Kuthumi: Awakening of Mother Earth’s Womb


Awakening of Mother Earth’s Womb by Master Kuthumi

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Ascended master Kuthumi

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa



Greetings beloved friends and beings of light, I am Master Kuthumi. It is an honour to be in your presence today. I bring the warmth, love and wisdom of the Creator through my being to you.

Today, I wish to speak of an ascension shift taking place within Mother Earth. With all the energies anchoring into the Earth there are constantly numerous shifts, transformations and ascension activations taking place within Mother Earth.  Often these go unnoticed by those existing upon her.

There are some activations that Mother Earth experiences that cannot go unnoticed and this is one of them because it will impact your being and your reality tremendously. It is Mother Earth that requires your support in stabilising her energies, grounding her activation, and supporting the expression of the ascension shift taking place.

Within Mother Earth’s energy and source there is a core vibration which you could label as a womb. It is a source of energy, almost like a sanctuary that holds the vibrations of the Creator. The three specific vibrations of the Creator held within the womb are the creativity or creation energy, the consciousness and divine union.

Within this source, which we will label the womb of Mother Earth you will discover the energies of balance and the divine union of the Creator. Some may label this as the masculine and feminine vibrations in harmony and oneness, others recognise that it is simply a balance. The balance of the Creator, where the entire universe is in harmony and working in oneness.

This is deeply important because it requires that all the Universe of the Creator recognise the presence of divine union within their being, they recognise their oneness with all beings, but also that there is a balance.

Your own energies are balanced, as are others but also there is a balance between yourself, those around you, those upon the Earth and throughout the entire Universe of the Creator. This balance allows for creation and manifestation to take place.

When there is a balance, a divine union, nothing can hide, the truth of the Creator, the truth of experiences and manifestations come into the light, they are visible to all.  You may recognise that this vibration of balance is required within your own being as well as for all the Earth, especially humanity.

A balance where everything is brought into the light of the Creator, where the truth emerges, and everything else that is not of the truth of the Creator dissolves. When we access balance between all beings, it is the Creator that we see, sense and acknowledged within our beings, surroundings and within each other.

The three specific energies within Mother Earth’s womb have the potential to bring all circumstances, experiences, and situations into balance, as well as all people and beings. All that is illusion will dissolve and everything that is the truth will emerge.

The other energy present within Mother Earth’s womb is the energy of consciousness, the energy of awareness and being open-minded. The ability to receive the divine intentions, guidance, and intuition of the Creator through your being. The ability to access, understand and express the wisdom of the Creator, serves the emergence of truth. It allows all beings to access the sacred divine wisdom and consciousness within their being, to be open and expansive, bringing forth the truth into the awareness of others.

The third energy present within Mother Earth’s womb is the energy of creation or creativity. We might say this is the fuel to power rockets, it is the fuel of manifestation. It is the power, the potent vibrations that creates the manifestations and gives birth to creativity, to new outcomes, to new possibilities, and experiences beyond limitations.

When we recognise that these three energies are present within Mother Earth and within Mother Earth’s womb, we recognise that they synthesise as one. Therefore, they support each other, meaning the activation of Mother Earth is to support creation, new possibilities, wisdom, consciousness, understanding and balance to come forth. The result being a balance and the emergence of truth.

I am sure you can recognise how important these energies are for humanity at this time on the Earth.  Any activation that takes place upon Mother Earth oscillates throughout the entire universe of the Creator. With these energies present, ready to emanate, ready to be received by all, it is with Mother Earth’s consent that beings from the inner planes begin to send activation energy into Mother Earth’s womb, being such as Angels, Archangels, Star Beings, Ascended Masters and so forth. The beings that have been chosen are aligned and in sync with Mother Earth’s vibration and Mother Earth’s intentions. These beings are beginning to send their activation energy to Mother Earth’s womb. For now, this energy is being contained and amplified within Mother Earth, her womb energy is growing, being energised, and empowered.

It is important to recognise that all which takes place within Mother Earth also takes place within those that inhabit her energies and her physical body. It does not matter whether you are in a male or a female body, whether you are a tree or an insect, within your being there is this same source of energy. Like a holding space, like an ashram that holds the same frequencies of creation or creativity, of divine union and consciousness. This same space within you could be labelled your spiritual womb, that which brings the truth into manifestation within your reality.

