The Sophia Code – Book review Part 2

 Mary Magdelene, ‘She of a thousand angels’

I had not been at all familiar with Mary Magdalene, and her Higher role, having been brought up as a Catholic. It was only when  I began exploring the Goddesses that I realised how maligned she’d been. Typically of the patriarchy, she’d been portrayed as a prostitute and her role written out of history.

Assisting Jesus as an equal in his healing ministry, she is the Feminine Christ consciousness. The Mary Magdalene Initiation enables one to access the Angels of Inner Self-Mastery, our angelic helpers to assist our ascension. The Temple of your Higher Self certainly seemed very familiar to me and I felt I had been there before.

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 Quan Yin, ‘She of a thousand waters’

“The alchemical miracle of your great suffering prepared your heart to become a chalice of never-ending grace that will pour forth healing waters for the peace of all beings. I offer you this holy vessel, the Vase of Compassion, in honor of how you emptied yourself so that the light of Sophia’s compassion could overflow from your heart. For it is prophesied that all who are blessed by your healing waters will also awaken to become overflowing vessels of compassion and divine love. May the reflective waters of this vase bless all who seek your miracles.

Quan Yin came to me  after my heart attack and drowning in the Pacific. It was She who made me whole again. Someone gave me a card printed with her blessing in honour of their own healing. Later I received a colour image of her and prayed to her

Karuna is often described as the devoted loving compassion that a mother has for her child. I offer to you that embodying this definition begins with you becoming the Inner Mother and Father to your own Inner Child. In the journey of parenting yourself, you will come to find that it is your own innocence that knows the exact words and self-loving actions that you need to receive from yourself for healing your deepest wounds.

I share the mantra, OM MANE PADME HUM,

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White a Buffalo Calf Woman, ‘She of a thousand clouds and white thunder beings’.

Dancing upon the clouds with my Thunder Being angels, my ceremonies create offerings of rain and electricity for Mother Earth’s body to grow and regenerate. I represent an ancient and powerful Order from the sky worlds called The Sky Grandmothers who oversee the evolutionary growth of all species on Earth from beyond the space-time continuum. Together we continuously weave a rainbow bridge that coordinates innumerable timelines for countless souls and species to incarnate within Mother Earth’s body and become students of her abundant grace.

The spontaneous and sacred appearance of a new genetic species of white buffalo in North America is the first fulfillment of my spoken prophecy. These white buffalo are the first Holy Spirit embodiments of my Sophia Christ consciousness returning and manifesting once again on Earth. As Thunder Being angels, they embody and broadcast the frequency of my Divine Feminine Christ transmission, which is an invincible innocence that radically undermines and transfigures the viral programming causing humanity to act inhumanely to all life.

In this next Age of Miracles, women must claim their divine right to fully embody The Sophia Code within them and take up the mantle of Divine Feminine Christ leadership. For women are the buffalo of community: birthing and raising every generation from the prayer of their wombs. When women are supported to dream in peace, men become woven into their prayer and know their own worth by supporting their women birthing a new paradigm into reality.

It is in your willingness to participate in this great prayer with me that we will call forth the healing rains and lightning reconciliation of the Divine Feminine grace and power ordained to usher in a new paradigm of right relations with All That Is.see also: White Buffalo Calf Woman

Keycode 777, ‘She who births Soverign Creators’

Golden Dragon Light Body

We willingly share about The Golden Dragon Light Body because many of you reading this codex are masters that have returned to this planet as Starseed Lightworkers to help birth this next spiritual revolution for human sovereignty. Given the great calling that you have answered you deserve every technology of divine love that supports your mission, especially what you have already trained in other lifetimes to receive now. Many of you have already been initiated by us and have received some level of this technology in other lifetimes on Earth. We initiated some of you in other times.

As you download the merkabah field of magnetic light that is your own Golden Dragon Light Body in the final initiation of this introductory volume, notice how natural it feels to recognize yourself as an angelic Golden Dragon teaching embodiment on Earth. You are simply slipping into the skin of your own divinity, claiming your right to immaculately birth a new world as a Daughter and Son of the Most High. You did not travel all this way to play small. You came here to be the holy fire and light of Sophia. You came to move as one Golden Dragon of Sophia Christ consciousness upon the Earth, birthing heavenly sovereign realities with your Family of Light. We are the high seraphim of Sophia’s Sacred Heart.

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The Sophia Code – Book review

The book is about the Feminine Spiritual Masters who will assist the earth in bringing in the New Feminine Era. It is a channelled work by Kaia Ra, channeled at Mt Shasta 2009. It begins with the story of how the commission unfolded and makes fascinating reading.

‘The Tahoe-style home that I rented had a high vaulted ceiling in the living room and thick, exposed wooden beams throughout the house. It was solidly built to withstand the Shasta winters. Yet on that night, just as I began to write, those wooden beams started to vibrate. I gaped as their sturdy appearance rapidly dematerialized into an underlying atomic structure–instead of grooved dark wood, I was staring at orbiting electrons. The walls began to vibrate as well, followed by the entire house, which felt as though it was shaking from its foundation and about to either completely melt down or lift off. I couldn’t tell which way the energy was moving because it was accelerating in multiple directions simultaneously. A great white light filled the living room and then the entire house. I could still see my physical body and the computer perched on my lap, but the rest of my environment had suddenly disappeared. I was sitting in pure light. A voice now boomed from this all-consuming white light, which smelled and felt like lightning, electrifying every cell of my body. The voice declared: “I am Sophia, the One Divine Mother Creatrix of All Life! Are you listening to me?”

