Ivo of Vega: The Big Picture



Ivo of Vega: The Big Picture

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by Sharon Stewart


Me: This is about the galaxy, the universe and ultimately about the multi-verse of God, not just earth. Our win here will resonate across the universe and beyond.

Like Ivo said in our last video, people have had it. They’re fed up of wars, of being pillaged, ravaged, fearing attacks, they’re fed up of their children dying and they want peace. Finally. Earthlings all want one thing: peace. We want to align with the rest of the galaxy. We want to align with what’s in our hearts.

The one bill of goods we’ve been sold is that humans are like some kind of masochistic self harming morons. We’re not. But because we have no other system to turn to than the toxic system that’s in place now, we have no recourse to help ourselves. If I had cancer, I’d ask Ivo to heal me. I wouldn’t bother going to have radiation therapy. And as it turns out there are countries that do a healing type of therapy on the cancer patient, and that basically amounts to a lot of detoxification.

Ivo: Yes, my love, I hear your frustration, and the good news is this is already changing. You speak of all of the dark magic that has been perpetrated upon your societies yet this dark magic has already taken place in other worlds around the galaxy. Yes, it has. Orion went through a long period of many of its peoples suffering.

Me: I know.

Ivo: It is all about teaching you who you actually are. How powerful you are. You have all been brainwashed to believe that you are yes, self harming, masochistic, even sadistic at times, when the true human nature is seen over and over again. Although that too is exploited.

You see people happy to help countries that have been ravaged by weather events, yet the deep state skims money off of those pots so these people never regain their former state of life. They do not have the money to rebuild and replenish and they are left in a poorer, weaker state than they previously were before. Do not think for a second that the evil minds that run your planet do not make use of these vulnerable peoples, living in these harsh climate zones, to bilk the rest of the world out of their money. Because they do.

They know how to steal money. They know how to skim off all of the energy possible. They know how to create emotional responses in all the people of the planet and how to manipulate them into helping them through attempting to help others. Which ultimately keeps all of you down.

How many people have supported Africa throughout your lifetime and yet has the tide turned for them yet? No. Why? Because the ds will not allow it. They control your world, and they control the fortunes of the people very well.

It has been the task of the Galactic Federation to oust these evil entities off of planets all over the galaxy, my love. We work in coordination with other benevolent groups in other quadrants of the galaxy, in order to ensure that the evil ones do not go from one quadrant to the next and begin again.

Ironically, they seek life as every other being does. However, their expression of life is different and it has to do with domination, exploitation and downright arrogance. They have no soul connection so humility and humanity are beyond them.

They have been a scourge ever since entering this galaxy and now it is Ashtar’s task to remove them from earth and ultimately this quadrant. Other quadrants are free. Yours is the last planet to be freed of this pestilence.

You will first learn the history of the world from antiquity to the current day. That is one of our tasks, to teach you the truth. Many of you have seen parts of your truth that have broken through in dreams or realizations. You have seen what looked like a foreign world to you, but this foreign world was earth.

Your world is on the verge of destruction right now, my love. They say it is darkest before the dawn, well, this is your darkness.

Me: Why let it get so bad?

Ivo: Your people were so far gone there was no rescuing them. It was Gaia who cooperated and stated her intention to evolve regardless of the fate of the ones upon her. So we sent the lightworkers in large numbers to earth to help give her the light she required to live again. She was almost dead, my love. Almost dead. You revived her. The last fifty or sixty years of life upon this planet, the large numbers of lightworkers, have saved a world, and ultimately the people upon her.

It is the task of the GFL to remove the AI overlord and those of its minions. This is largely accomplished, except where the lower frequency ones have incarnated into reptilian hybrid bodies. You lightworkers, although you have lived in the humanoid reptilian/human body with its reptilian brain, yes, the part on your brain stem, and your reptilian third eye as well as other parts that are partially reptilian, you are allowing your bodies now to crystallize into a completely human, non-hybrid crystalline form. This is a minor miracle. You are changing from a hybrid human to a pure human form. And in so doing, you are expunging any of the reptilian blueprint and its toxic characteristics, along with it.

