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Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message for April 28, 2017
April 29, 2017 by Steve Beckow

28th April 2017. Mike Quinsey.

There is much activity taking place in Antarctica and discoveries are being made that will alter your history that barely covers your true Human development. There are very interesting finds such as the bodies of extremely tall Beings, frozen exactly where they were when the freeze came upon them. They came from a period many, many thousands of years ago and it is not intended that you should get to see them. Those controlling such events want to continue keeping you in the dark and keep the full truth to themselves.

However there are also those who are fighting for full disclosure and that is likely to happen if they get their way. Certainly with only a small number of years likely before Ascension takes place, there is a sense of urgency to get the truth out into the open. It is your history that needs to be rewritten and you have a right to learn the facts and they cannot be withheld forever.

These times are very testing for most people, particularly for those who have little knowledge of the truth. They cry to God asking for release from their experiences, without knowing that they are necessary for their evolution. It applies all around and for many it is their final life in the lower dimensions and why it can be hard going. However, the toughest times on Earth are the ones that give the best opportunities to overcome much karma, and progress to a higher dimension. Whatever level you are at these are times of great opportunities that can propel you ever onwards. As always your Guides follow your progress and do as much as is permitted to help you succeed. Call upon them when you feel in need of their help, and more often than not they can give it.

Many wise and evolved souls have incarnated at this time to be mentors to those about to ascend. Their experience will help you to be successful in achieving Ascension, or advance your understanding so that you can at least make good progress. You will find that many young souls are in fact wise old souls, coming into your lives to give you knowledge that will put you on the path to truth. They usually exhibit great knowledge and understanding at a young age and should be taken notice of for that reason.

The dark Ones are creating the circumstances of their own demise because of service to self. However, whatever they do they cannot compete with those souls who are of the Light who are immune to their negative energies. Like attracts like so providing you are true to the Light you cannot be touched by them. Of course you will be concerned at their actions that include murder and many depraved acts, but you must keep from being brought down by them. Bear in mind that you attract to yourselves exactly what you give your energy to, so guard your thoughts and reactions in respect of negative situations that you may learn about. Humans are prone to getting involved with other people’s lives which is fine providing they know how to do it without becoming emotionally involved. Life can sound difficult at times but by keeping to your desire to act out of love for your fellow travellers, it should be rewarding and plain sailing.

Generally people seek to be “well off” and many earn that right by hard work. But it becomes extreme when money becomes your god, and you seek riches that are unnecessary for your well-being. Having great wealth is a challenge as it must be used for the good of all people and not selfishly used for self-aggrandizement. Yet a very small number own 95% of the worlds wealth, whilst millions live on a pittance without proper housing or sanitation. Something has gone seriously wrong and the accumulation of wealth has taken place at the expense of ensuring a reasonable standard of living for everyone. These problems are intended to be dealt with very soon and will come into force before the end times are reached.

Having been given freewill you are the architects of your own reality. However those who rule clearly exercise a much greater degree of power, but as you are in a democracy you are able to voice your opinions. Having made your choices it authorises those who oversee your lives to influence the future to your advantage. For example you have had the benefit of new ways of doing things, and inventions that have lifted your quality of life. However, you have not been given things such as free energy that would have taken you into the New Age, and made life much more comfortable for you. Instead you are held in a time warp where life can be a drudge and many people have insufficient means to survive. This cannot go on for much longer and already steps are being taken to remove the obstacles that are preventing a complete change for the better.

You the people are putting out strong thoughts that are creating a new time line that lifts you out of the old one. Soon there will come a time when the powerful energies being created will suddenly cause beneficial changes to happen. As more and more people envisage the changes that are possible they bring about their manifestation, a point having been reached where they can no longer be held back. So the importance of keeping focussed on your goal must be emphasized. It is a time when you must concentrate on your own needs if you are to take the opportunity to ascend.

You have many friends and family waiting to meet you again, and some will visit the Earth whilst others will not do so until it is safe. Many are waiting to greet you after Ascension has taken place who are not directly involved in your life plan. They are family and friends from many lives where you have met and worked together. Such links are rarely broken, particularly where a bond of love has been made. When you are in the higher dimensions friends are only a thought away, so no matter where you are contact is possible. However, the point must be made that if a soul is otherwise engaged in some activity that cannot be interrupted, you may not receive a response.

You have no need to be concerned about those souls who are unable to ascend with you, as they will be looked after and given every opportunity to be successful next time round. Understand that every soul gets the same opportunities to gain knowledge and progress, but some need more time to incorporate the new understanding to their advantage.

The Light has won the battle and very soon all shall see peace settle upon the Earth. This will allow the changes to go speeding ahead and put the dark times behind so you can enjoy your new found freedom. You will love being part of the new Earth and give your time to being involved in the changes for the benefit of all.

This message comes through my Higher Self and carries the energies of Light and Love.

Mike Quinsey.

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Christian Hahnemann born in 1755 was a German doctor who was so disturbed by some practices of medicine, it led him to postulate a healing principle: “that which can produce a set of symptoms in a healthy individual, can treat a sick individual who is manifesting a similar set of symptoms.” This principle, `like cures like’, became the basis for an approach to medicine which he gave the name homeopathy.

