Saul: Your Natural State is the Pure Joy of Being

Saul Through John: Your Natural state is the “pure Joy of Being”

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02/02/2021 by John Smallman




Your natural state is “the pure joy of Being”

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All is unfolding precisely as divinely planned!  Humanity is awakening, and there are signs and indications of this throughout the world as more and more people choose to be only loving whatever arises in their daily lives.

Here in the non-physical realms we have been intensifying our love and support for you as you so powerfully and brilliantly move forward toward your awakening.  You are making it happen!

Yes it is God’s divine plan and intent for you to awaken, but you have to bring it to fruition in complete and loving cooperation with one another, as you all planned to do before you incarnated for your present human lifetimes.

This is because Mother/Father/God and You are One in eternal and most loving cooperation.  That is what Oneness means!  It is All, forever in the most beautiful and harmonious relationship with Itself – Source and All of the divine creation – totally joyful, totally complete.  It is Divine Perfection at One with Itself in every moment, delighted and enraptured with the pure joy of BEING!

Your natural state is “the pure joy of Being!”  It always has been and it always will be – NOW and FOREVER – because this is the only time that exists.  So, as you prepare yourselves for this momentous and miraculous event – and ALL of humanity, without any exceptions, is doing this – CELEBRATE!

There is much in the news that would suggest otherwise, alarming reports of divisive activities and behaviors in many parts of the world.

Be aware that what is being reported is basically the arising of many centuries of collective karmic ‘stuff’ that has to be acknowledged, thanked for the lessons with which it has presented humanity – which humanity has now learned – and lovingly released.

Truly, if you will look, there are signs everywhere of your collective Grand Awakening.  This is a time, a moment of enormous possibility and opportunity that will most definitely be fully availed of as the harvest of your tireless endeavors comes to its most glorious fruition right in your own awareness, amazing and delighting you.

You cannot have the slightest concept of the wonder that awaits you all.  The divine Plan is achieved, brilliantly, perfectly, and for ALL.

You do of course have free will, and that freedom will never be overridden, so some may choose to delay their awakening.  Do not let that concern you if you feel that friends or loved ones are not yet paying attention, are not yet ready to accept that only Love exists, and who appear to continue to feel a need to judge and even condemn those whom they perceive as evil ones, instead of awakening to the Love in which they, and all those they would judge, are enveloped.

These are indeed very confusing times as the collective return to Reality draws very near.

Many will have what you might describe as an instantaneous awakening – a sudden and most unexpected inflowing of Love for all of humanity – something that at present appears to be impossible, inconceivable, beyond all plausibility, and then their whole perspective on life will change, to their absolute amazement, in that instant.  Assuredly you have seen nothing yet!

As you have been told so often and by so many, God’s plan for humanity is magnificent, in fact it is transcendent!

You have been waiting longingly and, for the most part, patiently for the awakening process to come to completion.  Many of you have studied history and seen how much pain and suffering divisive attitudes, arising from political, ethnic, racial, national, and religious differences, have unleashed on so many, as wars have been fought to diminish or destroy those of differing beliefs.

Well, the time for such divisive activities is over!  Worldwide vast numbers have come to the full realization of the insanity of attempting to resolve grievances and differences through conflict, and the will or desire for conflict is diminishing rapidly. Humanity is coming of age!

As you go within daily, to your holy inner sanctuaries, to rest in the peace that is always there, deep within you, open yourselves fully to the infinite field of Love, which is also your own personal energy field, and allow yourselves to feel the Love, the peace, the harmony, the Oneness with All, and with all of humanity, and allow yourselves to know the truth, the Reality that is you, and that is every human.

You can feel the Love when you choose to allow yourselves to do so.  But often, you, and so many, many others, have so completely deceived yourselves about yourselves by accepting beliefs and belief systems that tell you that you are unworthy to be in the Presence of God, and so you refuse to allow yourselves to feel God’s Love for you, which is of course also your own Love for yourselves.

You were created in Love from Love, by Mother/Father/God, to rejoice and delight in the sheer joy of just BEING.

Your true nature is Love, it has never changed, and it never will change, because you, like Love, are eternally One with Source.

Choose, NOW, to open yourselves to the divine Embrace, God’s loving Embrace.

Know that you are completely and utterly accepted without reservation of any kind by Mother/Father/God, and that you truly are One with the Love that IS, and that is All.

You are One, you are All, because God created you like unto Herself in an unchanging and eternal relationship of LOVE!

Therefore release your doubts, your anxieties about your worthiness to be in the Presence of your Source, because that is where you always are, inseparably, permanently, and uninterruptedly, and REJOICE in the wonder that you are.

God does, and therefore so should you!

With so very much love, Saul.


Moment of Cosmic Rebirth

Moment Of Cosmic Rebirth

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by Judith Kusel


This is a moment of cosmic rebirth of the highest kind and I am feeling these very powerful energies intensely today. Indeed, it has been building up into crescendo and will continue doing so in the next few months.

The Whole Universe is being systematically reinvented and a massive rebirth and reshuffling is occurring.
With this the New Earth is rising at immense speed and you indeed, your physical body is going through intense changes too, so you will need to rest more and seek stillness and quietude.

The deepest shifts are recurring within us, as our soul reconnects more and more with the Divinity within as an outpouring of energies directly from the Divine Source is pouring into our Stellar Gateways and upper chakras, igniting the highest Christedness.

The energy is beautiful white gold and I have been shown the earth from up in the cosmos, and indeed she is pulsating with this beautiful white-golden energy, in her new Earth state, as the old is dissipating more and more.

The shifts now are immensely powerful inner shifts. A deep remembering of the immortality of your own soul and its true magnificence. We are remembering our God and Goddess hood and indeed we are moving back into the original primordial paradise creation!

We are being prepared for immense changes which will occur in 2021 up to 2032 and indeed, by then humankind and the earth will be totally different.

We are moving back into the Heart of Love and indeed Unity and Oneness, yet this needs to come from deep within ourselves, embracing All-that-is, before we can embrace the whole of New Earth and the Reborn Humanity.

What a potent and powerful moment this is!

You will have more and more transcendental experiences, and more will be revealed on all levels now.
This is but the very beginning of enormous quantum changes on all fronts!


Gaia Welcomes Us Home to New Earth

Gaia Welcomes Us Home to Nova Earth!

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by Linda Dillon

This is a planet of peace and that is what is being birthed and that is what you are creating…

Greetings, I am Gaia, I AM Gi’Anna – and welcome, beloved ones, angels and hybrids, starseeds and earthkeepers. I welcome you, the New You that is the true you, that has always infinitely and indelibly been you. I come to you as sister, as brother, as Mother, as Archangel.

The New You that emerges, that resurrects, is the truth and the power, the beauty, the determination of who you have always been as inter/multidimensional being, integrated, balanced, intentional.

When I have transformed into this planetary awareness, I have invited each of you originally and in this very moment of what you think of as the infinity of time, and I have invited you to join with me in the glory, in the beauty of Creation, in the sweetness of community.

This physicality that you have assumed in form is a very curious form, and it is quite petite compared to my planetary form, is it not! But never mind because each of you are powerhouses, each of you are generators, each of you are transmitters, each of you are anchors, all of the above, of love – and each of you are powerful creators, just as I am.

For yes, this is intended to be a planet of love but, sweet angels of light, it is also intended, and is, and will be a planet of creation, a planet of the new, a planet of the original, the unfoldment of the Plan, of the promise that we have all made, yes, to the Mother but to each other as well.

Do not think, sweet ones, that I am not cognizant of the breadth and might of who you are, yes, each and every one of you. You have declared yourselves, particularly in this incarnation, as my allies and as the allies to your Star Family, as the allies to the kingdoms that now can come out of hiding to join in community and creation once again.

This is a planet of peace and that is what is being birthed and that is what you are creating, yes, in tandem – yes, with me – but also with the galaxy, the universe, the multiverse, the omniverse. There is no separation!

Now, you have been so constricted and frozen in time and space, and now, as you embrace and open your being, not just your heart – yes, that is the on/off switch – but as you open to truly engage, not with this or that dimension, this or that timeline, this or that aspect, but with the totality, you join with me in the realm of 12 dimensions, in the realm of 144 levels, in the realm of the octaves.

You join with me not because there is any level of coercion or control, or even what you might think of as need, for security has been a very big issue for the human race. Security is not something we tend to concern ourselves with a great deal.

So what you are doing with us – and us with you – is birthing, renewing, and expanding. When I say you are returning to original promise, that is so, and it is in divine allowing, acceptance, and praise of the One. But you are also expanding upon that. You have declared your willingness, your desire, and your readiness to use the tools, the energies at hand to not be stuck, uni-dimensional, frozen, isolated, separated in the illusion that has been a construct of mankind, of humankind – and yes, mostly mankind!

It is over! It is done! Yes, there is rehabilitation, yes, there is reconstruction, and you are being helped from every corner of the Omniverse. The time of preparation, of learning, of waiting, of yearning comes to a close.

So I, as your planetary sister, I come in love to welcome you, the totality of you as Nova Gaian, as unique and beautiful individual, as the powerhouse that you are. I welcome you to Nova Earth, to freedom, to liberation, to a new realm and cycle of existence. I welcome you home! And I am helping you.



Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted. [Full terms of copyright at


String of Pearls

 The String of Pearls



My travels around Australia going to Sacred Sites, where I did Earth Healing. Includes Kakadu portal.

String of Pearls was the name I was given for this Walkabout. White Buffalo Calf Woman’s Teaching is we create a golden circle of warmth and light coming from the Great Central Sun – the Source of all Life. each time we make a bond with Spirit, a beautiful pearl of awareness and recognition is added to the golden loop of light creating, pearl by pearl, then necklace of mutual consciousness that connects us.

String of Pearls
An earth healer’s journey Christine A Deacon
In Appreciation
To the many guides and angels who unseen and in service performed the healing and realignments

Dedication: To Ron Ivey, my partner and companion on this Walkabout, who helped in so many ways.

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Agni Horta is an Indian Healing Technique said to be from the Vedas (very ancient) for increasing crop growth and keeping Earth pristine.

Following are the materials needed:
1) copper pyramid of a prescribed size
2) dried cow dung patties
3) clarified unsalted cow’s butter (ghee)
4) integral rice (unbroken grains)
5) timetable for your place (is sent free of charge)
6) a watch showing hour, minutes and seconds (check your watch on radio) 7) matches (no lighters)
8) instructive Homa Therapy tape with Mantras
These are the mantras to be said as the offering is made .
Agnihotra Mantras
At sunrise:
Sooryaya Swaha
(Add the first portion of rice to which a drop of ghee is applied to the fire)
Sooryaya Idam Na Mama Prajapataye Swaha
(Add the second portion of rice to which a drop of ghee is applied to the fire)
Prajapataye Idam Na Mama
At sunset:
Agnaye Swaha
(Add the first portion of rice to which a drop of ghee is applied to the fire)

Agnaye Idam Na Mama
Prajapataye Swaha
(Add the second portion of rice to which a drop of ghee is applied to the fire)
Prajapataye Idam Na Mama
To obtain supplies contact Lee or Frits Ringma on 61 2 49981332 at Homa Therapy Association of Australia, PO Box 68, Cessnock 2325

This is what it does according to a message received by Parvati Rosen-Bizerg,of Poland:
`Oh yes, Divinely inspired. The certification of Homa Therapy teachers of Homa Therapist if you will, will lend an air of authenticity to a highly scientific, quite profoundly effective technique which has the great capacity to heal the planet from the roots up. Healing earth, air, fire, and water through such a simple method. Indeed, this is the way of the ancients and the tool for the present.

‘One can see movement in leaves at the time of sunrise and sunset in the presence of Agnihotra fire. However, it is quite profound the effect of the unheard SOUND which actually emanates from the pyramid at the time of the offering into the flame. It is the resonance of the Mantras, yes, but something more occurs. On a higher level,there is a greater, subtler SOUND that causes the leaves of plants to quiver and all of nature to resound with the vibration. Yes, indeed, this is beyond science. It is tapping into the very breath of nature. It is a reflection of Nature, and a vehicle to lift Nature into the next dimension. This is sacred science. We bow before this Divine, blessed fire. OM TAT SAT.’

String of Pearls <p>An earth healer’s journey

String of Pearls
An earth healer’s journey
This is a practical guide to healing the earth based on the Aboriginal leylines or songlines. It’s about a journey around Australia following a walkabout predicted by an Aboriginal elder. The spiritual experiences which came from the land and the insights and healings that followed.
Is this the way to an ecologically sustainable future?
This book has been specially designed for the internet and includes paintings of the sites.
Healing Energies, Planetary Healing, Cycles of Change.

More Photos available at
Earth Healing Walkabout

chapter 1 New South Wales

chapter 2 Victoria

chapter 3 South Australia

chapter 4 Northern Territory

chapter 5 Western Australia

chapter 6 Queensland

chapter 7 Tasmania

Chapter 1

String of Pearls
An earth healer’s journey is organised by State – beginning in New South Wales at

I had been told this was a magic place, a place of birth and all sorts of things, before I actually went there and found out for myself. It was the first place I’d tuned into the land and painted it. It was Easter 1995.
All bookings had been cancelled for the weekend I was told when I arrived. I hadn’t heard this and had turned up unexpectedly. I was there to paint and I was keen to stay, so they relented. It was the first psychic painting of the land that I’d done and it was out of mouth before I could stop it.
When I arrived at the Dreaming site, I sat there overlooking the Megalong Valley. As my breathing slowed down I saw that there were two archetypal beings there, an Aboriginal and and an Aboriginal woman. Between them flowed a stream which fell into the valley over a waterfall. I made some rough sketches and was about to leave when it began to rain. There was a cave I felt, but could not see it. I found the cave with a hole in the roof into the rock. I stuck my head and shoulders through and could hear all kinds of sounds, including a girl singing. I felt the harmonic of the space was important in some way and I was tuning in to other dimensions. It seemed unlikely someone was out in the bush in the rain singing. After a while the rain eased and I made my way back to the house. There I picked up a book on Glastonbell which describes the story of the Waratah.

`The waratah loves fire. Within its heart is another heart, it is not the fire of earth it loves, but the fire of heaven. Born of fire in the circle of Lightning Man, oh waratah Sky Woman may you see the flowering of love on earth.’ I was not the only one to read the story of the land, in this place – others have read it too I discovered.

At Sunset Rocks I stuck my head into a hole in the rock and the harmonic of this space was somehow important in accessing the two beings that I sketched there, beside the little stream where it fell into the valley.
I was shown impressions of places I needed to see: a deep well with a rope. Later I found it. I went down into a valley where I wandered along a stream, crossing it and ending up high above the water. This was obviously wrong, so I back tracked and decided to follow the stream. It got narrower and deeper, so first, I rolled up my pants, then I took them off and put them in my pack.It was lined with ferns and mosses. When it got narrower and the cliffs closed in on either side, I threw my pack onto a `safe’ ledge below, and then had to jump in and rescue it as it rolled into the water.

I could not go back, it was steep and difficult, I had to go on. I threw my pack onto another ledge and slipped…Down I went, down onto a slippery slide and into a perfectly round pool. Water was brimming over it. There were no footholds and I couldn’t feel the bottom. As I plunged in the water it took my breath away. I came up gasping for air and freezing. I had to lever myself out of pool by the arms, not easy with no footholds. I was immediately in mind of a birth canal and this was my rebirth.

I was cold and tired and wondered what else was in store I gave myself time to warm up and dress, then had to tackle the climb out of this `well’, which I’d seen in my mind’s eye earlier. I climbed up through a sphagnum moss forest to a rope ladder and a rickety wooden one and up another hundred or so metres. I had been in the bush for 5-6 hours by this time and I was just about exhausted. I needed help. I sat down and asked for help to get back to the house. The prospect of a night in the bush did not have any appeal.. I breathed deeply and a young monk came to me. He had plenty of energy and he shared it with me, giving me strength to continue.

I had been worried before I went on this `marathon’ how I, a grandmother recently, was going to do this trip around Australia I was being asked to go on. I was given the answer that weekend : I had only to ask, everything is provided. It was Easter Sunday 1995.

That afternoon flushed with the energy of the young monk, I was painting in the house when my companion saw me transform into a wise old Chinese Man and a young monk. It was confirmation of the message, I could bring in the energy of either by consciously asking them in.

Later I found others had similar experiences. Philip Simpfendorfer’s book descrbes one.
`Foot is reborn through the birth canal of Earth
The stream of life flowed as a series of pools and trickled through moist rock walls. On his own legs Foot was carried through. As he moved he began to realize that he was moving through a great birth canal. He slid into a deep pool gouged out of the rock floor of the stream. Coming up from the depths he returned to air an gulped a breath.
It was his first breath as Nataraj Foot.’
He went on a few paces and lay in a patch of sunlight and slept. While he slept he dreamed once more, and on recalling the dream, it seemed confused. In the dream he had ridden a bivcycle from his home. He was going to a city on the border. Then he seemed to re-dream that segment. He was driving a truck loaded with bricks. As he came to a hill overlooking the city, he stopped. Then he was standing with his bicycle watching the truck going along the road towards the city. “This is a warning,” he mused. “I must stay with the truck loaded with bricks. I am no longer He with a bike, but Nataraj’s Foot driving the truck with bricks to build a new paradise among these god-carved stones.’
Philip Simpfendorfer `The Dreamspace: Glastonbell, the garden of Dargan in the Blue Mountains, Australia. The lesson of Glastonbell was, in realizing I had gone to the limit of my physical resources, I began to channel energy. As I asked for help, I was able to climb the rope ladder and make my way slowly back, getting closer to home base. I had only to ask – unlimited help is available – that was the lesson Glastonbell taught me on Easter Sunday. My rebirth was a cyclic process of growth and renewal. The energies of the feminine are available when you offer the Grail cup for replenishment.

Firewalk At Tapitalle Nowra
Awakening the Dream it was called, a workshop to introduce firewalking. It was mentioned to me in Sydney as I was on my way home from a funeral. I felt I should go. I was going past anyway on my south, so why not stop in and see. I had no intention of participating, I was the unbiased observer reporting the facts.

I found Tapitallee near Nowra and slept in a train the `Moonbird Lodge”. It was 1994. I did my first Sharmanic Journey that weekend. It was all very new to me. We were smudged with sage and cedar, and I saw Sharman Michael transform into White Eagle his guide. I saw the crystal island and went inside the cave of a dolphin., There I felt the sonic resonance of the underwater parts of the island – all in a drumbeat. I went into one of the crystals and there I met While Buffalo Calf Woman who was standing on a mountain. I saw her lodge a log cabin, and followed her in, under the Buffalo Head above the door. I entered and sat in a circle in the place reserved for me. She welcomed me and show me the contents of her medicine bag, including crystals and herbs. I was given a mandala of goose feathers surrounded by down feathers in a spiral which as I watched it took me from the crystal to her lodge. I told her I had been asked to return with a gift.

She showed me a bamboo pipe. It was stretched across a little stream suspended on two poles. I thought it was a pipe, but it was also a bridge between realities. I learned that White Buffalo Calf woman was an ancestral being who brought gifts of fire and smoke to the American Indians. She also brought the pipe to them. This sacred object symbolises the Great Circle of Life and is made of Catlinite an opaque terra-cotta stone known as `pipestone’. The sacred pipe has the medicine of oneness and holiness and the medicine gift she gives, can be singing or counseling or story telling or something else.

I had chosen Raven in the Medicine Wheel cards. Raven, being magic, meant that I could do this. I saw monk’s feet walking across coals. Perhaps I’d done it before! Raven I learned is always present in a healing circle and also earth healing ceremonies.


All evening we built a fire
Collecting wood from bush as tinder

A bed of logs laid lengthwise in rows

Then crosswise a bridge, then another

Until the fire stood a metre high

Paper we rolled and placed in cracks

Firebrands made from paper to start

Walking clockwise around the circle

Fire dancing high, leaping high
Blown around by wind
Demons blown and chased by those

Running out by the heat
Flames leaping 6 metres high

Reminder of a funeral pyre.
We wrote our fears and gifts
And as the flames died
Threw them into the fire
Drums beat as we raked
and tilled the fire, until a bed of red
Coals lay before our eyes.
Walking through fire

Oh Great Spirit ,may I walk
Through the red hot coals
Yes the reply
Sent energy coursing through my veins
That step across the abyss
A rite of passage into the Dreamtime.

Wow what an experience! Really until the last moment I didn’t think I’d do it, Then I felt I just had to walk – a compulsion to walk forward into the fire.
At the end of each walk we placed our hands on pressure points behind the knees to prevent any `zingers’ or blisters, while channeling white light. At the end of each walk, we walked several times, we gave a yell from the solar plexus to anchor the energy. Some people stood for 5 minutes or more in the center of the fire. It was just amazing.

All my beliefs about what was possible, just vanished in the fire in that one moment. I was no longer limited by my beliefs. I felt the ceremony honoured the Great Spirit (God) and could see it as a recognition of spirituality in the world.

Later I had an energy balance, an amazing vision of `Yellow ray to Quod’ and was given a message that after many lifetimes of faithful service, my job was done and I was coming home. The gifts I was given were the Grail – the cup, the Sword and the book, symbols of love, power and knowledge. I was told I was one of the few in this country to attain this initiation. I was connected to the Logos from my heart.

The journey was there through the trees. I saw waterfalls, rocks, earth trees, and man in the midst of nature as controller of the forces of nature. The colours given to me were not to have come ‘til much later but for the destruction about to begin. I felt these were Lord Maitreya’s energies.
He said something about All Mother/ All Father and that I was connected to All Mother. Then he said someone else wished to speak and Sananda came in and congratulated me. He was channeling through my shoulders and head. I could ask for anything now when I needed it. And in return I was asked to connect to the logos every day, to have joy in my life and love, and I was to be in the NOW moment.

When I came back to normal reality I said: I’m glad to be here. For a long time now, I haven’t wanted to be here, but now I’m glad to be. I felt very emotional. My companions said, I’d really changed. `Look in the mirror at your eyes’ I remembered how Dad used to call me ‘Bright Eyes’.
After this I went into a retreat for some days travelling down to Depot Beach on my own. I was shown plants for my medicine bag along a trail to Durras Lake. I could feel the parts of my body where they were to heal. I think this was a personal validation of the powers of plants to heal the body, mind spirit. When I came home I blew the electric light bulb as I walked into the house.

So I wanted to know what other people’s experience were of firewalking, and I turned two one of the few scientific attempts to study it by Larissa Vilenskaya and Joan Steffy. (Fire Walking a New Look at an Old Enigma).
The majority of people who have firewalked (80% of the study group) felt that they were significantly changed by the experience. One described it as a breakthrough to total knowing. Many felt it a demonstration of the power of the mind.and that we do indeed create our own reality.
Firewalking is related to peak performance and 85% used linguistic descriptive terms relating to peak performance, such as altered state, insulated state, alteration of time, joy and ecstasy, surrender to the action, no conscious thought, consumed by the event.

Most feel differently about themselves as a result of firewalking accomplishing the seemingly `impossible ‘. Over half reported a change in their ideals about God and the nature of reality, feeling God’s presence in their lives, as well as the realization that God is within each being rather than ‘up there’.

The areas of major change were in self confidence, personal power, and self esteem with less fear about other events. Sixty per cent claimed they took more risks and were able to deal more positively with their fears.
Earth my body, water my blood, air my breath and fire my spirit!
This chant in Cmaj was taught to me earlier. It came to mind when thinking about the myths associated with fire. Fire is the symbol of creation energy, inspiration passion, purification, divinity and the visionary state. Fire is also symbolic of the Diving Mother. Fire to the Hindu is Agni and ceremonies to honour fire as Agni hotra. The God of Fire, the Divine Will and Love.

In the old Hawaiian beliefs fire is associated with Pele, the Goddess of Fire who lives in a volcano. She will appear in human form just before each major volcanic eruption. Legend has it that Pele came to Hawaii by boat. After a fight with her sister, the ocean, Pele took refuge in the fiery cauldron of Mount Kilauea where she rejuvenates the souls of the dead with fire. She is revered by Hawaiians even today, Pele carries the volcanic force with its molten lava flow which creates new land. Pele is the molten fierce aspect of life, that is unable to do anything by halves. She reminds us that in the midst of fiery eruption there is creation and new life.

According to the Polynesian myths of the Creation of the Cosmos. In the beginning was the Void, chaos, space, Night or Darkness. It was called Po, the passive element. Light, Ao, was the active element. It is through the union of Po and Ao that the world was created.

Fire gives the faculty of sight as in clairvoyance. Some people experience the awakening of the kundalini as a result of their firewalking experience, or have an experience of heat. Or of blowing electrical appliances and electric light bulbs or sometimes, even of light in the body or bioluminescence.
`I noticed something completely new. My blood was getting luminous and I saw its circulation throughout the body. I soon then became aware that it was not the blood; a light, a bluish-white light was running along another system. The light came out of the body and re-entered it again at different points. Observing closely I could see that there were countless points of light, like a luminous web encircling the body inside and out. No bones existed; the body was built on the web of light.’ Tweedie (1979) The Chasm of Fire p. 68

The Fijians are the most famous firewalkers. They place large round stones in the fire and walk on them. I had a Fijian friend from the island of Beqa famous for its firewalkers, who said dietary and sexual restrictions are practised before firewalking. Firewalking was part of other Polynesian rituals including Hawaiian where they walked on hot lava and in the Cook Islands. In Bali I photographed a fire walking ceremony where they used straw for the fire. Its also practiced in Japan at Mt Takao as a Buddhist practice and on Sri Lanka as a Hindu ceremony and in Greece and Bulgaria. So it is widespread among traditional cultures.

Traditional cultures prepare themselves before firewalking and may observe strict vegetarian dies, abstinence from all stimulants and celibacy. Western preparation includes abstinence from medication, and altered state, induced by rhythmic means. One study found using EEG that theta brain wave states occurred during the preparation stage, but normal brain wave patterns were evident during the fire dance proper. Temperatures of the coals ranged from 180 degrees C to 450 degrees C. What is important is the power of belief itself. If you believe you can do it, you can.

Personally I highly recommend it. It created a paradogm shift for me. I moved beyond the limitations of my scientifically trained mind and into a realm of unlimited potential. I could accept alternative approaches to healing as another way of looking at things such as acupuncture and kinesiology. I was certainly able to accept the events that happened later with an open mind. I may not have understood them at the time, but I knew that sooner or later I would.

The dual experiences of the firewalk and the Glastonbell experience had prepared me for the trip around Australia on my own.
`It is wise to try to find a balance, because you do react to the stimulation of your nervous system and the aura and it will affect your body. Just remember when you are at your lowest peak, it will only move up because it goes like that in your development and its because of the energy that touches you it affects your emotions. Some days you think you are going crazy. Mediums should only work with trance if they are really balanced, for the pressures of life mean people are not able to cope so well, with the emotional changes and the energy. I prefer to bring out the opportunities in another way. It is important to detach from that emotion, if you allow the emotion to come from the other side, you are no good to that person, you are not able to help, so its important not to get too emotional.

With spiritual development psychic unfoldment you work with the heart chakra, it’s a doorway, as the heart chakra opens up it glows and you start to change the way you handle your own lives, you start to change the way in which you handle other people around you. You are guided to gather more information as well but you must have the heart and the mind balanced to do spiritual work well. If you work on the head and don’t connect with the heart chakra, your energy is head intellect energy which is spiritually dead. What you are learning and giving out is knowledge and you’re not growing.’