They are being removed. That is why we tell you constantly to stop fighting, stop arguing with others, stop worrying, and to walk away from the Matrix – because it is doing these things that keeps the reptilian DNA alive. Yes. You are changing the blue print. You are evicting all evidence of the perpetrator, personally within yourselves. Deny the reptilian side of your expression and you allow the human DNA to predominate and to crystallize.

And yes, many of you have been sent reptilian or draconian hybrid mates. This is so that you will breed with these beings in order to keep the hybrid species alive in your children. These expressions of life are low vibrational, thus they resort to things like fighting, arguing, stealing, lying and other low vibrational expressions of life. When you engage in the same way with these hybrids, you enforce that hybrid part of yourself instead of the human DNA. Should you have a child with such a hybrid, it will be your child’s task to evolve and to undergo the difficult process of crystallizing their body.

The more aware you are that all people are not created equal, the more you need to be cognizant of those who are soldiers of the lower frequencies of society, attempting to keep their species alive through theft of the human blueprint, the better off you are to play this game.

You must understand that you have been taught that love is an external to yourself because that leaves you vulnerable to this program of blueprint domination by the reptilian. The more you realize that love comes from within and is given, does not come from without and is received, the more you will be able to protect yourself and your DNA, your children and the future of humanity.

We ask that you all now understand this. There is a war on and it is to enable the thieves of your planet to keep the planet and to allow themselves reincarnation access to the human physical body.

Other worlds have undergone this cleansing process and you certainly can do it as well. The only thing that is required is knowledge and wariness that not everyone who is sent to you is there for the sake of being a suitable mate. There is a war on. And this war is an attack on love, which is your godliness.

Why do you think that a human being, who otherwise in the galaxy mates for successive incarnations, would descend into having one night flings and cheap sex with available people? This is draconian. It is not the human way at all. This is a power game. Your people practise this and it is part of the low vibrational program of ensuring the draconian/reptilian hybrid agenda.

You must wake up to this. These are unhuman practises and frankly, inhumane as well.

For those who suspect either yourselves or your children embody some of this reptilian/draconian DNA the answer is simple, not easy, but simple. Raise your vibration and teach your children how to be loving humans, rather than arguing, fighting, quarreling hybrids.

There has been a descent in values ever since Sharon was a young girl. The staunchy society of her parents experienced a generation gap with the birth of many lightworkers and starseeds upon earth in the 50’s and 60’s.

This again, was hijacked by the deep state, who took the peace and love songs of the 60’s and turned them into Black Sabbath, grunge, rap, and more. It was all hijacked. You must see their influence in all of the efforts the Light has made to free your world. It is there.

What was intended to be music of peace and love, true human values, ultimately turned into enslavement of the masses into demonic style songs with the lyrics of a devalued society.

Me: He hates my rock ‘n’ roll.

Ivo: I say to you, my love, you have bought into this. Still shocked these days to find Ritchie Blackmore’s dressing room adorned with a goat’s head, and Robert Plant making illuminati hand signals to his audience. I rest my case. Rolling Stones album Goat’s Head Soup.

They are all ds and have sold their souls for the sake of money.

The rest of the hippie movement got lost in big business.

This is why awareness is so important. So that you do not fall prey to their schemes. To stay aware of what they are doing before they do it, and not to trust them, is the greatest asset you can have now. Knowledge is power. There was not that much knowledge and too much trust at that time. Your world had to go through the Vietnam War and truth tellers had to come forward to show you all is not what it seems.

Your world is on an uphill climb. As eyes open to the truth, more Light is anchored on your planet. So be it.

Me: Thank you, Ivo.

Ivo: My love, my life, my Light, I await you always.


(edited by permission)


What happened to HAARP? Part2/2

What Happened to HAARP? – Part 2/2
September 18, 2017 By Steve Beckow

(Concluded from Part 1, yesterday.)

A limited use of HAARP was in the past allowed to occur, with monitored and lessened effects, if HAARP released a great deal more negativity than it generated. Everyone who transitioned would have done so because it was in their soul contract to leave at that time.

In this regard, HAARP is a paradox, Commander Hatonn said, as reported by Matthew Ward in 2011. Commander Hatonn is both the commander of an intergalactic fleet and director of communications between Earth and elsewhere.

“Hatonn said … that’s the paradox about that particular use of HAARP – it’s intended to create massive amounts of negativity but has been releasing much more than it creates.” (1)

When HAARP was operational, the galactics could not just stop it altogether, Suzy Ward quoting Hatonn tells us.

