12:12 Gateway energies


Archangel Israfel
B112 – Turquoise/Mid-Tone Royal Blue
Born 12:12pm GMT on December 14th, 2014
First Thoughts

Within B112 we can see a deep connection with the Dolphin bottle (B33), with the Turquoise and Royal Blue colour association. In a sense we can see (1 + 1 + 2 = 4) 4 Dolphin bottles within this B112. By multiplying 33 by 4 we get 132 which is the number of this bottle plus the Star Child (B20) (112 + 20 = 132).This resonates somewhere as a Dolphin swimming the opposite way with the support of the StarChild. This bottle is also about those who are seeking their true purpose – why they are here and how to get in touch with what is asked of them.

B112 is also the St Germain (B56) doubled (56 + 56 = 112). (5 + 6 = 11, 5 + 6 = 11) St Germain has a strong message of transmutation and synchronicity which we can also see in the notes on Israfel below. The 5 and 6 making an 11 show a gate, so two 11’s show a double gate.

This numerology is important to begin the notes.

Traditionally, Israfel is known as a very energetically strong Archangel who embodies the creative aspect of the Logos, the male/female God/Goddess and the creativity they express through communication of the heart in song, and celebration through dance.

We are all often touched by what is communicated through music and song. By opening our hearts with sound Israfel facilitates this sense of the musical communication of the soul.

The transformational aspect of this bottle is essential in the understanding of what this Archangel has to offer. When we are moved to dance because a particular rhythm, a particular musical combination touches us, we enter into the movement, the celebration which is some of the inspiration of Israfel.

Israfel is a trumpet blower and in the same sense as with Archangel Gabriel, we are awakened to what lies at the deeper levels of the star within us. Here we can see a connection in the colours, the complementary opposite of Royal Blue is Gold; we have the Royal Blue in Israfel and the Gold in Gabriel (B95).

When we see the Royal Blue in any of the bottles we might think of the implications of the Royal Blue and the Gold connection where the Gold connects us to all of the energy centres of ourselves. So it is with Israfel. Within the upper fraction as we consciously touch that Turquoise process of individuation, the process which is the creative communication of our hearts, we are also in a position to be able to touch what is within our Golden star; the true self communicating through us so that we become the Way as the Logos within ourselves is re-activated within us.

This moment in time is critical for change, some of these changes might present worthy challenges and some may bring the potential for things to come together within a new order. Israfel requests that we ask the Angels to support us at this transitional time. Israfel helps to call with our true voice, the voice of our heart, through the star, to reach whichever Angel is there to work with us to greet the beloved.

Israfel has been called a Seraphim, to call her name is said to open the fifth gate and this reminds me of a connection with the fifth level of letting go. The energy that comes about through the B65 Violet/Red bottle (the heaven on earth potential, where the head is in heaven and the feet are on earth) is present at the fifth gate. The fifth gate is also to do with the throat (5th Chakra) and the energy that moves through there, as supported with the Turquoise of Israfel.

B112 can be thought of as aiding in the removal of ignorance, the removal of what stands in our way, obscuring what is before us. Sometimes this concept of an obstacle that needs to be overcome has an association with the dragon; we can think of Israfel as dispelling the negative association of the dragon energy and herein feel a deep connection with Archangel Michael. Israfel has been referred to as one of the newer Angels in the archangelic host.

Israfel supports the possibility for us to draw our true nature, our true self, our transcendent reality into being; here we can see that transmutation we discussed with the double B56. There is a sense of being re-born with Israfel, this re-birth having been initiated by Archangel Gabriel.

There is also a connection with Islam and the Prophet Mohammed. Israfel was an Archangel who came to Mohammed to empower him on his way as a prophet.

There are four angels regarded as most sacred in the Sufi tradition: Gabriel, Michael, Azreal and Israfel. The only one of these four Archangels who returned to the source and was said to be unsuccessful was Azreal.

Israfel is able to manifest simultaneously and synchronously in many places at the same time. He is the awakening Archangel for the new time, to be available for those who have been sleeping, to awaken to the reality of what is asked of them, what they agreed to before they came into this incarnation. It is this aspect that can help us be released from the narcosis of conditioning and can support us with awakening to the moment to moment potential for celebration.

A useful point about Archangel Israfel is the help we receive to reveal the talents we have and to be fully in the being that we are. It is time for us to see the magnificence of the gifts that we have asked for and that we have been given, to particularly use our creativity in whichever way it manifests to us so that there is a creative flow in and through what we do or what is asked of us, a sense of the awakening to the I Am.

In Islam the literal meaning of Israfel is ‘The Burning One’, there is a connection with Jerusalem and Israfel is also very strongly linked to Moses. A deep connection with Raphael is clear angelically in Judeo-Christian literature. In the Aura-Soma system, Raphael is Royal Blue/Royal Blue, B96. The Royal Blue does not appear so often in the base fraction and this emphasises the importance of Israfel’s deep sense of clarity lying within the depths of that Royal Blue. B112 could therefore be very useful in relation to our sorrows and sufferings to do with loss and to enable us to do more work with letting go.