`We are all souls journeying in this light. We are together in the love. Feel the need to experience love outside the human form to increase our awareness, to feel us to nurture us, feel the connection in our own lives, we are not alone here. We form groups, honour the love emanating from the guides. To reach out beyond this planet, to know more about our own journey, to reach out and touch a part of our soul to make us become conscious of our force, our own being our own neglect of others, in this earthly world. It awakens and nurtures us and connects us to the divinity of our spirituality. In the folds of our garments which shroud us, gather the light in the folds. We call it the auric field, with the etheric attraction it brings in great strength and connection and the auric field brings in all these things that you need to develop your spirituality. Look at your connections, are they earthly or spiritual or material. Are you aware of your planetary needs?

Do you need to reach out and touch Mother Earth. Do you need to renew your concrete connection with the power source to inject the memories of the energy cycles of the universe and the planetary systems. We search for many things – we search for souls, light, the consciousness of all planets where these souls will take themselves on their journey. To bring back the balance we inject a great deal of knowledge of the various energy connections that are available to us in this universe. We do not have the power to connect and interfere with the light in your world. We can impart a lot more knowledge than we have in the past. It is often in fear that it is disconnected. It becomes a power source to allow their ego to be used for adultation. The knowledge is given to be used in the proper manner according to the laws of your world and the laws of the universe.

Barmah Forest
Moving down the Murray River, I met my first drovers on the road. They were on a stock route which runs all through this country along the Murray. They use the stock route when feed runs out to keep their sheep or cattle alive in times of drought. The mobs don’t get mixed up because the authorities control who goes where. I spoke with the two drovers and they said there were more coming down from up north. At Bill Leary’s campsite the trees were all dead in the dam, but it stretched for miles from Mulawa Lake down to Yarrawonga on the Victorian side. Nathalia means `place of no stones’ and there’s not a rock to be found. That’s where I camped. In the morning I had trouble starting Priscilla, the vehicle I had chosen for the journey.

I went to Barmah which is 30 kilometres from Eucla and to the Dharnya Cultural Centre. I felt an Aboriginal guardian presence there. Read about the site where Aborigines camped above the floodwaters at Bucks Sandhill and the desecration of the area by cattle. Took a track which was marked in red to Bunyip Track but was still nervous about going offroad. I got the impression this is the womb or uterus and it looks that way in the satellite photos.

Barmah State Forest is Murray River floodplain and is river red gum forest. Since it frequently floods, it is also wetland and provides a habitat for a diverse variety of wildlife and waterbirds. The Dharnya Cultural Centre has Aboriginal artifacts, shields with an interesting pattern of circles which are heavy to lift. There are coolamons and clapping sticks and a history of the area. The woman elder of the area was a Louisa Atkinson whose obituary I read in the Centre. There are facilities for educational groups.

I followed the Murray from Howlong to Goolwa SA, visited Echuca where I saw the wharf and the Star Hotel, scenes of life along the river and stayed at Cohuna. Swan Hill is a large town and from there I had to decide if I was going to cross the Little Desert. I stayed at Murrayville and went through the Big Desert Wilderness Park. I had a dream about a sacred site in the middle of a barren ploughed area. Just before the part was a property called Alcheringa and I wonder: Was this the sacred site in the middle of cleared land in the dream. There is a lot of Soldier’s Settlement marginal land nearby. There were red lines on the road surface along this stretch and I had been shown to follow the red lines in the astral. Crossed the border at Pinnaroo and stopped at Comet Bore to take photos.

Drove on to Goolway where the ferry crosses to Hindmarsh Island. This has been the subject of a development fight between Aboriginal women and a developer who wants to put a bridge over to the island. It is where the Murray empties to the sea. I went on to Victor Harbour.

This is where Hindmarsh River empties. I felt this may have been more important as whales come in to Encounter Bay and Victor Harbour and they follow the energy leylines. Zozar is a Southern Right Whale which is white. It is also called Alcheringa and is from a star system called Alchemy. The Whale Centre in Port Lincoln was where I came across this distinctive white male whale. It is also the name of an entity who comes through some channels.

Ever since I retired and moved up here I’ve had a problem with lack of money. I never had it before. The old things which have enabled me to meet my needs in the past, no longer seem to work. I know it’s the time for new ways of doing things, but nothing seems to work.However if I’ve had to do something, the magic of instantly manifesting seems to be in operation. This was the case with the trip to Barraba. I had no money, probably down to my last $10, when I suddenly asked my friend Ruby if she wanted to pick up her furniture from Barraba. She was as surprised as I was. It was all arranged very quickly and I took a trailer to pick up her furniture and she paid for the trip and organized accommodation with her friends.

She took me out to meet a friend on a remote farm in very poor country near Mt Kaputar. She had been asking for confirmation of why she was there and received the message `old friends and new are coming.”

We arrived and it felt like meeting an old friend though I hadn’t met her before. We talked for a while in the house and I felt the energy come in. Then she took us to the top of the falls on the property. I was seeing the Aboriginal symbol in art for `a meeting place’. I also saw some pillars which I was told were the remains of a Lemurian temple and some flat healing tables. It’s a time and dimensional warp area. Merlin the custodian of the site, has experienced a huge pillar of light there. I was overshadowed by an elohim energy and was able to answer many questions for her.

I saw it as an inner earth access point as well as a stargate. There’s also a cave with stalagmites and stalactites, which according to geologists should not be there. There are also UFO’s appearing and military planes flying overhead very low after meditations have been done there. There’s a hum emanating from the site. I said to her: The time is very near. It’s a meeting place, a safe house. People will be drawn there, you’ll remember the time in the healing temples in Lemuria and will be able to work with them.

She had been given the page in the Keys of Enoch which refers to what is going on there and its p 221. This reference describes the artificial time warp zones which are marked by Urim/Thummim deposits which are activated by merkebah vehicles. Whole light beings can materialise in these places and then return to their original frequency of light. Physical beings can ascent there to other life realms. I believe it to be one of the new light centers in the Golden Age Dawning.

There have been recent volcanics which have overlain an older Lemurian site – a temple complex with a lake and white beach. Its definitely a healing place. Although its dry cypress pine country (less than 20 inches of rain a year), it was once rainforest. There is often a hum emanating from the area. Its freezing cold in winter once the sun goes down.

On the way home we called at the site of the Myall Creek Massacre (1838) This is an infamous massacre of humdreds of Aborigines by white settlers. The settlers of Myall Creek station actually tried to protect them, but a squatter and his party were the perpetrators. Seven white people were hanged for their roles in the massacres but the squatter got away. It was the first time anyone had been punished for shooting Aboriginals in Australia. Ruby and I toned and asked for any spirits still present to return to the light. She had been part of the move to establish the memorial which was instigated by Carol Riddell from Findhorn. Its near Bingara. Someone is tending the site as the red stone gravel had been raked and there has been a reinternment of Aboriginal remains from a UK university. It stands as a point of reconciliation in a sea of indifference.

Blue Mountains
At Kings Tableland we contacted the Warrior of the South. He was very angry that white man had stolen his land and shot his people. He lifted a huge rock which none of us could lift by ourselves and threw it at the ground. The energy coming through our feet and shoes was very strong. Everyone noticed it particularly when we went to a second cave. We talked to the Spirit of the South through a medium and said we were spiritual beings working with the light and sent to Renew the Dreaming. He calls me Budja woman (White woman)

The cave had a moss covered rock where Aboriginal beings used to sit. There was a bear paw at the cave entrance.
Bear is the power of introspection, the intuitive side of the brain. In the winter when the ice queen reigns, the bear rests in the womb cave. Tune in to the eternal Mother in the dream lodge for the mystics and visionaries to prophesise from the Dreamtime.

After a workshop on toning some friends and I visited Jenolan Caves and toned in the Devil’s Coach House. I discovered that sound from my own voice can be produced for healing and that body parts resonate when in tune.
From there we went to Old Hartley where we discovered a vortex.

Broken Hill
Drove from Adelaide to Broken Hill stopping at Wentworth. This is where the Darling meets the Murray which was in flood. Broken Hill has lots of galleries which I enjoyed especially the Pro Hart Gallery. He had William Ricketsts wood carvings on display and Dobell drawings and lots of interesting spiritual paintings not usually collected by other galleries. We stayed out at Menindee where I could the hum again at the Burke and Wills campsite.
I went out to the old mission which had a monument erected in the Year of Indigenous People. It was a sad place and I asked St Germaine for healing and did a toning. I realized this may have been Stretlow’s Darling River Mission, which I’d seen photos of in Alice Springs.

Silverton has an interesting artistic community, 25 kms north west of Broken Hill. The town started in 1875-6 when lead, silver and zinc was discovered at Thackaringa. The goal is now a historical museum and the pub has been used as a set in films such as Mad Max and Priscilla among others.
The only spot in Australia where hostilities occurred during World War I is at White Rocks Reserve where the event is commemorated. Two Turkish sympathizers shot at a trainload of picnickers. They took refuge in a cottage to the north of the town where the perpetrators were killed. I did a clearing there and the We could hear explosions when we stayed in Broken Hill. Ron said they were letting off charges at the end of night shift and we could feel the explosions shake the hotel we were staying at. My big crystal came from a jeweler in Broken Hill. I spotted it in the window and when I picked it up, I knew I had to buy it. I found Broken Hill an interesting place.

On the way back we stopped in Wilcannia where the town was closed down because a 9 year old Aboriginal boy had hung himself after petrol sniffing. I heard about it from someone we met who had broken down. We drove around the town in a clockwise direction while I channeled energy to calm the anger which had developed. We arrived home from our second trip on Full Moon in June 1997.

Visited a friend Marian, who I later worked with in France, who lived at Nabiac on a flower farm just above high water mark. While I was there I heard a celestial choir singing. There was piano music at 11 pm on a Tuesday . We couldn’t quite make out the words or tune but it was very uplifting and we all heard it. There are sounds there which cannot be explained, voices, motors, didjeridu. They seem to travel through the wet ground. It’s only just above sea level. Nearby is a women’s initiation site with a birthing rock. We did a hummingbee and soon found that the site had power. There are psychic impressions related to women’s initiation. Near it is a billabong where we swam and I painted some devas.

Lord Howe Island
Easter 1998 I was at Lord Howe Island. Prior to this during the Full Moon at Rumbalara I was guided to be at Ball’s Pyramid for the 25 April alignment. At the time I was taking colloidal gold and was in touch with my higher self and speaking from that perspective, I acknowledged channeling Sananda, Mother Mary, St Germaine, Maha Cohan, and Sanat Kumara which was strange as the later two I was not aware of having channeled.

Lord Howe Island “like a green jewel in the sea”, is a magical island. We flew out in a five seater plane from the Gold Coast in convoy and got to Lord Howe sooner than the other plane with the rest of our party. When I asked if we’d see Balls Pyramid on the way, the pilot offered to fly over it. My energy was rising as we got near Lord Howe. The acupuncture points in my right arm and on my feet were being activated. Between Lord Howe and Balls Pyramid I was channeling a lot of energy. I couldn’t really tone in the plane, but my intention was to complete what needed to be done. There was a full rainbow over the sea, when I first felt the energy rising. This is usually the symbol of completion but I had more to do yet. My impression is that it’s the Sirius portal where the dolphins and whales come in and where I first came in to the earth plane. It might be an Alpha and Omega point, where I go out again. The choice to stay and do more is mine now.

I had another neck problem, so I think the point is represented in the body by the ear, neck and Third Eye, some of which came from a dream I had while there. I was told that Tuesday night it was important where I was. That was the evening we went for a meal at `Seclusions”. As I entered the restaurant, I saw a picture on the wall which activated my energy. It was `Bogue’ an ancestor of the owners. She was born on Apanmana in 1853. The whaler `Belle’ when passing Gilbert Island found three women in a canoe escaping from an arranged marriage for `Bogue’ who was their princess and only 15 at the time. The whaler’s captain Thompson picked them up at sea and took them to Lord Howe. He married Boranga and they had a child who later died and so did Boranga. He married `Bogue’ and they had 5 children. Many Lord Howe Islanders are descended from `Bogue ‘. She died in 1897. I did a release of her spirit from the earth plane.

Later I met `Bogue’s’ great great grandaughter and she took me to Bogue’s grave near Thompsons Store and to the old house where she lived. I received the information while tuned in to Bogue that she guided Nathan Thompson to the island of Lord Howe which she’d seen in a vision and knew about when she picked them up. She is a guide to Vicki her great great granddaughter and is available to her any time she asks.

Lord Howe Island is on the edge of the New Zealand plate. Between Lord Howe and Balls Pyramid is an oceanic trench. There are 4 volcanos. The first eruptions centred on Mt Lidgbird and Mt Gower which I visited. Balls Pyramid was part of the second eruption. I began to see why I was sent here. When I meditated I felt that the plate Lord Howe Island sits on is going to rise `like Machu Pichi’. This had a strong energy confirmation on it. I felt the northern end of Ned’s Beach was the headland I’d seen in my Third Eye before I’d left Mt Tamborine.

I planned to go to Balls Pyramid by sea, but the weather was too rough, so if I hadn’t been taken there, before I landed on Lord Howe, I wouldn’t have been able to do the alignment, which was done from the air. We were to come home by the 27th, so there was only a short period in which this could be done. When I think about how this trip played out, I couldn’t have organized it nearly as well as spirit did. If you are meant to do something, you’ll do it, you just have to let go

The energy pyramid of which Nimbin is part has as its central uplift point a spot above the Nimbin Valley in the Nightcap Range National Park. I was sent there while my mother was visiting. At 87, she was fairly spritely and a 1.5 kilometre walk did not seem beyond her capabilities. My friend Anne had not been there to check it out, so it was new to all of us.

We headed to the top Mt Nilo aerial and parked and proceeded on this 1.5 kilometre `moderate’ walking trail. It went down and down getting steeper all the way. At one point we had to climb over a fallen tree. We hadn’t come to the lookout which marked the middle of the trail. We kept going because we didn’t want to climb all the way back. I had hold of Mum on all the steep parts, but she let go on a flat bit and fell, scraping the skin off her arm. When we still hadn’t gotten to the lookout at Pholis Gap, Anne went ahead and coo-eed back to us. So we kept going and finally got to the lookout. Further on it was a little easier but it took ages to climb the next 1.5 kilometres of washed out track and raspberries. We saw the tower on top of Mt Nilo where we’d parked but the track led around it. Eventually we came out on the road at an unmarked spot and had another 1.5 kilometres up the road to the car, which Anne walked while we waited.

We called at the new hospital on the way back to have Mum’s arm dressed. We got home and had dinner very relieved to be sleeping in a bed and not a tree. It was the National Park signage which was misleading, but Anne and I felt that Mum was meant to be there and considering she had a broken arm coped very well with the experience. I was certainly anxious the whole time and so was Anne, a former nurse. I wondered why we had to take an elderly woman through a climb over mountains.

The next day we stopped at the Crystal Castle on the way home and Mum dropped her purse in the carpark. A very nice man picked it up and gave it back to her. The were some lessons being shown her, I wondered if this was a prelude to some future events.

Mumbla Mountain
I left Sydney on the Full Moon in May leaving behind my daughter and grandson, setting off around Australia. I was sad to be leaving them behind and leaving my old life in Sydney for the unknown. I went On the Koori Walk in Ulladulla and when I closed my eyes found two Aboriginal women sitting beside me. I decided to go to Mumbla Mountain which an Aboriginal elder had told me about. It proved to be a lot further than I thought. There was a tree down across the road and I got out of Priscilla to see if I could get past. It was then that I heard a deep resonating hum like the sound of a didjeridu. I knew I was meant to continue, but did so with some trepidation. I took some turns which were the wrong ones and used the pendulum to get back on track. When I got to Mumbulla Picnic Area I couldn’t see what I was there for. I was about to drive off when I noticed a sign to the falls. A woman with two adolescent boys had also decided to take the track. Imagine my surprise to discover this was the initiation site I’d seen photos of where it was said “a mother’s greatest pride was to see her son come down the rock slide an initiated man”.

I spoke to the mother of the boys and told her about the site. She described the stage-like platform at the top of the falls where the initiation took place. This was after she’d said we would not be allowed there if it was a sacred site. I was channeling a lot of energy. She intended to camp there overnight. I felt the energy was strong happy energy and wished her well before departing.

Long Reef has been a favorite site since I was a child and began diving there and taking underwater photographs with a camera housing made by my Dad. I found out later it’s a balancing area for my energies, one part male and one part female. It’s the integration of my male and female energies as a fully functioning higher being.
I saw that Long Reef used to be marshy with lots of animal life. The volcanic rim was part of a landmass pushed under the coastal plain to resurface in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.

Terrey Hills is a very powerful site inland from Long Reef. I was told we may come across evidence of government investigations in the area. The site an Aboriginal elder showed me is also very powerful but the Bahai Temple is the epicenter and can be seen interdimensionally.. Avalon Headland is the third point in this triangle and where craft can be seen on the energy line.

The Aboriginal rock engravings at Terrey Hills are increasing in power because they have not been retouched or altered in any way. The male figure I was told is a yowie and the footprints are yowie footprints. The kangaroo arrow is crooked because its a spirit representation. The two women carvings were examined but not commented upon except to saw there should be more of them nearby. There are also grooves from sharpening tools. It would be a good place for a Dreaming Camp I was told.

We were on the Terrey Hills site for the opening of the Uluru portal in September 1994. This is the spot where the waratahs grow. We meditated on each of the 12 portals following an Alton meditation. We asked for help form the Aboriginals around us and Zozar and Rifken and woke up the Rainbow Serpent which reared above us. I told the others not to show fear if they saw him and led them down the Great Divide following the leylines and mineralization. I mentioned the mining which had degraded the land and asked for healing and that we see them in pristine condition. I asked that the portal we were on be opened and the one at Wallaga Lake and we meditated on seeing the symbols between Uluru and the Olgas as a sunflower with each of the 12 portals as a leaf.

We saw a pillar of light come down and Aboriginals painted with feathers dancing, and telling us to celebrate. We did the meditation for 3 days. On the second day I asked the group to focus on Rainbow Serpent’s journey underground. I asked them to see the mined areas renewed and in original condition. We focused on each portal and said Gurusinvaya. I got impressions at most of them. At Uluru an eye appeared. Again the pillar of light came down into the center of our group.
The third day of the meditation was to unite all the energies, Lemurian, Atlantean, Aboriginal, crystalline and etheric as one in a celebration of the earth. I asked who was present at each portal. Greenland was a young girl, Rotorus was a group of women around a hot spring, in fact at each portal there seemed to be mainly women, except the Himalayas where a young initiate was at the Holy City on top of a rock leading the opening ceremony.
There was no-one at Kerguylen Island which we were opening from here. Again the pillar of light was seen and someone noticed an angel turning the pages of a book, which we all heard. Mother Mary and Sananda were present. Where the Rainbow Serpent passed, the land turned to purple. We saw the Rainbow Serpent tail with a gold coil on the end, pass underground to Uluru and saw it curl up on the Uluru portal.

One of the people present at Terrey Hills for the Uluru activation saw a crystal city while we were meditating. He said a thunderbolt came down from RA the sun God. There was a thunderclap before Christ or Mother Mary came and a white light appeared as a prelude to each appearance. He was seeing through the eyes of the Rainbow Serpent and everything was purple including the skin tones.

There was an awakening which reverberated through all the universes and celebrations at Uluru with many Aboriginal people celebrating with us.
Shortly after this I had a symbolic vision of Egyptian hieroglyphs which I was able to translate: `The maker of the corporal world, I make even the soul that is in the world, the female person who is receptive of new things.’
Working at Terrey Hills again I saw three Aboriginal women. One with a round face was plump with curly hair and her name is Mer. Another is taller and skinnier who is possibly Mer’s mother. The third is a younger woman.

Many years ago an alchuringa or sacred object from this site had been in my hands. It was a trade item, a paddle which had been traded from the island of Mer in the Torres Strait, according to the `experts’ at the Museum.

The Mirian of Mer see the two planes are interchanging and that things can exist and not exist and that shapes and forms may change. The ancestral spirits may be far away at the end of the seas but are simultaneously here and now. The rites performed by the shaman who wears the sacred masks of Mer, links the human and cosmic cycles. These ceremonies are performed in a different language not known to most of the participants.

The timing of the ritual to coincide with stars rising from the Pleaides, indicates a Dreamtime link between this star system and Mer. On earth this is seen as the time to start preparing the gardens for the new year. Among the Meriam of Mer, all life moves through cosmic cycles denoted in everyday life as the seasons. The world begins to take form within the circle of the seasons. The renewal and regeneration of the harvest is symbolic of the recreation of the cosmos.

The holographic universe is created from a dimensional universe in series with this one and we are creating another universe in series with us. So how do we access the blue print of this dimensional universe? We access it in the moment of no-time between breaths. Then, we have access to all dimensions. This is the moment of channeling information from other dimensions and universes, so it is of prime importance we develop this ability. Sound used on the sacred sites is like an acupuncture needle to the earth.
While meditating I saw that there’s an upright pyramid spinning with the sides infolded and a crystal in the Kings chamber position. We saw a pillar of light come down and activate our top charkas. We also heard a clunk as if the missing alcheringa had landed. It turned out to be a large branch which we put in the middle of the circle.

Some time after this I left Sydney on my travels and when I returned I heard a house had gone up on this site, which I had believed was in a National Park. Amazingly the house that had been built there at the entrance to the sacred site had apparently been dismantled. In its place was a pile of rubble dumped there. The track was very overgrown and the path barely visible, so very few people had been there since we were last there. The house had been up to the framework stage 6 months before. The work we did in clearing the land of any unwanted negativity had worked and the area is now protected. Four of us meditated on the site and I explained that we had been actively working there for 7 years with the spirit guardians of the site, who have white clay paint on their faces.

Sydney Olympics Trip
I was in Sydney for the full moon in September. I stopped in Coffs Harbour so did my friend Elizabeth, another earth healer, though I didn’t know she was there at the time. She was at Emerald Beach while I was at Sapphire Beach. We didn’t meet until we got to Sydney. There were fires burning all the way and I had been delayed leaving Tamborine Mountain because of them. I think we were holding the energy in Coffs Harbour because of the fires. We were certainly doing earth healing work during the Olympics. Firstly at the zoo as we waited for the Olympic Torch with the Black Cockatoos were going crazy behind us.

I went to lots of events. I saw Ian Thorpe break a world record in the 400 metre freestyle and Australia win the men’s relay heat and saw the Olympic record broken twice in the women’s butterfly heats. I had only decided to go two weeks before and tickets magically became available for the events. I went to the Aboriginal Embassy at Homebush Bay. There was a painting of the Pleiades giving off a lot of energy and I was channeling this energy while I was there.

I was to meet someone at Circular Quay but there were so may people, I couldn’t find her. I walked towards the Rocks and got a lot of energy on clearing Old Sydney. I ended up at the Custom House steps where the film `Playing Beatie Bow’ was set. I felt an entity I believe was Beatie Bow and did a release but there were others there.

Caught a ferry to Darling Harbour where I found a White Dragon in the Chinese Gardens which needed to be linked to Homebush Bay. The serpent from the Echidna Gorge in the Bungle Bungles had been linked to Homebush Bay and the string of pearls had settled in its body creating a rainbow serpent which is dormant there.

The opening ceremony had so much symbolic significance for me, the marine life, the Aboriginal themes, the peace dove appearing on the waters, Cathy Freeman lighting the Olympic flame as it rose from the waters, the waratah appearing from the flames of the fires.

We were working with the Dragon energy. It is ascending to the next level and is under the bay at Homebush. It has to find its way through tunnels to Tahiti the centre of a double tetrahedron with corners in Hawaii, Easter Island, and New Zealand. There’s a golden vortex with gold energy of water pouring down into it and into the earth. The dragon must come up there to ascend. There was lots of energy pouring through me as I said this.

There was a gnome energy associated with the Shark crystal we were using. He was called Baramah and he wanted to be acknowledged. He would assist with moving the dragon energy through the tunnels (like lava tubes) in the earth. He was fishing with a fishing line of pearls to lure the dragon out of its lair. The bait was a star because it wanted to go home.

When I asked where in the earth the reptilian brain was, I felt Japan, because of the number of earthquakes there. The dragon or rainbow serpent is neither negative nor positives, it’s a mirror for us. We’re working on it at all levels, earth, ourselves, local. In the body it’s the widow’s hump at the back of the neck and can be reflected in upper back problems.

I took two more essences Mutajula Waterhole from Uluru and Blood Lily the Magdalene energy. The Equestrian events were out near the foot of the Blue Mountains at Horsley Park The Rainbow Serpent was at one of the jumps and the Rainbow Warrior at another. I don’t know if this was where Pemulwyn the Aboriginal Rainbow Warrior resisted the white invasion, as I thought it was at Toongabbie, not far away.

I went to the Judo and saw a Chinese woman Lin Tang win the Gold Medal. I felt she was the reason I was there. She represented the light and LaoTzu as I do, and lots of energy came in as she was presented with the Gold Medal. For the third time in a week I found myself in Darling Harbour. There was a lot of aggressive male energy which I felt I was there to balance. I completed the work at Darling Harbour and Elizabeth completed the work at Homebush Bay working from Balmain which I’d helped with. It was 22 Sept 2000.

Shortly after this I had a heart attack. (See

chapter 2

An Earth Healers Journey through Victoria

Bemm River

I had been told help was available , whenever I needed it, I had only to ask. At Bemm River, Vic I had occasion to do so. I had driven down a Forestry track which had unknown to me just been graded. I got bogged, both back tyres stuck in the mud. There was no way I was going to get it out. All my attempts were futile. It was just on dark and I was 10m km from Bemm River near MtCann in the middle of nowhere. I was not in any immediate danger, so I decided to wait until morning. I tried the 2-way radion but couldn’t make myself heard. I later found out I was in a radio black spot. I did a meditation – I actually did the merkebah meditation – and asked for help, someone to get me out .

In the morning I woke to a strange sound. When I investigated, it was a Lands and Conservation Department Field Officer collecting seed from the forest. He was collecting seed of Swamp Mahogany, a saline resistant plant, to be replanted on Soldier’s Settlement land re-vegetation at Castleton. He was happy to drop me at the nearest garage back on the highway.
When I got there they suggested the local farmer might have a tractor available, but before I found him, the Fire Brigade were ringing to ask if I wanted a tow out. They had been on patrol on the Fire Track, to check the condition after the grader had been in and came across `Priscilla’ in the ditch with the dog tied to it. So I got a lift back with a nice guy and his daughter from Gippsland Lakes and by the time I got there `Priscilla’ was out and Ramden was alongside with a dog handler. The energy I was channelling while all this was going on was amazing. I made a donation to Bemm River Country Fire Association and was invited to their headquarters. A sign near the jetty said `People always feel good when they come to Bemm River’, I can vouch for that.

Left Bemm River and crossed the Dreaming Trail that goes up the Snowy country to feast on Bogong Moths. I felt Bemm River was on an old Aboriginal site and asked at Cabbage Tree Creek, the service station I’d sought help at previously. The owner said they had found an old carved tree while doing roadworks nearby. He felt they’d used Sydenham Inlet as it is a very good food resource. I got a huge rush of energy as I realized I’d crossed the Dreaming Trail where the Snowy River reached the sea in earlier times.

Mt Hotham
The highest point of my round Australia trip and I crossed it just before the snow arrived. There was an amazing golden cloud formation as I drove into Omeo and another as I drove into Wodonga on the other side of the mountains. I had followed the Tambo Valley as the gold diggers did up into the high country. I wondered if I should cross the Bogong High Plains and decided to follow the way of the cattle to their summer pastures.
At 6,100 ft in late May, it was likely snow would fall soon, but I was persuaded to give it a go, since it was fine and sunny. There was no chance of a photo with Mt Feathertop in the background as the Mt Lock carpark was a white-out.