Her voice was thunderously loud and the volume was unbearable for me. This was far beyond any previous experience of channeling that I had. I grappled to find my own voice and respond to Her question. My mind raced through several approaches for navigating the situation until I finally decided to humbly admit my abject confusion. “Sophia … are you the Greek goddess of wisdom?” I hesitantly called out into Her light.

“No! I am Sophia, the One Divine Mother Creatrix of All Life! Are you listening to me?” Her response rolled throughout my entire being in another round of thunderous light waves. With that response, I realized that the very light of God was summoning me, beyond my understanding. Regardless of my shock, I wanted to be wholly available for this extraordinary moment. Yet, I knew several factors needed to shift if I were to remain a conscious participant speaking with Sophia. At that time, I was barely calibrated for this level of direct engagement with Her. I felt that humbly admitting my limitations was the best way to proceed.

“Yes! I am listening to you! I want to hear everything that you have to say, but can you turn down the volume and the lights? It’s unbearable for me!” I offered back into Her luminosity. The pure white light immediately softened to include a mixture of golden light that was easier on my sight. The all-consuming light receded in such a way that I could see outlined elements of the living room once again, while remaining within Sophia’s centralized field of light. I looked down at my laptop and realized that I should immediately start typing to record my conversation with Sophia, to avoid convincing myself later that this never happened.’

The book is arranged so each of 12 Christ-consciousness Goddesses, tell us how they attained Ascension in their lifetimes and their committment  to show us The Way. It is a Sacred Text which aligns you to your Higher Self consciousness.

The Sophia Code is a curriculum with the Ascended Masters designed to activate your highest potential and your soul’s divine genome. As in any arc of educational growth, cycles of integration are essential for taking in new information, releasing old belief systems, and adjusting to live at the edge of your capacity for accelerated personal transformation. Allowing yourself the space to reflect and integrate between chapters, from one to several days, will support your journey ahead. However, it is also important to keep reading as you integrate, because each chapter builds momentum for your empowerment.

Some of the Goddessess will be familiar, some may not be, so I propose to summarise and show you images of each of them. Obviously you need to read the text and speak your truths in order to initiate your service work.

In Section 2, this pace and commitment becomes particularly important. For every Keycode chapter contains revelatory teachings, followed by an initiation to mentor with that Ascended Master, which builds upon the previous Keycode initiations.

  1. Isis, ‘She of a thousand names’

I have been interested in Isis since I moved to Tamborine and have had a statue of her at the entrance to my home. She is now in my new apartment.There was the extraordinary experience at her Temple of Philae, described in my Egypt book. And the silk scarves I designed around the colours from Aura Soma. Her energy can be invoked with the OM sound.

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2. Hathor, ‘She of a thousand voices’

There was some confusion in my mind between Isis and Hathor, and I now realise why. Isis was channelling Hathor who came before her. Hathor works on the DNA to realign our Higher Self embodiment. I connected with her at Philae in her Temple, at Abu Simbel, and Karnak.I have a Hathor symbol which I have worn since.

see also : Who are The Hathor’s

3. Green Tara, ‘She of a thousand stars’

I know Green Tara as a Buddhist deity, particularly Tibetan.  She is from Sirius and is working with nature kingdoms. She is also associated with Tara of Ireland. She assists with communication and the voice and channelling

OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA  Chant is an invocation to her

4. Mother Mary, ‘She of a thousand roses’

The Mother of all mother’s is well known. Since I was a child in the Legion of Mary, I have prayed to her, when anyone I know passes, I put their name at her feet for her guidance to other realms. She of a thousand roses is invoked through the Rosary. I connected to her and painted her with arms down stretched and hands forward, sending light to the world and stars in the heavens. Recently I decorated a statue of Our Lady of the Southern Cross from Marian valley with the Royal blue and gold of her colours. I find some older images are cliched and would like like to paint her living higher dimensional image, for she can be experienced that way.

I will continue this in PART 2 as I work through the initiations.


Scotland Ireland Planning 04


The Rose
As sung by Bette Midler Music and Lyrics by Amanda McBroomCopyright © 1978 by Bette Midler, Amanda McBroom. All Rights Reserved.from the movie, The Rose

Some say love, it is a river that drowns the tender reed.
Some say love, it is a razor that leaves your soul to bleed.
Some say love, it is a hunger, an endless aching need.
I say love, it is a flower, and You its only seed.
It’s the heart, afraid of breaking, that never learns to dance.
It’s the dream, afraid of waking, that never takes a chance.
It’s the one who won’t be taken, who cannot seem to give.
And the soul, afraid of dyin’, that never learns to live.

When the night has been too lonely,
and the road has been too long,
And you think that love is only for the lucky and the strong,
Just remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snows,
Lies the seed, that with the sun’s love, in the spring becomes
The Rose.