In Islam it is also said that Israfel was sent with the other three Archangels, Gabriel, Michael, and Azreal to the four corners of the Earth to collect the dust and from this dust Adam Kadmon was born (referred to in the Kabbalah as the ‘original man’). The whole connection with the four corners is known in other traditions in reference to Israfel, who, with his wings, is able to touch each of the pillars that support the foundations of Existence. Israfel also has a deep connection with Thoth (God of the mind – of intelligence, thinking, reason, and logic) and Anubis (Lord of the Sacred Land) in the Egyptian tradition.

We also know that Israfel is something to do with the core of the Aura-Soma system, the core which is to do with the building of the light body and the alchemy of the Gold within us, the preparedness to look at what is asked of us is not always the easy way.

A final point of note is in regards to Astrology and timing of this birth: between June 24, 2012 and March 16, 2015, Uranus and Pluto square each other seven times and each square has a piece to contribute to bring on the Aquarian Age. The sixth of these squares takes place on December 14—15, with some astrologers viewing the theme for this square as ‘Gaining a Vision’, this is synchronous with Israfel’s message for us to wake up to our true self. Additionally, within the Aura-Soma astrological attributions, Uranus relates to the Turquoise bottles, (43, 62, 45 and 75) whilst the theme of vision relates to Royal Blue. During these squares between Uranus and Pluto it is said that we are being summoned to build a new world based on truth as supported by Israfel, as aforementioned he allows the potential for a transformation into a new order of things.

With Love, as ever from Aura Soma

Aura Soma

I’ve really come to appreciate the gift that Vicky Wall brought to the world with Aura Soma. The colours are based on the frequencies of light and contain herbs, gemstone and flower essences blended together in a way guided by spirit, to enhance your own signature vibration which we choose intuitively.

The balance bottles have correspondences with the Tarot, I Ching and with the Kabala. They are shaken to release the energies, the lower half is the colour of your true aura, the upper half shows the circumstances into which you were born. It embodies the personality ray on which you came into this life. Both fractions make up your soul ray. which points to what you want to accomplish in this life.

The second, third and forth bottles are looked at both factions together. The second bottle is therapeutic and should be used first to balance personality aspects that could be worked on.

The third bottle shows how far you have come in this life and the fourth reveals the future. Your choice of third and fourth bottle will change over time as you work with Aura Soma.

I particularly like the Pomanders which are used which are spread through the aura with the hands. Place 3 drops in your left hand. Rub in the substance and with both hands stroke your body from a distance of a few centimeters, from head to toe. Hold your cupped hands in front of your nose and take 3 deep breaths. Visualise taking the 49 herbs and its colour into your body with the intention of supporting the balance oil, or to cleanse and protect yourself or to cleanse the area around you.

The Quintessences relate to a different subtle body, the astral body. The oils represent the Ascended Masters and attune you to their vibration. They are finer and more effective than the Pomanders. They are used in a similar way to the Pomanders. They are used in meditation to attune your energies to a higher vibration.

What is even more amazing is that Vicky Wall was blind, gifted with `second sight’ and guided to produce these mesmerizing colours, shimmering in every rainbow hue to restore balance and harmony to your body, mind and spirit.

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This works!!

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Creativity for writers, artists, musicians

What excites you the most?
Do you long to get your hands dirty in the pottery clay? Does your body long to move in dance? Do you desire to paint a masterpiece or play a symphony?

Whatever your passion you need to start somewhere. That is where the block is for many people. They offer all the whys and excuses.

I begin by closing my eyes and watching, feeling the breath, as it goes in the nostrils and into the lungs, then reverses and goes out through the nostrils and into the air. Feel the temperature as it enters the nostrils and then goes into the lungs, where it is warmed and the life sustaining oxygen is exchanged in the lungs for carbon dioxide and goes out through the nostrils and into the air.

As you focus deeper on the process of breathing, the cares and distractions fall away, you become clearer and more centered and ready to create. Have your favorite piece of music playing as you focus on your movement, just play with it at first. If you are painting, just experiment with the brush. If you are writing just play with the words, the sound, the different meanings. Jot them down. If you are a musician, just play with the sounds, jot down any riffs you like. How does it feel?

Creativity is the highest form of joy. Use your imagination to juxtaposition different elements, to draw attention to unusual combinations. You can always rearrange things later. Keep a journal, notebooks – its amazing what you can use later. I’ve kept diaries most of my life, I even have a play I wrote as a child in Grandma’s Garden, its about the flower fairies which is how I remember they were very real to me. Its why I now work with flower essences. Our guides and angels have been guiding us all our lives. Acknowledge them, allow them to show you how its done!

The photos illustrate developing a concept based on Aura Soma Colour Essences, into scarves for a U3A choir based on Gold Coast, Qld
This works!!

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