Activating Mother Earth’s Womb

As Mother Earth is preparing to activate her womb, to begin to radiate and share this energy with all beings, I, Master Kuthumi might add that the same process may be occurring within your being.

In your own time I, Master Kuthumi, invite you to ask to connect with Mother Earth, asking to enter into her space of the womb, to experience the divine union, the creativity and the consciousness of Mother Earth. Breathe in the energies, take as long as you need to experience the power, the balance, and the truth.

While you are present within Mother Earth’s womb, you may ask to recognise the same within your own being, take time to do so.

When you are ready, as if holding hands with Mother Earth, you can receive the activation energies from the inner planes, receiving both to support Mother Earth and stabilise her energies, as well as receiving for yourself. As you hold hands with Mother Earth this activation will take place and the energy of creativity, consciousness and divine union will begin to oscillate and radiate from your being. These energies will cascade into the physical Earth, cascading into Mother Earth’s energy field, cascading into your body, being, energy field and beyond, into humanity, into all beings upon the Earth and across the entire Universe of the Creator.

This awakening has the potential to create balance, to bring the truth of the Creator into emergence within the realities of all. In truth, all that is needed is for you to be present with Mother Earth as she goes through this activation, imagining you are holding her hand, this will stabilise and balance her vibrations.

As many more people achieve this, so Mother Earth will be supported through her transition as she gifts some of the greatest gifts of the Universe of the Creator and the Creator to all beings, especially all beings upon the Earth.

I, Master Kuthumi, invite you to contemplate what will you do with this energy, with the awakening of your own womb, the radiance of balance, wisdom, and creation? Each step you take now is immensely important. It is essential to know your current focus. This does not mean that your current focus needs to be rigid or unmovable, it is important to acknowledge what you wish to create and remember that this acknowledgement is beyond limitations and boundaries.

My love is with Mother Earth. My love is with you all.

I am Master Kuthumi, I thank you.



Linda Dillon: Gandhi and St. Francis – The Cycle of Life

Linda Dillon: Gandhi and St. Francis – The Cycle of Life

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Channeling – Gandhiji

I AM Gandhiji. Yes, it will be age before beauty! And I welcome you, my friends, fellow travelers, and planetary observers. There is a theme in everything we say to you which is to walk and to keep walking. And there will be times my friends when you will feel that you are walking a solitary path and that there are very few who choose to join you. And then there will be times when there are so many that the highways, and the streets, and the squares are completely crowded and that there is a unity of heart, and a unity of soul, and a unity of purpose. And it matters not whether you live in Mumbai or Calcutta, or anywhere on this planet because there is only one planet.

So, this is not a time when I am coming to speak to you about division, of the separation and the migrations of pain that results from this illusion of separation, that one is Hindu, or one is Muslim, or one is a Democrat, or one is Socialist, it matters not one iota. Because there is only the human pathway and there is only love. And yes, it is true there are times when this channel becomes impatient and she says, “Do you not talk of anything but love?” And I would suggest to her that there is nothing to talk about but love.

But I will talk to you this day about fortitude and humility because the path of service can only be the path of One. There can be no puffery. There can be no expression or belief that one is better, or finer, or higher than another. You know, it is curious because the idea of caste systems was supposed to be abolished long ago. And yet, what has transpired far too often… and I am not just talking about Mother India, I am talking about your planet… that far too often these subtle caste systems have not only been maintained but reinforced and have been the basis of terrible abuse of power. This cannot be the way.

But no, it does not come from beating up your opponents; for violence is never the answer. It comes from the peaceful way, even when it is difficult, even when you feel that you are starving… (Linda’s puppy barking) and she has opinions as well, and all opinions must be honored and welcomed. Know this. Do not fall into this trap that you are right and someone else is wrong because when you do that you create a division and separation, and it erects walls, and it harms, and it creates hurt feelings, and it creates stridency and stubbornness, which is very different than fortitude.

When someone has a differing opinion to you, what you do is you engage, not in their belief but with the heart and the person, to examine and explore because you are saying, “I may not agree with you but you are worthy. You are my fellow brother, sister, Gaian, and you are worthy. And you are worthy of the love and the attention and the acceptance that I give you.” So, know this.

