A Constant Light from a Star



A Constant Light From a Star

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February 18, 2021

Dr. Peebles, from a recent group email session, channeled by Natalie Gianelli


Your heart already knows the answer. Listen and you will hear it.

Your heart, your soul, is guiding every choice and decision whether you are aware or not, constantly allowing for expansion within you.j

We want you to remember this when you have a difficult time choosing. Pause for a moment and remember, “My heart already knows this answer.”

By tuning in to the heart, by listening and trusting, it becomes easier to take action on what the heart is nudging.

Your heart’s knowingness is like a constant, beautiful musical note that is being held.

The mind would have you believe that sometimes you are following the mind and sometimes the heart; but your heart / your soul is always relaying the answers to you like a river that is constantly flowing.

You can distract yourself from listening to the river running, but it does not stop the river from running. You can distract yourself with the business of the mind, but it does not stop the heart from giving you the answers.

We want this to bring you peace, so you remember that you cannot do it wrong, you are never off path, so you can trust yourselves. Even when you do not feel like you know where you are going, trust that you DO know at the heart level.

You know the answers even if your mind is telling you differently.

When you are trusting yourselves, you can rest in the moments of challenge and of celebration. It doesn’t mean you live a life void of excitement or eagerness or drama.

You can have these things, but have them knowing that they are aspects of your human nature, and the true universal part of you is a constant beautiful clear trickling pond, a beautiful held musical note, a constant light from a star.

It is never changing, it is always there, it is ever present, timeless.

Dr. PeeblesDr. James Martin Peebles (1822–1922) was a medical doctor, naturopath, ordained minister, medium, and author. His messages of love and transformation now reach people across the globe through multiple mediums on a daily basis. ~Natalie Gianelli, https://nataliegianelli.com/about-dr-peebles