Drove on through Harrietville and over to Mt Beauty where cloud cover was again low and looked like it might snow. I had spent quite a lot of time in Omeo as my brother used to have a house there. I met up with friends and did a Tibetan Figure 8 meditation for the first time while I was there. This helped me to release my family before going on to do the work I was being asked to do.

During the visualisation I went through a heavy oak door into a gothic church. There I saw my family and those close to me in my life. I was the priest officiating in a ritual lighting of candles. I forgave them all for their inadequacies and asked their forgiveness for my inadequacies. Outside the church I went through a door into a cloister, guided by a white dove. In this room my daughter entered and there were nuns and I was her Mother Superior. She put me on a platform up high. The issue of authority seemed important.

Next I was guided to a meadow with flowers, oak trees and a clear stream. I partook of the waters of healing. I walked through the meadow to an old hall where the sun streamed through the windows onto a lovely timber floor. The building had a bell tower and a portico through which I entered and walked to a table and took a drink from a jug. There were flowers on the table and a piano on stage.

I drew a golden circle and placed myself in it. Then I drew another golden circle just touching the first, and put my daughter in it. I saw her surrounded by a golden globe. There we stayed for a while, until I began to draw a laser blue light around the edge of my circle and completed a Figure 8 around my daughter’s circle. I kept slowly drawing the tube of blue light around us. This was to be repeated twice a day. Then I folded up my circles after she was allowed to leave. I then came back to the cloister room and back through the doorway into present time.

My friend’s partner had facilitated this session and I am very grateful. I’ve used the Tibetan Figure 8 many times since and its very good for resolving family issues and moving on. The person may appear at different ages and wearing different clothes. This is OK, the important thing is to explore what you need to say each time.

Chapter 3
Earth   Healing Walkabout around South Australia

From Marree in SA the road got a lot worse. There were patches of bulldust and the red of the inland surrounded me. I saw a vision of a land which was beside a sea in the clouds of the sky. The bull dust was sucking at `Priscilla’s’ tyres making me fight the wheel all the way and twisting the bus from side to side. I felt I was on a boat traveling a desert sea. The sky seemed to reflect a blueprint of the land which was hills and valleys. Perhaps a time past or to come, I wasn’t sure which.

When I got to Coober Pedy I pulled into the first campsite I saw which was Riba’s. My credit card was not working, the magnetic strip wiped, so I needed a replacement sent urgently and I was grounded in the meantime. It was going to take a week to get another. So I was effectively stopped.


Coober Pedy.
Coober Pedy is the town built underground. All the houses are dugouts and some are quite luxurious. I liked Faye’s built by a group of women in the 1960’s. It even had an underground pool. Riba’s also had an underground house and even underground camping, I liked the Catacomb Church which had very high energy. I did a meditation underground at Riba’s – The Crystal Mountain and of course it was a crystal mountain, the quartz being the opal running through the ground.

I felt tremendous energy there and made lots of connection with people who have since become friends. I met Ron there who later joined up with me traveling the west coast and Angie who now lives at Tamborine and Tricia who lives in Cairns.

I went out on the Mail Run to Oonadatta and called at different properties like Anna Creek the largest cattle property in the world 12,000 square miles. And Wilpena where I met Vanessa Williams who asked if I’d like to see her school room. She attended the School of the Air and her classroom was a tribute to the standard of education in the Outback. The five children who attended the school were supervised by their mother. The School of the Air is in Alice Springs. I later donated a copy of my Panda book to them. We went to the Moon Country where there is no sign of habitation in 360 degrees an area were Mad Max III and Ground Zero and Priscilla were filmed. Also visited The Pink Roadhouse at Oonadatta which had been advertised all along the road from Marree. Called again at William Creek and completed a big clockwise circle back to Coober Pedy. It was a very long day, over 12 hours, and they do the Mail run twice a week This is the area where the huge Aboriginal warrior has appeared in the ground, like a crop circle. It can only be seen from the air.

Later I decided to go and paint at Copper Hills which is in The Breakaways in the Painted Desert. The artist Hugh and his wife Laurel have set up a place where you can paint in peace. It was a sheep station originally in 1953 but its marginal land because it’s outside the dingo fence. The fence stretches 9,600 kilometres from near Surfers Paradise along the Qld border down the NSW border and across SA to Fowler’s Bay near Ceduna SA. Cattle are grazed to the north of it and sheep to the south. The dingoes are kept out of the sheep areas by the fence, The property carries 2-3 cattle to the square mile and is 216 square miles. Thre Breakaways are the copper coloured hills eroded by Breakaway Creek on the rare occasions it rains. It rained when I left again

Opal is of course quartz and a large amount of quartz crystal in the ground means high energy. Hence Coober Pedy was a great area for me, compatible with my energy and attracting people I needed to meet. I had a dream about Coober Pedy much later and it was quite a big city. If the Centre opens up as predicted this will be the place to be. For the present it’s very hot and inhospitable. Water is at a premium. They have a desalination plant in town where you pull up at a boozer like a petrol station to fill up with fresh water. They also have wind power generators. It’s one of the best examples I know of sustainable living in a harsh environment, living underground with desalinated bore water and wind driven electricity.

Opal from the Body Dream.
I dreamt on full moon in February 1995 before I left on my trip, about a secret ceremony. There were organ pipe stalactites painted with Aboriginal white dots on black and red background in a cave. They could be played like the clapping sticks I had with me.

During the dancing an elder gave the children koalas from the store. TheN someone sat beside me, the only other European present. He was young and kept talking, so that I had to clamp my hand over his mouth to stop him.
The elder came up to me and lay down and began to knead the veins in my thigh to produce weals. From these he blew a sticky glue-like substance which solidified into opal of different colours, which he moulded into the multi-hued opal he manifested for me – a present from my own body. He peeled it like glue from his lips and beard as he sang it from my body.

Eyre Peninsula
From Ceduna we headed for Port Lincoln at the tip of the Eyre Peninsula and drove past Streaky Bay went out to the only permanent sealion colony on the Australian mainland. This area was donated by the Freeman family to preserve the sealions which were being decimated by indiscriminant shooting.

Murphy’s Haystacks has probably the most energy in the area. It’s a series of granite boulders in a privately owned wheatfield. There was an Aboriginal guardian to the site. I asked permission to enter. I believe there may have been a massacre at the site, so I asked St Germaine for healing. The energy was highest in the split between the two rocks. One rock looked like a Centurion’s helmet. The whole Eyre Peninsula is very beautiful. Dolphins appeared at Coffin Bay while Ron was fishing.

Yorke Peninsula had lots of historic houses. We stayed at Ardrossan on the east coast where the Yorkshiremen settled. There are remains of lime kilns near Poonta and old copper mines. Sixty kilometers out of Port Augusta is a high energy pass Horricks Pass overlooking Port Pirie and Port Augusta. After I asked Archangel Raphael for healing I got an energy rush. We came down the pass and stopped beside the road at a cairn commemorating the early pastoralists and the Aborigines who led them through the Pass. This happened a lot with the explorers including in the Blue Mountains where I’ve been told the successful ones were led by Aborigines.

In the center of the landscape was a golden valley highlighted in the overcast surrounds. As we drove towards it a rainbow of green and gold appeared in the clouds, like I’d seen at Arkaroola. It was Archangel Raphael pointing the way. The golden landscape was towards Carrieton where I’d seen the birds circling before on my way to Arkaroola. Murmuration it’s called now.

We stopped the night in a pass near Orroroo. It blew a gale but we were sheltered in the trees. The only spot for miles as it was farmland all around. In the morning, birds were wheeling overhead. Passed Black Rock and Magnetic Hill where a car will climb the hill by itself – the magnetic force is stronger than gravity. I wondered what it would do to us, but didn’t go there. During the night there was an earth tremour.

Wilpena Pound
Wilpena Pound is a huge quartzite dish 50 square kilometers in area and encircled by sheer cliffs which rise in places to over 1000 metres. A combination of purple shale, red stone and white-topped peaks make for spectacular scenery.

At Cape Jaffa I found the Tjilbruke Dreaming Trail. It goes North and sites associated with it are Brukunga (near Mt Barker) and Mt Hayfield. I was drawn to Myponga Beach and it was here at the reservoir that I saw a UFO. I was told about it by an old fella, an ex-campervan owner who was ill but had come out especially to meet me and tell me about it, without knowing who he was to meet. I camped on the leyline and the UFO appeared to the west of me. It popped in and blinked out and then reappeared in a horizontal line from where it had disappeared. It was bright orange. and it was too high for a ship or a beacon. It was from Sirius I was told and it was guiding the whales in “You’d better believe it” I was told. It was still there in the morning. I kept getting ‘like the Star of Bethleham’.

I kept following the Dreaming trail and could hear the hum at Brukunga, a hill which had been mined for iron pyrites. The ancestral being Tjilbruke had rested in a cave (Janawing) and had emerged on top of Mt Hayfield where he became a glossy ibis. His body became the pyrites at Brukunga used for making fire. The area between Mt Pleasant and Springton was known to the Aborigines as `the Valley of the Trees’. They made canoes from the trees to float down the Marne River to the Murray. Several rock paintings remain the in caves on the Marne. I camped on the Divide between the Murray and the Barossa near the source of the Marne.

Near Carrieton I saw an amazing phenomena with a huge flock of birds circling in a spiral above me. I tried to find someone to ask about it but couldn’t find anyone in town. I was headed for the Flinders Ranges and Wilpena Pound.

At Arkaroo Rock in the south of Wilpena Pound I went out to an Aboriginal art site. The site was a long walk from the car park but well worth the effort. The small cave with the art had been fenced to prevent anyone getting to it. I sheltered from the rain in a small cave behind the fenced one. Another cave was providing shelter for some ‘roos and it has the better energy and I did some toning. The photographs I took through the wire had bush babies in coolamons manifesting in the photos. I later gave some to my friend John in Uluru who was making bush babies for his sculpture exhibition.

I decided to go out to Sacred Canyon 15 kilometres east. The country is cypress pine (low rainfall) with many kangaroos, emus and eagles. The engravings are intargio style dots made with a sharp point and a hammer. There were also paintings which its unusual to find together. I could hear a hum particularly at the cave upstream from the main art site. The symbols seemed to be Egyptian. It was raining and they say it takes 3 days before the creek crossings become impassable. It was full moon in June.

The hum was very strong in Wilpena Pound. I sketched at Bunyeroo Gorge and Brachina Gorge. These are some of the oldest sedimentary rocks in the world between 650 and 500 million years old. They contain unique fossils. I spent the night in a natural amphitheatre with marvelous acoustics and chanted kadoish, kadoish kadoish. in a site that was Late Cambrian in age.
At Chambers Gorge I could hear the hum again and actually crossed a Dreaming leyline on the way through at Eremunga Valley. I tested it with divining rods and got an energy rush when I asked permission to enter. The site was difficult to get to because there was water across the road at one point. I had to park and get a ride in a 4WD. I asked for help and along came 2 gay guys who gave me a lift. Not only did I manage to find this site which I think is feminine energy but at least two other people I’ve come across in Tamborine, found it and its miles from anywhere. I hadn’t seen a car on the road for hours. I asked the guys who picked me up if they could hear the hum and one of them could. I felt really in the flow of things, able to manifest a lift when I needed it. It was amazing how many people made it there. I camped overnight with a motorcylist who I hardly saw and another couple I’d seen in the gorge. I was in the area known as the Great Wall of China because of the rock walls visible on the hills.

Drove on to Arkaroola where I camped and went out from there to the Pinnacles. I thought I was in Aladdin’s Cave with all the crystals that were around. I picked up some magnetite which I put in my pocket and then got lost and couldn’t see where I’d parked the van. Sprigg Nob hid where I’d parked it and I got a quick lesson in taking water whenever I left the van. It was a month since I’d left Sydney and I was walking the land and singing the songlines, as I’d been told I would do.

I followed Bolla Bollana hot spring to the water hole. The energy was very strong at the entrance to the gorge and I could hear the humming. Did some toning and blood rites. Went on to Nooldoonooldoona Waterhole. A rainbow appeared on the way and I knew I’d done what was being asked of me. I did a toning at sunset and a faint rainbow with a lot of mauve appeared over the gorge. As I’d asked for healing I felt it was Raphael. Clouds gathered as I was leaving and I had to leave quickly. There were yellow footed rock wallabies at the waterhole. Later I found out China had let off a 5.7 nuclear blast while I was there. I could see the campsite was an old corroborree site and various Aboriginal faces were appearing in my Third Eye. Had trouble starting Priscilla and saw the space shuttle for the second time. Heard the humming again at Echo Point and again near Itame Gorge. Others report noises like thunder occur in the Gammon Ranges. I could hear a voice in the background like a radio on low. It also took me 5 hours to drive 110 km and my lights were malfunctioning. These are effects often associated with UFO sightings but I was not aware of any. At Copley I met a couple who had been in New Guinea operating the boat out to Wuvulu in the 1970’s. What an amazing synchronicity to meet them way out in the outback. Called at Talc Alf at Lyndhurst who had done some fine talc sculptures and a lot of work.

Chapter 4

Earth Healing Walkabout In Northern Territory

Adelaide River is where they buried the dead from the Darwin air raid. It was here that Ron’s guide, his uncle Jay a Cherokee Indian, was stationed during the war. Jay appeared to Ron as a holographic image on his windscreen. We were travelling in two cars linked by 2 way radio. So we stopped and I placed my hands on Ron’s shoulders so that Jay could come through Ron. We were stopped near the Daly River turnoff and there was a farm on the left, and a cave in the hills above, which Ron was drawn to. Jay told us that this was where he met his wife, Ron’s Aunt Cora during the war. Ron rang his father in Perth who confirmed this. He also told us Ron and I would make sure this didn’t happen again. He was also given the name Black Hawk . Adelaide River War Cemetery is where those people killed in the Darwin Air Raids are buried 240 of them in one day.

Black Hawk(1767-1838) was an American Indian leader during the contact period. He was Sauk, a tribe which lived in the Illinois region and was a leader during the Black Hawk War (1832) and Jay was apparently an incarnation of Black Hawk. Afterwards we saw Black Hawks everywhere we went.
Black Hawk

  • Although I didn’t know it at the time, the spirit of Black Hawk has long been associated with the Spiritualist churches in New Orleans. Black Hawk services have been performed since the 1920s. At least a dozen Spiritualist Churches in New Orleans host such rituals at least once a year. The preachers who invoke Black Hawk enact his cultural memory. One such preacher describes how this began:

‘I was walking down the street in the French Quarter and this big Indian guy just came to me, in the spirit. It wasn’t a real man. He was an Indian but he was dressed in ordinary American clothes, and he walked to me and folded his hands, like we see the statue of Black Hawk in Illinois and he just walked right into me, and it was like a possession type thing I went into. And it was from that day on that I began to have this personal relationship with the spirit of Black Hawk, and I started to go around to different churches and other leaders told me I’d the spirit strong. They said Black Hawk would work with me beautifully.”
According to this preacher Black Hawk is a spirit guide and he is a warrior.` I felt I could fight for what I wanted and win.’

tThe call and response patterns of the black churches imbue the ceremonies with shadings of jazz and blues. The congregations are mainly women and many of the preachers are women also.
In 1920 Mother Leafy Anderson was one of the first to invoke Black Hawk. She established the First Spiritual Church South, in New Orleans. She had been working as a preacher and healer for 14 years and had been credited with several miraculous cures. She had a following of blacks and whites of all social classes who visited her regularly for `readings’ and had training classes with approximately 80 people enrolled. She consolidated spiritualism in New Orleans into a formal structure, the Eternal Life Christian Spiritualist Churches, established 12 churches in various parts of the United States, the oldest in Chicago (1913). Black Hawk was one of the personae, vehicles and spirit guides she brought with her in founding the faith, She died in 1927. After her death the writer Zora N Hurston, attended a service in a church she founded in which the spirit of Mother Anderson attends.

Black Hawk quote:`My reason teaches me that land cannot be sold. The Great Spirit gave it to his children to live upon. So long as they occupy and cultivate it, they have the right to the soil. Nothing can be sold but such things as can be carried away.’

We drove on to Darwin for the full moon in August and stayed at the Hotel Darwin which reminded me of Raffles Hotel in Singapore with palms and tropical plants. It was one of the few buildings to survive the cyclone in 1975 but has succumbed to developers. We went to Mindol markets in the evening and had a great time. We went back in daylight and followed a coastal food plant trail. The energy here was very high. The message I received was that we were fanning the flames of energy that had been started here. The energy was yellow at the two sculptured poles and it seemed both male and female as we walked a circle around the site. Then we walked down an aisle between the trees. Around the poles was a circle of rock like a bora ring. I felt it a modern interpretation of an ancient site. Interestingly my father had a photo he’d taken during the war of a palm tree at Mindol Beach which I’d loved as a child.

Doctor’s Gully is where the fish come in to feed at high tide in Darwin. Its another high energy site. There was a statue found there under a banyan tree in 1873. It’s a small statue of Shou Lao, my guide Lao Tze. It’s now in the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. Ron could see auras around the trees and me surrounded in pink. I made a gem elixir for the petrochemical miasm he has from Agent Orange, above the gully.

On the way to Jabiru we stopped at the Bark Hut. There was a lot of energy around a tree in the yard which had attracted a flock of hawks. I could see the aura around the tree. Ron channeled this is a new aerial point being put in. An Aboriginal woman with her her children was also watching and I’m sure she could see it too.

We spent several weeks in Kakadu out at Kapalga, near South Alligaor and I could see auras around the Pandanus trees. It’s on the energy line to Mamukala where the Magpie Geese congregate on the lagoon to over-winter the Dry season. Indian Head on the coast is a sacred site to the north. I spend the time there painting and tuning in to the land. It was as hard to leave Kakadu as it had been to leave Coober Pedy.

Agent Orange has been a major factor in Ron’s life as he is a Vietnam veteran of two tours of duty. The result of this was two damaged children and a marriage breakup. Later in life he has cancer induced by exposure to Agent Orange. He has had Cobalt treatment and when I met him was in remission with a lump the size of a pin in his right lung. I began with hands-on healing and proceeded to work on clearing toxins from his body

Firstly I had information on petrochemical miasms channelled from Gurudas and published in Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing Vol.1. The preparation discharges chemical drugs lodged in the body including pesticides, insecticides, environmental pollutants and chemical psychedelics such as LSD. I used a gem elixir prepared on a power site at sunset exposed for 15 minutes in brandy. The gems were gold, lapis lazuli, malachite, pyrite, turquoise and rose quartz which he tested positive for. The turquoise and rose quartz were chosen especially for Ron intuitively. He took 7 drops twice a day for 7 days then gave up for a while and began again. The effect was to bring out a rash on his back which released pus and toxins from his system.
He was also losing toxins through the skin, I could smell smoke after he began the ESSIAC treatment. This was a preparation of three herbs already prepared which I obtained from a friend in Sydney and had shipped to me in Darwin. I had told him about it and he had got the information about it from a public library in Perth. Ron asked for guidance on this and was told to take it.
The herbs which comprise ESSIAC are sheep sorrel,burdock root and turkish rhubarb root (or Indian rhubarb) and slippery elm bark. Burdock root contains insulin a powerful immune modulator. Its the synergistic blend of the herbs which makes this such a powerful remedy. Considerable controversy surrounds the use of ESSIAC. The original recipe came from an American Indian Medicine Man. Modern cancer research has vested interests in suppressing information about alternative treatments and I believe has not investigated what has been shown to be a highly successful treatment. The FDA in the USA has done its upmost to suppress the availability of ESSIAC but since it is a natural herbal product and the herbs are obtainable and manufacture is possible, there is little they can really do. We obtained our supplies made into a liquid form, but it is possible to prepare it yourself.

Full moon and I found myself in Katherine, NT. Katherine was bombed during the War and there are historical sites along the Katherine River. I was wandering in an area of the town that I hadn’t visited before, looking for an Orchid Nursery. I drove round the block twice in a clockwise direction only to find the orchid Nursery was closed. I passed a National Trust Property for the third time and decided to stop and have a look. It was a World War 2 Officers Mess. I felt like I’d walked into a private residence. I called out the door was open, so I went in.

There was 1940’s furniture, fly screen on the walls and a concrete floor, an outback house built for the climate I thought, as I began talking with the attendant who explained this was Sister O’Keeffe’s house. I wasn’t sure if she meant a nursing Sister or a religious Sister. As she talked I was feeling the most amazing feeling of compassion. I’d never experienced anything like it before. She talked about Sister O’Keeffe delivering Aboriginal babies in the bush. The mother’s rubbed the babies with sand to remove the afterbirth, Sister O’Keeffe would wash them and bring the mothers and babies into the clinic. But the clinic was only a room off the house with a cupboard full of very limited drugs more like a home medicine chest and the baby scales on a table off the bedroom. She talked about her starting the Aboriginal ward at Alice Springs Hospital and her work with soldiers during World War 2. It was they who had built the mysterious dwelling I had seen along the river, including this house for Sister O’Keeffe.

O’Keeffie as she was called, started to come through me, her energy overshadowing mine. The compassion was the beginning, the love so unconditional, the Christ energy so intense, I was wiping the tears away.
I told the attendant I thought I was there for a reason – that I’d been drawn there. I told her I felt O’Keeffie’s energy very strongly. I wanted to hug her but hesitated. I asked her if she wanted to feel the energy and she said she was already getting goosebumps. I told her O’Keeffie wanted her to know she was still with her and hugged her anyway. I said she should watch me because O’Keeffie wanted her to really know she was with her and she might be able to see her if she watched. I allowed more energy to come in.
She said she could see her clearly. Not the eyes but the lower part of my face transformed. We talked and she told me she had periods of despair recently and had contemplated taking sleeping pills. Her daughter had tuned in on it and had stopped her. O’Keeffie was certainly tuned in and wanted her to know it. She asked more specifically what she was required to do.
I got a picture of a scroll with gold ends. It meant nothing to me, but I told her anyway. She knew what it was – O’Keeffie’s wedding certificate. O’Keeffie wanted it hung up so that people would know that Johnny her husband was an important part of her life. When I gave this message I got a huge energy rush. For me the lesson was to say what I saw, even if I didn’t know what it was, others would interpret it correctly.

O’Keeffie’s energy stayed with me as I drove out to Katherine Gorge. I felt O’Keeffie is my spirit helper. She said I’d be delivering babies which seemed very strange as the only birth I’d ever seen was my grandson Oarin. But I may be birthing babies into the other dimensions. All that night  I could feel O’Keeffie’s hands working through my hands, like trying them out and getting used to them.

Olive O’Keeffe was born Olive Harvey in May 1907 at Montville Qld. She trained in general nursing and midwifery at Lady Bowen Hospital Brisbane and worked most of her life in the Outback. She married Johnny O’Keeffe in 1938 and received an OBE from the Queen in 1964. She died in 1988
O’Keeffie used to fly with the flying doctor particularly a Dr Fenton whom she worked closely with, often performing the work of a doctor under his radioed instruction. She was very experienced in tropical medicine and often trained interns coming to the tropics for the first time. Dr Fenton I was told was known to take off in an emergency by the light of 44 gallon drums placed along the runway and operate on outback station’s kitchen tables.
I later met a nurse who worked with Sister O’Keeffe in Alice Springs who confirmed much of what I’d been told. Sister Elaine Meldrum who was a theatre sister in Alice Springs Hospital with O’Keeffie says:
`Its hard for people to understand now, how different roads, communication and conditions were. No air conditioning. We wrung sheets out in water and pegged them on lines in front of a fan to keep the nursery and babies cool. We had tanks, so we saved water. We saved our bath water and grew veggies near the nurses home.

`Accidents from cars, horses, motor bikes, guns and knives seem to fill hospital beds in the Outback. Mothers would have to come into town weeks before their babies would be due. The isolation was the main problem overcome by Rev. Flynn, his `Mantle of Safety’ did cover the inland and more so now.’

`My first experience of having contact with the Royal Flying Doctor Service was on the Nullabor Highway near Eucla in about 1955. A girfriend and myself had driven to Perth from Melbourne and on our return we came across a fearful accident between a semi trailer and a sedan. Four people were killed in the sedan with a two-year-old boy, the only survivor.
`In the midst of this carnage and desolation, to see a small plane arrive on the highway, the Royal Flying Doctor Service, was like a miracle to me. I’ve never forgotten the feeling of relief and joy to see help arrive. A woman doctor with a pilot had flown or probably refueled at Forrest WA from Ceduna SA.
`The details escape me now, but I decided then I wanted to nurse in the Outback.’

Opening the Kakadu Portal
Kakadu is a remote area 250 kilometres from Darwin in the Northern Territory. It abuts Arnhem Land and provides a buffer from Aboriginal land to the north and east. My daughter and I lived there in 1991 and now Ron and I were returning to Nourlangie Rock site of some of the oldest art in Australia, 40,000 years old.

We began by viewing Namarrkun the lightning man who carries the lightning across his shoulders and strikes thunder off the clouds with stone axes attached to his knees, elbows and head. From there we climbed on a track up Noulangie Rock and I found a spot where I wanted to tone and sit and meditate. I called out to Ron to watch as I could feel the energy overshadow me. I asked to be an instrument of what needed to be done.

In a deep meditative state, I heard someone come up behind me through the rustling leaves. There was the sound a key turning in a lock. I saw a large old fashioned key and the sound of a heavy door opening with an echo. I got the impression it was in a crevice in between two rocks.

My rational mind was still active and I thought: `I don’t remember seeing a door there’. Then someone went inside. I opened my eyes briefly and saw Ron but no doorway, so I closed them again. Then I saw that space craft were coming down here. Ron saw me surrounded by brilliant white light. There was a strong humming noise coming from inside the rock, like an engine running. At some point I got a symbol I believe was the Ashtar Command symbol, so did Ron. Yesterday he had a vision of the white light and saw us going aboard a space craft which he described as a triangle within a circle.

When we came back and grounded ourselves we drank a litre of water. (Linda had rung to suggest we take this, just before we left). Then I went to Anbangbang Billabong where Ron said I was to paint Nourlangie which I did. (Linda has this painting).

Later I remembered there had been a beam of light going straight up. These are laser light triangulation points for craft coming in. There were one or two more for us to discover (one at Ubir and another at UDP Falls)
I really did not know what to make of this experience. Later in Perth I had an explanation: `You are both light workers and your energies are very similar – an old master. You went through a golden gateway into the light. You did indeed open a portal at Kakadu that the angels and archangels and other dimensional levels are all waiting to come through when needed. You went through the portal and came back‘.

I felt my experience at Nourlangie was similar to James Twyman in ` Emissary of Light”. I asked and got yes I had gone through the doorway of light I’d been seeing it in meditation and wanted to go through it again. I was told compassion patience and gratitude are the way.
Visualize the doorway about 3 metres in front of you and allow the light from your heart to disappear in the opening. Allow the door to take you. Let it pull you out of time into eternity. Let your desire grow strong and increase until you feel you must go to it. Don’t be afraid

In Marree, SA, I met an Aboriginal who invited me to his station. He was Kevin Buzzicott, an elder, who I’ve since seen on TV . I met him when I went to the Aboriginal association. The station is about 35 kilometres from Marree, and was an old bore on the Ghan railway. It was the subject of an Aboriginal Land Rights claim. He told me during a long night beside his campfire that there is a dance about the Pleaides, which is known thoughout Aboriginal Australia as the Seven Sisters. It is secret but the story can be gleaned by traveling to Uluru from the South to the North. There is a symbol which represents the myth and gives intuitive knowledge of the story. It seems to me to be a cultural symbol, but its similar to the rune Teiwaz which is the warrior’s sword.