Now, to be humble, to practice piety, you must also carry fortitude. You must build your stamina, not as a wall but as a way of being physical as well. And you must build your endurance. And you must practice and build such patience, because otherwise, you cannot embrace in fellowship, in love, those who differ from you.

The gifts of this planet are the differences. You do not witness the stream being commanded by the ocean to change. You do not see the oak tree demanding that the blade of grass become an oak. You do not see the air demanding a cloud to dissolve, for the vapors and moisture to disappear. It is in balance, and it is the balance within you and the strength to truly know and embrace your path, your truth, your being. And to embrace it so strongly that you do not waiver and that you do not need to prove yourself. That does not mean you do not express… whether it is opinion or belief. Politics is a lively discussion and it is only when hatred is introduced, or control, or bitterness that it becomes dangerous.

The politics of Earth transform with Nova Gaians. Your systems and it does not matter what you call your nation-state, your systems of governance change… they evolve, they grow, they mature. But this can only happen with your fortitude and your humility.

I am but a simple man. I did not change the world, or India, or Pakistan. I followed my heart and what I believed to be true, that the control, the false use of authority, yes, of the empire of British… it has no place. Anarchy is not the path of freedom either. So, it is finding the balance and that is only achieved, my brothers and sisters, through the balance of your heart.

So, I come in this time of rebirth, and yes, my birth, to celebrate with you and to say, “Now is the time of new beginnings.” So, let us walk… and you know if you are including Jesus, and Kuthumi, and Raj, and Maitreya, we are very powerful allies and we offer you our assistance. You are the leaders/gatherers, this is your time… but walk with us. Goodbye.

Channeling – St. Francis

I AM Francis, and you can call me Frank! And I also come to celebrate with you the cycle of life… of birth, and death, and rebirth… because that is what is occurring upon your beautiful planet. You think of the seasons, and for some of you it is fall, and for some of you it is spring, and they are simply the ends of the same spectrum. I have left, when I walked the planet, I walked away, yes, from a family and a life of luxury and plenty. And let me be very clear, I loved my family dearly… but it was not my path. It was not my path to live in that level, not only of luxury but of obsequiousness.

Patience is fortitude. When I walked away I did not know where, or how, or how long but I did know that I could, I must, and that I would, because this was the demands of my heart and soul. Too often, beloveds, you put the demands, the desires, the dreams of your being on the back burner, or say it is not practical, I cannot do that. And I would say to you, “Why not? Why would you ever feel that you are not important enough to follow your dreams? Why would you ever believe that you are not strong enough and that you are not worthy enough to fulfill your dreams? And why would you not know that your dreams are in accordance with All?”

I do not come to talk about being martyrs or living in pomposity for when the heart is full, when you are surrounded by nothing, and by family of love, you have it all. So yes, patience is important because you are building a new planet. But don’t be too patient with yourself and your dreams… step forward. The Mother has issued, several times, her clarion call. So, I would say to you, “What are you waiting for?”

I will join with my brothers of the east, and I will join with you, and we will walk together. And I will finish for our beloved Lee.

You are so loved, you are treasured, and you are honored, and you are supported in more ways than you can possibly imagine. Go in peace. Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted. [Full terms of copyright at https://counciloflove.com/copyright-notice/%5Dit


Linda Dillon: Kuthumi: You are here to Be!

Linda Dillon: Kuthumi – You are Here to BE!

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This is not only a time of rebirth, of reconstitution. It is also a time of revelation – revelation of the nature of Gaia, of Earth as an intergalactic waystation, an angelic waystation, a planetary earthkeeper waystation… Beautiful, in all its diversity!

This beautiful gem is lovingly shared by Elle from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Kuthumi ~ You are Here to BE!

[Laughter] Greetings, I AM Kuthumi.

Elle: Oh beloved, I’m so happy!

K: Yes, for you have felt me and, yes, the room has been quite full with your beloved, with Belle’Anna, with Sylvianna, with Gabrielle and Mi-ka-el and Heaven knows who else… oh, Serapis Bey is very present as well, as is St. Germaine… of course, your and my beloved brother, Jesus Sananda/Yeshua, the Magdalena… for we come this day not only to bring felicitations, jubilations, congratulations on your human solar return but also to hug you, to embrace you, to sustain you, to uplift you, to honour you… and dearest heart, to simply be with you.

