The Intergalactic Origin of Languages

The Intergalactic Origin of Languages

We tend to think of our languages as having been developed here on Earth. But many languages have intergalactic origins. Take Greek for example.
Archangel Michael was explaining to me in one of my readings where it comes from. The subject arose because he was spelling the name of a spaceship that contained the Greek letter pi.

Steve Beckow: The Greek language is not really Greek, is it? It’s an intergalactic language.
Archangel Michael: That is correct.
SB: Could you just take a moment to expand on that? Where is it from? AAM: It is ancient.
SB: Ancient.
AAM: It came out of the intergalactic wars when there was need to have ― and this was following and concurrent with the development of Perro, the non- emotional language – different kinds of writing, what you would think of almost as cuneiform or symbolic, pictographs, that would communicate, again intergalactically, the same thing, that were not charged.
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And, so, many of the symbols were developed in order to communicate because they were the basis of a great deal of technology and science.
Yes, it is back to basics, is it not? And that was part of it. It was back to basics so that there would not be any mis-communication.
Do not forget that from Atlantis there was a great deal of intergalactic trade, commerce, art, culture, back and forth, much of that transformed and transmitted into the Hathors and into the Egyptians, which is also far more ancient than many suspect.
SB: Hmm!
AAM: Many of those symbols migrated to Greece.
SB: Huh! Okay.
AAM: So that is your history lesson for the day. (Archangel Michael in personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 28, 2014.)

From : Who are the Galactics?

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