Galactic Fleet Command: Readiness



Galactic Fleet Command: Readiness

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by Beth Stormont

Greetings, Dear Ones! Once again it is our pleasure to interact with you as we share a message that is very close to our hearts.

The topic we are speaking about is ‘Readiness’… and all that such a word entails. You might ask, “Readiness for what?” — and that would certainly be a wise question to ask.

Let us first emphasize the fact that this Earth planet is a school… a school for experiencing, learning, growing, and – most importantly – evolving!

There are all ages attending this most difficult of all Earth schools, from Old Souls to Young Souls and every age in-between. Of course we are not speaking of chronological age, as is so important in your regular human schools.

Before coming into this lifetime, the soul chooses – (with the aid of teachers and guides) – what the plan/(curriculum) will be. A soul might choose to achieve completion of only one karma, and therefore it might be only a short-lived life. This fact alone might aid the terrible grief of so many humans who, upon the death of a young child, feel it to be a tragedy that the child did not have a chance to truly experience life.

For the many who do not believe in reincarnation, their readiness for understanding the many realities experienced in this earth school is very limited. Their vision of the reality of life experiences on this planet is clouded by the idea that everything must be accomplished in only one lifetime, and that death is a forever life-ended experience (… of course this is a whole other topic for another time.)

Now back to school: Would you expect a kindergartner to know as much as a graduate student? Of course you would not expect that! Does that fact make the kindergartner any less worthy as an individual human than a graduate student? Of course it does not! But we believe you would agree that the graduate student has more knowledge than the kindergartner, simply by virtue of having had more experiences than this child who is just beginning to experience what life on this planet has to offer in the ways of lessons to be learned.

As for Old Souls and Young Souls… even though the Old Souls have had many more experiences over eons of time – often in many existences and forms other than human – they still experience the same hiding of knowledge by the veil as the younger souls… until the soul memories begin to come through, of course.
In other words, this Earth school is a very equitable school, with karmic experiencing serving as the chief means for learning and evolving.

We will say, however, that because these are the most unusual times in the entire history of planet Earth, there are many here today who are not in incarnation for attending the Earth school, but for serving Humanity and Mother Earth in aid of the Awakening and Ascension. Many of you who are reading these channelings are in this group, having already graduated from this Earth school… or are from other planets, galaxies, or celestial kingdoms.

The main point we wish to bring forth in this channeling is the fact of readiness for stepping into the Higher 5D vibrations at the completion of Ascension. If the natural steps of experiencing have not been taken and learned – as attending and completing the various grade levels in regular schools – then moving into those higher vibrations will not be possible. Can you imagine how a kindergartner would feel sitting in a graduate class and being able to understand what is being expressed? The learning takes place by steps of readiness for the next… not by leaps and bounds.

Those who are not ready (based on what has been put forth above) – along with those who could be ready but choose to not wake up – will be taken to another planet to complete their learning experiences, for there are many other earth and other-type planets that have schools… but much easier than this experimental earth planet has had. When they have completed their schooling, they will then join with those who are ascending to the New Earth that is currently being created… created by those who are now ready to ascend!

Many of those going to other planets for the schooling have already left this planet by means of a contracted choice through what you Earthians call ‘death’, but what we call a ‘transition to another realm’. Of course you realize the choice is always made by the soul, not necessarily through the knowledge of the personality being — but some choices for a better and/or easier life elsewhere have also been consciously made at the personality level as well.

We would like to make one final statement about readiness that we are sure is true for many of you. Sometimes the readiness from the many experiences you have already amassed from other lifetimes is within you, but you have not received that final ‘push’ for opening up to the awareness of it. When the awareness finally happens, it often appears to be a quantum leap — but it is simply that the readiness was already there but had not yet revealed itself. That is what a good deal of today’s Awakening is about. It is as though you suddenly know so much more than you ever realized you knew! And you do definitely impact one another in the awakening process!

Dear Ones, as you stand in the Light – and go within – so much becomes made known to you about the reality of who you really are and your readiness for Ascension!

We ever love and bless you as you unfold in the Love and Light surrounding you a hundred-fold.


Addendum . . .

Dear Ones, in our message to you about ‘Readiness’, we would like to make some clarification about the concept of ‘time’ in connection with that topic..

We often forget about your linear time concept, which is very different from our concept of time. On this side of the veil time as you know it does not exist. We cannot explain what our ‘time’ framework is because one needs to actually experience it to understand it. When Ascension is completed, then you will understand.

The main point we wish to make for clarification of what has been said earlier in the message on ‘readiness’ is the time it might take for achieving readiness for Ascension. It does not require a set number of days, weeks, months, or years for the learning of the lessons as in your regular school classrooms, but only the learning of the needed lessons according to our time concept… which could be in the blink of an eye according to your perception of time.