The Rose is included in several DVDs, CDs by Bette Midler

‘The Order of The White Rose’
Received Sunday the 28th October 2018 by Kai Phoenix

Kai Phoenix says : ‘A friend of mine was gravely ill. Something that came on very suddenly and unexpectedly. We we’re hoping and praying for a miracle and doing everything in our power to assist him to remain on this Earth realm. Obviously I’m not going to go into detail here except to say he was a healer who helped and assisted many. Selflessly volunteering his services over many decades and that’s how we first met, at our local healing centre.

He was so kind, loving, gentle, cheeky and had a wicked and sometimes dry sense of humour such that sometimes I didn’t know if he was joking or not but he always always had a smile on his face, an encouraging word to say and never spoke badly of anyone. He helped and assisted so many yet he was humble and without ego.

One morning I was going to visit him in hospital and I woke up to this code. I received it for me but was told to share it with him also as apparently it was for the both of us. The words “The Order of The White Rose” came to me and I quickly scribbled it down as I was rushing to get there to see him aware he was approaching his final days.

I sat in the room with him (and others) and proceeded to sketch out the code in his presence. The phrase given to me along with the code sounded familiar so I looked it up on Google to see if it was ‘a thing.’ Ok call me blonde is ok/true (yes I’m a natural blonde) but I had no prior knowledge of it having hidden under a rock for many years (hehe) and then when I was brave enough to come out my attention focussed elsewhere.

It seems the symbol is a personal key and the key is an invitation. The invitation is to initiate or ordain into the priest/priestesshood of The Order of The White Rose, the feminine aspect or branch of the Great White Brotherhood. (Those deemed ready to be ordained will be given a personal key.) We both were receiving this invitation. The invitation to uphold and protect the Divine Sacred Feminine (and also the balance of masculine and feminine).’

Female members of this order include Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, White Buffalo Woman and Isis to name a few but also think the likes of Lady Dianna Spencer.

The White Rose stands for purity of heart and the Divine feminine, symbolizing the Goddess and Angelic Realm. The White Rose also symbolizes grace, truth, honor, the healing power of spirit and love manifesting on Earth through humanity. The gold circle in this my personal key represents Unity conciousness, the All. The triangles represent the Higher and Lower (Earth ) realms respectively. So uniting the Higher and Lower realms through love and heart consciousness.

This all now just being bought into my awareness though when I wrote and channeled my book in 2012 Quan Yin visited me many times to tell me that I was a petal on a (cherry) tree about to blossom and come into full bloom. That all the other petals on the tree (representing the feminine) and I are one and are coming into our spring. She said I would work with women helping to support and teach them how to love and nurture themselves and find their inner strength but first I would have to love and nurture myself. Quan Yin told me to allow my womanhood to shine through as it had been lying dormant for too long, to bring feminine intent and softness into everything I do and into actions and interactions with others. That contrary to popular belief that being feminine is not being weak but conversely strong. That there is strength and power in femininity and the female energy much more than the masculine but that it is a subtle and underlying strength so as to be barely noticed, designed to empower the bearer without dis-empowering the recipient. She suggested I harness this energy and bring it into my working practise and everyday life. That when one petal opens and blossoms many follow until the fulll tree is radiant with light and aroma. She went on to say “Blessed are the ones that blossom upon the tree of life.”

I feel the code was given to my friend to honor his service to others primarily women, having volunteered at the healing centre for over 12 years. A place where often he was the only male amongst a sea of women and for the hundreds and possibly thousands (through the butterfly/ripple effect) that he helped over that time. But why now? Why this late in the picture? I feel that they were pulling out the red carpet in his honor ready for him to cross over and showing him the love that surrounded him at this time during his transformation from one dimension to another. Whatever the reason when I showed him the code he smiled his beautiful smile and it lit up the room gifting all that were present. I’ll never forget that smile.

Four days later I was back visiting. By now he was unconscious and his breathing laboured, his time with us was nearing it’s end. On the bequest of his partner I worked on energetically clearing the room. Then while his favourite Native American music played softly in the background I allowed my Light Language signing to intuitively channel through me in rythmic dance like movements as I adjusted the energies around us, clearing, gathering reshaping, reforming, aligning and much more. The whole process going for about 15 minutes till it naturally resolved itself in a deep bow of respect.

The next morning I got the phone call that he had transformed and in that moment I realised I had unknowingly been setting up the pathways, setting up a clear and safe passage for him to cross that rainbow bridge to the other side.

In my opinion he was one of the 144,000 Ambassodors of Light that descended to this planet to assist in the Ascension process. One of the First Wavers, a Wayshower who helped set things up for what is to come for all of us and for that I am so grateful.

During a Quantum Energetic Reading his Higher Self explained to me his mission as an ‘influencer’ here on Earth was complete and I believe he’s been fast tracked to 5D ahead of us to help set things up there also ready for our arrival.

But what about me? Why did I receive the code and why do I share such a personal story with you all, The Keepers of The Codes?

