The Word from behind the Scenes Part 2/2

The Word from Behind the Scenes – Part 2/2

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Biden Inauguration

(Concluded from Part 1, above.)

Many lightworkers expected that the Biden Inauguration would never happen, that Trump would remain in office, and that large numbers of corrupt politicians would be arrested at the ceremony.

When it appeared that none of that happened, some people got disheartened.

Mike Quinsey addressed the matter in his Jan. 29 Higher Self message. He confirmed that matters of safety lay at the heart of the postponement.

“As sometimes happens an expected event has not taken place yet all the signs pointed to it occurring. So how can the outcome be explained that would help overcome your disappointment, after it was expected to be so positive? The intent was quite clear and very convincing because the outcome was considered beyond doubt.

“Yet a different path was followed to ensure that it laid down an opportunity that could be taken advantage of without causing great trauma and upset. The path to fulfilment may be full of twists and turns but the result is assured and you will progress as intended. The object of what took place will set the scene for further changes that will carry you along the path that allows for those that are necessary to speedily move you into the next phase.” (1)

Mike says there is no going back to the old ways and reminds us of the many who are working behind the scenes for the Light.

“It goes without saying that there is no turning back to the old ways, and once things return to some semblance of order your immediate goal will become apparent. Never forget that behind the scenes many people are working hard for the Light, not least of all those who have come to Earth especially for this occasion to help you establish the New Age.

“Most work quietly not seeking publicity or adoration, and help direct humanity onto the path that will lead them out of the difficulties they are in at present. … The tasks ahead of you are formidable yet with the right approach you will find your way even if is not clear to you.” (2)

That’s what the folks behind the scenes are saying.

I’d like to end with a quotation from the Divine Mother through Linda Dillon in 2017, which seems to describe what’s happening now:

“The dark is to feel that it has forged a semblance of its old reality.”

That seems to be happening as we speak with the Biden Inauguration.

“This is, in fact, only a mirage. The old ways are forever gone and like a proverbial Humpty Dumpty cannot ever be put back together again. It took the dark too long to figure all of this out. Now it must face its demise with a number of lessons learned and with a new, friendlier attitude.

“In this mode, it can start to see its basic wrongs and be ready to see that it is to be a gracious part of this new reality, a reality filled to the brim with Love and Light.” (3)

The Mother discusses their future from a lofty height and of course she forgives them as she does everything.  With more time and experience in Third Dimensionality, she tells us, Team Dark – now with a new, friendlier attitude – will rejoin us.

So what do we do? Sit this one out? Remain aware? Listen to and watch only our favorites?

That has to be an individual choice. One thing I do know is that, in regard to what we can only guess we may be hearing and seeing, we all have our limits of endurance – whether we think we do or not.  (4) They differ from person to person but we all have them. When we go past them, our difficulties begin.

There are people with a need to know about the atrocities that take place in the shadows every day. If you don’t have a need to know … well, I can testify that the horrible videos I watched at Xenia in 2018, I can’t unwatch. (5) My opinion of humanity’s state of evolution took a big hit.

So do observe your limits in the avalanche of information that’s predicted to come out. Be selective and avoid traumatization.


(1) Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, Jan. 29, 2021.

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(3) “Transcript ~ The Divine Mother: Take Up Your Divine Authority, AHWAA, February 23, 2017,”  February 28, 2017, at

(4) I reached my limit of endurance twice as a refugee adjudicator. The tendency is to ignore the signs and press ahead but we pay for it.

(5) See “Original Innocence,” Sept. 21, 2018, at


The 9D Arcturian Council: The Faerie Realm is 5D

The 9D Arcturian Council: The Faerie Realm is the Fifth Dimension

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by Daniel Scranton

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been investigating the new timelines that you have created for 2021 and beyond, and we have been thrilled to see how much more interesting and exciting you are making your journey to the fifth dimension.

You have been looking for ways to make the journey more fun and les of a struggle, and you have also been seeking to minimize the casualties along the way.