Think of it in this way. This room, your room, your country, her country, this planet is filled with pillars of light, anchors of love. Yes, some are small, some are gigantic, anchored deep within the heart of Mother Gaia, bringing forth and anchoring the truth not only of what it means to be human and part of the collective, not only what it means to be Nova Gaian, but what it means to simply BE… because, is that not the heart of the matter!

It is not and it never has been about BEing this or that, inhabiting this or that form, this or that mystery, this or that reality, for these are but costumes. These are but experiences that you try on for the magical ball where everyone is masked until midnight. But what I am saying to thee is it is not only the clock striking midnight or a minute after midnight. It is well after midnight and the masks have and are being removed.

Yes, there are those who are overly cautious, and those who are reticent to be revealed, and those who wish to cling to their masks because it gives them the countenance or the visage that they wish. It doesn’t matter. Because this is not only a time of rebirth, of reconstitution. It is also a time of revelation – revelation of the nature of Gaia, of Earth as an intergalactic waystation, an angelic waystation, a planetary earthkeeper waystation… Beautiful, in all its diversity!

The majesty of this planet is unparalleled. And I do not simply mean the majesty of her physical beauty, which is phenomenal. I mean the majesty of her being! And she is holding and has held herself for so long to teach the humans how to simply BE. Now, the kingdoms, the elementals, the elements, the star beings, they have learned this… and, of course, in knowing this and in holding this energy, they have contributed to the vibration that says, “You are here to BE.”

What is curious so often about the humans is that they think that to simply BE – a state which you have perfected, dearest heart – is that they think that this means no movement, no action, no doing, no nothing, and it is the contrary! To them it is counterintuitive when, in fact, it is the most intuitive, natural state of all!

But for a very long time these humans have filled up their minds, and more sadly their hearts, with thinking that doing is achieving, is serving, but it comes from a sense of lack of self-worth and lack of self-acknowledgment. But this is shifting. And my beloved friend, what you have been doing is BEing, and you are holding and transmitting and communicating that energy to billions of people.

And of course, beloved, you do it on behalf of your gigantic universal self – that is the being that you have been witnessing – but you also do it on behalf of me, of us, of ‘our’… You do it on behalf of your intergalactic family. You do it on behalf of the Mother. So it is not merely that you have been cocooned. You have been positioned. And in that, I fully mean that you have positioned yourself with us as well so that you may do what your heart desires, that you may prepare – and you have prepared – for what lies ahead.

Because as you have seen in your lucid dream – what you have thought was a lucid dream – change can be elongated and experienced over what human beings think of as time, but what you have seen in your marriage preparation is that it can also occur in a microsecond! And that cannot take place if you are not within not only your sacred framework but within the sacred framework.

So, beloved, we come not only to wish you Happy Birthday and felicitations. We come to say “well done!” and that we are with you in joy, in love. And that is what you are holding. It is the joy that has been forgotten on planet. Without hope and joy, people do not see the point in progressing, in fully engaging, not only with us – we are secondary! – but engaging with themselves and with their own being so that they, too, may BE.

E: Would you like this posted and shared?

K: Yes!

E: Okay, thank you so much. I have missed speaking with you like this and am joy-filled just knowing you are forever close by.

K: I am as close as your skin, the hair follicles on your arm, your head, as you well know! [Laughing]

E: Will you come again?

K: Yes, now is our time!

E: Yes, the Golden Time!

K: The Golden Time of the Golden Flame, of the Golden Grid, of the Golden Crown, of the Golden Age. It is not tedious. It is not hard. This is what humans got wrong. It is a joy-walk! It is not trudging along.

Yes, sometimes when you proceed, you feel like walking in quietude so that you can feel the earth, the sand, the rocks beneath your feet… so that you can smell the sea and hear the lapping of the waves, the quiet, and the song of the birds. Sometimes you feel like skipping, of doing cartwheels and jumping for joy, and sometimes you feel like running flat-out! But it was never intended to be trudging along.

Think of it. This life is really the actual, most phenomenal, supreme birth-day-present. It is not a sack of woes; it is not a burden. It is a birth–day–present to be enjoyed, to be embraced with glee, yes, with multiple expressions.

And sometimes that journey, that walk, you just want to sit down, whether it is on a mountainside, in a meadow, or next to the water. You just want to sit and revel in the fact that you are actually here – that not only have you chosen yourself but that the Mother has chosen you. And as you sit there, you are anchoring this mighty pillar of light!