Well this is especially for those of you that sign and dance Light Language. Never underestimate what it is you do or what you are possibly here to do. I had no idea or inkling that my Light Language signing would be utilised in such a profound way. I feel so humbled and honoured to have been a part of that process for him, such a gentle kind and loving man and to assist in his safe passage home in the most loving way possible. And for that, that role alone, I think that’s why I received the code that day “The Order of The White Rose”

Love and blessings to all you bringers of Light

Ché Tu Nah My
Kai Phoenix

A white rose is a potent symbol, of course, and one found elsewhere and used by other groups. One thinks of those who resisted Hitler in Munich. In British (as distinct from English) history, the white rose as a symbol is most obviously associated with Jacobitism: for example, it is often found on commemorative Jacobite glasses and in Jacobite portraits. The white cockades worn by Jacobite soldiers were rose symbols. It is sometimes thought that this is because James VII and II was born Duke of York (the symbol of York being, of course, the white rose), although white rose day in the Jacobite Calendar was the birthday of the Old Pretender, James’s son.

i am reminded of the painting I did to illuminate the the meditation known as the Tibetan Figure 8. The image I was given was the same as to Kai, a cherry tree in bloom and a white rose. There were other symbols as well, a water jug pouring water, for Aquarius, a rosacrution cross which is  a Knights Templar symbol. The meditation is described as a preparation for the First Inner Session, in working with the Higher realms. I found it useful in cutting the ties that bind us in unhealthy ways, or unhelpful relationships.

i am also drawn to the issue of helping the dying in passing over. I recently helped a mentor of mine, a singer/songwriter to pass, using reiki and sound. I shared with him my trip to Egypt and hope for the future. I explained he was going on a journey and to go to the light and his parents would meet him there. He began  to cry, Although he had been in pain, on my second visit he shared the pain had gone. He passed 4 days later. I felt I had made his passing easier.

I feel I am being drawn to the White Rose Order and it’s my reason for the next journey. I’ve Found the Rose LeyLine and the other  Canna Marriage Liine which seems to traverse Skye, where my daughter is getting married. I’ve been to Irish dancing class where my granddaughter is starting at 3 years old and was emotionally affected to the point of tears by the older girls tap dancing to Irish music. I think Genetic  memories are surfacing as I recall a bracket inscription on a souvenir  ‘de na forget’ from my grandmother whose relatives came from Ireland.

Egypt – First Trip Day 12

Woke at 8am with low sugar, but since was to be a rest day, was able to take things easy. Again I went swimming in Mena House pool to dissipate the energy and relax.

Min’s final channeling was about change and how we should be ready to embrace it, it holds many pleasant surprises There was a circle of light above the group with 33 Ascended Masters present. We were to choose a Ray- mine was white, containing all colours of the rainbow and an Ascended Master came in.

Min channeling:

Become aware of how Infinte you are. There is no such thing as death. If you think you life needs to be solid, unchanging, – this is what causes death. It’s impossible to destroy life. there is no finality to anything. You are going to continue in infinite ways. The Egyptians knew they were eternal.

You need to let go of your life being predictable. Life doesn’t have any expectations.You are connected to the multitude of Ray experiences. These priests, scribes showed the Egyptians how to build these buildings.

This is the change being offered: become a conduit of these forces. See the circle of light pulsing above you. Within this circle is consciousness of 33 Master healers. With this are 33 Rays of Light. Connect to your heart centre. Thank the Master healers and give permission to emanate one Ray down the crown. Let it sit there so your physical body can come into alignment. Give permission for this one Ray to integrate. Give you body permission to integrate into any area needing healing. Feel it integrate into the solar plexus, anchor it and let it change, transform the death charge. We only ask the you receive. Life must change when you receive.

The many orbs that you have seen are frequencies of consciousness, that find that they can exist in Sekmet’s chapel. The more you lift the veils, the more you will see them. Imprint, the tone, the colour, the frequency you experienced and give it permission to work with you. Call upon that name to assist you. The 33 healers are from Egypt and they are with you eternally.

Hathor channelling

Lion beings of Sirius. This planet was rudimentary. Many animals relate to star beings. Lion beings came from Sirius and EEO. Most of the animals came from Stars.

Andromedans – you are from there but understand you belong in other planets. The water planets, the silvery dolphins, you have many lifetimes there. You are directly from Source, we do not wish you to limit yourselves. You are created so you could experience.

Represent those 12 Etheridge points around the world and each of you represents one. On th 13th  vibration is Great Mother herself. The twelve are enclosed within the thirteenth.

Activate yourself in this ancient land. The twelve will go out into the world and take it to all parts of the world.

Om Maat

Jennifer presented us with a necklace. The  symbol is the Tear of Horus, a Diamond Light Symbol which opens the heart centre and brings calm and peace to the recipient. The symbol is now called Tear of Truth and also connects to the Guardian of our Hearts- Hathor.

I feel for me The Egypt Trip reconnected me to the Merkabah, the Light body in preparation for the work I will continue to do to Uplift the energies of the Earth for ascension into the higher dimensions. The next morning most of the family left and I farewelled them and had the rest of the time to recover for the trip home. I meditated that evening, In the morning, I also did a rough sketch of how I’d seen it in the past, to focus on it being like that again. I swam in the pool  and packed my bags – I’d brought an extra small bag for the things I ‘d purchased and been given and was taken to the airport by Mohammed from Pink Lotus Tours to assist with departure.

Many thanks to everyone at Pink Lotus Tours for an extraordinary experience. A big thank you to Jennifer Starlight and  Min as I said, I don’t know how she does it,  very busy and demanding in the physical,and channeling very high energy you are remarkable Jennifer, and Peter you are the support we all need.

Here’s a video if you like to try the Merkabah Meditation. Your focus is on Love You will need to do it for 7 Days in a row  minimum, to stabilise the Merkabah field.