Getting to ascend to the fifth dimension on Earth at this time is a type of golden ticket. It is a huge opportunity, and there are many souls who want to have that experience.

You all are lucky enough to know that the shift in consciousness is happening, and most of you are aware of the fact that you get to not only play a part in it but also create your experience of it.

That’s what we want you to recognize. You are not just on a ride; you are also creating the ride that you are on. And it is time for you all to enjoy yourselves more and see yourselves as the creator beings you were born to be.

One of the timelines that you have recently created for yourselves involves a bigger connection with the faerie realm than you have had there on Earth in a very long time. That means more faerie sightings, more faerie interactions, and more faerie co-creations with humanity.

If you are fortunate enough to have a child or know a child, let the child guide you to where the faeries are.

Let the child open the dialogue with the faeries if you are unable to yourself, and let the faeries guide you on your path of ascension because they are where you are going.

They know the way; they know what type of lives you are going to be living there in the fifth dimension. And they are as close to being human without really being human as you can get. And by ‘human’ we are talking about the humans of Earth.

You have these tremendous allies who want to help, who want to be of service, and now you have a brand new timeline where they take a bigger role in getting you all to enjoy yourselves and enjoy this journey, as you let go of fear, you let go of what is weighing you down, and you allow yourselves to become your inner children, to not only believe in faeries but also to recognize that they have so much to share with all of you.

Get out into nature whenever you can, even in the colder months where you live, and invite them into your homes.

Invite them to participate in your projects, and remember that just because you cannot see them right now, doesn’t mean they are absent, and it definitely doesn’t mean that they are not participating in this journey with you

. They are very much a part of it and eager to meet up with more of the humans of Earth. Do yourselves a favor and connect with these beautiful beings who are holding space for you in the fifth dimension.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Archangel Gabriel: Transforming into the New

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Transforming into the New

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November 8, 2020,

You are shifting profoundly right now and will continue to shift throughout the remainder of the year in preparation to step into the new energies of 2021. Allow your shifting to ebb and flow, trusting the rhythm of the universe to serve you.

Energies will leave, new energies will come in. There is divine intelligence to it all, so if you move with whatever the flow is supporting in any now moment you will navigate these waters with efficiency and far greater grace and ease than you might have thought possible.

You are moving through the energies of profound transformation, and the way to do that is with beautiful self care, presence, and unshakeable trust in both the process and your complete capability to love your way forward into the new.


Saul: The Awakening is Individual as well asCollective

Whatever you find yourself intuitively drawn to is the right direction

Saul Through John: Whatever you find Yourself Intuitively Drawn to is the Right Direction for You.

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by John Smallman

Whatever you find yourself intuitively drawn to is the right direction for you.

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Dear John, you will be pleased to hear me confirm for you once again that the Divine Plan is unfolding precisely as God wills.  It could not unfold in any other way.

Do not let the vociferous noise of the mainstream media and the social meeting channels drown out your inner knowing that all is well.

To doubt is a necessary aspect of being human, its purpose being to encourage you to go within and listen to your inner guidance, your intuition, and make sure that you respond with love to whatever is causing you to doubt.  

By doing that you can come to a place of peace from which you can view whatever is causing your doubt with wisdom and without expectation.  Doubt often arises when you have a choice to make, and your doubt addresses the difficulty inherent in the choice before you, for instance: “Are we really awakening, or am I using my hope that we are to silence my fears that maybe we are not?”

I know many of you are facing doubts of this nature, and I want to assure you that they truly are completely unwarranted.

By going within, to your holy inner sanctuary, and then asking for guidance from someone on your spiritual support team, although you may well not “hear” a response, if you sit quietly without expectation – and that can indeed be very difficult for some of you – you will find an inner place where the doubt that is causing you some anxiety eases.

Then you will feel able to live with it in the knowing that, even though what you see happening in the outside world would have you believe otherwise, humanity’s awakening is occurring as divinely promised and intended.

