‘They all say the same thing’

Dr. Zack Bush: “They All Say the Same Thing”

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Thanks to Doris.

Dr. Zack Bush is a former ICU doctor, later with subspeciality in hospice care, who, when he brought back patients who had clinically died, found they all said the same thing.

Their first sentence was: “Why did you bring me back?”

They’d then narrate their experience. “I went into this space and it was white light everywhere and I felt completely accepted for the first time in my life.”

“Death is not an endpoint. It’s a transformation moment. It’s an expansion beyond the limits of this frail, biologic shell that we carry around.

“And the instant that we step out of that, we find that the universe embraces us in every single second of our existence in complete acceptance of who we are. We are enough in and of our own identity of ‘I am’ in every second and every point of our existence.”


If you want to read more of the experiences of people who did not come back but began their new life on the other side, see New Maps of Heaven, here: http://goldengaiadb.com/index.php?title=New_Maps_of_Heaven

’me too’ see my NDE



Day to Day 10

This was a heart healing day. Since I have had a heart attack in 2000 and a pacemaker since then, I had to take a pain in the heart acupuncture point seriously. At one point I thought it might affect my ability to ascend. I lay on my back with the heat pad on the shoulder blade, most of the day.

At one point I got to get up and I showered and dressed and make my celery juice and went outside to sit in the sun. There were some workmen digging and I went and asked them what they were doing in a friendly way and they said we’re putting in a sign. I asked if they’d move it a metre to one side, as I drove in to the carport there in the van, and pointed to the van which happened to be there and they agreed, filled in the hole and moved it. Somewhat to my amazement! it was very synchronous.

Later I got a call and was told a friend had dreamt about her mother, who has passed over and felt to check an old phone number and was able to retrieve her mother’s photos from her old phone. Her stepfather had refused to give them to her. I recalled the message: Pay attention to your dreams from last week. They had the photos of the last year of her mother’s life 600 photos of the grandchildren, precious memories that she had lost and were very important to her and the family and others including me.

I had felt her presence when we were looking at the granddaughter she had never seen and the little girl was looking over my shoulder at something and smiling. I’m told she visits the other granddaughter and she talks to her!  How beautiful!

This morning, I’m feeling much better.

Heart attack 2 a different perspective


Archangel Michael on the Spiritual Significance of Ailments – Part 2/2
February 27, 2017 by Steve Beckow

I conclude this discussion of the spiritual significance of ailments with AAM’s answer to J.’s request to know the significance of his recent heart attack.

Again AAM sees the same situation occurring: Parking issues in a part of the body, which later gives way. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Steve Beckow: I have a couple of questions from J. J. who would like any insight into his heart condition that you can give him, what the meaning is and what it requires him to do in the future to avoid more heart attacks.

Archangel Michael: Well you know, just as you have stored this energy in your knees, many of the lightworkers/loveholders, as you well know, are experiencing physical challenges and it is important – nay, it is critical – that this be approached (and this is for J., but is for many) with a deeper level of understanding, compassion and willingness to shift.

Too often there has been an element of judgment and somewhat even of disdain on the part of the lightworker/loveholder community of those who have physical ailments, not fully realizing that so often, as for example with your knees, that you have been trying to assist the collective in relieving this recalcitrant or errant energy.

So dearest J., where you have done your gathering is into your heart. Now understand you already know all the why’s and wherefore’s, in terms of the practicality of diet and exercise, etc.

But it would be incorrect, or let us say it would be limited thinking or understanding, for you to think that your heart condition has been solely the result of genetics or diet or exercise and you have this sense but you don’t know what to do about it.

You need to bring in, and find as well, more love. Again it is…think of the heart as the muscle, as the conductor of life force in many ways, the pump; you are needing to prime the pump so that it can move smoothly, accurately, harmoniously.

And what makes that pump hum along perfectly? It is the love.

Now you are very good, my friend, at angst, not anxiety but angst. And there is a part of you that holds a great deal of angst about the human collective condition and it literally makes your heart stop, hiccup, seize, etc.

Keep that angst at bay. So what we would suggest is to find something, a safe place, somewhere on Gaia (she is more than able to handle your angst) or somewhere in the outer limits or the outer galaxies or the void, but outside your body. And when I say “your body,” I mean all of your bodies, outside your Seal of Solomon, to store your angst.

Now this requires you to be more conscious and conscientious in what is going on. So often you have simply taken this in, and like your beloved friend Steve, simply stored it somewhere because you didn’t know what to do with it.

Do a daily angst check and place this perhaps in a cave deep in the heart of Gaia or in an iceberg in Antarctica and put it there and do not take it into your heart.

See your heart as being in absolute tandem with the heartbeat of the Mother and the heartbeat of Mother Gaia. See it as an in-breath/out-breath, perfect, slow harmony. That is what you have need to do. And of course, beloved friend, eat green.

Steve: He also feels stuck in terms of knowing if or when he should move, physically move, what he should do next, where he should be heading, etc. Do you have any counsel for him on that subject?

AAM: Relax! This is part of angst. This is part of angst leading into anxiety. First of all, you are in a healing mode, my beloved friend, and that is necessary for you to fully take advantage of.

Where you are going will be laid out directly in front of you like a string of pearls so stop worrying. It’s not time to move yet. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Feb. 17, 2017.)

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Tamborine Mountain to lose another Doctor


Tamborine Mountain has 3 medical practices. Recently the principal of one of them died in an overseas car accident. Now another doctor, is about to go because of `red tape’.

When doctors are so hard to find in rural areas, I know of one who travels from Merimbula to Coober Pedy in a 2 week on, 2 week off shift at a hospital in Coober Pedy. I’m sure this is at great cost to the system, why would we discourage overseas trained medical practitioners?

If the doctor was an overseas trained engineer, he’d be offered bridging courses at TAFE. I know because I’ve taught in them.

So now, we have a highly qualified doctor with 25 years experience in 3 countries, who because of red tape is being denied to practice further in Australia.

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in its `closed shop’ mentality is refusing to accept hospital experience and teaching qualifications in medicine as part of accreditation and will not allow an extension, to the time required for retraining. It has set impossible requirements: of a 5 year GP retraining. They are not accepting 5 year German GP training or 8 years hospital experience and passing Australian GP exams successfully.

This is the doctor who saved my life when my blood pressure suddenly went over 200 and got me to hospital in time for a pacemaker. I know there are many other patients he has helped on Tamborine Mountain and like many others, I am angry that this is happening.

Unless he is granted an extension Dr Ulf Steinvorth will be leaving the mountain in January 2017.

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