Egypt – First Trip Day 9

We left the ‘love boat’ in the morning to go back on land. First we visited Hatshepsut’s Mortuary Temple on the West Bank of the Nile at Luxor. It is massive, with faces in cliffs behind if you have psychic sight. There was a train to go to the kiosk, but from there it was a steep climb up a ramp or stairs. When I got to the top I went to the right. A Nubian man told me in broken English that I was a Nubian princess. I thought of the girl in my Remembering Love and Light Language cards, I had drawn before coming to Egypt. Hatshepsut was a Queen, a pharoh, and was said to darken her face and had a false beard for authority. So this was another high energy site, a challenging walk. The Nubian wrapped my head in a scarf and kept repeating ‘princess’.

Pharoh Hatshepsut adopted royal protocol, wore men’s clothing  and the pastiche beard and suppressed the feminine endings of her name. She also began dedicating her time to architecture and promoting new trade policies which culminated in her expedition to the Land of Punt.

Her temple is unique in Egyptian architecture. It consists of a series of vast terraces, which via ramps led up to the santuary. An avenue of sphinxes and obelisks led up to the first terrace, closed at the back by a portico of 32 pillars and flanked by two Osiris pillars. The second terrace was approached by another ramp with a portico of two rows of square pillars. On the walls beautiful bas-reliefs narrate the story of her birth and childhood and her voyage to the Land of Punt, believed to be today’s Ethiopia. The animals depicted include giraffes, monkeys and panther skins.

The Valley Is dedicated to Hathor. Her monument in later times became a Christian convent known as the Convent of the North, which preserved it from further destruction. It is called Dier El-Bahrain.

i am indebted to Aluna Joy for this description from her 2012 trip to Egypt.

Hatshepsut and Sekhmet were both present, and both were mother figures of an entire era. The message was about the challenges of motherhood, and being a mother for humanity, a leader, a bridge, a teacher. . . It was about getting down to the nitty-gritty of owning that sacred position with no holding back, because we feel we will be judged, unpopular, and/or estranged from the ones we love. It was a message of strength to “tell it like is” and have the courage to be that mother, leader, teacher, and bridge. The message came through with incredible power and tough love that both mother Sekhmet and Hatshepsut had to develop in their reigns. Both were ostracized in various ways for being in their power as mothers and leaders.

They both shared with a gritty tough love, and they had me stomp my feet and clench my fists. . . They shared . . . “Don’t wait to be recognized as your true self as I [Hatshepsut] had. Don’t shrink back to avoid condemnation and sadly only to be recognized in death. Stand in your power and be recognized now, and you will be more effective in your work as a leader.”

If you question yourself, as we all do, imagine yourself in your death bed. . . Then ask yourself if you will feel disappointed that you didn’t do what your heart called you to do, or be in this life! This way you can have hindsight in the present moment.

They also shared that they know that the times have changed. There are many spiritual leaders in the world now. One of them is most likely you who are reading this now! And this change makes them both very happy. The burden of leadership is not on one pair of shoulders anymore. We are doing this together as one. We have evolved into a team effort on the forefront of evolution.

The Message and the Activation.

Goddess Hatshepsut is not going to waste any time here . . . she is all ready to go! She wants to help us learn about the grittiness of life. The down to earth, getting down and dirty, grittiness of facing life. Those are the best words that I can come up with. It is beyond just being a parent; it is also about being a leader. Being a parent is obviously an issue that has been coming up for many of us . . . which is somewhat comforting.

Every time we come to a block in our lives or our path, we can just play it forward and imagine ourselves in our last moment in this body. Would we feel disappointed if we didn’t express our truth in every way humanly possible?” Would we feel disappointed if we didn’t go on that pilgrimage that was calling us or not speak the truth to our kids or write that powerful article or shine that amazing light? Are we going to feel like we missed an opportunity to play out our piece of our divine destiny? THIS . . . is how we get hindsight beforehand.

Goddess Hatshepsut is standing here. She has her feet planted firmly, and she is saying, “Go for it!” She is saying, “Do it! Do it! It’s time to do it!” She has all of the same feelings we have: she feels grief because she didn’t express her true self. She feels grief because she held back and didn’t say what she needed to say because she was afraid she would be dethroned. She feels guilty about that . . . still . . . today – even though we come here, and we honor her with so much love and appreciation. Over centuries, we have been coming and appreciating her. She is in the history books, and yet she, as a spirit, still feels like “I could have been more. I could have done better.” She doesn’t want that for us because we are her children. Does that make sense?

Group said: Yes.
Goddess Hatshepsut fists are clenched, and she is saying, “Do it! Come on! Don’t wimp out.” I have never seen this side of her. It is quite powerful. She dressed up as a man to do her job because, in a way, she had to be a man. She is asking us all to “man up,” but this has nothing to do with gender. She was and still is a powerful feminine force to be reckoned with. This is about living from that gritty truth and unwavering compass inside of us that tells us what is right and fearlessly, unwaveringly move forward. When we live from this raw truth, we won’t be concerned if we upset somebody or if we might lose somebody or if someone may speak badly about us. We have to do what we feel is right, but also do this from your inner mastery and do what is needed with respect. We don’t want to look back and say I should have done this or I should have done that. She says we have plenty of time . . . to set all things right again. Now go do it!