Many are presently experiencing intense emotional turmoil as the worldwide uncertainty that has arisen as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic makes it very difficult for people to make any meaningful plans even for tomorrow, let alone beyond that, because the rules and the available data keep changing as new information is released into the public realm on a daily basis.

Confusion appears to be endemic as various “authority figures” offer conflicting advice, guidance, and instructions to follow, which other “authority figures” tell you to disregard and dismiss.  So what are you to think?

Well, it is quite apparent that the “authorities” are themselves extremely confused, and this is because their “secure” communications systems are in disarray, and they are receiving conflicting instructions from those who rule and direct them.  The old order of direct, command, and control has broken down irreparably.

Now, a new and far less centralized system, that honors people and not rules, is arising to replace it, and signs of this are becoming visible in many places as groups of people start to establish a multitude of on-line communities to share information, ideas, and resources as part of the grand awakening.

Enormous changes are occurring because so many people everywhere are claiming their divine sovereignty and are engaging lovingly with life from their heart centers.  When you do that life becomes far more meaningful and enjoyable.

Everyone is called to serve in some form, and when you enter life from your heart centers, instead of from your ego-directed minds, you will find yourself drawn to assist the collective awakening process in ways that are totally appropriate for you, instead of seeing what others are doing and feeling that you should emulate them.

You each have your own individual path that may well involve cooperation with a few others or many others, or it may lead you to do something on your own that only you can do.

Whatever you find yourself intuitively drawn to is the right direction for you, even if others may try to persuade you otherwise, so learn to trust yourself.  Sometimes it can be helpful to recall instances when you did not follow your intuition but allowed others to persuade you to do something different, and you then regretted it, realizing that your intuition had been right.

During your daily self-time, when you relax quietly, undisturbed by others or by your phone and social media, and as you reset your intent to be only loving whatever may arise, also ask for help to differentiate between your ego’s intent and your divine intent.  The ego’s intents or desires are often grounded in fear or anxiety, whereas your divine intent will be peaceful and loving, even as your ego attempts to persuade you that this is not the case.

All presently incarnate in human form are on Earth to assist in the collective awakening, and that of course includes self-awakening!  

Self-awakening may occur quite spontaneously and gently during quiet time alone, being out in nature, listening to someone who needs to talk to you about their confusion or anxieties, or in a sudden moment of clarity as you deliberate with yourself about an action you think you need to take or about a relationship that is causing you concern.

The thing is to be open at all times for an unexpected insight, for instance something with which an unwanted distraction presents you.  In other words make a point of returning to mindfulness whenever the thought occurs to you that you are not in a state of mindfulness, or when you become aware that your mind is wandering.

As you are well aware your minds often wander, particularly when you are doing something that is normally very undemanding such as driving to work or doing the dishes – normal routine everyday tasks – and those are excellent opportunities to practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a very open state of awareness in which you are fully conscious of how every part of your body feels, and at the same time you are fully aware of the environment surrounding or enveloping you in the moment.  In that state it is very easy for those on your support team in the spiritual realms to communicate with you – your attention is suddenly and for no apparent reason drawn in a certain direction – or offer guidance by way of your intuition or inner knowing which you can access best when you are relaxed and at peace.

There is spiritual guidance and intuitive insight pouring into the collective human energy field at present to assist in your awakening, everyone is receiving information about their awakening in every moment if they will allow themselves to be open to it.

Old fixed beliefs and opinions need to be released to make room for this influx of new knowledge, knowledge that has always been available, but which you have been unable to access because of the distractions with which your everyday lives present you, and which seem to demand your immediate attention.

Truly, in your daily lives there is very little that absolutely needs your immediate attention, so make a point of slowing down, mentally and physically, so that your inner knowing can offer you more effective ways to deal with whatever arises by responding thoughtfully and wisely instead of with an instant reaction that may later prove to to have been less than totally appropriate.

Now is the time to be more and do less, as you adjust more fully to the new uplifting and inspiring energies that are displacing or dissolving the egotistical ones to which you have been accustomed.

