Renewing the Dreaming Collection

Renewing the Dreaming comes from my friend Guboo Ted Thomas who told me in 1991 that I was going walkabout and I’ve been doing so, ever since. My earth Healing work has taken me right around Australia in 1996 and now overseas to France and Spain, and more recently to Egypt. This collection includes work done since my round Australia trip described in ‘String of Pearls’ and ‘Uluru by Arunda’ on this site and excludes the overseas trips written about separately..

Renewing the Dreaming


Renewing the Dreaming 2


Uluru Portal Opening

Olgas and Uluru

Uluru from Valerie Barrow

Kakadu Dreaming

Opening the Kakadu Portal


New Earth Energies

Long Reef

Healing of the Waters Collection

Aboriginal Art Collection