I bought a painting by Janet Forrester called Milky Way Dreaming. She is Luritja language group from Oodnadatta further north. The painting represents the stars in the Milky Way. Throughout Australia the belief is that the stars and planets were once men and women and animals in the creation times. The Milky Way is sacred as a residence for totemic beings. The circles signify the continuation of life. When I look at the circles they become the faces of the Seven Sisters.

Maree is close to Lake Eyre. When Lake Eyre floods it will be close to the water – a waterfrontage in the desert, its hard to imagine. Nearby is Coward Springs with a natural `spa’ water bubbling up from a sandy bottom and railway sleepers containing it. I painted the water sprite of Coward Springs. I could feel the humming of the energy line.

I tried to approach Uluru from the south by taking a back road past Mt Connor, just over the NT border. I camped on the leyline and could still hear humming and voices, but couldn’t make out what was being said. It started to rain I was very apprehensive as `Priscilla’ was not 4WD and the road was full of bulldust. I turned back and followed the highway North. I approached Uluru from the east as the main road goes that way. Could still hear the humming but Kevin had told me this is the wrong way to approach Uluru
I was sick with ‘flu. Kevin had said something about approaching from the east can make people sick. So I camped there along the road to Uluru thinking I was missing the Full Moon at Uluru, but as it turned out the Full Moon was on Monday when I was at Uluru.

The Amarta community lives to the south west of Uluru and I think I should have gone through there as I kept meeting Aboriginals from the community like Nancy and her sister and Jimmy her brother-in-law who I met on an Anangu Tour. When I asked about the humming through an interpreter I was told:’it’s God speaking to the people’. Jimmy was urging me to speak ‘kuka kuka’ It was explained that this was how they called the rain to come down and fill the Mutitjula waterhole. A wind came up after I called and that was the reply I was told.

It hadn’t rained since Christmas and it was now July. Mutitjula is the only permanent waterhole around Uluru and it was dry.

’At Alyurunga, on the south-west face of Uluru, are pock marks in the rock, the scars left by the warrior’s spears; two black-stained watercourses are the transformed bodies of two Liru. The fight centred on Mutitjula (Maggie’s Spring). Here a Kuniya woman fought using her wana; her features are preserved in the eastern face of the gorge. The features of the Liru warrior she attacked can be seen in the western face, where his eye, head wounds (transformed into vertical cracks), and severed nose form part of the cliff.
Above Mutitjulu is Uluru rock hole. This is the home of a Kuniya who releases the water into Muitjulu. If the flow stops during drought, the snake can be dislodged by standing at Mutitjulu and calling `Kuka! Kuka! Kuka!’ (Meat! Meat! Meat!). the journey to Uluru and th Liru snakes attack are described in the public song cycle recording the Kuniya story.”

It was Full Moon when I checked Mutitjulu Waterhold and it was full of water. I did not climb the Rock in respect for the Aboriginal people, but I did walk around it in a clock wise direction. I did a clearing in the old campsite where the energy felt very heavy where Azaria had disappeared and afterwards I could hear the humming in this area which I couldn’t beforehand.

While I was in Uluru, a friend of mine was artist in residence at Uluru. He told me he’d asked his father at age 12 to drop him off at Kata Tjuta to camp and amazingly his father did. He had had amazing experiences related to scents of the wildflowers which triggered visionary experiences. He was getting up daily at 3 AM to go bush and still fulfill his obligations as artist in residence.
I wanted to see Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) while I was there. I went to the Valley of the Winds and there spoke to a woman who could also hear the humming. (so it wasn’t something I imagined). I felt the energy was very high but I was still sick and didn’t fully experience it, as I had to turn back before going to the end of the trail. I also went to Olga Gorge but the energy was not as high there.

There were now lightning storms every night and I wanted to see the Aboriginal Theatre performance of Nukanya Dancers which was a very good modern interpretation of Aboriginal culture. John had been selling lots of little sculptures of bush babies in a coolamon. I had taken a photo at Arkaroola in Wilpena Pound of bush babies which were visible in the painting of the rock art.

Kings Canyon
I had taken to tuning in to an area before proceeding, so when I arrived at Kings Canyon I found a small cave near the beginning of the trail and I sat there and meditated for a bit. I was a native cat with spots in my Third Eye and I got a picture of a man leaning against a vertical wall. I stopped again further on and got an image of a tunnel that was blocked and needed a clearing. I visualized clearing this with a torch and then I got the image of a pool.

I asked someone if there was any water around here and they said at the head of the valley is a pool known as The Garden of Eden. I didn’t get that far on foot. Next I was guided to Katherine Springs which is Carpet Snake Dreaming. I saw a carpet snake come down to the creek and across the land and onto the plain. Apparently the water holes are linked by tunnels. The other cave that I was in, had a filled-up tunnel which I cleared, and I did so from this end also. At the entrance to Carpet Snake Dreaming Trail there was a face in the rock and some very faint paintings next to the cattle drive fence. Later I found out that native cats are no longer extant in the Park, but they had been and I had clearly see a native cat on the Native Cat Dreaming Trail without knowing. I was menstruating while I was there and my blood spilled on the land, an important part of the rites of clearing I later discovered. It began to rain before I left, an unusual occurrence in these parts.

The Alice
As I drove into The Alice, there was lightning on the hills around highlighting them in gold. I went out to Ewaninga Rock Carvings and there I tuned into the Rain Man Dreaming Trail in the West Macdonnell Ranges. I saw a mountain with a scooped-out gutter on top. Later I saw in the physical what I’d seen in vision as I was going to Hermannsberg. I also saw very steep cliffs which might have been Stanley Chasm and other well-watered country and boulder strewn gorges.

I went out to Stanley Chasm and tuned in to an old Aboriginal with a long Chinese-style beard – guardian of the site, who ushered me on when I asked permission. I saw a pair of hands holding a chalice filled with the light of quartz crystal. This is the symbol of Christ consciousness, which I painted.

I followed the Rain Dreaming Trail and drew two Rain Men paintings in the serpentine folds I had been shown at Ewaninga. When I looked at the painting I had drawn a small head because of the perspective.I was wondering if I’d seen it out-of-body as I camped there overnight. Went to Serpentine Gorge and could see the Eagle associated with that site and a view of the snake coming down the gorge. I focused on visualizing rain water in the creeks as I crossed them. Rain, lightning and hail were predicted overnight. There was a spectacular sunset.

In the morning, drove out to Ormiston Gorge and felt the humming which I could hear was coming from Mt Sonder – the moon woman Italyana who is the unfaithful lubra. Albert Namatjira’s wife Rubina was called Italyana in tribal language, I prefer moon goddess.

Went out to Redbank Gorge and finally was alone to do some toning. It was one of the nicest energy sites but a shocking road.
Next I went to Hermannsberg, the old Lutheran mission. The old mission buildings can be seen and there is now an art gallery of Namatjira paintings and the Hermannsberg school which included painting by many of his relatives. He seems to have captured the beauty of the Aranda countryside and I can see beings in the landscape of some of his paintings which are in the European style.I like his work. It reflects a time before the unrest prevalent in Hemannsberg today.

I stayed at the Aboriginal community of Wallace Rockhole quite different to Hermannsberg. There are rock art drawings of different star systems, The Pleaides, the Southern Cross, the Orion system. The elder who took us to the site told the story of the Seven Sisters and the man who wanted them. He became the Boobook Owl. The pecking style drawings are over 1000 years old. The handprints are energy – like a signature she said.
When I got back to Alice Springs I found Rainmaking stones and they were light coloured conglomerates, smooth and rounded like riverstones. Also associated with rainmaking were pearl shells, with designs, which have a string attached for twirling the shell around like a bullroarer. The design on the pearl shell are geometric and look like the pattern I see at the edges of my vision when I have a shift in dimensional sight. Are they perhaps a mnemonic of an altered state, which can be used to induce a visionary state?

Rain Making
When I was traveling through Central Australia, the rain was following me. Just after I left , it would start to rain. I had the experience at Uluru of saying `Kuka, kuka’ and Mutajula water hole filled with water overnight. I tuned into the rainmaker in the West MacDonnell Ranges and painted two paintings of him. I also knew with the left brain, that cloud seeding with silver iodide had produced rain. Could we seed clouds with thought forms, or key sounds to produce rain. I began to visualize the thunderheads building; the difference in charge between the top and the bottom of the cloud; the difference in charge between the cloud and the earth. I visualized the `build-up’ in Jabiru, the blue thunderheads forming the lightning flashing, the lightning hitting the earth, the smell of beetroot which accompanies the first rain, the feel of cool and damp as the rain starts to fall. The gathering of drops into ruvulets or freshets, as the rain gathers momentum, flowing into rivers, over waterfalls, racing to the sea, in a cycle which gathers the rain into thunderhead as the water evaporates from the earth.

While in Alice Springs I looked at the Aboriginal rainmakers. One type is like a pearl shell necklace and has a pattern of geometrical carving on it. It looks like a pattern I have seen in a shifted vision experience. Could it be a mnemonic to trigger an altered state? I couldn’t touch these rainmakers as they were behind glass in a museum. Later I had the opportunity to work with one. It was in Bundaberg when a friend who had been an outback dentist had one which had been given to his father in the Kimberleys by an old Aboriginal rain maker.

It had a lot of energy on it when I picked it up. A friend then tuned in to it and saw a group of men dancing. They came out of a hole in the ground in a vertical wall and one man was twirling the rainmaker around his head like a bullroarer. He had white body paint on his chest as he came out of the cliff. It was just on dusk and there was no rain. Meanwhile in Bundaberg it was pouring down as she tuned into it.

So now I knew how they used the rainmakers and I’ve had success in using this visualization to produce rain, particularly when it looks like and feels like it should rain but isn’t.

I was attracted to the work of Clifford Possum Tjuparrala in the Alice Springs Art Gallery particularly the painting Tingari Men at Tjikarra. The Tingari men are ancestral beings who travel the earth making sure the law is observed. For me the painting had a huge amount of energy on it. And nearly knocked me over when I first saw it in the room where it is displayed. After attempting to find the artist to interview him, I decided to go out to the East Macdonnell Ranges.

Called at Emily Gap which is part of Caterpillar Dreaming. Saw an Aboriginal face and a kangaroo with MAN written underneath. There’s a striped figure on the rock which is the caterpillar. I was shown some intuitive information about birds that eats figs that grow there in season. These birds (parrots) are the feathers used in an armband for the ceremonies associated with the site I think,
Next went to Jesse’ Gap. I was drawn to a cave on the right.There were lots

Chapter 6

Earth Healing Walkabout In Western Australia

We were headed for the west coast of Australia via Kunnanurra. There was energy all the way from Katherine as it was full moon in September. Timber Creek is the halfway point and Ron brought me a carved boab nut, because it had so much energy. It was a Wandjina helping a young Aboriginal find food in the wetland. It turned out that it had been carved by an Aboriginal who had just been released from prison after serving six years for murdering his wife. I asked for a healing for him and got a huge rush of energy. It was important to be in non-judgement and feel compassion regardless of what someone had done, but to see it as part of their journey. I found it strange that his energy was so high, but I was guided to him.

The country was quite different from Timber Creek to Kunnanurra with boab trees all the way and escarpments with energy waves filtering down. At Keep River National Park there is evidence of Aboriginal occupation for 120,000 according to an article in the paper. It was 28th Sept, 1996 At Kunnanurra we stayhed at Hidden Valley which I painted. Its like the Bungle Bungles with similar rock formations. In my Third Eye I saw a pool and a cave but couldn’t find them. There was however a waterfall with no water, which may have been it.

In the cemetery there’s an Aboriginal elder called Ogden. Ron and I both felt his energy as we walked past. Ron said he knew him when he lived there and felt he’d been run over accidently. When spirits are drawn to you like this, it is important to sent them to the light. I told Ogden to look around until he sees a greater light. ‘He is to go towards it, his relatives are waiting for him there.’ He seemed to be like a guardian spirit trapped on the earth plane.
Drove on to Wyndam calling at The Grotto on the way. This is a permanent freshwater pool in the escarpment country with a slight humming in the grotto. At Wyndam is a port backed by a very high escarpment from which five rivers can be seen: The Pentecost, the Durack, the Forest, the King and The Ord rivers. There’s a huge bronze Aboriginal family group in a Park nearby. It is dedicated to those who have brought us to today and it said: Aboriginal spirits will always be present in the land.

From there we went to an Aboriginal art site with Wandjina spirits and tunnels in the etheric which seemed to have been cleared. They may have been used to store sacred objects at some point and had a handprint with nice energy. I wondered if they might be inner earth access points. From Kunnanurra to Mary River is 5210 km, a record drive in one day in Priscilla. The countryside is spectacular through the King Leopold Range. There were signs on the causeways warning against flash flooding, but the Wet hadn’t arrived yet. It was over 40 degrees all day. We drove out of boab country and left the emu apple trees at the same time.

Mary River
Mary River was a good campsite across a river causeway which was a series of pools at the end of the Dry. In the trees which turned out to be Ghost gums, I saw an Aboriginal with a beard and a woman beside him. There were others there including a young warrior with his foot raised to his other knee and a spear in his hand. The spot had very high energy. I could feel it through my feet when we stopped. The country had become more like Alice Springs. At sunrise there were lots of birds and it was golden light. There was gold around the hilly outcrops during the day and a mine called Cajuput Mine. I had used Cajuput as a remedy for my sore throat.

At Tunnel Creek in the Napier Range is a site used by Aborigines. There are some cave paintings near the entrance. Ron did not like the place. I felt we were there to clear it as there was so much energy emanating from outside the cave and all along the ancient reef; Pigeon an Aboriginal outlaw had been hunted down and killed at the other end of the tunnel. I did some toning in the tunnel startling a group of foreign teenagers. Went on to another site which was a police outpost dedicated to a policeman shot in the line of duty. Since the signage had said the full story was here, we stopped, but someone had pinched the sign. This was indicative of the feelings of racial hatred in the area. I hoped my toning helped. The road was shocking and we moved on to Derby where we met a couple we had seen in Kunnanurra. It had rained there, so we were just ahead of the Wet. The road we’d come through for 1,000 km could be flooded anywhere as there were many causeways. The second largest river in the world the Fitzroy is nearly as large as the Amazon when in flood and was behind us.

At Derby we followed the Pigeon Trail around town and found where the policeman PC Richardson is buried. Apparently he and two black trackers worked together as a team. The policeman was saved by Pigeon, but problems arose when the team were assigned to Pigeon’s tribal area where he was expected to arrest his own people. He ultimately killed the policeman and was able to evade capture in Tunnel Creek. We called at the Prison Tree outside Derby, a huge boab tree, then drove on to Broome.

Monkey Mia and Shark Bay
At Carnarvon we drove out to the lighthouse at the Cameron Jetty, the longest in the north west and stayed with Ron’s cousin on a banana plantation.

Drove on to Shark Bay which is very saline, it being a very large bay and the water is so salty it support stromatolites. At Hamelin Pool is a very good display of these ancient plant colonies. Wheel tracks are visible where drays used to load the woolclip onto ships. The stromalolites are ancient blue-green algal colonies and are very slow growing hence they have retained the wheel tracks for over 100 years. I had studied them in palaeontology and wanted to see there amazing things that are present in the fossil record as some of the earliest recorded life and are still present today in this special environment.
Monkey Mia near Denham WA is now famous throughout the world as the place where wild dolphins come inshore to interact with people. When my brother Geof was here. Wilf Mason and his wife Hazel ran the caravan park. Will is considered the grandfather of the dolphins. I wanted to see what he had to say.

Now the dolphin feeding is controlled so that the dolphins do not become reliant on food handouts with resulting undesirable behaviour. There are rangers and an interpretive center. We stayed at the Monkey Mia resort alongside and it was a great spot. The dolphin feeding takes place at 11 am and Ron was one chosen to feed them by the rangers. Later the dolphins come into the bay and you can swim with them if they choose. I didn’t get very close to them.

I went out on the cruise over the seagrass beds and banks opposite Monkey Mia to see the dugong feeding. They are timid and dive when you get close but we saw several. They migrate to Hamelin Pool at certain times of the year. Saw seasnakes and turtles and a shark feeding frenzy. Rays and dolphins also cruise the banks.

In 1964 a woman Mrs Alice(Ninnie) Watts began feeding the dolphins one night at midnight when she couldn’t sleep. Her husband was a fisherman. The dolphins would take fish from her hand and she would feed them when they came in from fishing. It developed from that. Ron’s aunt used to feed the dolphins in Bunbury, so it was not unusual. Aborigines also fed the dolphins. I have recorded an interview where it is described:
`The dolphin is a very powerful mind, they’re very spiritual and they try to communicate with us on land. They jump out of the water and if they see you they know you (are) there. They’re talking all the time to you and we don’t understand. Guboo described how his father and grandfather, the whaler Peter Thomas, did it. Dad took me and grandfather and the other elders down to the beach at Wallaga Lake(NSW), where the ocean is. We sat on the sandhills there and Dad said:
`Theres’s a heap of fish out there sonny.”
`Oh, yeah I said’
`You’re gonna get a lot of fish tucker.’
I’m thinking being a young fella and I didn’t say it to them but in my mind I’m thinking: `How you gonna catch them, you got no net.’
I didn’t say that though, I’d have got a hit over the head with a bundy (stick). Everything I had to say yes, I couldn’t say no.
My dad walked up and down. He’s got his woomera on, the spear and he was clapping and looking out to sea, singing and talking all the time. Then he sat down and grandfather got up and he walked up and down. He said:
`Won’t be long sonny, they’re coming.’
I looked out to sea, but I couldn’t see anything, but I never said that to them. Dad gave me a long stick, like that (pointing) and I looked at them. They had a spear with prongs on it and I looked at my stick and thought: `how am I going to spear fish with this?’

‘I didn’t say this or they’d have hid me over the head with it. So I just kept quiet. I went down with them `they’re coming’, Grandfather said.
So we walked down onto the beach and Grandfather walked along, he danced along, and he said: `this’ll do here’. So we waited there.
I watched the breakers coming in and it didn’t have any fish. The two, three and the fourth wave. I saw fish coming in on top. It was a fairly big breaker too, and it went right up the shore and the water was up to my knees, where I was standing and I could feel the fish hitting the side of my legs. I saw Grandfather throw the spear in and on the end was a fish.
When the breaker went back they said:
`Go on sonny, use your stick.’ So I started whacking them. Twenty fish died there that day. `All right,’ they said `that’ll do’.
Grandfather went out and he hooked his hand like that (like cradling a baby) and the big dolphin came in and lay with his head across and Grandfather started talking to him in their language and the dolphin went: cheep, cheep, cheep.

Grandfather let him go the and the dolphin turned around steady and leaped out of the water. A little breaker came in and he did a somersault right over it, cartwheeeled and splashed up and Grandfather said: `Thanks for the all the fish.’
That was how Guboo described to me how the dolphins worked with the Aboriginal people.

Ron had the chance opportunity to feed the dolphins with his niece Leah who came to Monkey Mia on a school excursion. This was a unique experience for them both.

Shark Bay is the westernmost point of Australia (check if its Exmouth). Monkey Mia was established as a pealing location in the 1890’s. Since 1986 the Rangers have been there to protect the dolphins. Four female dolphins and two calves visit the beach on a daily basis. About 70 other dolphins are occasional visitorsl

During the night I thought I could hear the dolphins. We were camped right on the water’s edge, so I went down to the water but couldn’t see any. They may have woken me up. I have heard other accounts of this happening in Bunbury.

Albany WA

We stayed at Shannon National Park in the area of the giant trees. It is one of the few remaining quokka colonies on the mainland of Australia and we didn’t know it until we heard them during the night. Giant Tingle trees are the trees with faces of the ancestors visible. In The Valley of the Giants there is a tree-top walk which is made of steel and sways as you walk along it. It reminded me of the one at O’Reilley’s near home which is in the rainforest. The energy of the big trees is amazing, its very similar to our energy apparently which is why we can tune into it. My grandson announced when he was little, you can get energy from this tree Nana. It was a Firewheel Tree which turns red, spashing colour on the rainforest gullies. I saw a huge double rainbow near Denmark and could see nature spirits around the trees.

The seas were very rough along this section of the coast. At Albany there is a replica of the ship which bought the first settlers there in 1826, the `Amity.’ It was here that troops departed for the First World War and it was their last sight of Australia for many who died at Gallipoli. It is also where the first ANZAC service was held by Padre White. He performed the service on Mt Clarence at dawn I did a toning and healing on Mount Clarence right on top of the hill and could hear the sounds of Albany it was such a clear, calm morning.

We went up to Mount Adelaide fort, where the Padre White Education Centre is, and there’s an altar set up as he set one up in the field. His energy was very evident near the altar. He was apparently a very brave man and was first out of the trenches after the guns were discharged. He had a great deal of compassion. I felt it from his energy which was similar to Sister O’Keefe in Katherine. He worked in Albany after the war. And also in Bunbury and died later in Queensland. I felt his altar may have been desecrated and put a double tetrahedron of protection around it. I wondered if it was on the leyline.
We did a lot of ghost work in Albany. Ron’s cousin had been working on a book on the ghosts of Albany and there were lots of them. There’s a harbour master who keeps turning a heavy jarrah chair to face the harbour in a bay window overlooking the port. There are several at the old goal, there are children at the old hospital, there are some who appear in the old theatre which has below it, a tunnel entrance to the goal. There is an old farm known as the Strawberry Farm which has Aborigines who were sent to that area. Several people have felt or seen Aboriginal entities. There’s a park near the old port where there’s an energy line and people have reported vision shifts and lost time. Every one of Ron’s relatives drove us over the energy line in the old town and we could feel the energy. They of course couldn’t, but were intuitive and knew we needed to know about it. I had been told that Albany had been ‘done’, but clearly there was a lot to do here and I only scratched the surface. It was hard to know where to begin.

The Old Goal site had many impressions beginning as I walked in the first doorway, then again in the Aboriginal lock-up, the bakery and the women’s quarters. I sent them to the light and told them their relatives were waiting for them there.

The Old Hospital and old goal site were in a park. Again there were strong energies present on the leyline. An old Aboriginal had apparently marked a circle in the carpark for the entities to go to. He meditated under a bower which he said was a strong energy site. I couldn’t get to it as it was across a drainfull of water. Ifelt this was an old Aboriginal campsite and it was from here that tunnels led to the old Post Office which was then a Court House. They also led to Mt Clarence. Apparently when the paper published a story about the Ghosts book, literally every house along the street from before the old Post Office up past the park to the edge of town replied with stories of psychic impressions. They are all on the main energy line. Spirit entities are attracted to the line and needed to be cleared.

There is also an old Lovers’ Lane from which many people reported unusual events such as a bridge which appears and then disappears again. It is near the old hospital The forts were connected by a tunnel system via a big gun ammunition storage area underground.

We ended up in Patrick Taylor Cottage which is haunted by two women who walk the verandah on Friday evenings. One might have been a nursing sister who married into the family. The first record of the Patrick Taylor building is on a map from 1836. Mr. Taylor married Mary Bussell who was the first nurse in the district and it is she who walks the verandah I think.
Where the children’s spirits are is at the old hospital site. I got the impression they may have died suddenly from scarlet fever or measles and a lot of Aboriginals died there too.

Another psychic has seen many children at the site which was the old hospital. I feel children who died during epidemics in the old days. Again I asked for healing. Sightings have occurred of everything from a bridge which appears out of nowhere and can be walked across, to a lover’s lane site where all sorts of weird things have been seen, to entities appearing in houses and so on.

Another well known local ghost is the old harbour master, George Butler, who appears when there is a storm in port and on ships at sea, and on his chair, which is in someone else’s house now. The existing goal also some ghosts which I felt when I went in there and the Military Camp on Mt Clarence also has some. It was difficult to know where to begin. Everywhere I went seemed to need clearing and I asked repeatedly for healing to occur, sending those that I felt to the light and toning on the high sites. I had never heard of or felt so many trapped on the earth plane. I certainly did not go to all the sites but I received confirmation of work done in the form of rainbows frequently.
Dymesbury Lodge a wedding reception centre is beside a group of rocks with a lot of energy. I was unable to tone there but did walk all around the rocks. During the reception I had a vision shift again where a flickering image appears before my open eyed sight. I went outside and felt there was a UFO around but called in St Germaine to clear my energy field as I did the image disappeared, so I gather it was not a very positive entity.

Mount Melville is one of the twin peaks overlooking the town, the other being Mount Clarence. There seemed to be leylines here. I walked out across a saddle to a small outcrop. There seemed to be energy lines crossing there and visible on the rock surface as Guboo had shown me. I did a toning and asked for healing. I could hear frogs croaking in a water filled depression in the rock and felt it was on a Frog Dreaming Trail. When I got back to the car Ron couldn’t start it. Feeling it was an energy problem I walked away so he could clutch start it. Later we went to a Gemstone shop and I handled a beautiful amethyst crystal. I did wonder later if that was to clear my energy field of something I had picked up.

Whales were blowing just offshore as we went to Natural Bridge and travelling west between Green Island and the coast. Also saw Jimmy Newhills Inlet, and lovely bay and then a rainbow appeared again symbol of Albany heart of the rainbow coast. When I started to draw I realised that there were whales visible in the rocks all about here. Even went out to Mutton Bird Island which may be where another energy line crosses the coast. We were tole it was unusual to see them so early in the season. There were also my totem, black cockatoos around.

The next day walked around the boardwalk at Middleton Beach which is in King George Sound and a beachside suburb. Here the whales come in to the bay during the whaling season. We were a bit early but did see three seals frolicking off the rocks. The plants frowing here are those on Tasmania’s south west like Richea and a small pine with large fungi at its base. This area seems also to be on the leyline and I found out later that the old lighthouse, which we had mistaken for a gun emplacement, also has a ghost. In the afternoon another rainbow appeared over Michaelmas Island. Looking back on it I really feel we were in the 4th dimension energies there and things seemed to happen effortlessly.

The harbour master’s ghost is associated with an old jarrah chair which is very heavy and keeps being moved to face out to sea from a bay window in a modern house in Albany belonging to a well known resident. He has appeared several times to sailors in bad weather getting them into the harbour. A benevolent ghost – should it be moved on? I was shown a picture of him George Butler and he’s still around.

We went up to Mt Melville and I walked out to a rocky site below the café, There were lots of fracture lines in the rock going in different directions indicating a vortex. There seemed to be several leylines crossing. I did a toning and asked for healing. Ron had electrical problems with car and I moved away as I felt I may have been causing the problem. He managed to clutch start it.

We walked along the boardwalk at Middleton Beach into town. The whales swim just offshore here during the season and we crossed the energy line going to Mt Clarence near the pagoda. It would explain why the whales come so close inshore here. I think a species of Richlea which grow in Tasmania’s southwest occurs here and there are unusual pines dwarfed by the wind with large fungi growing on them . We saw seals frolicking in the bay.
We went out to the whaling station and I did a toning on the granite rock where the whales were dragged in. There was an Asian girl there with me and we watched a golden sunset over the town.

Ron read in the paper that 1000 dolphins had come in to Dunsborough near where I’d worked at Cape Naturaliste. They haven’t seen a pod of dolphins that size in years. They swam out to sea disappearing that same night. I felt we had accomplished something there and we were getting confirmation
South of Albany the energy line crosses the coast at Mutton Bird Island. Whaling Cove is also on an energy line to Mt Clarence.