This new sense of peace – that all is well – takes some getting used to, and so your daily quiet times, when you choose to be alone and undisturbed, are essential to your individual awakening processes.

You each feel and experience them differently because you are each different expressions of the One as It expresses Itself in myriad ways through each of you for the wonder and glory of All.

Take the time to relax, feel, and enjoy the process for which you have been hoping and praying for eons.

The moment of awakening is upon you, so do not fall back into the unawareness from which you are all arising, instead, be alert and open to the joy that this process is offering you as you step up through the veil of limitation into the brilliance of Reality.

With so very much love, Saul.


Higher Self: Michael and the Pleiadeans


This is important news about the new Higher Frequencies

Jenny Schultz: Next Steps in Anchoring In The Highest Timeline

Jenny Schiltz ~ Next Steps in Anchoring in the Highest Timeline

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June 22, 2020,

Wanted to drop a quick update. I hope everyone has had a wonderful Solstice/Eclipse/New Moon weekend! It was/is very intense mentally, physically, and emotionally.

My team has been sharing with me the importance of us continuing to anchor in and embody the highest timeline, particularly when we are feeling deep heart connection and joy. (To read more on how to anchor in the highest timeline, please click here:

With the powerful energies of the weekend, we can feel the two distinct realities and that the polarization & fear has greatly increased. All one has to do is browse through social media to see how we are dividing ourselves. Some would say that we are being purposely manipulated and divided yet that is not the truth as we are beings that are stepping into our own power now. Everything is a choice and we are choosing in each moment where to “spend” our energy.

We know that what we put out into the universe through words, actions and thoughts create our reality, or rather the lens through which we see reality. If we are full of fear then everything we see will go through that lens and it will be changed. Think of going on a road trip through the country. It should be scenic but the windshield is so muddy that you can barely get a square clean to see the road much less all the beautiful views. Your opinion on the drive would be skewed and limited. That is what happens when we are seeing through a lens full of fear or any other emotion that leads us AWAY from the heart space and truth. When we are in the heart space, the windshield is clear and we can see a greater picture.

We are being asked to consciously operate from the heart space until it becomes our second nature. Integrity in thoughts, words, and deeds are paramount now. When we experience something that moves us from the heart space, we are being asked to observe it, let it pass through and return to the heart. It is from the purest heart space that we will not only anchor, but embody the highest timeline.

In discussion with my team this morning they explained that the highest timeline holds unity and endless compassion for the human experience at all of its levels. Within Unity is Neutrality. Neutrality is often grossly misunderstood as not having your own thoughts, personality, or emotions. Neutrality is having your own thoughts and understanding while simultaneously having compassion for another that feels very differently.

I asked my team for an example and they said look at the “Great mask debate”. Some feel wearing a mask is essential and shows that you care for self & others. Others feel that wearing a mask is a symbolic silencing of people and an example of growing tyranny. Others feel that wearing a mask will erode their mental and/or physical health. The reasons for or against are endless, each true and correct for the one that believes it.

To hold the highest timeline of this issue is to have your belief (whatever it is) and yet hold compassion, acceptance, and understanding for another that feels completely different. It is through acknowledging and respecting the differences of others that we actually achieve unity.

The lower timeline holds duality, right vs wrong, my way vs your way type energy and tremendous amounts of fear. We can see this playing out in so many areas of our lives right now. It has gotten quite loud. The highest timeline does not erase the issues that we are seeing, but rather it asks us to have compassion and understanding for wherever another is on their journey. This allowing for all the ranges of the human experience helps the highest timeline anchor in beautifully.

Most of us are bouncing between the timelines in given moments. Simply observe where you have gone into the conflict energy, let it pass through and return to the heart. We are all learning as we go and this is a wonderful opportunity for us to see the extreme difference between living in fear & duality verses living from the heart.

I hope this find you well and basking in the glow of the energy that has come into our sphere to shift us all. Thank you so much to all who share and support this work. It is greatly appreciated. Lots of love and heart clearing clarity to all.