Alright, Archangel Michael just popped in, and Sekhmet is here as well, because she is also a great mother. This message is about the “down and dirty” of being a parent and that also means the gritty reality of being a non-judgmental leader. (If you are reading this, it includes you.) We have all come here to be leaders in this life. What we have experienced as parents is only in preparation for what is coming next. (Aluna… I am challenged by this message already. I just telling you. The group laughs.) Sekhmet is showing me that being a leader is like being a parent on steroids. Being a parent is a hard job and one that can cause much pain and worry and also great joy and fulfillment. We all came here to be way-showers. We came here to be bridges. We came here to be the path between what was and what will be. Right?

Group said: Yes.

We didn’t come here to mess around. We didn’t come here just to play. We came here to get a job done, and none of us want to of future to be in the same condition as when we arrived. That is why we came to Egypt during this intense astrological time. That is why Spirit called us here . . . even before we knew how important these days were going to be. We came here to bust through barricades and barriers in our programing and our very souls, and we are really hitting it today. Sekhmet is sharing our pain and our joy and honoring our courage for not only being a cosmic parent but also being a global leader.

Every time we come to a block in our lives or our path, we can just play it forward and imagine ourselves in our last moment in this body. Would we feel disappointed if we didn’t express our truth in every way humanly possible?” Would we feel disappointed if we didn’t go on that pilgrimage that was calling us or not speak the truth to our kids or write that powerful article or shine that amazing light? Are we going to feel like we missed an opportunity to play out our piece of our divine destiny? THIS . . . is how we get hindsight beforehand.

Goddess Hatshepsut is standing here. She has her feet planted firmly, and she is saying, “Go for it!” She is saying, “Do it! Do it! It’s time to do it!” She has all of the same feelings we have: she feels grief because she didn’t express her true self. She feels grief because she held back and didn’t say what she needed to say because she was afraid she would be dethroned. She feels guilty about that . . . still . . . today – even though we come here, and we honor her with so much love and appreciation. Over centuries, we have been coming and appreciating her. She is in the history books, and yet she, as a spirit, still feels like “I could have been more. I could have done better.” She doesn’t want that for us because we are her children. Does that make sense?

Group said: Yes.
Goddess Hatshepsut fists are clenched, and she is saying, “Do it! Come on! Don’t wimp out.” I have never seen this side of her. It is quite powerful. She dressed up as a man to do her job because, in a way, she had to be a man. She is asking us all to “man up,” but this has nothing to do with gender. She was and still is a powerful feminine force to be reckoned with. This is about living from that gritty truth and unwavering compass inside of us that tells us what is right and fearlessly, unwaveringly move forward. When we live from this raw truth, we won’t be concerned if we upset somebody or if we might lose somebody or if someone may speak badly about us. We have to do what we feel is right, but also do this from your inner mastery and do what is needed with respect. We don’t want to look back and say I should have done this or I should have done that. She says we have plenty of time . . . to set all things right again. Now go do it!’

Next we visited a semi-precious stone carver who had a demonstration of carving stone with stone aged tools, which is how they do it. He did have some very nice pieces and I brought a pyramid and an anck.

We then went to the Valley of the Kings, where they had the first interpretive display of the valley and tomb placement, that  I’d seen in Egypt. However this  was the point, where I finally decided, to stop. The others managed four tombs in an hour, while Jennifer, Pamela and I waited and rested.

Kings Valley has 62 Tombs numbered by John Gardner Wilkinson beginning in 1927. A lot of the valley has yet to be excavated. It contains sovereigns from the 18th to the 20th dynasty, topped by a pyramid shaped mountain. The tomb of Tutankhamen KV 62 was discover by Howard Carter in 1922. Most of  the goods found in the tomb are in the Cairo Museum including the gold funeral mask and the 4 chests of gilded wood containing the sarcophagus.

Then we went by bus to the West Bank of the Nile and caught a ferry to our Hotel Sonestra in Luxor. The others were going back to the West Bank in the evening for dinner, but I opted out.

Overnight I was very unwell and decided next day to opt out of going to Dendera . When I later contemplated why, in such a tightly organised trip I missed Dendera, I began researching Dendera and came across Drunvelo Melchizedek’s information, which I’d originally seen some of on tape, in the 1990s and had begun doing the Merkabah meditations and this was another instance of coming back to earlier practises. So perfect timing in a way.


Aluna Joy,

Egypt – First trip Day 5

We drove south to  Abu Simbel, an 8 hour drive and the southernmost point of our trip. This is 300km through the NubianDesert. A beautiful morning as we caught our ferry to the mainland to catch the bus.

The desert was a barren featureless landscape, unlike Australia where there is almost always spinifex or some vegetation, it had nothing growing at all. There was an occasional villages and green oasis, but generally without trees or grass, nothing until we came to a mysterious wall being built by labourers, for miles it extended in the  middle of nowhere. It’s apparently a project to direct water via canal to make the desert provide food security for Egypt.

We arrived at the massive dam which flooded the Temples of Ramses II and Nefertari his wife, called the Temple of Hathor. They removed the temples at a cost of US $140 million, to a higher site with placement so the sun still enters illuminating the figures of the Gods at solstice. However the energy was not as high as yesterday and I suspect it’s because it’s been moved. There was a cool breeze from the dam, the largest in the world, which cooled things down a bit. It is said to be the Temple of Divine Mind. Built in 1274 to 1244 BC.