I liked Broome. It was a great relief to get to the sea after the heat of the inland and to be able to swim again – no crocodiles. It also was of interest because of the pearling and the number of divers who lost their lives from the `bends’. The Japanese cemetery has over 900 seamen buried there and in one year (1914) 33 died from the bends. John Williamson has written a song about one of them. Called `Sayonara Nakamura’ its about a boy just 19, who comes from Okinawa. When a cyclone hits they haul him up from 40 fathoms without decompression and he dies of the bends on the deck of the lugger – an an all too common occurrence.

I liked Cable Beach and we were able to drive along it and found a shallow reef to snorkel on. I did a painting of it. We swam and walked along the beach at low tide looking at pools of soft corals and stinging hydroids. There was plenty of plate coral, brain coral, Lutjanus fish, cod, sea urchings, colourful sponges and vase sponges and sea cucumbers. We later tried to find the reef again and couldn’t find it.

We went out to see the dinosaur footprints in the rocks at low tide, but someone had stolen them. However we saw Anastasia’s Pool at Ganthaeme Point a lovely spot. At Streeters Jetty where the luggers used to tie up, the siltation has reclaimed this section of Roebuck Bay. There was a pearling lugger, high and dry on its side and the tide had gone out a long way. It was full moon and I saw the Stairway to the Moon at Moonlight Beach.
Ron was going through a healing crisis. He was going to the doctor who was giving him a poor prognosis which was depressing him. The doctor wanted Ron to stay another two weeks, but we left and drove to Sandfire, then out to 80-mile Beach.

Turtles come in to lay their eggs and there are shells – beautiful ones all along the beach with sharks just off shore. The fishing was excellent and Ron cheered up. I did another painting here. Left and went to Cape Keruden where there’s a sandy creek where we swam and fished. There were some Aborigines enjoying it too and they told Ron it was a special spot for them too. We went diving and saw some very fast fish. The water went out for miles at low tide. I walked out but didn’t get to the water. There was another Stairway to the Moon. When the moon came up it was still hot, so we took the swag outdoors to sleep. During the night we got a few spots of rain and folded it up. By then it was cool enough to go to bed. Ron caught a fish at high tide while I watched the water creeping up to `Priscilla’. We ate the fish for breakfast.

The next day was the hottest of the trip so far, 55 degrees centigrade in the cabin. We were close to Marble Bar the hottest place in Australia.

Dampier and Exmouth
We had been traveling down the west coast with someone I knew from Avalon, Reg and his friend Barbara. They found us again after picking up my dog Ramden’s ball, outside Roebourne Tourist Information Centre. We were at Hearsay’s Cove on Burrup Peninsula just outside Dampier. It is a shelly beach with clear water and a calm cove where we swam and picnicked. There are Aboriginal petroglyphs 10,000 of them nearby which I’d liked to have seen but didn’t. There is also plenty of shipping and industrial activity. Dampier is where the North West Gas pipeline comes ashore

Cossack is an old pearling port and has been restored to an interesting tourist attraction. In Onslow the temperature reached 55 degrees again. It’s a rough town. Old Onslow is where the old town was, when the nuclear testing was carried out at Monte Bello Islands offshore, so its probably contaminated as they moved the town. We stayed out at Old Onslow beside the Ashburton River while it blew a gale which would have been very slow travelling in Priscilla. Perhaps I was doing some work on the contamination, but I’m not conscious of it.

Drove to Coral Bay on the Exmouth Peninsula, the most westerly point in Australia and site of US and Australian bases. After seeing the coral in a Subsea Explorer, I was sold on the place. The reef development is beautiful with corals that rival the Great Barrier Reef. There are more blues and purples than reds and oranges in the corals here and the fish life is prolific. Lots of humbugs, snapper and wrasse. We were invited out diving on a runabout. The water was clear 80-100 ft visibility with coral canyons, turtles, black tipped reef sharks, mantas.

The Whale Sharks are a unique feature of this coastline. We also felt dolphin energy was strong here. We found a great place to stay at Yardie Homestead in the northern part of Ningaloo Reef National Park . From Exmouth down the west coast of the peninsula. There’s a turtle rookery below the lighthouse, We dived at Turquoise Bay and I was surrounded by a school of salmon. There were turtles and any moment I expected dolphins would appear. It felt so good I painted it. We swam at the Oyster Stacks was interesting limestone formations with lots of fish.

What’s nice about Ningaloo is its shore diving, anyone can swim out and see the coral and fish. Its like being on one of the islands off the east coast.

From Monkey Mia we drove to Port Gregory which is an old convict farming settlement. We could see the energy on the horizon as we headed for it. It was not the beta carotene pink salt lakes we passed but two breast shaped hills on a property which were the source of the energy.

North of Geraldton I was drawn to two breast shaped hills at Northhampton which we drove towards. There was a convict settlement on our way out to Port Gregory where I did a spirit release at a gravesite on a property. In 2006 I met a couple of lightworkers who subsequently brought the property and came to Tamborine for a James Twynam seminar. When another couple arrived unexpectedly within a week from Pinjarra where Ron was born, a small town of about 500 people I began to wonder what was going on. Ron has since died and gone to the Higher planes and I got the message confirmed that he is helping me with the work.

Geralton is famous to divers as the site of the `Batavia’ wreck, a Dutch East India merchant ship which went aground on the Abrolhos Islands 72 km offshore in 1629. The wreck was located in the 1960’s when I was involved in diving and running a diving shop. The survivors were subjected to horrific cruelties by the mutineers while they awaited rescue. Kathryn Heyman’s `The Accomplice’ is a fictionalized account of events and a gripping story of human weaknesses and frailties. We met Hugh Edwards in the 1970’s. In `Islands of Angry Ghosts’ and `Sharks & Shipwrecks’ he describes some of the early diving. With so much hardship and sadness on the islands, it’s a wonder I wasn’t led out there. But the weather was rough and it was not to be. I had to be content with a meeting with a woman in charge of the Maritime Museum who was a kindred soul. She asked me are all burial sites high energy? She told me about one at Horricks Beach which was so and of a spot beneath Niagara Falls which she was drawn to. I also saw the Batavia archway which was to have graced a public building in Batavia (now Jakarta) but never made it there. It is now in the Maritime Museum.

Drove out to Greenough which is an old convict settlement south of Geraldton. The area near Cerantes seemed to be high in energy but closely settled. There may be remnants of gold in the ground which may be visible in trance amounts. I could see Ron’s aura at Cerantes, and at some of the rocks in the Pinnacles National Park the energy was visible around them.
We stayed at Hutt River Nature Reserve and Ron saw the remains of a hut he’d seen in a dream. I dreamt of stealing or losing a camel’s nose peg.

We were headed for the west coast of Australia via Kunnanurra. There was energy all the way from Katherine as it was full moon in September. Timber Creek is the halfway point and Ron brought me a carved boab nut, because it had so much energy. It was a Wandjina helping a young Aboriginal find food in the wetland. It turned out that it had been carved by an Aboriginal who had just been released from prison after serving six years for murdering his wife. I asked for a healing for him and got a huge rush of energy. It was important to be in non-judgement and feel compassion regardless of what someone had done, but to see it as part of their journey. I found it strange that his energy was so high, but I was guided to him.

The country was quite different from Timber Creek to Kunnanurra with boab trees all the way and escarpments with energy waves filtering down. At Keep River National Park there is evidence of Aboriginal occupation for 120,000 according to an article in the paper. It was 28th Sept, 1996 At Kunnanurra we stayhed at Hidden Valley which I painted. Its like the Bungle Bungles with similar rock formations. In my Third Eye I saw a pool and a cave but couldn’t find them. There was however a waterfall with no water, which may have been it.

In the cemetery there’s an Aboriginal elder called Ogden. Ron and I both felt his energy as we walked past. Ron said he knew him when he lived there and felt he’d been run over accidently. When spirits are drawn to you like this, it is important to sent them to the light. I told Ogden to look around until he sees a greater light. ‘He is to go towards it, his relatives are waiting for him there.’ He seemed to be like a guardian spirit trapped on the earth plane.
Drove on to Wyndam calling at The Grotto on the way. This is a permanent freshwater pool I n the escarpment country with a slight humming in the grotto. At Wyndam is a port backed by a very high escarpment from which five rivers can be seen: The Pentecost, the Durack, the Forest, the King and The Ord rivers. There’s a huge bronze Aboriginal family group in a Park nearby. It is dedicated to those who have brought us to today and it said: Aboriginal spirits will always be present in the land.

From there we went to an Aboriginal art site with Wandjina spirits and tunnels in the etheric which seemed to have been cleared. They may have been used to store sacred objects at some point and had a handprint with nice energy. I wondered if they might be inner earth access points. From Kunnanurra to Mary River is 5210 km, a record drive in one day in Priscilla. The countryside is spectacular through the King Leopold Range. There were signs on the causeways warning against flash flooding, but the Wet hadn’t arrived yet. It was over 40 degrees all day. We drove out of boab country and left the emu apple trees at the same time.

Mary River was a good campsite across a river causeway which was a series of pools at the end of the Dry. In the trees which turned out to be Ghost gums, I saw an Aboriginal with a beard and a woman beside him. There were others there including a young warrior with his foot raised to his other knee and a spear in his hand. The spot had very high energy. I could feel it through my feet when we stopped. The country had become more like Alice Springs. At sunrise there were lots of birds and it was golden light. There was gold around the hilly outcrops during the day and a mine called Cajuput Mine. I had used Cajuput as a remedy for my sore throat.

At Tunnel Creek in the Napier Range is a site used by Aborigines. There are some cave paintings near the entrance. Ron did not like the place. I felt we were there to clear it as there was so much energy emanating from outside the cave and all along the ancient reef; Pigeon an Aboriginal outlaw had been hunted down and killed at the other end of the tunnel. I did some toning in the tunnel startling a group of foreign teenagers. Went on to another site which was a police outpost dedicated to a policeman shot in the line of duty. Since the signage had said the full story was here, we stopped, but someone had pinched the sign. This was indicative of the feelings of racial hatred in the area. I hoped my toning helped. The road was shocking and we moved on to Derby where we met a couple we had seen in Kunnanurra. It had rained there, so we were just ahead of the Wet. The road we’d come through for 1,000 km could be flooded anywhere as there were many causeways. The second largest river in the world the Fitzroy is nearly as large as the Amazon when in flood and was behind us.

At Derby we followed the Pigeon Trail around town and found where the policeman PC Richardson is buried. Apparently he and two black trackers worked together as a team. The policeman was saved by Pigeon, but problems arose when the team were assigned to Pigeon’s tribal area where he was expected to arrest his own people. He ultimately killed the policeman and was able to evade capture in Tunnel Creek. We called at the Prison Tree outside Derby, a huge boab tree, then drove on to Broome.
Monkey Mia and Shark Bay

At Carnarvon we drove out to the lighthouse at the Cameron Jetty, the longest in the north west and stayed with Ron’s cousin on a banana plantation.

Drove on to Shark Bay which is very saline, it being a very large bay and the water is so salty it support stromatolites. At Hamelin Pool is a very good display of these ancient plant colonies. Wheel tracks are visible where drays used to load the woolclip onto ships. The stromalolites are ancient blue-green algal colonies and are very slow growing hence they have retained the wheel tracks for over 100 years. I had studied them in palaeontology and wanted to see there amazing things that are present in the fossil record as some of the earliest recorded life and are still present today in this special environment.
Monkey Mia near Denham WA is now famous throughout the world as the place where wild dolphins come inshore to interact with people. When my brother Geof was her in 198 ?, Wilf Mason and his wife Hazel ran the caravan park. Will is considered the grandfather of the dolphins. I wanted to see what he had to say. ,p> Now the dolphin feeding is controlled so that the dolphins do not become reliant on food handouts with resulting undesirable behaviour. There are rangers and an interpretive center. We stayed at the Monkey Mia resort alongside and it was a great spot. The dolphin feeding tkes place at 11 am and Ron was one chosen to feed them by the rangers. Later the dolphins come into the bay and you can swim with them if they choose. I didn’t get very close to them.

I went out on the cruise over the seagrass beds and banks opposite Monkey Mia to see the dugong feeding. They are timid and dive when you get close but we saw several. They migrate to Hamelin Pool at certain times of the year. Saw sea snakes and turtles and a shark feeding frenzy. Rays and dolphins also cruise the banks.

In 1964 a woman Mrs Alice(Ninnie) Watts began feeding the dolphins one night at midnight when she couldn’t sleep. Her husband was a fisherman. The dolphins would take fish from her hand and she would feed them when they came in from fishing. It developed from that. Ron’s aunt used to feed the dolphins in Bunbury, so it was not unusual. Aborigines also fed the dolphins. I have recorded an interview where it is described:


Ron had the chance opportunity to feed the dolphins with his niece Leah who came to Monkey Mia on a school excursion. This was a unique experience for them both.
Shark Bay is the westernmost point of Australia (check if its Exmouth). Monkey Mia was established as a pealing location in the 1890’s. Since 1986 the Rangers have been there to protect the dolphins. Four female dolphins and two calves visit the beach on a daily basis. About 70 other dolphins are occasional visitorsl

During the night I thought I could hear the dolphins. We were camped right on the water’s edge, so I went down to the water but couldn’t see any. They may have woken me up. I have heard other accounts of this happening in Bunbury.

Drove from Albany to Esperance via Jerramungup where we met a woman cycling. She was going the other way and was remarking how like the west coast of Tasmania was the country she’d been traveling through. The country was farming land split up for Soldier’s Settlement after World War II. It was marginal sheep/wheat country. Pockets of it were very green. A huge area was wilderness part with endemic plants, the Fitzgerald River National Park. The sky was unusual overcast with cloud-ship formations. At Jerramungup the car had electrical problems again. The energy was high and I could hear the hum again. The next morning it was gusting up to 100 km/hour at Esperance. I saw a huge rainbow over Recherche Archipelago which I took as a sign I had completed what needed to be done in Esperence where we’d stayed overnight. We drove through mallee country as far as salmon gums, then uncultivated to Norseman, a gold mining town with no energy evident.
This was my second trip across the Nullarbor we we were meeting up with where we’d traveled previously via Norseman. On the other trip we had gone through the earthquake belt town of Mickering. Sixty kilometers out of Southern Cross, there was a scenic lookout with a vortex. Lots of energy lines crossed there, visible in the granadorite rock as lines. I felt UFO’s were entering there.

Drove on to Coolgardie and along The Golden Mile to Kalgoorlie. We visited the Museum with the derrick above and I could feel the energy from the gold as we entered. I was standing on top of the vault. It had a huge gold bar and lots of nuggets including a hexagonal crystal-like piece in jasper and quartz. I wouldn’t have recognized the telluride as gold. We stayed at Norseman on our first trip to top up with water before the Nullarbor. Drove through Balladonia where there was no water available and on to Calguna. Saw the first water tanks not long after. There was a lot of energy at some of these campsites.

At Cocklebiddy I wanted to se where the underwater cave was beneath the Nullarbor that I’d written about in Australia Down Under. It was 10 kilometres North of the highway and marked only with a Telstra pole (CB10). We were lent two helmet lights by the attendant at the Service Station. These proved invaluable on the rough climb into the eave. We had to climb down a ladder and it was much steeper and rougher than I imagined. The boulders from the collapsed roof were precariously balanced in places and I was amazed to find no clear track. The achievement of getting 71 tanks and all the lighting and other equipment that the Australian team took to get to Toad Hall was awe inspiring. The French team with less resources and backup is even more amazing.

The cave is cathedral like and I did a little bit of toning. We also met a guy on the way down and I talked to him while I was laying in the water. It was cold and without torches, I did not go exploring. However I did experience what the divers must have felt going into the dark cold, water. We were very sore after the climb out – just as well we’d had some fitness exercise cycling around Rottnest Island.

Between Caiguna and Cocklebiddy is the 90 Mile Straight – the longest straight stretch of road in the world. Near Madura Pass at Moongibi Bluff I could hear the energy emanating from the Bluff. This was originally the only bitumen section on the Nullarbor. Camped the night on the treeless plain and it rained. Twice I’ve crossed the Nullarbor and it’s rained both times.
At Eucla we went out to the old Telegraph Station where the ruins are gradually being overtaken by sand. They were almost gone

At Yalata is the Head of the Bight, an energy line where the whales come in. The Aborigines control the Cliffside viewing areas. It is one of the best whale watching areas on the Nullarbor. We went out to Cactus Beach mecca for surfers from all over the world.

The Nullarbor itself is 692 km long and 402 kilometres wide. Rain was falling to the north and south of us as we drove out to Fowlers Bay south of Nundroo where there’s a memorial to Matthew Flinders. The storm included a sand storm, which crossed in front of us, as farmers near Penong were trying to harvest their wheat before the storm

Ceduna means a resting place from the Aborigial `chedoona’. It is also very noisy after coming out of the Nullarbor desert. The jetty had Aboriginal paintings on boards nailed to the rails. We congratulated ourselves on doing 500 kilometres in such conditions against a strong headwind.
From Ceduna drove to Port Augusta. Most of the country is dry mallee planted to wheat up to Goyder’s Line – the old limit of drought affected country, Iron Knob is where we saw lots of cloud ships. I got out the compass and the mass of iron ore was affecting it. What was it doing to us I asked.

This was my first visit to Perth and it was 1996. I was amazed to see how cheap housing was compared to NSW prices. Ron wanted to take me to Rottnest Island so we caught the hydrofoil from Sorrento and stayed at Thompson’s Bay. We cycled around and caught the bus, swam and dived at Stack Bay.

There were forests of seaweeds falling to a sand hollow where Australian salmon were schooling. I followed them through a labyrinth of limestone passages through the reef and saw Moorish Idol in a peephole and other southern species mixed with some hard pink corals in the crevices. The water was very clear.

At night we had dinner at the hotel and the quokkas came into the dining room. I had a shifted vision experience. Ron could see blue in my aura and in the quokkas. Ron said the energy of an entity can take many forms and the quokkas were a physical manifestation. Ron could feel the quokkas energy in his fingers.

We cycled around Rottnest Island past the salt lake where salt was mined until the prison closed in 1903. Eighteen Aboriginal prisoners died here and this was the energy I felt while cycling near the graveyard. Ron found it the next day. A total of 864 Aborigines died on the island. Many seemed to be trapped in the etheric. It was obvious this had been a place of hardship for them.

Henrietta Rocks is a good diving area and Point Vladamir has a blowhole and whales are often sighted offshore. The island has its own endemic pine, rosemary, and Melaleuca. The quokkas live under the Melaleuca, where it is dense and dark, for they are noctural. No wonder Rottnest is so popular with Perth people, yachties and sea lovers. It’s a great place.

Fremantle is an old port with the Round House a prison with a whalers tunnel beneath with high energy. Also Rockingham to the south with its many shipwrecks is quite beautiful..

We were heading back to the east coast for Christmas which was only 3 weeks away, so exploring the south-east had to wait for the next trip. It was to be sooner than I thought; we got to Mount Tamborine, brought a house, then we were off the Perth again.

This time we flew and stayed with Ron’s parents. I got to see more of the city sights and even went by ferry across to South Perth to visit the Old Mill, a National Trust site.

I was drawn to a gallery Parabaroo Gallery which had an exhibition by the Aboriginal artist Mingi May Barnes from Christmas Creek in the Kimberleys. I hadn’t visited Christmas Creek since it was inland. Ron was wearing his uncle Jay’s turquoise and silver neckpiece. It’s symbolic of the Sioux nation we were told and it was vibrating when we met Mingi. She was a very quiet woman. I asked her about her painting owned by Dinah Ross, illustrated in the book `Modern Art Ancient Icon’. It represents the story of the Aboriginal people going to a spot in the Kimberleys where they met people from the stars, called Balangar in their language. I asked her: Was it a songline from Kimberleys to Uluru? She said yes the sites are near Christmas Creek and Fitzroy Crossing. This is the only one she has painted of it. The circumstances of meeting her in Perth were very synchronous. This was when Hale Bopp comet was visible in the skies over Perth.

We drove to Mandurah where there’s a Shipwreck Trail and where Ron’s aunt lives and out to the Pinjarra where he was born. The Aboriginal term `Mandjar’ means a trading place, but from the sea there are many reefs offshore, which are almost invisible in calm weather, so many ships were wrecked there. There are 17 wrecks identified on the wreck trail.

At Marrinup which is in jarrah forest in the Murray River catchment, dieback of the jarrah has occurred. I felt that changing the water regime may have caused the loss of understory as the soil is very sandy. Then the Phyllophora fungus was introduced which caused dieback, but the real cause is the change in water regime with clearing and so on. This is the home of the WA freshwater crayfish called marron. Flooded gum and paperbark line the river banks.

At Yalgorup we saw hundreds of black cockatoos on an energy line flying towards the beach – Preston Beach and we followed them seeing a pink salt lake on the way. The old car we’d brought in Perth, conked out at this point and I got out to watch the sun form golden rays over the sea, as wallabies grazed undisturbed beside me.

Back in Mandurah which has as its symbol the dolphin, I watched the clouds form two dolphins in the sky in a most unusual sunset as I looked over Peel Inlet. The next day I went to see another light worker again. She clarified the purpose of the trip. My role is to clear the South-West a karmic release of black/white issues from a past life in the Bunbury/Busselton/Margaret River area. I felt this related to the Gracetown Massacre at least in part.

Speaking from her IAM presence she said to me I need to keep empowered it is necessary to leave emotional issues behind and stand in my own power. There were starting to be issues between Ron and I which were affecting the work we were doing. I could leave him,  I was told, which I could do without problems. I would still work through it with or without him. We had an agreement to work together, prior to this incarnation. However I was at a point where I could decide to continue or not.

I have had an incarnation on Andromeda. This was an important past life with power struggle issues, where I went along with the crowd rather than standing in my own power. I am now however far beyond this and have incarnated to help with earth’s ascension.

‘My Sirius connection was another stepdown of my energies – a staging post. I can call on the energies of Sananda, Mother Mary and St Germaine and the ascended Masters. The ascension is a stepping up of those energies again.

I can use the word GOD which carries a powerful vibration when doing the work. I am a powerful being and I am doing the work, even when driving through the countryside. I have only to have conscious intent. Everyone and everything I touch receives healing, because I carry a very high vibration.
I do not need to work with those still expressing disease. That is their issue not mine. A wall has been placed in the etheric between those expressing negativity and me to keep my vibration high. I do not need to do anything else, they are no longer part of my reality.

We are still alone in breaking new ground and making things easier for those who follow. The ground has been broken. There is an acceleration for those who follow in my footsteps. An angel stood with me. This essence was the energy I melded with when I thought it was my twin soul. When I shape-shift I am expressing an important past life as an American Indian. (Sitting Bull). The name means wisdom in the Sioux language. I also express an important past life as an Egyptian priestess. My twin flame looked like an extra-terrestial to me.

This was the day my human guide  was doing a twin flame initation for her group and I had come along for it. Archangel Michael said to use the blue flame sword to clear ties to emotional issues and cut away from them. I went to the waterfront at Mandurah for the initiation. I stood in a circle with a cross and saw myself go through the cross.

’The body is being restructured to hold gold light – the temple of the Holy Spirit. As the earth ascends and the vibration increases the issues have to be worked through . Those that don’t will go into another hologram. As the vibration increases it becomes difficult to eat certain foods. The Christ experience of death and resurrection was the embodiment of the golden temple of the Holy Spirit’. This is the initiation taken when prana becomes the life support.’

Gateways or portals are energetic conduits opened from a higher dimensional perspective to this one. These gateways require the assistance of the space brothers and many beings on high dimensional frequencies to create it and refine the energies for a specified purpose. The purpose of a gateway and its timing is the domain of the Light Councils Karmic Board and the Great White Brotherhood.

These gateways are used to access the high dimensions and are like worm holes. In physics `string theory’ says that are temporary but they need not necessarily be. They can be permanent but need the assistance of the higher dimensional forces to activate like a star gate.

Once a merkebah body goes through and comes back, the physical body emits light and becomes luminous to deal with the excess energy being stepped back down into the physical.

The South West
There was a massacre of Aborigines at Pinjarra which we thought might have been near the Ravenswood Hotel which we’d already done some work at, without knowing about the massacre. There had been another at Gracetown which is near Margaret River. Someone I knew had written a song about it called: The Gracetown Massacre

More recently a cliff collapse had buried people at a surf carnival near there. I didn’t link the two events until I got there. When I passed the site where the cliff had collapsed, I had difficulty breathing. I didn’t know it was the site until after this. Of course I was tuning in to what had happened there, choking on sand. Although the two events are separate in time, I felt they were related. It was some kind of ‘payback’ for the massacre. Ron and I both felt the massacre site was on the hills further away in the distance. I was asking for a release for the souls of those trapped, so suddenly and felt a green light appear as they went to the light. Later I focused on the hero who took his front end loader in to rescue those buried in sand and felt a huge energy rush as I thought of what a brave man he was putting his own life at risk.

It was Full Moon in May and the energy line was being activated as they did in the old days with the Beltane fires. We drove to Cape Naturaliste where the Indian and Southern Ocean meet. Walked around the lighthouse and felt the energy was very high – like at Glastonbell. I was exhausted by it and had difficulty climbing the hill. Ron says it’s a male initiation site and its centred on a cave which can only be seen from the sea. There is no access from the land as it’s a retreating coastline. I asked for healing and got a green light again. Felt there were underground tunnels there and asked for clearing and used the torch light and did some toning.

Cowara Homestead is associated with the Gracetown Massacre I felt as we passed and I focused with intent on releasing of any residual trauma associated with the event. We then went to Yallingup Cave named Ngilgi Cave because of its association with the good spirit Ngilgi and an evil spirit Wolgine.

Ngilgi, a female spirit entity came ashore here and followed what is known as the Ghost Trail, to the caves. There she fought a male evil spirit called Wolgine. The battle raged with Ngilgi finally winning and residing in the amphitheatre section of the cave. The male spirit was thrown up and out – what is now the entrance to the cave and went to live in a nearby cave. Ngilgi still resides there.

I had not known anything about the cave, but Ron did and stopped and said I had to go and do something inside. I went on a tour and held back until I thought everyone had left the amphitheatre. I then began to tone in the amphitheatre which was wonderful acoustics. There was a beautiful energy flowing through me. After experiencing the energy I met the guide who had heard me toning. He was ecstatic and told me Dame Nellie Melba had sung in the amphitheatre. I was getting the message that someone was to be married there and I thought it was an Aboriginal, so I asked. It was Nick and Coral an Aboriginal tour guide. Later I got confirmation that this was a reconciliation between blacks and whites. I was doing the white part by upholding the energy. I felt I could have stayed for the wedding, but was uninvited so did not. I had difficulty climbing out through the cave entrance for the second time that day.

The third time was when I visited the Old Settlement at Margaret River and crossed the energy line again while walking out to 10 Mile Brook Dam along the Margaret River. Here the Macrozamia plants were twisted by the energy. I felt it as I walked over the line which was quite wide (about 200 metres).
I had drawn a female entity coming out of the sea on the Gold Coast before coming on the trip is just as I had drawn the Lizard Woman before going to Uluru. I was on the other end of an energy line which stretched right across the country to the Gold Coast. I was clearing a major energy line. It was feminine and had something to do with inner earth entities. I had the realization it was not a straight line but formed a double helix with the male energy line.

At Augusta we went out to Leewin lighthouse built in 1895 and also claiming to be where the Indian and Southern Ocean meet. At Jasper Lake I crossed an energy line near the river where an old tree had the energy of the ancestors visible in the tree. I had asked for confirmation at Cape Naturaliste when the work was complete and indicated that a rainbow would be an appropriate sign. Five minutes later I saw a huge rainbow visible in the sky. During the toning I had seen one with my Third Eye but as soon as I stopped, I couldn’t seen it anymore. After Ngilgi Cave I got a huge rainbow and again at Margaret River and Jasper Lake. I feel it’s a completion of the rainbow bridge between dimensions, the work I’ve been doing. I felt Ngilgi Cave was part of the Twin Flame initiation in Perth and that another vortex had been opened.