Also, time on your planet has been in a speeded-up state for many years — and it is being moved even more rapidly now during the actual Ascension process. Therefore, as Humanity awakens out of its deep illusory 3D sleep, the learning of lessons that have remained buried in the subconscious of Humanity – both individually and collectively – now have the opportunity to surface and be worked out more quickly than ever before. Where often many lifetimes were required for the working out of a karma and learning a lesson in the past due to the plodding movement of Humanity’s evolution, the picture has now changed drastically.

Our next message will briefly address this very complex subject of ‘readiness’ from a slightly different angle. Please be on the lookout for it, for we believe you will find it meaningfully enjoyable and with greater insights into the subject.

Dear Ones, once again we thank you for letting us share with you some of our knowledge and insights from our other-world experiences… and from what we now can view of your world from this side of the veil.



Meditation Class Notes 1

Kaleidoscope (Meditation) 

Matrix Merkebah

We would ask you, in your meditation visualisation space, to see yourself stood within the sacred wheel that is your individualised matrix Mer-Ka-Bah field. 


Your solar plexus and heart chakra are the central point/pivot point of the matrix. You are standing within your vertical pillar of light at the point where the vertical pillar intersects with the horizontal rainbow bridge pathway.

You see the forward facing horizontal axis in front of you and behind you. The diagonal axis intersects through the pivot point where you stand. You then visualise a spiral at the centre point of your solar plexus, moving upwards to your heart chakra.

Within this spiral are twelve spinning white orbs and twelve spinning black orbs. The white orbs spin clockwise and the black orbs spin anticlockwise (although follow your intuition on this as it may be the reverse of this for you, as long as you visualise the twelve white orbs and the twelve black orbs spinning in different directions within your solar plexus and spiralling upwards to the heart chakra). Above you, starting at your crown chakra, are twelve spinning diamond orbs.

Below your feet are twelve spinning crystal turquoise orbs. In front of you, along the forward facing horizontal arm, are twelve emerald spinning orbs.

Behind you, along the backward facing horizontal arm, are twelve rose quartz crystal spinning orbs. To the left of you, along the horizontal, are twelve blue sapphire spinning orbs. To the right of you, along the horizontal, are twelve ruby crystal spinning orbs.

The diagonal axis, coming down from the left, has twelve spinning gold orbs, shining with brilliant gold-white light. They look like twelve suns as they glow and spin and emanate. You feel the warmth and the bliss within these golden orbs. The diagonal axis, coming down from the right, has twelve spinning silver orbs, shining with sparkling silver-white light. They look like twelve moons as they shine and beam their silver moonlight river glow upon you.

Diagonally, moving downwards towards the left, you see twelve amethyst crystal orbs. Diagonally, towards the right, you see twelve opalescent rainbow spinning orbs. Each group of twelve spinning crystal orbs moves beyond your line of sight, so each direction eventually looks like a glowing crystal colour. You feel as though you are surrounded by a pulsating living rainbow. You are encased within your own personal kaleidoscope.

You are aware that a circle encompasses the edge of your kaleidoscope rainbow matrix, the event horizon of your infinity of Source self, yet you cannot see this. For it stretches into infinity and is a never-ending evolving spiral even whilst it is a circle. In your mind’s eye, you draw all the spinning crystalline orbs into the intersection point that is your solar plexus and heart chakra.

The kaleidoscope matrix changes form before you and all converge at the midpoint of your solar plexus and heart. From your solar plexus and heart bursts forth the rainbow dragon, glowing with all the colours that made up your kaleidoscope matrix. The rainbow dragon has black claws and white wings. His eyes are emerald, his scales are blue sapphire, ruby, amethyst, gold, silver, turquoise and rose quartz. His tail is opalescent rainbow pearl. He is a plasma, rainbow, Krystal dragon and he is your dragon. You are the dragonrider as you sit atop his back and ride him across the starlit night sky. You and your dragon are one. You are one being, one soul, one heart, one mind.

Then he turns, to fly back in the direction of where you stood within your kaleidoscope matrix that is now your plasma rainbow Krystal dragon. You may call him ‘Quetzalcoatl’ if you wish, for he has been known by this name and many other names, or you may give him a name of your choice, but your plasma-rainbow-Krystal dragon is a male dragon.

In the distance, at the place where you once stood within the kaleidoscope matrix that is now your dragon, you see a royal blue shimmering disc before you. It lights up the night sky as a star does, twinkling and gleaming with the intricacies of the snowflake crystal lattice that it is.

This is your celestial stargate and she is female. She is the gateway to Sophia, the first gate and her name is Celestina. She shines and vibrates and pulsates with the stardust light of true celestial memory. You ride your dragon, closer and closer towards Celestina. Then together you and your rainbow dragon leap through the centre of the Celestina stargate, at which time your dragon breathes the fire of flame that is his dragon’s breath and he creates a reality for you. You leap through this ring of fire and find yourself… where? Where are you now?

Within a zero point field blank canvas, or a fully formed hyperspace reality of your own making? Perhaps you are within the Pleiades system, or Sirius or Lyra? The creation now, is yours to create and yours to discover. Look where you are. What do you see? You have passed through the first gate and what you find is yours to create. You spend some time within the world beyond the void, into the mind, the true mind, for you have entered the sacred space that is involution. This is the implosion. This is the true creation. This is the hermetic vault where your memories are stored and they are all here for you. Your dragon and the celestial stargate are your keys.