“Hatonn says fleets are authorized to lessen the effects of geophysical events and they do that, but preventing them would be interfering with the cleansing process — the release of negativity — as well as the affected people’s soul contracts.” (2)

Interfering the cleansing process is interfering with Gaia’s own Ascension process. Her process trumps that of any of us individuals, as I understand it. (3)

HAARP was not the only weather-warfare technology used on the citizens of Earth. The Japanese Tsunami, for instance, was influenced by a number of weather technologies, as Hatonn through Matthew explains.

“[Hatonn] said that technologies to initiate earthquakes and weather manipulation have been refined and intensified over the years. Major storms used to be produced by one system and quakes by another, but because of ET interference, the Illuminati scientists started using a combination of technologies, like back-ups in case one system isn’t as effective as they want, but also to make it more difficult for ET technologies to interfere with all of the energy sources simultaneously.

“He said that in Japan, one of HAARP’s several capacities in various locations has been used in conjunction with developments from Tesla’s inventions and discoveries to produce destruction from above and below Earth’s surface. Even with ET’su advanced technologies it’s not a simple matter to dismantle all of the Illuminati’s equipment without interrupting essential power and communication sources that serve us, not only the Illuminati. That’s why discussions are going on at the highest levels of the universal council as to the best way to proceed.” (4)

Since the subject is of interest, let me follow what Suzy and Matthew Ward and Hatonn had to say about that engineered catastrophe.

When I asked Suzy if HAARP was behind the Japanese Tsunami, she said it was not.

“Matthew didn’t say HAARP because that isn’t the weather control technology that the Little Greys shared with governments several decades back and scientists under Illuminati control are using it. If you have to further define this for your readers, weather control technology is correct.” (5)

Suzy went on to discuss these other technologies.

“As for HAARP: In the decades since the Little Greys shared their weather control and other technologies — which the Illuminati took over and have used only for negative purposes — other technologies have been developed from the Little Greys, also from Tesla’s and Rife’s inventions and probably many other’s inventions that I don’t know about. Lumping all of those under HAARP, which does have several uses, isn’t correct, and that’s why Matthew says simply manmade technology or weather control technology when he’s speaking about that topic.” (6)

In an excerpt from a March 18 email to Hannah Beaconfield, who channels the Pleiadian Light, Suzy Ward revealed that the Illuminati came to know of our star family’s interference with their weather-warfare technology.

“Hatonn just told me that the Illuminati know of our space family’s interference because intended destruction hasn’t happened. Apparently they suspected that but it was conclusive when that hurricane weakened over the ocean, then turned and went north instead of hitting the US mainland, which wasn’t at all what the Illuminati had designed.

“He said that technologies to initiate earthquakes and weather manipulation have been refined and intensified over the years. Major storms used to be produced by one system and quakes by another, but because of ET interference, the Illuminati scientists started using a combination of technologies, like back-ups in case one system isn’t as effective as they want, but also to make it more difficult for ET technologies to interfere with all of the energy sources simultaneously.

“He said that in Japan, one of HAARP’s several capacities in various locations has been used in conjunction with developments from Tesla’s inventions and discoveries to produce destruction from above and below Earth’s surface. Even with ETs’ advanced technologies it’s not a simple matter to dismantle all of the Illuminati’s equipment without interrupting essential power and communication sources that serve us, not only the Illuminati. That’s why discussions are going on at the highest levels of the universal council as to the best way to proceed.” (7)

Discussions as to the best way to proceed evidently did take place because HAARP was decommissioned and the weather scientists “removed.”

There are a few messages that suggest that galactics would have a desire to punish people like the weather scientists. My sense is that the higher-dimensional beings who are our space family don’t operate on principles such as vengeance.

If the weather scientists were removed, I anticipate that they will receive fair and even generous treatment while still being separated from their instruments of terror.

To summarize, HAARP has been decommissioned and the weather scientists removed.

The storms we’re encountering now are not manmade.

They are part of Gaia’s Ascension process. She needs to clear all the negativity from her surface and interior caused by humanity’s cruelty over the ages.


(1) Matthew’s Message, March 12, 2011, at http://matthewbooks.com

(2) Suzy Ward to Steve Beckow, March 13, 2011.