Chapter 7

Earth Healing Walkabout through Queensland

Murwillumbah (false start)
In 2000 I decided to complete the Round Australia trip. I had major work to do on `Priscilla’ and it took some preparation to go on the road again. I had to find tenants for my house and money for a new motor. Ron had left and gone back to South Australia. I was on my own again. In spite of the obstacles I got away but not before a false start.

The tenants wanted the house in January, too early to leave for the tropics. I headed towards Byron Bay just over the NSW border, but didn’t get that far. The motor had to be sent to Sydney from Murwillumbh and I had to return home. I had stopped just outside Murwillumbah near Gunnebah Retreat in the foothills of the McPherson Range with views to Mt Warning. There is a lovely saltwater swimming pool, where I tuned in to the dolphins. I arrived during a light workers retreat and had several days there before I could go home. This was all very irritating being stopped when I finally got started and I had to cool my heels for several weeks more. Once again I was limited in not having enough money.

I finally got away from Tamborine on 29th May, 2000. The first night on the road is always the hardest. I pulled over at Tibrogargan in the Glasshouse Mountains. This is an Aboriginal site which tells the story of sea level rises.
Mt Tibrogargan foreshadows a change in sea level. It tells a story of an Aboriginal man with his wives who flees inland when the sea comes in. This is one of the predictions of the earth changes and it seems that the legend applies to times yet to come as much as times past. I was approprite that I stayed nearby at the start of my trip to Queensland.

I stayed the night south of Gympie and headed for Tin Can Bay the next morning. I was painting on the beach when another artist travelling in a Toyata coaster came up and talked to me and invited me to stay in the caravan park. There were thousands of birds whirling around at sunset in the trees above me. The dolphins came in beside the boat ramp. The mother dolphin had been caught in a fisherman’s net in 1953 and was healed by pouring alcohol on her wound and sealing it with petroleum jelly. She came back for 5 years and now her sons come back. It’s a much nicer place to interact with the dolphins without the regimentation of rangers and hundreds of tourists. There were moves to stop the interaction here between people and dolphins. As I have shown such interaction has been happening since Aborigines inhabited the land. It is our right to have these spiritual encounters with dolphins and it should be encouraged not prevented. Fortunately sanity has prevailed and its still possible to interact with dolphins at Tin Can Bay.
I then went to Hervey Bay where I stayed with a LETS member. I worked on her health issues and last time I saw her she was well. She had only a 35% chance of recovery according to the doctors.

I found the perfect beach at Woodgate with a turquoise sea, slight surf, s hells, casuarinas and beach access and spent the day swimming and painting. Also called at Burrum Heads. Cyclone `Tessy’ was off the coast and I called in at a relic of wallum country outside Bundaberg. It’s sandy soil with heath and small trees but it was high energy. There was no surface water but the sand is quartz and that’s crystal, so that’s why the energy was high. This country was all wallum once, but now its cane and small crop farming with only a tiny remnant of wallum left

I was doing silk painting, under my friends’ old Queenslander. While in Bundaberg I went out to the Hummock. This remnant volcano is the source of the volcanic rock on shore at Mon Repos and down the coast. The rock at the southern end of the beach is volcanic and attracts the loggerhead turtles. Scientists have found its one of the main sites in the South Pacific. Turtles who are born here come back to lay their eggs, after wandering the Pacific Ocean. At the southern end of the beach is a volcanic rock wall which can be walked along. I discovered a place where the rock forms a corner like a wall. I got the impression that this had been an Atlantean temple and that the interaction was between dolphins and humans and whales. When I looked I could see the Hummock in a direct line from where I stood on the saltmarsh side. The other corners may be offshore. They put me in mind of the ones off Palau and off Japan.

This site is I believe the source of the energy which brings the turtles into Mon Repos and the whales into Platypus Bay, Fraser Island. Its called the Kanak walls and there’s another volcanic rock flow north of Mon Repos On May 4th which was a major alignment I had the feeling I was meant to be at Lady Musgrave Island. I was in Bundaberg, the weather was bad and there were some people stuck out on Lady Musgrave who couldn’t get in. The owners were away from the house and Judy and I had an amazing experience. Judy saw Quan Yin with her hand on my shoulder. She didn’t know it was Quan Yin until I showed her a picture on the internet. She said she had a lovely lavender colour around her and I had a green aura.

Judy saw Hilarion beside me in the house and gold light shining down like a spotlight. He wore a hood she said and I felt his energy. He put his hand on my shoulder which I felt and he walked towards the hall, where he waved to me and disappeared.

I went out to Mon Repos and toned and meditated on the walls. Butterflies came out of the bush and flew all around me. A pair of sacred Kingfishers were darting above me and for confirmation I got a rainbow in the crystal I’d brought with me.

On another occasion I was in Bundaberg staying with a friend. I woke at 3 am as I had previously been told in a reading that I would. I had a visionary dream in which I was given a heavy silver blue stone necklace, which was put around my neck as I was dancing in front of people in a New Age Shop. The owner said would I like to try on the Higher version of that necklace I was wearing. I said yes and as she put it on a huge energy came in and I was the High Priestess in charge of all the people there. I could have anything I wanted. The breast plate was silver with stones of moonstone and blue agate. There were ‘tears of the moon’ pearls and turquoise and lapis, I think. It was big and heavy and I felt the weight of it on my chest as I awoke. It was like a belly dancer’s chain skirt.Later I found a copy of this necklace in Egypt which I purchased.

On my next trip to Bundaberg the house had been sold and I worked out why Lady Musgrave is important. It is the apex of a triangle which extends from Bundaberg through Childers and Hervey Bay and at its centre is Bauple Mountain.

Inland from Hervey Bay is an energy site at Mt Bauple which has been calling to me to work there but so far I haven’t done so. The last few times I’ve gone to Bundaberg on the train and each time, I’ve felt drawn to it. Carnarvon Gorge I went inland from Bundaberg to Mt Perry and on to Cracow. It’s an old gold mining area and I stayed in Cracow opposite the hotel. A lot of country around it, was being cleared by farmers anticipating a ban on clearing by the Queensland government.

It was environmental vandalism, the country was prone to erosion and the clearing could only make things worse. There is a gorge near Cracow which I felt to go out to: Nathan Gorge. I could only drive part of the way as the track became 4WD. I asked my guides how much further it was. It was 3 kilometres, so I decided to walk. I don’t know how they measure kilometers but it took me two hours and I was exhausted when I got there. Perhaps it was preparation for what lay ahead. I did some toning and played my Tibetan bowl but the energy didn’t feel very high. When I closed my eyes I saw a rock in the middle of the stream. I searched for it and eventually found it near a waterfall. I lay on a rock for a while and ate my lunch and started back. I was so exhausted I had requested help. I was already back at ‘Priscilla’ when help arrived. A farmer and his dogs appeared. I did most of what was required according to my guides and was asked to complete in the dream state. It seemed to be the other end of a leyline my friend was working on at Geraldton WA.

It looked like it was going to rain, so there was only a small window of opportunity for this clearing. The next day was Buddah’s birthday and I was in Theodore. I was told, by someone I met in town, that there was great camping out at Glebe Weir and I went out there stopping at Isla Gorge National Park on the way. There I heard about a young man killed in a grain silo accident. I felt his energy later, as I drove out of town and sent him to the light. Sometimes when people die suddenly they are trapped on the earth plane and need to be released and assisted to find their way to the light. That is what I did.

I left some silk work on consignment in the information centre in gratitude for the campsite at Glebe Weir where I had electricity to fix my silks. My tenants hadn’t deposited money in my bank account so I was stopped.
Finally I got the all clear to go out to Carnarvon Gorge, but only after I got to Rollestone. The road is very rough and there are several creek crossings which can be flooded. When I got there I was guided to a talk by some ranger/guides and asked if it was OK if I toned and tuned in to the energy, if I went with them. One who was obviously intuitive said he could see other things when looking at the artwork. As soon as the talk finished, I noticed my body was buzzing. I also ran out of gas and had to have a light salad for tea. I was the only one booked on the tour. The talk had indicated it’s a women’s site on the boundry between four different Aboriginal groups. They could walk from one end of the gorge to the other in two days. They collected Macrozamia seeds and would roast them not soak them in water. He said they would give them to one of the old women , ‘no longer of any use to the tribe’, to try them to see if they were poisonous. I thought:`He’s in for a shock’.

It was clear it was a women’s initiation site and that clearing needed to be done. I felt he was there to balance my male energy. It is amazing what you can do when you have to. I began the tour at 8 am and got back after 6 pm (after dark – it was winter), after walking all day. This was really something, as at Cracow I’d struggled to do about 6 kilometres.
The first site was the amphitheatre, a womb-like opening cavern where I toned. At the entrance I saw in my Third Eye, three Aboriginal women who I asked permission to enter. I climbed the ladder and walked along the tree with footholds to enter the amphitheatre. I was awestruck by the size and presence of the cavern. There was gold algae growing in the entrance and tree ferns inside. A pool of muddy water lay to one side. I meditated and saw an owl – a large one. As I toned the water in the pool cleared. I said, Ian the ranger/guide was privileged to be there, as it was sacred to women. I felt I was overshadowed by Arunda – an Aboriginal aspect of myself.
Ian told me a Canadian man had been caught in there by a flash flood which carried him through the passageway were he climbed onto a ledge and waited for the floodwaters to go down. The steps had been washed away several times by floods and it had been closed for long periods. I said if Aboriginal women put in a claim for it, I would support closing it or restricting access. It’s a very sacred and spiritual place. I feel it’s also dangerous for men to go there without permission.

The next site and several kilometers further on is the art gallery. Again I asked permission to enter. The gallery contains 678 vulvas in rock. It has lots of handprints, hunting implements and two UFO-like objects. There was a message read by Ian Many children dead. There were also hands with extra fingers and feet with extra toes. There were ’fishing nets’ to keep in the spirits of the dead who had been buried there. You could see in some the spirit behind the nets looking like wandjinas. One of the vulvas near the entrance was large and beside it were two kneeprints, representing the sexual act. Was this a union between two energies? Human and extra terrestrial? I did only a low toning at the burial site for the bodies had been stolen.

Ian had agreed to take me further into the gorge as I felt I’d be unable to do the same walk the next day and go further. So we went on to the Cathedral Cave. This wall site, facing the morning sun, had been used as a campsite and later as a cattle yard and some of the Aboriginal art, had been rubbed by cattle. I did a toning and played the Tibetan bowl and got a picture in my Third Eye of a rock in the middle of a valley. We explored a little gorge alongside and again I toned. The energy here was higher. It had been used in the past as an escape route to the higher country. We walked on to the campsie at Big Bend with a lovely pool.

On the way to Cathedral Cave is crossing 17 of the stream and this is where many people experience a presence. An Aboriginal ranger was thrown to the ground and packed up and left the following day. I felt it may be a guardian spirit and permission needs to be asked before proceeding. (Perhaps the ranger being a male, knew he shouldn’t be there). At this spot there’s a tree twisted by the energy pointing to a side gorge. It has no track but the fruit bats congregate in summer. When I got to crossing 17 I recognized the image I’d seen earlier. It’s called Parrabooya or Little Boy and it stands alone, as an outlier in the gorge. This seems to be the highest energy and may be an interdimensional vortex. I was also drawn to the side gully nearby on the other side of the creek but with no access it would be difficult to explore.
It was a long walk back but at 20 km for a day’s walk, I had done exceptionally well. Spirit was definitely helping – no way could I have done that on my own. The next day I fell asleep after writing this account and woke to rain on the roof. I too packed up and left quickly as the cloud built menacingly. I could hear the hum of an activitated site when I stopped to take a photo. The next night I camped at The Stairway Lookout north of Mt Moffatt where I could hear the hum when I awoke in the morning. All the creeks along the way were named after star systems Aldebaren Orion etc.

Felt I had to go to Springsure Show which was on when I arrived. I had a message to deliver to an American Indian. How I was to find him? I didn’t know. There was a tipi at the other side of the main arena, perhaps a place to start. I was confused and thought he may have had a message for me. There was probably an exchange of energy and messages here as described in The Celestine Prophesy. I couldn’t stop him talking to get through to him. My message was he’d get confirmation of extra-terrestrial contact but it was also a warning, they were negative forces. I later got confirmation that I’d delivered the message but whether he’d listened and heard was another thing. He said all vortexes are sites where negative forces can come in. Perhaps the message should be to protect oneself in such places. The important thing was I delivered the message.

I photographed a cloud ship at Springsure. It’s also close to where the cattle have been reported running to the corners of paddocks. I was told not to stay there so I drove on to Emerald where I stayed at the Botanical Gardens beneath a train overpass. It was not as noisy as I expected.
I stayed the next night at the Willows in Anakie, the sapphire fields where I’d gone in the 1970’s. Then I had seen a house with a fence sitting 50 ft in the air as the strip miners had removed the soil all around it. It was the most extraordinary sight I’d ever seen. There was no protection from mining within the town limits in those days.

There was mining right through this country to Claremont where they were blasting coal out of the ground all night. I was feeling that the lump on my neck, which was getting bigger, was releasing toxins associated with this area.

I stopped at a butcher’s at Capella, on the spur of the moment. He had a sign on his door: Closed due to a death in the family. He said come in and I’ll serve you before I go. His elderly father had died and as he was speaking, his father’s energy came in, as I felt compassion for his loss. He left for NSW straight after serving me and I sent his father to the light

Drove on to Cape Hillsborough which was quite a long way and in complete contrast to the barren mining areas I’d just left.

Cape Hillsborough
I had been told I would meet someone to help me with the work and it had something to do with Emerald. I passed through Emerald the town with no indication and my next stop was Cape Hillsborough. It was a long day’s drive and there are national parks on the way, Peak Range and Gemini Range section, but I didn’t stop. The lookout as you come down the range is spectacular overlooking Mackay. The sea was miles out as I remembered from a previous trip into Mackay Harbour by sea. I headed for Seaforth. There are islands offshore, the Cumberland Islands and further south the Percy Islands which I’d visited previously. Wedge Island you can walk out to.
I camped on the beach at Cape Hillsborough and was painting there when I met a fellow traveler and artist Kevin who walked along the beach with me. He was a sailor and had sailed these waters too. He left the beach before I did and when I got back, I found a note on `Priscilla’ with his mobile number saying he’d be in Airlie Beach in a few days.

I went for a walk along the Aboriginal food trail to Happy Valley and saw a pool like one in Kakadu. There were signs of old sea level, in caves at the back of Happy Valley about 30 metres above present sea level. There were also ancient limestone beds which have formed below sea level, now behind the mangroves. There was a wooden fish trap out in the water which had survived since Aboriginal use.

I met several other travelers from New Zealand who were friendly and invited me to join them. It was that kind of place. I climbed the hill to the Twiu Lookout. Then I went on to Airlie Beach with the lump on my neck getting bigger.

I saw a bay which looked like Clareville in Sydney and decided to have a look. I didn’t need to ring him. Kevin was there at Shillings Beach. We managed to camp at Cape Conway in the National Park carpark. I felt Harassed at Airlie Beach and though I’d enjoyed it years ago, I no longer felt comfortable there. Kevin decided to travel with me and we headed for Brisk Bay, outside Bowen. Gloucester Island is right offshore and Kevin had sailed through Gloucester Passage. We had visitors who supplied us with wood and friendship and I felt nurtured. I dreamt of my Aboriginal friends and it was like a reconciliation party. Kevin did a powerful healing on my neck while I recovered. He put out crab pots in the creek and cooked and fed me.
We were there on full moon I felt I had been provided this respite by my guides and was grateful. Before we left I heard the hum of a powerful energy site. I thanked my guides for the healing site and requested that it be made available to others. We were offered a yard to camp in on private property, but I had received a call from a friend in Sydney who wanted to meet me in Cairns at Palm Cove, so it was time to move on. There had been plans for an aluminium smelter to be built there. Hopefully the work we did will prevent this ever going ahead.

Bowen was windy and we drove on to Giru, where we stayed out at the launching ramp at Cromarty Landing. The launching ramp is only just above sea level and north of Cape Bowling Green. Its one of the best fishing areas I’ve ever seen. There are crocodiles in the estuary and mangroves all round and lots of mud crabs and fish. When the tide rises above 3.5 metres it floods, so full moon was a worry. The water came right up to Kevin’s van. The mountains behind are quite high in energy. My neck was still discharging, so I was glad of another nice high energy environment.

Charters Towers
From there we went inland to Charters Towers, missing Townsville which was only 60 kilometres north. We stayed on the Burdekin River. The turnoff was opposite Giru towards Woodstock and south the Charters Towers. We were at Macassan Park, north of Charters Towers for the full moon. The river was running fast and there were red claw (yabbies) in the river and fish. The pressure was off and I relaxed and recovered. We visited an artist friend of Kevin’s and he told me about visiting a place in England and seeing a painting which looked almost black. The longer you looked at it, the more detail could be seen, including a man, woman and children and a window with stars visible through it. He said everyone could eventually see this. It seemed to me like going into 4th dimension to see it. Just letting the energy flow will bring though the images. It began to rain and since the river rises fast, we moved to Fletcher’s Creek, but not before I found out why we were there. In 1948 there was a tragic accident where 13 people were killed when a RAAF truck carrying civilians had careened over the bridge. We were there to release those souls from the earth plane.

At Fletcher’s Creek we camped near the Great Basalt Wall about 40 kilometres north of Charters Towers. This is an energy vortex going into the earth. When I meditated on the Wall, my whole lower abdomen and legs vibrated and the acupuncture points in my fingers were tingling. Kevin felt the Wall was gold energy and got the message `you are on track’ where previously he got `be patient’. The volcanics which formed the Wall are 4 million years old. I was seeing the lava tubes in my Third Eye, but didn’t know what they were until later, I saw a boardwalk inside the tunnels. I felt the Wall was the balance of male and female energies. There was work being done on my 2nd and 5th charkas and another person we met there was having work done on his 5th chakra after throat cancer. I made a flower essence from a pea flower growing on the Wall.

We followed the lava flow of the Great Basalt Wall along to its junction with the Burdekin River near Dalrymple old townsite. There are apparently no crystals found on the Wall. A month later we were on the Great Basalt Wall again. This time we went out in a westerly direction to Silent Pool and Red Falls. There was an eclipse of the moon while we were there. Kevin could hear a rumble varying in pitch for two days. It was not the hum I was hearing apparently. Kevin was not well and it was from here on both occasions that we went our separate ways. As we parted to go north I had been told to reflect on our time together and what we had been able to achieve together – healing and creativity. He felt we had healing for ourselves and others.

Kevin painted the falls on our return. I had seen in my Third Eye a waterfall which had led us out to Red Falls. During the night a large meteor fell between Blackall and Windora. Though I didn’t see it, I heard about it on the news. From there I went on to Greenvale the town built to mine nickel and now a modern ghost town. I met a woman in the crystal shop who told me about  it, she could feel the crystals in the ground and takes people out to find their own.

Undara Lava Tubes
The lava tubes which I’d been seeing in my Third Eye for some time, were from a volcano which is sitting on a flume and scientists don’t know why its not erupting. The whole Palmer Fault Line which runs through this area is active and vulcanologists expect an eruption soon. I found the volcano which is the source of the Great Basalt Wall on the way north from Fletcher’s Creek. I saw it with a Telecommunications tower near a green gate just north of Blue Holes. It looks like a nipple on the aerial photographs, but its lava covers 1500 square kilometers whereas usually a volcano spreads only about 150 kilometres.

The lava tubes were rivers of molten lava flowing out from the volcano and they kept flowing until they cooled long after the volcano stopped producing lava. So some are empty tubes marked by dry rainforest like watercourses flowing through the countryside. There are 90 volcanos around Atherton, all set to go once hot spots are activated. I’d say its fire not water which is the main concern with the earth changes up here.

The Aborigines came into the lava tubes to die, they didn’t come into the dark otherwise and only used the collapsed cave entrances. I went into a section which I recognized from my Third Eye impressions. I did some toning on the boardwalk with a handrail and apparently did what I had to do.
On the way back I stopped at the green gate and walked to a saddle between two mountains, which were actually lava flows going south. I did a toning and asked for the volcano to be capped or cleared whatever was needed. The was a big Telecom tower across the road which I felt was blocking the energy and also my energy. It was here I received an impression of a waterfall which led me to Red Falls. Perhaps the energy line was being diverted. I worked there later.

Innot Hot Springs
Innot Hot Springs is a natural spring coming out of the ground beside a creek, but its been tapped and flows through some pools as well. It’s too hot to swim in in the creek. There are several pools all different temperatures in the caravan park alongside. This could be quite a healing spot I felt. Once again I was having problems with my neck, so I was pleased to be able to relax in the healing waters. Innot Hot Springs is on the energy line. While sitting on the step in the hot indoor pool I was watching the sunlight on the water, when I went into an altered state. I saw in my Third Eye the double DNA helix with Mahatma above it. There were two figures dancing in the light and the message was the mystical union between man and woman or Christ and His Church. As I watched the two figures became one. There were Chinese characters dancing in the light. That was the dross burning off. It was orange and gold and the figures were red. Mahatma was white.
I was reminded of Shirley MacLaine’s experience in `Dancing in the Light” and that she had the vision in a hot spring. I realized I’d been in the hot spring for 25 mins and the recommended time is 10 minutes.

Later I found out more about the Mahatma energy. It is the Avatar of Synthesis, Mahatma who is facilitating the integration of the Creator(God) and the Co-creator (us). Ascension is the integration of matter, soul, monad, Mahatma and God. The anchoring of the Mahatma energy into Earth helps to facilitate this and accelerates one’s personal ascension process.
You can call on this energy. It’s a combination of 12 rays and much more. It can help to break up fixed patterns locked in the physical, emotional and mental bodies and raise these bodies to the frequency of light. The calling forth of the Mahatma energy can greatly assist this process of ascension. This energy is golden white in colour and has been available on the physical level since 1988.

More information on the Mahatma energy is available in Joshua Stone’s `The Complete Ascension Manual: How to achieve ascension in this lifetime.’
Ravenshoe is the highest town in Queensland and is similar to Tamborine. I liked Little Millstream Falls and toned in the gorge, but we also went to Tully Falls which was very high energy with the water coming over. I also met an artist who has painted the Boulders at Babinda and photographed an Aboriginal spirit girl, who I’d written about in Australia Down Under. She must be very strong energy to manifest in a photograph I mused. Later I found energies were manifesting in my own photographs.

The Boulders at Babinda is one of my favorite spots. I met my NZ friends there and they photographed me in the pool. There were Ulyssus butterflies flitting over the pool and over the Devil’s Pool. The Boulders gorge reminded me of the initiation site at Glastonbell, the passage shaped like a woman’s body. I did a toning with a huge amount of energy then I walked back to the pool for a swim and mysteriously missed my friend who was on the same track. The Boulders is on the coastal plain, so from here it’s a short trip to Cairns.

In Cairns there were ships in the harbour headed for the Sydney Olympics including the huge yacht Independence from Cayman Islands, but I headed for Palm Cove. I met up with my friends and saw modern Cairns so different to the Cairns I knew from the 1970s. We watched the Olympic Torch parade and saw dance groups including the Cook Islanders and a Chinese dragon.
I was magically right on site to see the Reef Torch Rally which came right past the campsite and was transferred to the MV Quicksilver which took the torch out the reef where for the first time it went underwater. `Quicksilver’ came right into shore bearing the torch flame on her bow. Everyone went wild with excitement. I was so glad I was there and really felt I was meant to be part of it and to share it with friends who’d made the trip possible. I was very excited about the Olympics and that seemed to be where I was headed next.
But there were a couple of places I had still to visit. Port Douglas had changed dramatically since I’d last been there when it was like a town in New Guinea dramatically beautiful scenery and corrugated iron buildings . Instead of going like Broome to a distinctive style, it’s modern Gold Coast. Kevin had joined me again for this section of the trip. He said Low Isles a picture postcard island off Port Douglas, had cruise boats discharging a nightmare number of tourists daily.

We went on to the Daintree crossing but it was raining and we needed 4WD, so we headed back to Wonga Beach, but decided to go up the Range to Mt Malloy , where we camped at Rifle Creek feeling so much better as we came up onto the Tableland.

We crossed the main energy line between Mareeba and Dimbulah at Maisel Lakes property. It was so strong we both stopped. There was a flock of ibis in v formation flying over and several other flocks of birds could be seen in the distance. We were on the Great Divide and the energy was very high. Someone told us about a campsite on the Tate River near Almaden where the cows wander across the road. Its on the Savannalander Train route. The Tate River was higher than it usually is at that time of the year and its beautiful deep pool with no crocs appealed to us.

Kevin put out the pots and we had Red Claw for dinner. The river flows into the Gulf from the Mitchell River, which it flows into. Black cockatoos put on a rousing display at sunset. It was a good campsite.

We drove to the Ootman turnoff where I could hear the big rocks humming and camped at the crossroads. I woke hearing knocking and realized it could be Aboriginal clapping sticks which I’d heard before on energy sites.
Chillagoe Caves is part of Mungana Caves National Park. Donna Cave is named after the Madonna whose image appears near the entrance. When water filled the cave for four months from February 2000 it reached just below her. I did a toning in Pompeii Cave later.

We could see gold energy around the rocks in the town. I did a meditation at Balancing Rock and saw a water filled tunnel or cave and quartz inclusion which I couldn’t find. There are some Aboriginal drawings which indicate a women’s site. The highest energy is at Balancing Rock which is on the walk.
We continued back to Emu Creek where we camped below a bridge. On the other side of the creek we could hear the hum again. In the new moon we were sitting beside the fire when Kevin said:`Did you see that?’

He could see a crescent-shaped image of five very bright lights above the tree-line nearest to us sitting under the bridge. Although I couldn’t see it, I felt something was there from the energy. This was the further point north we reached on the trip.

Not long after we finished the work at Fletcher’s Creek and I headed back home and Kevin went on to Longreach.

I came home to a period of difficulty. Comet Linear shock waves hit the earth about this time after it ploughed into the sun. The `Rainbow Lights’ alignment on 17th August was an awakening in the dream body of the teachers who were reporting rainbow lights in the dream state. Then an awakening followed throughout the world. I meditated at sunset on Mt Tamborine and saw spots around the sun and as the sun went down, the sky took on the form of earth, the clouds forming the red inland – `heaven became earth’.

I found a friend had been working on a parallel energy line at the time I’d been in Cairns and she had lost her Green Magician crystal which she was told went to the reef with the dolphins to hold the energy line on the Great Barrier Reef.

The South East : Qld
I chose the south-east of Queensland as a place to live because it had so many natural high energy areas. After I had been living on Mt Tamborine for a while, I had a dream and was asked to paint it. In the dream there was a dolphin swimming and a golden valley and Mt Warning.

I spent some time looking for the place of my dream and eventually found Wunburra meant, in a local Aboriginal dialect, Run up hill Hunting Dog. It referred to a saddle at Binna Burra where the two roads meet. Looking south is the Numinbah Valley. To the right is Mt Warning. I painted this from Castallen on Mt Tamborine and called it `Going into Golden’. I felt this is where the new energy is coming in.