There was already a temple on the site to local gods Horus of Mena and Hathor of Ibshek, when Ramses appropriated it, so he incorporated images of them.

Franz Christian Gau, the skilled Cologne architect, the first European to reach Abu Simbel, drew and published 4 figures, one of which is blue as Min had described to us, some of our extraterrestrial ancestors were. Subsequently an expedition in 1829 by Champollion and Rossellini published in 1832, also showed a blue god.

Drunvelo Melchizedek has this ti say about Abu Simbel:

The mural seen in figure 10-6 is on a wall at Abu Simbel, and you see the family here—Isis, Horus and Osiris. This is the only place I’ve seen in all of Egypt where they actually show the physical use of these tools of resurrection. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. Horus is holding the rod to the back of Osiris’s head, right at the chakra point that is the primary doorway into the eighth chakra. The hook is not shown here, but they actually slide the hook up and down this main rod to tune it. Evidently they got it tuned just right without it. Here Osiris is holding his arm up and one finger is holding the tuning fork, which is an angled piece with which you can fine-tune your body to get the exact vibration running up your spine.

In the evening we had a buffet in  Hotel Novenpick, which was much more suited to our tastes. The next morning, I swam and did a toning in the beautiful infinity pool beside the Nile, doing some very deep earth tones.

We then moved onto the Sonestra St George for our  Nile cruise.

Egypt – first trip Day 1


My first trip to Egypt – what an extraordinary experience. After booking with Jennifer Starlight after getting messages about mediumship for some time, I had been attending mediumship workshops and Min channeling sessions for over a year and decided the Egyptian trip, met my travel requirements (going with a group I knew and able to get a single supplement with a room of my own).

The highlight for me was the channeling sessions, getting confirmation from Min of the genetic seeding of the human race by advanced beings from other worlds. I was able to ask about the Sirius Connection with Egypt and the hybrid lion beings,

There were more questions raised. Why is there a Valley of the Baboons? Are they our human ancestors? There is little information about this, (from an Egyptologist). Has it been deliberately hidden? Who by?

I also confirmed I had a Silver Dolphin Connection on an Andromedan planet. This has been a place of rest and recreation for me during many lifetimes. I am not to limit myself to this however. We all have unlimited connections and abilities in our genetic codes.

My reading with Min confirmed my Roman centurion lifetime and guilt I have been carrying for lifetimes. This is confirmation of the message I received from  an earlier channellings in the early 1990s.

I believe we need to focus on creating New Earth, visualising it as I saw it lush and green with the balance of male and female energies, and to sound the Song of the New Earth as described by Tom Kenyon in ‘Song of the New Earth’ DVD, available from his website. He channels The Hathor’s. We connected with Hathor in Egypt though Jennifer Starlight.

I was able to use the whirlies to sound the Earth at the Sphinx, at Aswan, in the pools I was able to tone at the Pyramids, at Aswan, on the boat on the Nile. The water definitely carries the frequency. Unfortunately I couldn’t do it in a group, it was officially frowned upon.

Min channelling at the Sphinx

Anoint the 3rd Eye with Frankinsence and Myrrh Open up the subconscious and connect with what is true. You are whole when in your heart chakra. The majesty of this being (Sphinx), is the majesty of yourself.

These beings are in service to you to find the majesty of yourself. This being is thetelepathic  device that you can tune into no matter where you are on the planet. Anubis takes you from conditionedmind to Divine Intelligence Mind.

Much of its gift to humanity has been wasted. do not underestimate your being here. In acknowledging this being, you are connecting from one world to another. This has not been attained by many human beings. The heart of great beings, Star Mother’s and fathers of ancient humanity Anubis and Hathor and many others are your Star Mother’s and Fathers.

You are ready to connect to these beings. there is not one here who has not been through the fires of transformation. Just taking a moment. This being is waking up now. This is the gateway to the remembrance of your star self. To help you rise from the ashes to rebirth yourself. Feel the dross you have burned off. As the sun begins to rise in the new dawn, feel the light beginning to birth itself in your heart. Feel light birth your 3rd Eye bringing light to your consciousness in the new dawn.

Feel yourself in the heart of your Star Mother’s and Fathers. Feel the vastness of yourself, know this is the birthplace for you the New Human. Hear the song of the birds of knowledge.

You are opening yourselves to the multidimensional aspects of yourselves. Feel what colour you see in the aura of the Sphinx.

Golden – you are starting to see your real selves. The Sphinx is the beautiful guardian of your consciousness. Several of you are going to make this your home. The land has gone through a death, but a new life is beginning in the ancient Motherland.Youare here to recognise the Phoenix, inner earth rebirth.

Use the sound of toning to assist the earth, but assist yourself first to bring even greater change. Trust and faith in yourself, feel this moment in your heart.

Om Maat

Will I go back? Min says Egypt is not finished with me yet. It was a hard trip for my physical body. Some 22 hour days were very demanding. Where will I be in 2 years time? Certainly even less able to cope. It will need to be easier.

i’m not seeing much recognition of our physical needs as spiritual beings. We  all felt the Egyptian diet was too much meat based and I struggled with  the food as a diabetic as did another Coeliac. We lived on bottled water, contributing to the plastics pollution problem, waste being a major problem in Egypt. We all got diarrhoea at some point, dealt with swiftly by the Tour operators and pills. These are the negatives, the positives are at no point did I feel unsafe, even alone in the night market in Aswan, I felt quite safe.

