In memory of Marion Woodnutt

When I first met Marion, she was living at Palm Beach, Sydney below the Lighthouse, in the old Customs House. she later said it was the best time of her life.

She met lots of people on the way up to the lighthouse and being friendly, she talked to them often inviting them for a cup of tea and becoming their friend. Later she thought it was just because of where she lived. but it was much more than that. there was a light in her eyes which drew you to her. I experienced it when I first met her – a past recognition from before this time, is what I believe it was.

She was the one who introduced me to so many things. It was through her that I went to a Renewing the Dreaming Camp with Aboriginal elder Guboo Ted Thomas, who taught us about Aboriginal spirituality. He was my first spiritual teacher, who taught us the ‘humming bee’ a toning which aligned the chakras with sound. He taught us about the didgeridoo, about toning on a rock, which broadcast over ABC radio,and about Pidgeonhouse Mountain and Mumbla MOuntain where a mother’s greatest joy was to see her son come down the waterslide, an initiated man.

Later we travelled together through Thunderbolt country, as I worked on a script about the Bush ranger, camping beside the river at Denham and later riding over Barrington Tops, as my great grandmother had done. We got snowed in at Barrington Tops in October, in spring.

Later, I visited her in Nabiac, where she had farm picking Christmas bells on the heathland and finding an Aboriginal birthing rock and hearing the ‘angelic chorus’.

Many years later at Clunes in Tasmania we did a toning on the high plateau rock circle and brought the energy in there, so she was with me in doing the Earth healing over many years.

In 2016 she invited me to France and we did the Camino pilgrimage together and connected that leyline to Australia. it was to be our last trip together.

In December 2017 she was swimming with friends in Sussex, England, when she had a massive cerebral haemorrhage and was unconscious. I by chance, had sent a Christmas card to her sister in France, who informed me she was unconscious and expected to pass any day. While still in shock, I got a message to release her. So I said my goodbye in my healing room in Tamborine where she had visited me before going to France.

I set up the altar with a merkebah in quartz crystals with a candle in the middle and the shell, symbol of the Camino, and a rose quartz she had given me, a dolphin which she loved,an elephant to represent nature. I played Light Language music and sang:
May the long time sun shine upon you,
All love surround you
and the Pure Light Within you,
Guide your way Home.
She passed over the next day and I was told that due to a dispensation for those who pass over so close to our ascension event, they will ascend with us. I asked if Marion ascended and got she did, thanks to the Ceremony of Release I did. Anyone can pray for those souls who pass over now with that result. Wow! I was blown away by this. I was told to share this, so others know to pray for the dying.