I had been walking in the National Parks on trails in the high country accessible from Binna Burra. I came across Tullawallal. This is a high spot accessible from Binna Burra on a 5 km walking trail and is a magical place. Its in the Antarctic Beech Forest some of which are over 1000 years old and have very high energy. I toned in the rock circle and saw a robin hopping in and the flower children coming to play. Afterwards there were birds there and the energy had definitely improved. I saw in my Third Eye a green valley with stone forming a circle from a high vantage point. It seemed to be in the Numinbah Valley. To the west is the high energy and the safe areas..We put a merkebah seal on it so the energy cannot be shifted and received confirmation from a spirit entity possibly `the green man’, a nature spirit who I photographed up there.

I saw a pyramid which I’d seen there before, and saw it was connected with Egypt. I wondered if we’d helped children pass over because that’s what we’d been doing on that Full Moon. I could hear the energy hum once the work had been done. The next time I went there, I heard a didjeridu playing on the early part of the track. It just kept getting better and we found a memorial to a ranger, Gus who had laid out the tracks at Binna Burra. On top of the hill which is called Tullawallal are steps leading to a grotto – a pyramid where the energy is very high. I felt I was a priestess walking between rock walls beneath a pyramid. I came to an opening which was veiled, but I could see through to gold light. Angie said send purple which I did. I said the tree at the entrance to the grotto was a portal and the key to opening the site. I lay on the birthing rock and saw sperm swimming. It felt like an initiation into oneness – all is one, a very balanced and gentle energy site.

At the same time another healer I know was working at the Pol Pot Museum in Cambodia and I was told we were working together.

Coomera Valley
There are lots of sites in the Coomera Valley with high energy. Some of them are Aboriginal sites like Kweebani Cave where I’ve done some toning and clearing. There is a pyramid in the etheric in the lower Coomera Valley. Sometimes the energy was low, when spots needed clearing. This was when the bushfires were burning in the valley. I used the pendulum to ask whether to proceed.

One track down to the Coomera River and Gwongoorool Pool has energy points which can be felt in the body. Angie felt an energy line going north-south to Mt Merino which gave her an electric shock. The track has a birth canal in rock near the beginning of the trail. The whole walk is a healing track energizing parts of the body from head to feet. Some points activated include left frontal lobe, right jaw, right knee and elbow, left ear, left inner ear and thoat, submaxillary glands ( I toned for them breathing out the toxins), ears, solar plexus, lungs, heart. The energy was so high on one occasion I felt we could have ascended. There are areas where bodies have been buried in the cliffs. At one point we crossed a dimensional doorway. At times it felt like we floated over the ground. We could hear a humming at different spots.
There was an Aboriginal sign on the riverside marking an energy line crossing the river or some grooves in the rock. I couldn’t really see what was there but felt something.

The river was pristine, beautiful and clear flowing. The was the most amazing walk and took place on 20 Oct 2001

The Caves Circuit is a 5 kilometre trail with a lookout over the Coomera River gorge which is high energy. There were `hot spots’ which had been sprayed with chemicals which we cleared using the sheet drawn through the etheric meditation.

The track passes through a keyhole in the rock and Kweebani Cave before dropping to the valley floor and climbing again. It comes out at the accommodation at Binna Burra. I’ve toned at the keyhole with my family.
The other side of the ridge overlookingh Valley is Bellbird Lookout with views to Egg Rock where I toned four years ago. When I went back several odd things happened. First I saw an impression of water in the valley. Then Anne rang from home on the mobile and actually got us in an area with no mobile coverage, linking me to home. Then when I got home, I slept for hours. I’d been high in energy to start and floating off into the air , then when I finished I’d been very grounded. After I’d had a sleep, I was high as a kite again. This was very unusual for me as I’m usually quite grounded. It was however just before a major alignment (8 Aug 03) with Sirius I think.

Fingal Head
This is the southern headland on the Tweed River. There is an island offshore called Cook Island known as a good diving spot with lots of big migratory whales and sharks. Whales migrating up the coast often pass between the island and the mainland. I went there in the van for a week in 2002.
There are Aboriginal people living at Fingal Head – its an old Aboriginal site. When I originally went to Fingal Head there was a sign describing the place in the old days. It was rainforest down to the sand with an understory of yams and other bush tucker. Someone had stolen the sign apparently theft is a big problem because the Landcare tractor used to reestablish rainforest trees, had also been stolen. James my son-in-law said the sand dunes along the beach are a dumping ground for stolen cars.

I did a release of the spirit of Caomoi and his son Churaki in the Aboriginal Cemetery next to the caravan park. Their energy was quite strong around the cemetery. Before I went there I had a dream about an Aboriginal guru up in the hills who lived at 18,000 ft. I was told he walked up there 11 kilometres every day. In the dream I went to see him. A didjeridu was being played by a younger devotee. He told stories like parables with meaning. One had been published.

Dreamtime Beach is a high energy site and I meditated and was shown a place on the Forest walk where I toned and did a clearing with the help of the devas and four archangels I felt the energy come in and myself falling forward.I may need to go back there. Tamara saw a rainbow over Cook Island and the headland `lit by a strange light’

I took this as confirmation of the work completed here. There were dolphins surfing just offshore. There’s also a basalt quarry on the headland which holds the energy. This seems to be on the energy line from Lord Howe Island and we flew over it both ways from Lord Howe.

Springbrook is famous for its waterfalls and I’ve worked at some of them. Natural Arch was the first. It lies in the Numinbah Valley. I was there once when some Aborigines were playing a didjeridu and I toned and it was very special.

A higher spot is Twin Falls. It was a beautiful spring morning and there was a perfume in the air when I first went there. It felt fresh and clean like when I was a child and used to go swimming at the Spit with my Dad. We took the track on the left which had been closed previously. It descends gradually to the valley after following the top of the escarpment for a way. It’s pristine rainforest.. We followed the base of the cliffs and they gradually enlarged into large Aboriginal caves. We sat in one which was a gathering place for red ochre for body painting. We walked a bit further and found a place for ceremonies. In between is an outlier from the cliff which is an energy guardian. We asked permission to proceed. When we got to the ceremonial site we found it was an initiation site for boys and originally had Aboriginal paintings such as a Giant Turtle and hunting scenes. They were destroyed and the site no longer has as much energy as it did.

Blackfellow Falls is beautiful and you can walk behind the waterfall and see images in the rocks, particularly at the base of the falls. I tuned in to an Aboriginal dancer with markings that looked like the Lightning Man from Kadaku.

As we walked along Twin Falls track there were more falls with misty spray nourishing lilies and palms. Angie had tuned in to Twin Falls when we first went there and saw that all dimensions are accessible there.

During a meditation after the walk I floated like an eagle above the valley and got a strong confirmation that it’s the ending of all cycles, not just the one that took us to Twin Falls when Angie first arrived. ‘’Very soon will be a brand new day of our own creation. How do you want it to be? ” I saw King Arthur ad Genieve and the unicorn gallop over the rainforests of Springbrook.

On another occasion we went to Lower Ballinjui Falls Walk as far as Yongalia Lookout. We needed permission to pass an Aboriginal initiation site. Ships Stern is near the head of Nixon’s Creek Valley. Sections are high energy and others are hidden from our view. Its an inner earth access point and there’s a crystal layer beneath which accounts for the high energy. The crystals were sparkling in the rock. Below the lookout is another Aboriginal cave which formed a dome for toning I was told, like at Glastonbell. We were told we were there to experience the energy, not to work. It was just after a solar eclipse.

Mt Bithnogabel
It was not my intention to walk 15 kilometres, but I did. Once again spirit guided me to the Antactic Beech Forest. When I got there I was thoroughly pooped. I lay down inside an Ancient Beech Tree. I tried to tone lying down, but finally sat up and ate my lunch, which made me feel better. I was probably low in sugar. Angie went for a walk on the old track in the Beech Forest. She said she was grounding the energy. As I was toning, she saw four beings toning with me – it sounded very harmonious. A huge spiral came down and went into the earth beneath my feet. She said they closed it down, to wait for the right time. She said I had opened the vortex.

I just felt I had to tone and it didn’t sound very loud or very long. When I opened my eyes a marsupial mouse was foraging practically at my feet. I watched it for a while. When Angie told me what she’d seen and heard, I got a huge energy boost which got me back home. There were a number of energy lines crossing the track about two metres above the ground in an E-W direction which were out of alignment on our way back. We cleared them. Again it was nearly Full Moon. Angie received a message that we’d done an important job and our guides were well pleased with us. We were not nearly as sore or tired as we should have been under normal circumstances.

Mt Gipps
In May 2003 I suddenly decided to go for a drive on a Sunday. I asked which direction to go and was directed West towards Beaudesert. I felt I was going in the direction of Mt Barney. I passed Round Hill which I’d been directed to previously and was heading in the direction of Mt Barney when I got an impulse to turn down Christmas Creek Road.

I stopped at the Catholic Church and went and looked at the graves in the cemetery and sent one spirit to the light. I then proceeded to Stinson Park where I had lunch. This is where Bernard O’Reilley found the plane lost in the mountains by following his intuition. They walked from Stinson Park up into the mountains and it’s very rugged country.

There were a few people around including a man and two Asian children feeding a horse. I followed the road a bit further, but didn’t get as far as I had been before, to the waterfall, before I turned around and went back the way I’d come. I turned at Chinghee Creek Road towards Mt Gipps. I drove up to the saddle where I’d previously been with Ron and Mum and parked and walked along a cattle track and sat down. Up the hill I could see a car coming and they stopped where I did and the children I’d seen before came up to me.

What are the coincidences of meeting someone on top of a remote mountain on a sunny Sunday in May who hasn’t lived in Australia in 15 years? Infinitisimal. I gave him a message to use the energy he has earned over previous lifetimes to work for the light at this time. I gave him a healing and connection to his guide, Lao Tzu. He was in Australia on leave because of the SARS epidemic. He was married to a Chinese national and is CEO of a manufacturing company in industrialized south China. He told me many things about the exploitation of the Chinese cheap labour force and of the environment which shocked me. I haven’t heard from him, but I did my part and delivered the message.

North Stradbroke Island
Tamborine and North Stradbroke have had a connection through Judith Wright and Kath Walker friends and poets, so its not surprising that connection has an energy basis. It was years since I’d been there with Kevin Deacon early in our marriage, but I remember thinking it was close to heaven with rainbow lorikeets and wattle birds coming right up to our campsite.
This time I was going back with my grandson Oarin, and Tamara and James. We crossed over to the island on the vehicular ferry. It’s a long trip about 3⁄4 of an hour and there are mangroves `floating’ on the water on the way out. The channel is very narrow close to the mainland at Cleveland but widens out into Moreton Bay where there were yachts sailing.

When we got off at Dunwich, we drove the car and van to Adder Rock Camping area where we stayed. We drove to Brown Lake a freshwater lake in the center of the island where Oarin and I swam and then on to Blue Lake and later found a swamp with waterlilies near the ocean.

Called at Myora Springs my favorite spot, I discovered. In the morning the pebbles were forming nice pattern on the sand. There are Aboriginal middens there, so it has been used for a long time and a dolphin on a sign indicated dolphin energy. I was there on the second anniversary of my heart attack. I’d rather be on Stradbroke Island in the dolphin energy. I did some toning.
Later after a camel ride on Home Beach, I spotted a mother and baby dolphin. After my family had left I was listening to the night bird calls when I felt a movement in the ground like a wave impact.

I went to Point Lookout where I had a call from home. I immediately felt the link made between me at Genieve Headland at Point Lookout and home. I sat there with a straight back like a ramrod for 10 minutes connected to the energy. That was obviously my purpose for being there at 9 am facing south along Main Beach looking towards Tamborine. I felt I’d put in another light point connecting Fingal Head, Point Lookout and home.

Went back to Myora Springs where I chanted and toned in the pool. Then I sat on a stump and could see a tunnel. Across the road was a Lillipilli pool with palms. It felt good childlike energy, mother and children, playful, innocent. There was also the feeling of dolphin mother and baby. There are mangroves between the pool and the sea. On my last day, a family came in by dinghy and told me there’s a sign out at sea on the edge of the mangroves. I explored some of Dunwich including the cemetery and the Fig Tree Gallery before catching the ferry back.

I was sent there again when the big fires were burning on the northern side of Mt Tamborine to anchor and balance the energy. My mother was with me and I had no intention of going to North Stradbroke. Somehow we ended up on a ferry going across to North Stradbroke for the day and then to Point Lookout by bus.

Usually if there are fires about I’m on the other side of Mt Tamborine on the energy line. I’ve also been there, when earthquakes and aftershocks from the Indian Ocean tsunamis were happening and other natural events. It’s on a line between Mt Lindsay and Mt Tamborine. I apparently anchored the energy on the energy line in July 2002 when others were working on the other end of the Rainbow Serpent energy line in Echidna Gorge in the Kimberleys, to the tail on Mt Tamborine.

As I was editing this book I had an experience which connected Mt Tamborine to the West. Several people turned up from WA and when I asked spirit, I was told they had been sent by Ron who had by now passed over. I was asked to hold the energy of Ngilgi cave. A connection has been established between there and Mt Tamborine and it is like a telegraph line between there and here. These were the red lines I had seen in the astral running across the country. Sometimes they appeared as a net. These are the lines the indigo children are reporting that they see. The picture at the beginning of the chapter depicts how I saw them before I went to WA. This is the `Star of the Sea’ the mother energy of creation.

Chapter 8

Earth Healers Journey in Tasmania
I had almost completed the `String of Pearls’ book and begun to write it up, when I realized that it would have to be done by State if it was to go on the internet. A big omission was that I had not been to Tasmania. Several times I had discussed going with various friends, but it had not happened. At last I asked : well what am I going to do about Tasmania? Then I stepped back and waited.

While I was in Sydney in April 2005, I contacted an old friend who I thought was in Sydney. She invited me to come to Tasmania where where she was housesitting in Hobart.

I went to the World Servers Group at full moon in April in Sydney. During the meditation It felt like I had a choker around my neck. I saw Shamballa and felt Sananda’s energy, but no-one said anything This was the Wesak Full Moon.
I had only been home a week when I was off to Tasmania. I’ve never had a trip fall into place quicker. A friend offered to loan me the use of her credit card to book a flight and I had a house to stay in thanks to another friend. The Sabian symbol reading for the week was: Virgo 21 A Girls’ Basketball Team. There is a need to co-operate with others and to play by the rules of the game to achieve your goals. Friends and those with similar interests will be able to join with you to achieve a mutually desirable goal. The give and take of teamwork.

Just before I left I found out that another earth healer would be in New Zealand at the same time as I was in Tasmania. I arrived on the 10th May. There were a number of events already organized for me to attend. I went to Cygnet to the south of Hobart and did some networking with other people of like mind. I also saw the Australian Antarctic Division headquarters. I also went up to the Freycinet Peninsula where there was a festival to the French who had landed at Jubilee Beach, a high energy spot. I was connecting with the old.

I went to Oatlands where the eldest son of my convict ancestor Joseph Wright settled. He was the first settler in the area and was apparently prosperous. One of the houses he built is still standing and I photographed it.
I tried to go to Mt Wellington but frustratingly was not able to. I went to a BBQ at Gunner’s Quoin which is on the opposite side of the river. It was on the route north to Oatlands which was en route to Port Dalrymple. In other words it crossed the island from south to north on the energy line. The point where they originally crossed the Derwent River was at Austin’s Ferry. James Austin who had the ferry came from Glastonbury and he chose a spot which had similar energy to his homeland, because it too is on the Michael and Mary energy line at Glastonbury.

We toned at sunset on the 15th May at Gunner’s Quoin at an old barracks on the top of the hill on the route taken by Governor Macquarie on his way to Port Dalrymple. As we toned at sunset the land below was highlighted in gold. There was hawthorn planted up to the top of the hill something which the Celts did in the old country on the leylines. I found another relic of Glastonbury in the Hobart Cathedral where there are blocks of stone from each of the major cathedrals in England, in the museum.

We left Hobart on the 18th May for Cradle Mountain, Lake St Claire, on a foggy morning following the Derwent River. Drove through New Norfolk which we both thought was like Katoomba, then on to Hamilton where we went to Glen Clyde Cottage, which was apparently once owned by our hosts. We visited Bothwell which has the oldest golf link in Australia and on to Steppes.

Marian had visited Steppes on a cycling trip through Tasmania and knew about a standing circle there. When we got there there was a noticeable energy hum like is present on other sacred sites. I could hear it and feel it. The stones have bronze sculptures on them of native animals and Aborigines, done by Stephen Walker and it was opened by Vincent Serventy. We did a toning and Marian felt the energy shift to a softer feminine energy. We walked to the Steppes Homestead. This was given by Miss Madge Wilson to the people. I felt it was the first of the reserves I had asked be set up for the healing from the land. Miss Madge Wilson was the Steppes Postmistress for 30 years and she donated the homestead and some additional land (48 hectares) to the people. She devoted her life to the care of the flora and fauna of the area. We decided to stay there

Marian saw her spirit step onto the verandah early the next morning, so we knew we had protection from the spiritual forces. The homestead was built in 1863 and became the headquarters of the South Longford Police Division with James Wilson, the builder, as Superintendant. There’s another memorial here to Jack Thwaites who was instrumental in establishing it as a State Reserve for all to enjoy. The plaque was placed near the fireplace by the Hobart Walking Club.

The 18th May must have been an energy alignment. We got there at 3pm and did the toning and there was a noticeable hum and I could feel energy coming up from the ground through my fingers. I went back the next morning to pick the flowers growing near the circle to make a flower essence. The energy seemed to have gone. I was puzzled by this and we did another toning at 9am. Then Marian saw Madge Wilson’s spirit. We said thank you and departed.

We went on to Lake St Clair and did the Aboriginal walk telling the story of the reduction from 400 people down to 16 during the contact period. I felt very sad. We saw the button grass plains for we were still on the high plains. At King William saddle the country changes from dolomite to quartzite very suddenly as you go from flat plain, into a steep valley – Surprise Valley. Suddenly everything changes, the energy becomes much higher, the vegetation becomes much lusher. Suddenly it seems as if you’re in Gondwanaland.

The quartzite Frenchman’s Cap, said to resemble a cap worn by Frenchmen, dominates the surroundings. This is where the Franklin River one of the last remaining wild rivers flows and the subject of much environmental action in the 1980’s We owe a great depth of gratitude to those who fought for it. The biggest surprise for me was the energy. It was so high, I felt so good and I was excited. This was definitely the `new’ the energy we have been waiting for and told about. It is here that a new vision of the future is possible and already manifesting.

We camped in the National Park at Lake Burbury and had this amazing `Scottish lake’ to ourselves. When we left in the morning and drove through a pass to the west, we came upon another surprise. The copper mines at Queenstown lie in the valley and deform the hills which are denuded of old growth Huon pine rainforest by mining. Its such a contrast to the rainforest we had gone through, its obscene.

We then drove over another range and into the west coast town of Strahan with a Norweigan feel, with its double story timber houses and site of the new wave of tourism based around the lower Franklin River. I was given some Sassafras my favorite timber from the owner of the sawmill in Strahan and we went to a lovely boathouse at Risdon Cove and to the train at Regatta Point. Then we drove out to Hell’s Gates, the heads at the entrance to Macquarie Harbour. We did some toning at a picnic spot where the forest was very lush and the fishing good, I could hear an energy hum again there. We went on and walked the beach at the entrance to the harbour. I photographed the fungi Amaranthus in the pine forest. We stopped at Queenstown on the way back to see a Huon pine planted in 1983 and about 1 metre high. It grows 2 cm in a year and is in the carpark with the memorial bronzes to commemorate the town’s mining achievement.

When we got back to Hobart we went to Salamanca Markets. I was standing beside a woman while Marian was talking to a bronze sculptor, when she asked if I wanted a reading. I decided on an I Ching reading as I wanted to know if I should join my mother and brother who had arrived in Launceston from Sydney and were only there for 2 or 3 days. She did the reading and became very effusive about what I had done in coming to Tasmania. It was a confirmation of all that had happened on the trip to the west coast. She said I was beyond male or female but had unified my energy with divine purpose. The higher realms were apparently very pleased with what I had done. I need not change my plans but leave the rest to those who will take up where I left off.

In the next few days, I saw some more of Hobart, finding James Austin’s house at Austin’s Ferry where the ferry used to go over to Old Beach which was where I was staying. This was on the main route north to Port Dalrymple. James Austin was a convict transported for stealing bee hives, yet according to his eulogy he was liked by one and all. I also tried again to get up to Mt Wellington but couldn’t. I did go up to Mt Nelson which was the signal station for ships coming into the Derwent. There’s a memorial to Truganini, the last Tasmanian Aboriginal (full blood) and a walk. I toned at the memorial at 3pm on 23rd May. The energy did not feel very high. According to the map at the Signal station, Gunner’s Quoin us 17.5 degrees NW from Mt Nelson. This was full moon in May.

The fossil site at Old Beach shows that the area was a river valley in the Triassic period and amphibians and even a lungfish have been found here. On my last day in Hobart I went up to Mt Nelson again and as I was coming down it started to rain. I had to wait a while for the bus out to Woodbridge and it continued to rain. I caught the bus to Woodbridge and again for the 3rd time in 3 days went up Mt Nelson to Hobart College which has an Aboriginal Education Unit. On the way south, the rain cleared and a beautiful full rainbow appeared over Oyster Cove and was still visible when we got to Kettering where the ferry goes to Bruny Island. The rainbow is my special symbol that I am finished the work I came to do. I felt a huge rush of energy and felt I could now go home

As I flew over the north of Tasmania I was reminded of the work I had done flying over Ball’s Pyramid on Lord Howe Island and I did the same, channeling energy all the way to Melbourne.

Earth Healing
Take three deep breaths, breathing in the light through the top of the head so that you bring your higher self into alignment with your physical body. Ask the help of the nature spirits to assist you. Ask four of them to hold the corners of a transparent sheet and to hold it about 2 metres beneath the area to be cleansed. Then ask that they draw this green transparent sheet through the earth, gathering up any dark spots or anything out-of-harmony with the earth. Gather this into the sheet as it rises through the valleys and ridges, through the streams and waterfalls and through the trees and up into the atmosphere. Then draw the corners together and ask that it be transmuted into the light as you tie the corners with a ribbon.
Then do the same thing this time asking the angels to help. Draw a white transparent sheet through the earth from about 2 metres below the area to be cleansed. Draw this up through the earth gathering anything out-of-harmony with the higher purpose of the angelic realms. Gather this into the white sheet as it rises through the valleys and ridges, through the streams and waterfalls and through the trees and sky. Then gather the 4 corners together and tie with a golden ribbon and ask that anything out of alignment with the higher purpose of the new earth to be transmuted to its next highest level.
The response to this meditation from the Higher Realms has been that this is an amazing tool to heal trauma which exists from past events. We are the bridge between heaven and earth and in doing this visualization we are truly helping the earth Gaia through the birthing process by assisting the angelic realms. It can be done for any area of land, the home, the mountain, the region, the State, the planet.i

Earth Healing Walkabout
In Jabiru, I became aware of the cycles of life in a way that I hadn’t previously. The Aborigines have 6 seasons:
Gudjewg (Jan-Mar) Time of growth and renewal brought by the Wet season (N-W winds
Banggerdeng (Apr) Last rains of season Wind change to SE
Yegge (May-June) Long dry season S-E winds. Seed eating birds migrate South. Insects abundant. Kites chasing insects in front of fires
Wurrgeng (June-July) Cool season – trees in flower Dry S-E winds continue Gurrung (Aug-Sept) Magpie geese gather in thousands on the drying plains as S-E continue. Pandanus ripens.
Gunmeleng (Oct-Dec) Hot weather stifling with increasing humidity. Winds blowing from any direction. Violent thunderstorms bring first rains. Deciduous trees sprout new leaves and grasses begin to grow.
The lives of the Aborigines are finely tuned to the seasons. Travel for example is timed to coincide with when seasonal foods are abundant in a particular area.
I began to think about seasonal change and the larger changes which govern our lives and I wrote a poem about it.
End of the Dry
Last night, I lay awake
I knew not why, but today
I know – it was the end of the Dry
Like monthly cycles, the change of pace
Brings tension and sleepless nights.
The cycles of life are paced
With the cycles of the seasons.
The moon brings monthly cycles to our lives
The Wet and Dry twice yearly tides
The sea a daily rhythm to our lives

The `El Nino’ or Southern Oscillation Index which affects everyone on the land, although sensed intuitively for 100 years, it is only since 1980 that science has recognized a cause and effect of something global in nature.
In that year , 1980, Australia was engulfed by the Ash Wednesday bushfires in the same year, Melbourne was subject to enormous dust storms which carried topsoil to New Zealand where it stained the snowfields red.
That this began off the coast of Peru as a change in the sea surface temperature of up to 4 degrees C, was slowly linked to the drought in Australia. The length of the cycle can be from two to 8 years.

Such a small change in one factor, sea surface temperature in this case, brought a massive change in another with widespread effects. This is typical of Chaos Theory. Theoretically the flap of a butterflies’ wings in Japan can affect the weather somewhere far away. Complicated systems are determined by their causes, but their causes are effectively infinite. A small change in one factor can cause such systems to become chaotic, but they can come back into order again by feedback mechanism, when they are said to display holism. Chaos and order are two faces of the same non-linear system.

Iread Jose Arguelles: Earth Ascending and The Mayan Factor, which describes cycles on a galactic scale. Cycles of sunspot activity for example. He links these with warlike episodes on earth during historical time.
We are told that we are coming to the end of many cycles, a 3,000 year cycle, a 26,000 year cycle and even longer cycles (200,000 years). Are some of these cycles reflected in the geological record. Do they account for the magnetic reversal of the poles? Do they account for the disappearance of the Mayans?
In 2012 the Mayan cycle comes to a close and a new cycle begins. The Mayan system of timekeeping dates back 18,000 years. At the end of the cycle what can be expected. Here are some phrases used to describe it:
The New Age Fourth Dimension.
The Second Coming or The Sixth World Armegedon
Planetary Pentacost Polar Reversal Dimensional Translation Planetary Resurrection Age of Aquarius
The Closing of a Cycle The Days of Judgement The Tribulation
The Rapture
It has been described by Greg Bradden in `Awakening to Zero Point, The Collective Initiation’, as a phase shift, such as occurs when water is heated and goes from ice to liquid or from liquid to gas. Chemically it’s the same but structurally its different.
Magnetism and frequency are the two factors governing the change. The base resonant frequency and the planetary magnetics have already begun to change. The earth builds up a static electric charge by its rotation. It has a negative charge while the clouds build up a positive charge. To maintain balance, global discharges of lightning involve 2,500 strikes over a 100 square kilometre area per year. Thus in rain making, which I’ve shown you how to do, thought forms discharge an energy release.
In the absence of rotation the earth experiences a magnetic null or zero point. The magnetic fields have shifted 14 times in the last 4.5 million years. The last time was 13,200 years BP.
Energetically you and I are electrical and magnetic. The electrical portion is your seed core essence or soul. It has no judgement, nor fear nor preconceived ideas. As the planetary magnetics decrease – the time it takes for a seed thought to manifest is getting shorter. The seed thought needs to be maintained long enough to be pulled down through the matrix of creation, crystallizing into something real in your life. Hence rapid manifestation of thought and feeling is possible. Of course this means negative thoughts need to be controlled very carefully.
The ability to create is available to every individual. There are three components to it, clarity of thought, duration and desire. You are quite literally creating with each second of your life. So if you don’t like something change it.
The earth’s frequency has increased from 7.8 to 8.6 over the last several years. Your body is trying to do likewise. Resistance comes from outdated beliefs. The frequency will settle at 13 which is the next number in the Fibronacci Series. If you divide this by the next number in the series you get 0.618, the Golden Ratio or Golden Mean. The base resonant earth frequency of 13 will trigger the new grid/matrix and bring in the New Age, the Age of Aquarius.
So what happens when this point is reached? Everything stops. There are no active weather patterns. The part of the earth in sunlight remains in sunlight for the duration of the process. The part of the earth in darkness remains in darkness.

