Magenta Pixie and the Nine: A Call to all Healers

Magenta Pixie and The Nine ~ A Call to All Healers

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January 15, 2021

Universal Resurrection and the Mass Exodus of 4D Souls in End Times (A Call to All Healers)

The Nine come forward with information and memory triggers for awakening starseeds. They specifically address the New Earth Healers and their crucial role as you enter Zero Point.


Heart Central01



Now I know why I was feeling unwell. On Thursday I took my blood pressure and it was over 200. I rang my daughter and she drove me to the doctor’s. He found I had a complete heart blockage and I did’nt know it. He rang the ambulance and they drove me to Gold Coast Hospital. The medication I was on had taken my pulse to 30. This was the tablet I’d intuited was causing the problem and had been cut down. It was stopped immediately. I got up to the ward about 2 am having arrived at 7pm. I had a lovely room in the Cardiac Ward with a view to the coast. There was a bit of drama when they started an intravenous drug to increase my pulse rate, it went down to 26 when they pushed the panic button and doctors and nurses came running, but it settled and they didn’t need to use the paddles to restart the heart.I was very pleased to see the sun come up over the sea.

Next day I was being monitored and assessed and they said I was going to need a pacemaker. I was on the list for Monday. I was able to get up and go to the toilet which one doctor later described as Russian Roulette

Monday came and my blood pressure was high. I was nervous about the operation which I was to be conscious for. I was scheduled for 1 pm but it was still high BP, so they waited and gave me drugs to bring it down and someone else was done before me.

I was moved to the operating theatre and covered with a kind of tent with one side folded up and open and the other with the surgeon Dr Rahman operating. There was a hole made in the `tent’ for the surgeon to operate, then I felt a cutting sound, like blunt scissors. There was a problem in inserting the electrode as my veins narrowed and another surgeon took over who uses a different procedure round the back of the heart I think. The theatre was full of people and they all cheered when he was successful as they could see it on the monitor. It was quite exciting then. The shoulder was anaestesised but I could feel it without feeling any pain, it was topped up if I winced. During the operation I went into a deep meditative state seeing a golden angel of light and I kept focussing on that, so I was somewhat detached. Unfortunately someone had given me a diuretic and I had to ask for a bedpan – very embarassing,

After the insertion of the electrode, the surgeon had to insert the pacemaker in a pocket below the clavicle, and cover it up and sew up the wound. This took quite a long time as he’s very meticulous and was dabbing at the blood as he went. As a result its a very neat job. Last was a waterproof spray dressing which will dissolve in the shower in a few days.

I’m on antibiotics as a precaution for the next 5 days. The followup was an Xray of the chest and overnight monitoring and a check of the pacemaker settings. If my pulse drops below 50, the pacemaker will take over. I used reiki after the operation to aid my own healing and followed up with daily sessions.

Being conscious in the operation was certainly a new experience, but very fascinating and not at all what I feared, which put my blood pressure up and caused the operation to be delayed, fortunately as it turned out. All in divine right order.

It only remains for me to thank the team in the Gold Coast Hospital Cardiac Unit for their dedication and team spirit. They really are special people and the whole team contributes to a successful outcome. Thank you.

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Reiki is a healing system developed by Mikao Usui – The Founder Of Reiki. It channels universal energy though the hands to effect changes in the body of the receiver. It is not religious, anyone can be attuned to do it. Initially it was given by a master trained by Mikao Usui and his followers. Nurses may know it as therapeutic touch, others as hands on healing. Anyone receiving reiki will notice it initially as heat. Reiki uses a number of symbols, shown in the video, which effect healing energy at a distance.

The discovery in physics of Field Concept by Michael Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell in the early 19th century helped explain how this might be possible. Each charge creates a disturbance or condition in the space around it and the other charge feels a force. So the concept of fields that create forces that interact with each other, was born. Most of us in the 20 years have begun to see ourselves as fields interacting, sending energy to others or reading each others’ thoughts. Our experience exists outside the Newtonian system.

The energy flows through the chakra system. It is important to open the chakras and increase our energy flow, the more energy that we have flowing, the healthier we will be. Illness in the system is caused by a blockage in the flow of energy which leads to disease.

Reiki06There are basically 5 symbols used in the Usui Reiki treatment technique. These symbols do not hold any special power in themselves, but the symbols were devised as teaching tools for the Reiki students to use while giving treatments or passing attunements.

1. Sei Hei Ki (The Harmony Reiki Symbol)
The symbol is intended for purification and used for cleansing, protection, emotional healing and mental healing purposes. Using Reiki for healing and cleansing, is done by the Harmony symbol. It symbolizes harmony, however this symbols will refuse to negotiate for an unfair outcome. This symbol is considered as a protective shield of armors, it gives courage to the disheartened, and helps the playing field. It is used for getting rid of addiction and expelling negative energies.

2. Cho Ku Rei (The Power Reiki Symbol)
This symbols is intended as a light switch. Its purposes are accelerated healing, increased power, manifestation and healing catalyst. The power symbol is used to increase power, and decrease the amount of power when it is used in reverse. It looks like a coil, meant to expand and retract the flow of ki energies.

3. Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (The Connection Reiki Symbol)
This symbol intention is timelessness, and distant spiritual healing, healing karma and spiritual connection are its purposes. This symbol is best known for its extension powers, it is used when a practitioner is sending Reiki over a long distance. This symbol indicates shapeshifter, which can slip through time and space. This symbol is also called Pagoda, due to its tower like appearance.

4. Raku (The Completion Reiki Symbol)
This symbol is used for grounding, other purposes involve Kundalini healing, chakra alignment and hara connection. This symbol is solely used during the final stage of Reiki attunement process, it is intended for grounding and sealing the newly awakened Reiki energies. The symbol looks like a lightening bolt, which is drawn downwards from heaven to the earth.

5. Dai Ko Myo (The Master Reiki Symbol)
The master Reiki symbol is intended for enlightenment. Empowerment, soul healing and oneness are its purposes. This symbol represents ‘all that is Reiki’, or the ear of the Reiki. It is rarely used for any particular purpose, other than representing ‘Reiki is love and available to everyone’.

These were the 5 important Reiki symbols used for healing. These symbols intention is what the practitioner tries to focus on when using them, that helps to energize the symbol.
By Pragya T
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Brennan, Barbara Ann,(1987) Hands of Light, a Guide to Healing through the Human Energy Field, Bantam Press

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