Joyful Voices

I’ve just been reading an amazing book on mediumship. It was one of those occasions when I was guided to something. I’d been shopping at my local Tamborine school market when, I was getting a message to check out the books. I had very little money left when on top of a pile was Doris Stoke’s Joyful Voices. It was $6, I didn’t know if I had $6 left, but sure enough there was $6. I was getting so much energy, thrills up the spine, tingles, all but begging me to buy it, I said: Hold your horses, I’m getting it. So I bought it and took it home and read it.

Now I didn’t know about Doris beforehand. Ignorant me. After years of service in England, touring extensively, she’s been to Australia and filled the Opera House. She was a clairaudient, she could hear spirit. She connects people to those who have passed over. Many in spirit are wanting to make contact with their relatives and they do. If you believe in life after death and most do, then with the right contact, you can. Doris performed that service and helped many thousands of people gain peace. What a wonderful gift. She also did a great service for charity, particularly children’s charities, not to mention her service to spirit. Like me she had lost a child and that gave her great compassion for those who lose children and still births.

Now I think I’m being trained to perform a similar role. Perhaps I’ll even continue Doris’s work: who knows, but after the earth changes, that is what I’ll be doing.

The book I picked up is Joyful Voices Omnibus Voices of Love and Joyful Voices 2007 by Sphere An imprint of Little, Brown Book Group, 100 Victoria Embankment London EC4YODY
She’s also written: Voices: A Doris Stokes Collection and A Host of Voices: The Doris Stokes Collection which I’m looking forward to reading. To quote a significant new phenomena Doris describes her first AIDS death.

`To open the evening, I got my first contact to pass with AIDS. I suspect I’m going to get a lot more of these in the coming months but this was my first confirmed case. The poor lad Simon I think his name was, came back full of love for his boyfriend who had nursed him devotedly through the terrible ordeal.

Simon mentioned a great many family members and friends but most of all he wanted to reassure his lover that he was now fit and well and happy. They were obviously very close indeed and he promised that he wouldn’t move on in the spirit world. He would wait faithfully for his friend and then they would progress together.’