(3) For instance, it was her request that no further 9/11s occur. Her request trumped that of the Illuminati who would have wanted to continue creating terror.

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What happened to HAARP? Part 1/2

What Happened to HAARP? – Part 1/2
September 17, 2017 By Steve Beckow

Thanks to Ed for catching the error: The last sentence should read “The weather that occurs now is not man-made.”

Was Hurricane Irma or Harvey a manmade storm? Or was it caused by HAARP and other weather-warfare technologies?

If it was, it’d be an instance of the secret government turning death and destruction on its own citizens to incite fear and confusion.

However, it wasn’t HAARP.

Our sources agree that HAARP was decommissioned in the early 2010s. Even prior to that, our star family was doing all it was permitted to do by universal law, to mitigate the circumstances created by the terrestrial weather-warfare scientists. One source even reports the removal of the scientists.

Before I turn to that subject, however, let me preface my remarks by saying that our star family moderates the storms that the Illuminati do (or rather did) cause. Matthew Ward tells us:

“When the Illuminati cause a geophysical event, the [galactic] crews lay down an electromagnetic grid that distributes earthquake or volcanic activity and lessens destruction and death toll without reducing the amount of negativity released by those events.

“In the case of Illuminati-created weather, the crews decrease the wind velocity of violent storms and steer them away from heavily populated areas along coastlines.” (1)

When readers write in, I ask Sanat Kumara or Archangel Michael on An Hour with an Angel or in a private reading for the status of HAARP. Not of one installation of HAARP, but of the entire HAARP system. Here’s what Sanat Kumara said in early 2013:

Steve Beckow: If I could get you to comment, please, on … whether HAARP has been decommissioned or neutralized. …

Sanat Kumara: HAARP has been decommissioned, as you would think of it. (2)

When one reader wrote in, I asked Archangel Michael the same question in a personal reading in August of that year. It gives us an additional confirmation.

Steve Beckow: XX would like to know if HAARP has been deactivated.

Archangel Michael: Yes, it has. (3)

HAARP did cause much of the extreme weather of yesteryear. Here’s Matthew Ward explaining the situation in 2010:

“Yes, the unusually severe weather conditions in many parts of your world, including heavy snowfalls, flooding and temperature extremes, are man’s handiwork. It is not necessary for the scientists who are doing the Illuminati’s bidding to initiate each incident anew – once elements in the atmosphere have been strongly set in motion, the domino effect takes over. When conditions start to ease as the energy within them dissipates, weather control technologists set off another disruption, and the same is so with volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

“Your off-planet brotherhood reduces to the extent possible the intended harmful results of all the manipulated happenings while still enabling their full release of negativity.” (4)

Why is the Illuminati controlling weather and creating ‘natural’ disasters? “To produce the negativity that arises out of high death toll, grief, fear, chaos, widespread destruction, disease, economic disasters and hopelessness,” Matthew says. (5)

What’s the difference between HAARP and scalar weapons? Suzy Ward explains:

“HAARP sends out electromagnetic waves over a wide area and scalar weapons beam at a specific target. The latter was developed by Tesla but not for harmful purposes — he refused to use it in the disastrous Philadelphia experiment but one of his associates did.” (6)

HAARP was not the only energy wave polluting Earth, Matthew tells us:

“You also are encountering the effects of low frequency emissions from HAARP and other surveillance systems, the radioactive fallout of weaponry, cell phones and electric power stations in addition to the proliferation of pollutants in your air, soil and water. If we can say “that’s the bad news,” we hasten to give you the “good news.” Your benevolent space family is using their technology to ameliorate to the greatest possible extent the damaging effects of those toxic ingredients.” (7)

Later that year Suzy Ward referred to “the removal of weather-manipulating scientists by space family members living among you. Mother Nature is back in control of storms, earthquakes and wildfires, her means of releasing negativity.” (8)

That means that the “terrorists” (because their motive was to excite terror) operating the weather-warfare systems are now gone.

In summary, HAARP was used to cause severe weather and Earth changes from hurricanes to earthquakes and tsunamis.

However, our star family and their white-hat ground crew have succeeded in having HAARP decommissioned and the weather scientists removed. The weather that occurs now is not man-made.

(Continued in Part 2, tomorrow.)


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