We leave you to your own devices, your own creation, within the worlds beyond the rainbow gate. Yet when you return, you ride your dragon back through the stargate with focused intent upon returning into the sovereignty and balance that is your matrix field. Then you can dismount from your trusty fire-breathing steed, the transportation of Mer-Ka-Bah fire that is the dragonkin soul you possess. For he is your seed and you are the star. Starseed, yes you are.

The bejewelled body of the dragon returns once again into the formation of the kaleidoscope matrix and you integrate all you have seen and experienced. You rode the torsion field as the torsion field, unified with the DNA expression of the ascended master on Earth. As you stand, once again, within the nexus point of the kaleidoscope matrix, you bring your awareness back, in your own time, to the physical point of perspective that is you, all that is you. Back into linear physicality but now armed with the awareness of Matrix Transportation and stargate ascension. The journey begins!

Creative Seed for a Greater Reality



Peggy Black and the ‘Team’ ~ Creative Seed for a Greater Reality

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September 16, 2020,

We are here offering our love and guidance to those who are reading these words. We see you. We see you in your magnificence. We offer you words to inspire you to step into your personal power. Practice raising your vibrations with each breath.

You are living in challenging times. What is most important for you to understand is that within every adversity, every heartache, every challenge there is the creative seed for a greater reality. You are unlimited. Say that often to yourself. I am unlimited. The more this is addressed and claimed the more it becomes so.

The outer experiences that may be happening to you will also offer you the opportunity to transform and transcend these very limited realities. The chaos that you are witnessing or that you are a part of, is the push, the stimulation that is needed for you to stretch into your personal creative power. When everything is easy most people will not stretch. It seems they only stretch and claim their personal unlimited power when they are confronted by a challenge.

We speak of this often. These are the times on your planet that are forcing the negative and dysfunctional aspects to the light of awareness. You, dear one, are that light of awareness. It is you that are calling forth the great and grand changes on your planet.

The only way a reality changes is by the shift in collective consciousness. Begin to notice where and when others are standing up and speaking their truth. In your thoughts and imagination give them your support.

We also speak often of the true incredible unlimited power of your imagination. When you can begin to imagine something you are certainly giving that something your energy, your focus. So be sure that you are giving your energy and your focus to what you really, really want. You see when you focus on what is not working, what you don’t want, what you don’t have, you are now giving your energy and focus to those very things that you don’t want. So use your power with caution.

We have given many suggestions of how you can use your creative imagination for your benefit. In the quietness of your space and the stillness of your mind, breathe gently and consciously. Once you feel yourself calm and ready, begin to imagine a sacred space or create an Alchemist Chamber. Make this space as real as possible; envision the colors, the decor, the size. Is this space elegant or simple? Is this space familiar or new? Where do you imagine this space exists?

Give yourself time to work with this idea. Allow yourself to play with the concept like a new toy. There are many computer games that allow you to play in a reality that is only imaginary.

This is a sacred space in which you can now imagine or create any experience. Remember, there are no limitations here. Our transducer has an entire compound of Alchemist Chambers. She has created a healing chamber for herself. Often when she is falling asleep she will envision herself reclining in this chamber and she invites divine healers to this space to minister to her while she sleeps.

She has created a celestial board room and when she is beginning a project she goes to this space in her imagination and calls upon us as well as masters and avatars to support and inspire her actions with this project. She has created a simple cozy room in which she can invite anyone, physical or non-physical, to communicate with her. She uses this space to clear issues with loved ones or share ideas that she could not share in person because of their ego or limited mindset.

She has created a large meeting space and often she will go to that space and imagine that she can call upon other like minded individuals to join her as she does global healing work with sound or prayers. The newest one she has created is a space in which she calls upon the presence of world billionaires and millionaires and invites them to consider donating toward some good on the planet.

Then she watches the news and reads her newspapers to see who heard the invitation and responded with their donation. We affirm again, you are unlimited. Your imagination is one of the most powerful gifts you have. You might even call it a superpower.

Those of you who want to teach, create an Alchemist chamber like a classroom and call on all students who would like to join you as you teach this class. This truly is remote teaching.

We believe you get the idea. We encourage you to expand on this. You want to write a book, by all means create your chamber into which you can go and be inspired to share your ideas. We realize that you have a major political decision to be made, begin to envision the outcome you prefer. Remember don’t push against what you don’t want or don’t like; you’ll just be giving that your energy and focus.

The world is in a stage of transformation. You can offer energy and ideas using the ability of envisioning and imaging a better reality. See a reality in which everyone thrives. Envision a reality in which there is harmony and equality.

We celebrate with you and honor you as you are truly creating this new reality. Call upon all the divine beings and masters to join in your work and service. Remember we love to be invited. the ‘team’

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