Egypt – first trip Day 2

The visit to a perfumery was a surprise. We had an entertaining lecture by Reiki Master Gamal Abdul Sami Zakinthos, who can see auras and is extremely knowledgable about essences. To summarise:

Crown chakra – Blue Lotus-  spiritual communication- use on the body

Third Eye chakra – Sandlewood and Oil of Peppermint – use in burner

Throat chakra – Amber cashmere -use in bath or massage

  • Musk – oil burner

Heartchakra – Rose – in oil burner – for headaches, back pain, emotional stress

Third chakra – Jasmin, double Jasmin – digestive, lose weight

Second chakra – Musk Oil –  Balance yin/yang, heal inner child

Base chakra – Red Amer Oil

Higher Chakra Oils

Spikenard – Mary Magdelene

Papyrus – Body as Temple of Soul

Lily of the Valley – Nature Spirits

Frankincense – crown chakra – clear entities

Myrr  – crown chakra

Flower of Seqqara – Astral travel, angel communication

Fruit Oils – help us enjoy our freedom and joy in the home

Perhaps more importantly, Gamal showed us his amazing generosity of spirit, a true Master in every sense.

Our next stop was Saqqara, an outer Cairo area about an hour away, a green belt where Cairo’s food is grown. We had lunch in a date palm forest and saw local women baking bread in a clay oven, and were serenaded by local musicians.

Saqqara is the site of the Step Pyramid  of  Zoser, ( Djoser), an earlier stage in Pyramid construction, The whole area is a burial ground from earliest times. It was also a place for sound healing and we were shown an alcove where I played the 528 Hz miracle tone, which I had brought along for Yvonne, who had stomach cramps. Haytham also showed us a symbol of Pharoh’s power, which was confirmed every 30 years, by a meeting of all the officials. This was later reduced to every 5 years.This was the Heb-sed festival conducted in the great courtyard. On its north and south are three chapels. The first two chapels originally had a group of 4 statues of which only the pedestals and two large pair of feet remain and two smnaller ones on the left represent Djjoser, his mother and his wife and daughter.

The  symbol of 4 circles  in the great courtyard, which were walked around, reminds me of the 8 original circles in the Flower of life. I felt it’s the symbol that’s important in the ceremonies. It in the corner of a huge arena and in the middle a bull was sacrificed after they had walked around the circles, so it very important symbol in confirming the power of the Pharoh.The Great FRENCH Egyptologist Jean.-Phillips Lauer who reconstructed the site Said Saqqara is the clue to Egyptian civilisation.

I felt this whole area had once been very well watered with waterways running beside the sound healing temples, which some say is still connected underground to the Pyramids. You can hear water in the sound alcove, which has a set of feet sculptured beneath. It a limestone plateau, so tunnels are quite a likelihood. So underground tunnels – I said they may need clearing. Haytham said it would be impossible because of official attitude, which we’d seen previously at the Sphinx, and again here. We had to stop chiming. I said you can do it remotely,

We then paid an extra fee to get into a new tomb. I sat down on a ledge in front of a wall which Haytham said was a fake door, indicated by gold paint and red brown. I was picking up a set of stairs going down and was asking ‘where are the stairs? since I hadn’t seen the rest of the tomb and did’t at that stage know it was a fake door. My physical energy was low, but psychic energy high, so I was having trouble walking once we got outside. Leisa loaned me a cool towel which helped and Pam supported me walking. I was definitely seeing things shape shift, the energy was high as we walked back to the bus.

At 3 am I was contemplating the day and felt Oannases, the fish and felt Saqqara may have been where the Sirian Connection came in, I saw it like my painting of Sirius, where man and dolphins interacted in temples like water gardens. The energy is still there, but why has the land become so barren, a lowering of the water table, seems a likely explanation.

Perhaps in acknowledging the feminine, it could come back and help this poor land and its people. The contrasts between the extremes is very great and needs to be personally integrated to come into unity consciousness.

Tthis whole area of Saqqara deserves greater attention as there are many tombs including that of Maya and Merit, mentioned in ‘Secret Places of the Lion’ the book recommended for me in a 1990’s channeling.


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The is the book about our Egypt trip in 2018 and is still under construction and in draft stage, so more will be added as material becomes available. That’s one of the advantages of writing as a blogger and as a reader you get to see a work in progress and how much work it takes to produce a book.

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