Homeopathic remedies are fully scientific in nature as they are produced by a large number of medicinal substances found by `proving’ or testing the drug on healthy human beings of both sexes, different ages and constitutions.

Homeopathy does not believe in the materialistic causes of disease, so bacilli are not the cause of disease, but come after the disease.That the homeopathic materia medica is absolutely scientific, is justified by processes of observations, inductions, deductions and experimental verification.

I have been using homeopathy, on myself and family, since I did a course with a classical homeopath in 1997.

There are many common conditions which can be treated with Homeopathy and in fact, a homeopathic medicine cabinet is a vital element in any family medicine. Space allows only a few remedies.

Firstly Arnica can be used for falls, shock, aching muscles and weariness. The yellow flower, of the herb is used to treat all of the `soft parts’, muscles, sprains and grows in the high country, in mountainous districts in Europe. Taken internally, it can also be applied externally, provided there is no abrasion. If the skin is broken, use Calendula tincture. It is a treasure.

Th next inclusion in the homeopathic medicine cabinet is Ledum for accidents, wounds from sharp pointed things, bites from animals, splinters, insect stings and wounds. It will keep Tetanus away. It can be given whenever the pain returns.

The third is Hypericum, it follows Ledum in preventing sepsis after injury, following fractures, crushed fingers or toes It can be given internally at 2 to 4 hourly intervals and a tincture applied locally.

The fourth recommendation is Calendula or common Marigold. The yellow buds and flowers can be pounded and macerated in 50% alcohol and placed in corked bottles, shaken several times a day for 3 weeks, then filtered and kept as stock tincture. It can be made into an ointment with lanolin or the fresh flowers can be used on cuts, cracks, chapped hands, insect bites small septic spots. Calendula can also be used with burns.

Nux Vom is a useful fifth addition for cases of biliousness constipation and diarrhea. In severe cases Pulsatilla may be required.

Burns can be treated with Urtica urens internally and if blisters form don’t break them, use 20 drops in a cup of water and soak gauze in this and cover the burn area.

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Azad,Rai (2005), Scholar’s Manual of Homeopathic MATERIA MEDICA

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Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils which are extracted from plants and can be used in massage oil, in the bath in in a room oil burner. Plants have natural and original pharmacological properties and are the basis of modern medicine.

We are familiar with some of them which are used in cooking such as sage, mint and rosemary. Others have been used by Aborigines to cleanse the air such as Eucalyptus.

I have an interesting book which links the essential oils with human temperaments. This approach has similarities with Hahnermann when he established the bases of homeopathy (which I intend to cover next week). It has parellels in Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurvedic tradition and in Paracelsus’s theory of signatures and based on energetic resonances of Sheldrake. What it suggests is the patient accept the origin of pathological imbalances in their condition and use the essences to change the condition.

“When I used to walk through the big Eucalyptus forests, I had trouble preventing myself from leaving my body”, said Bashistya Shivananta. The journey of Eucalyptus is an inner one, representing a meditating sage, whose aura one contemplates while breathing. Breath control being the secret to controlling the mind. A very useful essence for recentering a scattered person suffering respiratory spasms, symptoms of no longer being in balance with the world around. It can be used with Cupressus and Rosemary.

“He who has found within himself inner joy, being blissful and lit from within, this yogi, on his way to becoming a Brahman, attains the supreme peace of a Brahman”.

Lavender is characterised as a nature lover, a staunch ecologist, eating natural food and leading a healthful life. Intelligent, often scruffy, reacting to taboo subjects, a campaigner, out of sync with the world and his time.

Lavender is calming, useful in lung complaints, good at fighting fungal infections a very useful essence particularly in blending with Rosemary and Mentha (mint) (teeth), and Cupressus (ulcers).

Sage is used in smudging, cleansing the aura and is useful for this firstly. Sage (Salvia) is characterised as the huntress Artemis, the lunar Goddess and eternal virgin, protector of women, children, wild animals and births.

Salvia is the saving herb used in women’s gynaecological problems, not recommended for pregnant women, or lactating women, unless they desire to stop the milk. It helps with respiratory and gynaecological problems, hot flushes sweating, painful periods.

Peppermint (Mentha piperita) a character very much in his mind and without scruples – to the very nature of the intellect. The essential male aspect is sterile unless connected with its feminine counterpart. It symbolises sexual sublimation by the Goddess as it was was used in the rites of Eleusis.

Mint has been used in funeral rites. It is a general stimulant and nerve tonic in convalesce and an excellent blood purifier blended with Citrus and rosemary fighting debility caused by prolonged allopathic treatments. Mint stimulates digestive function with Thymus. It has many other uses.

Rosa damascena is the rose from which the essential oil is mainly distilled. Symbol of Mary and of the Holy Grail, the rose symolises the wounds of Christ and the transmutation of his blood. The rose symbolises life, death and resurrection.

Rose refines our sensitivities, taking us to another world, dispering worries, anxieties and sorrows. Rose leads to respect for the feminine principle symbolised in Aphrodite and as such is another ascension tool, raising the spiritual vibrations.

Mailhebiau, Philippe,(1995), Portraits in Oils, the Personality of Aromatherapy Oils and their link with Human Temperaments. C.W. Daniel Co Ltd

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