For how long? Biblical accounts of the last shift suggest 24 hours, but this is uncertain. The process of the Shift will probably occur over a 3 day period following the models presented through initiations and accounts of previous shifts detailed in the ancient texts. `Immediately after the tribulation of those days, the sun shall be darkened and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall `fall from heaven.’’

It will be a period of unprecedented quiet the zero point. The analogy is when you power off the computer, the memory retains the information until it is powered up again. The earth then moves into frequency with the light which restarts the `computer’. During the shift, (72 hours) the majority of humans, will be in an unconscious state.

Following the shift earth comes into resonance with a new tone. The poles may shift what was south becomes north, what was north becomes south. The sun will set from the opposite direction relative to its present cycle.
Everything not in alignment with the new frequency will disassociate into its elemental constituents. This will be viewed as the ultimate healing of earth. Compounds that are not naturally occurring, but have been forced together under artificial temperature and pressure will probably not survive the process. This includes all synthetics and plastics.

The fundamental relationship between frequency (sound) and geometry (form) is two-way. Form yields sound and sound yields form.
The sound that initiated creation is the seed syllable `om’. The study of cymatic relationships provides a good analogy for the crystallization of energy from sound into matter. The specific pattern that forms at specific ranges of frequency are specific geometries. The 5 platonic solids represent the single unit of form. They are the tetrahedron, the octahedron, the hexahedron (or cube), the dodecahedron and the isosahedron. These solids are represented in the mineral kingdom as crystals.

Depending on the packing of the units of the crystal, they form 7 systems of crystal formation. triclinic, monoclinic, orthorhombic, tetragonal, hexagonal, (rhombohedral) and hexagonal.

The Flower of Life is the matrix for 3 amino acids, glycine, alanine and leucine in the human body. The flower of life governs how the genetic code arranges itself within the DNA molecule.

As you change the frequency of energy, you change the patterns through which the energy expresses. According to Greg Bradden:
`The human body is a holographic matrix of cellular information, the full complement of which is stored within the genetic material of each cell.’
This is the flower of life holographic-spheres within spheres. The planes of intersection within each of the spheres, become the framework along which matter crystallizes. The flower of life is the blue print of the human body!
The first 7 geometric expansions yield `the seed of life’ (pattern 7) or 7 interlocking spheres – the seven notes of the musical scale or the Merkabah. The first eight cells form the star tetrahedron or merkabah. When the Merkabah moves it is said to be dynamic and it begins to assume a flattened saucer-like expression. The field of the Merkabah is described in Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing from his Mystery School. The drawing is a frontal form of man with arms and legs spread to key positions at key angles and enclosed within a circle, superimposed upon a square. The angle of the arms is that of a ratio of 5 divided by two. It is through conscious assess to the Merkabah field, that the individual can move out of resonance with one body of information and into resonance with a higher body of information. Regulating the body through thought and feeling enables movement into a new dimension of experience.
The chakras are the point of interface between the Merkabah and the body. A shift in frequency produces a shift in pH within portions of the brain. This shifts the patterns of information and reorganizes them into new patterns. It is by changing our thoughts that new information can replace old patterns. The is the `awakening’ allowing for other possibilities other truths. This shift of awareness to a viewpoint that does not see through fear and pain, changes the bioelectric charge within the cell. It is the sum of all the electrical potential that is the signature frequency of the individual. It is through compassion that the pH of the brain is neutral. This neutrality allow unconditional acceptance of what has occurred in other words forgiveness.

You have the ability to choose thought and to choose feeling. You can create your own reality. Through the holographic experience, individuals may create change by becoming `the change’. The `whole’ humanity benefits. As one benefits to some degree all may benefit. As you drop the old programs, the old beliefs and plug in to a new body of information, to higher grids of compassion and non judgement, to the degree that you allow new patterns into your life, these are the tools of change – your keys to Christ consciousness.

You may hear sounds, feel the vibrations, sense minute changes in the grids, that those around you are unable to sense. You will experience `the Shift’ through your own frame of reference.

String Theory enables us to know the connected cosmos to sense intuitively the Earth’s intelligence and to understand in an integrative way the relationship between us and the universe, the planet and our bodies.
Intuition and intellect are often identified as specialized Eastern and Western modes of knowing. They correspond to the abilities of the left and right hemispheres of the abrain. Integrative knowing is a balance of intellet and intuition.

Nature has, in the West, been dissected to see how it works. But there is another way of looking at nature to embrace it, so there is no separation between us and nature. Every creature has its own language and the Earth speaks. It is the on- going communion with Mother Earth that transcends Western forms of knowledge because the very context in which the knowing takes place is different. It begins with respect and in recognizing nature as a web of connections in which consciousness resides.

The new physics recognizes that nature operates in networks and patterns that transcend isolated entities and dualities of matter and energy, wave and particle, space and time. String Theory proposed that everything in the universe is composed of vibrating strings of energy. The strings vibrate in a multitude of ways. The universe is a grand cosmic symphony.
Chaos Theory furthers our understanding of connectedness with a self organizing principle. When systems are furthest from equilibrium, there is a potential for spontaneous dissipation, or a sudden unpredictable transformation to a higher level of order and complexity.

All ancient American Indian oral traditions and Aboriginal traditions recognize the vocal power that songs, chants and prayers can have on the environment. Individual Indian names are related to the environment (Sitting Bull and Black Hawk are two examples). They signify identities that embody the personality and a way of knowing that is foreign to the West, because it marks a surrender to the language of a non-human world.
Aldo Leopold (1949) describes a transformative experience that occurred after approaching a dying wolf that he took part in shooting. He reached the wolf in time to see `the fierce green fire dying in her eyes’ and he was changed forever.
`I realized then and have known ever since that there was something new to me in those eyes – something known only to her and the mountain. I was young then, and full of trigger-itch; I thought that because fewer wolves meant more deer, that no wolves would mean hunter’s paradise. But after seeing the green fire die, I sensed that neither the wolf nor the mountain agreed with such a view.’
In my youth the killing of a kangaroo affected me deeply. The Aboriginals acknowledged this by thanking the animal for giving its life for us as food.
String Theory proposes eleven different dimensions. They exist in parallel with this one. Unfortunately no experiment can measure the distance or observe the strings. The mathematical equations which describe them require extra dimensions of space and time. String Theory predicts extra dimensions. This is what has been known intuitively to meditators for some time. There are extra dimensions of space time and when the Photon Belt is upon us, we will be able to change our dimension. We will move into another dimension simultaneous in space time.
Chief Seattle describing the ultimate ecosystem, Mother Earth as the `web of life’ of which we are one strand, claims that what we do to the earth, we do to ourselves.
`We know the sap which courses through the trees as we know the blood that courses through our veins. We are part of the earth and it is part of us. The perfumed flowers are our sisters, The bear, the deer, the great eagle, these are our brothers. The rocky crests, the juices in the meadow, the body heat of the pony, and man all belong to the same family.’
To be an `earth keeper’ is to find our place in the cosmos to know our true nature and our goal in existence. There must be an understanding of the nature of this existence of its purpose and our part in its purpose.
Throughout my travels described in this book, I have connected with the earth in a new way. I have intuitively used sound and seed sounds to work with nature. I have visualized this as drawing a sheet through the etheric. Invoking the nature spirits to hold the four corners of that green sheet as we draw from below the earth’s surface, through the earth’s atoms as if it were transparent, gathering anything which is out of alignment into the sheet for transmutation to its next highest level. When the sheet is drawn into the atmosphere, the four corners are brought together and tied with a gold ribbon by the nature spirits into a bundle which is taken away for processing by them.
Next I draw a fine golden sheet through the earth with the help of the archangels of the four directions, gathering anything not in alignment with earth’s highest purpose, and draw it through the etheric and bundle it up for transmutation.
I tone the sounds from `om’ to `aa’, ` aum’, `ah’, `ou’, `ee’ feeling it in my body which I extend down through my feet into the earth like the roots of a tree.. When working with a group, I ask them to link hands and to continue toning when I stop to draw breath. I allow myself to be played like an instrument, allowing the sounds to flow through me. I gradually raise the sounds from a low `om’ to a very high `ee’, I ask to be an instrument of Divine Will with the words:`Thy will, not my will be done’.
To me its inconceivable to work with nature with this added dimension of spirituality. I believe I can rise above the anger and despair of lost environmental causes and share my convictions as a person wanting to share the intrinsic joy of caring for the earth and all its inhabitants. Linking with Mother Earth through toning, visualization and song allows me to touch this awesome power by which everything exists.
The power of words cannot be overemphasised. The chanting of the name of God will keep you feeling good in spirit. Any of the names of God are suitable, so if you are feeling overcome by negativity use them to raise the spirits. If you are in the habit of using them when the mind is otherwise unoccupied, you will be constantly in a state of joy, something to aspire to. Here is a selection:
Qadosh, Qadosh, Qadosh, Adonai Tzebayoth Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God of Hosts (the song the angels sing)
Eli, Eli (My God, My God) Elohim (Divine Mother aspect of God) Layoo-esh Shekinah (Pillar of Light of the Holy Spirit Yahweh Elohim (Divine Lords of Light and Learning) Shalom ( Peace)
Aum or Om (the mother of all mantras) So Ham (I am he or I am the Self) Hari Om Tat Sat (Om, the Divine Absolute Reality) Om Shanti (Mantra of Peace) Om Mani Padme Hum (Jewel in the Heart of the Lotus)

It is also very powerful to chant or say the names of any of the Masters. In in-breath of So and the outbreath of Ham enables access to the moment on no-time between breaths, a doorway to God.
The Aborigines had only the voice that’s all they carried with them, yet they had the spiritual apparatus to change the face of the land. The hologram can be changed by accessing the other dimensional universe. It is the blueprint for this dimension.
The sonic codes are a language of vibration, just like light is a holographic code, so sound can produce a resonance pattern also. Whales use this sound patterning method when they can communicate great distances. Sound has much greater penetration than light through dense matter. Sound used on sacred sites is like an acupuncture needle to the earth.
`Mind technology or mind power is a scalar wave or bow tie wave, or infinite wave. It joins between AC positive and AC negative, it is the hologram connecting the two universes of matter and anti-matter. It has been described as the resonant blueprint. It is the technology that creates your consciousness of the universe. The mind is generating energy all the time that you are aware. Your mind is centred within your mental body. Your mind is centred outside the body in the aura interpenetrating the body. If the mind was 1n your head, it would be full of electrical discharges, you would not be getting clear pictures.’
Once we learn to blend the conscious awareness with what is currently unconscious awareness then we are able to access the other dimensions, we shift into the other half of the bow tie wave. This is available when We raise our vibrations and we do so when living in the moment of no-time.
The atoms in matter are regularly spaced, with precision angles between the atoms. Since the atom is mostly empty space, it is a proton and/or neutron nucleus, with an electron whizzing around it. The electron is not a particle as we are inclined to think, but an energy probability. Thus by the input of mind waves it is possible to minutely influence just where the electon orbits. The orbits are actually multidimensional, not two dimensional as we draw it in a textbook, but multidimensional something like virtual reality. By minutely altering the frequency of the electron, you can raise the vibrations of matter.
Imagine the atom is a complete energy pattern of your heart, the shape of it, you will get to the point, the shape of it rather than a solid object with things floating around it, an electrical mapping of the heart and in the middle of the heart are intertwining helical coils. In the middle is the maxima coil which is the DNA replica, as you are represented by the ida and pingala going around the spinal column, the channel that joins the chakras together.
So the bow tie wave is the electron spin going into anti-gravity? One part of the movement from the spin goes from this plane into our plane, the first 90 degrees out of your plane, but you would see it as a sweeping sine-wave. The first 90 degrees is in your plane, the next 90 degrees comes down to the level plane and then the line is out of reach. In our terms this is in two dimensions on an x,y graph but in another dimensional framework this is a three dimensional representation.
The scalar wave should be in-phase with the orbit of the electrons. If it is out-of-phase that would be anti-gravity or the anti-anti-particle or tachyon, l think you call it on you planet, a hedron. In other words if you go too far from the harmonic of the electron movement, the electron distance, you would then find you would have no effect on gravity.
The mind power affects the electron where it is orbiting, knocking it out of its orbit into another orbit n=3 or n=4. With that there is a surge of energy and a photon is emmitted, so there will be light. So when you are doing something similar to anti-gravity such as movement of rocks, you will see a golden shimmer around the rocks, just before they would move.
The Theory of Chaos developed from fractral geometry. It was at Cambridge University in England very close to where the crop circle image of the symbol first appeared in the cornfields. This was a trigger for me to awaken to a greater reality of what was going on. The crop circles have meaning not always conscious but a meaning which is a common link between the consciousness that created them and us.
My understanding of the Mandelbrot set relates to the power points on the earth, is this on the earth as the site where both forces come into the earth dimension. The chaotic system also works on the Mandelbrot set which allows energy from the chaotic forces to come in and disrupt your universe. The energy comes out of the vortexes but certain areas are more prone as in the Middle East and Japan and England. In that fractral area, in that harmonic degree, to an odd degree that would be less prone to chaotic development. So the major chaotic area on your planet would be the Devil’s Triangle, Bermuda Triangle. This is only when the azimuth of the sun is in the right position until the vibrations of the day are in the correct position. That would be a controlled chaotic condition but not working on that system. That would be like one of the chakras of the planet, maybe the 6th chakra of the planet.
The vortexes are not just on the major sacred sites,they are all over the earth. For example‚ your house does not exist in another dimension, it is just a space,Your house is a house here but in a higher dimension , it could be an aerial point They would see the vortex set up by the consciousness living there. There is positive and negative in this dimensional universe you are inhabiting, because it is an alternating current universe, first positive and then negative, do you understand?’
So they are in time phase with each other? They are out-of-phase. Oh, I see what you are getting at, one moment. Time lack, in time with the other, but lacking in vibration similar to your Bow tie Waves or Scalar waves.
Spatial rather than time then?, Yes, it flips on itself. It flips and then doubles, the way it flips through space.
The shape is the blueprint in resonating magnetic frequency. In thinking that shape, do we create that shape in your dimension?
In order to manifest that shape in the dimension, is that done in conjunction with you?
Yes you create the shape, in the dimension you are in at the moment. You have already that shape. It is physical in you for it is in your physical body in the etheric. Is that part of the chakra system? Yes, you do not need to manifest it. It is manifest within you in a form that cannot be seen by you physically.
What is the significance of the sphere shape? It can be several things. An interpretation can be perfection, energy at its highest state. Wholeness. The ability of physical to become spiritual.Is it also the symbol of God the Father, Creator, `All is OneI’
When we are all vibrating on and off in this reality, do we form the blue print of this reality when blinking on in the other reality. You actually have the knack of making the complex very simple. (Laughter). Keep talking for as you talk you are answering your own question. Say anything on the topic.
As I see it the blueprint that creates the vortexes which is where matter actually crystallises, are created in the other dimension by a thoughtform. l seem to be missing the bit that creates it in the physical. They are not so much brought into this dimension as you becoming aware of their creation in the next dimension. Every single thought you have automatically creates. Every thought in the other dimension is created instantaneously. You can choose to become aware of that creation if you desire. I would perhaps warn you it is an alarming place to take a walk. However a walk can be taken in this dimension. Consciously change your state of consiousness. Unconsciously you are taking on substances which will change your perception. You have heard the old story of people who have seen pink elephants. They have seen pink elephants, they have seen all coloured elephants. The purpose is to shock themselves into reality. You need to watch your thoughts for you are at the stage where you can create on a much vaster scale than was possible earlier. As you channel more and more of the flux of creation, the onus is brought on you, to watch what you create from this flux.

Ellie Miser – Pleiadian

Ellie Back on Board Ship

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My favorite Pleiadian

Waki Paurnamasi reports:

Wednesday September 2, 2020

Dear Friends,

I woke up this morning  at 4:53 AM with an image of Ellie (1) being happily launched from a slingshot, followed this haiku, and this message, “Ellie is safe.” I had suspected that she would launch on last night’s Full Moon.

I wasn’t surprised when I got Pam’s email this evening at 5:51 PM PDT, and I’m sure I will be seeing her again soon, but I have nonetheless been deeply impacted.

Begin forwarded message:

Date: 9/2/2020

To: Waki Paurnamasi


Dearest Waki, mother passed away this morning. She went into a coma yesterday afternoon. She loved you so. You were her dearest friend. Thank you so very much for your thoughtfulness. I love you precious friend. Please feel free to mail me anytime. You’re friends forever and a day.


(1) Ellie is Pleiadian (equivalent of) royalty. Her job was to help Pleiadian boots on the ground understand humanity. I read and laughed over her regular repostings, but I could never figure her out. Why was she not sending us interesting stories about galactics? Why the Darwin awards? And so much else of the Far Side persuasion? All about us.

And then the penny dropped. Ellie was here to study us and send that info back to the ships for the acclimatization of new boots on the ground. She was the equivalent of an anthropologist, not a Ufologist. And we got to listen in.

I felt I knew Plen, her husband on board ship, as well as I knew Ellie. Her mission is complete. I can’t wait to see what she looks like in her new outfit, back on board ship. All those who knew her on Earth will then have their very first in-person friend on the ships.


Let us bring flowers to you

Linda Dillon: Metatron – Let Us Bring Flowers To Your Heart

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Let us bring the fragrance of spring and summer and new beginnings. Let us bring the beauty of the blossoms… It is remembering that deepest connection to the Mother’s garden.

This delightful gem is lovingly shared by Sarah from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Metatron ~ Let Us Bring Flowers To Your Heart

Greetings, I am Metatron. Welcome, beloved sweet angel of blue, aura of magenta, heart of emerald, ringed in gold. Do not deny and do not try and minimise the truth, the might, the splendour, the power of who you are as bright angel of light, communicator, keeper of the promise in form, on planet, during this time of such magnificent change.

Yes, you feel the whispers, the strands, the echoes of the old third dimension calling out to you, attempting to ensnare you, to keep you bound and gagged. You will not have it! And let me be very clear, beloved one, neither will we.

The time of Ascension… no, not completion because the Mother’s Creations are Infinite, but yes, completion of a chapter… you are segueing into the New, into the brilliant acceptance and surrender of who you are, in all your beauty and might. You have shied away from this term called ‘power’ because power has been so sullied, so abused, meant to indicate authority or control, both of which have been terribly abused.

Power is simply your indwelling spirit. It is simply the truth of who you are and the acceptance of that truth. It is not about ego. It is not about bragging. It is about the quiet, subtle acceptance of your being and the quiet, subtle advancing into the collective, both energetically and literally, so that you can impact those who are yearning and waiting, those who need to know that they are seen, that they are loved, that they are revered.

It is not necessarily, sweet one, about apology. Yes, there are cases where there is a reset of balance, and even sometimes of making amends, but it is having the ferocious courage to admit who you are… yes, where you have misstepped and where you wish to step, how you wish to engage not only with your sacred self, not only with us, but with every person/being you meet – and you know what a variety of characters there are upon this planet!

Do not dismiss yourself. When you fall into… no, reflection is important, but not blame, not guilt, because what it does is it drags you into the morass of the old. …

Sarah: … My heart wants so much to send flowers and a card as a representation of my truth and my feelings. Is this worthwhile because I am worried that, again, I’ve made such a mistake that I can’t rectify it?

M: We’re backing you up, sweet one, and it is rhetorical when I say, “Why do you feel that you have made such outrageous, atrocious mistakes?” Understand that what you are doing in this situation is first falling into blame/shame/guilt/fault; you are second-guessing yourself and you are also, within that assumption, believing, feeling… and might we say, not entirely correctly… that you are not divinely guided.

And even when that divine guidance comes from your sweet higher self, do not think it is not divine guidance. Those letters did not come from your egoic self; they came from a place of your heart. What you are doing… and this is the perfect opportunity to correct this, and yes, we will get to the letter and the flowers… but what you are doing – yes, and you have termed it correctly – is you have fallen into the trap of carrying the past and putting it in the future and so you are frozen, you are shackled.

And you are living in the world of what-if: “What if I don’t make it, what if I am never set free, what if I am not truly understood, what if my heart is not known… what if, what if, what if?” Dearest heart, give me that doubt! Give me that doubt and let us reframe, because I know and you do too [laughing], you are not going to stop the what-ifs! So, let us reframe it.

As soon as you begin to feel the what-ifs: “What if my letter/letters are received with a completely open heart of love and understanding? What if the agency finds me the perfect school and children, classroom, within which to bring my love, my insight, and my sacred self? What if flowers are delivered unto my heart and my sacred being by the fairies, the angels, and the Mother herself every single day?”

“What if, in the grander scheme of things, I am right, I am on track? What if I am loved so deeply that when I feel I might be falling off the cliff, that I am in fact lifted up into my wings, then the wings of Metatron, and lifted back to Heaven and placed exactly where I need to be?” What if?

Let us reframe it! As soon as you find yourself going down that rabbit hole, going down the looking glass, change it and let me prompt you because, beloved, you are so deeply loved and you are on-track and you are on your way.

Now, the echoes want to beckon you back because they see you going forward, and there are energies upon the planet that do not want this transition to be completed. It is already taking place, but they don’t want to see it completed! So these doubts nip at you. Put them where they belong in the garbage, in the trash, in the rubbish!

I bring you flowers to your heart. Before you write again, before you send flowers to anybody – including us, by the way! – let us and you open this doorway to your heart, beloved. We are knocking – right now! – and let us bring flowers to you. Let us bring the fragrance of spring and summer and new beginnings. Let us bring the beauty of the blossoms, although it compares very poorly with the blossom of your heart. It is time to stop denying the power of who you are.

When I have said unto thee, “You are the keeper of the promise,” the promise, beloved, is not merely your promise to the Mother, our promise to the Mother, for the fulfilment of her Dream. It is also the promise. It is you giving a bouquet, and it does not matter whether it is buttercups or pansies or roses. It is you giving the bouquet to the human race, to the children, and the adults who have always been children. And that is not an insult; it is a compliment for the adult who knows, as you do, how to keep the child, the mystery, the magic alive. That is the gift.

The children, the newborns – you are a welcomer of the newborns – the ability to be childlike means you are closer to Heaven than ever, that you have returned to before the fade, and that is what humans need right now. It is not just more learning, more information. It is remembering that deepest connection to the Mother’s garden. And the Mother’s garden is the heart and the spirit and the consciousness of all beings – and the blossoms, yes, are the thoughts and emotions, but it is also the physical bodies.

The Mother has planted her garden not only with flowers and trees and rocks and oceans and streams. She has planted it with humans, starseeds, earthkeepers, and hybrids of every sort and colour. Do not allow any energies to take you away from your child. Let us reframe the what-ifs. And when you have received fully the offering, not only our offering but your offering of flowers to your heart, then go ahead and send the flowers. Is this clear?

S: Yes, it is. It serves me and it’s such a beautiful way of putting everything. I totally understand that and I’m going to buy myself flowers today, and I’ve already started giving myself flowers into my heart. And will the flowers help to heal our friendship, our relationship?

M: Yes, because when you are sending the flowers, you are sending them with this energy, not the energy of “please forgive me” nor the energy of “I misstepped”. That is implied, yes, but what you are really doing is sending the energy of love, of opening, of genuine authentic friendship, so the answer is yes. …

Yes, because that is what friendship is. It is a two-way street. You know this very clearly. You have talked to us your entire life, but it is a two-way street as you have also allowed us to talk to you. And I do not simply mean in these channelling sessions, for which we are grateful, but I am talking about the heart-feelings, the words, the conversations that have taken place between you and I because it is a two-way street.

So yes, friendship, in the real meaning of the word, cannot exist without it being a two-way communication.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted. [Full terms of copyright at


The 9D Arcturian Council: Mass Awakenings have created an Energetic Net

The 9D Arcturian Council: Mass Awakenings Have Created an Energetic Net

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by Daniel Scranton


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very excited to share with you the following transmission, because we know how much you all care about the advancement of the human collective consciousness.

And we have some very good news for you.

You have surpassed a tipping point there on Earth with the mass awakenings that have been occurring, and as a result, you are now ready for more downloads, more activations, more attunements, more upgrades, more of everything that you have been asking for as individuals, as the awakened collective, and as the entirety of the human collective.

Humanity has demonstrated enough compassion to bring about another huge surge of energies that will allow those of you who are open to hold yourselves in a high-vibrational state, even when many of your fellow humans are deciding to stay in a lower-vibrational state because they think they need to.

You have undoubtedly seen a lot of the anger, fear, and hate playing itself out on your world of late, and some of you may have even felt tempted to go down those paths, to explore, to see whether or not they have anything worth investigating.

And whether you did or did not fall down that rabbit hole, you have certainly been seeing enough trauma and tragedy on your world to open your hearts even more, to feel empathy, to feel compassion, and to offer your healing energy to humans that you have never met and may never meet.

This is a time where your world has gotten even smaller, and you have been connecting with one another in ways that you couldn’t even have imagined thirty or forty years ago.

But now that you feel so much more connected to other people who live on the other side of the planet, you have opened your hearts, and you have allowed yourselves to feel that sympathy, that sorrow, and all of the other emotions that have come up for you, because of the suffering that you know others are enduring and have endured.

And that is what tipped the scales for humankind.

It has been your kindness. It has been your willingness to care about others who do not look like you and who are nothing like you.

And as you have extended your hearts out to those in need, you have co-created an energetic net that is above the Earth’s surface that is perfectly suited to receive the next wave of energies that you have coming now, a wave of energies that you have summoned and that you have demonstrated a readiness to receive.

You, the awakened collective, have done it again. You have allowed more energies in. You have grounded those energies and spread them around, and now is the time to reap the rewards.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


You are Awake Enough to meet Archangels andAscended Masters

The 9D Arcturian Council; You Are Awake Enough to Meet Archangels & Ascended Masters

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by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are quite famous throughout the galaxy for our spirituality here in the Arcturian star system.

We have been through so many different processes, teachings, exercises, meditations, and different ways of knowing ourselves as Source Energy Beings in physical bodies, and that is essentially what you all are there to discover. You are there to discover how to be Source Energy in a physical body, how to represent Source in the physical. You are there to know yourselves as gods in the flesh.

And the journey that you have been on to that knowing has been much longer than the journeys that Arcturians have been on throughout history. When incarnate, we came into our physical bodies in a higher vibrational state.

That is not us bragging. That was a choice, and it was a choice that almost everyone on Earth has made in previous lifetimes in our star system. We are doing our best to help humankind, even though your experience has been, and continues to be, much, much different from the Arcturian experience.

But you need a stable force. You need beings to hold that higher vibrational frequency so that we can call you up to us. We, and others like us throughout the galaxy and throughout the universe, are always pulling humanity up with our intention, with our love and our compassion, and we will continue to do so because we love and honor you so much. We want so much for humankind to succeed with as much joy and ease as possible. And you are living at a time right now where joy and ease are hard to come by.

Therefore, we invite you to lean on us more.

Lean on the archangels more.

Lean on the ascended masters more.

Surrender to our invitations to be in a higher vibrational state, and you will find yourselves there.

You have already come so far, and those of us in the higher realms are ready to give you that last little nudge, so that you can catapult yourselves into the fifth dimension and so that you can start living better lives there in the fourth.

You are awake enough to receive what we in the higher realms have to offer.

You are awake enough to rise up and meet us in the beautiful space that we can co-create together, a new fifth dimension, a new way of knowing yourselves as Source Energy Beings in physical bodies.

And when you get there from having been so far away from that knowing, when you get there from having felt so separate from Source, it is a tremendous ride.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


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