Overall it was an amazing and enlightening experience. The energy is palpable, at the Pyramids, at the major sites, especially so at Hathor sites.The private session at the Sphinx was wonderful. The sound of the Imans calling the people to pray, the predawn hush, We had all walked this land before. When I played the whirlies, a flock of birds appeared .out from the Pyramid and circled the Sphinx. I then did some toning and I asked for healing for Egypt.

Later we went to the  Pyramid. I decided not to into the Kings Chamber. I sat outside at the base and tuned in to the energy which had me seeing people shape shift. There were a lot of sellers trying to sell us items, which was very annoying and I had to keep saying ‘no’ to stop others descending like a plague of locusts. We then walked around the back of the Pyramid where camels and horses, some in poor condition, were waiting for riders. We went back to the Sphinx compound which by now was crowded with people. We saw the modern building adjacent to the Pyramid which houses a Royal boat, in a very ugly designed building. We did not see the sound and light show at the Sphinx which is apparently, out of date, though we did see some of it at dinner that night.

I quotehere from Aluna Joy’s trip in 2013

’This great work we have done is the unplugging of a ticking time bomb just by our being here (on Earth) and coming to sacred places at this time (King’s Chamber). Our hearts, our souls, and the starry DNA that courses through our veins and through every cell of our bodies has unplugged the ticking time bomb – at a place where there was much needed course correction. This correction has been done and not just by this humble, little group but by all the starry human beings across the planet that are here with us today. Thousands have set their alarm clocks to wake up in the middle of the night to be in this chamber with us. (We had asked the world to join us, and this caused such a huge energy wave that the guards felt and almost didn’t let us in the chamber! They could feel it but didn’t know it.) We recognize all these others as well. This part of our evolution isn’t something we accomplish on our own anymore. It is something we do as a “We” and “Us,” from the “One.” This is not a sojourn, like it was in days past, where we would go into a cave by ourselves. This is something we do together now as a group, as a “We,” as “Us,” as “The One.”

Mother Sekhmet says the ticking clock that was going in an inharmonic direction has been stopped. The Masters and the Gods of these lands were working to dismantle this ticking time bomb, but they need us to help as well. It wasn’t until the thousands gathered with love in their hearts today – to bring in their divine self and awaken their immortal being inside of themselves – was this ticking time bomb unwired and dismantled. They say there is no way our minds could conceive how important this moment is; because of our innocence, we could never have imagined the huge repercussions that we have averted. We came here with innocent hearts. The innocent hearts are what has dismantled the ticking time bomb.’

We had our photo taken with  five pyramids in sight. Then we went back to Marriot Mena House Hotel to the pool  next to the Pyramid, where I felt I was channeling light Language with my hands and body movements, just letting the energy flow through me. The pool is deep blue, big and shallow an open to the sky, surrounded by date palms and greenery. There are padded lounges and fountains splashing water around it.

The day was yet young and we called at the Papyrus Institute, on the way to dinner.  I brought some, saw how they make it and was given some to paint on. Dinner, then home to bed by 9.30pm after a 4am start.



Min: Om Maat

Feeling has a light which will outshine the sun. We have always been with you. We want you to remember how to feel love. Are you tired of your lives, your tired aching bodies. Admit it, let go of the struggle. There are two types of seeking, from the heart and soul or from outside of yourself. Which will never be enough.

The depth of love in your heart is beyond words, alive, fresh and eternal, inside you. There is an eternal flame between the solar plexus and the heart. This flame is the bridge, activate it. This flame is within each individual wishing to ignite the flame. I am not a single entity. How can I be separate (as you) from all levels of consciousness?

There are many aspects to be brought into conscious awareness. You must give permission for the activation. Move beyond this to bring male and female aspects into conscious union. We wish you to see yourselves as conscious sentient beings. The opposite axes are alive and well within this dimension. Bring all of yourself into alignment. The eternal flame, when ignited with all aspects of yourself wii come and play. Spirit is life force that keeps the human body functioning.

Civilisations such as Egypt were not seeded from the human race. The beings which anchored this within the human race are you. You decided because of love of Mother Earth, to blend youselves in her dimension. The few relics bring such a deep resonance for you – remembering your star beingness – tHe original custodians. We are not seperate. It is time to stop having us on a pedestal. Because you think the star beings are different, you fell from your remembrance of us. The bridge sits there waiting.

There is great excitement to bring though Hathor. it is a great gift for Min and Hathor to be opening the heart and feeling. in the 3rd dimension, Fire is considered male and water female. In the 4th dimension it is reversed, Fire is considered female and water male. Emotions are the bridge between the mind and the body. React rather than respond. We should not pigeonhole the elements as male or female. The purple light in the 3rd eye is the soul group coming in with you.

Not knowing gives you space to manifest: spirit, feeling and projection. Just show up and be you. Know yourself and show yourself. Accept and allow whatever comes up for 3 days Pain is energy moving, breathe into it. Spirit is electrical current, shaking.

The effects of the eclipses will last 3-6 months. Nineteen years ago in 1999 was the same energy theme. Volitile beliefs will bring real change.