a country, in a religion, it is something that is a part of you, maybe not in this lifetime, but in at least one of your lifetimes. And you must be willing to accept that before you can move past it.

Everything that is as it is on your world today is serving a purpose, and it is up to each of you as individuals to not only embrace it but also to rise above it.

See yourselves as the leadership. See yourselves as the answer that others are looking for, because you are.

If you can receive this transmission, and absorb it, then you are one of the few who knows that this isn’t about drawing a line in the sand and determining right and wrong.

This is about embracing all of your humanness, all that you have ever been and all that you could potentially be. That is the way to oneness. That is the way to unity.

It’s not about getting everyone to agree. It’s not about getting everyone to bow down to the same person, leader, God, or religion.

The Earth experiment has always been about being able to see your diversity as a strength.

It has always been about respecting each other and your differences, rather than proving to the other side that you are right, that your way is the one true way.

One of the ways that you respect one another is by honoring the feelings. No matter what someone is saying to you, and no matter how much you disagree with that person, there is a feeling underneath what they are saying and doing. And that feeling is the most important aspect of what’s happening.

We are here to invite you to realize that what unites you is that you all feel the same emotions, maybe not at the same time, and maybe not for the same reasons, but you are all emotional beings.

And hopefully you can see when someone else is having their emotions that that what is being asked for from you is that you show some compassion.

And that is how you get closer to another person, even when you disagree.

And that is what will bring you all together in such a way that you can ascend as a collective to the fifth dimension.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


The Future won’t need Money

Ivo Of Vega: The Future Won’t Have Money

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by Sharon Stewart

If you haven’t figured out by now, our economic system is the focal point of the Illuminati’s control over us, you need to understand this. Working lives and lives as consumers is where they want us. There’s nothing spiritual about either.

Once the Illuminati is taken off this planet, and all of their interests are defunded, changed over or arrested and tried, where do we go?

We continue on as we are, however the control and entrapment of humanity will be alleviated. People want to hold down jobs, fine, hold down a job. This system will go on for a while. Here, I’ll let Ivo explain it.

Ivo: My love, thank you, the system will continue on for a while. But with the basic income payouts that you will still be receiving having to work for a living will be optional.

Me: Yippee!

Ivo: There are some who still enjoy working, even need to work. These will more than often be the ones who will not be evolving, will not be going through ascension to any extent or at all, these will be the ones who require more than basic income as subsistence, or perhaps they will volunteer to keep the food chains moving, or to help a family member start up a small business. There will be many reasons people will still require employment in the beginning.

The extraterrestrial systems are all run on a voluntary basis. I work on a voluntary basis right now, doing these channelings and commanding a mother ship over planet earth. I do not get paid, for one reason because I do not require money to live, and the other is that I am very aware of the unity of all consciousness. I work as I understand that I am a part of God and God requires that all his parts be looked after properly, and that the galaxy maintain balance. As a member of the Galactic Federation of Light, I am here to restore balance to planet earth and allow her god parts to thrive again, as he desires.

We have direct contact with God, and are well aware of his desires for ourselves and for others. And so we serve. Service is the way of the future for humanity, which is what Sharon does now – she serves by passing on these messages. But she also requires funding because she is of the false system created by the Illuminati to make slaves out of you.

They live off of your energy and work constantly to steer the direction of your consciousness, so that they can reap the energy you emit. They are working to have you emit energy at a particular frequency that is pallatable to them. When you refuse to emit energy at this frequency, they will send others within the matrix to lower your frequency. Sharon experiences this constantly.

Me: And I might add it’s bloody annoying.

Ivo: You must look at it this way, my love. You must see their attempts to re-direct your energy into their lower frequencies as your success and understand you are so powerful they cannot manage. So they keep trying to do this. It is that you are so powerful that they cannot stop you, and cannot change you back to the person you were when you were a child living with your parents.

Me: No, that’s long gone.

Ivo: And I say, that is your power. They attempt constantly to lower your frequency but to no avail.

Me: Sometimes they manage.

Ivo: And do you go back into depression, do you carry out self harming activities like overeating the wrong foods, do you go back into these destructive behaviours as you did before?

Me: No. I channel videos.

Ivo: And there you have it, my love. They cannot stop you. The more they fight you, the more you fight back with videos and channelings to help spread the light. That is your power.

Me: Ah. Okay.

Ivo: You seek to rebalance your chakras, ground your energy, send Light to Victoria, Australia, you continue to do your Light work. You cannot be stopped now whereas before they could stop you. And they did over and over. You broke through when you went to the 12 steps and suffered 5 years of dark night of the soul. But it put you past anything they could throw at you. Others of you are on the same path. When things get bad, try to do your light work or your spiritual practise. Try not to succumb to their efforts to lower your frequency, but notice that these bouts will become shorter and shorter and your recovery will be quicker. Anyone who is not dogged by the dark’s efforts to lower their frequency is not of the Light. Everyone is experiencing this now who is of a higher frequency, and you must do whatever you need to to prevail. You are strong and you can do this.

What in effect you are healing from, is the harm the Matrix has done to you in this lifetime and others you previously experienced here on earth. For those of extraterrestrial origin, you are healing the bloodlines you were born into, purifying them, and repairing the templates of the earthling.

Me: Yes. Thank you, Ivo. So you’re saying that sometime in the future, the currency if you want to call it that, on this planet will be love. Exchanges of love.

Ivo: Yes, that is what we are saying. Exactly, my love. Humans are beings of love. Your collective essence will purify to the point that you realize that love is what makes life, not money. Money is an affliction of the first chakra and love is everything.

Me: So using money is a reversal of universal law?

Ivo: Having units of exchange is not a reversal of universal law. However, shady business practises, theft, taxation, enslavement through work, are all reversals of universal law and certainly not the human condition in the galaxy. When your planet collectively begins to align with universal law, the need for fixed employment and exchange of payment will begin to alter.

Me: I’m not sensing this is anytime soon. People are still beholden to this system.

Ivo: And as I said, the system suits those who are not going to evolve – the homo sapiens. Those who are evolving into homo universalis or homo divincus, those who will move on to the fifth dimension, are the ones who will realize that the financial system is not necessary and is actually harmful to the human condition.

Me: Thank you, Ivo.

Ivo: My love, you are most welcome.