For about a week now I’ve been getting the Symbol Omega. I ‘ve puzzled over it, looked it up,  drawn it,  intuited it,  and I  finally got it. We’ve passed the Omega point of the Alpha and Omega cycle, the old cycle we’ve been living under.

The Corollary is we’ve moved into the new cycle, the New Earth, the New Dimension, our Sovereignty is assured.
‘This is the New Earth. All that you see, will change in the blink of an eye, allow this to play out, to clear the old energy. Do not be afraid. All is in Divine Right  Energy, allow it to play out. Be at Peace’.

I am led back to The Keys of Enoch, by JJ Hurtak:

’the keys are to exemplify both the spiritual understanding and the scientific understanding that must converge if the right reality structure is to be shared by members of the human race in taking a quantum leap forward into the New Age.’

’Each of the sixty-four areas of science are to be given prophetic insight  which will allow humanity to increase its understanding and raise its consciousness to participate with other Worlds of Light. Thus the Keys are to focus scientific research on the planet, with respect to the larger blueprint of life.’

Key 3-0-4 tells us that we new Magnetic Paradigms working with multiple arcs of color, the colour radiation of the sun’s light will not be sufficient for the survival of the species.

We will therefore begin to work with more of the spectrum. The major colour factor however will be the “warm white”  color coding which will enable us to integrate with our original form sent from the higher universe to this world.

Thus having the brain of an electromagnetic computer, we will be forced to adapt to an enlarged electromagnetic spectrum, or spin out of the old electromagnetic spiral into consciousness death, if we cannot Code into the new colors when we cross our Alpha and Omega light spectrum.

The Paradox of momentary planetary death will stand as a leveling force of the false powers of planetary control, while the consciousness awakening of human and interdimensional intelligence will share the New Day, that will come upon them so quickly, that death does not recognize that it has passed into life! The rite of passage shall lead into the light and the Light shall deliver the fire of death, as 3 dimensional consciousness puts on the “Image” of Light

Solara in her11:11 book warns us: do not allow yourself to feed duality by giving it any more of your energy. Do not propagate doom and gloom. Remember that all of the dire future prophecies are based on third dimensional patterning. They do not emanate from the Greater  Reality.

The separation between those who choose duality and those who choose oneness, takes place gradually and can take up to 20 years for the complete passage through the Eleven Gateways inside the door, moving into the subtle realms of the unseen. This means that those anchored on both the templates of duality and the template of Oneness will become increasingly invisible to each other. An example of this would be a husband and wife who live together. One chooses Oneness and the other chooses Duality. Gradually, subtly yet steadily they become invisible to one another. Finally, one morning, the man wakes up in bed alone. The two templates have effortlessly moved out of positional alignment. There is no judgement on the decision.

It Just is! In our current reality, it is difficult to perceive how that is.