Does it really get any better? …

Go with my love, sweet one. Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted. [Full terms of copyright at https://counciloflove.com/copyright-notice/%5D


Call to Action

Linda Dillon: Lord Kuthumi’s Call to Action

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Master Kuthumi


There is a theme currently of stepping forward in action. First the Divine Mother’s repeated Clarion Call, then last week St. Germaine, now Lord Kuthumi. Kuthumi reminds us we are infinite and the future in now – are you ready? xxx

Greetings, I am Kuthumi. Welcome beloveds, sweet angels and beings of light. Welcome to this community. I do not just mean this gathering here this day. I mean this community of love, this community of the Mother, Father – the infinite One, the source of all to which you are and always have been integral.  I welcome you. I welcome you as I have welcomed you to Zahara, as I have welcomed you to Egypt, as I have welcomed you to Tibet, to the great White Brotherhood, The Council of Love, and to this reunion of One.

I am bringer of the future, anchor of the past, and the spirit of the presence in all meanings of present and presence. I am keeper of the Golden Flame. Yes illumination, ascension, enlightenment and action. And that is why I come this day to echo, to repeat and to personalize the call to action.

Sweet angels of Light, humans of Love – don’t forget that. Humans, whether you are starseed, earthkeeper, hybrid, there is no such thing as nationality. Yes, you have the convenient labeling, identifier as Gaian as Nova Gaian, but you are infinite. Not that you are becoming – you already are infinite. This is one of the awakenings. Yes, I am calling you to awakening, and, let me speak to this because awakening is action, meditation is action, eating, drinking is action, prayer is action.

But it is also times sweet ones in the current reality within the Mother’s infinite time, which you occupy, to step forward in action. I have heard so many of you say, “but Lord, what actions should I take, how should I proceed, what should I do?” Oh, I could make suggestions. But let me speak to your heart, your mind, and your soul. I do not presume – and yes you call me Master and Lord. But like Yeshua, like Jesus Sananda, like my brothers St. Germaine, El Morya – I wish to be called friend. I wish to be called ally; I wish to be called brother. And yes, sometimes sister.

Do not separate yourself from me, from us. Allow us the sacred intimacy of love, the familial – to be a sibling by privilege, to be friend by honor.

So, when I say to you that I do not presume to tell you how to proceed, which actions to take – that does not mean my beloved that I am not available, ready, willing and able for full consultation. Of course, I am. That is my joy – my golden joy. And that is my sacred purpose.

But what I wish for you to know, is what we already know – is that your heart, your being, your consciousness, your subconsciousness, your unconsciousness – the veil is gone – stop pretending.

You know what to do. So truly, often, the question you say to me, “Kuthumi, Lord, I’m not sure I’m ready.  I’m not sure which is the first step and which is the last.”  What I say to you is two things. First of all, it doesn’t matter. Do not believe that you or we are guiding you erroneously. And make this action walk, this jaunt, this adventure, this exploration exciting and filled with wonder and awe, inspiration and joy. Otherwise, what is the point?

You did not incarnate during this time of awakening and action, ascension in the fullest meaning of that word to be martyred, to suffer. That is the paradigm, you are literally smashing to smithereens. You have delicately and indelicately said ‘no’, to which we praise you, honor you. You have very little concept of how deeply you are cherished and adored.

I have walked your planet in and out of caves and deserts. I know the challenges.  But there has been no greater challenge than ascension in form at this time, of ascending to the 13th Octave, of not only anchoring but living in the 7th dimension and then manifesting into the 3rd.  We do not wish, the Mother most certainly does not wish to deny you the joy of physicality, of flowers and trees and grass and sands and oceans and streams.

But we also know that this (life) is simply an experience, an expression of love.  Not only an expression of the Mother’s creation, but also Mother Gaia’s creation that she offers you. The challenge is saying no to distraction, to detours, to actions that are self-limiting, self-defeating, that are not of love.  It’s a waste of your time in your understanding of time.

What I ask of you and what I offer, not only my sacred self but all of us, is our company, our assistance, our support. And yes of course our love. And in this, this day, I reawaken, I reinsert, I reignite my Golden Flame within you. Within your heart, within your cells – they are mighty action takers, within every atom of your being.

In your understanding beloveds the future is not what lies ahead. The future is right now. Embrace it. Embrace it with the golden laughter, with the glee, with the excitement of a child and the wisdom of an elder because you are all of it. Let us go exploring, the universe beckons.

I also wish to remind you, each of you are pillars, each of you are lighthouses, each of you are beams of light, be it gold or silver, magenta, emerald, blue.  Do not forge that! Go with my love. Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted. [Full terms of copyright at https://counciloflove.com/copyright-notice/%5D


The New 5th Dimension Ten Commandments


The First Commandment

Be aware of the expression of Divinity that you are, and devote your whole being to this goal.

The Second Commandment

Be Aware of Thoughts, Words, and Deeds.

The Third Commandment

Be the Sacred Heart, speak and act with the sensibility of your Heart, be the Master that you are, and sing the joy of Divinity.

The Fourth Commandment

Choose to be One with Multidimensional Consciousness.

The Fifth Commandment

Let go of all judgments and expectations, and embrace the radiance of your own Divinity.

The Sixth Commandment

Commit yourself to the Sacred Vows encoded in your DNA, by passing through your Sacred Portals of Initiation.

The Seventh Commandment

Walk gently on the Planet Earth and across the Universe, knowing that the body is a Temple in which the Holy Spirit resides, bringing Enlightenment to life everywhere.

The Eighth Commandment

Be considerate as you walk on Gaia, and be gentle and decent with the world of flora and fauna.

The Ninth Commandment

Speak softly, humbly, and in loving service–speak from your Heart.

The Tenth Commandment

Be conscious of the unity and presence of the “I Am That I Am,” and realize your Divine Plan of Ascension.

This book is about the New Earth. In a series of meditations, the participants and readers are taken in their light bodies, through Mt Shasta to the Inner Earth city of Telos. There they meet the Ascended Masters and guides to the New Earth whose teachings include  guidance for how to live in the new earth we are creating. It is  a work from the Middle East Jewish Community with relevance to all on the Ascension path and I highly and humbly recommend it.

It is available on kindle from Amazon.

Who are the Ascended Masters?

Who are the Ascended Masters?

Those who have Ascended, we used to call some of them saints. You may be surprised to learn, as I was, that they are still communicating with us through channels and mediums who  connect to the other dimensions.

I thought it a good idea to collect some of their messages so readers can learn more about them. So here is a list of chapters from some Ascended Masters. Many of the Ascended Masters have had more than one lifetime on earth, I have listed only the most well known in brackets.

Sananda (Jesus)
https://wp.me/p2RpLw-1qAa  ,

Mother Mary


Mary Magdalene


St Germaine



Lord Lanto (Lao Tzu)


Kuthumi (St Francis of Assisi)




Djwal Khul (the Tibetan)


Lady Nada


El Morya


Kwan Yin





Pallas Athena




White Buffalo Calf Woman




 Sanat Kumara


Crystal Skull activation

I want to tell you about my experience with a crystal skull, which I haven’t written about before. I was living in Sydney during a Mind, Body, Spirit event in the early 90s. I had been to a talk about the Crystal skulls previously, and I heard that some crystal skulls were to be displayed. I went late in the day and walked into the event and was drawn straight to where the skulls were. I was handed one, which I believe was the skull Kuthumi (formerly St Francis of Assisi), once owned. I held it for a brief time and thought: I’m getting nothing from this. As I left the stand and went out the doors to Darling Harbour I had a vision. My eyesight formed a lens into another level of reality framed by what I call `scintillating lights’ and I was on a bridge of a spacecraft and there were beings talking and I was with them. I was being downloaded with information, but what it was, I couldn’t say. This went on as I walked around to catch a ferry and continued as I left Darling Harbour over half an hour later. The vibration of the ferry’s motors caused it to cease.I am definitely tuned into crystal skulls since then and when I saw this, I did the activation.

Just to recap the most famous crystal skull is the Mitchell Hedge’s skull. The Mitchell Hedges Skull was discovered in 1924 by Anna Mitchell-Hedges, adopted daughter of British adventurer and popular author F.A. Mitchell-Hedges. Here an important video from the Keeper of the Mitchell Hedges Skull

He also goes into the 13 crystal skulls which are said to be working together for humanity.

Here’s a blog from Mt Shasta activation: